Best Decorative Nails for Hanging Pictures

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1. Hommie Assorted Hangers Professional Hardware

Hommie Assorted Hangers Professional Hardware

Double-sided tape is an essential for your daily life. Quality testing has been done on their tape. This sticky transparent tape can be used for a variety of purposes. Hook&Nail Integrated Design A special craft hanger can be drilled into the wall after being put in a right position. A smaller space on the wall is taken up by the hook and nail design. It can hold up to 20 lbs. and is easy to hang pictures, decorations,clocks,clothes, kitchenware, small wall shelf,canvas. The picture hangers are made of STAINLESS STEEL and are not easy to fall off after installation and serve you for a long time. Wall type match The picture hangers leave a tiny hole in the wall that is easy to patch and paint. The picture hangers won't ruin the home or the wall. No for concrete wall or ceramic wall. The wall can be decorated with easy operation. Fixation and recycled. You can fix it with a hammer. If you can see that the plate is parallel with the wall, you can make sure the angle is right. The picture hanger can be removed from the wall for reuse. Organized and tidy. The copper gold hanging kit organizes and hangs items in a neat and orderly manner. It's perfect for walls in rooms. Organized and tidy. The copper gold hanging kit organizes and hangs items in a neat and orderly manner. It's perfect for walls in rooms.

Brand: Hommie

👤I built some hexagon shelves and this product was perfect for them. Two were used per shelf. I knew I wouldn't be putting things on the shelves. I didn't want to mess up my wall with some of the shelf hanging options I saw, so I found these guys and they worked great without showing the hanging hardware! The holes in the back of the shelves were drilled at the same angle as the hanging hardware, and the hang job was easy. I did not place them into the wall. Very happy. 10/10 would order again.

👤An easy way to hang picture frames. I hung a frame over my daughter's bed. I wanted to make sure that it was sturdy and secure, and that it could survive a shake, especially since we had earthquakes here in socal. My picture frames are not going anywhere. The hardware is pretty, not that it matters, but it is pleasing.

👤Work was better than expected. Hooks are sturdy enough to hold heavier items. It can be difficult to get them into the wall you want, but it's necessary for load-bearing and not a big deal. Will pick them up again in the future.

👤Fantastic! I can't lose a huge box of hangers. Every time I want to hang something up, I run to the hardware store. I have always bought small packages of hooks, used one, and forgot where the balance of hooks was, so next time I need them, I have to buy them again. I don't think I'll hang up 100 things, but I like having a box of hooks.

👤Product works well. I hung this large brass mirror in the living room using these nails on the wall. I think it's about 50 pounds. I used two nails to be safe. It's hanging great! It works well for portrait frames. Because these nails get inserted at an angle, you should watch where you are hammering so you don't cut your finger.

👤Great stuff. I have a dry wall in my office and sticky hangers that keep falling off. Someone told me about these and thought they would be perfect for hanging my clipboards. They work very well. They are cut and the nails match the holder so it still looks good on the wall. These are highly recommended.

👤I bought these hangars as a cheaper alternative to the OOK hangers. The round disc that is welded onto each nail has a design/manufacturing issue in that the disc is not flat and the circular edge of the disc is not sharp. If the hanger is removed, a circular ring in the paint underneath can be seen. There is a The OOK hangers have a flat disc and the edge is not as sharp as I would like. There is a If you want to minimize damage to the wall and remove the hangers eventually, you should be aware of the sharp edge. There is a The hangars can be a bit difficult to install because they need to be tapped/hammered in at the right angle, but you can usually install them with a rotation of the hanger. The object could fall off the hook if over-rotated.

2. OOK 50614 Blue Steel Nails

OOK 50614 Blue Steel Nails

Fit for a photo frame. The OOK 50614 professional picture hanging nails can hang up to 30 pounds. The art hanging nails only leave a small hole after use. The user-friendly design means you don't need a stud during installation. The art hanging nails are great for both professional and home gallery settings. The 25 piece gold and black nails come in a "tidy-tin" for easy storage. It's ideal as a kitchen drawer stuffer or as a tool box stuffer. Nials do not need stud.

Brand: Ook

👤I bought OOK part number 50614 expecting a package of nails to fit my OOK Hangers, but now lack nails for them. The OOK hangers that I received were about 0.047 inches in diameter, but the nails that were sent with them were about 0.070 inches in diameter. The 0.047 diameter nails have a small hole that is nearly invisible when removed. A hole left from a 0.070 is readily visible when removed and needs to be patched. I took a look at the website of the manufacturer and found that they don't make it clear that there are two different nail sizes.

👤I'm going to keep it short-nails, but whoever designed these or changed the design on the old style hangers should have small nails fired and OOK should be changed to koOK as in the product and the company with what they've.

👤They are actually Ook's larger nails that only fit their 75-lb hangers, which is what the label says. They aren't eligible when I tried to return them. They sold a product that doesn't work and kept my money.

👤Completely useless. They have made every size of hanger for me. This huge nail does not fit. They fit between 5 and 30 lbs. This fraud is not offered by Amazon.

👤Although they are nice sturdy nails, they do not fit most Ook hangers and this is not specified in the description. They are mis-labeled as 30 lbs even though they don't fit into the Ook hangers that are rated at 30 lbs. Many other people have posted the same information, so this review is redundant. I wanted my one star to add to the average so that more people will read them.

👤There are slightly different sized OOK hooks. The hooks for these nails need to be specified by Amazon to avoid unhappy customers. I can't tell you if these nails fit the OOK hangers, but I can tell you that they do. They are the same as the matching nails. The ones I use most are the ones I have loose. I don't know if they fit the regular 50 pound hangers. If you want to protect your wall paint, the padded ones are better. They appear to be a choice. There is a If you have these nails and they don't fit your hangers, you may want to upgrade to the 50 pound padded OOK hangers. I ordered two packs of nails. I'm assuming the one pack are the same size but until Amazon fixes the ambiguous description who knows.

👤The cheap picture hooks and nails might have been purchased by you. Ooks used to make a hole in the wall. These are too big for their older hooks.

👤I have been using Ook's picture hanging products for over a decade. They are great. I recommend ook nails to many people because they do not damage your walls and they hold the weight of the pictures, just get the right hooks for the weight of your item.

3. Picture Hanging Double Headed Office Classroom

Picture Hanging Double Headed Office Classroom

Hanging pictures, photos, cork board, mirrors, paintings, clock, ornaments and light in home and office is widely used by the small head hanging nails. The cute heart-shaped head will make your home more stylish. Their picture hanging nails have small double-headed designs that don't stick out as far as common tacks from the wall, making it so that whatever you are hanging is up against the wall. You won't notice that there is a nail on the wall if you hang items on a smaller wall. These decorative nails are perfect for hanging pictures, clocks, mirrors, artwork, kitchenware, small wall shelf, canvas, and other lightweight objects in wooden wall or drywall. Avoid items stacking andcluttering by organizing and hanging tidily. It's applied in home, office, cafe, hotel, restaurant and classroom. Add a lot of pleasure and elegance to your life. Sturdy and durable wall pantyhose. The small head picture hanger nails are made of STAINLESS STEEL and are not easy to get rust, compact in size and light in weight, and serve you for a long time. The small head hanger nails are great for hanging pictures. It's not easy to fall off of a picture hanging nail of 20 pounds. It is easy to use. They can push double-headed picture hanging nails with hammer or thumb if they want to, if the platform is hard. The removal of wall nails is simple, just placing the claw of hammer up against a small hook and lifting it lightly, well nails will fall off without any tracks left. You will receive a total of 30/60/90 pieces of wall thumb tacks for hanging in the package, come with a storage box, more convenient for you to store and easy to use, sufficient quantities to meet your various needs. You will receive a total of 30/60/90 pieces of wall thumb tacks for hanging in the package, come with a storage box, more convenient for you to store and easy to use, sufficient quantities to meet your various needs.

Brand: Cerbonny

👤These were useless. One of the pictures I hung in the wall crashed to the floor and destroyed the frame. The pin was carving a grooves into the wall and starting to lean over when I inspected the second one. I took it down and threw it away. The frames were less than a pound. I used two per frame.

👤Like thumb tacks with cute little hearts on each head. I think they leave small but noticeable holes once removed, but I am happy with them. Some are more difficult to hang because you have to get the angle just right. I recommend hanging mostly easy pictures.

👤I've been looking for the right size wall hanger for years to hold my metal and Gatorboard photos. These are inexpensive, easy to put into a drywall, do not make huge marks when removed, and hold the pictures securely in place. They are part of the gallery.

👤These little tacks are very strong and easy to use. A person was thinking. This is a product where you say to yourself, "I wish I would have thought of this".

👤The picture hanging nails looked cute, but I tapped on them to hang my photo. The nails are easy to break. I had to use several nails before I was able to hang my picture, and I had to use 6 nails. Not happy.

👤The hangers are sturdy and easy to use. If you need to remove them, they don't leave much of a Mark.

👤I tried to hammer in half of the nails. There are left marks and big holes. Will not purchase again.

👤Works well. It's perfect for hanging my signs.

👤The concept of these is great, but they are useless as they bend easily when put into a wall.

👤Look like thumbtacks with a smaller head sticking out of the main head. The larger head of the pin is pushed or hammered into the body of the pin until it rests against the wall. There is room between the large head and the smaller head to place the wire or string. The length of the tack is 34” The needle point is very long. The distance between the two heads is less than a millimeter. It's nicer and less obtrusive to have a nail sticking out of the wall. This is meant for lightweight objects. The double head makes it easier to hammer since you can use a pair of pliers to hold it in place. The double head is easy to remove. It was too difficult to push in unless there was a thick bulletin cork board. The tack can be used to puncture through items like a photo, concert tickets, pamphlet, banner, cartoon cutout, news article, and the 2nd head to hang something else you might want to associate with it. These are ideal to keep on hand since they never know when they will be useful. They were going to be hung up as a photo backdrop. The garage wood shelving was put to use to hold tractor equipment keys. I had to find another small storage case for these because the plastic was cracked on one edge when I received it. It can be used in many places: home, office, school, retail outlets, warehouse, bathroom, garage, greenhouse, camping, etc. Highly recommended.

4. Assenic Ornament Hardware Convenient Decoration

Assenic Ornament Hardware Convenient Decoration

The package contains 24 nails. PCS Packages,Double Head Nails Design. The hanging nails are small and long. It's convenient for home office and school decoration. This wall tacks can be used to hang a picture ornament clock key or string holiday lights. It can make it easier to decorate. Depending on the wall's strength, they can use a hammer or thumb till to install the picture hanger nails. The nails need to be pressed close to the wall. When you remove the wall, the small nails will not leave a big hole. It's a small hole. Your walls should be beautiful. Please keep the nails in the packing box, and keep away from children. Please keep the nails in the packing box, and keep away from children.

Brand: Assenic

👤It's easy to use tack nails. These are easy to replace, like calendars on walls, garage keys on wall, etc., without the bent tack problems usually encountered, and without creating anymore hole damage to the wall than a regular tack.

5. Picture Hanging Decorative Drywall Decorations

Picture Hanging Decorative Drywall Decorations

Hanging pictures, photos, cork board, mirrors, paintings, clock, ornaments and light in home and office is widely used by the small head hanging nails. Cute Heart- shaped in head will make your home look better. The double heads nail design is a design. In between thumb tack heads there is a proper grooves district that makes sure the items you loved hanging steadily and offers more possibilities for your needs such as hanging pictures, painting, clock and other lightweight objects. Track-less wall hangings can be finished using thumb tacks and the procedure of removal is simple, just placing the claw of hammer against the small hook and lifting it lightly. Hanging tacks were made of sturdy steel, 30 PCS decorative nails in gold silver and black, and also offered powerful support to your cherished items, which makes them so rusty that they hardly get rusted. Perfectly meet your needs. The dishwashing detergents -decorative strippers. The thumb tacks are better than poster pins. It's better with home and office decoration, hanging picture, feature wall, whiteboard, corkboard and etc. It is easy to use. They can push double-headed picture hanging nails with hammer or thumb if they want to, if the platform is hard. It is easy to use. They can push double-headed picture hanging nails with hammer or thumb if they want to, if the platform is hard.

Brand: Hoaisun

👤These hooks are very easy to use. It is quite annoying to use a small sink to hang a picture on a wall, but the hooks leave a hole. They have a smooth finish. They are great for hanging light tools. I would strongly recommend these for simple hanging of light items, especially where the hook is going to be on display.

👤Maybe it's me, I bent a lot. Where the hammer hits it, is where the picture will go. I am eclectic. I had a lot of pictures to hang in a small house. There is a floor to a ceiling. It was difficult to get the frame back onto the pin. I don't know how I would change them. You can hang pictures with ribbons. They are great. I might have used them for the wrong purpose.

👤The hybrid pin/nails are attractive in three different colors and are sharp and sturdy. They can be installed by either pushing or hammering. There is a When flush with the wall, the large disks give greater strength than a tack or nail. I found these to be much easier to install than a nail. Check them out!

👤I like these things. Sturdy! We used them to hang fabric over our daughters window and they held it in place. It is an easy product to use.

👤I need the whole plan to come together. When I found the perfect art piece, I used the push pins I bought. The pin won't hit the wall. It's sturdy, easy to put up and my art went on without a hitch. I'm decorating the walls of the house.

👤You need these. I bought a similar item 20 years ago at a hardware store. It is normally acceptable by apartment standards and can be painted over without having to use a glue.

👤I love it! I used it to hang framed art pieces and it was easy to use. Medium sized pieces 11x18, 24x24 are very fast and very clean.

👤It worked just as it was described. A big hole in sheet rock is not possible. It's easy to hang pictures or potholders. They are good for temporary things, like Christmas decorations. Where have they been all my life? I wish I knew more about them. Can't say enough good things.

6. Hillman Fasteners 122206 10 Pound Hanger

Hillman Fasteners 122206 10 Pound Hanger

It's easy to install into most walls by hand. It is easy to install for quick hanging. There are several styles of hooks. Press into the wall when you want. You can choose from several finishes to fit your taste. 5 pieces per package. 5 pieces per package.

Brand: Hillman

👤My office has a rule about not hanging anything on the wall. My office desk has a fabric covered bulletin board under it. I used these to hang up pictures and a clock, but they were light and glass covered. It can be difficult to hang items on a wall with a nail, but once done they are held in place. My desk is the bomb because my walls don't have much.

👤I was hoping for more, but it was less impressive. It does the job.

👤It works like a tack. Looks better than one. Does the job of hanging a tapestry. I haven't used the others for anything else.

👤These are useful hooks and they are hard to find. They're great for hanging artwork.

👤They look great and add a little class to the simple things that need hung up. I hung the pottery by the rope in the dining room. It worked well and looks better than a nail.

👤These are very strong and can hold a few small frames. The pushpin feature makes it easier to change locations for decorations, and they are strong enough that frames have not fallen down.

👤Before ordering, check the dimensions. These are very small.

👤Light weight items can be hung with these. We don't have a fireplace, so we used them for our stockings. Doesn't leave a big hole in the wall. The hook is small and not very round so it might be difficult to hang certain items.

👤I thought invisible meant that the leave would be almost invisible, but they left a huge hole, and it was almost impossible to take off from the wall.

👤They work well. The price is ridiculous for what you get. They are easy to use and inexpensive, but not worth much more than a couple of seconds to put a nail in the wall.

👤These are easy to push into the wall. The delivery was quick from the seller. Thanks!

👤I love these decorative hangers. The design of the artwork makes it impossible to hide the hanger.

7. Plaster Picture Hangers Lbs Solutions

Plaster Picture Hangers Lbs Solutions

The package contains 25 pieces of small head hanging nails, which is enough to meet your hanging needs, and comes with a storage box, which is more convenient for you to store and use. Picture Hooks support 30 pounds. A small pin size hole in a wall can be made by using sharp pointed nails for hanging pictures. Blue steel nails provide maximum support and minimize wall damage. Steel nails will not bend when going into plaster walls. It works well as a plaster or picture hanger. Museums and art galleries use professional picture hangings. Museums and art galleries use professional picture hangings.

Brand: Picture Hang Solutions

👤I got a bunch of them because they're perfect for hanging pictures. Does anyone ever read these things? I don't know if I could just use this as a journal and hide the chapters in my Amazon reviews. Maybe I will do that.

👤This is a great product if the seller really meanssheet rock. I bought this for a plaster wall and it bent the nail. Can't really say I'm impressed. Wouldn't buy again.

👤The second box of picture hangers with plaster nails was purchased by me. The painters removed all the nails from my home, so I bought back some. The nails are easy to glide through the plaster walls. They are strong and hold my art.

👤The Chinese made OOK copies are different from the German made Floreat brand. The hook is not as rounded as the nail.

👤The nail should be thinner so that it doesn't damage the wall. It's obvious that the company in China made them from a picture and didn't know how big the nails and hangers were.

👤Don't buy. There were no nails in the box where the hooks came in. There is a Tom.

👤Couldn't get it in plaster wall, bent like ten of them.

👤Picture Hang Solutions did not send OOK picture hangers as stated in the description. Returned.

8. Pieces Hangers Picture Hanging Painting

Pieces Hangers Picture Hanging Painting

Each product has a planter hook that is 16 inches long and 11 inches wide and four black tapping screws. The products from Qiang Ni are of the highest quality. They will provide services as soon as possible if you have any questions. The hooks are made of zinc alloy material, which is not easy to break or rust, and each pin is about 2.3 x 1.5 cm small, which makes it easy to store and use. Sufficient quantity: the package comes with 30 pieces round head style push pin wall hooks, the quantity is enough to meet your daily needs and replacement, and the maximum load is 20 lbs, supporting to hang different small items in different places, practical for home, office, mall and so on Push pins are only applicable to wood wall, but not to concrete or ceramic wall, which can be applied repeatedly for multiple times, so you don't have to worry about damaging the wall. The push-rod hanger is a classic design that can be fixed in the correct position, and can be hung close to the wall and not easy to fall off, as well as saving space and providing convenience for picking. The picture hooks are strong enough to hold a variety of lightweight art crafts items, such as pictures, paintings, ornaments, art pieces, jewelry and other light objects, a nice way to keep your home and offices clean and tidy. The picture hooks are strong enough to hold a variety of lightweight art crafts items, such as pictures, paintings, ornaments, art pieces, jewelry and other light objects, a nice way to keep your home and offices clean and tidy.

Brand: Jetec

👤I was expecting more, but they are a bit smaller than I thought. The push pin end is larger than the bulb. There's the hook. These things are strong and sturdy. They are easy to install and the hole left behind is small. I wanted to put up a tapestry. It took me two minutes to put up the hoops with the clips. I have a wall calendar that was always falling, but not now. I would buy them again.

👤These are a good way to hang things. It's impossible to bend the hook if it's larger than the ball, and I wish there was more space between the ball and the hook. I lost one when the nail on the back bent, so use caution when placing it into the wall. I use a hammer to push it in.

👤The angle between the hook and the nail is too wide. It was close to 90 degrees. It should be less to stay on.

👤It was exactly what I needed and met my needs perfectly.

👤These little things are great. They make a piece of cake. I pushed them with my thumb. I also used a hammer.

👤I love these for my son's Star Wars collection. You would see the nailhead in any room where you ordered it.

👤The push pin is strong enough without a hammer. The same stability is offered by these nails, which look better than regular nails.

👤It is easy to install hooks. I haven't used them yet, but they seem sturdy.

9. ARROW 160478 Push Picture Hooks

ARROW 160478 Push Picture Hooks

The nail set can be used in a wide range of places. Push pin style picture hooks. It is easy to install into most walls.

Brand: Liberty

👤It was as advertised. The quality was good for the price. The pin may go through the back of a corkboard. Attached are pictures for the dimensions. The top to bottom portion is 7/8" wide and 3/8" deep. The pin is long.

👤I bought them for the look and ease of use. They are upgraded pushpins. The material is light. I would like them to be solid metal. They work well with smaller frames. Push down at an angle instead of straight into the wall is a pro tip. The pin is kept from sliding out.

👤I used them to hold up decorated letters that I painted on my wall. They fit perfectly into the cutout hanging hole in the letters and were initially scared to come crashing down on my head. It leaves a smaller hole in the wall than a nail.

👤These are easy to use and work well. I hung a lot of pictures and even an Lenox spoon with an Irish saying on it, but so far nothing has fallen. I like these. I would recommend you buy a few packages because they are hard to find in our local shops. You don't have to run out of them. These are worth the price because you will find lots of uses for them.

👤They are smaller than expected and have a long pin that will hold it in place on the surface of a cork board or dry wall. The angle and length of the pin give a stable surface for heavier items. I hung some towels with a fabric loop. If you hang behind our hidden features, there is a noticeable seem down the middle and a dull silver look, but it shouldn't be a problem. Don't use a hammer and push the pin at an angle.

👤Push pins are one of the few items that can be used in the dorms and they were amazing to have and use for decorating! The command strip hooks were ugly. We almost used them to hang the light, but she found a better way. She uses these to hang hats.

👤I use these to hang my string lights. The hooks are a better option than dangling something over a thumb tack nub. Will hold small to medium sized framed photos or art at 5 lbs maximum weight supported per pin. I wish I had more of these for the price, but they are worth it.

👤One of the best things I've ever purchased. I don't like hanging pictures because of the hammering of nails. Not very mechanically inclined. These are wonderful. I can use them, that's saying something. Push them to where you want them to go. Push pins are more sturdy. I can hang pictures from my wall.

10. Hillman Group 122292 Hanger Antique

Hillman Group 122292 Hanger Antique

The OOK bear claw four-in-one screw hooks come in a 12-pack. The product is in line with the customer requirement. It was manufactured in China. The package dimensions are 2.2098" L x 4.8006" W x 11.8"988 H.

Brand: The Hillman Group

👤This product can be used if you've used a pushpin. A pushpin by a mile is more attractive. I hung a large framed picture from my house. It's best to place it in the wall where you want it, because the pushpin part is leaving a nail-sized hole. The finish is beautiful. I would order again.

👤Wall hangings with "rope" hangers seem to be popular right now. I wanted something other than a nail to hang the smaller wall hangings. I ran across some push pins. They look nice, are sturdy, and can be used more than once. I would buy them again.

👤They are great for hanging up my masks. No more face masks that are lost. They match my décor and look nice. The hook is better than other styles I have gotten for my kids.

👤This is a good tool for hanging pictures.

👤These are great! Add an elegant touch by looking pretty. Highly recommended!

👤This was what I needed to hang.

👤It's nice to add a little fancy touch to hanging items.

👤It was too small for what I needed. Returned it.

👤The hooks are easy to use, just push into the wall, and they are meant to be seen above the pictures. I took a few pictures to show how I used them. I have ordered them twice and they are definitely recommendable.

👤J'avais acheté cet article sur Amazon. J'en encore de besoin alors!

👤Nice pins for wall hangings, howver the 10 in a package is wrong. The package has areconl 3.

👤These hooks are cute. It took me a long time to find them. They are pretty and useful.

11. SAVITA Picture Double Headed Decorative Classroom

SAVITA Picture Double Headed Decorative Classroom

If you have a question about their wall hooks, please contact them and they will be able to solve it within 24 hours. You will get a pack of 20 double-headed wall nails. Hanging pictures on the wall can be done with enough quantity. The picture hangers nails are made from high-quality STAINLESS steel. It can be used for a long time. The design is double-headed. The double-headed shape of their picture hanging nails makes it convenient for hanging pictures. The outer head is printed with a cute pattern. You only need to nail the push pins into the wall or wooden board with a hammer until the larger head gets close to the wall. The claw of hammer can be used to put on the smaller head of the push pin, which won't leave a trace. The double-headed hanging nails are useful for hanging pictures, photos, clocks, necklaces or other items. They are useful for home wall decorations. The double-headed hanging nails are useful for hanging pictures, photos, clocks, necklaces or other items. They are useful for home wall decorations.

Brand: Savita

👤These look better than the clear tacks I was using before, since they look like part of the decor. They hang any other thumb tack. There is a tiny decorative heart in the middle, and I didn't notice it before purchasing.

👤They look better than the nails on the wall. Even stylish.

👤Super Pin-Ngel ist die Fotowand bei uns. There is a Kein ist klein, daher klein ist.


What is the best product for decorative nails for hanging pictures?

Decorative nails for hanging pictures products from Hommie. In this article about decorative nails for hanging pictures you can see why people choose the product. Ook and Cerbonny are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative nails for hanging pictures.

What are the best brands for decorative nails for hanging pictures?

Hommie, Ook and Cerbonny are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative nails for hanging pictures. Find the detail in this article. Assenic, Hoaisun and Hillman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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