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1. Colored Napkins Shabby Wedding Hibiscus

Colored Napkins Shabby Wedding Hibiscus

The folded size is 13 x 13 inch unfolded bandana. A 20-count package of sturdy, 2-ply luncheon napkins. 2 ply tissue is printed with non toxic ink. Group together with plates and trays for a perfect party accent. It's perfect for dinner parties, graduation parties or everyday entertaining.

Brand: Zelten

👤The image quality is very low and the flowers look blurry, because of the dots around the main images. The main image used by this seller is a high resolution image. I hope I can still use it for paper crafts. It's probably not worth the hassle to come back. Will not buy from this seller again if all of their similar items are low resolution compared to the bright and crisp images on their website. I feel a little deceived.

👤The napkins were ok but they were a tad disappointing in their colors and background. I was happy to have found something that was close to what we needed.

👤The napkins are perfect for the party. It's perfect for an older girl's party.

👤The images on the napkins are not the same as the one on the site. It's complete waste of money. I would leave a zero star review if I could.

👤It's used for decoupage. It worked well.

👤I haven't used them yet but they are larger than I expected and the colors are amazing.

👤These napkins are decorative. I needed a napkin with a plant theme.

👤These napkins are beautiful. They are in a book that has been altered.

👤It was very cheap and not worth it.

👤It is beautiful. No complaints at all.

2. Boston International C026500 Cocktail Succulents

Boston International C026500 Cocktail Succulents

The paper napkin measures 6. The package is 6. 52" x 6. " d x 0. Shrink wrap with sticker packaging. A set of 30. Paper napkins are included. The package is 6.0 inches in length. The package width is 6.0 inches. The package is 2.0 inches high.

Brand: Boston International

👤These napkins are great. So cute. The colors are bright. I thought they would be a little bigger but they are true to size so just measure that out. When I bring them out, they always compliment me.

👤They look great and draw attention to themselves.

👤The print is nice and the luncheon theme was perfect.

👤It arrived as expected. The colors are vibrant.

👤The design is very good.

👤The napkins were a great alternative to bathroom hand towels for my daughter's bridal shower.

👤Quality color, not soft. Exactly what I needed.

👤I use these for dinner napkins. I don't think I would use them as towels in the bathroom, they are nice as napkins. I like a cloth towel in the bathroom.

3. Cocktail Decorative Disposable Weddings Birthdays

Cocktail Decorative Disposable Weddings Birthdays

You can enjoy more time with friends and family if you use disposable paper. It's ideal for dinner table placement, office, party decor, powder room, bathroom, kitchen counter top and guest bathroom. Their napkins feature a classy design with the most beautiful, high quality floral prints you will ever see. The napkins are 5” x 5” and perfect for wiping and cleaning up. They are absorbent, making them the perfect napkins for wrapping a cold beverage. Their decorative napkins are made to endure tough use and don't tear easily when used for wiping spilled drinks or holding dry food. TILE DESIGNS FOR OCCASIONS Their floral prints are appropriate for weddings, birthdays, engagements, bridal and baby showers, and Christmas parties. Cloth napkins can clean up a mess, but not everyone has the time to wash, dry, and store them. Their napkins are made from sustainable resources. You can throw them in the trash after eating or cleaning up.

Brand: Sweetzer & Orange

👤I bought the napkins first. For July, the colors were perfect. I ordered a larger package and jumped on it. The smaller cocktail napkins were in the box. Bummer! The luncheon napkins should be in a larger package. The price was great for how pretty they are.

👤They are attractive, absorbent, and cheap compared to buying them in a store. These napkins are very good. I've had cocktail napkins that were expensive and not absorbent. These are the best things I've ever bought.

👤We bought these for our beverage table. The colors were perfect for our theme. Fast delivery, good quality. Will buy them again in the future.

👤These napkins are just the right size for snacking or drinks, and they always make me smile.

👤I love them! The layers were easy to peel. It turned out great.

👤The design is on all 4 sides. The price is great. I use them for church events. Very happy.

👤These napkins are adorable. It was almost cuter in person. I haven't opened them yet. They will be great for cake napkins at my wedding.

👤The perfect print on these napkins was what I liked the most.

👤There are pretty flower themed napkins. Good price. I expected a bigger size but it is a bit smaller.

👤I don't know how to rate a napkin, it's just tissue paper.

👤Not dinner napkins! More like a napkin. They were too small to be dinner napkins.

👤The pattern and size of the cocktail napkin is very thin, but I like it.

4. ClassicPoint Dinner Napkins Bistro Stripe

ClassicPoint Dinner Napkins Bistro Stripe

The napkins are 12 x 10. There is resilience and absorbent. It's difficult to find a napkin that's thick enough to be enough for every meal. Your guests will wonder where you got the ClassicPoint Ultra-Premium Napkins. Soft and disposable, they are much less harmful to the environment than re- washing cloth-linen napkins. Being disposable makes cleaning up after dinner very difficult. Don't you hate wearing nice clothes and putting a napkin on your lap, only to realize later that your nice clothes have napkin lint all over them? The napkins are lint-free. The ClassicPoint Ultra-Premium napkins come in a specially designed package to aid in keeping the dinner napkins always looking their best and to allow for easy storage. The ClassicPoint UltraPly is a very large and very useful size. Dinner napkins have a folded size of 8 x 4.

Brand: Simulinen

👤The Napkins brand is no longer available. I was surprised that they felt like a thick paper towel. I realized how well they work after using a few minutes. They are absorbent, don't tear after a few handlings, and look good. If you have a family like mine that is sloppy and slurrpy, I recommend you to do that.

👤I expected something similar to what I used to buy at the store. This product is not pseudo linen and looks like a paper product.

👤I don't like these napkins because they feel like soft cardboard.

👤It looks good and does the job.

👤These napkins have good thickness. The napkins are simple and pretty. I received many nice comments.

👤These napkins are more like a paper towel than the napkins that shred on the first use.

👤It worked well for my occasion.

👤It feels and looks great for even more formal events. No need to wash.

5. Disposable Colorful Bathroom Anniversary Decorative

Disposable Colorful Bathroom Anniversary Decorative

The gift boutique set of 100 birds guest napkins features birds perched on branches with pink flowers on a beige background. The napkins will impress your guests. The folded measurement is 7.5" x 4.25" and the unfolded measurement is 15" x 12.75". 50th anniversary parties, baby showers, tea gatherings, picnics, camping trips, BBQ and wine tasting are perfect for gathering and special events. Flawless napkins for wedding reception, engagement and graduation parties, fancy restaurants, holidays, and more! Treat your guests well and give them all the attention they deserve. The quality is high. The thick paper used to make the napkins is of the highest quality. Dry your hands quickly with the soft and absorbent napkin. These napkins are great for bird themed parties. Your guests will love the cute and pretty design of the birds party napkins. If you want to make sure you have enough for everyone at your party, you should stock up on these bird napkins. Dinner can be served to guests in a variety of ways. It's ideal for dinner table placement, office, party decor, powder room, bathroom, kitchen counter top and guest bathroom. You can enjoy more time with friends and family at this party if you use disposable paper. After the party, collect the garbage and throw it in the trash can. It's good! Cleanup done!

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤I was looking for guest towels when I stumbled across these birds. There is a framed antique Audubon bird prints in that bath. The towels add a finishing touch. I was very excited to find them. If I could only get my guests to leave the bathroom.

👤It was pretty and absorbent. Not flimsy at all. When I run out, I will buy more.

👤I like this design. The guest bathroom has been added for summer. None of these are soft, but they are well made.

👤This is a lot of hand towels. Go for it! They have a cheerful vibe that will work all year long.

👤The design is printed. The size is described. It feels like a thin dinner napkin, but one will adequately dry your hands. Economical.

👤I wanted to make my guests feel safe during these troubled times by placing these in my guest bathroom.

👤The napkins were packaged well and arrived in a good amount of time. They are heavy enough to last through many uses. I would buy it again.

👤The napkins worked great for what I needed.

6. LASLU Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

LASLU Pack Decorative Dinner Napkins

Enough for parties, 100 highly absorbent 2-ply printed napkins made from paper. The folded size is 13 x 13 inches. Vinateg Design is perfect for dinner, graduation parties,decoupage and everyday entertaining. Group together with shabby chic plates and trays for a perfect party accent. Look to the design works for luxurious, all-natural bath and body products and beautiful home and stationery items.

Brand: Laslu

👤The corona part of our socially distant outdoor dinner party is celebrated with these. It's fun to see if guests can figure out why we got them. Good quality.

👤I had to refold the napkins because the sunflowers were inside.

👤The napkins have a lemon color. They aren't even close to yellow. The napkins say Lemon Lime.

👤The napkins are pretty. They are soft.

👤These napkins were very disappointing. The lemons were orange when they arrived. My daughters bridal shower is lemon themed and they look more like oranges than lemons. Will send them back.

7. Tiger Chef Paper Napkins Bulk

Tiger Chef Paper Napkins Bulk

It's perfect for multi-functional use, and it's folded when it's not needed. The napkins are 12 x 10.

Brand: Tiger Chef

👤This is the biggest scam. Garbage napkins are 14.98 for a set. Don't buy from this seller! The napkins are similar to the ones you can buy at the dollar store.

👤These small pieces of paper are not napkins. Without being absorbent, it is extremely thin. A waste of money and trees.

👤Not as described or as expected. The package of white napkins is over priced.

👤The product is nothing more than toilet paper. The edges of the napkins are damaged. Don't buy this product.

👤Terrible product. Touch it to your lips and it will tear right away. The scam is based on the virus. Cheap is very dear. There is no way to rate minus two stars.

👤The product description was not misleading. The price was attractive because the napkins arrived. Standard sized table napkins are larger. If you need to use them frequently and your mouth is small, they work well.

👤The napkins were too small and fell apart very quickly.

8. Decorative Towels Silver Disposable Linen Feel

Decorative Towels Silver Disposable Linen Feel

SimuLinen has the best quality and recycling available on the market. They use only the best raw materials. At SimuLinen, they care about the environment and only make products that can be recycled. The set comes with 200 decorative paper towels, each one carefully crafted with an incredibly soft fabric material that feels just like real linen and lets you provide your guests with premium comfort and luxury. The soft material in their guest towels can be used for an entire meal without being torn or worn down. They make drying your hands easy. The dinner was held in the Royal Silver Ballroom. The napkins have a silver design on their lower halves. They are perfect for formal banquet, anniversary, and wedding napkins. The disposable guest towels make it easy to clean up after a party. The decorative hand towels are made from completely eco-friendly material and are disposable after use. The perfect size for guests to use as a makeshift bib, a lap towel, bathroom washcloth, or as a general handkerchief, is their disposable dinner napkins, which measure 8.5 x 4-inches folded and 12 x 16.5-inches unfolded.

Brand: Fete

👤We bought these for our family to use during a 4th of July vacation. Birthday guests were able to have fresh towels for each hand wash with these paper guest towels. Our oldest daughter found that they were so absorbent that we could cut them in half for our family vacation, making them even more economical. I will use them for everyday use now that we're back home, because they are perfect for limiting cross-contamination. I'll order again.

👤It is very absorbent and durable. The display for guests was good. It is difficult to grab with wet fingers. It's perfect for turning off the faucet and wiping up splashes.

👤I haven't used them yet. I know from setting them out that they aren't as soft as I got from a different store. They are pretty and should work well. Not quite as soft.

👤The towels arrived quickly. They are absorbent, durable and nice. I have purchased through Amazon and it is less expensive and better quality than those I have purchased from Home Goods, Marshall's and TJMaxx.

👤We needed a way for everyone to stay away from each other at the baby shower. I bought the hand towels to make sure no one else touched anything. They look great with our green/silver theme. They are very soft. I haven't used them yet. The delivery was very quick and the service was great. They will do the job well.

👤The towel is too long for a napkin holder. It doesn't lay flat. The first 20 towels were fine, but the rest have a black streak. It was flawed. I should have been told I was buying a defect. They are cheaper in price.

👤This product is absorbent. All my guests wanted to know where I got them. They were much larger than my Prime Rib Dinner. The talk of the evening was the hand towels. I recommend this product very much. I suggest stocking them up.

👤The hand towels keep everyone happy when friends or co-workers use the bathroom. In a private home where cloth guest towels are usually used, having an alternative gives guests and home owners another level of safety and protection. If people have to use the bathroom, having single use paper towels to dry hands is a great idea.

👤The gold color was not what was expected. Happy that my order arrived on time.

9. 100 Pack Decorative Napkins Disposable Celebration

100 Pack Decorative Napkins Disposable Celebration

Add this napkin set to your floral party supplies for an upcoming graduation party, kids birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, wedding, or family gathering. Protect your face. Keep your tables clean and stain-free from spilled food, milk, juice, or soda; they are absorbent and soft to ensure a comfortable dining experience. At a value price, quality Naples. The paper napkin is made from 2-ply to ensure it doesn't tear. DIMENSIONS The napkins are folded and 13 x 13 inches are unfolded. Save time and money by buying this bulk napkin pack, which includes a total of 100 napkins, to ensure you have enough for your upcoming barbeque, family gathering, or birthday party.

Brand: Juvale

👤I intend on using this in crafting, so I haven't tried them yet. They are pretty and have deep rich colors. It's hard to think of using them as regular napkins.

👤They work well for decoupage. Very pretty! Good enough to use as table napkins.

👤These napkins are very sweet. They are very fashionable and durable. Supplies last so get yours now. I used it for both crafts and their original purpose. More of them were in the package than I thought. That was a pleasant surprise.

👤These are not soft. They are not two ply. The print is not sharp. They are not described by the seller.

👤It was used for a birthday party. Excellent quality and pretty colors arrived quickly. Would buy again if needed.

👤I don't like them because they are not as pretty as they look on the internet. They are going back.

👤My guests knew it was a special occasion when I used these.

👤I love the design of the napkins. The price was fair.

👤They look pretty but have a coating on them which means you wipe the mess around more than it is absorbed. I don't think you could use a wipe on the table because you have to rub your face several times.

👤Excellent value for money. Everyone commented on how pretty they were.

👤Good value, nice to use, attractive design.

10. Elrene Fashions Everyday Assorted Napkins

Elrene Fashions Everyday Assorted Napkins

The casual cloth napkins add class to any dinner or event. The napkins are 17 x 17 and come in a set of 24. The style of untamed hair is called terrier ponytail. Their napkin designs feature 4 unique patterns with 6 napkins. It is a great variety to mix and match with place mats. The napkin is made of 100% cotton and is durable enough for everyday use. It has a delicately hemmed edge that makes it look elegant. It's easy and reusable. Their napkins are machine-washable, so they are more than possible to reuse. They can be used indoors or outdoors without fear of stains. There are four generations of quality and fashion. Since 1922, Elrene Home Fashions has designed and produced high-quality home decor. They create looks and designs for your home.

Brand: Elrene Home Fashions

👤We use them multiple times a day. They helped us cut down on paper towel use. They don't shrink in the wash, but do get a bit wrinkly, but come on and use them to wipe food off your face so no big deal. I'm not going to iron them. The patterns are nice. We have gotten feedback from guests. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The quality and material are not symmetrical. I don't like folding them. They are great, except for that.

👤These are simply gorgeous. I am glad I took a risk with no reviews. The quality and price are great. Cotton is made in India. The table is tied together perfectly by the patterns. I don't have any doubts about the quality of the material, I haven't washed them yet. I have never seen anything like it in store. The shipping was fast and as described.

👤The material has a great pattern, color and feel. Quality check must have been off when these were made. Some of the napkins were two inches out of square. I am not overly particular and a bit odd, but I can not fold these things properly.

👤When I received the package, I loved them. I washed and dried them after using them. They came out of the dryer very quickly. They would be used for a single event. I didn't get to use them before the deadline so I will write them off as a loss.

👤For the price, I am ok donating the ones I don't care for. I got my neighbor a set for Christmas because she loved them so much. There is a If you want them to be perfectly flat, you need to iron them on the corners, but they have withstood the washer and dryer. There is a Check the size and be sure you want it. They aren't super soft, just in case you're particular about that. They feel like a towel.

👤It was a disappointment. I bought these for a party I am having soon and have no time to return and get something else, but I think it is my duty to inform other buyers. I discovered that they are 17x 15 and it's difficult to make rolled place settings. If that is your goal, look elsewhere. They are great if you don't have to have square. The material irons well.

👤I thought these were great for my family to transition from paper napkins to cloth. I only wanted to wash them once a week, so I knew I wanted a lot of cotton ones. I didn't care if they were square. We eat a lot of red sauce type dishes and I'm not good at spraying the stains before washing them. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I hope my daughter will too. It is 12th wedding anniversary silk/linen so 2 dozen napkins for entertaining will be useful as well as attractive and more environment friendly than paper napkins.

👤They are not too big and not too small, that's the best part. The cotton is very thick and absorbent. This is not common. The back of the pattern is plain and only printed on one side. They are a pleasure to use and wash nicely. Highly recommended.

11. CHEF Disposable Absorbent Line Feel Decorative

CHEF Disposable Absorbent Line Feel Decorative

The perfect size for guests to use as a makeshift bib, a lap towel, bathroom washcloth, or as a general handkerchief, is their disposable dinner napkins, which measure 8.5 x 4-inches folded and 12 x 16.5-inches unfolded. The disposable decoretive napkin are printed with a delicate gold pattern, which shows your fashion sense, after the unfolding, a side of the print is displayed in front of the eyes, which is more delicate than the ordinary one. Add sophiscation to any formal event. Premium Softness and Highly Absorbent: Thicker and softer than standard paper towels, these linen-feel paper hand towels provide greater absorbency and won't fall apart, dry your hands completely in one shot! Experience a more delicate yet durable use. Their bathroom towel is disposable and safe. When the disposable guest towels piece is unfolded, it has a 1/6-fold design for compact storage and extra absorbency. A pack of 100. Compliment any setting with their disposable hand towels, use for drying hands, and other general-purpose drying applications. The guest hand towels are an excellent hostess gift. They value their customers and your shopping experience is very important to them. They will give you a satisfactory response within 24 hours if you contact them if their disposable napkins don't meet your standards.

Brand: Jolly Chef

👤I wanted something disposable for the party. I was looking for a thick and soft material. They were the same quality as a high end restaurant or hotel. The gold design was beautiful.

👤I have never bought disposable hand towels in the powder room. I went looking because of the need for a small wedding reception for my daughter. These worked well and fit the bill. I have bunches left over for the next party. They could be used as napkins.

👤They were not top of the line in terms of quality, but they fit my needs and I like them. A crew was in the house. I let them use my bathroom, but left the towels out. They were perfect for that. It's nicer than a roll of paper towels. There is a There were no complaints from me. I've been thinking about buying more.

👤The product was very good. I was impressed. Very absorbent. I've used others.

👤Great product. Good price. The next day, it was received.

👤These hand towels are very absorbent and will dry your hands well. Sometimes you need a second or third hand towel. Not with these, but the. They should be at more than 15 cents each. I keep a stack in my bathroom for these times.

👤These towels are gorgeous. I use them as guest towels in my bathroom. The look is elegant and absorbent. The price was great. I will buy again.

👤I rely on reviews when buying things. I can definitely recommend this product. The napkins were thick, looked good, and had a good quality. Will definitely buy again.


What is the best product for decorative napkins paper everyday?

Decorative napkins paper everyday products from Zelten. In this article about decorative napkins paper everyday you can see why people choose the product. Boston International and Sweetzer & Orange are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative napkins paper everyday.

What are the best brands for decorative napkins paper everyday?

Zelten, Boston International and Sweetzer & Orange are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative napkins paper everyday. Find the detail in this article. Simulinen, Gift Boutique and Laslu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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