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1. Pocket Notebook Journal Assorted Patterns

Pocket Notebook Journal Assorted Patterns

The paper for the stationery is from well-managed forests. Get more value with their 5-pack of books. Get more and save less. Each book has 80 pages and 40 sheets. The mini memo pad is 8x10 inches. The paper is acid-free. There is a line pattern and a dot pattern. This item is manufactured and sold by Alan Publishing, a leader in field notes for the past 50 years.

Brand: Elan Publishing Company

👤They are cute and a good value, but they are very thin. They only have 40 sheets. They tell you it is 80 pages in the description. I was confused when I thought it was 80 sheets, so make sure you pay attention to that. Disappointing but still useful.

👤I decided to leave a review because I really like these notebooks and feel I should pass on my thoughts to anyone who is debating them. There is a The paper is thick and doesn't allow much bleed from fountain pens or highlighters. I love taking full page notes and making my own margins. I bought them in the first place because they look great and are thin enough to fit in my bag without taking up a lot of room. They stay open on their own, so you don't have to hold the pages open while writing, and it's stitch-bound. They are firmly in there. I don't do my homework in these but in a different notebook. Not a lot of pages. This is a pro for me. It is. If you're looking for something substantial, this probably isn't it. Each book has been enough for me to take notes for one semester long college course and my hand writing is large, so I have no complaints personally. Is it a good idea to recommend them? There is a For taking notes? Yes! I've filled many of these notebooks over the course of my studies. These would make a great journal, thought book, etc. If you don't need to tear any pages from it, these are fantastic and I would recommend them.

👤Thin notebooks are good for keeping track of everything. I will use these to write my notes, todo lists, and take meeting notes this school year. If I need more pages, I have more than one. These do not take up a lot of space. I can use one for my notes.

👤The book is perfect for my Big Happy Planner. I was tired of using a single sheet of paper and then forgetting something. I started to use this to make notes so that I can easily locate any notes that I take with my business or personal life. I can always keep them for easy access in the future and I have more to use when I'm done with one.

👤Cute journals! I am happy with these. The quality of the paper, the page size, and the cute covers make them easy to write on. I guess that is what field journals are. The pages are large and they are 5 books.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I bought the bigger size ones that give you more room for writing. The designs are cute. The notebooks are comfortable to write in.

👤They are easy to carry and write a lot on.

👤It adds a touch of brightness to the experience. It was very well made.

👤The colors make writing fun. Something different from what's in the stores. I bought three packs to share with friends, a women's shelter, and personal use. They are made to last.

2. TOPS Writing Perforated Spacing Assorted

TOPS Writing Perforated Spacing Assorted

It can be used as a mirror and also as a wall art decor. It is easy to clean and hang it. The papers and binding are soft. The letter-Trim is made of wood. The back is extra-sturdy. Paper in different colors.

Brand: Tops

👤I was expecting the colors of the writing pads to be dull after reading the reviews. They are bright and bold for me. I received two colors: pink, purple, and blue. The paper weight is better than expected, and the cardboard back is thick and sturdy, making it easy to write on an even surface. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a half-sized legal pad to me because I am happy with my purchase. You can write on these fun colors if you stick with white/yellow.

👤I immediately wrote a review after receiving them. The reviews seemed to be mixed. I don't understand why. The colors are very similar to the picture. The paper is of a good quality. The back is strong. The pages are thinner than the notepad. I could never tell if I was feeling both.

👤These pads are "recycled" in a number of ways. The pages are very thin and coarse. The colors are washed out and are not like what is shown on the website. The pads are ok, but consider the notes. There was no show-through to the back when I used a variety of pencils and pens, and I had no issues tearing the paper at the top. If you don't have an issue with needing the specific colors shown, these pads are fine.

👤The colors of these pads are disappointing. The pads were advertised as Orchid, Pink and Blue, but they were only 2 of a muddy peach shade and 4 of a muddy green. My goal was to write letters to my grandson in colors that would cheer him up, but they are not as described in the ad. I like purple. The colors in the ad would have looked pretty with purple ink on them, but the ones I received are terrible. If Amazon hadn't made it so difficult for buyers to return items that displeased us, I'd return them to Amazon. Unless you really don't care what color they are, don't waste your money on these pads. I wish I had saved my money and settled for the white/yellow pads.

👤Legal paper can be used to write down notes and shopping lists. The pictures in the Amazon profile for it are pretty good, but don't expect it to be as good. The colors presented in the picture don't represent what you get. The colors of the pads are washed out. The pink is the closest to the picture, but the faded difference is what you can see in the Amazon picture. The blue and purple look like gray. Again, this isn't a big deal if you just need paper to write on, but if you're buying these pads for their "vibrant" colors, I would say look elsewhere. It's nice that it's made from recycled paper, but it's not great. The paper is a bit thin and rough, and the pads are a bit wavy, but it's not completely flat. There is a spot on the sides where the paper is the most coarse. It is most likely due to the fact that it is recycled paper which I have no gripes about, but I am just making note that it won't be as smooth and durable as regular legal paper. The material and colors don't bother me, and I can't complain about the price. These pads are good for everyday note taking. These will work for you if you don't care about the details.

3. Eccolo Wirebound Notebook Flexible Burgundy

Eccolo Wirebound Notebook Flexible Burgundy

The burgundy notebook has leather covers with a gold note book. The notebook has rounded corners and a sturdy wire-o spiral. The notebook has 192 acid-free cream pages and round corners. There are 23 light gray ruled lines on each page. The pages are made of high quality stock and lined for a journal experience. It isdurable: The notebook is made of faux leather and has a backing. The book is double spiral bound to keep the pages secure while allowing it to lay flat. It's accessible. This notebook is large enough for your thoughts but small enough to take anywhere. You can put it in your bag, backpack or tote. The page is 5 1/4" x 8. A great gift is a notebook, diary or journal for your favorite poet, writer or thinker. Take notes in class, record answers at a job interview, write grocery lists on the go, diary, travel journal, and so on. A great gift for someone.

Brand: Eccolo World Traveler

👤The good news is that It's a nice looking notebook. It's the perfect size, and it's great quality. Now is the right time. The bad news. The notebook's description states that it is not "192 cream lined pages". It is 96 sheets and 192 pages. I ordered this notebook because of the amount of pages in the description. They need to change that.

👤It is a small notebook. It doesn't inspire writing. It is not a journal. This was a bad buy. It will cost you if you want a flashy cover to a notebook. I used it for the first time today. I like it. The pages are not bleeding. It is aesthetically pleasing and motivates me. I had a journal that was in comparison to my above one. This one is good. I use it for my weightloss journey journal. I will probably buy again.

👤I've never picked up a notebook at a store before and the pages were bound and cut differently. They're not even at the top and at the sides. I'm not impressed that it is doing its job.

👤I liked the look of the paper and how many pages there were. My pen didn't leak. I will be buying more soon.

👤The quality and color of this notebook were very good. It is very strong. The navy is a perfect color for men and women. I intended to give it to someone, but my daughter snatched it up to give to a guy friend. I would buy this notebook again.

👤This notebook has been great for me because I am a note writer and I like to do lists and thoughts. I use it every day. The pages are soft and creamy and the cover is really attractive. Good value.

👤This product is what I needed. I can't comment on "sturdiness" yet, but it seems as if it will stand the test of time. I am going to make this notebook a journal for a camping trip by adding pockets inside the covers and adding note cards and stickers to my handwritten notes. It is perfect so far.

👤This journal is lightweight and easy to use. It's perfect to carry to appointments and keep in my bag.

4. Notebooks Journals College Hardcover Students

Notebooks Journals College Hardcover Students

Their cards are designed and printed in the USA. They want to make sure that the card your friends and family receive is of the highest caliber. The inner pocket of the A5 spiral notebooks is convenient for holding cards and notes. When you're on the go, the wirebound notebook keeps pages together with black twinwire binding. Cute women notebooks have 80 sheets and 160 pages of college ruled paper. It's great for college students. It's a good choice for back-to-school. No matter what happens, no matter what the consequences, no matter what the consequences are, no matter what the consequences are, no matter what the consequences are, no matter what the consequences are, no matter what the consequences are, no matter what the consequences are, no matter what the consequences notebooks protect your eyes The thick paper is suitable for most pen types. Students will enjoy writing on you. More pages are used for longer use. The inner pages are acid-free. The notebook has a flower cover. It's easy to add or tear pages. TILE JOURNALS It's easy to write. It's ideal for business, conference, A5 travel notebook, composition, class, schoolwork, and daily planners. 6 inch is the size. It's perfect to carry in a purse or bag.

Brand: Rhuyoshn

👤They were ordered for work as a nurse. I like to carry a small notebook with me when I'm busy to write down things I need to remember later. It has a pocket to keep things in.

👤These notebooks are very nice. They are hardback but they are pretty.

👤These are pretty. Who could not love these flowers? These are the perfect size for note-taking. They can either be wrapped back or laid flat. The paper is very smooth. I wouldn't recommend liquid based ink in case of bleed through, the paper isn't too thin. There is a Why are the three stars? The material as well as the value. The cardboard can easily get dinged in a purse or bookbag and is not too sturdy. The set costs nearly $18 before tax, so it costs around $4.50 per notebook, which is way overpriced for me. I have gotten books like this for a dollar or two. There is a I wouldn't recommend them or get them again.

👤There are four notebooks with different floral patterns in the pack. The hardcovers are sturdy and hard to resist. Each notebook is wrapped in a different color. The notebook can be flat with the spiral binding. The paper is of medium quality. The paper inside the notebooks was damaged. The paper is easy to write on. The paper is not black. The notebooks can be used for journals or notes. They are a good size to fit in a purse. They would make a nice present. I have used notebooks that cost less and I think they are priced a bit high.

👤The journals are perfect for teachers to put in their reward store for children to buy with their reward points. The covers have pretty colors and designs. Some of my students use them for things to do. I have had no complaints about these journals being one of the most requested reward items. Everyone can use a small notebook to keep track of their appointments. I rate these journals 5 stars for their quality of paper and cover.

👤These little journals exceeded my expectations. Each is wrapped individually. The covers are beautiful. I plan to use these as dream journals, because I love this size for journal writing. The quality of the covers, the strong binding to the paper, and the ease of writing on it are all high. Very pleased with the set.

👤I've got 4 classes this semester. I wanted a small notebook for each class. This set is what I wanted. The notebooks are cute, they are the right size, and have the right amount of pages that I need for notes. There are nice notebooks at a great price. I hope this review helps you.

👤I love this set of notebooks. The floral prints are all pretty and true to photo. There is an interior pocket on the back of each notebook for small papers. Some of the cover corners are bent because the notebooks are shrink wrapped. They bounced back well after opening.

5. Note Pads Scratch Writing Sheets

Note Pads Scratch Writing Sheets

The cover of the notebook is soft to the touch. A tear-out page size. The overall page size is 8/7/8". American made blank writing pads are ideal for a variety of uses. It's perfect for Waiters and Waitresses. The note pads are made of 70# Bright White SFI certified paper. They come in 4 different sizes: 3 x 5, 4 x 6 and 5.5 x 8.5. 10 pads per pack with 50 sheets per pad is what the blank writing pads come with. The cardboard backer makes it easy to remove the sheet. The quality and thickness of these pads make them easy to use on both sides. They are not the flimsy copy paper note pads. You will be able to see and feel the difference.

Brand: Perfect Impressions

👤When did I become that person who spends 2 hours researching writing? Come on! Do aliens really exist, dream about the stars, figure out the time it takes your shower water to be warm, and time your pre-shower routine to it. Do something, anything, more productive than spend 2 hours researching. Oh my. I spent the time so you don't have to. A good quality paper, thick cardboard backer, and a good price are what I like. An excellent purchase. There is your research. This one should be removed from your list. Once you get this in the mail, write it down and then cross it off your list. Back to my show after commercials are over.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the pads. The paper on these pads is thick enough for any memo pads. I am a law student and a stationery fanatic. It's a high bar when I say I'm happy with these. The paper weight is approx. 24-28 lbs. I had 32 lbs of papers on hand, so I compared it to 20 lbs, 24 lbs, and 24 lbs. It was a bit thicker than the 24 lbs. The normal bond printer paper is 20 lbs so you're getting thicker paper. The paper on most notepads is very heavy and makes them terrible. The glue quality is flexible enough for me to fold over and keep writing. The fountain pens are similar to the 1917 notebook paper. A little bit thicker than Rhodia. The pads are smooth but the thickness of Clairefontaine is similar. There is a My vanishing Pilot point, Pilot Metro, Lamy Safari, Conklin's and FPR's flex nibs were tested. Unless you use a ridiculously wet ink, the smallest nib M and smaller is fine, it's just very little to no feathering, light ghosting and no bleed through. I don't recommend flex nibs, it feathers like a chick' fluffy down, and Casper and his ghost friends came for the party and bled. It was rough. Buy this. Poor students can use strong flexible glue, cheap enough for them to use without having to pay back their student loans. If you're bougie, you can use some fountain pens.

👤I'd used hundreds of "normal" stationery-store note pads to do my shopping lists for years. The paper I bought at Smart & Final was so poor that the notes would fall out of my pocket before the end of the day. I found some decent note pads on Amazon. It's not cool to sell such stuff. There is a These pads are better than normal. The paper is thick and stiff. Whatever notes I write will last as long as I need them to. These note pads are not thinner than thinner paper, so there may be reasons for that.

👤The quality of the paper on these pads is outstanding, but I feel compelled to write a review on this purchase. The sheets are thick enough to prevent a sharpie from bleeding through or spotting on the page that lies under. The sheets are much thicker than a typical page of notebook, legal pad, or traditional notepad. I will never buy another brand of notepad again.

6. TOPS Assorted Covers Sheets 80220

TOPS Assorted Covers Sheets 80220

DIMENSIONS Magnetic notepads are approximately 9 inches in diameter. There are covers in red, black, blue and green. No-snag coil can't catch on clothing. Yes, Acid Free. 6 x 9; 80 sheets; 4 pack. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Tops

👤Tops cover is slightly thicker than the backing cardboard of the Staples brand. The old ones provided a stiff writing surface. There are two more The Tops brand is painted white, but Spiral wire is the same diameter. The paper weight seems to be the same. There are four The Sharpie felt tip pen was the biggest difference. Tops paper bled through the back side and even onto the page underneath. The ink would only bleed through to the back side of the page, not onto the page underneath, even when drawing a large dot saturating the spot with multiple times. There is no difference in performance if you use pencil or gel ink. The image on the back side was ghosted by both.

👤I started working in an office when I was 16. On the first day of work, my supervisor showed me how to put the date and subject on the top of the page. The back of the book is used when you finish the book. If anyone has a question about what happened on a given day, you can consult your notes and find the answer. The system still works better than any other I've found.

👤These are used to take notes for work. If you're looking for a notebook that you can write on without having it sitting on a table, the cover isn't stiff enough. The pages are a little thin. I usually use a fountain pen for making notes on a paper planner, but in some notebooks the pen bleeds through the pages. Other pens leave an indent in the page, but they don't bleed through. I'll be trying different notebooks once I'm done with these, but it's probably to be expected for notebooks at this price point.

👤When I bought these, they were on sale for less than $8.00. I think it was a bargain. I like the colors red, blue, black, and green. My mom said that she liked how small and light it was. She grabbed the green one for herself. Check out my pictures to see what I mean. I was able to wipe off the liquid after opening the can of soda and spilling it on the cover of the steno pad. The line in the middle of the paper is something I don't like. It's designed that way for faster writing. I'm sure it will grow on me. There is a The cardboard back won't hold to pen pressure alone, so you need a hard surface to write on. Overall good stuff, and I recommend it.

👤These notebooks are okay. I use them to take notes on information provided to me by Air Traffic Control while I am a private pilot. I wish they had a stronger piece of cardboard on the back so that I could use them on my lap more easily. I put a stronger piece of cardboard on top of the cardboard that the notebook has on it. See the photo.

👤These notebooks are great for studying. I am very happy with this purchase. There is a The line down the center is useful in some instances. The pages are easy to rip out if you need them, but don't fall out before you need them to. The jagged edge will be found on ripped pages. I use this notebook for personal notes and this doesn't bother me. There is a These are not college rules. My fault is that I didn't look at the description closely enough. It's a good thing.

7. Mead Notebook College Assorted 73605

Mead Notebook College Assorted 73605

High quality note pads are used to maintain a professional image. Next Day Labels is made in the USA. College ruled, 5 x 3 Inches, wirebound, 60 sheets, assorted color covers, 8 memo books per pack. The design includes a cardboard cover and black wire to bind sheets. It's ideal for both professional and academic needs.

Brand: Mead

👤The spirals are not well constructed, that's my only gripe. One should be able to read the rhese easily. Some books meet that standard. In many books it is difficult to turn the pages because the spirals are tighter than they need to be or because the hole in the paper is closer to the edge than it should be.

👤The spiral binding is shown in the picture. I have not been able to find spiral binding at the stores. Design includes a cardboard cover and black and nylon-coated single wire to bind sheets on the side or across the top edge. The spiral binding at the top was all I had. The picture is misleading and the description is not accurate. Will return the product.

👤Thank goodness. I found these books at Amazon. I can't find them in the stores near my house. I keep the memo pads in my purse and home for note taking. I keep kne in my bedside table. It is a good price for high quality and sturdy notebooks at about one dollar per memo book. The writinf paper is of good quality. I recommend these notepads.

👤The pictures show side bound but I received top bound.

👤I need new notebooks for the upcoming new year and I use 3x5 notebooks to log my workouts. I have used the brand before and they are now making them with very faint lines that you can't see. This is not a daily use tool and will need to be improved.

👤We wanted to use the spiral bound notebooks in the cars, my wife's purse, and my hip pocket. I got them from Amazon because they are harder to find here. It's still made with the same quality as years past. Highly recommended.

👤I was looking for little booklets. I was able to find the flip-over kind, but not the ones I wanted. The memo books were perfect. I can hold a pencil in the spiral wire, but it is too small.

👤Can't see the lines on the paper, can't buy the size with the holes in the correct spot, can't take the spiral out, can't use it in small stock notebooks, can't buy it with the holes in the correct spot.

👤The notebooks are too small for me, I used some from another order, but I didn't use them yet because I found a better product.

👤The notebooks are what they say they are. Different colors, spiral bound and lined pages. It was perfect.

👤There were enough pages for me to read. I like the book style of the page format, it doesn't have to be flipped up, and it's good quality.

👤Para trabajo, es ideal para trabajar en cocina.

👤These little note books fit in my pockets. It's useful for writing quick notes.

8. EOOUT Notebook Journal College Hardcover

EOOUT Notebook Journal College Hardcover

The capacity to store 600 cards may vary according to the thickness of the cards. Product dimensions are 8 5/8" X 10 5/8" X 6 1/4". The package includes spiral notebooks with bronzing flowers and positive words. A large number of flower patterns and positive words are with high-tech bronzing technology on the cover. The cover is made from high-end materials. The edges are rounded and it can protect the inner pages. There are pages. 80 quality sheets are used to avoid ink spreading and leakage, and the size is portable. The firm twin coils are used for binding. They can be placed horizontally after being opened. The notebooks can be used to study, record work, write, paint, and diary. It is a perfect gift for friends, families, classmates, and workmates as well.

Brand: Eoout

👤These are a great find. Fun, cute and inspiring! It was a great gift for my wife and friends. Several sets were bought. Positive uplifting words on the front make her want to write in her journal. They are high quality and sturdy. There is a nice pocket in the back for things to remember. Beautiful artwork on the journal covers. The pages are strong. It's a great go-to for anyone who likes to write and has a perfect price point. Highly recommend these! She was using decorative composition books from the dollar store. It's a great gift for the writer in your life.

👤I gave 2 of them as gifts to my friend and kept one for me, the messages were very nice. I will buy it again.

👤These are the best gift able notebooks I have seen. A lot of pages and nicely made. The sayings are perfect. They are gorgeous.

👤I like that they are sturdy.

9. Do List Notepad Magnetic Stationary Religious

Do List Notepad Magnetic Stationary Religious

What is included? 60 sheets of magnetic notepads are included in this pack. These religious note pads are ideal for quickly writing down daily goals, grocery lists, to do lists, bill reminders, and notes to ensure on top of your busy schedule. There is magnetic backing. The magnets on the back allow you to place the note pads in a variety of places. The magnetic notepads for refrigerator are made from high-quality, easy to write on paper and are suitable for pens, markers, pencils, and highlighters. The bible verse notepad is perfect for your backpack, purse, tote, or laptop bag. 55 sheets per pad is included.

Brand: Juvale

👤Magnetic shopping lists are the same size every year, but they were much smaller in both width and length. Only for people with small eyes and writing. The bigger version is needed for older people.

👤I wanted a notepad for every lady at my party. They used the pads to write their answers on the board. They kept the note pads as a Christmas gift. The pads had a full size magnet on the back that they loved. They were happy with their gifts.

👤Even though the size of the pad is smaller than I'm used to, the large whole page size magnet is very nice. I write a little smaller. It is still a great deal. The paper is very nice.

👤These are lovely! The back is covered by a magnet. This makes them strong. I'm sure that my garden club members will love them.

👤They are good notepads. I keep the store list on for weekly trips. I barely put pressure on it to tear the paper off and the whole back came off. If you want to hang it on the fridge, good notepads are not a good choice.

👤We needed a gift for a large group of church women. The pads are perfect. The quotes are well chosen and the size is small but that's not a problem. They are magnetic as well. It was nice to have a selection of quotes and colors for the ladies to choose from, and they were happy with the gift. This product was perfect for our needs.

👤These were perfect for Christmas gifts. I attached a pen to the bow. Everyone loved the personal note I added to the second page.

👤I like to put my lists on my fridge. I gave some pads to the ladies in my Bible Study and I liked them very much.

👤I need to write a shopping list as I run out of items. I forget something when I order my shopping. I can add items as I run out of them because they fit on my oven. The magnets are good and they don't move as you write. I like the quotes on the bag. I will buy more when I use them.

👤Well packaged, came on time. There are some lovely shopping lists. An extra gift for my friends.

👤These are a cute gift for friends.

👤Too small! I was expecting more than that at PaperChase. I was delivered late because it was so small. I can not return now.

10. Beach Ocean Theme Pads Assorted

Beach Ocean Theme Pads Assorted

The note cube holder is tied up in a pretty bow and is a great gift for a new office, teachers, or friend. Each pad has 50 sheets. The design was printed in the USA. Great idea for a small gift. There are fun ocean fish and beach pads. Their cards are designed and printed in the USA. They want to make sure that the card your friends and family receive is of the highest caliber.

Brand: Stonehouse Collection

👤I love my note pads. On cold days, I warm up.

👤The note pads are nice. They are a good size for my needs. I keep some in my purse and Bible when I need to write something down. Very pretty.

👤These are 5 inches long, I was actually wanting something a bit longer. The design is one-sided. It will fit my purposes for now. It's super cute.

👤This is our second order. It's the right size for notes or shopping.

👤These notepads are awesome! As expected, it's cute.

👤I thought it would be a good substitute for Post-its. The sheets are too small. The paper is too dark or dense to allow you to see what you wrote. The note pads were a waste of money.

👤The design is beautiful and functional. Fast delivery!

👤It was quick, easy, and nice. I would buy them again.

11. Spiral Notebook Journals School Designs

Spiral Notebook Journals School Designs

These 90's themed spiral bound notebooks are portable and can be used for daily reminders, a personal diary, or as a travel journal. The perfect gift for travelers, students, or business colleagues is a diary, schedule book, and journal notebook. The journal is made of quality paper with college ruled inner pages. The college ruled notebook journals are 7 x 5 inches. The pack includes cute notebook journals.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I bought these because my current notebook is no longer available anywhere as the other company stopped production. They are of good quality and as advertised. I wish they had one or two features that they don't, but those are preference and not a problem with the product or the description of them. There was only one product from a different company that was the same as mine and it was less affordable. The competing product was more pleasing in appearance.

👤These notebooks are great for taking notes. The strap that goes around them keeps them closed. Highly recommended! I go through them quickly at work and I'm going to buy another pack.

👤It's a good size to fit in my purse. It's perfect for my lists and agenda, with a little flap for extra notes, and I use it daily. I like the designs.

👤I would love to have these notebooks with a variety of scriptures. There is a They are the perfect size for what I want. I will order this item again.

👤I have a notebook that I use to measure things. My mistake was that I went by page size so these are a little small than I wanted. It's just an update for anyone. They work well.

👤It's nice but not a lot of pages so it depends on how you want to use it. There are interesting colors and patterns outside. I gave them as gifts.

👤If you look in the notebook a lot, the pages will start to Curl up. Passwords and private stuff are kept by me. Love it.

👤I liked the variety of patterns, but they were a little shorter than I'm used to. I wanted the spiral to be a little stronger so I could use a pen to write on the pages.


What is the best product for decorative note pads 5x8?

Decorative note pads 5x8 products from Elan Publishing Company. In this article about decorative note pads 5x8 you can see why people choose the product. Tops and Eccolo World Traveler are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative note pads 5x8.

What are the best brands for decorative note pads 5x8?

Elan Publishing Company, Tops and Eccolo World Traveler are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative note pads 5x8. Find the detail in this article. Rhuyoshn, Perfect Impressions and Mead are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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