Best Decorative Night Lights Plug In

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1. QVQCWD Night Switch Inculdes Orange

QVQCWD Night Switch Inculdes Orange

Night light base replacement includes 2 colors light bulb, a white night light plug with on/off switch, 7 watt clear bulbs and 4 watt orange bulbs. Night light can be used in sideways or upside down with thePLUG ROTATES. The AC plug in type has a max 7 watt rating. Adding glass shape to the front will make your own night lights. There is a listed. The material has a 3 month money back and 1 year replacement warranty. There is a listed. The material has a 3 month money back and 1 year replacement warranty.

Brand: N / A

👤The switch on the base broke, and my beloved Studio 54 Christmas Night Light was no longer in use. I found a great replacement and it was shipped quickly.

👤They expect me to go to the trouble of mailing my lights back to them because one of them didn't work at all. Don't buy this guitar. Save your money.

👤These are the worst products I have ever bought.

2. Decorative Nightlight Hallway Bathroom 159 2

Decorative Nightlight Hallway Bathroom 159 2

This night light is decorative and will bring a look into your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. The night light has a wall plug in it. Their photo shows the wall plug in night light. The stained glass pieces are arranged in a way that makes them look like glass and then fired in a kiln to permanently bond them. This is an exclusive design by J Devlin. Enjoy! This is an exclusive design by J Devlin. Enjoy!

Brand: J Devlin Glass Art

👤I want to find night lights that are unusual but affordable. They can be $50 or more. I thought this one was fairly priced. It is very pretty. The glass is large. On the positive side, the light is very bright and when it shines, it obliterates the tree pattern in front of the bulb. The bright bulb is not the tree design. I'm going to buy a few soft light bulbs so I can appreciate the tree design, and maybe it will be more diffuse. I didn't like that it wasn't eligible for PRIME. I would be paying for shipping both ways to return it. I like the design. I'll keep it, but I'm disappointed.

👤The tree colors are pretty. The nightlight is made in China, not in the US, as the description implies. The glass is fastened to the fixture with a big piece of sticky glue and attached by a small screw in the back. The quality of the work is not good.

👤The seller is trying to get me to leave a review. This is a review. I think this item is okay. It is too expensive for a person to get what they want. It is not as pretty as the night light I had before that was by a different designer. The clear glass around the tree isn't enough to make it stand out. It is a very bright light.

👤They attached a pretty glass piece to the cheapest looking night light they could find. There was no taste. It detracts from the whole thing. I like the top part, but I was expecting something better, and I'm debating if I should return it or not.

👤My rating should be 4.5. There is a I was disappointed when I opened the box. The leaves were too clear to read. It came to life when I plugged it in. It is quite lovely, even though it may not look like the photo. I used the bulb that came with it, but I think it would be more colorful if it was cheaper. The wall switch in the bathroom doesn't need to go on because it's bright. I'm very happy with this.

👤Does not look like the picture on the add. It looks like a hot air balloon when lit up. It looks like a hot air balloon when lit up. I am very disappointed in it and I don't know what else to say. It was not worth what I paid for.

👤When we have guests over, I use this product in the main hall bathroom. I don't like having one on all the time. I wanted one with an on/off switch. I wanted something subtle in color, since we recently renovated our bathroom in grays. The night light is pretty. It is lavender. It has an on/off switch and a nice light. The quality is not as good as I had hoped for. The bulb is too big and it is attached to a metal piece which is visible from the side. It is a little wobbly. It is good enough. I am a little disappointed in its quality. When no company is left, I remove it.

3. AUSAYE Nightlight Mushroom Bedroom Bathroom

AUSAYE Nightlight Mushroom Bedroom Bathroom

The light is soft and warm, not too bright or dim, and can change color by itself. The lamp is suitable for both kids and adults. Also, note: They don't work during the day in order to save energy. Automatic switch has a light sensor. When the light is dark, the nightlight turns on. When the environment is bright, they don't light up. It takes 1kWh a year for the lighting to be extremely low. You will have a better life because of the smart sensor. In the dark environment, 7 color changes automatically. The top middle bulb and the bulb in the bottle are the only two bulbs that change color. The environment is dark when the dusk to dawn night light is on. Plug it into the sockets when you use it. It can be used as a decoration light. The light is small and flexible, the wire of mushrooms and leafs can be bent to your liking. Preparing for soft light at night in the baby's rooms, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, living room, corridor, and Stairway. Two units of flower mushroom night light lamp rose are included in the package. Perfect gifts for family and friends. Also, note: When the environment is bright, they don't light up. Two units of flower mushroom night light lamp rose are included in the package. Perfect gifts for family and friends. Also, note: When the environment is bright, they don't light up.

Brand: Ausaye

👤The lights don't work. One of the lights finally worked last night, but the other did not work in a dark room. I tried several out lets in a different room and it didn't work. I would like you to credit my account. I can't leave the house to get the lights back. Thanks for responding to my previous e-mail.

👤I ordered these for my granddaughter and they took a long time to arrive, so I plugged them in and checked them out. I put them away until my granddaughter came to visit. She plugged them in and neither of the lights worked after she took them out to the box. It was a waste of time and money to throw them away. It was too late to return them. I had a granddaughter who was very disappointed. They were more cheaply made.

👤I thought it was a sculptured acrylic nightlight made of flowers and mushrooms. silk flowers are stuck in a plastic vase with an light in it It looks tacky. I bought to use in my daughter's bedroom. It's too bad for that. I'm giving them to the thrift store because return shipping to China is not covered. Total waste of money. I received a full refund after I email the company.

👤The peg got stuck in my outlet as you can see in my photo, after I had this for a short time.

👤The product came well before the estimated arrival date, but the box inside was mangled and looked like it had already been opened by the previous buyer, so I got someone else's product that they returned because it didn't work. Light is cute but not impressive. I can't return because it says ineligible. I'm stuck with night lights that don't work. It came from China.

👤These are bright and I like the gradual colour change. They are simple and cute. I bought the one with the mushrooms and some roses. The mushroom and the "vase" have their own lights which change in colour. My 3 year old loves them so much that he now has a bathroom in his room. I will have to buy more.

👤The nightlight is not very colorful when it's dark. The colors are pale and mostly white, making them look cheap and ugly. It's too bright and the light is white.

👤I don't need a night because these are cute and bright. I use them in my bathroom and my 3 year old loves them because we don't have to turn on the big light. I don't need to remember to turn them on or off because they're light detecting and they cycle their colors differently. So pretty.

👤I haven't had them for a while but so far they are very cute and the price is good.

4. Vont Suitable Bedroom Bathroom Nightlight

Vont Suitable Bedroom Bathroom Nightlight

Their smart night lights give you the right amount of light to walk around your house without your main lights on. Not too bright or dim. It was the right touch. As the ambient light becomes insufficient, the SMART ILLUMINATION will turn on. It adjusts itself throughout the night. Say goodbye to toes and hello to a smart home. It costs less than 60 cents to run an efficient energy efficient appliance. Comes in a container. Changing bulbs is no longer a hassle. You can save the environment and money. EXTREMELY COMPACT is designed with a modern minimalist look. It is easy to fit in small spaces and does not obstruct other outlets. The life span of the light is over 10,000 hours. Other lights use cheap plastic and they use 100%ABS which is fire- resistant. You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. FCC certification. You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. FCC certification.

Brand: Vont

👤We have been using auto sensor nightlights for over a decade. We started with bulb units and then went to LEDs. Vont nightlights are my favorite ones yet. The rounded square shape adds a bit of character and I like the fact that the light has a matt finish quality which makes it easier to see when you wake up in the middle of the night. There is a The light sensor is not sensitive enough to light up even when the light is out. I had to change the location of the nightlight because it looked like there was enough light coming in during the day, but not enough to turn off the nightlight. There is a The unit is light weight and can be placed in the sockets so that the other outlet is not blocked. There is a I received a package of these for free in exchange for an honest review. I would buy another package of these myself if I needed more nightlights.

👤I thought they might be useful. I received them on time so that was good. The box was opened. Got out of the first one. Nothing. The second one was the one that I got out of. Nothing from it was plugged in. The others seemed to work. It was dark enough for them to work. The failure rate out of the box is unacceptable. Something is not right with this product. I am not buying these again because they are going back. I don't normally write reviews, but this one is justified.

👤The design is simple and satisfying. The energy saving qualities are very nice. They were absolutely delighted to put them all over the house. The walmart brand was more expensive and less stylish than the sensor. I'd bought in the past. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Work well! I put them through my house and they worked as I wanted. A box of six is all you need. My dog is obsessed with them and pulls them out of plug. If you don't have a 40lb thief in your home, you should be fine.

👤I use the night lights to illuminate the path of our bathroom. The night lights give enough illumination to help anyone get into the bathroom. There is a We can use three and pass three along to our relatives with the set of 6. The plug-in is reliable and durable. Thanks!

👤We almost started a fire in our house. New house, electrical, etc. We were wondering why the breaker kept tripping. We had to replace the outlet, and after testing the system, everything was gone. It looks like a strong possibility that this light was the issue, but I can't say for sure.

👤One of the night lights in the box was broken, two didn't work at all, and one lit up but wouldn't turn off. Only 2 of the 6 lights I paid for are usable. The lights worked as advertised. A nice glow for the bathroom and hallway. I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of going to the store to get them back. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

5. Lights Nights UL Listed Bathroom 44940

Lights Nights UL Listed Bathroom 44940

Attach a nick nack to the front clip and make a lamp. Long-life, energy-efficient LEDs are both economically and ecological. Light casts a glowing glow while moon and stars add interest. The manual switch makes it easy to operate. The second outlet is free for use. It comes with a 90-day warranty. It comes with a 90-day warranty.

Brand: Lights By Night

👤I bought this because my old one died. The long 'candle-style' bulb that came with it helped project the stars and moon onto the bathroom wall. There is a This new model features a very small round bulb, so small it is incapable of projecting the star/moon shapes onto the wall, even the wall right next to it. The change negates the entire design and purpose of this particular night light.

👤A friend of mine has these with replaceable bulbs that are tall, and they can see the shapes. I thought this was the same, but the built in bulb is really low so don't get the same lighting effect. I gave it away.

👤I don't know if the light bulb was the reason my other night light stopped working. I ordered some bulbs but they won't arrive for a week or more. There is a I decided to get this one for now and keep the bulbs for when the other one burns out. There is a I opened the package and found this tiny light bulb. There is a It doesn't seem like you can replace the bulb if it goes out. I don't like the dark blue cover. I don't know if it will help. I will find out in a few hours. There is a If the bulb burns out, the whole unit will have to be replaced, and I'm not a fan of this nightlight. We have to search for another nightlight again.

👤I need a light in the bathroom. Period. The lighting from the window affects the auto on/off type of nightlight. I have tried. I couldn't find a replacement for my old nightlight because it gave up the ghost. I saw these at a great price and got two. They are perfect! The light is diffuse but not diminished by the cover. The on-off switch is easy to use and can be used at night. It adds to the d├ęcor. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a manual nightlight. They were packaged well and shipped quickly.

👤The cover has stars and moons that the light will shine through. Not exactly. I have about 8ft ceilings and was tired of the hall or bathroom light being on so I figured stars and a nightlight perfect and not blinding. The light is perfect for a hall or bedroom. The display did not look like stars and moons as much as I 888-276-5932s would have you believe. If someone walks by with a motion sensor, it's not flashing.

👤It was perfect. I like night lights with on/off switches. I put this cover on my night light. I love it! There is a Thanks to everyone who has raised concerns about the dangers of these lights being a fire hazard.

👤I have had no problems with this nightlight, despite the mixed reviews. It has been on for a few hours and has not had any problems. It gives great lighting for my son's nursery.

6. WESTEK Vintage Night Light Plug

WESTEK Vintage Night Light Plug

2 pack, bronze, is a vintage look. The nightlight is an Edison-style one. It is a perfect hallway night light with a vintage / antique style and industrial design edge. The dusk to dawn wall night light turns on automatically when the auto-sensors detect darkness, making it an energy efficient lighting solution. The vintage led night light set features an attractive squirrel cage design built inside a vintage plastic lightbulb and is designed to be noticed and looked at. You'll love the way it glows, it creates an ambient atmosphere wherever you plug it in. The light has an Incandescent energy efficient design. It's perfect for all of your home. The plug-in nightlight is big on looks and the perfect combination of old-fashioned charm and modern technology. It's a great way to make your house feel romantic.

Brand: Westek

👤I bought these because I was too lazy to install proper under-cabinet lighting on either side of my stove, the way I did on the other side of the kitchen. These are really "NIGHT lights", they provide soft, dim ambient light. I would be complaining about the glare if they were any brighter. There is a The color is nice, but they are plastic. The bulb can't be replaced because it's an all-in-one unit, which means you'll have to replace the whole unit when it burns out. The motion/light sensor is on the bottom of the unit. I was able to paint over the sensor with black nail polish because I want these "on" all the time. There is a It's always cool to the touch because it's led. The bulb emits a warm yellow light rather than a harsh blue light. The entire unit will have to be thrown out when the light eventually burns out because it looks cheap. This is more eco-friendly than the night lights of the '60s and '70s that we grew up with, that lasted forever, and the only thing you ever tossed with an honest-to-God light bulb made entirely of recycled glass and metal?

👤The description says it turns on in darkness. The sensor doesn't seem to work. I plugged it in with the lights on in a well lit room and it stayed on even though the room was not as bright as I wanted it to be. The description says it is an amber glow, but it is not amber at all. The picture is very dark and looks like bronze.

👤After a week of use the lights look the same as they did in the pictures. The nickel or bronze finish should have been metallic looking because it is simply a matt coloring. The bronze looked black in the pics, so I got the nickel ones. The dusk/dawn sensor was placed on the bottom of the light, meaning you'd need to plug it in upside down for it to work. If it works, that is. Unless you have a strong artificial light source shining at the eye or the lights are plugged in where a lot of natural light fills a room, it's not going to register an absence of light.

👤They look nice, but they are always on. The light sensor is downward so that daytime light doesn't reach it. I am not happy with them. I have to pull them out of the wall because I don't like them. It doesn't matter where they are. One is above my kitchen counter and the other is near the floor in a daytime location. The two other lights that were replaced had the same issue. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Unless you want to leave them on 24 hours or unplugged them, you can't use them. They feel cheap because of the cost. They look good. There is a I will have to give them away to someone who doesn't mind having to plug them in.

7. Devlin 129 3 Glass Decorative Bathroom

Devlin 129 3 Glass Decorative Bathroom

The stained glass night light is a great gift. Add your own home to it today. This handcrafted stained glass night light has been made with lead free solder. A wall plug in light with a 7 watt bulb. This is an exclusive design by J Devlin. Enjoy! This is an exclusive design by J Devlin. Enjoy!

Brand: J Devlin Glass Art

👤I was quite concerned when it arrived that it might be broken due to shipping and packing issues, but I have had issues with this company in the past. It was well packed in a nice small box and survived the holiday bumping and banging. This thing is on. I bought it for my grandmother. She needed something to go with her bathroom decor. The textured glass behind the glass flower allows the light to shine through, but not be annoyingly bright-in-your-face, and the stain on the glass flower is a perfect shade of teal/blue-green. It looks hand made, comes with a bulb in the light itself, and works right out of the box. It was a perfect Christmas present. Thank you!

👤This night light is really nice. The stained glass and aqua blue flower make it pretty. You can plug it in your sockets if you like. I don't understand why it's called a nursery nite lite as it can be used in any room. It would look great with grey, blue or white walls. I have given them to everyone as gifts. I'm next on the gift giving list.

👤There is no window or natural light in the 12 bathroom. The main floor water closet is visible to all of my guests and I wanted a decorative nightlight. The nightlight looks like a picture on Amazon and the glass diffuses the light so it doesn't glare in one's eyes. It matches the color of the small room very well. It was worth the extra money to have a decorative accent.

👤The night light is for the kitchen. It is pretty and well made. There is something different about night lights. It is a little more green than it looks, but when it is on, it is blue. The distance from the wall when plugged in was the reason for 4 out of 5 stars. I have a side view of my outlet and I thought it wouldn't work. I was able to take the glass part out of the base and put it in the perfect position to see the design. Looks great.

👤The nightlight that I was going to use in my bathroom was put in an upside down position and I am not able to turn it upside down. I assumed that it would cost that much. Very disappointed.

👤A piece of glass was wired around a light bulb on a cheap base.

👤The nightlight is beautiful. It's unusual and unique, all that I expected. The soft light bulb is very bright and I would recommend it over the clear light bulb. This light is really beautiful and could not be happier with it. It looks like it is of good quality.

👤This is a nightlight that I love. It's bright because it's not opaque, which is what I wanted for our kitchen. It's easy to turn on and off, and it's pretty. The seller was prompt and easy to deal with, and they wanted to make sure everything was perfect. I am very happy with my purchase and I am sure that we will enjoy it for many years to come.

8. LORVIES Watercolors Decorative Bedroom Bathroom

LORVIES Watercolors Decorative Bedroom Bathroom

A Soft White Glove: AlIREA Product Night Light helps you move around the house at night. It's just the right amount of light. It's perfect for getting up at night and not having to turn on lights to wake others up. The dimensions are 4.5in(D) x 3in(W) x 2in(H) The measurement is 11.4 cm x 4.8 cm. The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. It costs under.25 cents per year to operate. The night light has 100,000 hours. When the surrounding is dark enough, the auto ON/OFF will turn on only when the ambient light is bright. It is a great gift for your space, and it is also a great decoration for your kids bedroom or bathroom office. It is a great gift for your space, and it is also a great decoration for your kids bedroom or bathroom office.

Brand: Lorvies

👤The night light is wonderful. It's not necessary to switch light on or off at dusk to dawn. Always lite when needed. The order has two light lights. One plug was broken because of the packaging. I did not return because I only needed one light. Do recommend the light.

👤I used to have to manually turn on and off the night light in the bathroom. I ordered the TRES night light auto sensor when it broke. It works perfectly and is beautiful.

👤The design and colors are great. This item has a failure rate of 50%. They will send you two. One doesn't work. Something must be wrong at the factory. One of the second batches did not work and Amazon replaced it.

👤I bought a light for the small hallway in my master bedroom and decided to use the second one in lace of a nightlight we had on the stairs leading from our foyer to the second floor. The light was effective on the stairway but not in the foyer because the downstairs lights were shut off.

👤The nightlight works well. It makes walking andmanuevering simple in the dark. There is a pretty picture on the front of a rainy Paris evening.

👤The design of the nightlight is light sensitive. It works well for the intended use in our home, but I wish it was a little brighter.

👤This is a nice light. It gives off a soft glow with just enough light. I use it in the bathroom.

👤The light is not very bright and the colors are running together, so you have to look close to see that there are two people walking in the rain.

9. Dimmable DORESshop Equivalent Adjustable Brightness

Dimmable DORESshop Equivalent Adjustable Brightness

Retro Look and Smart Design The night light can illuminate your house. The geometric design brings a new life to your house, with the visual enjoyment of retro/antique style and industrial design advantages. Light sensor technology turns the night light off during the day and on at night. The dimming button is on the slide. Dimming brightness can be adjusted to different locations. Low Blue Light-Soft white 3000k produces a soft glare-free illumination to you and your family, it will not disturb the eyes at midnight, providing the right amount of lighting to light up your way in darkness. It is suitable for children who are afraid of the dark. The soft light can be used to illuminate the kitchen, basement, front porch and kids room. If there is a quality problem with their light or you are not happy with your purchase, please contact them and they will give you a no-question-asked return or refund service. If there is a quality problem with their light or you are not happy with your purchase, please contact them and they will give you a no-question-asked return or refund service.

Brand: Doresshop

👤I like to have nightlights in my house. I don't have to turn on the lights as I walk through at night, but I don't like the light coming under my door. These are nice because they are warm and dimmable. Mid-century modern decor blends in better than a bright whiteLED square or something with a piercingLED beam, and we are attempting this. You can turn them off with the dimmer, and the highest setting is very bright. I think it is a good light range. Love them.

👤The lights are malfunctioning. The dimmer switch in both of the units that I received was malfunctioning, so I had to use the slider switch to light the unit. I would write it off if it was just one unit. The issue shows a problem with the design. I contacted the company listed in the paperwork and they immediately asked for my order number and pictures, but I didn't hear anything else. Don't waste time.

👤This is very nice. It's very nice. Don't have to do nothing. Set it and let it go. When the lights are on and the sun is shining, the lights turn on automatically. It's great for not having to turn on lights all the time. If you used to use a night light, you will love this. If you used to have the kitchen lights on under the microwave or store hood, you will love it. When I say it makes a difference, I mean I bought two of these to put in my kitchen. My wife likes to walk in the house with some kind of light on when she's in the kitchen. It stops me from having to turn off the light in the morning or leave it on all night. It's convenient and awesome. You can't go wrong, it will help you. I'm happy I bought this item. It looks great in the house.

👤The light is easy to see in the middle of the night, it lights a broad area without ruining your vision. I am very happy with this purchase, but I would like the light to be a bit more amber on the color spectrum, so it wouldn't be as bright.

👤The night lights I received were on February 7th. On the 19th of February, one of the machines stopped working. I have to decide if I should return, put on a mask, and go to the post office.

👤The nightlights are perfect. We had another style that wasn't dimmable. The backs of those were open and bright. The fact that they are dimmable works well for our house, as they are 75% of the size. The light sensor seems to work well, and they seem more well made than the previous ones, with a nice warm light from the front. Will be buying more.

👤We bought a second pair of these because we liked them so much. They have a kitchen and a bathroom at the counter level. Very happy with them!

10. ZOEO Lavender Bathroom Decorative Childrens

ZOEO Lavender Bathroom Decorative Childrens

MOTION SENSOR NIGHT LIGHT, smart dusk to dawn sensor will detect the light level in your room and automatically adjust its brightness. At night, the sun will rise and the lights will dim. Small night light does not obstruct the second outlet. They made their nightlights small and compact because of that. They are perfect for any room with their neutral and modern design. They're bright, but not bright enough to be night lights. It will not interfere with melatonin. The Led Night Light is eco-friendly, low electricity consumption, and only costs 2 cents for years. The night light gives off a bright but comfortable yellow glow, perfect for hallway, corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, kindergartens, children's rooms, or any place that requires nighttime lighting without opening the glare. A great gift for your family and friends. The night light gives off a bright but comfortable yellow glow, perfect for hallway, corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, kindergartens, children's rooms, or any place that requires nighttime lighting without opening the glare. A great gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Zoeo

👤This night light is wonderful. It has a lot of detail. There is a I thought it would be bright. I like that it isn't. It was a bonus to have two in the box. I was not expecting two, but one was very happy to have them. There is a One to keep and one to gift. It was perfect.

👤I love them! They are very pretty and match my sofa pillow. Most nightlights give off less light than they give off. The lights are off and they look great. I like the color, size, and quality.

👤I didn't know that 2 came in the pack. I have a matching one for her bathroom. Once the room gets dark, the light comes on. It's pretty and giftable.

👤Is light sensitive. Not very bright. It's a great addition to my bathroom, but it doesn't really light the way.

👤It is pretty but it is darkness activated. I have a perfect nightlight in my bedroom because the light is bright enough to make my way down the dark hallway.

👤I was surprised to receive two lights. I put one in the bedroom and the other in the bathroom so we could see at night. They give off light that is soft and pretty to look at.

👤It is pretty, but could be brighter. I need to turn on the light. I wish it was smaller.

👤I use it in my bathroom, and it gives the perfect amount of light.

11. GE 30966 Automatic Efficient Entryway

GE 30966 Automatic Efficient Entryway

You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. FCC certification. Light when you need it, with light sensor technology, this night light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. The light source feels cool to the touch even after extensive use, because of the long lasting, energy efficient, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, energy efficient, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, The modern night light design plugs into any standard unused indoor outlet while leaving the 2nd outlet free for use. The night light has a glossy white finish. The night light is safe and reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The night light is safe and reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Ge Home Electrical

👤The night light has a cancer warning. There is no mention of the California proposition in the product description. Many of the favorable reviews are legit. I can't believe that so many people don't have a sense of smell. The light smells toxic. There is a I would like to thank the State of California and Amazon for their care of our health. Thank you Amazon for agreeing to return my money quickly.

👤I bought these because I wanted to be able to see in the bathroom at night, and they work great for that. It is bright enough to see, but not enough to be noticeable, even though it is anLED and they tend to be a little too harsh. These are not these. I don't like the fact that they don't have an on/off switch. It is great that they are automatic, but the only way to stop them is to shut them down. A small point that is worth noting. Overall, I am very pleased with them.

👤The light level sensor works well, but it's too bright for a bedroom light. It's suitable for a bath or where you want more illumination, but don't want to turn on normal lighting. Had to destroy the packaging to remove the lights.

👤Soft light comes on when the sun goes down or up. These night lights work perfectly in my room because I usually sleep with my TV on. I have a fear of pitch black rooms, but I am comforted by the soft lights. Great purchase. There is a I have two on either side of my room so I have enough light to see if I need it.

👤I needed a night light to make my cockatiels stop flying. The lights only come on when light is needed. In the wild, cockatiels would sleep by the light of the moon, but now I see that many of them sleep near or in view of the light. They live in the domestic pets and this light is their moon. No more "night flight" episodes. How nice!

👤The night lights are awesome. We got these because we wanted to make sure the hallway was well lit if our daughter woke up in the middle of the night and went out of her room. We put one in the upstairs hallway and another in the downstairs hallway to provide enough light to the staircase. I like the fact that the light is on the warm side, since so many of the night lights are bright white on the color scale. The other feature that I like is that they are self adjusting based on light level. The lights come on in the early evening but remain dimly lit and gradually increase in brightness as it gets darker.

👤These are just night lights, but I love them. They give off a good amount of light but it's not as warm as other night lights. The room is dark when the brightness is on. They should last a long time. I am very happy that I found these. Well done GE!


What is the best product for decorative night lights plug in?

Decorative night lights plug in products from N / A. In this article about decorative night lights plug in you can see why people choose the product. J Devlin Glass Art and Ausaye are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative night lights plug in.

What are the best brands for decorative night lights plug in?

N / A, J Devlin Glass Art and Ausaye are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative night lights plug in. Find the detail in this article. Vont, Lights By Night and Westek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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