Best Decorative Night Lights Plug Into Wall On Off Switch

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1. QVQCWD Night Switch Inculdes Orange

QVQCWD Night Switch Inculdes Orange

Night light base replacement includes 2 colors light bulb, a white night light plug with on/off switch, 7 watt clear bulbs and 4 watt orange bulbs. Night light can be used in sideways or upside down with thePLUG ROTATES. The AC plug in type has a max 7 watt rating. Adding glass shape to the front will make your own night lights. There is a listed. The material has a 3 month money back and 1 year replacement warranty. There is a listed. The material has a 3 month money back and 1 year replacement warranty.

Brand: N / A

👤The switch on the base broke, and my beloved Studio 54 Christmas Night Light was no longer in use. I found a great replacement and it was shipped quickly.

👤They expect me to go to the trouble of mailing my lights back to them because one of them didn't work at all. Don't buy this guitar. Save your money.

👤These are the worst products I have ever bought.

2. DEWENWILS Nightlight Bathroom Hallway Bedroom

DEWENWILS Nightlight Bathroom Hallway Bedroom

It's easy to use, and it's flexible for a bathroom or bedroom with drapes or small windows. Soft Warm Glow3000K warm white, provides decent amount of flicker-free lighting, adding a homey welcoming atmosphere to any space, will not blind you when waking up at night. It is more interesting for your kids because the clear shade is not permanent. It can be removed for super bright when needed. Energy Efficient0.5W led without bulb replacement, cool to touch, up to 50000 hours long lifespan, save you a lot of money. The plug will not block the outlet below or side, perfect for any standard outlet. The classic design is great for home decor. The plug will not block the outlet below or side, perfect for any standard outlet. The classic design is great for home decor.

Brand: Dewenwils

👤These are nice nightlights. They are switched on/off manually. The shade can be removed. They can be plugged in either way because they don't use a polarized plug. The light output is roughly equivalent to a standard 2 watt light but the color temperature is not as warm. I rated this 4-pack as 4-stars because one of the lights has moderately warm light, but the other three are not harsh, just wish.

👤These lights give off a bright light in hallways and dark rooms. I use 2 of them in some instances. There is a I bought 3 brands of night lights. The other brands had a toxic odor. The fumes were not commented on by many reviewers. I found out that the other 2 brands required cancer warnings by reading the labels and calling the manufacturers. Since I don't live in California, a manufacturer that fails the tests is not required to put a label on any product I buy. It can just write on the label that it's for California sales. There is a I like the light. I bought a set for each of my sisters.

👤They are functional and fine for the value, but there is no way they are 3000k color temperature. I don't use these in bedrooms, but I can see how others might not like the inaccurate description, and if anyone wanted these for rooms or hallways, then the harsh white light could be used. There is a I had to hope that they were the right brightness because there wasn't any lumen ratings when I bought them. It seems like a lot of night light bulbs don't specify how bright they are, so I can't really be disappointed. I don't know if it's due to age or color temp, but they seem a bit brighter than the old incandescent night lights.

👤They have an on and off switch. My mom can't see things on her kitchen counter unless the other lights are off. It is an X-tra light. The standard bulb gets hot.

👤They are on the bright side, that would be the only negative thing for some, maybe in the future they can offer two different light covers, one darker then the other. I love them because they can be manually switched off, unlike others who complain of the automatic motion ones staying on 24/7.

👤I needed new night lights for my kitchen and eating area. I wanted something simple, no motion sensor or dusk to dawn auto turn off, and an on/off switch, and this fills the bill. The fact that the bulb is small and the fact that it stays cool to the touch is a plus. It's an excellent buy, it's exactly what I wanted.

👤Absolutely perfect. I've never had a better night lite. hrew out all the others. The bath room is very dark all day long and had to be unplugged from the regular night lights. I flip the switch. The light is bright. I love it! Would recommend to everyone.

3. 3D Moon Lamp Rechargeable Dimmable

3D Moon Lamp Rechargeable Dimmable

It is safe and reliable. The night light is made in the USA and is made to last. Unlike other cheap-looking moon lamps, theirs went through a careful 26+ hours 3D printing process to make sure every crater on the surface looks identical to NASA's satellite images. The lamp is made of superior PLA, which is the best material for 3D printing. Light your child's dorm, room or nursery with a soothing glow. The battery can last up to 15 hours on one charge, which is more than your phone. If your child is afraid of the dark, you can leave it all night. Their soft glowing moon nightlight is child-friendly. You can choose between 16 colors, 5 working modes, and 5 stages of brightness with CONVENIENT TOUCH and REMOTE CONTROL. Whether you want it peaceful, or feel-good, their moon lamp will set the mood. It should be bright enough to see around, but not bright enough to keep you awake. If you are looking for a unique and practical gift for the women in your life, this is it. Their moon lamp will make your mom's nightstand look better. Birthday celebration, baby shower, or housewarming party are ideal. Fly your loved ones to the moon as a gift. Every Mind-glowing product comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Simply contact them and they will make it up to you. The team is well known for their customer service. They are here to help. Every Mind-glowing product comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Simply contact them and they will make it up to you. The team is well known for their customer service. They are here to help.

Brand: Mind-glowing

👤The little moon is amazing. My child is obsessed with anything space. This was a no-brainer. She loves that it has a remote and that it changes colors. She loves that she can pick a new color every night and we just let it cycle through the colors on its own, which is so soothing. It doesn't take long to charge. I wish this could be used while it was fully charged so we could use a secondary night light in her room, but it only lasts a few hours so we still have to use a secondary night light.

👤I brought this for my son to help him sleep at night. I saw it in his room the other day and asked him more about it, but he told me the remote doesn't work anymore, and that the globe has to stay plugged in for a few days in order for it to work. The remote doesn't work now. It is a nice toy, but it doesn't work as it should. If you buy this, be careful.

👤I had some bad experiences with other moons. This one is great for us. The base is held together with strong magnets and has a wooden base. It can break if the kids stress it. The lamp is awesome. There are so many ways to switch colors. There is a It works when it's plugged into a charging device. We can leave the charge cable connected. I am very happy with this purchase and hope it will last.

👤A toddler is guaranteed to go crazy over one of these well-crafted 3D moons. I nerded out over it as well. It has a remote that you can use to change settings and colors if the moon is set in its stand across the room, and it has a button at the bottom of the device that you can use to change colors. It is well crafted... It doesn't have to be used as a soccer ball, but you don't have to worry if it rolls off your desk. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤It has been updated. We had issues with this product. I encourage you to contact the seller if you have any issues. They were quick to help and correct any problems we had. This product is great, but needs a little tweaking to make it even better. This was a replacement for one that was AWFUL. This one works. The control has all the colors on it. The stand is not very well made. We will glue the ends together with magnets because they don't hold the weight of the moon well. The battery life is not great. We use this as a night light for our kids, so you need to charge it daily. The moon we had was horrible and only had two colors when it was supposed to last a few days. The bulb will no longer work if this is knocked off the bookshelf. Since we have to move the moon and have it charge at a different location, it's a bit of a deal. The cord is not long. I would definitely buy it again as a gift, but I couldn't do higher stars because of the short battery life and the fact that you will have to figure out something as far as the stand is concerned. A great product.

4. GE 11544 Led Coverlite

GE 11544 Led Coverlite

Approx: The L is 8.6 feet long and the W is 5.8 feet long. The night light is turned on at dusk and off at dawn with a built-in light sensor. The Cover lite design plugs into an unused outlet and is stylish with a brushed nickel finish. The GE cover lite is a night light that provides cover for outlets and can be positioned to leave a second outlet free for use. A safe and energy-efficient led provides soft warm light and is listed for safe indoor use. The cover lite night light is ideal for illuminating entryways, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, offices, and more. The cover lite night light is ideal for illuminating entryways, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, offices, and more.

Brand: Ge

👤This is a nice nightlight. The cover is pretty, the light sensor is functional, and the light color is nice. There are two things that I didn't see in the description. 1. This is not motion-sensitive. It stays on in the dark, not just when someone walks by it. It's not a big deal. The light is on. I missed that, but it says so in the description. The other plug is in use so I was not able to use it where I wanted to. This is my biggest problem. My fault is not blaming the light. Sharing with others.

👤This night light is really nice. It is pretty. It gives a nice glow at night. It is a nice glow to see at night. I am getting more for my other rooms.

👤I bought 2 more after I loved the first one. The only downside is that it doesn't illuminate a larger room, which is a kitchen or dinning room. It illuminates a bathroom well. It produces enough light in the larger rooms to make sure you don't break your foot on something, but you won't be able to see what it is. This is a winner if you need a soft glow.

👤It is worth the cost. I paid little to nothing for a number of these night lights for my girlfriend, niece and myself, only downfalls are you can't control the brightness and it doesn't allow a means to utilize both sockets at the same time as it covers both. The brightness is enough to see where you're going at night, but not so bright that you need to get up in the night. The works of art are elegant.

👤I bought this to illuminate the hallways on either side of our living room so my 7 year old can see where he is at night. I didn't think it was going to be bright when I first plugged it in. I turned the lights back on and went to sleep. I'm not sure if it just needed a little time to power up or not, but it ended up being plenty bright! I initially thought I would have to order more of these to light up our hallways and living room, but one of these lights up a 20 ft radius! It's not filling a room with light, it's just a night light that's enough to dimly see and not cause any furniture damage. I love it!

👤I bought a couple of these, one for my hallway and one for my bathroom, and they are really nice. When the lights are off, they turn on. They are bright enough to see where you are going, which is great for the kids when they need to use the bathroom at night.

👤I ordered more for the guest bedrooms. The plug part is offset so you can use the second recepticle. Very stylish! The most recent purchase is not offset. The new ones plug in. It's pretty but will be replaced soon.

5. GE 12498 Ultrabrite Light White

GE 12498 Ultrabrite Light White

What you get is 1x unique pattern design. It's perfect for anyone who needs little lights in dark places. The bright night light provides 100 lumens of light. The switch can be used to change from Manual On/Off to Automatic Light-Sensing mode. The night light only uses one outlet, leaving the second outlet free for use. Long-life LEDs mean no bulbs to replace and the light source feels cool to the touch even after extensive use. It is safe and reliable. The night light is made in the USA and is made to last. It is safe and reliable. The night light is made in the USA and is made to last.

Brand: Ge Home Electrical

👤I wouldn't call it a light. I'm using this in my kitchen. I used to keep the light above the kitchen sink on all night long in case I had to savesay used the restroom and I didn't want to step on either of my cats in the dark savesay This saves a lot of electricity, even though I was using the same lights in my kitchen sink light. I thought it would be dimmer. It's good to have on as the only light source. This illuminates my dining area as well as my living room, which is an open floor plan. I feel safe because it doesn't get warm. On cloudy days when the blinds are not open, it's on when the sun goes down and the blinds are not open.

👤There are no overhead lights in the bedrooms in our apartment. The nearest outlet is the location that precludes a floor or table light. I didn't know how I was going to get enough light into the room until I found the light bars. They work well for lighting up a room and making your way to a table lamp. An overhead light is more functional than this.

👤I put night lights on my dog because she's getting older, but they never helped her, until I found this GE product. Very bright. I love it and she loves it. She has a camera at night time. Please see the photos.

👤Light from these units was very dim. I have tried a few lights. There is a night light. The Soaiy lights are dim. The Maxxima and Soaiy lights have a bright white light. The GE light is yellow and soft white. I put the soairy lights in the kitchen because they were too dim in the hallways. I used the Maxxima for the hallways. I used the bright GE led's below the window for the downstairs laundry room. There is a Soaiy: The smallest foot print takes up the least amount of room. I have 3. These are not bright enough for me. There is a The footprint of Maxxima was larger than that of Soaiy. It was much brighter than Soaiy. These are the lights that I have bought back. There is a The GE light. These lights have the largest footprint. They produce a lot of light. I don't like how yellow they are, they look dimmer than they are. I wouldn't purchase them again because of the size and color of the lights. Pass and Seymour Enhanced Decorator Hallway Lights were hard wired into my house. I need to replace them after a couple years. I will only buy a plug in type if these go dim. There is a You might think that the light is still usable, but it is not.

👤I moved into a home with a finished basement and laundry room. Since the laundry room is in the basement, the litter box is often dark. I didn't want to leave a light on 24/7. I came across this while looking for other options. There is a The light exceeded my expectations. It works well when it's dark and off when the lights come on. It's bright enough to give the entire laundry room a soft light so the cats are not in the dark. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!

6. ALIREA Flowers Hummingbird Decorative Bathroom

ALIREA Flowers Hummingbird Decorative Bathroom

A Soft White Glove: AlIREA Product Night Light helps you move around the house at night. It's just the right amount of light. It's perfect for getting up at night and not having to turn on lights to wake others up. The dimensions are 4.5in(D) x 3in(W) x 2in(H) The measurement is 11.4 cm x 4.8 cm. The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. It costs under.25 cents per year to operate. The night light has 100,000 hours. When the surrounding is dark enough, the auto ON/OFF will turn on only when the ambient light is bright. A great gift for your loved ones. A great gift for your loved ones.

Brand: Alirea

👤I didn't know I was getting two lights, so it was a pleasant surprise. The lights are just the right size and give off a nice soft glow that is just enough to see at night without turning on an overhead light. The colors are gorgeous and match my bathroom perfectly. The panel in front of the light is stained glass. I like that they only go when needed.

👤I didn't open the box because it was going to be a Christmas gift. My sister opened it and there was a screw missing. I don't think they can replace it. It's too late to replace it. I gave 5 stars to the other categories because I have some from the same maker.

👤Can't see the design, there's no bulb. You have to toss it when it goes out. I was surprised that there were 2 in the pack.

👤If you are looking for a bright night light that is close to the wall, this is it. I love mine!

👤I would give the night light 5 stars for its beauty and reasonable price, but 4 stars for something else. I put a light on a wall in my kitchen to let the dog out at night. It is close to my sliding glass doors. On dreary days, I have to take the light out so that it doesn't stay on all day. This negates the automatic sensor. I would like it to come on only when the surroundings are very dark. I would give it 5 stars if it had a better sensor.

👤The nightlights are not bright. My daughter's room has light green walls, and the lights look like they were made to be there.

👤I love all of the light patterns that I have ordered. The light is bright. I would recommend them.

👤Without being too bright or dim, gives off enough light. It is recommended.

👤It took a long time to receive ok. But not as pretty as the picture shows.

👤De bonne qualité. La seule chose j aurais, plus blanc chaud.

7. Vont Suitable Bedroom Bathroom Nightlight

Vont Suitable Bedroom Bathroom Nightlight

Their smart night lights give you the right amount of light to walk around your house without your main lights on. Not too bright or dim. It was the right touch. As the ambient light becomes insufficient, the SMART ILLUMINATION will turn on. It adjusts itself throughout the night. Say goodbye to toes and hello to a smart home. It costs less than 60 cents to run an efficient energy efficient appliance. Comes in a container. Changing bulbs is no longer a hassle. You can save the environment and money. EXTREMELY COMPACT is designed with a modern minimalist look. It is easy to fit in small spaces and does not obstruct other outlets. The life span of the light is over 10,000 hours. Other lights use cheap plastic and they use 100%ABS which is fire- resistant. You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. FCC certification. You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. FCC certification.

Brand: Vont

👤We have been using auto sensor nightlights for over a decade. We started with bulb units and then went to LEDs. Vont nightlights are my favorite ones yet. The rounded square shape adds a bit of character and I like the fact that the light has a matt finish quality which makes it easier to see when you wake up in the middle of the night. There is a The light sensor is not sensitive enough to light up even when the light is out. I had to change the location of the nightlight because it looked like there was enough light coming in during the day, but not enough to turn off the nightlight. There is a The unit is light weight and can be placed in the sockets so that the other outlet is not blocked. There is a I received a package of these for free in exchange for an honest review. I would buy another package of these myself if I needed more nightlights.

👤I thought they might be useful. I received them on time so that was good. The box was opened. Got out of the first one. Nothing. The second one was the one that I got out of. Nothing from it was plugged in. The others seemed to work. It was dark enough for them to work. The failure rate out of the box is unacceptable. Something is not right with this product. I am not buying these again because they are going back. I don't normally write reviews, but this one is justified.

👤The design is simple and satisfying. The energy saving qualities are very nice. They were absolutely delighted to put them all over the house. The walmart brand was more expensive and less stylish than the sensor. I'd bought in the past. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Work well! I put them through my house and they worked as I wanted. A box of six is all you need. My dog is obsessed with them and pulls them out of plug. If you don't have a 40lb thief in your home, you should be fine.

👤I use the night lights to illuminate the path of our bathroom. The night lights give enough illumination to help anyone get into the bathroom. There is a We can use three and pass three along to our relatives with the set of 6. The plug-in is reliable and durable. Thanks!

👤We almost started a fire in our house. New house, electrical, etc. We were wondering why the breaker kept tripping. We had to replace the outlet, and after testing the system, everything was gone. It looks like a strong possibility that this light was the issue, but I can't say for sure.

👤One of the night lights in the box was broken, two didn't work at all, and one lit up but wouldn't turn off. Only 2 of the 6 lights I paid for are usable. The lights worked as advertised. A nice glow for the bathroom and hallway. I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of going to the store to get them back. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

8. AUSAYE Nightlight Mushroom Bedroom Bathroom

AUSAYE Nightlight Mushroom Bedroom Bathroom

The light is soft and warm, not too bright or dim, and can change color by itself. The lamp is suitable for both kids and adults. Also, note: They don't work during the day in order to save energy. Automatic switch has a light sensor. When the light is dark, the nightlight turns on. When the environment is bright, they don't light up. It takes 1kWh a year for the lighting to be extremely low. You will have a better life because of the smart sensor. In the dark environment, 7 color changes automatically. The top middle bulb and the bulb in the bottle are the only two bulbs that change color. The environment is dark when the dusk to dawn night light is on. Plug it into the sockets when you use it. It can be used as a decoration light. The light is small and flexible, the wire of mushrooms and leafs can be bent to your liking. Preparing for soft light at night in the baby's rooms, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, living room, corridor, and Stairway. Two units of flower mushroom night light lamp rose are included in the package. Perfect gifts for family and friends. Also, note: When the environment is bright, they don't light up. Two units of flower mushroom night light lamp rose are included in the package. Perfect gifts for family and friends. Also, note: When the environment is bright, they don't light up.

Brand: Ausaye

👤The lights don't work. One of the lights finally worked last night, but the other did not work in a dark room. I tried several out lets in a different room and it didn't work. I would like you to credit my account. I can't leave the house to get the lights back. Thanks for responding to my previous e-mail.

👤I ordered these for my granddaughter and they took a long time to arrive, so I plugged them in and checked them out. I put them away until my granddaughter came to visit. She plugged them in and neither of the lights worked after she took them out to the box. It was a waste of time and money to throw them away. It was too late to return them. I had a granddaughter who was very disappointed. They were more cheaply made.

👤I thought it was a sculptured acrylic nightlight made of flowers and mushrooms. silk flowers are stuck in a plastic vase with an light in it It looks tacky. I bought to use in my daughter's bedroom. It's too bad for that. I'm giving them to the thrift store because return shipping to China is not covered. Total waste of money. I received a full refund after I email the company.

👤The peg got stuck in my outlet as you can see in my photo, after I had this for a short time.

👤The product came well before the estimated arrival date, but the box inside was mangled and looked like it had already been opened by the previous buyer, so I got someone else's product that they returned because it didn't work. Light is cute but not impressive. I can't return because it says ineligible. I'm stuck with night lights that don't work. It came from China.

👤These are bright and I like the gradual colour change. They are simple and cute. I bought the one with the mushrooms and some roses. The mushroom and the "vase" have their own lights which change in colour. My 3 year old loves them so much that he now has a bathroom in his room. I will have to buy more.

👤The nightlight is not very colorful when it's dark. The colors are pale and mostly white, making them look cheap and ugly. It's too bright and the light is white.

👤I don't need a night because these are cute and bright. I use them in my bathroom and my 3 year old loves them because we don't have to turn on the big light. I don't need to remember to turn them on or off because they're light detecting and they cycle their colors differently. So pretty.

👤I haven't had them for a while but so far they are very cute and the price is good.

9. Children AUSAYE Changing Mushroom Nightlight

Children AUSAYE Changing Mushroom Nightlight

You can use led night light with plant leaves to illuminate your house, it's just 888-353-1299 The mushroom night light is soft and warm, not too bright nor too dim, and gives you a comfortable feeling. The lamp is suitable for small kids room. Automatic switch has a light sensor. The nightlight turns on at dusk and off at dawn. It takes 1kWh a year for the lighting to be extremely low. You will have a better life because of the smart sensor. When lights are on, 7 colors change automatically. Cute room decor. Plug it into the sockets when you use it. The light is small and flexible, the wire of mushrooms and leafs can be bent to the location of your choice. Preparing for soft light at night, such as baby's rooms,nursery, kids room,hallway,bedroom,bathroom nightlight, kitchen, living Room,corridor, decoration light,stairway, entryway etc. The package includes Mushroom water plant mushroom lamps and Lotus leaves lamps. The package includes Mushroom water plant mushroom lamps and Lotus leaves lamps.

Brand: Ausaye

👤I had a problem in my home, it was bright, dry, and sterile. The carpets were cleaned, throw cushions were arranged nicely, dishes were sorted and arranged in my cabinets. I was thrown into a modern primordial soup characterized by my Roomba, Sharper Image Bubble Jet Heated Thermal Foot Massage Tubs, and bathrobes. There is a Every home has something important to say about Clorox and Lysol. I needed something to grow. Something grows in dark, damp, and fertile places. There was a void and these mushroom lights filled it. I see color when I go downstairs into my bamboo floor kitchen and don my robe. My house is a representation of the alien world of Pandora from the 2008 film, the highest grossing movie of all time. The movie is about a group of colonial astronauts who are bent on harvesting the resources of Pandora for financial gain. I am thankful for the Mushroom Lights, their tenacity, and their ability to give my home what it needed.

👤These are for stocking stuffers. When I woke up in the morning, it was failing miserably in every way, even after being plugged the other night. Not lighting up, not going through the patterns it had when first plugged in, failing colors, and sometimes not lighting some of the led's at all. I don't want to leave plugged into an outlet for a long time. I have to remove the gifts from the little bags for my friends and family. Unhappy doesn't begin to cover it - nothing like finding out you have a potentially dangerous electrical present for someone you love.

👤It is shocking how much damage household items that are not rated safe can do when your entire unconscious body weight is smashing down on them. It would not be safe around someone who can't understand and avoid choking dangers, as they might pull on the greenery and put the soft, decorative floral bits in their mouth. The light is pleasant, soothing and the units don't get warm to the touch, which is a good thing. I have had four units plugged in for months and they are still working. It's worth it.

👤Do not buy this product if you want to be cut. The prong broke when it was pulled out of the sockets. It was in the bathroom. I was able to remove the breaker with pliers. The other nightlights will be thrown out as well. If this had happened with a kid, they would not have known that it could be fatal. Don't waste your money.

👤I ordered more to give to my family after I was told how much I loved these nightlights. The 4-pack has two styles that are adorable and the color changing LEDs are pretty. The light is not overpowering and is perfect for getting up in the middle of the night and not needing to turn on bright lights in a restroom or hallway. It works well in kids rooms. Customer service for this company is excellent. The company took care of the missing mushroom cap when I ordered additional lights for gifts, and one of the tiny LEDs was missing when it arrived. 10/10

10. Plug Lights Energy Efficient Sensor

Plug Lights Energy Efficient Sensor

Soft blue glow thanks to comfortable lighting. They can see without having to turn on the overhead light at midnight. The smart light sensor will turn on during the night and off during the day. Plug them in and forget them because the smart light sensor only lights up in darkness. The plug does not block the second outlet. Non- It can be plugged into the electric sockets upward or downward. If you work 12 hours a day, the max power is only 2.2 kWh annually. The lifespan is up to 50000H. Square with streamlined design is nice. No bulbs showed, a clean look, and a cool-touch design. Square with streamlined design is nice. No bulbs showed, a clean look, and a cool-touch design.

Brand: Waynewon

👤It is advertised as a soft light. I don't know if I can sleep. It's an edit. It's bright for a small bedroom. There is a 12'x8'. I couldn't sleep and had to take it out. I was hoping that this would be a soft glow like what the advertisement was showing.

👤This is the perfect amount of light for a small to medium room. I have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Sometimes it's dim but still on in low light conditions, so it helps keep the right amount of light in the room. The light is not blue but instead warm and has a blue plastic cover. This creates a warm blue that is pleasing to the eyes. The lights are square and slightly larger than I had thought, but this allows the unit to display even light for a reasonable amount of area without using stark and bright LEDs. The reviewers who have complained that blue lighting will keep you awake are not aware of the color spectrum and brightness that is needed to affect sleeping habits. I have been using these lights for over two years and they have not disappointed me.

👤A night light is supposed to help you see in the dark, not keep you up. There is a These things are so bright they can light up a room. I couldn't sleep near the bedroom. It kept me up when I tried it in our dressing area. There is a If you aren't light-sensitive at night, it's a Wake Light. There is a There are pros. There are pros and cons to Super Bright.

👤A small nightlight. It's enough to illuminate the bathroom for night time visits. The blue glow was soft. It wasn't like the old-fashioned nightlight it replaced. Only two units gave off enough light to be helpful, so I knocked off one star.

👤I like sleeping in darkness. My girlfriend needs a light on. The night light is perfect for us. The blue soft light illuminates the room with a soft glow but when my eyes are closed, I can't tell a light is on. I put them in the bedroom and hallway. I love that they have a sensor and turn it off when the sun goes down. I highly recommend.

👤I have had these for a few months now and they are still strong. They give off a pretty solid glow, which is enough to light up the house when I have to get up with my baby in the middle of the night, but not so intense that I could change him without turning on a real light. The sensor works well when dark and shuts off with light, even when far away from a light source or window. The blue is a bit intense, but they are quality lights and I couldn't sleep with it plugged in.

👤The night lights are perfect. I wanted a blue light in my bedroom. One of the night lights near the head end of my bed is perfect, it's small, but it's NYC, what can I say? It lights up most of the bedroom and is blue, not white. The brightness is perfect, not too bright, but bright enough. I highly recommend.

11. Praying Switch Listed Decoration Lighting

Praying Switch Listed Decoration Lighting

The plug has an On/Off switch. A white angel with a skirt and wings is praying. The praying angel night light has a soft white glow and is a comforting presence in a dark room. The wall plug has a clear C7 bulb. H* 3.5in L* 3.5in W. H* 3.5in L* 3.5in W.

Brand: Huazhqing

👤I wanted to give a gift that would Bless the baby but also Bless the entire family as well as they go through life, because people always give gifts that the baby will grow out of one day. This angel was a gift for a baby.

👤Thank you for believing.

👤The nightlight is beautiful. I had to return other nightlights that didn't fit in my outlet. So happy that this one is adjusted.

👤Liked a lot. You can see at night. It is a plus. Good value!

👤My mother is 89 years old. She gets a lot of light in the night when she gets up to use the bathroom. There is something comforting about a lighted up Angel. We love it.

👤I love it, it's good quality and price, thank you.

👤I like the plastic one more than the glass one.


What is the best product for decorative night lights plug into wall on off switch?

Decorative night lights plug into wall on off switch products from N / A. In this article about decorative night lights plug into wall on off switch you can see why people choose the product. Dewenwils and Mind-glowing are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative night lights plug into wall on off switch.

What are the best brands for decorative night lights plug into wall on off switch?

N / A, Dewenwils and Mind-glowing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative night lights plug into wall on off switch. Find the detail in this article. Ge, Ge Home Electrical and Alirea are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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