Best Decorative Note Pads for Women

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1. Magnetic Fridge Notepads Grocery Shopping

Magnetic Fridge Notepads Grocery Shopping

If you have a problem with the product, please contact them. The magnetic summer notepads come with 60 sheets, so stay organized with this set of fruit-patterned shopping list pads for fridge. The fruity fridge notepad set is great for the office, home, school, or gifts for teachers. High Quality: Made of quality offset paper that is sturdy and durable; a magnet covers the entire backing so your memo pad sticks to any metal surface like refrigerators, lockers, filing cabinets. The dimensions of the lined magnetic notepads are 3.5 x 9 inches. Each pack comes with 6 cute fruit themed magnetic to do list notepads for groceries.

Brand: Juvale

👤The best part is that the back is covered with a magnet. A big ol' honking magnet across the entire back is enough to hold a pad to a refrigerator. Highly recommended.

👤I know what you're thinking. These are probably just cheap notepads that are the same as your local dollar store ones. You are wrong. The quality of these notepads is unbeatable, especially at the price and quantity that's offered. The patterns are beautiful and consistent, and you know what the best part of these pads is. The entire back of the pad is magnets. The magnetic strength is so strong that you don't have to worry about the pads falling apart. If you're looking for a great quality notepad at an affordable price, look no further! You've found it! Purchasing is highly recommended.

👤It is hard to remove the stain on the refrigerator now that one of the magnetic notepads left on the fridge left a stain. The other magnetic notepad was not damaged.

👤These are great! They are cheerful in the colors around the border while not being too busy with the design to distract from the list. It's great that they are lined up. The whole backing is a magnet. I had a problem with the last one where it only had a strip of magnet, and I have never seen that before.

👤Paper lists are no longer needed with everyone carrying smart phones. We couldn't find anything like this in any of the stores we looked at. We've used them for a long time. There were many options for Amazon. The item is perfect for our needs and we were surprised that the entire back surface is a rubber magnet. It will probably not fall off the refrigerator as it has in the past. We will buy it again.

👤I've had a magnetic pad like this for several years. I'd been looking for a replacement since it ran out of sheets. I saw these on Amazon and realized that everything I found had weak magnets or foolish printing. They work well, have nondescript designs on the sheets, and the price is right. The six pads are likely to last me for three or four years. Good stuff.

👤I ordered these because they have 60 pages per tablet and seemed to be the cheapest. They have a full length magnet on the back. They adhere well to the fridge, but it isn't as strong as pads that have smaller magnets. The adherability of the pads is unaffected by the tear in the magnet. The paper is soft and smooth and can be used to write. I would buy these again.

👤These pads work well for grocery or to-do lists. Large writing is possible because of the ample spacing for each item in the list. I would have preferred a slightly narrower line so that each list had room for more items. The full magnetic back on each list seems excessive, but it holds well. They work well.

2. Beach Ocean Theme Pads Assorted

Beach Ocean Theme Pads Assorted

The note cube holder is tied up in a pretty bow and is a great gift for a new office, teachers, or friend. Each pad has 50 sheets. The design was printed in the USA. Great idea for a small gift. There are fun ocean fish and beach pads. Their cards are designed and printed in the USA. They want to make sure that the card your friends and family receive is of the highest caliber.

Brand: Stonehouse Collection

👤I love my note pads. On cold days, I warm up.

👤The note pads are nice. They are a good size for my needs. I keep some in my purse and Bible when I need to write something down. Very pretty.

👤These are 5 inches long, I was actually wanting something a bit longer. The design is one-sided. It will fit my purposes for now. It's super cute.

👤This is our second order. It's the right size for notes or shopping.

👤These notepads are awesome! As expected, it's cute.

👤I thought it would be a good substitute for Post-its. The sheets are too small. The paper is too dark or dense to allow you to see what you wrote. The note pads were a waste of money.

👤The design is beautiful and functional. Fast delivery!

👤It was quick, easy, and nice. I would buy them again.

3. Rustic Notepads Assorted Notepds

Rustic Notepads Assorted Notepds

The spiral notebook is small to fit around but large enough for serious writing. Each rustic pad has 50 sheets. Their cards are designed and printed in the USA. They want to make sure that the card your friends and family receive is of the highest caliber. Great idea for a small gift. It's fun for reminders, honey-do list, shopping list and more. These notepads are great for the home or office.

Brand: Stonehouse Collection

👤There are pads of paper. I liked their design and bought them. Can write a letter on several sheets. They can be used for note pads or To Do lists. Considering shipping is included, they average about $2.75 per pad. The paper thickness is not too thin. A pen with a ball point pen would be perfect. A sharpie could bleed.

👤These are cute. The design on each pad is simple and I love it. They are great for a quick note when you don't need to send the note to an envelope. The paper is very thin. No complaints!

👤I made a time capsule for my daughter's first birthday and everyone wrote a note. Our theme was perfectly matched by these notepads. So pretty.

👤These notepads are great. I use them all the time because of their cute design. I have ordered more.

👤It was a gift. Liked the patterns in the package. A cute gift.

👤I use these notepads all the time. Love the design. Good quality.

👤The design is awesome.

👤Good quality and cool design, as pictured. I would order again.

4. Paper Junkie Succulents Magnetic Refrigerator

Paper Junkie Succulents Magnetic Refrigerator

You can get a high-Caliber Leather Journal, or Your Money Back, and it comes with 3 notebooks and made-for-convenience accessories. It can be used as a travel companion or package as a thoughtful gift. If you don't like the journal, they'll make it right and process a refund. Their premium brand money-back guarantee makes risk free. TheSucculent notepad is ideal for quickly writing down grocery lists, to do lists, bill reminders, and notes for your busy schedule at school, work, or home. A magnetic to do list. The magnetic backing of the cactus notepads makes it easy to place the memo note pads on the fridge, filing cabinet, locker, or whiteboard. The magnetic notepads for refrigerator are made from high-quality, easy to write on paper and are suitable for pens, markers, pencils, and highlighters. The perfect size is 3.5 x 9 inches, perfect for your backpack, purse, tote, or laptop bag. There are 12 cute Succulent notepads for lists.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤They're cute and pretty. I have had two up in the last month, one on the fridge and the other on the whiteboard. The backs of the notepads are magnetic. It's sure to stay where you put it. The pages are easy to rip off and I only had one page fall off on its own. They're 9x 3.5" with 6 designs, 2 pads for each design, and full magnetic backs. The pages are thick enough that the Sharpie won't bleed onto the next page, even though the writing is on the back of the page.

👤Exactly as described. My heart was full of joy when I opened them. The minimal amount of review made Hey hesitant. I am so happy I purchased.

👤Cute designs and I love that you get many for a great price. I don't have to worry about it falling off when the fridge door is closed because the magnet covers the entire back of the pad. I love em.

👤The notepads are made of cheap paper. The magnetic pad is the same size as the pad itself. There's usually a single magnetic pad. I didn't give them stocking stuffers because of these issues.

👤I received 9 out of 12 pads, the packaging was open, and a few of the lists had marks on them. The lists serve their purpose and are not too bad. I will not be ordering from this store again.

👤There are note packs to use for shopping lists. We use the magnetic wiggle pen to add stuff to the fridge. The paper is nice. The back is a magnet and it isn't falling off. It seems solid.

👤The notepads are cute. I love hanging them on my frig for reminders. I couldn't find any in local stores over Christmas. I'm happy to find them on Amazon. I ordered some for my sister as well. She adores them as well. There are big magnetics on the back.

👤Fast shipping as described. The notepad sticks to the refrigerator because of the full length magnet. Excellent quality.

👤I love them! The designs are cute and they stick.

👤Agarre adecuado, pero muy bonitos.

5. Do List Notepad Magnetic Stationary Religious

Do List Notepad Magnetic Stationary Religious

What is included? 60 sheets of magnetic notepads are included in this pack. These religious note pads are ideal for quickly writing down daily goals, grocery lists, to do lists, bill reminders, and notes to ensure on top of your busy schedule. There is magnetic backing. The magnets on the back allow you to place the note pads in a variety of places. The magnetic notepads for refrigerator are made from high-quality, easy to write on paper and are suitable for pens, markers, pencils, and highlighters. The bible verse notepad is perfect for your backpack, purse, tote, or laptop bag. 55 sheets per pad is included.

Brand: Juvale

👤Magnetic shopping lists are the same size every year, but they were much smaller in both width and length. Only for people with small eyes and writing. The bigger version is needed for older people.

👤I wanted a notepad for every lady at my party. They used the pads to write their answers on the board. They kept the note pads as a Christmas gift. The pads had a full size magnet on the back that they loved. They were happy with their gifts.

👤Even though the size of the pad is smaller than I'm used to, the large whole page size magnet is very nice. I write a little smaller. It is still a great deal. The paper is very nice.

👤These are lovely! The back is covered by a magnet. This makes them strong. I'm sure that my garden club members will love them.

👤They are good notepads. I keep the store list on for weekly trips. I barely put pressure on it to tear the paper off and the whole back came off. If you want to hang it on the fridge, good notepads are not a good choice.

👤We needed a gift for a large group of church women. The pads are perfect. The quotes are well chosen and the size is small but that's not a problem. They are magnetic as well. It was nice to have a selection of quotes and colors for the ladies to choose from, and they were happy with the gift. This product was perfect for our needs.

👤These were perfect for Christmas gifts. I attached a pen to the bow. Everyone loved the personal note I added to the second page.

👤I like to put my lists on my fridge. I gave some pads to the ladies in my Bible Study and I liked them very much.

👤I need to write a shopping list as I run out of items. I forget something when I order my shopping. I can add items as I run out of them because they fit on my oven. The magnets are good and they don't move as you write. I like the quotes on the bag. I will buy more when I use them.

👤Well packaged, came on time. There are some lovely shopping lists. An extra gift for my friends.

👤These are a cute gift for friends.

👤Too small! I was expecting more than that at PaperChase. I was delivered late because it was so small. I can not return now.

6. Ceibo Press List Notepads Sanfelippo

Ceibo Press List Notepads Sanfelippo

These notepads are great for the home or office. Your day isn't like anyone else's, so why plan your day on a mass-market to do list? These notepads are sweet, but not cutesy. A fresh to-do list on a single sheet of beautiful stationery is an organizing feature. A clean start to the day is offered by a new page. Sanfelippo's stylish floral designs are soft but never silly. She has created three contemporary patterns for this set of notecards. The daily to do list is 6 inches tall and 4 12 inches wide, and it fits neatly in a coat pocket or purse, with plenty of room for goals, meeting notes, and action items. The colorful themes help these pages stand out in a sea of cream-yellow sticky notes and steno pads. Each pad has 50 sheets measuring 4 12 inches wide and 6 14 inches tall. Each pad has its own design. You can keep a pad in your purse, car, and desk.

Brand: Ceibo Press

👤I put these notepads in my airbnb for guests to use, and for me to leave notes, instructions, reminders, etc. I use them for grocery lists, chores lists, and things to get done for yardwork. There is a lot of them. There is a good amount of space on them, but sometimes I will need to use the back or a new one for certain things because of the decorations. Theese are not for people who are looking for a sticky note. They leave on the table or on the bulliton board. There is a Otherwise they are great.

👤I wanted to buy a gift of notepads for my sister, so I bought her a special pen. I thought these were fun, not too big and not fuzzy, and I found them on Amazon. There is a She loves them. There is a The shipping speed and quality of the product were as expected.

👤I bought these because they are cute. I wish they had that sticky strip on them. I could use them in a different way. I use them daily to write smaller lists, work related info for my staff, or words of inspiration if someone needs a boost. There is a The binding is durable and the paper is great quality. I would recommend purchasing this.

👤The paper is heavy and pretty. The only issue I have with them is that the paper is very slick to write on, which I don't like, I wish the paper had more texture to hold onto the ink, but that's a personal preference.

👤These writing pads are perfect. They are a perfect fit for the small pad holder that I have to go along with. The paper is very soft and appreciated. The pad holder has something under it. The colors are beautiful and add to the overall pleasing experience that I am having with my writing pads.

👤The paper is very high quality, but the only negative thing is that each pad only comes with 50 pages. Will definitely buy it again.

👤I have purchased these three times. The paper is very thick. Will make your desk brighter.

👤There are three beautiful notepads. Each pad has a design. I bought another set to give to a friend.

7. Premium Leather Journal Set Leather Bound

Premium Leather Journal Set Leather Bound

There are 6 faith journals for women with 40 sheets of paper. A real authentic leather journal is built to stay loyal to your imagination for years. You get a soft and supple feel, and a robust construction that is strong enough to endure travel. The journal is perfect for travelers, poets, and writers. You will enjoy your journal moments with its weathered and fine leather scent. Are you looking for a journal that won't limit how you use it? You can draw, sketch, write, and express yourself with the blank white, brown, and white lines you get. The papers are high quality and can be used with ball points, ink pens, pencils, and fountain pens with no bleed through. The Bigger Journal has more quotes than any other journal in the market, and it's 18x13 cm. You get more space to think. Your journal is a great place to record important memories and thoughts. Write poems as you live in the moment and list all your ideas. A classic gift box with a comprehensive journaling kit is what you get. This product can be used as a gift for birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries for men, women, students, poets, travelers, and designers. You get a compass divider, metal clips that can be used as pen holders, and a luxurious leather style pen. Journal on your own terms. You can get a high-Caliber Leather Journal, or Your Money Back, and it comes with 3 notebooks and made-for-convenience accessories. It can be used as a travel companion or package as a thoughtful gift. If you don't like the journal, they'll make it right and process a refund. Their premium brand money-back guarantee makes risk free.

Brand: Emcollection

👤I was going to give this journal as a gift, but I will keep it for myself now. It is the perfect size. I can keep it with me wherever I am because it fits inside my purse. The leather cover is smooth and pretty, and I like the look and feel of it. It is something that you can use and keep with you, that does not look like a little girl's diary. You can use the metal clip to mark a book with it. Some of the pages are lined and some are un-lined. I am really happy with this purchase.

👤I got this as a gift for my wife, who I thought would use it as a diary, recipe book, travel journal, etc, and I was excited about the product description. There is a I barely had time to wrap the box in my own paper and trust the contents to be top-notch. The journal is wrapped in tissue paper after she unboxed it. There is a The leather binding is very nice, thick, and good finish, it makes you want to fill it with your thoughts, ideas, poems, etc. It seems like it has been yours for a long time. There is a I was told to keep my hands off it by the wife, who loved it. I was able to see the different notebooks inside. I will look for one of my own.

👤It's pretty good. It takes a lot of time to get the strap in between the holes to close it. I will install a snap button or something similar to close and open the strap since I will be using it a lot. The pen is used for writing. The paper is high quality. It doesn't come with the plastic inserts to hold credit cards, you have to purchase them if you want them. I was expecting the gold clip pen holder shown on the pics to arrive in either box, but it never did. I got 2 more, but the clips weren't in them. I am not happy with the overall experience.

👤Wow! I ordered this because I was hoping for a journal for my sister. It is a beautiful journal with antiqued looking pages and quotes that have a wonderful leather smell, a leather strap closure, a metal clip, and a compass page keeper. It comes in a beautiful giftable box. I know my sister will love this amazing treasure and that she can keep and pass it down. Absolutely perfect!

👤The pen and journal are in a nice box. The leather is strong. The pen is wrapped in leather and of good quality. The books are of good quality. There is a The longevity of the bungee like notebook holders is a concern for me. They remind me of elastic hair bands. Time will tell why I gave 4 stars. They need to use boxes, not bubble envelopes. The box was destroyed in the bottom corner, but the contents were not harmed.

8. Pocket Notebook Journal Assorted Patterns

Pocket Notebook Journal Assorted Patterns

The paper for the stationery is from well-managed forests. Get more value with their 5-pack of books. Get more and save less. Each book has 80 pages and 40 sheets. The mini memo pad is 8x10 inches. The paper is acid-free. There is a line pattern and a dot pattern. This item is manufactured and sold by Alan Publishing, a leader in field notes for the past 50 years.

Brand: Elan Publishing Company

👤They are cute and a good value, but they are very thin. They only have 40 sheets. They tell you it is 80 pages in the description. I was confused when I thought it was 80 sheets, so make sure you pay attention to that. Disappointing but still useful.

👤I decided to leave a review because I really like these notebooks and feel I should pass on my thoughts to anyone who is debating them. There is a The paper is thick and doesn't allow much bleed from fountain pens or highlighters. I love taking full page notes and making my own margins. I bought them in the first place because they look great and are thin enough to fit in my bag without taking up a lot of room. They stay open on their own, so you don't have to hold the pages open while writing, and it's stitch-bound. They are firmly in there. I don't do my homework in these but in a different notebook. Not a lot of pages. This is a pro for me. It is. If you're looking for something substantial, this probably isn't it. Each book has been enough for me to take notes for one semester long college course and my hand writing is large, so I have no complaints personally. Is it a good idea to recommend them? There is a For taking notes? Yes! I've filled many of these notebooks over the course of my studies. These would make a great journal, thought book, etc. If you don't need to tear any pages from it, these are fantastic and I would recommend them.

👤Thin notebooks are good for keeping track of everything. I will use these to write my notes, todo lists, and take meeting notes this school year. If I need more pages, I have more than one. These do not take up a lot of space. I can use one for my notes.

👤The book is perfect for my Big Happy Planner. I was tired of using a single sheet of paper and then forgetting something. I started to use this to make notes so that I can easily locate any notes that I take with my business or personal life. I can always keep them for easy access in the future and I have more to use when I'm done with one.

👤Cute journals! I am happy with these. The quality of the paper, the page size, and the cute covers make them easy to write on. I guess that is what field journals are. The pages are large and they are 5 books.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I bought the bigger size ones that give you more room for writing. The designs are cute. The notebooks are comfortable to write in.

👤They are easy to carry and write a lot on.

👤It adds a touch of brightness to the experience. It was very well made.

👤The colors make writing fun. Something different from what's in the stores. I bought three packs to share with friends, a women's shelter, and personal use. They are made to last.

9. Hallmark Notepad Bundle Notepads Assorted

Hallmark Notepad Bundle Notepads Assorted

There are 12 cute Succulent notepads for lists. Give your friends, family, or coworkers something to do. The very best with a pen and notepad. Notepads feature simple, elegant designs in shades of pink and blue, and metallic gold foil, that are perfect for year-round use. It's a great addition to anyone's stationery supply. Buy in bulk to keep these handy gifts at the ready for your next last-minute gift exchange or special occasion. Give your gift the final touch with a pair of small gift bags. A large notepad has 100 sheets, a medium notepad has 100 sheets, and a small notebook has 30 pages. All are tied together with a gold pen. The paper for the stationery is from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤A beautiful stationery set would make a great gift. I was a little disappointed with my purchase because I missed some details. I thought the large notepad would have a decorative top on it, but it turns out that it is only for the writer to enjoy. The paper is just a plain sheet since the header holds together the notepad. It is a nice set. The pen works, but it doesn't feel very high quality. The notebook and notepad are both nice.

👤This is a bundle of notepads. It would make a great gift for a female friend. It has a pen, two medium size note pads, and a small note book. I use all three pads for different things.

👤A nice gift for a coworker is smaller than expected, but still nice.

👤It's perfect for writing letters on the go or as a great addition to your night stand. It is absolutely gorgeous.

👤This is a gift for my boss. She loved it! You can get a pen and notebooks for a great price.

👤I got this to gift a friend who is equally as type A as I am. The amount of packing it was sent in was ridiculous. Such a waste.

👤A birthday gift. Cute.

👤They're pretty, well packaged, and come packed in their own small boxes to keep them in good condition, great for re-shipping. The high quality is what you will see.

👤The quality of the item and the packaging are great. It was a nice gift. I would recommend a friend to purchase from me again.

👤A great gift for mom... The image is exactly like it. I was impressed with the size.

👤It was smaller than expected but nice. It was given as a gift.

10. Spiral Notepad 12 Pack Notebooks Do

Spiral Notepad 12 Pack Notebooks Do

There is a value pack. A good pack of notepads. There are 6 different designs in the pack. There are accessories not included with the product. Simple and convenient. These spiral notepads are portable and can be used for daily reminders, personal diary, or as a travel journal. The perfect gift is an all-purpose journal, diary, and scheduler for modern lifestyles; these small spiral notepads are a great gift idea for travelers, students, business colleagues, teachers or parents. High quality. Notepads are made with spiral pages. DIMENSIONS The spiral notepad is about 3 x 5 inches. What is included? There are 12 spiral notepads with 50 pages each.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I carry these in my scrub pockets because I need to remember 100 things. They are cute and hold up well when knocked all day.

👤I use notebooks. I love the small size of these, they fit in a pocket, purse or wallet. They are great for reminders and to-dos. It's great to know that I have a back log of the flowers. The paper quality is not as good as it used to be. They are an all around winner because they don't tear while writing.

👤It is a beautiful note pad. I put one in each proposal box for my bridesmaids and maid of honor to love.

👤I needed students to sign in for yoga. They are 50 pages instead of 20. I will be able to share them with other teachers.

👤It was just as described. A good price for a good value. I like them.

👤Great price for little pads.

👤I was looking for notepads.

👤So happy to have found these spiral notepads. Good value for money.

👤Love them will be good for me at work.

👤I gave these away. The coil was cheap and the paper was yellow. I found better options at the dollar store, but it might be a good addition to a kid's birthday treatbags.

👤The design is cute. The note pad is perfect for keeping in my purse. I keep one in each of my people. Would definitely recommend.

11. Field Notebook Gold Patterns Lined

Field Notebook Gold Patterns Lined

This is not a stick of glue. Get more value with their 5-pack of books. Get more and save less. Each book has 80 pages and 40 sheets. The mini memo pad is 5x8 inches. The paper is acid-free. The pattern is lined and fluorescent. This item is manufactured and sold by Alan Publishing, a leader in field notes for the past 50 years.

Brand: Elan Publishing Company

👤They are cheap and flimsy, but held together with staplers. I could have bought them at the dollar store.

👤These little notebooks are very cute. It's perfect for making lists. I have a lot of things going on in my brain at one time, so you will find my schedule, to-do lists, grocery lists, and so on in mine. It fits in my purse. I really like the size of these and the smaller size would be more convenient to whip out when needed. Not large or small. The covers have fun designs. These are very cute. My original plan was to find a cheap notebook at the dollar store, but it takes a lot for me to leave the house.

👤I needed something small to keep in my medical scrubs pockets while I was new to the job. I needed something that would hold up over time, so I could leave my pockets easily. I would need to write down a lot of things. People don't want to have to tell you things multiple times so it's important to keep notes. They had the right amount of pages in them so that I could organize, like putting passwords in the back and names in the front. I can easily pull it out when I need it the most. I was able to memorize everything in the first one and start a new one. The cover remained in tact even though it became worn. I kept the old one and the new one. There are many uses for these little books. I would buy a color combination in the future.

👤My daughter gave the gold foil printed notebooks to her colleagues as gifts, after she finished her summer work. The booklets are cute and the gold makes them pop. It looked like a gift set because of the gold ink pens I used. It's a great day for the price, you receive 5 in a pack.

👤I like these designs. They're so dreamy! I was hoping to use these books for many projects. They won't hold up to daily use. The covers are easy to bend. I think I'll pass them on to my kids for fun. I won't be buying these again, but if the publisher ever comes out with a more durable design, I would give it a try.

👤I wasn't sure if or not to order from the reviews. I was happy I did. These books are nice. The covers are attractive and will hold up in my purse, the pages are good, and there is a little ruler inside the back cover. It was handy! There is a These are the perfect gifts for my group of caregivers.

👤When they are all here, my grandsons love to play bingo. I picked up the game several months ago and thought to myself, "I need inexpensive prizes for the winners." They loved the $1.00 things I bought at the store. I looked on Amazon and found some fun things that they could choose to win. They loved everything I did. It's a great way to spend time with your family. The game is great for all ages. Our grandchildren will be excited to play and have fun if we choose prizes that work for them.


What is the best product for decorative note pads for women?

Decorative note pads for women products from Juvale. In this article about decorative note pads for women you can see why people choose the product. Stonehouse Collection and Paper Junkie are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative note pads for women.

What are the best brands for decorative note pads for women?

Juvale, Stonehouse Collection and Paper Junkie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative note pads for women. Find the detail in this article. Ceibo Press, Emcollection and Elan Publishing Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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