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1. Artificial Potted Greenery Wedding Decoration

Artificial Potted Greenery Wedding Decoration

It can be a gift to your friends, and they will like it. You will get 4OZ(115g) long- lasting preserved fake moss for live and fake potted plants for your fairy garden crafts, wedding decoration, home party decor and forest decoration. The moss is made of natural moss through primary process dyeing and secondary process cleaning and drying. Natural material,biodegradability, and non-toxic, odorless, naturalistic looking color are included. It's ideal for your indoor and outdoor potted plants arrangement. Wifid application Their moss greenery is great for home and garden decoration. These moss are realistic looking and can be used to cover the soil of potted plants. You can fill your vases, baskets, topiary ball, model, planted bowls, frames, jars, terrariums and other forest or woodland crafts with greenery moss. Relax and enjoy the naturalistic looking decoration. The natural moss is treated to a fake moss that is soft and long- lasting. You can put the artificial moss in your faux or live plants, boxwood or eucalyptus potted plants, vases with stems picks, rose and tulips flowers,jars, transparent container,table top and other arrangement and centerpiece in your house. You can make your own place by applying their artificial moss. PerfECT PRACTICAL DECORATION Their fake moss is perfect for creating natural lawn base, plants and vase filler, as well as for décor of gardland,wreath, wedding tables and woodland party tables.

Brand: Zyapa

2. Chuangdi Artificial Decorative Preserved Arrangements

Chuangdi Artificial Decorative Preserved Arrangements

Grass balls add a layer of nature to any look. 20 pieces artificial moss rocks in different sizes and 20 grams of preserved green moss are included in the package. The faux green stone is made of light foam and covered with bright green fluff, lightweight and portable to use and store, not easy to break, and the artificial moss is an immortality flower, crafted with nice workmanship, can stay its color and shape after long time use. The package contains three different sizes of stones for you to choose, the largest is about 4.5 cm/ 2 inch in diameter, the middle is about 7 cm/ 3 inch in diameter, and the smallest is about 4.5 cm/ 2 inch. Green moss balls are ideal for decorative supplies for plant walls, flower arrangement ornaments, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, KTV, clubs, toy houses, dessert shops, offices, conference rooms, living rooms, etc. The moss stone and artificial moss can be used to make your fairy garden more realistic, fatigue and tiredness can be swept away when you see these lovely and natural stones in your exhausted time, and the rocks don't need your required care or time, which can save your time.

Brand: Chuangdi

👤I did not receive everything that I was supposed to. I only received the rocks and moss. I can't even request an exchange because I'm out of the return window. Money was wasted on this one.

👤The item described was different than what I got. I wanted rocks. I used it in the arrangement and ordered moss rocks I wanted. There is a If you wantmoss rocks, you may be disappointed.

👤This is perfect for decor. They look great. Grass type stuff comes to it. That is weird. The actually miss pieces are nice.

👤The bag of moss that came with the foam stones was wet and the dye came off on my hands. It was useless for the project I needed it for. The stones have no weight to them, they're just pieces of foam with green plastic stuck on to them.

👤They look like they are real.

👤The product was great for my project. I will order again. These aren't stones. They are decorative pieces.

👤The color is bright. I was looking for a shade of green that was perfect.

👤The moss that is supposed to come with the rocks are missing.

3. Speckled Robins Yellow Decorative Birds

Speckled Robins Yellow Decorative Birds

It's great for special events, home decor and craft projects. There are two speckled eggs on a bed of moss. Made of twigs. Measures approximately 4 x 4 x 2 inches. Only for decorative use.

Brand: Sullivans

👤I liked the fact that it was not expensive and that it was the size I needed, and it looked nice added to my Spring Garland. I added moss around the edge of the nest to match the others I had. Would buy again.

👤My 3-year-old son loves it even though it says it's not a children's toy. I let him play with it. It is adorable. We have a toy to sit on the eggs.

👤The eggs are painted realistic. The nest has dried moss. Good for arts and crafts. It is very durable.

👤I bought this item for the eggs because the nest is just mediocre. I was not disappointed. A bit of a devil to get separated from the nest, they are very realistic looking.

👤I teach English to foreign students and always look for props and examples of vocabulary words. The students love the little nest and egg prop. Very happy!

👤I thought it was bigger but it was just a little smaller.

👤The eggs are of decent quality. I don't think it would hold up to outdoor placement, but I doubt it was designed for that.

👤I liked the bird nest and the eggs. I decorate the top of my cabinets with plants and birds and it is very pretty to look at.

4. Amosfun Artificial Simulation Lifelike Decoration

Amosfun Artificial Simulation Lifelike Decoration

Artificial boxwood hedge panels are great for backyard fence, patio, garden, yard, walk. The plastic material and plant stems create a realistic look. These plants are artificial and can be used in your home or office. Potted plants balls dried spanish decorative soil foam faux indoor sea to relieve eye fatigue. It's suitable for living room, bedrooms, kitchen, garden, patio, balcony, office decor, wedding decoration. Natural lawn base for mini landscaping and scenery is a model. It's perfect for model trees, bushes, hedges, or other diorama modes.

Brand: Amosfun

👤Surprised by the small amount. I sent it back.

👤Vienen tres bolsas pequeas, solo una funcion y tena una cantidad razonable.

👤It looks like moss, great for plants in the house.

👤The amount you get is silly. This is coming back asap.

👤It was not worth the money I paid for it.

👤The grass was not worth the money. It was not on the ground. It is not a commercial grade.

👤The quality of the product is poor and the amount received in the 3 pack purchase is less than expected.

5. Artificial Decorative Arrangements Crafting Decoration

Artificial Decorative Arrangements Crafting Decoration

It's great for special events, home decor and craft projects. Each package contains 30 pieces of artificial moss rocks in different sizes, 10 PCS large, 10 PCS middle and 10 PCS small moss rocks. Premium material is made from foam and covered with moss. It's lightweight foam material wouldn't sink into water. Look vivid and realistic with delicate workmanship. The small stone is about 5 cm/2.97 inch, the middle stone is about 6 cm/2.63 inch, and the big stone is about 7 cm/2.94 inch. A bright green fuzzy moss rocks feel real and cute, fill moss covered stone into a bowl, vase, glass cylinder, or decorative tray to create a feeling of nature. It's suitable for gardens, birthday, Christmas decorations. Add to potted plants, dioramas, class projects, and woodland displays. Excellent for topiaries, wreath, dollhouse miniatures, fairy gardens, terrariums, and the like.

Brand: Ootdty

👤I mixed a few in with some granite stones to make them look real. The plan was to use them on their own, but it looked fake.

👤They were the perfect finishing touch to my candle tray.

👤They are not realistic and they shed a lot for me.

👤I've never made my own plant. The moss was a great addition. Thank you.

👤The icing on the cake was added by moss rocks. Several people have already praised me. The display looks well put together. Can't beat the price.

👤These were great for my crafts. Light weight and come in a lot of shapes and sizes for an awesome price.

👤I made some center pieces with the moss rocks added to them. I love that they bring plant-like charm to my home. Would buy again.

6. TOPCOMWW Centerpieces Aftificial Crafts Flower

TOPCOMWW Centerpieces Aftificial Crafts Flower

Home decorations include vibrant decorations for the living room, dining table, and bedrooms. This product is made from moss that has been dried and dyed. The looks real and was very cute. It's a bit dusty and messy because of the natural moss material, that's going to be the case with any kind of decorative moss like this. There is a bright green moss. It's perfect for decorative top layer in flower pots. Pull it apart with your hands and it will be fluffy. They want you to be happy with both the product and the service you received. They are more than happy to help if you contact them.

Brand: Topcomww

👤The item was easy to install. The moss is clumped together when you first receive it, so you have to tear it apart and make a new one, but the moss that you usually get from the craft store doesn't require this step. The moss is dark in the sun. You would think that the artificial moss would retain its green color for a while. If you want to use green moss in your project, keep it out of the sun. I suppose you get what you pay for.

👤I used this to camouflage the museum putty I use to keep them sturdy. Love it. It's the right look and not clumpy.

👤The bad smell was overwhelming and I didn't finish unwrapping it. As you touch it, you will see that it will be a bit smaller. I returned it quickly.

👤It looked realistic when I used it for my wedding center pieces. I loved it! What would you expect moss to smell like?

👤I didn't know that most of the stores I've gone to for home improvement have no Mas. I was able to order what I needed in a pinch, but it was a lot smaller than I thought.

👤It says it is fake moss, but I am telling you it is real and works perfectly for what I need.

👤Natural color, packaged well, looks great in my arrangement. Very happy with the product!

7. Preserved Reindeer Terrariums Gardenning Green 02

Preserved Reindeer Terrariums Gardenning Green 02

The moss on Amazon is maintenance-free and made with fresh moss. moss will keep green for a long time without any use of water or maintenance. Real moss and ferns are preserved using non-toxic ingredients. Since they are preserved, the moss don't need water, they don't put out pollen or spores, and they don't have to. A "plant painting" is an artwork that looks stunning and requires no maintenance. The most important thing for caring is not to water it. If you water the moss it will lose its green color. Please keep it away from the sun. It may shade a bit after exposure to the sun. It's best to use it for the indoor decoration, and you don't need to care for it. You need glue to adhere it. The moss they sell is preserved. The moss is not fresh. They redyed it with other solutions to make it feel soft. You don't have to water it or plant it with soil. It's just the moss which is green. You do not need a lid overtop. People use preserved moss with glue. You can glue it anywhere you need it to be. Some of their customers glue it on the stone. Customers should use the hot glue and glue gun. It will lose its color if you water it.

Brand: Prefleur

👤I'm an artist and am using this for an art piece I'm making from scratch. I ordered reindeer moss from Norwegian sellers on Etsy. The quality is much higher than the price would suggest. I decided to try an alternative in order to save money. There is a The moss was the wrong color when I opened the box. It looked more yellow than green. I returned it for that. I ended up going with a different color, and with the arrival of the new color, I have some concerns. I'm not talking about natural color variations. The dyeing process was very inconsistent across the pieces alone, and some of them were obviously of a color sorted from a different product/dye. 2. The moss is a bit dirty, but mostly it's the dirt that's dirty. I'm talking about different species of flora growing within and through the moss. I've spent hours pulling out foreign twigs, plants, seeds, dirt, and black hairs from the discolored sections because I've committed to the big project I've been using this stuff for. There is a You can see some examples of what I'm talking about in the photos shown. The pile on the paper plate is some of the "riff-raff" I've pulled out of the batches. There is a I am reluctantly prepared to have to order more to maintain a consistent color throughout the art piece I'm creating. There is a This is a decent offer if you're less picky than me. It may be best to look elsewhere if you want a flawless and consistent look.

👤It was over priced for the quantity. The box here makes it seem like you are getting a large box of this. I went to my local craft store and bought the same amount for $10. $30 was paid here.

👤A small box. The box should be full for the price. It was definitely dyed light green. It did the job I needed it to do and it turned out great. I will use the rest for frames. I have a very sensitive nose and there was no scent to me. A pregnant woman's nose is almost as sensitive. I put 5 drops of essential oil in each clump of moss. The orbs are plastic and I got them on dollar tree. I was not going to have glass ones with a toddler.

👤A living wall art piece is being built. The moss needs to fill in the gaps. I am using pins to keep the moss in place.

👤I used this and two other moss to make a moss mat for my bathroom. I ran water on it to rinse off the dirt, and it almost ruined my tile and hardwood floor. I had to use bleach to clean it. It could have been one of the other mosses, but I'm leaving this review on each one because it was a lot of dye.

👤I bought 2 boxes. I'm returning it because I haven't opened it. The other one had a toxic smell that made me have headaches. I was hoping it would go away after a few days. It didn't. I tried to wash it. I think it's the coloring or dye used on the moss that makes it smell horrible. The smell lingered even after it washed off my hands. It wasn't as bad, but the moss is no longer colorful. The rest of the box was thrown away. I've been having headaches because of that smell.

8. Nicunom Artificial Decorative Arrangements Decoration

Nicunom Artificial Decorative Arrangements Decoration

The handicraft model can make great additions to your garden decoration. 40 artificial green moss rocks are covered with bright green fuzz and are part of a package. Their moss rock balls are covered with bright green fuzz, not easy to tell from a distance, which color is close to green plants, and creates a feeling of nature. There are faux moss stones that are suitable for garden, vase, bonsai, birthday, parties, special event, bonsai, fairy gardens, terrarium, woodland themed places and wreaths. There are fake moss balls that can be used to decorate your home. moss covered stone can be filled into a bowl, vase, glass cylinder, or decorative tray to create a feeling of nature. 40 artificial moss rocks are in total.

Brand: Nicunom

👤I'm happy with the color and texture. I'm happy it looks good.

👤The faux moss covered stones were used to create the large orchid centerpiece. They are light weight and look authentic. I bought multiple packs to make my look bigger. Very happy with the result.

👤Some of them are at the bottom of my bowl. If the bowl is almost empty of fruit, they increase air circulation to keep the fruit fresh, and make it look good. The bowl looks great by themselves. They are covered with fuzz and the color is rich and slightly variegated.

👤I bought several packages for a subtle season accent to our home. The green color looks great.

👤The product came in many different sizes. I was disappointed that the small green hair on the moss started to come off when I started using them. It would be great if it was used in the background of a train set. I bought this product so kids could use it for making zoo play area for animal figures.

👤These are balls made of moss. I like using them in my plants.

👤It was easy to use. I was worried about my pet eating them.

👤It's perfect for my pots cache. A good shade of green, nice variety of sizes. No complaints, would order again.

👤The moss stones look nice. They look like real moss and have given more depth to the display, I've used them for display purposes around my orchids and they look like real moss from far. The quantity, packaging and the delivery speed are all included.

👤I like how realistic they are. I had to layer them to get a full look. I don't think they should be as expensive as they are. They were half the price when I bought them. They only fill the top of the bowl later in the picture. The bowl has packing paper in it. It is a good product and they get a lot of praise from guests. The price to amount ratio is rated 4 stars.

9. Garneck Artificial Preserved Simulation Decoration

Garneck Artificial Preserved Simulation Decoration

Only for decorative use. 20g of faux moss. The plastic material and plant stems create a realistic look. A fake moss lawn is used for mini landscaping and scenery model. It's perfect for decorating a flowerpot. It is possible to make a model tree, bush, hedge or other diorama with preserved moss. Artificial green plants can help you relieve pressure. Relieve eye fatigue. It's suitable for living room, bedrooms, kitchen, garden, patio, balcony, office decor, wedding decoration.

Brand: Garneck

👤I didn't open the package so I can't comment on the quality. I bought a bag of the same moss for the same price. This is a very small amount of product. This is the reason I give it a "2". I don't think it's worth the price.

👤The photo is deceiving.

👤The look I wanted to my decor was very flimsy.

👤I am not happy with this product, it looks nothing like the picture. The price you pay is not worth it. I didn't want to give it a star rating.

👤I lost because of this gamble. This dirt was expensive. I feel like a fool. Returned.

👤The moss was covered in dirt.

👤The price was fair. The bag will cover a lot of small projects.

👤Excellent imitation. It is perfect next to the turtle.

10. Bridge Collection Decorative Robins Nests

Bridge Collection Decorative Robins Nests

You can glue it anywhere you need it to be. Some of their customers glue it on the stone. Customers should use the hot glue and glue gun. It will lose its color if you water it. It is deflation with a touch of lasting nature. A set of 2 bird's nest with Robin's eggs. The season ends in December. Add to a wreath or Easter basket as part of a table centerpiece. Arts and crafts are great for use in projects. Realistic design. The moss, twigs, and eggs are fake. DIMENSIONS The smallest nest is 5 inches wide and the largest nest is 7 inches wide.

Brand: The Bridge Collection

👤That's my fault because it was bigger than anticipated. The sizes were listed. I wish they made a smaller one. The item was carefully packaged. Eggs were nice and not over painted. I tapped on one to make sure it wasn't real. The nest was very realistic. If they had smaller ones, I would buy again.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for.

👤Disappointed. Not like the picture. Don't waste your money if you want what you see.

👤The little nest has blue eggs. It exceeded my expectations. The twigs are not fake. Each egg is about the size of a quarter and is nestled in the twigs. I will definitely order from this vendor.

👤I put the smaller nest in a wreath on my door. The country charm is added by the nest. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The bird's nest is very realistic. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤It was a nice size to put under my cloche. Fast shipping and nicely packaged.

👤It is very realistic looking. . I will definitely be buying more.

11. SuperMoss 26310 Toppers Place Fresh

SuperMoss 26310 Toppers Place Fresh

There are 5 inches of moss in an assortment. Preserved Moss is long-term. It looks great with plants. It is easy to tear the mesh backing. Place mats, floor cover, or basket liners can be used as table runners. It's great for special events, home decor, and craft projects. The moss pot was preserved. Use moss pot toppers to keep plants moist.

Brand: Supermoss

👤I ordered it. SuperMoss is a brand. Fresh Green, 10" (3 units) are Moss Soil Toppers. This is cute and does what I need it to do. I was playing it by ear. I ended up soaking in the water. They looked more natural than right out of the package. There is a The biggest ones were barely 9 inches in diameter. If I remember correctly, that's a difference of 44 or so square inches in a pack between what is advertised and what you get. I would have understood if they were a little off. This seems excessive and misleading. I would have sent this back on this factor alone if I had waited until the last minute. There is a The second irritation was that these were advertised as having a "Pliable and Easy-to-Tear Mesh Backing". Um. No. These were not easy to tear. Maybe you are the Incredibles. I was hoping to gently tear them for a natural look, but they were very easy to cut with scissors. That didn't happen. I almost threw my back out. The ones I was able to tear had strings from the backing hanging all over the place and it just wasn't a cute look. I was not planning what I was going to do. There is a The last thing to note is that they are enhanced in color. I hope they won't stain the bowl I put them in, but for now I suppose I'm living dangerously. I didn't understand the distinction. It's technically not misleading, but it wasn't clear to me. It wouldn't have been a dealbreaker, but it would have been nice to understand.

👤It was great for making flower centers.

👤I used this product on pieces of wood for a baby shower. It turned out to be very cute. It was very easy to use. I would buy again. It made my theme feel like Mossey.

👤I needed to make a roof for a fairy gazebo. It was easy to use. This was much better than most messy material. Highly recommended!

👤I have used these for 5 different events and had to clean a few of them.

👤It was perfect for my Easter tier tray.

👤There are place mats for the party. The packaging is described as 10” circles. The plates I purchased will not work with circles that are 8” in diameter. They would be so cute!


What is the best product for decorative moss for crafts?

Decorative moss for crafts products from Zyapa. In this article about decorative moss for crafts you can see why people choose the product. Chuangdi and Sullivans are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative moss for crafts.

What are the best brands for decorative moss for crafts?

Zyapa, Chuangdi and Sullivans are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative moss for crafts. Find the detail in this article. Amosfun, Ootdty and Topcomww are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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