Best Decorative Napkins Paper Assorted

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1. Towashine Serviettes Luncheon Decorative Decoupage

Towashine Serviettes Luncheon Decorative Decoupage

The SimuLinen's Signature napkins are large and thick enough to fit in a cup, no matter what you're serving. The folded size is 4.25” x 9.50” The flower design is perfect to liven up any occasion. Group together with shabby chic plates and trays for a perfect party accent. The folded size is 6.5 x 6.5 inches. Wood is an environmental friendly material. 2ply luncheon napkins are included in the package. Colorful flowers design brings a touch of spring party, disposability reduces clean-up time so you can enjoy more time with friends and family. It's ideal for wedding reception, dinner party, graduation party or everyday entertaining.

Brand: Towashine

👤I like the napkins, but they are more saturated with turquoise and pink than they are with the flowers. It's helpful to know before you buy, but I'm digging it for the project I'm using them for.

👤There was a strong smell when I opened the package. I didn't find a spill that might have contaminated the package. The smell was so strong that I threw them away. The background color was muddy yellow and the colors were not very bright. I was going to use them to make a product, but I don't think they'd work. I don't think I have ever given a product rating like that.

👤The 2 ply napkins are great for crafting. I love them and keep looking for new ways to use them.

👤A pretty pattern! It works well for my project. The pattern is well placed. I would recommend your work.

👤There is a description in the website.

👤The above does not apply. Using in craft projects.

👤I use it on my project.

2. Simulinen Napkins Bistro Decorative Disposable

Simulinen Napkins Bistro Decorative Disposable

The package is 2.0 inches high. Wondering how their napkins and guest towels are the best? You can find product videos on their website if you type in "The SimuLinen Difference". There is resilience and absorbent. It's difficult to find a napkin that's thick enough to be enough for every meal. Your guests will wonder where you got SimuLinen's Signature Dinner Napkins, which are sturdy, absorbent and tasteless. Soft and DisposABLE: Made from the best material available on the market today. Their products are more eco-friendly than re- washing napkins. Don't you hate wearing nice clothes and putting a napkin on your lap, only to realize later that your nice clothes have napkin lint all over them? The napkins from SimuLinen are lint-free. The SimuLinen's Signature napkins are large and thick enough to fit in a cup, no matter what you're serving. The folded size is 4.25” x 9.50”

Brand: Simulinen

👤This is the first time that I have opened a box at the SimuLinen table and it was the first time that my mouth fell open. I am not joking. I am not going to use fancy words to describe how beautiful this box of napkins are. I am not the only one who considers napkin and linen a snob. You know what I'm talking about if you are. I don't buy cheap napkins because I use real cloth napkins more often. I buy the basic white. I tried these. They look beautiful and feel like expensive linen. Wow! I can't tell you enough. I will say that SimyLinen should give me a free box because I have spent so much money with them. Say this to you, and look no further. This is it!

👤These are better than expected. They cost more than average napkins, but they are similar to cloth. I was reluctant to use paper for the event, but I didn't have enough cloth napkins to serve 40 people. I will be comfortable using these.

👤I love these napkins. They look like cloth. I told the Granddaughters that it was okay to eat chocolate on them. The look on their faces was adorable. The napkin rings that I ordered from Amazon were placed in the Christmas table. Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon right down the road. Happy holidays!

👤I requested a sample of this style and another Simulinen style before buying this napkin. The customer service was very responsive. We preferred the less vibrant red of this one. I haven't tried them yet, but they seem to be very nice quality, and perfect for our event, since it's not for a couple of weeks.

👤I saw these napkins in a Chinese restaurant and ripped a piece off of the mfg. I found the website and thought it was more expensive, but I found them cheaper on Amazon. I have put my napkins away. They look great and hold up just as well as linen. Absolutely love them.

👤These are not disposable napkins. They take it to the next level. They are large and high quality. Your guests will be treated with respect. It's great for a backyard party or dinner. ironing cloth napkins is no longer necessary. Yes...

👤The napkins are made of high quality material. Any dinner table setting with family or friends over, whether it's just a family or a group of friends, should have an attractive, absorbent and classy addition. It's perfect for use as a disposable product. I will definitely purchase more of them.

👤The napkins had red stripes. They are bright white and perfect for a holiday meal. The feel is very similar to cloth and is fine for spills. We were happy to get a box with lots of napkins for use throughout the year, or I could save for the holidays.

3. Decorative Disposable Printing Decoupage Tableware

Decorative Disposable Printing Decoupage Tableware

Matching napkins in additional sizes from the Ideal Home Range by Boston International are easy to cook with. 20 Count/Pack is a package. The folded size is 16. X 33 cm( 13 x 13 inch) Unfolded. A 20-count package of sturdy, 2-ply luncheon/dinner serviettes. 2 ply tissue is printed with non toxic, water-soluble ink and is compostable. Group together with plates and trays for a perfect party accent.

Brand: Sorrento Crafts

👤The colors are not as vibrant as shown. The bird is dark gray. There is not enough blue to match, so they should not be used for my project. A little disappointment.

👤I like to eat my lunch with pretty napkins. This did the job.

👤The colors were not as vibrant as advertised. It was heavier than it should have been.

👤The birds are on them. The napkins are durable and absorbent. The price of the napkins was reasonable. Thank you.

👤I found them elsewhere for half the price.

👤Very disappointed. The colors advertised were much brighter. The background is yellow. Need this for a craft project but will have to rethink it. I hope the seller will send me something better, but it won't be worth the effort to return it.

👤The napkins are being used for an art project.

4. LASLU Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

LASLU Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

Enough for parties, 100 highly absorbent 2-ply printed napkins made from paper. The folded size is 13 x 13 inches. Vinateg Design is perfect for dinner, graduation parties,decoupage and everyday entertaining. Group together with shabby chic plates and trays for a perfect party accent. Look to the design works for luxurious, all-natural bath and body products and beautiful home and stationery items.

Brand: Laslu

👤The corona part of our socially distant outdoor dinner party is celebrated with these. It's fun to see if guests can figure out why we got them. Good quality.

👤I had to refold the napkins because the sunflowers were inside.

👤The napkins have a lemon color. They aren't even close to yellow. The napkins say Lemon Lime.

👤The napkins are pretty. They are soft.

👤These napkins were very disappointing. The lemons were orange when they arrived. My daughters bridal shower is lemon themed and they look more like oranges than lemons. Will send them back.

5. Ideal Home Range International Dragonfly

Ideal Home Range International Dragonfly

The best party supplies will give your decorations a touch of luxury. There is a package of cocktail napkins. 5 x 5 inches The design has a resemblance to a watercolor painting. It was printed in Germany using non-toxic dyes. Matching napkins in additional sizes and coordinating paper plates are available from the Ideal Home Range.

Brand: Ideal Home Range

👤I made a treat jar for her birthday. My daughter ordered these twice and received some of them.

👤This product is worth every penny. I will probably buy again. The paper is thin but it did its job. There is a It's nice to have little ones around and they can clean up messes.

👤I have used these napkins to serve refreshments.

👤I use these napkins for decoupage. They are nice.

👤The napkins are beautiful. These were used for a craft.

👤These napkins are pretty. I would like them to come in a larger size.

6. Assorted Paper Luncheon Napkin Restaurantware

Assorted Paper Luncheon Napkin Restaurantware

These styles of unique napkins are good for parties and decorations, suitable for Catering, Catering Services, Festivals, parties, celebrations, cocktail parties, luncheons, buffets and daily use. The party decor is an extravagant compensation. The design is unique. These cocktail party napkins feature images of gorgeous hibiscus flowers and intricate tropical palm leaves. The printed cocktail napkins are absorbent and great for cleaning spills. The cocktail napkins are made from 3-ply paper. There is a separate sale of cocaine. There are 20 napkins in each shipment. There are napkins with coordinating designs that are sold separately. There are two searches: RWA0724 and RWA0725. These cocktail napkins are great for parties, events, and more because they can be used as a plate for finger foods. These fun cocktail napkins are 13 inches wide when unfolded and 6.5 inches long when folded. Each order brings 20 napkins.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I use them for art work. There are so many characters that it is printed on all four squares. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤The napkins were a bit pricey, but I liked the design. The color on my screen looked orange, but in person the napkins looked like a dark rose color.

👤Product was used for a meal. The napkins were alternated with plain white ones for more flare and to save money.

👤The design is lovely, but not reasonable. Needed napkins quickly. It's likely that you wouldn't buy again.

👤I love the napkins. They are adorable and can be used for decoupaging. Would order again.

👤I bought them to use. The bright colors held up well for the project.

👤It was ordered for use in crafts. It's pretty and works well with crafts.

👤Cute and perfect for decoupaging on glass items.

👤Estn hermosas! Aunque tienes pocas, son 20 y por. Desdoblada tienen buen grosor, pero un poquito caras.

👤Superb napkins are used to wipe fingers or mouths.

7. Talking Tables BG CNAPKIN Blossom Napkins

Talking Tables BG CNAPKIN Blossom Napkins

The cocktail napkins from the Blossom Girls range are perfect for a hen do or get together. There are 20 napkins in each pack that are 25 cm x 25 cm. Talking Tables are a premium quality product. It's ideal for an afternoon tea party. Cute and floral design is ideal for kids parties.

Brand: Talking Tables

👤The napkins are 10 x 10 inches in size. The napkins are 5 x 5 inches. When they clearly are not, even the wrapper around the napkins states they are 10 x 10.

👤Excellent quality! The colors are beautiful. Our daughter's tea party baby shower had a lot of color added to it.

👤These napkins were beautiful. Exactly what I wanted.

👤They were used for a baby shower.

👤The package was open when it arrived. Not good for the price.

👤These are good for my crafting projects.

👤Excellent quality. There is a I thought it was larger, but it was expensive per napkin. I should have looked at the measurement before buying.

👤Very nice napkins, smaller than expected. It was used for a baby shower.

👤They were small for the price.

👤The napkins are lovely. It arrived quickly. There were no issues.

👤It is great for the projects I am doing.

8. Meiosuns Cocktail Decorative Birthday Porcelain

Meiosuns Cocktail Decorative Birthday Porcelain

The napkins are printed on both sides. The napkins are printed on both sides. The napkin design makes your table more fresh and moving. Napkin is made from 100% raw wood and food-grade natural water-based ink. No fluorescent agent is safe to use. There is a pack of paper napkin. thick and durable with 3 layers and a high degree of finish. 33CM after the napkin is unfolded. It has a good texture. These styles of unique napkins are good for parties and decorations, suitable for Catering, Catering Services, Festivals, parties, celebrations, cocktail parties, luncheons, buffets and daily use.

Brand: Meiosuns

👤It's great to use for Decoupage on shells.

👤The colors are wet. Don't use for decoupage.

👤The napkins are purple. I have to find new napkins for my project.

👤Damask is one of my favorites. One of my favorite colors is rich blue. There is a They make for an elegant napkin.

👤I would have thought cocktail napkins were small.

👤It was purchased for arts and crafts. Just as pictured. The blues are vibrant and well-shared. It's perfect for my craft uses.

👤Purchase them for a project. A beautiful print.

👤I use these napkins in my home decorating. I use them to make inexpensive items like these plastic pots look high end.

9. Creative Converting 317651 Supplies Entomount

Creative Converting 317651 Supplies Entomount

It's perfect for special occasions such as birthdays and holiday celebrations. A package of 16 premium 3-ply facial quality paper napkins are proudly made in America. Each hostess napkin has a number on it. 25 x 7 75-Inches folded. There are butterflies in black and white. Water-based inks are used. The table presentation can be striking with the addition of the striped or pottery-style paper plates. Paper napkins are included.

Brand: Creative Converting

👤The napkins are double-ply. There is a clear design on them. The design doesn't cover the entire napkin. The butterflies have white on either side. There is a The table was decorated with mod-podge and then covered in resin.

👤A beautiful addition to my project. The napkins are very elegant. There were lots of nice things to say. It is a great item if more came for the price.

👤I don't know how absorbent it is, but it looks awesome.

10. Designed Cocktail Serviettes Luncheon Collection

Designed Cocktail Serviettes Luncheon Collection

These fun cocktail napkins are 13 inches wide when unfolded and 6.5 inches long when folded. Each order brings 20 napkins. 40-count package of lunch napkins. The folded size is 13 x 13 inches. Vinateg Design is perfect for dinner, graduation parties,decoupage and everyday entertaining. Group together with shabby chic plates and trays for a perfect party accent. They have more than 100 designs of different stylelish print napkins.

Brand: Wei Long

👤The napkins have a beautiful image. The main image repeats itself on each square when the napkin is opened completely. These are very serious details, so I only mention them if you are going to use them for decopauging. I was a little disappointed that they were not two ply, but there was nothing to separate them after a good attempt. You're welcome. I am still working on my project and thinking I may even order another set to build up a couple areas, but these napkins work out smooth onto the metal file cabinet with modge podge very well with gentle finger movements working anywrinkle, bubbles or imperfections that may occur at application. There is a This is a new craft for me, but I could have tried it on the 2 drawer file cabinet, or the fact that these are really great napkins to use. The texture of these is something I can see myself using on terra cottage pots, wood shelves, lamp bases, and other things. Order this brand of napkins.

👤The napkin is very useful.

👤They worked well for decopaging on wood. There are a few different scenes on the napkin. There is an Oriental scene. They are 2-ply. There is a They were difficult to separate at first. I got the hang of it by smoothing out one of the bumpy corners. The way my wooden spoons turned out was wonderful.

👤The napkins are gorgeous in person. I used a napkin to make greeting cards. I love them!

👤It is hard to believe that these vintage napkins are not very soft, but they are worth the price. I would recommend this product.

👤I thought it was 4 images. I bought 4 packs.

👤I like the design on the napkins. It reminds me of old Victorian. These were purchased for a project. Will be sharing with a friend. Highly recommended.

👤The napkins were used for decoupage.

11. 100 Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

100 Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

Add this napkin set to your floral party supplies for an upcoming graduation party, kids birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, weddings, or family gatherings. The napkins are absorbent and soft to ensure a comfortable dining experience and keep your tables clean and stain-free from spilled food, milk, juice, or soda. Quality napkin at a good price. The paper napkin is made from 2-ply to ensure it doesn't tear. The perfect size is the luncheon napkin, which measures 6.5 x 6.5 inches folded and 13 inches unfolded. Save time and money with this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 100 napkins, to ensure you have enough for your upcoming celebration.

Brand: Juvale

👤Is there a amante de las margaritas? I resistir a comprarlas. He dejado solo para manualidades. Hermosas han. No porque, hecho, por la belleza de las margaritas.

👤The napkins added a touch of Bee to our décor. The colors are vibrant and the size is perfect. Sturdy enough to eat. If you purchase these, you won't be sorry.

👤The price is reasonable and the napkins are cheerful. They are probably one-ply. I would probably not order again, but I like the daisy print and feel happy when I set the table.

👤The napkins are thick and absorb well. They are beautiful. Plan on ordering more.

👤They turned out well when used for drink coasters.

👤The napkins are beautiful. Give them a go if it's daises you want.

👤I love these napkins. Great quality and pretty. I have ordered more.

👤A daisy napkin is hard to find. These are pretty and received a lot of praise. Going for decor instead of practicality. These were perfect.

👤I bought these for use at the Easter coffee and cake morning. There is a free event. We needed some napkins for sticky fingers but also something bright and cheerful to reflect the Easter theme and these were perfect. There is a They are only 2 ply but they are perfect for the job. They came at a good price for the 100. The white daisies on the green foliage are very pretty in the spring. My 5* marking was due to these serviettes tick all the boxes for my requirements. Recommended.

👤Good value will buy again.

👤The size is great. Very soft. A pretty pattern.

👤I didn't know that the postage was almost the same as the 100 napkins when I ordered them.

👤The quality is not the best but not the worst. They are pretty and I would expect that for the money.


What is the best product for decorative napkins paper assorted?

Decorative napkins paper assorted products from Towashine. In this article about decorative napkins paper assorted you can see why people choose the product. Simulinen and Sorrento Crafts are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative napkins paper assorted.

What are the best brands for decorative napkins paper assorted?

Towashine, Simulinen and Sorrento Crafts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative napkins paper assorted. Find the detail in this article. Laslu, Ideal Home Range and Restaurantware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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