Best Decorative Mirrors for Wall Decor Round

Decor 3 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. FirsTime Co 70022 Cottage Timbers

FirsTime Co 70022 Cottage Timbers

The FirsTime & Co. Farmhouse Cottage Timbers Mirror is a perfect size for any living space. The glass has a diameter of 15. It's. The round mirror is made of solid wood with a mix of aged teal, shabby white and tan woodgrain finishes, complete with a distressed plank frame to give it a charming cottage appeal. Hang the mirror on the wall. Hanging hardware is not included. The FirsTime & Co. Farmhouse Cottage Timbers Mirror is a great accent piece for any home or office. Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Cottage piece from FirsTime & Co. Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Cottage piece from FirsTime & Co.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤The product didn't come with nails to mount it to the wall. There is a The back side of the mirror has a black coating which got stuck to the wall when I tried to place it. I kept it on the console table. There is a A good accent wall product can definitely improve based on the feedback.

👤I had to paint over 4 places on the frame as it was all scratched. I had to paint the picture hook the wall color because the ring to hang placement is so far up on the back of the mirror. When you spend $75 on a mirror, you expect it to be better. Since it was what I wanted, I fixed myself and didn't send it back, but I won't buy another product from this company again.

👤This was perfect for a beach condo. Solid wood. There was no issue with the packaging. Highly recommended. There are two reasons for only 4 stars. 1. Only one small hook is enough to hang at the top of the mirror. You need the hooks shows with the weight of the mirror. 2. If you are looking in a mirror, you can see the different pieces of wood put together. There is a It's hard to find something nice for this price. A good piece of wall decor.

👤I have been looking for a coastal mirror for our hallway for a few months now and I kept going back to this one as our hallway is a light gray color. I thought the mirror would pop. The first thing I noticed when I opened the mirror was that the outside rim was not as white as the photo shows. The pieces were attached with the staple and the painting over them did not look like it was done well. The second piece I exchanged had a lot of knots in the wood and was not as white as the picture shows. I am ordering the third because I hope the outside is more white. I also found this piece on Kirklands and they sell it for $114. I wonder if that quality is better for that extra money.

👤The mirror is something we love. The fist was broken so it was returned and ordered again. It looks great in the bathroom. The colors, lightweight and style are what I love about it. I think the price was reasonable. Amazon is less expensive than Pier One. Correct, shock, right?

👤It looks cheap, with knots in the wood that are obviously "stamped" instead of real wood knots, as they all are exactly the same size in the exact same place on each panel, and six of the 12 panels with knots were side by side, and 6 together with no knots. I received a new mirror with only 2 panels that had knots on them, but it was much more "weathered" than the first one, and the knots on them were the same spots. I would not buy this again, but I may keep the second one. I wanted to like it.

2. MOTINI Mounted Decorative Bathroom Entryway

MOTINI Mounted Decorative Bathroom Entryway

If the mirror is damaged on arrival, no return is needed, simply send them pictures of the damaged mirror and they will give you a full refund or replacement. This circular wall mirror is great for illuminating up the bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. This piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entryway. The glass's wide bevel adds an elegant look to the mirror and makes it appear bigger. The accent mirror is from Sweden. The collection is made of gold and is classic flower-like. This collection will make a statement wherever it is put, and it can be hung in the hallway, bedroom or living room. It is the perfect pick for any contemporary space because of its clean-lined silhouette and flower-like frame. Light bounces around the room, visually expanding the space, when it is seen from the wall mirror.

Brand: Motini

👤The mirror is great. I used painter's paint to mark the hooks. I made sure my tape was level. Ta Da has a new mirror. It's a nice balance between a modern and soft look with the scallops edges.

👤The mirror is clean and simple. It makes my entryway look great. The mirror's edge has a beveled edge that makes it appear larger. The hooks are sturdy and it was easy to hang. The mirror was delivered in perfect condition and the packaging was very well done. Everyone should have a mirror in their entryway.

👤Loving the mirror. There is a bathroom. Good weight. It looks high end. There is a clear mirror. The frame is made of gold. I think it is not brassy looking. I would definitely buy again if needed.

👤I have ordered a gold framed mirror twice. The design shown in the picture was very different from what I received.

👤The mirror is pretty. The packaging was so bad that it shattered. There were shards of glass all over the kitchen floor. I have to wait to figure out what to do with it because it's a third-party to Amazon. I won't be buying this again.

👤Exceeded expectations and we love it. This really works because I didn't want round or square. It needs 2 to install. The gold frame is pretty. There is a Everyone who sees it is amazed that it is from Amazon. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered this for my bathroom. This was the right size for my single sink Vanity. The light fixture has gold in it. It doesn't feel boring without it being too flashy. It was well packaged and shipped quickly. It's easy to hang.

👤This is a mirror that I love. What I expected was just what I got. It is simple and beautiful. The backing on the walls can stain them. When I lay against the wall, I couldn't figure out what the black markings were. Need to figure this out. There are stains on the paints when it is mounted on the wall. (sigh)

3. Villacola Decorative Aluminium Bathroom Entryway

Villacola Decorative Aluminium Bathroom Entryway

The finish was French bronze. The metal frame has a flower and vine pattern. There are edges that are Beveled. The decor wall minaret. The 36-inch round mirror is ideal for bathroom, entryway or living room. The silver brushed frame matches any wall style. There is an expatriate craftship. The edge of the mirror is surrounded by a frame. The brushed finish surface is anti-rust. It is a premium ring. The silver backing craft enhances mirror clarity while no reflection is visible. It's easy to change. Hanging a mirror on wall screws is not a problem. The larger opening of the upgraded swallowtail hook will eliminate your annoyance. Well packing. The package was made to make sure you get the finished product. Please contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Villacola

👤A heavy mirror. I think it's good quality. I think this is a small issue and part of how it was manufactured. There is a small gap at the top of the mirror. I think they bend one piece of metal around but it doesn't meet up. There is a gap. It wouldn't be as noticeable if it was at the bottom. The hardware can't be moved because it's at the top. I hung it the same way. I am not sure if I would have bought this if I had seen it in person. I need this for guests and have to keep it.

4. Honiway Decorative Sunburst Entryway Carbonized

Honiway Decorative Sunburst Entryway Carbonized

It is an ideal gift for a birthday or festival. It's a must-have for every household. It's perfect for the living room, entryway, hallway, or kitchen. This decorative mirror made of natural solid wood, torched finished features carbonized black color, and the beautiful wood texture makes it an antique accent, is the perfect addition to your house. The design of wood sunburst base on the element of bohemian style will be a nice touch and goes well with your other decor styles. This vintage mirror made of high quality high polish silver glass can prevent distortion and give you a real HD image. The ultimate rust protection is provided by a high quality coating. Hang this mirror in your bedroom over your bed, in your hallway or entryway, or over your living room sofa with ease. It's easy to hang on the wall with the anchor and screw. This wall decor mirror is an ideal gift for friends at a birthday, Christmas,Thanksgiving Day or New Year gift. You don't have to worry about return, they offer a 3 year warranty even on Amazon.

Brand: Honiway

👤I am working on a wall of mirrors for my dining room and this one was the most adorable addition. It is very sturdy and cute. I would buy that one too if it came in a bigger size. My favorite.

👤The design of the mirror is very striking. There is a display of wood around a mirror. It adds beauty to the room. I paid a lot for this, but I can't believe it was stolen. It is chic and modern and fits in with my home decor. It is bigger than I expected. It can fit in with many styles of homes. It is easy to hang because it has hanging brackets on the back. It is a solid piece that will last. It's a perfect addition to my walls.

👤I love the rustic wood mirrors. There are many on my walls. I love the shape of this one. I first used it with my fall decor because it reminded me of turkey feathers. It's nice on the wall over the coffee bar. It is easy to hang with a small nail or pushpin. The wood has many tones and is rustic.

👤I love this mirror! It looks like it is well-made. It is the perfect size for an apartment. The pics did not do it justice. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised.

👤It's so small! I am stupid for not looking at the dimensions of this thing. Don't waste $25, you can thrift something better.

👤The mirror was cracked. Thanks a lot.

👤Even my husband thought it was very unique.

👤It works perfectly in my space, I am very happy with it.

5. Amazon Brand Rustic Farmhouse Leather

Amazon Brand Rustic Farmhouse Leather

Impact resistant, light weight and cost effective are just a few of the key reasons you should be opting for an Acrylic mirror instead of glass. It's perfect for home gym, dance studios, fitness centers, and classroom camping. This mirror has a rim of wood and corrugated metal and a rope of faux leather. It is ideal for a rustic or industrial-style room because of its rugged three-dimensional appeal. Glass mirror, hardwood, iron, and artificial leather. All hardware is included.

Brand: Stone & Beam

👤Mirrors are wonderful. They are pretty. They are made of corrugated metal and look great. There is a We used the mirrors on their own after cutting off the straps. The ropes are not ropes at all, they are fake leather.

👤I was looking for a small mirror that would fit in my bedroom. It was funky, but not something you would find just anywhere. I agree with the reviews that talked about the weird strap. It is cheap and similar to a purse strap a child would find. It was so strange that I chopped it off. Make sure you like it before you do that. I regret it because I would have sent it back. My bad. Lesson learned. I think so. This is a very good deal, but flawed.

👤It's easy to hang a bathroom mirror on a tile wall.

👤It was purchased for the outhouse. It goes great with the decor.

👤Really pretty. It looks like the picture.

👤This was smaller than expected. I had to come back and have no issues with that.

👤Well made, rustic, what I wanted.

👤Love the look and weight. The riveted metal should be placed evenly around the mirror. It needs a better way to hang it. I'm going to get a hook for it.

👤What I was looking for. The country is very rustic.

👤This mirror is very sturdy and looks great in my room.

👤The bedroom has a beautiful addition. It's not a large mirror, but it serves our purpose nicely.

👤Un buen detalle de decoracin aunque me hubiera.

👤I encanto el material.

6. Autdot Decorative Mirror Entryway Fireplace

Autdot Decorative Mirror Entryway Fireplace

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are behind their products and confident in them. Contact them if you have any questions or are not satisfied with the product you received. They will be happy to serve you within 24 hours and can give you a full refund or replacement. The mirror is finish by dozens of high-quality glass panels. Light reflects different images to grab people's attention and make them want to dance. The mirror's surface is made of glass, which makes it brighter and larger. You will be amazed at the contemporary appearance of the house when you first walk in. A combination of simplicity and classy. Large Size 31.5''X 31.5'' is a great choice to add a touch of contemporary character to a simple wall. You will get a lot of praise from family and friends. The D-Ring Hooks are strong enough to hold a mirror on a wall. If the mirror has defects, please feel free to contact them. They will give you a solution asap.

Brand: Autdot

👤The mirror is beautiful. I love it! It looks better in person. You will not regret this purchase.

👤The two that I ordered came broken due to low manufacturing standards. The mirror parts were not connected. We had to affix the mirrors to the frames ourselves. There is a The pieces were gorgeous after we did our own work.

👤The mirror arrived late and damaged, but I was excited to receive it. I was not impressed with the quality.

👤Everyone loves it, it's a great wall decoration.

👤I like it. It's always spoiled for the second time.

7. Modern Market Decorative Bathroom Contemporary

Modern Market Decorative Bathroom Contemporary

Shop with confidence. If the purchase doesn't meet your expectations, please contact them. The satisfaction of their customers is their main concern. A wall. The large rustic wall mirror has a round mirror frame that has been gently distressed to give it a shabby-chic feel. This wood wall mirror will lend a vintage-inspired look to your home. Farmhouse mirrors for wall decor bring a warm country feel to any space. Ready to leave. There are hooks on the back of the hanging wall mirror. These wall mirrors are great for bedroom wall mirror, hanging wall mirror for living room, bathroom mirror, or wall mirror for office. The dimensions of the wood framed round mirror are 24” x 1.75” The dimensions of the circle mirror glass are 21.5” x 21.5” The frame is one inch in width. Brown is the color. If the mirror is damaged on arrival, no return is needed, simply send them pictures of the damaged mirror and they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Modern Market

👤You have to have a mirror. I love my new bathroom. The color is neutral. Don't hesitate to buy this mirror. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.

👤The edge of the mirror has defects that make it look cheap. The screws used to attach the hardware are too short. The screws were loose when I opened the box. I tried to tighten it, however it was a combination of a stripped hole and the screw was too short. I had to use my own screw to replace all four of them as the other side looked suspect. I don't recommend this item.

👤The mirror is made of wood and has an interesting frame. The wood is pretty decent and a good quality mirror, but it could use a little more finishing. It was easy to hang from the mirror.

👤Excellent quality for the price. I saw a mirror that was double the price. This one looks very nice.

👤The mirror is perfect. It is beautiful in both design and wood color. It adds a lot to a room. We hung them in the bathroom. Would definitely recommend!

👤Sturdy and easy to hang. I love this mirror.

8. SNDEC Decorative Vintage Bathroom Entryway

SNDEC Decorative Vintage Bathroom Entryway

The finish was bronze. A metal frame. The edges are sharper for a more refined look. The leaf and vine design is openwork. The eye-catching spectacle. The glass mirror is simple and classy. Adding light and opening up a room is an affordable way to decorate your wall. The metal framework and glassware mirror. The small round mirror is made of textured and durable material. Easy installation. A unique wood hook, chain hanger, and accessories make it easy to hang it on a wall. There is a warranty-free option. There is a very low chance of damage caused by express delivery. If you received a damaged product, please contact them to request a full refund. If you want to give it as an original gift, buy it for yourself or give it as a thoughtful birthday, wedding, or housewarming gift for friends and family.

Brand: Sndec

👤The ledge is small and rounds the bottom. Good and strong.

👤The mirror is beautiful. The rim space and depth varies and is deepest at the bottom of the mirror frame. The gaudy orange chain is tarnishing black in multiple spots. The gold doesn't match even without the tarnish spots. It is difficult to take pictures. Everything looks good because of my phone. It's not reality. The gold frame is pale and the chain shiny. I think I will change the chain out or use a ribbon because the orange chain makes the mirror look cheap.

👤The mirror is okay, but not really exciting. The mirror finish is better, but the chain finish is not. The finish on the mirror and chain is different. It's tacky that they don't look good together. I would throw the chain away and find a way to hang the mirror. I don't know what to do with this mirror. I could put it on a table or hang it outside.

👤I gave my entryway an updated look with fresh paint and simple décor, which included a lovely round mirror. The quality is excellent. The gold chain and gold hardware look very sophisticated. The mirror is clear. I like looking at the mirror, but I don't always like what I see. There is a I don't live close to any home décor stores, so it's nice to be able to shop at Amazon for items like this.

👤I was looking for some mirrors to hang on the walls as I was re-doing my room. I'm happy with this one. It might not be the best quality, but it looks nice. It has a decent weight and can be hung on the wall. The mirror dose is a little wavy. I use it for decoration and I don't mind it. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤This is a small mirror. It is round. Don't put it opposite your doorway or you'll be bad for your fortune. It adds a decorative touch to my office wall. It was priced at under $25 and similar to the prices of mirrors in stores like TJ Maxx.

👤Black scratches on the mirror are so disappointing.

9. KOHROS Decorative Venetian Bathroom Passageway

KOHROS Decorative Venetian Bathroom Passageway

The minimalist mirror set is a great gift for families and friends because it gives a warm Scandinavian look and enhances any simple room designs. It is an excellent space saver decor. Brighten your room with a chic round wall mirror that has crystal stacked on top of each other floating arrangement. The stones reflect the sun's light. Open up room space adds some bling to your room. The round cut crystal stones are clear and shinning, which is suitable for hanging over the mantel or living room. High-End silver mirror is used for all mirror products, it could eliminate the reflection distortion found in low-end mirrors. The smooth edges of the mirror are hand polished to enhance their beauty. It is easy to install. It was easy to hang and comes with hooks on the back to hang. Two people to hang. 100% guarantee. Please don't hesitate to let them know if you have any concerns about the product or service.

Brand: Kohros

👤The size of the mirror was perfect for the bathroom location. Well packaged. No money damages. Good value. I'm very happy with this model. The installation was easy. The mirror is strong and well put together. This product line is very good.

👤It was a steal. The price, delivery and packaging were great. The mirror is easy to install. I wanted a lot of glamour in my master bedroom.

👤I don't like to write negative reviews but the mirror was cracked and I didn't like it. Maybe it's the delivery company. It's frustrating for 2x in the same week.

👤This is a nice mirror. We ordered the 23.5-inch version to put on a hallway wall, and we think it looks great. The mirror is quite flashy. I don't think it looks gaudy. There is a The frame of the mirror is made of metal. The frame is welded together, so it is very strong and stiff. The back of the frame is a nice place to hang the mirror. There is a The mirror is very nice. I think it would work well in a lot of interior design plans. The 23.5-inch version has a classy look that would work well in a lot of upscale design applications. If you like the mirror's look. I recommend it because you are okay with the price. We like it a lot. There is a If you have a question about this mirror, please ask, and I will try my best to answer it. I hope this review helped you.

👤I like the mirror a lot. It is beautiful when the sun shines. My daughter's bedroom is where I'm putting it. She loves it and doesn't mind that it looks better from across the room. We call it the Fancy Mirror. It goes well with her decor. There is a It is easy to hang and not heavy. I was worried that it would be too heavy for us to wrangle with, but it is manageable. I took off one star because I think it's expensive. Don't get me wrong. It is nice. I am happy I got it. My daughter likes it. There is a This is a glamour mirror and could be what you are looking for. You should fancy up a room. Hang it and watch it sparkle.

👤The mirror won't work in my dining room. It's too busy with the small mirrors edging the large mirror and it doesn't look the same in person as it does on here. There is a How can I say it? It seems tacky in real life. It arrived in perfect condition, well-packages, and no broken or damaged. There is a If you have a plain set up, this could work in your space. I would probably advise against it.

👤The mirror is simple and elegant. The mirror is very clean and shiny. When the light hits the diamond accents at the right angle, they look like little prisms. The mounting brackets are already attached. The mounting screws are included. There is a This review was honest and helpful.

10. Modern Market Diameter Decorative Contemporary

Modern Market Diameter Decorative Contemporary

A farmhouse style with a transitional and modern look. Their decorative farmhouse wall mirror set features 3 round wall mirrors that are rustic wall mirrors with a modern, shabby-chic feel. The Rustic Farmhouse Decor is a wood wall mirror set. Farmhouse mirrors for wall decor bring a warm country feel to any space. Ready to leave. The hooks on the back of the hanging wall mirror set are pre-installed. These wall mirrors are great for bedroom wall mirror, hanging wall mirror for living room, bathroom mirror, or wall mirror for office. The dimensions of the wood framed round mirror are S: 11.5"x 2.25, M:15.5"x 2.25", L: 19.5"x 2.25". The circle mirror glass dimensions are L 17.75", M 13.75", and S 9.75". The frame width is 0.75. Brown is the color. If the mirror is damaged on arrival, no return is needed, simply send them pictures of the damaged mirror and they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Modern Market

👤One of the mirrors was cracked and scratched, but it was well packaged. I contacted the seller. They look stunning.

👤I purchased 2 sets of 3 mirrors. They are a great addition to my other mirrors. The smaller mirrors are in the photo, compared to my others. The mirrors are all from Amazon.

👤The mirrors are very well made and are a really nice size, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

👤The smell of the wood is so good. The packaging was well secured.

11. Stonebriar Gold Geometric Wall Mirror

Stonebriar Gold Geometric Wall Mirror

The mirror is the perfect size for a Vanity or accent mirror, measuring at 30 diameter with a gold frame and 17 diameter for the mirror alone. Stone briar's mirror has a wire metal frame with an antique Gold finish and a crystal clear reflection. This stylish and eye-catching decor piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entryway. The gold frame mirror for wall comes with two mounting brackets and is easy to install. Buy your Stone briar Gold geometric wall mirror for yourself or give it as a thoughtful birthday, wedding, or housewarming gift for friends and family.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤I bought this mirror to use as an entryway piece. The bronze geometric shape and cut-out detailing create an expensive and luxurious look. The bench and glamorous cushions were put with the mirror. The items were purchased on Amazon. If you found the review helpful, please vote it in. I am not paid. All of my reviews are honest.

👤It's perfect for over the fireplace. It is heavy and sturdy. There are a few small cosmetic issues, such as chips in spots, corners not being welded the same, and a few more minor flaws. Since it's up high, people won't be looking at it.

👤It is bigger than I thought. The quality is good. I like it.

👤The new master bedroom was perfect for these additions. The bed had to be against a window wall. I was looking for a piece that would compliment the teal walls on either side of the bed and these definitely fit the bill. They were easy to hang, and they were made very well.

👤I bought this as wall decor. I can't get over how beautiful it is. The color is more of a BRASS color. It is still beautiful! The price is a great deal. It looks great on my wall. It is a decent size given the border. Just buy it now. You will not regret it!

👤The mirror is a good fit for my high vaulted ceilings. It is a great value for the price. One small detail that could have been improved is that the points on the ends that connect the mirror to the outer frame don't line up quite right in some spots. It would go for much more at a store, so I am very happy with it. It looks more expensive than it is.

👤Can we talk about the size of the mirror? Wow! I was surprised that the mirror was larger than I thought. The metal is sturdy and the finish is perfect. It will look great in any room of your home. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. It was an amazing value, considering that most mirrors this size are almost double the price. Very happy with the quality and value.

👤I expected that. I love the mirror. Not too heavy or light. It's easy to hang up on the wall. I would have given it 5 stars. It came with a few scratches on the glass.

👤The material no tienes tan buena calidad. There is a The material est hecho.

👤The quality, finishing and size are impressive. The mirror is good quality and worth a lot of money. You won't regret trying it. The delivery was professional.

👤I bought it for my sister in law for her birthday. You can't beat the price for a Sturdy, well made mirror. Definitely recommend!

👤A mirror is worth every penny. I was surprised that it was much bigger than I thought.


What is the best product for decorative mirrors for wall decor round?

Decorative mirrors for wall decor round products from Firstime & Co.. In this article about decorative mirrors for wall decor round you can see why people choose the product. Motini and Villacola are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative mirrors for wall decor round.

What are the best brands for decorative mirrors for wall decor round?

Firstime & Co., Motini and Villacola are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative mirrors for wall decor round. Find the detail in this article. Honiway, Stone & Beam and Autdot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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