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1. Ciroases Decorative Artificial Filler Greenery

Ciroases Decorative Artificial Filler Greenery

The balls are clean, odor-free and well-made with no loose pieces, rough edges or chips. A great Christmas gift. It's suitable for table centerpiece, home or office decor, wedding, birth day, party, festival decoration. 1. The balls are about 4 inches in diameter. 2. The materials are made of plastic. They are made from artificial plants and arranged in spheres. 3. Artificial grass balls are used for home offices, weddings, and special events, as well as gifts for family and friends. 4. Green is important in any season. 5. It's ideal for decorating any home or office space.

Brand: Cir Oases

👤Not too big, not too small is the perfect size.

👤Smaller than expected but cute.

👤These look good. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤No color de oscuras, pero aparece en la imagen.

👤They are a lot darker green. Would have liked them to be the original lime green color.

👤It's just a lot darker than pictured. Good quality. More of a moss color than a green grass. I was hoping for a different color. Would have gotten 5 stars.

👤They accent the kitchen and I used them in it. The color is green and natural.

2. Ka Home Decorative Green Balls

Ka Home Decorative Green Balls

The nature of the wood may affect the color of the wood. Expect some flaws. If you need help with return or replacement, they would be happy to help. The bowl shown is not included. Moss balls are a beautiful natural accent for weddings, parties, and home decor. These decorative orbs are made from real moss and are an elegant choice for farmhouse, garden, and traditional styles. Their moss balls are always green, and low maintenance, since watering is not required. A lightweight foam core makes mossy ball decorations easy to hang. Set of 6 moss ball decorations for a bowl, tray, shelf, table or centerpiece.

Brand: Ka Home

👤The balls were large enough to fit on my platter. A great centerpiece for my table. It is worth the money.

👤The color is not realistic.

3. SuperMoss 21708 Moss Preserved Chartreuse

SuperMoss 21708 Moss Preserved Chartreuse

40 artificial moss rocks are in total. Preserved Moss is long-term. The texture is soft and squishy. Dust and small particles were washed and cleaned. It's ideal for covering soil and potted plants. It's great for special events, home decor and craft projects.

Brand: Supermoss

👤If I had known the package size was going to be the amount I paid, I wouldn't have bought it. I found some other ware for a quarter of the price. Not in many colors. I could have gotten around that. Yes, it gives the weight. I don't know how much moss was at that weight. Like to return but don't want to pay more money. It's not worth it for what I'm doing.

👤It's a bit if a mess, but it's super beautiful.

👤The dried out Chartreuse Moss was in a bag. Quality control is not known. It's notusable and returning!

👤The moss got everywhere after I opened the package. I'm hoping that spraying water on it will give it a more vibrant color. It is a dull green.

👤It's very soft and easy to use.

👤I bought this a long time ago and it's still moist and flexible. My problem is that I wish I used it more.

👤When moss gets wet, it will cause color to bleed very easily on clothes and skin. Otherwise, stunning.

4. Pieces Decorative Farmhouse Centerpiece Fillers

Pieces Decorative Farmhouse Centerpiece Fillers

Their bowl fillers are made of quality natural jute material, which are exquisitely wound by hand, are not easy to break or deform, have no unpleasant smell and healthy material, and can be applied for your daily decoration with confidence. Their decorative orbs are handmade, twining hemp rope into a ball, which look simple but not boring, suitable for country style and bohemian style decoration, and bring elegant atmosphere to your home. The package contains 12 pieces of decorative bowl fillers, which are designed into 3 different weave forms, each size is about 4 cm/ 1.6 inches in diameter, adequate quantity and diversified styles can easily meet your daily decoration needs. These decorative balls for centerpiece bowls have a simple appearance and are suitable for a variety of decorative styles, and can be hung on the Christmas tree to add more oomph to your event. Jute rope balls are full of artistic touch and can be packed in gift boxes and sent to your lovers, partners, friends and family, bringing them exquisite life experiences. Jute rope balls are full of artistic touch and can be packed in gift boxes and sent to your lovers, partners, friends and family, bringing them exquisite life experiences.

Brand: Yalikop

5. TOPCOMWW Centerpieces Aftificial Crafts Flower

TOPCOMWW Centerpieces Aftificial Crafts Flower

Home decorations include vibrant decorations for the living room, dining table, and bedrooms. This product is made from moss that has been dried and dyed. The looks real and was very cute. It's a bit dusty and messy because of the natural moss material, that's going to be the case with any kind of decorative moss like this. There is a bright green moss. It's perfect for decorative top layer in flower pots. Pull it apart with your hands and it will be fluffy. They want you to be happy with both the product and the service you received. They are more than happy to help if you contact them.

Brand: Topcomww

👤The item was easy to install. The moss is clumped together when you first receive it, so you have to tear it apart and make a new one, but the moss that you usually get from the craft store doesn't require this step. The moss is dark in the sun. You would think that the artificial moss would retain its green color for a while. If you want to use green moss in your project, keep it out of the sun. I suppose you get what you pay for.

👤I used this to camouflage the museum putty I use to keep them sturdy. Love it. It's the right look and not clumpy.

👤The bad smell was overwhelming and I didn't finish unwrapping it. As you touch it, you will see that it will be a bit smaller. I returned it quickly.

👤It looked realistic when I used it for my wedding center pieces. I loved it! What would you expect moss to smell like?

👤I didn't know that most of the stores I've gone to for home improvement have no Mas. I was able to order what I needed in a pinch, but it was a lot smaller than I thought.

👤It says it is fake moss, but I am telling you it is real and works perfectly for what I need.

👤Natural color, packaged well, looks great in my arrangement. Very happy with the product!

6. WILLBOND Artificial Decorative Wedding Decoration

WILLBOND Artificial Decorative Wedding Decoration

There is a guarantee of success. It's backed by the Seeko 90-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will get a bag of artificial green dried moss. 2.69 square feet is enough for you to decorate a scene. The artificial green dried forest moss is easy to use, it doesn't need to be replaced, it's clean and safe, and it's very suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. It's great for garden parties and other craft projects, and it's usually applied for covering soil, such as covering garden and indoor plant soil, dressing potted plants, ideal for indoor or outdoor decorating. The green forest faux moss is made of cloth, light in weight, bright in color and not easy to fade, it looks realistic and durable to use. When opening it, you should pay attention to it. The handicraft model can make great additions to your garden decoration.

Brand: Willbond

👤The materials of the moss were stated to be plastic. What I got was not plastic. It was wrapped tightly and was heavily compressed. After opening it stays a hard rectangular shape. When pulled apart, it makes a mess and doesn't look like the picture on the ad. I was going to use it for a sculpture but now have to make a plan "b"

👤Very little product. It isn't enough to do much.

👤This moss is pretty but make sure you handle it gently or it will fall apart.

👤The package is small and expensive.

👤The smell is terrible. I was going to put inside my house.

👤Put the moss in the bottom of the lantern. Looks real.

👤It fit in a container perfectly.

👤It was very poor quality, nothing like moss, bright green, and lots of bits, but it cost me almost $5 to send it back, so I only got a $6 refund.

👤Agree with the other review. Terrible quality. There is a It is bright, almost turquoise, green.

👤It looks silly to have to bin don't waste your money.

👤The product is good value. It's a bright green. It looks great on a candle decoration.

7. SEEKO Succulents Artificial Spanish Moss

SEEKO Succulents Artificial Spanish Moss

It's lightweight foam material wouldn't sink into water. The artificial moss hangs a full 90 cm, giving your arrangements plenty of depth and volume. You have plenty of opportunity to get creative if you combine 3 beautiful hanging Succulent plants together. Realistic. The faux moss collection looks and feels like the real thing. It means that you can make easy moss decor. Their moss is styled and colorized to make it easy for you to create your own artistic moss wall arrangement. The only limit is your imagination, and it's endless, from artificial moss for planters in your office or hanging faux plant home decor to gorgeous decorative plant arrangements, centerpiece, and endless do-it-yourself possibilities. Adding moss wall art, plant moss greenery for vases, or individual artificial hanging plants to add flair to your home are some of the ways to use filigree. Easy faux greenery can be found throughout your home or office. From modern to rustic to bohemian. Life-like craft moss can be used to add a natural look to your space. There is a guarantee of success. It's backed by the Seeko 90-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Seeko Succulents

👤When they arrived, it didn't look like much, but once you fluff them out, there's a lot there. They look very realistic. All three were used for this planter. Very pleased. They have faded to a weird unnatural blue. They were out in the desert all the time, so they were probably ok for indoor or shaded use, but not good for a sunny application.

👤I tried them and they look great. The first photo shows what one of the three pieces looks like on my live Staghorn fern that's 13x7 at its furthest points. The reference is mounted on a large wall. The second picture shows some of the connection points. If you're not familiar with these joins or artificial plants in general, you can change how it looks by moving pieces around or removing some. When you take them out of their box, you'll probably have to untangle the 33" pieces from each other or themselves. If the female end isn't broken, it's not a big deal to put those loose pieces back on. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying more for this price.

👤I live in Florida and have real Spanish moss, so I was debating whether to use the real thing or order an artificial product. I'm glad I went with the artificial version. I am amazed by how realistic it is and I won't have to water it. It is bug free! I highly recommend this.

👤These look great with my plants. Spanish moss can be hard to keep alive indoors, but this is a perfect substitute. There are two strands in the photo. I wanted them to fit the length I was looking for. I think it is a good value for something that doesn't die. You can't tell they're artificial from 5 feet away.

👤I was looking for some moss. The price is right, the shipping was fast, and this product is perfect for me. I can use it to fill in some empty spaces around my fountain as it doesn't shed like moss and doesn't plug up the water pump filter.

👤I used one packet to fill the basket I used for the plant. It was perfect!

👤The moss gave my faux plant a "real" look.

👤This stuff looks real even from a couple of feet away. You have to be close to see that it's not. I ordered it for some pots and it's so good I've ordered more.

👤It's nice to separate out. The picture doesn't give a good representation of length as I have 2 hooked together behind it. There is a This is a beautiful option for those who love greenery but can't keep a plant alive.

👤The real version is too dry to grow. I love this fake replica.

8. Garneck Artificial Preserved Simulation Decoration

Garneck Artificial Preserved Simulation Decoration

Only for decorative use. 20g of faux moss. The plastic material and plant stems create a realistic look. A fake moss lawn is used for mini landscaping and scenery model. It's perfect for decorating a flowerpot. It is possible to make a model tree, bush, hedge or other diorama with preserved moss. Artificial green plants can help you relieve pressure. Relieve eye fatigue. It's suitable for living room, bedrooms, kitchen, garden, patio, balcony, office decor, wedding decoration.

Brand: Garneck

👤I didn't open the package so I can't comment on the quality. I bought a bag of the same moss for the same price. This is a very small amount of product. This is the reason I give it a "2". I don't think it's worth the price.

👤The photo is deceiving.

👤The look I wanted to my decor was very flimsy.

👤I am not happy with this product, it looks nothing like the picture. The price you pay is not worth it. I didn't want to give it a star rating.

👤I lost because of this gamble. This dirt was expensive. I feel like a fool. Returned.

👤The moss was covered in dirt.

👤The price was fair. The bag will cover a lot of small projects.

👤Excellent imitation. It is perfect next to the turtle.

9. Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Each bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers, and 2 buds, total length is 20.87''. Length is approx 20.87''. The flowers were stuck to one stem and can be done. The hot wind of the hair dryer can make it more beautiful. Warming: There may be a slight colour difference due to the lighting, computer monitors, etc. You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor.

Brand: Duovlo

👤Salutations all. I decided to buy the most popular fake flowers to make sure I could make a decent looking wedding bouquet. The best looking was actually the fastest. I would give a solid 4 for quality. There are stains on the flowers, but she gets a 2.5. There are stains on the flowers and the leaves are weird.

👤These flowers are beautiful. When I first looked at them, I wondered what I had bought, but after they came out of the bag, you fluff them up, and they're gorgeous! I cut off all of the leaves and greenery in my first two sets and made a bouquet with wire cutter and a Mercury Glass job. I've ordered many sets since, and I'm making professional arrangements with them. I've been asked where I get them many times.

👤My daughter's Sweet 16 is coming up. Her color theme was pink and hot. I didn't want to spend so much money filling up the vases with single silk flowers at Michaels, because they cost 9.99 each. And voila... I found this bouquet on Amazon. I received it today and it is beautiful. I went to the dollar tree to buy the Long Spring Grass to accent the vase. The centerpiece consists of 1 glass vase, 1 bouquet, 1 Spring Grass, 1 yard of diamond wrap, and 5 vases covering the top and bottom. There is a The bouquet stem should be cut at the ends to fit the vase. The stem was long on my vases. It stayed on the ground after I cut it. Love it!

👤I made a wreath out of the peonies I ordered. I gave them 4 stars because they smelled terrible. The smell and folded flowers were helped by the use of wrinkling release. Still pretty! And looked realistic.

👤I love these! I played with them for ideas for my wedding. I'm in love. I think this would be perfect for my crazy hot summer wedding, with a mixture of a few other flowers and better placement. Will purchase more from this seller.

👤The flowers look great. They were used to make floral letters. The stems were cut off and hot-glued to a piece of cardboard. Will definitely buy again.

👤The flowers are very high quality. These are perfect for photo shoots. A large bunch of peonies is perfect for a bouquet.

👤These flowers are gorgeous. I'm very pleased with how they look at my wedding and I'm using them for my centerpiece. I added fake babies to them. You can't tell if they are real until you get close. Highly recommend these!

👤Me gusta porque es, porque, porque

👤Parecen de verdad. Acabado.

👤Si me gusto, perfectas condiciones.

👤The flowers are plastic. I am covering plastic with tape.

10. SuperMoss 22420 InstantGreen Moss Fresh

SuperMoss 22420 InstantGreen Moss Fresh

A sturdy copper frame is featured in the material, made of high boron Silicon heat resistant glass. The frame is made of brass, which will oxidize after a while. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers. Preserved Moss is long-term. cover anything! It is easy to tear the mesh backing. Place mats, floor cover, or basket liners can be used as table runners. It's great for special events, home decor and craft projects.

Brand: Supermoss

👤I was surprised by it. The product was made of carpet. It's a nice quality and can be cut with scissors. I didn't realize it was moss carpet, but it worked out very well. I should have been using this for years on my fairy garden. I don't think I'll have to redo the moss in the future.

👤I 3d printed a staff and bought this to finish it. I knew I needed some greenery when I imagined a Druid type of staff. This seemed like the best option for making it work. It was easy to cut out with my crappy scissors and regular mod podge. It stuck to the branch that was spray painted. My dog tried to eat some of the moss that came off, but it got a little messy. The package it has quite a bit, and it looked exactly as pictured. Really pleased with the outcome.

👤It starts to yellow in a week. Overall, it is just okay.

👤My son would not stop pulling the moss out of my plant, so I bought this. The solution was perfect. I was able to cut it into my plant. This is one thick piece and no moss on my floor. I love it! It looks realistic. Will buy again if there are any faux plants in the house.

👤Just as advertised. The colors are nice and thick. There are no weird chemical odors with other brands. It was very messy. It seems to adhere well with basic craft glue. I would buy again and recommend it.

👤I made my Monstera Deliciosa a moss pole by using moss, metal stake, hot glue, and twine. It is the perfect length and size to create a stable pole. The moss sheet is high quality, and the carpet-like backing really helped when it came to assembling the pole.

👤This moss is perfect for crafting. It was perfect for my daughter's birthday party, I used it over a Styrofoam cube. I used a hot glue gun to make a lollipop holder.

👤I put fake Succulent in a planter and it worked well. It is messy so make sure to use it outside or lay down a garbage bag. It looks like real moss, thanks to the hot glue and its adherence. Once it is on, it is fine. Highly recommended!

👤The jungle floor covering does well on a war games table. I intend to do more. It is recommended.

👤A sheet of Moss. I used it to cover the tops of my homes.

👤It is a good product for covering plant roots. The backing makes it good to work with.

👤It does a good job. It was packed well for transit. The seller estimated the time it would take for it to arrive. Would buy again.

11. TecUnite Pieces Artificial Decorative Covered

TecUnite Pieces Artificial Decorative Covered

The green Succulent are perfect to use in different arrangements. You can give a gift to your friends and family. The material is covered in bright green fuzz. Small stone is about 6 x 5 cm, middle stone is about 7 x 7 cm, and big stone is about 10 x 7 cm. The artificial stone can be used for woodland themed places, wreath, dollhouse, and fairy gardens. Great decorations include bright green fuzzy moss rocks that feel real and cute, fill moss covered stone into a bowl, vase, glass cylinder, or decorative tray to create a feeling of nature. There are 12 piece small artificial moss rocks, 4 piece middle artificial moss rocks, and 4 piece big artificial moss rocks in the package.

Brand: Tecunite

👤Exactly what I wanted. Shapes and sizes are perfect. Well worth the money and a steal!

👤These rocks are small and I love them. The green is bright. I didn't see anything that was seamed on them. Styrofoam is a light weight material so it is only knocks on the product or just things you may want to be aware of. There is a small dot on the side of the larger rocks. They did shed a little. This is a 5 star product and it is all little things. I would purchase again.

👤I love how these look. The color is green. I wanted to fill the jar with something different and organic.

👤I like the look of these rocks. They are the same as described. They look real. They are being used as rocks and boulders in my garden. I sealed them with a top coat to see how they hold up. If they hold up, they are perfect for my needs.

👤These are the same as described. I don't mind since they were relatively inexpensive, but I may buy another bag since there weren't as many as I had hoped. I bought a wooden platter for displaying them. The deep green and rich dark wood are very contrasting.

👤The book case is filled with a boring looking topiary. It needed some pizazz because it was sad. The moss rocks are beautiful and work well with a glue gun. There is a The tree I got was a ceramic white pot and had fake soil on it. I got some moss covered rocks and feathers to jazz it up. I wish there were smaller sizes. I have some left over. We are going to use them for the next project.

👤There are many ways in which moss stones can be used. You can make little bushes by putting a couple of small ones on top of each other.

👤These were discolored in a week. They are too light and have a breeze. I threw them away since they kept blowing away. I was able to partially bury the ones I kept.


What is the best product for decorative moss bulk?

Decorative moss bulk products from Cir Oases. In this article about decorative moss bulk you can see why people choose the product. Ka Home and Supermoss are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative moss bulk.

What are the best brands for decorative moss bulk?

Cir Oases, Ka Home and Supermoss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative moss bulk. Find the detail in this article. Yalikop, Topcomww and Willbond are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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