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1. Floral Paper Napkins Disposable Watercolor

Floral Paper Napkins Disposable Watercolor

Save time and money with this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 100 napkins, to ensure you have enough for your upcoming celebration. The watercolor floral design of the napkins makes them perfect for wedding decorations, bridal shower decorations, family gatherings or even birthday dinner, tea party, and baby shower decor. Protect your tables from spills and stains with these wildflower napkins. The vintage watercolor flower napkin is made of quality 2-ply paper that is soft yet durable. Their napkins for bridal showers are 13 inches unfolded. You will receive 100 decorative paper party napkins.

Brand: Juvale

👤I was in charge of serving the funeral luncheon. Our whole town was affected. I wanted to add some beauty to the occasion. None could be purchased in the area. I relied on Amazon to make this happen. I ordered the napkins on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday the day of the funeral. It was a small part of our service, but I was happy to display these napkins on such a sad day. Thank you very much!

👤The background of these napkins was not white. I thought the color might be ecru, a very light gray, or something neutral. The background makes them look a bit cheap. The watercolor napkin design is pretty, but it's too bad they didn't put it on a white background.

👤I've started using the floral plates and napkins that I like. They make the table look better. The napkins are absorbent. There is no problem lasting through a meal. The plates were not expected to match. Even though they are technically paper cardboard, the floral side is coated with a very durable product that makes the plate waterproof. I plan to keep buying them. I would like to try other designs.

👤White napkins are the most common. Non-absorbent designer napkins are the most popular. The napkin is absorbent and pleasantly designed. They're good enough for company. Try them!

👤My husband and I live in a retirement home and are being kept out of the public eye for a long time because of the coronaviruses. Our meals are delivered to us every day and the kitchen usually has a black napkin. I looked online and found your napkins bright and cheerful. They make a difference in the appearance of our meals. Thank you for the product.

👤These are pretty but I wouldn't recommend them if you're looking for a mint green hue and the background isn't really clean.

👤The napkins are not large. The napkins are small. I will use them for another occasion. I don't have time to order before my party. Since they are in the package, I don't know about their absorbency.

👤I needed a hint of spring in the kitchen and daily table of meals after a long winter of rain. The napkins are soft and patterned on all sides. There is a My heart is warmed by the daily use. The weather is not a factor in my home.

👤I liked the pattern of these napkins and they look just as good as the picture.

👤Useful for large gatherings.

👤The look is nice but not used yet.

2. Simulinen Dinner Napkins Decorative Disposable

Simulinen Dinner Napkins Decorative Disposable

The perfect size for guests to use as a makeshift bib, a lap towel, bathroom washcloth, or as a general handkerchief, is their disposable dinner napkins, which measure 8.5 x 4-inches folded and 12 x 16.5-inches unfolded. Why are their napkins and guest towels the best? You can find product videos on their website if you type in "The SimuLinen Difference". There is resilience and absorbent. It's difficult to find a napkin that's thick enough to be enough for every meal. Your guests will wonder where you got SimuLinen's Signature Dinner Napkins, which are sturdy, absorbent and tasteless. Soft and DisposABLE: Made from the best material available on the market today. Their products are more eco-friendly than re- washing napkins. Don't you hate wearing nice clothes and putting a napkin on your lap, only to realize later that your nice clothes have napkin lint all over them? The napkins from SimuLinen are lint-free. The SimuLinen's Signature napkins are large and thick enough to fit in a cup, no matter what you're serving. The folded size is 4.25” x 9.50”

Brand: Simulinen

👤I found Simulinen on line and requested some samples. They are gorgeous! They feel real. The reviews were positive. I was considering them for an event in October and found some that were larger than the sample I was sent. I ordered them immediately because this was perfect. The gold and white will be pretty on the table. I told my sister that I had ordered them and asked if she had heard of them. She said they used them at an event. She loved them! Just great! I was very happy to get the endorsement from someone I know. It was great to get the samples and see what they were like. Very helpful!

👤Where should I start? I was surprised at how big the napkins were. Durability? We ran out of Viva paper towels in the middle of holiday dinner preparations. These new napkins are wonderful! The napkins were thick. Highly absorbent. There is a They are great for clean-up and can be washed several times. I never had a break through or tear. They are easy to clean up and re-use. There is a We'll keep a box of these around for emergencies. They're great for travel and don't take up much space.

👤I was a little weary buying this off Amazon, instead of going to a professional shop. The napkins I bought were very thick and had a beautiful design on them. I would recommend buying for any occasion. They were used for a baby shower.

👤I have used these napkins for many years. They are elegant and hold up well. They are a bit stiff because they are not cloth. When we are done, I just toss them. No washing!

👤Excellent quality, thick and beautiful! These were great for Christmas dinner. Good size, thick and durable. These are a replacement for fabric napkins. Would buy again.

👤The napkins were of excellent quality. I bought them when I saw them. I had already purchased some navy blue ones. I thought these looked amazing. They didn't let us down. I was hoping that they were more cream colored than white. I loved these! They were thick and durable.

👤Good quality napkins. Only one is required per person. It's perfect for a wedding. The gold design is very attractive. It was shipped quickly.

👤These napkins are great. I didn't feel like washing and ironing the napkins after a formal dinner party. These napkins were very good. They are pretty and practical. My girlfriends commented that they were different than cloth napkins. I think they're a good choice.

👤Good quality. It is a bit pricey.

👤No one needed a second napkin or asked for one at the dinner function.

3. Valentine Decorative Decoupage Disposable Birthday

Valentine Decorative Decoupage Disposable Birthday

The cocktail napkin size is about the same. It's a good size for you to use and decorate, lightweight, convenient to carry and store, and it's folded so it can be carried. 3 ply, 20 counts, 6.5x6 inches. The pink is creamy. The setting of your birthday, tea party, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, and anniversary will be enhanced by these disposable decorative napkins with soft creamy colored flowers. These napkins are great gifts for female friends who love beautiful things. It is great for birthday, artist's day, teacher's day, and mother's day. Want to have a small party? Yes! These floral napkins are great for a wide range of age groups from baby to senior who love soft colors. A simple yet classy look for your table setting is created by watercolor painted floral paper napkins. Most of the months, these blush floral napkins can be used. The C022208 is certified by the FSC. European quality paper is used to make these napkins.

Brand: Avever

👤It was used for decoupage. Print is beautiful.

👤I am going to use them for decaupage on a jewelry box.

👤The napkins were beautiful for the baby shower. They are very good quality and sturdy.

👤These napkins are beautiful. I will save them for the next tea party. They will be perfect.

4. Decorative Towels Disposable Linen Feel Towelettes

Decorative Towels Disposable Linen Feel Towelettes

Their coordinating 50 Count elegant 9 inch round paper plates and 50 Count 7” round dessert plates all have the same gold foil trim design. The set comes with 200 decorative paper towels, each one carefully crafted with an incredibly soft fabric material that feels just like real linen and lets you provide your guests with premium comfort and luxury. The soft material in their guest towels can be used for an entire meal without being torn or worn down. They make drying your hands easy. The Royal Gold Dinner was held. The napkins have a silver design on their lower halves. They are perfect for formal banquet, anniversary, and wedding napkins. The disposable guest towels make it easy to clean up after a party. The decorative hand towels are made from completely eco-friendly material and are disposable after use. The perfect size for guests to use as a makeshift bib, a lap towel, bathroom washcloth, or as a general handkerchief, is their disposable dinner napkins, which measure 8.5 x 4-inches folded and 12 x 16.5-inches unfolded.

Brand: Fete

👤The napkins were used for a wedding. We put the utensils on the table place setting ahead of time by placing them inside the natural enclosed fold. The utensils were covered until the guests used them. There is a A more metallic gold napkin was another choice. The gold napkin made a nice setting statement. cloth napkins were still used for presentation. There is a I like cloth napkins but appreciate a paper napkin close by.

👤This product will work in the restroom as well as the outdoor dinner napkins. We ordered a lot of them. The package said the correct color, but the item was a different color. Within two days, Amazon was replaced. The product is not too thick like some can be, but I would order again.

👤The towels are stiff and not like a fabric or a napkin. They are not soft and I would not recommend them for normal houseguests, even if they were suitable for a large gathering where comfort is less important than quantity.

👤The last order was a huge disappointment. They found these in the back of an old warehouse and they were not as soft as usual and the fold was not perfect. It was rough and ugly. There is a The stripping on the bottom was mid- colored. Very disappointed. I really liked them, but I'm reluctant to buy them again.

👤My daughter's wedding was perfect for these. The bride and groom both liked these, so we were thankful they were shipped quickly.

👤The rest of the napkin looked faded in bronze after using 5 napkins with a golden strip. This isn't something I want in my space.

👤Our bathroom has disposable hand towels. They have a nice thickness. I have bought them many times and will continue to do so.

👤The towels are very strong and are more like cloth. They can be used to clean hands. Great value!

5. Disposable Bathroom Anniversary Birthday Decorative

Disposable Bathroom Anniversary Birthday Decorative

They offer plenty of paper hand towels for bathroom and dining room use. The napkin is folded in half and is 8 inches in diameter. The unfolded size is 17 inches. 55gsm is the weight. Gift Boutique metallic gold foil trim guest napkins feature gold foil on white. The napkins will impress your guests. It's ideal for dinner table placement, office, party decor, powder room, bathroom, kitchen counter top and guest bathroom. 50th anniversary parties, tea gatherings, and wine tasting are perfect for gatherings and special events. Flawless napkins for wedding reception, engagement and graduation parties, fancy restaurants, holidays, and more! Treat your guests well and give them all the attention they deserve. The quality is high. High quality thick paper is used to make napkins that are soft and absorbent. When folded, it is 7.5” x 4.25” and 12” x 12” These napkins are great for parties. If you want to make sure you have enough for everyone at your party, you should stock up on gold lined napkins. You can enjoy more time with friends and family if you use disposable paper. Their coordinating 50 Count elegant 9 inch round paper plates and 50 Count 7” round dessert plates all have the same gold foil trim design.

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤The napkin was soft. It had a lot of weight that prevented it from blowing away. I would buy this product again.

👤I bought some items for my wedding. For the price, napkins are a good buy. I thought it was more flimsy. They look great. The gold trim has a special touch.

👤The boxes were not damaged when they were pack. The M LK banquet January 4 was able to save some of the damage. I expected a table card holder.

👤These are good value. It was very thick and absorbent.

👤The napkins are beautiful. The color on them was great. They were used for a wedding.

👤They were very nice and used for a party.

👤I used these for our Christmas dinner and they were absorbent and great looking. Will use it again for other holidays.

👤The napkins have the right amount of gold. The gold was not too yellow and it looked very nice.

6. Disposable Absorbent Linen Feel Decorative Bathroom

Disposable Absorbent Linen Feel Decorative Bathroom

Save time and money by buying this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 150 napkins, to ensure you have enough for your upcoming birthday party. PREMIUM QUALITY HAND TOWELS Their beautiful white and rose gold floral napkins are disposable so no clean up is needed, and they look and feel like linen. Quality Fancy Paper Napkins are soft and absorbent. It is possible to dry your hands completely in one shot. Experience a more delicate yet durable use. Extra absorbency and storage can be achieved with a tri-fold. It is more pleasing to the eye when the entire length of each side is covered by the floral napkins and rose gold trim. 200 napkins are included in each box. When unfolded, the towel measures 17” x 17” and 4.5” when folded. The towel holder tray has a perfect size. It's great for any circumstance. Every time, single-use ensures sanitary conditions. They are perfect for any fancy occasions and formal events such as anniversaries, wine tastings, graduations, tea gatherings, bridal showers, engagement and wedding reception, birthday or holiday parties and more! They value their customers and your shopping experience is very important to them. If there is a problem with your purchase, please contact them, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Focusline

👤It feels like hotel quality towels. It was not soft enough. I washed my hands and they were dry. I didn't have to grab a 2nd. I usually buy the bar hand towels over the Kleenex, but I couldn't find them in the store or online. I thought they were a little more expensive than Kleenex, but I think you pay for what you get.

👤I used to remove the hand towel and replace it with a roll of paper towel whenever someone came to the house. I wanted something a little nicer after the party. I thought I'd try them. I enjoy high quality. I'm used to paying a bit more to get it, so when I find something that is great quality for less, I'm thrilled! These are great quality for less money. There is a These feel very expensive and are very thick. I would use them for anything from a fancy event to what I use them for, when friends come to visit, I don't want them sharing a towel. Buy with confidence. Once I run out, I will buy again.

👤I've ordered these many times and will order again. They are a better value than the paper hand towels in most stores. A package of 20 can cost a lot in most retail outlets. You will have a supply on hand for months if you have 200 for home use. I usually use these paper hand towels when I buy other paper hand towels for the holidays. I like the fact that the graphics are subtle and can be used in any décor or color scheme.

👤Justo lo, son perfectas. Las sper recomiendo, tienes unas speres.

👤The napkins are rough and can't be used by the family. Do not use it for humans. Someone at the manufacturer asked, "How can we make a napkin product that looks good but is terrible to touch?"

👤These are disposable towels. They are strong and thick. We are very happy with them.

👤I use these in the bathroom. I was tired of paying a lot of money for very few things. The price for these 200 is great and they will last a long time. The design is plain and useful in any decor and they are better quality than the ones in the market. A good purchase. I can double use these for dinner napkins when I have guests.

👤The disposable guest towels are absorbent. I've bought them a few times for my bathroom at home, and for my own use in the bathroom at the office. One can shut off the sink, use another area to dry my hands, and then wipe down the sink and open the door with them. They look better on the shelf than on the wall. There is a I don't use them all the time, but they are a bit stiff. They do the job, they're pretty, and they mean that my guests don't have to share a towel. I'll buy them past the time of the outbreak.

7. 100 Pack Dinner Decorative Napkins

100 Pack Dinner Decorative Napkins

Add this napkin set to your floral party supplies for an upcoming graduation party, kids birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, weddings, or family gatherings. Protect your face. Keep your tables clean and stain-free from spilled food, milk, juice, or soda; they are absorbent and soft to ensure a comfortable dining experience. At a value price, quality Naples. The paper napkin is made from 2-ply to ensure it doesn't tear. DIMENSIONS The napkins are folded and 13 x 13 inches are unfolded. Save time and money by buying this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 100 napkins, to ensure you have enough for your upcoming anniversary or birthday party.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤Buyers, be careful! These are pretty and I can use them, but they are not foil gold, not a bit shiny, and the color is more a taupe/army green, in my opinion. If you want true gold, avoid these. You will enjoy if gold is not your main issue. I try to buy something with a Plan B in mind if the product is disappointing. I can use them. It's not possible to make photos look brighter than they are in reality.

👤I bought these napkins to match the cups and plates. The product is called "B004Y6GA9Q" and it is available on the website. They look nice with plain or fancy china. If you are a die-hard clothe napkin user, this is a great alternative.

👤These are perfect for our needs. They are not as heavy as the 3 ply napkins, so they may fit better in heavier meals. We are having a beautiful and perfect breakfast.

👤Do their job but at a cost of less than a dollar per napkin as opposed to a cost of more than a dollar per napkin for others is ridiculous. I would not have bought it.

👤The napkins are great for decoration. I used these for a bridal shower and they were still functional.

👤Excellent design. It was perfect for our use. The design is printed on paper. Not raised.

👤I loved these. We matched our decor perfectly.

👤Love it. It looked great when I ordered it for my pre wedding party.

👤It was well packed and presented. I was looking for a bright colour.

👤It was just as expected. quick delivery. Excellent quality.

8. Bathroom Disposable,Disposable Kitchen Wedding Napkins

Bathroom Disposable%EF%BC%8CDisposable Kitchen Wedding Napkins

The customer's shopping experience is important to them. If you have a question about the purchase of hand towels, please contact them. 200 packs of disposable hand towels and paper guest towels are made of a soft material that feels like real linen and are very comfortable. Disposable and more convenient. If you want to throw away paper guest towels, use linen-like guest towels, which are disposable and can be thrown away. The paper hand towels for bathroom can achieve super absorbency, can dry your hands, and are not easy to break. You can buy enough disposable hand towels for the bathroom for your use at a lower price, with a high-value cost, atmospheric and elegant linen feel disposable guest towels, will not be easily damaged and will not break when exposed to water. After-sale service. If their disposable hand towels don't meet your standards, just contact them for a replacement or a full refund, their team is committed to your complete satisfaction.

Brand: Litopak

👤We ordered these for use in a bathroom. They are a great alternative to hand towels. It's better to know that you're drying your hands with something that hasn't been used before. The utensil caddy was an alternative to a holder. These are not as good as the ones you would find at the 4 Seasons, but they are better than the ones you would find at a local diner. The price was reasonable and the shipping was fast.

👤I have a guest bathroom. After washing your hands, one is all you need.

👤I used this product when I had a large party and wanted to throw away the hand towels. They were heavy and thick for that, but using them at the party table was wonderful and would buy this product again.

👤I fell in love with this product. It looks and feels rich and it complemented my Christmas Greek theme very well. I put some in my bathroom and it looks very royal.

👤They can be used in the bathroom or at the table. Fantastic for both! They look classy.

👤First purchase. It was bought for Christmas Eve. Instead of using a cloth towel, people should wipe their hands on the towel. I thought it was repulsive. I will use them all the time for my parties. Excellent purchase.

👤They are beautiful and send a message to those who don't wash their hands.

👤I love these for my bathroom. It's better to use a towel than it is to add a nice touch. They are a little rough but thick and absorb well.

9. 100 Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

100 Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

Add this napkin set to your floral party supplies for an upcoming graduation party, kids birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, weddings, or family gatherings. The napkins are absorbent and soft to ensure a comfortable dining experience and keep your tables clean and stain-free from spilled food, milk, juice, or soda. Quality napkin at a good price. The paper napkin is made from 2-ply to ensure it doesn't tear. The perfect size is the luncheon napkin, which measures 6.5 x 6.5 inches folded and 13 inches unfolded. Save time and money with this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 100 napkins, to ensure you have enough for your upcoming celebration.

Brand: Juvale

👤Is there a amante de las margaritas? I resistir a comprarlas. He dejado solo para manualidades. Hermosas han. No porque, hecho, por la belleza de las margaritas.

👤The napkins added a touch of Bee to our décor. The colors are vibrant and the size is perfect. Sturdy enough to eat. If you purchase these, you won't be sorry.

👤The price is reasonable and the napkins are cheerful. They are probably one-ply. I would probably not order again, but I like the daisy print and feel happy when I set the table.

👤The napkins are thick and absorb well. They are beautiful. Plan on ordering more.

👤They turned out well when used for drink coasters.

👤The napkins are beautiful. Give them a go if it's daises you want.

👤I love these napkins. Great quality and pretty. I have ordered more.

👤A daisy napkin is hard to find. These are pretty and received a lot of praise. Going for decor instead of practicality. These were perfect.

👤I bought these for use at the Easter coffee and cake morning. There is a free event. We needed some napkins for sticky fingers but also something bright and cheerful to reflect the Easter theme and these were perfect. There is a They are only 2 ply but they are perfect for the job. They came at a good price for the 100. The white daisies on the green foliage are very pretty in the spring. My 5* marking was due to these serviettes tick all the boxes for my requirements. Recommended.

👤Good value will buy again.

👤The size is great. Very soft. A pretty pattern.

👤I didn't know that the postage was almost the same as the 100 napkins when I ordered them.

👤The quality is not the best but not the worst. They are pretty and I would expect that for the money.

10. Simulinen Dinner Napkins Disposable Cloth Like

Simulinen Dinner Napkins Disposable Cloth Like

Do you want to touch and see before buying? They know how important it is to get the right color and to know the quality before making a purchase, so they offer up to three free samples. They will send you samples if you send them your name and mailing address. SimuLinen's Signature Colored Napkin line has many of thetrendiest wedding colors and are sure to match any baby shower or wedding shower theme. Find the perfect color for your wedding reception. The elegant addition of their napkins will make your table settings even better. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and Forth of July are all included. It's tacky and absorbent. Their napkins are soft, absorbent and leak-free. They are perfect for any event. Their dinner napkins are made from high quality material. Your guests will be impressed. It's perfect for any purpose. Guests should only need one napkin, no matter what you're serving, because SimuLinen's Color napkins are large and thick. The folded size is 8 x 4. SimuLinen has the best quality and recycling available on the market. They use only the best raw materials. At SimuLinen, they care about the environment and only make products that can be recycled.

Brand: Simulinen

👤These napkins are really nice. My friends wedding was a nice touch from them. I have used SimuLinen napkins at two events and have people asking if they need to save them because they aren't sure if they are disposable or not. I have not had a problem with the colors bleeding on a white tablecloth. The silver are pre-folded and not a full 16x16", they are a tad smaller and a tad more rectangular. I had previously purchased red napkins and I was expecting them to be flat as well. If you look further down in the description, you can see that it says pre-folded, but that isn't clear on the box that is pictured. I didn't read very far. I was able to change the design even though it was pre-folding.

👤I bought these napkins because my husband doesn't like to use cloth and I like to do better than plain old paper napkins. These napkins do their job. They are thick and sturdy, and you can fold them into a presentation like you would with cloth. These are the napkins my favorite restaurant uses. If you only use 4 at a time for company, the box should last a while, and my guests are worth $.50/a piece. I keep a napkin holder filled with regular napkins on the table for napkin-intense meals. People get one of these per meal, and any additional napkin needs are met with the regular ones.

👤This napkin is wonderful. They were used for a wedding dinner. They are large. They are ready to set the table. This isn't a typical napkin. It has a soft texture, but it's strong. I need a colored napkin that was pre-folded. Vanity Fair is better than the SimuLinen napkins. Luxurious isn't an overstatement. I ordered more for myself to use because I liked them so much.

👤The napkins look the same as shown in the pictures, and the color is red and not burgundy. The texture of cloth napkins is very dry. I think it's because the napkins are paper. They have a good size and are great for sloppy dinners or bites because it is a big absorbent napkin. They feel a bit harsh when wiping their lips. The napkins are very nice and look real. You don't have to wash them, take out stains or iron them. The solution was perfect. My Martha Stewart like guests were impressed by the paper napkin.

👤These are nice for the price. I bought a pack for my wedding in light pink to see if we liked it enough to buy another pack. It is hard to fold a napkin without seeing the original crease, so I wish they weren't prefolded as small as they are. The silverware will be rolled to make sure we don't see the creases. I am very pleased with how they look and feel and will definitely be ordering another box. If we rented real cloth napkins from our local wedding rental shop, it would be 0.65/napkin and we would have to return all of them. I don't want to have to make sure 75 napkins are returned to the shop. If you're trying to decide if you should buy or rent real cloth dinner napkins, just go with these.

11. Ideal Home Range Luncheon Elizabethan

Ideal Home Range Luncheon Elizabethan

The napkin is 8.25 inches wide and 12.75 inches deep. There is a package of luncheon napkins. The pattern is Elizabethan Garden Cream. Sturdy yet soft towels. The folded size is 6.5 x 6.5 inches.

Brand: Ideal Home Range

👤This was purchased for a reception. I liked the dark colors. They are the same price as any other pretty napkins and I used plain plates and cups to dress things up. I put them with dark violet and lavender napkins. The quality of these napkins and the fact that they did not bleed when used, was really nice.

👤I like these. There are gorgeous colors and designs. It was a huge success using them. I would order again from this seller.

👤A unique design. There is a The paper is very good, the printing is good, and the color is perfect. No flaw. I really like the details.

👤Beautiful! These were great for my bridal party and even went with the bride's chosen colors.

👤Very pretty. A basket is being decoupaged.

👤I needed napkins for a Garden Club event and this was the only place I could find them.

👤I used them for an Easter event. They were colorful and elegant. Thank you.


What is the best product for decorative napkins paper cream?

Decorative napkins paper cream products from Juvale. In this article about decorative napkins paper cream you can see why people choose the product. Simulinen and Avever are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative napkins paper cream.

What are the best brands for decorative napkins paper cream?

Juvale, Simulinen and Avever are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative napkins paper cream. Find the detail in this article. Fete, Gift Boutique and Focusline are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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