Best Decorative Night Lights Plug Into Wall with Shade

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1. Westek NL DPFL DB Floral Night Bronze

Westek NL DPFL DB Floral Night Bronze

The box is fitted for easy gift giving. Automatic night light is perfect for hallways, entryways, and more. In low light conditions, Dubk-to-DAWNACTIVATION automatically turns on, adding safety and security to any space. The Perfect Glove provides 2 lumens of warm light, enough to see by without beingobtrusive. Modern style is a perfect accent that works with any decor. Energy efficient is an energy efficient light emitting device that saves you money. Energy efficient is an energy efficient light emitting device that saves you money.

Brand: Westek

👤I paid six bucks for this and bought a few more. It's really cute, doesn't look like a kid's nightlight and puts out just enough light to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without needing to hit the switch. The light is motion-sensored and you can change it without changing the bulbs. It's for a couple of bucks. I love it!

👤I bought nightlights a decade ago that looked like these, but they are plastic, not metal. There is a They don't look like my older ones, but they are very close to my old ones and I am happy to have more. They are a solid color. They're bright, the light sensor works well, and the rotating plug is great for my husband who complains about nightlights taking up sockets while I still get a nightlight.

👤This was brighter than the one it replaced. The old one was not bright enough to do anything. The orientation of the light sensor is important because it is on an end instead of in the front. Very happy with the purchase!

👤I would like it to be a little brighter. This item is in my porch area. I don't have to run additional outdoor rated 12v cable for the garden lighting because it covers the outlet again when it rains. It's not bright enough for my application, because it's a nightlight.

👤This is perfect. It might put out a little too much light. I put them in the kitchen, hallway, living room, and den. We can see where we're going on the dark nights without the use of switched lights. I will buy more for the bedrooms and the bathroom. The on/off light detector works well in all of them. During the day, all turn on at night. One of the brands I bought was terrible. Go with this one.

👤The night light is great. It was brighter than I expected and worked out great. My son needs to use the bathroom at night, so I needed it in the hall way bathroom. The light is warm.

👤I wanted something decorative because the light went into a sockets that were quite noticeable. The night light is perfect. It is bright enough to do its job. Very attractive.

👤The night light fits so you can use one outlet or cover the whole plug. It needs a lot of light to shut off, which is not a big deal, it is on most of the time.

2. GE Diamond UL Listed Bathroom 25436

GE Diamond UL Listed Bathroom 25436

There is no bulb replacement needed with the long lifespan of the night light. Home d├ęcor provides ambient light to any room. The built-in light sensor automatically turns the night light on at dusk and off at dawn. The night light uses just pennies of electricity per year and the long-life LEDs mean no bulbs to replace. Plug-In Night Light is a product that plugs into any standard indoor outlet for light wherever you need it and keeps the 2nd outlet free for use. The product is designed in the USA and is safe and reliable. The product is designed in the USA and is safe and reliable.

Brand: Ge Home Electrical

👤If it's plugged in a certain way up, it will only work if it's bright or dark. If you put it in the top outlet, it will cover the lower one, so if you want to use the other outlet, you'll need to plug it into the bottom one. For how I'm using it, I don't have a problem with it being made upside-down. I have this in my upstairs hallway next to my bathroom and it has made a huge improvement to my ease of life. I would like it to have a switch to turn it on/off. I think I can live without it for what it costs. I can't decide if I should give it 4 or 5 *'s. I think it's a good buy. I spent the first couple of days after I got this turned on and off seeing how responsive it was, and I was almost impressed. When it senses light and a bright setting, it has a dim setting.

👤The picture has a neat design and I wanted to love it. It is smaller than I expected, it is not as bright as I would like, and the dusk till dawn feature is not as bright as I would like, it would only be beneficial in a small room. It is in my hallway which is 7 feet long. It doesn't hold up like I thought it would and I think it's a great purchase.

👤The plug was taped flat in packaging, not using the proper plastic protection. The second attempt to fix the flat was because of forcing the prongs. The correct plastic protectors were not used. I tried to get the plug in. I couldn't get it into my house outlet because of the forced flat. I am requesting a replacement for the one that was damaged because it does not fit properly. March 2020 was when it was ordered.

👤This product works as intended and I love it. I used to keep a nice wax scented nightlight in my bathroom. The kittens. The nightlight was plugged into the bottom outlet and the glade plug was in the top. I have my nightlight back and the bathroom still smells great. It only comes on in the dark and it's not running all day. Love it, it's a great product at an amazing price.

👤The light is too bright to be a night light. I prefer a warm yellow light and this one is more of a white light. The design is beautiful compared to others.

👤I like that this one comes on automatically when I turn off the bathroom overhead light. The product was very good.

👤These nightlights are wonderful. There are multiples around the house. Really like how it looks. The light was perfect.

👤I just renovated two baths at my farm and decided to try out these, they are great, provide just enough light to go in and use the restroom in the night without turning on the big light, come on when lights off. I really like them.

3. GE 30966 Automatic Efficient Entryway

GE 30966 Automatic Efficient Entryway

You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. FCC certification. Light when you need it, with light sensor technology, this night light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. The light source feels cool to the touch even after extensive use, because of the long lasting, energy efficient, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, energy efficient, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, long lasting, The modern night light design plugs into any standard unused indoor outlet while leaving the 2nd outlet free for use. The night light has a glossy white finish. The night light is safe and reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The night light is safe and reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Ge Home Electrical

👤The night light has a cancer warning. There is no mention of the California proposition in the product description. Many of the favorable reviews are legit. I can't believe that so many people don't have a sense of smell. The light smells toxic. There is a I would like to thank the State of California and Amazon for their care of our health. Thank you Amazon for agreeing to return my money quickly.

👤I bought these because I wanted to be able to see in the bathroom at night, and they work great for that. It is bright enough to see, but not enough to be noticeable, even though it is anLED and they tend to be a little too harsh. These are not these. I don't like the fact that they don't have an on/off switch. It is great that they are automatic, but the only way to stop them is to shut them down. A small point that is worth noting. Overall, I am very pleased with them.

👤The light level sensor works well, but it's too bright for a bedroom light. It's suitable for a bath or where you want more illumination, but don't want to turn on normal lighting. Had to destroy the packaging to remove the lights.

👤Soft light comes on when the sun goes down or up. These night lights work perfectly in my room because I usually sleep with my TV on. I have a fear of pitch black rooms, but I am comforted by the soft lights. Great purchase. There is a I have two on either side of my room so I have enough light to see if I need it.

👤I needed a night light to make my cockatiels stop flying. The lights only come on when light is needed. In the wild, cockatiels would sleep by the light of the moon, but now I see that many of them sleep near or in view of the light. They live in the domestic pets and this light is their moon. No more "night flight" episodes. How nice!

👤The night lights are awesome. We got these because we wanted to make sure the hallway was well lit if our daughter woke up in the middle of the night and went out of her room. We put one in the upstairs hallway and another in the downstairs hallway to provide enough light to the staircase. I like the fact that the light is on the warm side, since so many of the night lights are bright white on the color scale. The other feature that I like is that they are self adjusting based on light level. The lights come on in the early evening but remain dimly lit and gradually increase in brightness as it gets darker.

👤These are just night lights, but I love them. They give off a good amount of light but it's not as warm as other night lights. The room is dark when the brightness is on. They should last a long time. I am very happy that I found these. Well done GE!

4. LORVIES Background Butterfly Decorative Bathroom

LORVIES Background Butterfly Decorative Bathroom

The night light helps you move around the house at night. It's just the right amount of light. It's perfect for getting up at night and not having to turn on lights to wake others up. The dimensions are 4.5in(D) x 3in(W) x 2in(H) The measurement is 11.4 cm x 4.8 cm. The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. It costs under.25 cents per year to operate. The night light has 100,000 hours. When the surrounding is dark enough, the auto ON/OFF will turn on only when the ambient light is bright. It is a great gift for your space, and it is also a great decoration for your kids bedroom or bathroom office. It is a great gift for your space, and it is also a great decoration for your kids bedroom or bathroom office.

Brand: Lorvies

👤I absolutely love this product. I have a butterfly that will detect when to turn on and off. The light is soft enough to illuminate the area. I was pleasantly surprised when there were two in the package. I have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Highly recommended!

👤I love these. The look is great. The amount of light was right. I've seen some that are more expensive, but this one looks just as nice. Buying 2 more.

👤This is a pretty nightlight. The light shines from the shade itself rather than a bulb behind it. It is very dim. We wanted a nightlight for the top of the stairs so we wouldn't be walking into the dark when we go upstairs. In the day time, the light never goes off even if it's bright in the room. It's pretty but not useful.

👤The light shines through the monarch and sunflowers all night, then turns off in the morning because of the sensor. If you want to turn the light out, it has a switch. I'm very happy with it.

👤The floral design is perfect. Would definitely recommend.

👤I put one in the bedroom and the other in the bathroom. When I get up at night, they make enough light to see where I'm going without me having to turn on a bright light. They're pretty.

👤It was a great looking, but I found it very dim compared to others I have built the same way. It was sent back because it didn't put out enough light.

👤I decided to buy it again because the lamp is pretty. Not enough precautions were taken for shipping. The product was broken. Unless you don't care about the client's satisfaction, you should be more careful when shipping fragile merchandise.

👤My father needs night light to make his way to the bathroom. Not bright enough for him. The butterflies are pretty, but would prefer a brighter light for him-light, and there are 2 in a package.

👤The butterfly is beautiful. It gives off a lot of light. It would be great for a dark hallway. Very happy with the product.

5. Movement Sensor Diffused Energy Efficient

Movement Sensor Diffused Energy Efficient

The smart night light plugs into the wall and works by detecting movement and ambient brightness. The motion sensor will light the nightlight when it senses movement in the dark. The detection area can be up to 15 ft away and 120 degree movement range. The light will be turned on without a switch. It is ideal for sleeping in the bedroom. The nightlight will not wake up the half-sleeping eyes and will promote sleep without affecting the production of sleep-declining hormones. Not stinging your eyes, but bright enough. There was no dazzling, no glare. The nightlight with modern and simple appearance, compact design, can be easily put into wall outlets, and will not block other sockets. The safe material was mixed with the fire retardant material. The level of fire resistance is V0 As soon as the house is plugged in, keep it safe. The 15 months warranty is qualified. The safe material was mixed with the fire retardant material. The level of fire resistance is V0 As soon as the house is plugged in, keep it safe. The 15 months warranty is qualified.

Brand: Mycozylite

👤There were some negative reviews about having to be close to the light. They were wrong. The light won't start if there are lights in the house. That's fine. I don't need the night light to go off when there are other lights in the house. I can walk in my living room if the lights are off. The night light won't light up. The night light goes off when I'm four feet away from the bathroom entrance. It was perfect. The amber light illuminates the entire bathroom so that I can see what I am doing. The night light shuts off in 25 seconds instead of 60. I can go back to sleep easily. I don't suggest getting those colors because one reviewer said that the other two colors will disrupt your sleep cycle. The light is great. I am very happy that I bought it. The lights are supposed to last 25 years. I kept my night bulb lights on all the time because if I turned it off it would burn out. I didn't like having to remember to turn the nightlight on before going to sleep. The motion sensor night light won't be on 24/7. Each night it will only be one or two minutes. I won't be using as much electricity as usual, that's great. I would definitely purchase this product again. It's well designed. I like how it is shaped. There is an update. I have only had these lights for a day or two, and I will have to deduct one star. Why? I tried only one light. I had to use the other light in the hallway since I couldn't see well enough to get to the bathroom. I had to use the lights that came in the box. The second light did not work. I plugged it in and unplugged it a billion times, but it wouldn't turn on. It works in two other outlets in the house. I tried to pry the prongs apart, but I wasn't crazy about it. I couldn't get the light into the sockets without using the rubber covered pliers handles to push the prongs in a little, because I pried them so far apart. The light wouldn't work. The light turned on after I tried twisting it to the left and right. The light will probably stop working if someone accidentally bumps into it or someone plugs it back in. Poor quality control. The first light was on. The first light in the house stayed on and wouldn't turn off even with other lights on. I had to plug it back in. It happened once in the last few days. I am happy with the lights. I wish there was better quality control.

👤There were two in each pack. It took 25 seconds for work to turn back off.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Only when motion is detected can this work. I didn't want a night light that stayed on all night. If I get up to use the bathroom at night, I needed something soft. I have one when I open the door, so when I come home in the dark, the light goes on. The amber color is very soft. If you have something bright, do not get this one. I like that this is not heavy. I have room to plug in to the second outlet if I need it because it sits flat on the outlet. Just perfect!

6. LOHAS LED Nursery Bathroom Hallway

LOHAS LED Nursery Bathroom Hallway

The lighting is soft. The LOHAS led plug in night light has 3000k of white light. The soft night light won't make you sleepy at midnight, it will make you feel warm and cozy in the dark. The motion sensor night light has 3 modes that can be adjusted to meet your needs. There is a second auto 2. The led night light will become brighter. When motion is detected and kept low after 15s of inactive activity. The light should be turned off. The motion activated night light strikes the balance of high performance and low energy consumption. The led plug in night light has a maximum power consumption of 1 watt, which is enough to save electricity bills and protect the environment. The dusk to dawn night light is perfect for indoor places like the hallway, corridor, garage, basement, bedroom, bathroom, cloakroom, kids room, nursery, stairway, living room, and anywhere you need a soft navigation light in the darkness. The small bright night light is made of high-standardized plastic, which is absolutely safe for you and your family. It will not prevent you from charging other devices at the bottom plughole. Please contact them if you have any questions. The small bright night light is made of high-standardized plastic, which is absolutely safe for you and your family. It will not prevent you from charging other devices at the bottom plughole. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: L Lohas Led

👤The lamps are actually white and soft yellow. The light is not as warm as I expected. There is a The dim function is not easy to set to the right position because the light intensity changes as soon as your hand comes near the lamp.

👤My husband gets up at 4:30 am to see where he's going. When he comes from the bedroom, he opens the bedroom door and you can see exactly where you are, because the light under our stove kept burning out. I love that it goes off when I turn it on. Saving money by burning out bulbs. I bought another one for my backup, that's how great these are.

👤The night light is great. It is dusk to dawn and lights up a dark room automatically. This was a perfect solution for my son. He didn't like that his old night light had to be turned on and off manually, even though it didn't give off much light. The whole room was illuminated by the night light. It is a warm glow that helps him to fall asleep, unlike leaving his lamp at night. I put the other light in the bathroom since this was a 2 pack. It will illuminate the entire room on the bright setting. If you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, there is plenty of light that you don't need to turn on the big bathroom lights.

👤The dimmer switch in the infant sons room was faulty. We woke up at 2am smelling smoke and light flickering on and off. My house was almost burned down. Worthless trash should go with a safe.

👤This is made in China. Its cheap and flimsy. The plugs are questionable. If you want to plug something in your 2nd outlet with this nightlight, forget about it, I have newer outlets and the one that the one didn't want to stay in was in my wall outlet. The way it's made and designed makes it hard to fit a phone charging station in it's place. Disappointed. I'm only keeping them for emergencies. I would not recommend or buy it again. Look somewhere else.

👤It has worked well. I fell last month. It's bright enough for me to not trip over the dog.

👤The night light is bright. The night lite is kept off by the daylight sensor. I will be interested to see how long the bulb lasts, as I was told in one of the questions that the bulb is not replaceable. I will have to replace the first light if I need it, because I am not using the second one at the moment. I bought it because it was dimmable, but there is almost no in-between with the dim and bright settings. The dimmer is not very bright. This light is all or nothing. It is serving its purpose currently.

👤These night lights are dimmable. The light sensor is sensitive. They are white lights, but I wish they were more yellow.

7. WESTEK Vintage Night Light Plug

WESTEK Vintage Night Light Plug

2 pack, nickel, is a vintage look. The nightlight is an Edison-style one. It is a perfect hallway night light with a vintage / antique style and industrial design edge. The dusk to dawn wall night light turns on automatically when the auto-sensors detect darkness, making it an energy efficient lighting solution. The vintage led night light set features an attractive squirrel cage design built inside a vintage plastic lightbulb and is designed to be noticed and looked at. You'll love the way it glows, it creates an ambient atmosphere wherever you plug it in. The light has an Incandescent energy efficient design. It's perfect for all of your home. The plug-in nightlight is big on looks and the perfect combination of old-fashioned charm and modern technology. It's a great way to make your house feel romantic.

Brand: Westek

👤I bought these because I was too lazy to install proper under-cabinet lighting on either side of my stove, the way I did on the other side of the kitchen. These are really "NIGHT lights", they provide soft, dim ambient light. I would be complaining about the glare if they were any brighter. There is a The color is nice, but they are plastic. The bulb can't be replaced because it's an all-in-one unit, which means you'll have to replace the whole unit when it burns out. The motion/light sensor is on the bottom of the unit. I was able to paint over the sensor with black nail polish because I want these "on" all the time. There is a It's always cool to the touch because it's led. The bulb emits a warm yellow light rather than a harsh blue light. The entire unit will have to be thrown out when the light eventually burns out because it looks cheap. This is more eco-friendly than the night lights of the '60s and '70s that we grew up with, that lasted forever, and the only thing you ever tossed with an honest-to-God light bulb made entirely of recycled glass and metal?

👤The description says it turns on in darkness. The sensor doesn't seem to work. I plugged it in with the lights on in a well lit room and it stayed on even though the room was not as bright as I wanted it to be. The description says it is an amber glow, but it is not amber at all. The picture is very dark and looks like bronze.

👤After a week of use the lights look the same as they did in the pictures. The nickel or bronze finish should have been metallic looking because it is simply a matt coloring. The bronze looked black in the pics, so I got the nickel ones. The dusk/dawn sensor was placed on the bottom of the light, meaning you'd need to plug it in upside down for it to work. If it works, that is. Unless you have a strong artificial light source shining at the eye or the lights are plugged in where a lot of natural light fills a room, it's not going to register an absence of light.

👤They look nice, but they are always on. The light sensor is downward so that daytime light doesn't reach it. I am not happy with them. I have to pull them out of the wall because I don't like them. It doesn't matter where they are. One is above my kitchen counter and the other is near the floor in a daytime location. The two other lights that were replaced had the same issue. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Unless you want to leave them on 24 hours or unplugged them, you can't use them. They feel cheap because of the cost. They look good. There is a I will have to give them away to someone who doesn't mind having to plug them in.

8. Diffused Efficient Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen

Diffused Efficient Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen

The blue light produced by the Real Blue lights is peaceful and soothing. The light from the blue light is uniform and natural. The small night light plug into the wall and fill the room with soft blue light and no light spot. Guide the way in the dark with the right amount of brightness. It's ideal for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, baby room, and kids room. The light is bright enough and long life span is ensured by the large lighting area with built in radiator. The electric cost is less than a dollar a year with the smart dusk to dawn sensor. The night light has a fire retardant material to meet the V0 grade fire resistant. 15 months "No Worries" warranty is included. The night light has a fire retardant material to meet the V0 grade fire resistant. 15 months "No Worries" warranty is included.

Brand: Seriecozy

👤Friday morning at 3:52 AM. I wake up in a state of confusion after a thirsty Thursday evening on the town; my bladder is full and there isn't much time. I had to go to the bathroom in the dark. I leave the light switch on as I walk to the bathroom, but the room is already lit thanks to the photo-sensor that controls the light. It provides a perfect balance of warm temperature and dim glow that my brain is not stirred awake, and still provides sufficient light to take care of business, like no other night light I have ever used. After completing the operation, I return to bed and sleep. I put one in the kitchen as well.

👤These look great for lighting up the hallway. When the house starts to take in sunlight, they shut off automatically. I would recommend buying more for other spots around the house. There is a These are overpriced for 2. There are different color options and higher quantity. I've seen 6 for a dollar. I feel like I have been ripped off.

👤I got the wrong one because I looked at a lot of these before ordering. My bathroom does not have a window and the light does not have an on-off switch. If left in the outlet, the light stays on all the time. I have to replace it every night. It is difficult to remove because it fits very tightly into the outlet. I spent a lot of money on this product and I don't like it. Will need to buy something with an on-off switch.

👤It is finally a night light for adults. I don't like turning on the light at night when I wake up to go to the bathroom. Hitting the light makes me sleepy. I'm going to turn on a TV to get back to sleep. I think a night light is an answer to my prayers. I didn't want one that made me smell bad. I didn't want one of those. I thought I would be judged since there isn't a child in the house. The lights are perfect. I like them. They're just as cute as a unicorn light. They give off just enough light to see what's in the bathroom, but not enough to see what I'm going to bite. Thank you so much!

👤Good value for money. I like to sleep in complete darkness at night. One of the pets cries when all the lights are off because he can't see well enough to avoid the other pets. I ordered the lights to have a little light for the pets to see so we can sleep in peace. These lights are dusk-to-dawn sensored and small enough to not block the second electrical outlet when plugged in. I don't have to worry about them being unplugged each night. These work well. Light detection for the sensor. If I use the other outlet that has a larger plug, I can plug the light in upside down because the electrical prongs on the light are the same size. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the light is not dimmable, which was not something I was looking for originally when I purchased it, but would be great to have for the night light.

9. Aomofun Changing Nightlight Activated Decorating

Aomofun Changing Nightlight Activated Decorating

The motion detection and light sensor in the toilet light makes it easy to detect movements, and it will stay on for 2 minutes after last detected movement in the dark. The item can be used in either a multi color changing mode or a fixed solid color. The lighted toilet seat may surprise your friends, kids love the colorful glowing water inside of their toilet bowl, and like to make potty training targets. You can make it dim or bright with a dimmer. It is easy to install and clean, powered by three AA batteries 1.5V. A soft and flexible sturdy PVC arm can be bent easily to conform to any toilet type, or can be used at home to decor your room regardless of dropping. The design makes it easy to clean. This small unusual glowbowl things would be a cool fun stuff, weird but useful gifts for him, her toddler boy dad husband papa father mother brother grandfather co-worker's retirement even he has everything and great for white elephant exchange party. Every purchase includes a worry-free 12 month warranty and lifetime technical support. If you have a question, please contact them, their friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help. Every purchase includes a worry-free 12 month warranty and lifetime technical support. If you have a question, please contact them, their friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help.

Brand: Aomofun

👤It was either a traditional night light or bright. Not bright enough. You can change the colors on this one. There are variations of red, blue, green and clear. You can dim it by making the color darker. The old ball and chain keeps the toilet clean.

👤This toilet light is really nice. It is easy to set the color of the light with the motion detector. The motion detector stopped working after three months after the light was put into service. The seller was contacted by me. I received two responses and a replacement four days after I made the first contact. I would not hesitate to order again from Yingus, I am very satisfied with the customer service.

👤It seems like a good idea when people invent things. I would be okay if this thing was completely covered in pee pee. It is covered in pee pee. It also does not work. Poor motion detection and dim light... it is just a bullseye for tinkle. Sometimes it has a small light that works.

👤It's fun to use while potty training my child.

👤The device worked for less than a month. Changing batteries didn't fix the problem.

👤The product only worked for 48 hours and was thrown in the garbage. That's America.

👤I love this product because it comes in handy when I get up at night.

👤It worked well for a month. It wasn't working and batteries needed to be changed. We tried 3 sets of batteries before realizing they didn't work. It was a waste of time.

10. MAZ TEK Led Night Auto Dusk

MAZ TEK Led Night Auto Dusk

You can adjust the white brightness with a slide switch. You can set your desired brightness on different occasions to provide the best using experience. The night light will turn on at night or when the ambient lighting is insufficient. Light that is easy to see and bright enough to light up your way in the dark is what you will get. Pailun unique design is small and exquisite to catch your eye. It will not obstruct the second outlet when plugging into any standard outlet. Thanks to the use of energy efficient technology, the lifespan of a bulb can be up to 50,000 hours. The maximum power consumption of night light is only half a watt. At night, be safe by navigating around your home. There are no more bumps, knocks, bangs or stubs. If you need to look after your children, use the bathroom, feed the pet, or drink some water, your toes and shins will thank you. At night, be safe by navigating around your home. There are no more bumps, knocks, bangs or stubs. If you need to look after your children, use the bathroom, feed the pet, or drink some water, your toes and shins will thank you.

Brand: Maz-tek

👤My children and house were in danger. January of 2020 is when we bought this night light. March 27/2020 is inconveniently outside of their return window. We leave ours plugged in like every other night light with a dusk to dawn feature. During the day it stays off and during the night when the sun goes down it provides light for our children's bedroom. The nightlight was smoking and melting our outlet as we smelt something burning. It was the only thing plugged in so we knew what to do. Our house is going to need a new outlet.

👤I bought this to replace a night light that had a bluish tone. These light up my bathroom and daughters room nicely. They have a dimmer switch and automatic sensor. The pics show the lowest to the highest setting.

👤I was amazed at the variety of designs available when I was shopping for night lights. It's difficult to choose the right one without trying many different ones. A friend of mine chose a store brand that has a large soft front surface that glows rather than shining a focused beam of light, which I liked. It has a unique feature that lets the user adjust the brightness using a slide dimmer control to get the perfect amount of light for the location. I researched that design and found that it had the same features, but in some ways is even better. It has an issue you should be aware of. What I like. The power plug in the middle of my friend's device is larger than the one in this one, so you can't use it without taking up both electrical outlets. That is a dealbreaker to me. This one has a plug offset on the back so it can be used in either the top or bottom outlet, without getting in the way of the other outlet. The amount of light in the room affects the amount of light that is dims, so I would call it a smart dimmer. If there is a lamp on in a nearby room, this nightlight compensates for it. What could be improved? The photocell sensor on this nightlight is very sensitive, it turns off when there is no light nearby. The sensor on the top edge of the nightlight is located so that the light from the device reflects off anything that is nearby, for example in my case the outlet is under a kitchen cabinet, and the reflected light tricks. If you place the device too close to a light colored surface it will tell the nightlight not to turn on. Why get this one? The dimmer feature is the main selling point. I used these in the kitchen, laundry room, utility room and main hallway. Most nightlights would shine too brightly into the bedroom because the hallway door has a wider than normal gap at the bottom. I can adjust the brightness to be just enough without disturbing the sleep of the person in the bedroom. There is a These are well made and well priced. I like them.

11. GE 11544 Led Coverlite

GE 11544 Led Coverlite

Approx: The L is 8.6 feet long and the W is 5.8 feet long. The night light is turned on at dusk and off at dawn with a built-in light sensor. The Cover lite design plugs into an unused outlet and is stylish with a brushed nickel finish. The GE cover lite is a night light that provides cover for outlets and can be positioned to leave a second outlet free for use. A safe and energy-efficient led provides soft warm light and is listed for safe indoor use. The cover lite night light is ideal for illuminating entryways, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, offices, and more. The cover lite night light is ideal for illuminating entryways, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, offices, and more.

Brand: Ge

👤This is a nice nightlight. The cover is pretty, the light sensor is functional, and the light color is nice. There are two things that I didn't see in the description. 1. This is not motion-sensitive. It stays on in the dark, not just when someone walks by it. It's not a big deal. The light is on. I missed that, but it says so in the description. The other plug is in use so I was not able to use it where I wanted to. This is my biggest problem. My fault is not blaming the light. Sharing with others.

👤This night light is really nice. It is pretty. It gives a nice glow at night. It is a nice glow to see at night. I am getting more for my other rooms.

👤I bought 2 more after I loved the first one. The only downside is that it doesn't illuminate a larger room, which is a kitchen or dinning room. It illuminates a bathroom well. It produces enough light in the larger rooms to make sure you don't break your foot on something, but you won't be able to see what it is. This is a winner if you need a soft glow.

👤It is worth the cost. I paid little to nothing for a number of these night lights for my girlfriend, niece and myself, only downfalls are you can't control the brightness and it doesn't allow a means to utilize both sockets at the same time as it covers both. The brightness is enough to see where you're going at night, but not so bright that you need to get up in the night. The works of art are elegant.

👤I bought this to illuminate the hallways on either side of our living room so my 7 year old can see where he is at night. I didn't think it was going to be bright when I first plugged it in. I turned the lights back on and went to sleep. I'm not sure if it just needed a little time to power up or not, but it ended up being plenty bright! I initially thought I would have to order more of these to light up our hallways and living room, but one of these lights up a 20 ft radius! It's not filling a room with light, it's just a night light that's enough to dimly see and not cause any furniture damage. I love it!

👤I bought a couple of these, one for my hallway and one for my bathroom, and they are really nice. When the lights are off, they turn on. They are bright enough to see where you are going, which is great for the kids when they need to use the bathroom at night.

👤I ordered more for the guest bedrooms. The plug part is offset so you can use the second recepticle. Very stylish! The most recent purchase is not offset. The new ones plug in. It's pretty but will be replaced soon.


What is the best product for decorative night lights plug into wall with shade?

Decorative night lights plug into wall with shade products from Westek. In this article about decorative night lights plug into wall with shade you can see why people choose the product. Ge Home Electrical and Ge Home Electrical are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative night lights plug into wall with shade.

What are the best brands for decorative night lights plug into wall with shade?

Westek, Ge Home Electrical and Ge Home Electrical are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative night lights plug into wall with shade. Find the detail in this article. Lorvies, Mycozylite and L Lohas Led are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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