Best Decorative Napkins for Decoupage Farmhouse

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1. WallyE Decoupage Napkins Luncheon Wedding

WallyE Decoupage Napkins Luncheon Wedding

20 counts in 1 package of 2 ply decorative napkins. 13 inch unfold, folding size is 6.5 inch. The napkins were printed on four sides when opened. Group together with plates and trays for a perfect party accent. It is printed with food-grade, non toxic dyes. It's ideal for large gatherings, great for entertaining at home, and will make an excellent addition to any cocktail/bridal shower/country garden inspired party or special event. If you are not happy with the purchase of their product, you can return it for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Wallye

👤The package of napkins was pretty, but not perfect. I have a weird white line around the outer edges of my set because the image didn't go all the way to the edge. It was a bit disappointing for the price. I don't know if I'd purchase napkins again for such a high price, even though I INRDeals

👤I use perfect napkins for my projects.

👤The napkins are beautiful. I bought the project that I will be working on. I can see from the outside what the package is all about. I am happy.

👤They are being used for decoupage. Great for large areas. I'm very happy with the colors, quality, and variety of uses. Beautiful!

👤It's a bit pricey but worth it. Love them and will use them for art projects. It is very thin and fragile.

👤It's used for decoupage. I love how it turned out. There were lots of nice things to say.

👤I wanted to use a napkin for my project. The napkins are perfect. They are thick and beautiful.

👤A good quality napkin. The color is lighter than depicted, but I love the pattern. There is a I have multiple uses for them and they are beautiful to me.

2. ALINK Printting Decorative Decoupage Serviettes

ALINK Printting Decorative Decoupage Serviettes

The folded size is 13 x 13 inches. A 20-count package of sturdy, 2-ply luncheon/dinner serviettes. 2 ply tissue is printed with non toxic, water-soluble ink and is compostable. Group together with plates and trays for a perfect party accent. It's perfect for dinner parties, graduation parties or everyday entertaining.

Brand: Alink

👤I am using a napkin. The napkins have a beautiful birdscape. When unfolded, most napkins have the same scene divided into 4 different quadrants. The napkin is 13 x 13 and the one scene takes up the entire napkin. The birds are between 5 and 6 inches in length. The blue background is gorgeous. Beautiful detail and design.

👤I received these napkins. I got the ones with the'spring birds', but it really should say 'bird head', because there is no picture of two birds like it shows, its cut so that you get a piece of a bird towards the lower corner, and what looks like lines drawn on the napkin It was very disappointing. The picture shows the napkin completely open, which is not how you would see it next to a plate or a tea cup. You can't make out the overall design when you folded as received. Is the picture accurate? If this is how a buyer thinks the folded napkin would look, I would say yes.

👤The napkins don't fit. The picture presented on Amazon suggests a lot of delicate details. The napkin's print is large and clumsy, which makes it difficult to read in person. Why do sellers feel they need to lie in order to sell their products? Deceit, your name is man. I'll find something to do with them. Maybe they will do gift bag stuffing.

👤This was terrible. When I ordered three cute little birds on a napkin, I was told what was delivered was one fourth of the napkin, but I didn't see it until I opened the napkin up. Not happy. I am going back. It's so annoying.

👤I clicked on the napkins with 3 birds. I received two different images. It's a gift for a friend who enjoys birdwatching. I won't order it again because it's not what I ordered and it's cheaper to buy it locally. I didn't have time. I gave it 2 stars because I like birds and will keep them myself.

👤The napkins are not the same as shown. You have to open them all the way up to see the whole picture. A large version of one of the birds is what you see instead of all the birds in the picture. If you want them to be a napkin, a different picture should have been shown.

👤You think the pattern will be what you see in the photos. However. The napping is folded out. If you are lucky, you will get one bird.

👤I was drawn to these pretty napkins. They are very stiff and smelly. My husband tried one and threw it to the floor. No way to treat my man.

👤The design is not as clear as the picture would suggest. Very expensive. Disappointed.

👤I've read reviews where people didn't like the product. They were quite lovely. I used white glue and a decoupage medium to apply them over the French dictionary pages. You lose a bit of imagery when the French show through. I was happy with the results.

3. Boston International 20 Count Luncheon 6 5 Inches

Boston International 20 Count Luncheon 6 5 Inches

Combine solid plates and matching IHR napkins from Boston International, or use napkins for decoupage and crafting, and entertain in patriotic style when enjoying summer picnics and celebrating the 4th of July. There is a package of 20 premium quality paper napkins. The napkins measure 6. 5 x 6 5-inches isfolded. The table is festive. The pattern is black and white. Soft and strong. Sturdy napkins with a smooth feel are printed in Germany. Combine solid plates and matching IHR napkins from Boston International and it's easy to make a dish.

Brand: Boston International

4. Ideal Home Range Spatter Cocktail

Ideal Home Range Spatter Cocktail

There is a package of 20 napkins, each 5 x 5-Inch. The paper napkins are printed in Germany with no toxic materials. Water based ink. There are a variety of charming hens. It's perfect for cocktails, dessert and Appetizers. The leader in high-quality paper products, look for coordinating paper plates and napkins in additional sizes.

Brand: Boston International

👤The sharpness of the chickens on these napkins was very pleasing to me. These are high quality napkins, even though the color can be dull or the images distorted. I wouldn't say they were absorbent, but they definitely did the job. This item is a must have for me.

5. ELINNEE Luncheon Disposable Serviettes Sunflowers

ELINNEE Luncheon Disposable Serviettes Sunflowers

40 Count of thick 3-ply paper napkins for everyday dining, coffee, lunch, party, baby shower, birthday, wedding, anniversary. Premium 3-Ply: luncheon napkins paper is softer and stronger than regular 2-ply napkins. Colored napkins paper is printed with water-soluble inks that are safe to use. Large Dinner Napkins are 13x13 inches and 6.5x6 inches. The original floral design is reflected in the paper napkins. The yellow sunflowers are perfect for party napkins. They'll go with other party favors and other items in your home. The fancy napkins are also elegant cocktail napkins, dessert napkins, beverage napkins, bar napkins, and bridal shower napkins.

Brand: Elinnee

👤The napkins turned out great, I used them for decoupage. The color is rustic and great. Shipping arrived in perfect condition. Would purchase again.

👤I've had many people compliment me on my napkins. They are the favorite for a drink coaster.

👤This is a fun little craft. I used mod podge to attach napkins after buying a love sign. It took less than 1 for the whole sign. Will probably order again for my wedding next year.

👤The colors are beautiful. A pretty summer table was bought to use with palm leaf plates.

👤They were praised on how attractive they are.

👤Looked great on the cake table.

👤A great addition to a wedding shower.

6. Amscan Paris 2 Ply Towels Tableware

Amscan Paris 2 Ply Towels Tableware

The paper napkin measures 6. The package is 6. 52" x 6. " d x 0. Shrink wrap with sticker packaging. A set of 30. The paper is absorbent. There are 16 paper towels in a pack. You can get the feel of Paris at home. There are disposable guest towels for your home setup. It's perfect for special occasions such as birthdays and holiday celebrations.

Brand: Amscan

👤These napkins are beautiful. They are nice for an elegant lunch, but also great for printing on paper. I will purchase more of this brand when I need it.

👤I had people take these home because they loved the print. They were a big hit.

👤Just as they looked.

👤These were made into coasters. I love them!

👤I use these for a decorative look in my bathroom.

👤Dan un toque, a la hora de la merienda.

7. Cocktail Napkins Wedding Birthday Luncheon

Cocktail Napkins Wedding Birthday Luncheon

Please note. The bottom layer is plain white and the upper is black. The color of the water will come off if you use the bottom layer for wiping, since it is printed with Safe FOOD-GRADE WATER-BASE INK. The material is made of high-quality wood. These napkins are safe to use. Measures 14 x 14 inches unfolded, 6.5 x 6.5 inches folded. The two-ply napkins are soft and absorbent to ensure a comfortable wiping experience. The Napkins can be used for school and office celebrations, but they are ideal for Christmas and Valentine's Day parties. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a satisfactory answer if you decide that this is not for you.

Brand: Yih

👤The all over pattern is perfect for those who want to use it for decoupage.

👤I plan to use these napkins on some other home decor projects after using them to make two white plastic pots look more high end.

👤These add a touch of class to the table. Very nice.

👤This is great for my projects.

👤Good for tea time and projects.

👤At least for me, the color was off.

👤I bought them for the job. They are perfect. Will buy again.

👤It's perfect for decoupaging shells.

8. Michel Design Works Cocktail Gardenia

Michel Design Works Cocktail Gardenia

Combine solid plates and matching IHR napkins from Boston International and it's easy to make a dish. Their wooden trays and soft, triple-ply paper cocktail napkins coordinate. 20 napkins per pack. The folded size is 5 x 5-inches. Every room in the house has dramatic elegance thanks to the combination of black and white. Group with plates and trays. Look to the design works for luxurious, all-natural bath and body products and beautiful home and stationery items.

Brand: Michel Design Works

👤The napkins are pretty and odorless. The colors are not brassy.

👤It is a nice napkin.

👤I love this pattern. Beautiful!

👤Such a beautiful print.


9. Napkins Decorative Luncheon 100count Unfolded

Napkins Decorative Luncheon 100count Unfolded

Paper napkins are included. The disposable paper napkins have food-grade water-base ink that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Measurement unfolded 13 x 13 inch, 2-ply. There is a package that provides enough napkins for a party. It's a great way to match your table runner, tablecloth, kitchen towels, holder set and other items. Please note. The bottom layer is plain white and the upper is black. The color of the water will come off if you use the bottom layer for wiping, since it is printed with Safe FOOD-GRADE WATER-BASE INK.

Brand: Goodsbeauty

👤When we ate pizza, the napkins turned our hands black.

👤The napkins looked great and made a difference. They were great for cakes, cupcakes and drinks. Great purchase!

👤Terrible! The black is on your hands. The first time these were used, everyone had black on their hands by the end of the dinner party.

👤I need these napkins for a black and white themed event.

👤The napkin holder is great. The patterns of black and white are perfect.

👤I ordered them for a project and they were perfect. The value for money was good.

10. Kate Aspen Botanical Garden Napkins

Kate Aspen Botanical Garden Napkins

There are multiple colors to choose, and the napkin with gingham pattern is suitable for daily use. A decorative paper napkin with an antique floral pin and a gold foil and mint border is beautiful and functional. A classic wedding, bridal shower or baby shower theme can be achieved with the Botanical Garden collection. Cleanup can be made easy by simply recycle or dispose of after celebration. Strong and durable, the high quality paper napkins are perfect for holding a celebration. The Botanical Garden 2 Ply Paper Napkins (Set of 30) contains a Secret Garden created by Kate Aspen. You can dream of the sunshine through the leaves of 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. The paper napkin measures 6. The package is 6. 52" x 6. " d x 0. Shrink wrap with sticker packaging. A set of 30.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤Plates were very thin and barely held a cookie.

👤The order was 30 and I only received 15 and they are the lightest I have ever purchased. I think a ply of toilet tissues has more.

👤It was used to wrap silverware for a bridal shower.

👤My baby girl's birthday party was a fairy garden themed. I'll be buying again for the next party. The plates are more elegant than the standard ones.

👤The plates are a little deeper than I thought they would be. The gold is not as dark as the picture shows. The printing is off center.

👤Excellent plates. Perfect size. Sturdy plates. Beautiful colors. A+A+A+A.

👤The napkins aren't impressive enough for the price. There is nothing to complain about.

👤I wouldn't get these for a turkey dinner, but they were perfect for a breakfast with light snacks and appetizers. Everyone loved them.

👤The photos on the website showed gold and eucalyptus flowers. The pink cabbage roses I received were not like the ones advertised. They do not go with my table design.

👤The plates were small. They look small in person.

11. Simulinen Dinner Napkins White Decorative

Simulinen Dinner Napkins White Decorative

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will give you a satisfactory answer if you decide that this is not for you. Why are their napkins and guest towels the best? You can find product videos on their website if you type in "The SimuLinen Difference". There is resilience and absorbent. It's difficult to find a napkin that's thick enough to be enough for every meal. Your guests will wonder where you got SimuLinen's Signature Dinner Napkins, which are sturdy, absorbent and tasteless. Soft and DisposABLE: Made from the best material available on the market today. Their products are more eco-friendly than re- washing napkins. Don't you hate wearing nice clothes and putting a napkin on your lap, only to realize later that your nice clothes have napkin lint all over them? The napkins from SimuLinen are lint-free. The SimuLinen's Signature napkins are large and thick enough to fit in a cup, no matter what you're serving. The folded size is 4.25” x 9.50”

Brand: Simulinen

👤I've graduated from select-a-size paper towels to these. They are great for company because they don't have to wash people's slobber out of real cloth napkins. I've used napkin rings with them. If you're traveling, you can put a couple into your carry on bag and that coffee you spilled in your seatmates seat can be cleaned up in a matter of minutes. They will wonder why the seat is warm.

👤My Dad's 90th birthday bash was a huge hit with my Simulinen napkins. The napkins were perfect for protecting the nice clothes of everyone in the crowd. Our guests asked where I got them. I've always been a fan of Simulinen's products and was happy to find them on Amazon. Every holiday celebration and party we give will include these napkins. They're a nice touch for any type of entertaining and will be perfect for our July 4th barbecue.

👤It feels like a heavy paper towel. It's great for pizza and barbecue. The white is not as elegant as might be expected at a more formal meal, and I found them to be great liners for refrigerator bins, protective liners between stored frying pans and wrappers for baked gifts.

👤These are stiff and not soft, so you don't want to wipe your face with them. I will not get them again. My husband and I tear them in half and use half a napkin. They fit in my napkin holder.

👤These are great! They are a nice size, thick, and smooth, and they are just as good as a paper napkin. I didn't feel bad using these as dinner napkins and not cloth napkins at the shower. We kept the leftovers for use in the bathroom.

👤I bought these for a family gathering. These napkins met my expectations. There is a They looked nice, absorbent, and great value.

👤I bought them for a party. I used to buy napkins at my local club, but they don't carry them anymore. These look like cloth, but aren't. They are absorbent. I will only buy them for parties because they are expensive. Great product!

👤The laundry is out of control with everyone at home. I bought these as an alternative. This may be one of the best things to come from the changes we have made.


What is the best product for decorative napkins for decoupage farmhouse?

Decorative napkins for decoupage farmhouse products from Wallye. In this article about decorative napkins for decoupage farmhouse you can see why people choose the product. Alink and Boston International are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative napkins for decoupage farmhouse.

What are the best brands for decorative napkins for decoupage farmhouse?

Wallye, Alink and Boston International are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative napkins for decoupage farmhouse. Find the detail in this article. Elinnee, Amscan and Yih are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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