Best Decorative Napkins Paper for Decoupage

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1. Disposable Colorful Bathroom Anniversary Decorative

Disposable Colorful Bathroom Anniversary Decorative

The gift boutique set of 100 birds guest napkins features birds perched on branches with pink flowers on a beige background. The napkins will impress your guests. The folded measurement is 7.5" x 4.25" and the unfolded measurement is 15" x 12.75". 50th anniversary parties, baby showers, tea gatherings, picnics, camping trips, BBQ and wine tasting are perfect for gathering and special events. Flawless napkins for wedding reception, engagement and graduation parties, fancy restaurants, holidays, and more! Treat your guests well and give them all the attention they deserve. The quality is high. The thick paper used to make the napkins is of the highest quality. Dry your hands quickly with the soft and absorbent napkin. These napkins are great for bird themed parties. Your guests will love the cute and pretty design of the birds party napkins. If you want to make sure you have enough for everyone at your party, you should stock up on these bird napkins. Dinner can be served to guests in a variety of ways. It's ideal for dinner table placement, office, party decor, powder room, bathroom, kitchen counter top and guest bathroom. You can enjoy more time with friends and family at this party if you use disposable paper. After the party, collect the garbage and throw it in the trash can. It's good! Cleanup done!

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤I was looking for guest towels when I stumbled across these birds. There is a framed antique Audubon bird prints in that bath. The towels add a finishing touch. I was very excited to find them. If I could only get my guests to leave the bathroom.

👤It was pretty and absorbent. Not flimsy at all. When I run out, I will buy more.

👤I like this design. The guest bathroom has been added for summer. None of these are soft, but they are well made.

👤This is a lot of hand towels. Go for it! They have a cheerful vibe that will work all year long.

👤The design is printed. The size is described. It feels like a thin dinner napkin, but one will adequately dry your hands. Economical.

👤I wanted to make my guests feel safe during these troubled times by placing these in my guest bathroom.

👤The napkins were packaged well and arrived in a good amount of time. They are heavy enough to last through many uses. I would buy it again.

👤The napkins worked great for what I needed.

2. AVEVER Napkins Decoupage Decorative 13313890

AVEVER Napkins Decoupage Decorative 13313890

Combine solid plates and coordinating IHR napkins from Boston International to make entertaining easy when celebrating Easter, birthdays, Mother's Day, bridal showers, luncheons and everyday dining. There are 20 counts of 3ply 6.5 x 6.5 inches folded or 13 x 13 inches unfolded. The European napkins have a script that says "Love of my life." This napkin is great for a fancy party for two people or a large group of friends. It's great for a tea party, Mother's Day, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, and more. There is a lovely Heart at the corner. A multi-purpose napkin is a popular gift item for male and female teachers. It's appropriate for a wide range of age groups. It looks lovely. The napkins with flowers are a great look for the table. A pack of these can be added to a gift basket. Great as cupcake liner, drawer liner, gift box lining, small gift wrap, and other art projects. They are safe and eco friendly. The napkins are made in the Netherlands.

Brand: Avever

👤The napkins are more attractive than the picture shows. The print is lovely. There is a It took me an hour to make a decision.

👤The product is shown. Great transaction.

3. Christmas Disposable Cocktail Decorative Supplies

Christmas Disposable Cocktail Decorative Supplies

Look to the design works for luxurious, all-natural bath and body products and beautiful home and stationery items. Enough quantity can satisfy your daily life or party using and decorative needs, come with 80 pieces Christmas napkins in 4 styles. These dinner napkins are printed with Christmas patterns, such as snowmen, Santa Claus and more, and are designed to compliment many tables, full of Christmas atmosphere and bring fun for you. These napkins can be folded into various shapes, add a touch of beauty to your space, and are nice for Christmas party, cocktail evenings, picnic, buffets, family gathering, celebration and so on. The napkin is thick and durable, which means it's not easy to be torn, soft and comfortable to touch, and bring you good wiping experience. The cocktail napkin size is about the same. It's a good size for you to use and decorate, lightweight, convenient to carry and store, and it's folded so it can be carried.

Brand: Outus

👤They are luncheon napkins, but they were listed as cocktail napkins. The quality is good, but they are not what I wanted. I should have read the size description and not the headline. I didn't return them because I will use them anyway, but my fault is that I didn't read further.

👤I like the variety of designs in the package.

👤I colori accesi e vivaci come in foto, sono molto belli. I tessuto resistente e non strappa facilmente.

👤The design is childish. They were meant to be used for an adult New Years Eve party but were too embarrassed to give them away.

4. Starfish Decoupage Decorative Cocktail Luncheon

Starfish Decoupage Decorative Cocktail Luncheon

The C022208 is certified by the FSC. European quality paper is used to make these napkins. A pack of 20 counts is 3ply, 6.5 x 6.5 inches. Let's dream of the ocean. Let's have a cocktail lunch with feet in the sand, warm breeze on the face, and salty water in the air. Get ready for the summer! These napkins with printed seashells are decorative paper napkins. They are great for pool themed parties with family and friends. The deep green blue dinner paper napkins look cheerful and bring you closer to the beach. It's appropriate for a wide range of age groups from babies to adults who enjoy the ocean. These napkins create lovely place settings. Adding a pack to a gift basket is a great way to show your appreciation. These decorative luncheon dinner cocktail napkins can be used in art projects. The napkins are made in the Netherlands using European quality paper.

Brand: Avever

👤The colors are rich and vibrant. Will be used for decoupage.

👤These napkins are really nice. They are being used to decorate wine bottles. They look good.

5. Jillson Roberts Sheet Count Available Assortments

Jillson Roberts Sheet Count Available Assortments

We have more than 100 designs of different stylelish print napkins. Let your gift-giving style shine with a beautiful assortment of all-occasion floral tissue. The assortment includes 24 sheets, 4 sheets each of tapestry, watercolor Petal, Magnolia, and pretty Petunia. The tissue sheets are large enough to use as impromptu gift wrap and are perfect for lining gift boxes. Creative uses for crafts, party d├ęcor, and decorations. There is a wide range of items from wrap, wine and gift bags, tissue, curly bows, and crinkle cut paper shred.

Brand: Jillson & Roberts

👤I have ordered these papers before. The different designs were sealed individually. The different designs were all removed from a sealed package. I didn't think of it as they were packaged well. The price has gone up. I bought the paper designs again. The different designs were packaged together. I went to cut the papers in half as what I wrap is usually small and I can get more use out of it. I began to count the sheets of paper per each design. Only one of the designs had 4 sheets as advertised, and I only received 3 sheets each of five different designs. The price has gone up. I received 19 sheets instead of 24. I was not happy and wondered if the last order was shorted as well.

👤The paper is pretty and has a nice weight. I purchased this for one pattern and it is different than shown. The paper is nice and it is probably not worth the hassle of returning it. I can't use it for my intended purpose because the pattern I wanted to use is a bit deceptive. I didn't know the pattern was a small recurring one.

👤This was a good deal for tissue paper. I use it to make custom furniture and it is more of a value than buying from the craft stores.

👤I returned the tissue. The color of the print did not match what was displayed. The white background was dull. The flowers did not match the pattern.

👤I could get a few uses out of each sheet. Quality printing was visible from both sides of the tissue paper. There is a wonderful variety!

👤It was pretty disappointing. The tissue paper I received is different from the picture. There are no oranges or yellows. The tissue paper I received was mostly dull pinks, dark greens, and shiny silver. The teal is similar to the one pictured, but the colors are different. I want my clients to see my art in vibrant colors, so I'll still use this tissue paper.

👤I had to have this because I have an addiction to buying gift wrap. I haven't used it yet. It is very pretty. It feels like it was made well. I would like it to come on a continuous roll. I am happy to have it in my collection. It is almost too pretty to use.

👤These are in great shape. Excellent quality well packaged. Very happy.

👤I was expecting TISSUE paper when I purchased this product. I didn't need to use it for a while and didn't open it until after the window had closed. This isn't tissue paper. There is a roll of gift wrapping paper. It was useless for what I bought it for.

👤The images are bright and the tissue paper is good. I use it to make art.

👤Like the strength of individual sheets.

👤Excellent and artistic tissue. The best is on the market.

👤It is easy to get it wrinkled free.

6. Kate Aspen Botanical Garden Napkins

Kate Aspen Botanical Garden Napkins

There are multiple colors to choose, and the napkin with gingham pattern is suitable for daily use. A decorative paper napkin with an antique floral pin and a gold foil and mint border is beautiful and functional. A classic wedding, bridal shower or baby shower theme can be achieved with the Botanical Garden collection. Cleanup can be made easy by simply recycle or dispose of after celebration. Strong and durable, the high quality paper napkins are perfect for holding a celebration. The Botanical Garden 2 Ply Paper Napkins (Set of 30) contains a Secret Garden created by Kate Aspen. You can dream of the sunshine through the leaves of 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. The paper napkin measures 6. The package is 6. 52" x 6. " d x 0. Shrink wrap with sticker packaging. A set of 30.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤Plates were very thin and barely held a cookie.

👤The order was 30 and I only received 15 and they are the lightest I have ever purchased. I think a ply of toilet tissues has more.

👤It was used to wrap silverware for a bridal shower.

👤My baby girl's birthday party was a fairy garden themed. I'll be buying again for the next party. The plates are more elegant than the standard ones.

👤The plates are a little deeper than I thought they would be. The gold is not as dark as the picture shows. The printing is off center.

👤Excellent plates. Perfect size. Sturdy plates. Beautiful colors. A+A+A+A.

👤The napkins aren't impressive enough for the price. There is nothing to complain about.

👤I wouldn't get these for a turkey dinner, but they were perfect for a breakfast with light snacks and appetizers. Everyone loved them.

👤The photos on the website showed gold and eucalyptus flowers. The pink cabbage roses I received were not like the ones advertised. They do not go with my table design.

👤The plates were small. They look small in person.

7. Paper Napkins Luncheon Serviettes Printed

Paper Napkins Luncheon Serviettes Printed

A 20-count package of sturdy, 2-ply designer luncheon/dinner serviettes. The folded size is 13 x 13 inches. A touch of spring party is brought by bird, branches and flowers design. Group together with plates and trays for a perfect party accent. It's perfect for dinner, graduation parties,decoupage and everyday entertaining.

Brand: Alink

👤I am using a napkin. The napkins have a beautiful birdscape. When unfolded, most napkins have the same scene divided into 4 different quadrants. The napkin is 13 x 13 and the one scene takes up the entire napkin. The birds are between 5 and 6 inches in length. The blue background is gorgeous. Beautiful detail and design.

👤I received these napkins. I got the ones with the'spring birds', but it really should say 'bird head', because there is no picture of two birds like it shows, its cut so that you get a piece of a bird towards the lower corner, and what looks like lines drawn on the napkin It was very disappointing. The picture shows the napkin completely open, which is not how you would see it next to a plate or a tea cup. You can't make out the overall design when you folded as received. Is the picture accurate? If this is how a buyer thinks the folded napkin would look, I would say yes.

👤The napkins don't fit. The picture presented on Amazon suggests a lot of delicate details. The napkin's print is large and clumsy, which makes it difficult to read in person. Why do sellers feel they need to lie in order to sell their products? Deceit, your name is man. I'll find something to do with them. Maybe they will do gift bag stuffing.

👤This was terrible. When I ordered three cute little birds on a napkin, I was told what was delivered was one fourth of the napkin, but I didn't see it until I opened the napkin up. Not happy. I am going back. It's so annoying.

👤I clicked on the napkins with 3 birds. I received two different images. It's a gift for a friend who enjoys birdwatching. I won't order it again because it's not what I ordered and it's cheaper to buy it locally. I didn't have time. I gave it 2 stars because I like birds and will keep them myself.

👤The napkins are not the same as shown. You have to open them all the way up to see the whole picture. A large version of one of the birds is what you see instead of all the birds in the picture. If you want them to be a napkin, a different picture should have been shown.

👤You think the pattern will be what you see in the photos. However. The napping is folded out. If you are lucky, you will get one bird.

👤I was drawn to these pretty napkins. They are very stiff and smelly. My husband tried one and threw it to the floor. No way to treat my man.

👤The design is not as clear as the picture would suggest. Very expensive. Disappointed.

👤I've read reviews where people didn't like the product. They were quite lovely. I used white glue and a decoupage medium to apply them over the French dictionary pages. You lose a bit of imagery when the French show through. I was happy with the results.

8. AVEVER Napkins Decorative Decoupage Designed

AVEVER Napkins Decorative Decoupage Designed

There is a guarantee of success. They have a 100% guarantee on their products. Add your Decoupage Papers to your cart now and you will be able to make crafts. 20 counts are for the 3-ply 6.5x6.5 inches. The two of you or bigger crowds with cheerful friends will love these pastel Rose napkins. Women and men friends get together for a tea party and a meal to celebrate the changing seasons. It's appropriate for a wide range of age groups from babies to seniors. There are great designer napkins for family unions, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, Mother's Day, in casual and formal settings. The decorative paper napkins breathe nature's simple beauty with a touch of grace and elegance. Cocktail coffee and dessert tables can be adorned with pretty flower beverage napkins. The pink and green floral napkins have roses. Adding a pack for a gift basket to a friend or family member is a great idea. The napkins are safe. The napkins are made in the Netherlands. Enjoy!

Brand: Avever

👤The napkins were more expensive than other comparable ones, but the colors were faded and washed out online, making them look better than in person. We were a bit disappointed in them.

👤The napkins are just as pictured. It was almost too pretty to use. Good quality as well.

9. Entertaining Caspari Tobacco Luncheon Napkins

Entertaining Caspari Tobacco Luncheon Napkins

SimuLinen has the best quality and recycling available on the market. They use only the best raw materials. At SimuLinen, they care about the environment and only make products that can be recycled. You can add a splash of color and sophistication to your next party or event with Caspari napkins. The tissue was printed with non-toxic, water-soluble dyes. You can enjoy more time with friends and family if you have disposability. It is made using raw materials. Check out the complete line of party supplies from Caspari.

Brand: Caspari

👤The design of the napkins was great. They were used to make ornaments.

👤I have found that the Caspari brand has great colors and great designs. I use them a little more because I pay a little more, but always have them on hand.

👤Excellent print and quality for crafting. These are good for a luncheon.

👤Excellent towels for the bathroom.

👤These are nice napkins if you want to add a touch of elegance but not use cloth napkins.

👤The napkins are lovely. These are tiny and I didn't check the size.

👤They are lovely to look at.

👤The stand on my coffee table is decorative and useful.

👤The napkins arrive quickly.

10. Ideal Home Range International Dragonfly

Ideal Home Range International Dragonfly

The best party supplies will give your decorations a touch of luxury. There is a package of cocktail napkins. 5 x 5 inches The design has a resemblance to a watercolor painting. It was printed in Germany using non-toxic dyes. Matching napkins in additional sizes and coordinating paper plates are available from the Ideal Home Range.

Brand: Ideal Home Range

👤I made a treat jar for her birthday. My daughter ordered these twice and received some of them.

👤This product is worth every penny. I will probably buy again. The paper is thin but it did its job. There is a It's nice to have little ones around and they can clean up messes.

👤I have used these napkins to serve refreshments.

👤I use these napkins for decoupage. They are nice.

👤The napkins are beautiful. These were used for a craft.

👤These napkins are pretty. I would like them to come in a larger size.

11. WallyE Decoupage Napkins Butterfly Luncheon

WallyE Decoupage Napkins Butterfly Luncheon

The Design Napkins for Fall are made in the USA. Enjoy! 20 counts in 1 package of 2 ply decorative napkins. 13 inch unfold, folding size is 6.5 inch. The Flower and Butterfly Napkins were printed on four sides. Group together with plates and trays for a perfect wedding after party accent. It is printed with food-grade, non toxic dyes. It's ideal for special occasions or large gatherings, great for entertaining at home, and will make an excellent addition to any bridal shower/girl's birthday/christmas party/wedding or special event. If you are not happy with the purchase of their product, you can return it for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Wallye

👤I decided to use a different approach to cut these after I decided it was too tedious to cut all the small shapes. I love these napkins. They are a floral design that makes a statement. I took them to a recent women's group games and pizza night and received a lot of praise for them.

👤It's perfect for my art projects.

👤I used them for a project for my granddaughter. Even with only one layer left, they were still strong.

👤I am excited to use this on my project.

👤It was perfect. I love it. My boxes are amazing. Deliver perfect!

👤The pack of napkins is better than I expected. It's nice. It's good for partying. I would definitely recommend this.


What is the best product for decorative napkins paper for decoupage?

Decorative napkins paper for decoupage products from Gift Boutique. In this article about decorative napkins paper for decoupage you can see why people choose the product. Avever and Outus are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative napkins paper for decoupage.

What are the best brands for decorative napkins paper for decoupage?

Gift Boutique, Avever and Outus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative napkins paper for decoupage. Find the detail in this article. Avever, Jillson & Roberts and Kate Aspen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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