Best Decorative Note Pads 3x5

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1. Ampad Heavyweight Writing 50 Sheet 20 011

Ampad Heavyweight Writing 50 Sheet 20 011

It is made in the USA. Vintage-inspired pads with classic appeal. These writing pads make a statement. The paper is smooth and the back is strong. Microperforated for clean sheet removal.

Brand: Ampad

👤It is not thick enough for a pencil or a gel pen. Not for fountain pens. My pictures are here. I am going to use it with my fountain pens, it is 20 lbs, but it is better than the Ampad evidence, it is ghosts less, but still, I am going to use it anyways. This paper is closer to bond heavyweight. It is not.

👤The paper weight and the color are similar. I have purchased these for years, but my last three orders have resulted in the paper not tearing cleanly. It's almost as if it's not possible. I ordered at least four packs of pads. I've continued to purchase hoping that I'll get a bad batches. After purchasing 32 individual writing pads, I have determined that they are normal and will not be ordering any more. I contacted the company and Amazon with no resolution. Buyer beware!

👤I use a lot of different types of pens and markers, so I prefer this type of weight paper. The paper is heavier than other lined paper pads. The cardboard backing of other brands may be the same, but to have solid cardboard backing with heavier weight paper works best for me. There's a word for it! KUDOS!

👤There is only one satisfying legal pad on which to write. Most companies use 16lb paper, which is not much better than toilet paper. These are good for 20 to 24 lbs. They should have come in an old fashioned off white cream color.

👤I have purchased this product many times in the past and was pleased. The package was bad and the pages wouldn't tear. I contacted the manufacturer and they didn't seem to care, so I should return to Amazon.

👤I was not sure if I could find lined paper in this shade. I was pleasantly surprised to find it in a multi pack.

👤I like the weight of the paper and use a fountain pen to write.

👤The heavy weight of the paper makes it easy to write on both sides. The 50 sheets give you 100 sides to write on. The paper in the Ampad legal pads is a very quiet ivory color, unlike the garish yellow paper found in lesser pads. It is elegant. When you use the pads you will return to the old fashioned way of writing letters, books and other documents by hand. These pads are satisfying. I sent some to my friends to save them. Your eyes and mind will appreciate the use of these pads.

2. Ceibo Press List Notepads Sanfelippo

Ceibo Press List Notepads Sanfelippo

These notepads are great for the home or office. Your day isn't like anyone else's, so why plan your day on a mass-market to do list? These notepads are sweet, but not cutesy. A fresh to-do list on a single sheet of beautiful stationery is an organizing feature. A clean start to the day is offered by a new page. Sanfelippo's stylish floral designs are soft but never silly. She has created three contemporary patterns for this set of notecards. The daily to do list is 6 inches tall and 4 12 inches wide, and it fits neatly in a coat pocket or purse, with plenty of room for goals, meeting notes, and action items. The colorful themes help these pages stand out in a sea of cream-yellow sticky notes and steno pads. Each pad has 50 sheets measuring 4 12 inches wide and 6 14 inches tall. Each pad has its own design. You can keep a pad in your purse, car, and desk.

Brand: Ceibo Press

👤I put these notepads in my airbnb for guests to use, and for me to leave notes, instructions, reminders, etc. I use them for grocery lists, chores lists, and things to get done for yardwork. There is a lot of them. There is a good amount of space on them, but sometimes I will need to use the back or a new one for certain things because of the decorations. Theese are not for people who are looking for a sticky note. They leave on the table or on the bulliton board. There is a Otherwise they are great.

👤I wanted to buy a gift of notepads for my sister, so I bought her a special pen. I thought these were fun, not too big and not fuzzy, and I found them on Amazon. There is a She loves them. There is a The shipping speed and quality of the product were as expected.

👤I bought these because they are cute. I wish they had that sticky strip on them. I could use them in a different way. I use them daily to write smaller lists, work related info for my staff, or words of inspiration if someone needs a boost. There is a The binding is durable and the paper is great quality. I would recommend purchasing this.

👤The paper is heavy and pretty. The only issue I have with them is that the paper is very slick to write on, which I don't like, I wish the paper had more texture to hold onto the ink, but that's a personal preference.

👤These writing pads are perfect. They are a perfect fit for the small pad holder that I have to go along with. The paper is very soft and appreciated. The pad holder has something under it. The colors are beautiful and add to the overall pleasing experience that I am having with my writing pads.

👤The paper is very high quality, but the only negative thing is that each pad only comes with 50 pages. Will definitely buy it again.

👤I have purchased these three times. The paper is very thick. Will make your desk brighter.

👤There are three beautiful notepads. Each pad has a design. I bought another set to give to a friend.

3. Notebook Patterns Portable Journal MiniDaily

Notebook Patterns Portable Journal MiniDaily

The perfect gift is to decorate the pocket journal covers with stamps, twine, ribbon, or stickers to create custom party favors for an upcoming baby shower, ladies night, or classroom celebration. It is possible to use aTILE WORDPAD for a variety of things. A good pocket notebook is a good accessory. Daily writing, copying classic works, practicing handwriting,graffiti, and so on can be done using this application. Great choice for sales promotion, festival souvenir,awards honor,birthday gift,anniversary celebration, opening ceremony,employee welfare,church donation, etc. There are 24 sheets of double-sided ruled pages, all-wood dowling paper inside the pages.

Brand: Huanx35

👤The women's empowerment event requires these to be given to attendees. It's hard to inspire attendees when there's a big mistake in the sentence.

👤I ordered them to be used as sticker books for my students. They are the right size. The paper is better than I expected. The covers are nice. I slap a sticker over the front of the printing when I assign it to a student, so I didn't pay much attention to the front printing. After reading one of the other reviews, I decided to check it out, and my books do not have any typos. I ordered more after liking these so much.

👤I am happy with this purchase, I got them to add to a gift bag type of thing I am doing and it really adds a nice little addition. I love the variety and bright colors. There is a I added photos of one next to an Iphone 8 Plus so you can compare it. Spread out so you can see all the colors. There is a I wish it was different if the staple that holds it together was different. I rushed to order it and didn't realize that I would prefer a o ring type or even punch holed with a cute bow. They serve their purpose. I would purchase again because no one was messed up or unusable.

👤It was perfect. They are perfect for my project because they are easy to write down and keep up to date with plant care and information.

👤These journals are cute. They are cute. I use them to separate different categories while reading my bible. 4 of them fit perfectly in my bible. It's not bad at all. They have cute lil bears on the inside.

👤I was looking for something that would allow me to carry a notebook in my pocket at work. These are the perfect thickness because I didn't want anything bulky. I believe they have about 20 sheets. The binding has stayed connected for me so far, so I think they are sturdy. The covers are bendable but also very study, no tearing or creasing from being blended while in my pocket. If you are looking for a small pocket notebook that you won't feel in your pocket, then look no further! They give you so many that you won't need to buy anymore.

👤These are small, about the size of a standard deck of cards. It's perfect for the party bags that we have planned for. The spelling of "everything is going to be alright" is correct, but the print is small and the color is hard to see on some notebooks.

👤These little notebooks are very cute. They're the right size to fit in your bag or coat pocket without taking up a lot of room or weighing you down. They're perfect for on the go note taking, budget keeping, or for bringing with you when traveling to keep key info on hand.

4. Beach Ocean Theme Pads Assorted

Beach Ocean Theme Pads Assorted

The note cube holder is tied up in a pretty bow and is a great gift for a new office, teachers, or friend. Each pad has 50 sheets. The design was printed in the USA. Great idea for a small gift. There are fun ocean fish and beach pads. Their cards are designed and printed in the USA. They want to make sure that the card your friends and family receive is of the highest caliber.

Brand: Stonehouse Collection

👤I love my note pads. On cold days, I warm up.

👤The note pads are nice. They are a good size for my needs. I keep some in my purse and Bible when I need to write something down. Very pretty.

👤These are 5 inches long, I was actually wanting something a bit longer. The design is one-sided. It will fit my purposes for now. It's super cute.

👤This is our second order. It's the right size for notes or shopping.

👤These notepads are awesome! As expected, it's cute.

👤I thought it would be a good substitute for Post-its. The sheets are too small. The paper is too dark or dense to allow you to see what you wrote. The note pads were a waste of money.

👤The design is beautiful and functional. Fast delivery!

👤It was quick, easy, and nice. I would buy them again.

5. Bazic Spiral 3 Inch 5 Inch Sheets

Bazic Spiral 3 Inch 5 Inch Sheets

This item is manufactured and sold by Alan Publishing, a leader in field notes for the past 50 years. The covers have white board backs. It's perfect for taking notes on the go. It can fit in a backpack, purse, or pocket. 2 black, 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 green. There are two packs of 4 Memo Books.

Brand: Bazic Products

👤I was happy to find these little memo pads at an affordable price. They had 2 packs of 4. There are 50 sheets that are front and back. The quality of the pads is the same as before. The cover's aren't very strong, but they are good for our family's needs. Our family needs them. My husband and I use them for reminders and grocery lists, my 12 year old likes to keep one in her pencil case, and my 7 year old likes them because they're small like her. The green pad is missing in my picture because my 7yr old couldn't wait to get hers. I would definitely recommend them. I don't have any complaints.

👤These notebooks are the worst I have ever had. Light weight card stock is heavier than the backs and cover. The paper is very soft. I was going to return them to them. They don't accept returns on these. Be careful, buyer. I went to the store today and bought 5 books for $3 each. Save money. Don't buy them.

👤We use small notebooks for notes around the house, reminders, phone calls, and shopping lists. They are not available in Dollar Stores anymore because they have gotten more expensive. The set of 8 notebooks was the cheapest I could find online.

👤I am waiting for tables. The paper is not torn out until I want it to. The plastic backing is strong and spirals don't fall apart.

👤These notebooks aren't bad, but they aren't great either. The front and back covers are flimsy, and the wire binding skews the front cover when open. These notebooks should be fine if these things don't matter to you.

👤Put it in your phone. Which is more difficult?

👤The notepads look nice on the photos. The notepad is not stable because the spyro is too wide. I was not happy.

👤These are for quick notes that fit in my pocket. It would fit perfectly. They are so flimsy that they are not a bad thing. I put it in my jacket but forgot. I liked the fact that they weren't sturdy and that the kids liked how small and cute they looked.

👤Y conforme a lo ofrecido.

6. EOOUT Notebook Journal College Hardcover

EOOUT Notebook Journal College Hardcover

The capacity to store 600 cards may vary according to the thickness of the cards. Product dimensions are 8 5/8" X 10 5/8" X 6 1/4". The package includes spiral notebooks with bronzing flowers and positive words. A large number of flower patterns and positive words are with high-tech bronzing technology on the cover. The cover is made from high-end materials. The edges are rounded and it can protect the inner pages. There are pages. 80 quality sheets are used to avoid ink spreading and leakage, and the size is portable. The firm twin coils are used for binding. They can be placed horizontally after being opened. The notebooks can be used to study, record work, write, paint, and diary. It is a perfect gift for friends, families, classmates, and workmates as well.

Brand: Eoout

👤These are a great find. Fun, cute and inspiring! It was a great gift for my wife and friends. Several sets were bought. Positive uplifting words on the front make her want to write in her journal. They are high quality and sturdy. There is a nice pocket in the back for things to remember. Beautiful artwork on the journal covers. The pages are strong. It's a great go-to for anyone who likes to write and has a perfect price point. Highly recommend these! She was using decorative composition books from the dollar store. It's a great gift for the writer in your life.

👤I gave 2 of them as gifts to my friend and kept one for me, the messages were very nice. I will buy it again.

👤These are the best gift able notebooks I have seen. A lot of pages and nicely made. The sayings are perfect. They are gorgeous.

👤I like that they are sturdy.

7. TOPS Memo White Paper Sheets

TOPS Memo White Paper Sheets

There is a value pack. A good pack of notepads. There are 6 different designs in the pack. Simply better taking: Gel and ballpoint pens are very easy to use, and the paper they write on still feels luxurious. It is possible to achieve dependability. All standard size memo holders can fit the pads. Make a clean break. Gummed top holds pages securely so you don't lose your notes. These pads are made for life on the move, they fit easily into a bag or backpack. A value pack includes a 12-pack of white pads and 100 sheets.

Brand: Tops

👤I keep a lot of notes. These little pads of paper are used for everything from shopping lists to reminders. There is a I usually go to the local office supply store to buy my annual supply. I saved on gas and had Amazon deliver the pads of goodness to my door. The quality and cost seem the same as those I've purchased from the local store. They are wrapped in shrink wrapped pads. There are twelve pads. Each pad has a backing made of cardboard. There are 100 white paper sheets. The sheets tear off. There is a The way to express yourself is convenient. There is a Paper comes from trees. All your paper waste should be recycled or composted.

👤Some people are obsessive about their writing. I write my own notes. I have them in every room. Every room. I have notepads and loose notes. My problem is that my brain thinks that it's taken care of, so I have piles of notes, which I have to sit down and read, and occasionally act on. So. . These are a must-have for a note-writing fanatic.

👤That's all the title says. The paper is too thin and will leave a small indent on the next sheet and on the one after that. I went to O***** D***** and bought their brand as I had been using previously, and now have a proper pad. The translucent one was held up from the light by the other brand.

👤I ordered these 3 x 5 pads even though I was somewhat concerned after reading some of the reviews about how some people disliked the paper and cardboard backs. These are hard to find in the solid white un-ruled ones I live in. Amazon came to the rescue. The pads are perfect for any location. They are small enough to fit into my jeans pocket or my inside purse pocket. I like to have a pen and paper with me at home or on the road, so these pads are just the ticket. The paper is of good quality. I have written on the pads with a variety of pens and pencils. There are two more The cardboard backs are in my purse pocket. There are 3 more I can use all of the paper because they are solid line with no lines or margins. Highly recommended!

👤I use a slip-note based note-taking system and these are perfect for it. If you're interested, you can search for "zettelkasten" or "slip-note". They are the same as described. I wanted each sheet to be about the same thickness as a regular piece of copy paper, but it's worth noting since another person might prefer it. I will probably buy more than 2 packs.

👤The pads and other items in the box were contaminated by fragrance. Had to put pads outdoors. The paper pads were fine and as expected, except that they absorbed the scent from somewhere. I'm tired of receiving products from Amazon that are contaminated with fragrance.

8. Cute Humorous Notepads Assorted Funny

Cute Humorous Notepads Assorted Funny

Nancy Nikko is a designer of vintage Skeletal Dinosaur Graphics. Each pad has 50 sheets. The design was printed in the USA. Great idea for a small gift. There are fun pads for reminders, honey-do list, shopping list and more. There are 4 funny notepads.

Brand: Stonehouse Collection

👤I was tempted to return it, but I couldn't. It is small but cute. I went back to the order page and realized I didn't see the size dimensions. It's a good idea to measure note pads with something around your house. Sometimes we don't pay attention to that. The pad is smaller than my spoon. That's a teapot. I hope they make it 100 pages each and use a 5x7 size. I will finish this in no time. The different colors and patterns are what I love about this.

👤The product was in the post section. I didn't know it was a note. I would have ordered it.

👤These are very cute for my office. It was bigger than expected. The paper is heavy and good quality.

👤These notepads are very nice. I'm more likely to type it into my phone or computer when I write it down. There are many pages and each one has a different design. I use these multiple times throughout the day, one sits on my desk, the other by my couch and the last one by my bed. I will be buying them again because they are made well.

👤The notepads were in good condition when they arrived. I gave them to my colleagues. The notepads were colorful and the humor of them is great to give you a smile.

👤I have them but haven't used them yet. They are large enough to have a small grocery list.

👤My co-worker loved being with me.

9. Do List Notepad Magnetic Notepads Reminders

Do List Notepad Magnetic Notepads Reminders

The dimensions are 3.5 x 9 Inches. There are 12 magnetic note pads. Each of the six colors and designs has a different rainbow-style gradient coloring and contains 60 lined sheets per cute pad. It's ideal to keep your REMINDERS SAFELY ATTACHED TO THE FRIDGE, so that you can remind roommates when a bill is due, or to create to-do lists for yourself. It's a function yet. Each small memo pad has a different color scheme, as well as providing plenty of writing space for your tasks, shopping list, grocery lists, event notes, phone message and more. Do you want to start a new weekly goal for yourself? Do you have a new diet plan? Is there a new weekly event? Write down your weekly improvements or changes. DIMENSIONS Magnetic notepads are approximately 9 inches in diameter.

Brand: Juvale

👤Don't make a mistake. The notepads are pricey. These are the best notepads after a lot of research. The back of each pad has a magnet stuck to it. They stick. Some people have so much artwork on them that they leave less room for writing. There is plenty of room. They make great grocery-list pads. Buy them. You won't be disappointed.

👤The paper was very good and large. There is a footprint on the side of my fridge. A note keeper and a shopping list. I shared these with my daughter and I will not hesitate to order them again and again. The back of the pad is covered with a strong magnet that will stick to metal. It's an added convenience if you don't use the magnet. A great find.

👤I was happy to get them here because we were having trouble finding them. The package arrived in perfect condition. Love the colors! The package was very heavy. When I opened it, I saw that each pad had a full magnetic back, not just a little bar that you hope will stay on the fridge. The design did not intrude on the writing area. I recommend them very highly.

👤Needed a notepad to write something down. I knew the magnet was the most important feature of the notepad. I just needed the 1 and didn't intend on getting so man. I'm glad I have a bunch of these because they keep my notepad out of the fridge. When this one is over, I will just go to my stuff.

👤The length of the notepad is the magnet. The magnets at the top cause the pads to become heavy after use. There is a The paper is of good quality. I like that I was able to get a multi-pack because I like having extra materials on hand. There is a The colors are great, bright and beautiful, but they don't make the concept of a writing notepad complicated.

👤These are the best pads. They are a heavy weight paper with beautiful colors, the backing piece is covered in a magnetic sheet, and they will stick to the frig until the last piece of paper. I will order them again. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I usually buy notepads that have a strip of magnetic material on the top that is supposed to stay on my fridge. The notepad slides down to the floor when the weight of the paper makes it hard to write on it. The magnetic material on these notepads covers the entire back. I will keep notepads on my fridge until I decide to take it down.

👤I was excited to get these in the mail, but I was surprised at how thick the lists were. I thought I wouldn't have these lists again. They came crashing down onto the floor when I tried to stick them to my fridge. I returned immediately after I was disappointed.

👤It's always there, it's perfect for quick scribbles or shopping lists. It would have been nice if there was a place for a pen or pencil to sit.

10. Studio Oh Chunky Bella NPC03

Studio Oh Chunky Bella NPC03

Convenient small size. Stay on top of to-dos and shopping lists with a studio. Oh! A list pad. Their Studio Oh! is featured in their Chunky Pads. Each page has full-color illustrations. The paper pad has 250 lined sheets. The painted edges of this note pad add a striking color to your desk. The writing pad is 4.5 feet wide and 8 feet high.

Brand: Studio Oh!

👤This is a good note pad. Each sheet is thick and easy to separate into smaller pads to spread around the house, purse and car. I bought the different designs. I would give these as gifts since there is a great selection.

👤A fun list pad! This fun graphic-enhanced pad is perfect for me to enjoy. The paper quality is very good and does not allow my fountain pen to get into the fibers. Excellent, and cheap, too!

👤A friend of mine loves plants. It exceeded my expectations. I wasn't expecting it to be so large. That was a surprise. The paper was good quality and sturdy. If you were to do something different, divide it in half and make 2 pads. I love it. It's too thick, which is the only reason I don't give 5 stars. I decided to divide the pad in half so I could give it as a gift with a pen. It was not natural to have a little pad like that. Especially for a desk or side table. Otherwise I love it!

👤I like the drawings on this list pad. It's large enough to last a white. The paper is of good quality. All in all, a nice purchase.

👤The junk drawer has the pad in it. The pages are thick enough to fit on the pad and not fall short when I fold the list to go into my wallet.

👤When I bought 2 of these pads locally, I couldn't find more, but I was happy to find 2 more on Amazon. The Pad is sturdy and the pages are thick. The pad is large and lasts a long time. It's a nice gift for yourself.

👤The item was broken into several pieces from the glue the top had cracked, with the backboard detached from the rest. The binding will likely break into a few pieces from normal use. I wish I had received the single thick notepad I ordered because paper is still usable in multiple pieces. There is a The watercolor background of the print makes it look like the pages are smudged in 2 places rather than being part of the design as shown in the pictures.

👤I love it! It's even better in person. I write a lot of letters so this will last me for a while.

👤This design makes us happy and we love it. It matched other items we had gotten with that design. Love it.

11. Monolike Notepad Spring Photo Design

Monolike Notepad Spring Photo Design

There is a value pack. A good pack of notepads. There are 6 different colors in the pack. The product is 4.17x3.15 There are 4 memo pads of different designs. Each note has 100 sheets. The thicker plate on the back makes it difficult to carry around. This is not a stick of glue.

Brand: Monolike

👤I bought this product for a year or two and haven't used it yet. Let's hope they last a while. I bought them because they are pretty. I'm tired of solid color. I always look for small pads to write things down. I'm happy with my purchase of these. D.

👤These are great for handwritten thank you notes. They do not have a sticky edge like post-its, and the images are very delicate. The product colors are very similar to what you see here. I like the designs so much I might buy other designs from this company.

👤I like these. They are perfect for a memo pad. When you pull off a sheet, they don't tear or rip it. They are good quality and there is no ink running through to the next sheet. The images are clear and don't affect the legibility of your writing. These would make a great gift for a stationery junkie in your life.

👤So pretty! Just like the picture.

👤Very pretty. Like the different designs.

👤These are great. I think they are in my snail mail. I use them in my office for quick notes. Stick on. And large.


What is the best product for decorative note pads 3x5?

Decorative note pads 3x5 products from Ampad. In this article about decorative note pads 3x5 you can see why people choose the product. Ceibo Press and Huanx35 are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative note pads 3x5.

What are the best brands for decorative note pads 3x5?

Ampad, Ceibo Press and Huanx35 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative note pads 3x5. Find the detail in this article. Stonehouse Collection, Bazic Products and Eoout are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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