Best Decorative Oars for Wall Set Of 2

Wall 26 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Marie D├ęcor Blacksmith Handmade Bathroom

Marie D%C3%A9cor Blacksmith Handmade Bathroom

Removes cleanly. There was no sticky substance. There were no nails, screws, or holes. Enjoy a lifetime of use with long-lasting quality. Their hooks are made with care. Hang your hats, coats, towels and more in any room. Get everything you need in minutes. The wall anchors and screws are included. The hooks are about 3 inches long, 0.8 inches wide and 2 inches from the wall. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind. Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind.

Brand: Stur-de

👤The items come in a box, then inside the box is a bag, then inside the bag are 4 bags, and then inside the bag is the hook. There is a note saying how fancy the hooks are. Their is more packaging. Good luck with the tiny screws that are provided to install. The curtain hooks I see are large enough to hold the bulk of the curtain, these fit in the palm of my hand.

👤It was a perfect match for the older ax. The ax is secure and easy to install.

👤I was excited to have these hooks for the curtains. The curtains are black. I wanted a cute tie back for the day so the house wasn't a cave. The hooks came with the wall anchor and screws. I didn't get the mounting hardware, but I can't figure out how to message the seller. If you can send me the hardware, please, I love it. I will update my review to a full 5 stars once that is received.

👤The hooks are attractive despite not being true wrought iron. The sides show signs of being stamped out of sheet metal and the terminal end shows signs of actually being worked. The hardware that came with the hooks will work well for my application, but I still find the description shameful.

👤I like these hooks. The screws that come with them are terrible. 3 of the 6 were hard to install, 1 looked to be a used phillips head, and one was perfectly flat! They are short with cheap anchors. You'll love them, but use better screws and anchors.

👤The hooks are heavy duty. I used them on a plaque to give away something on my channel. There is a They worked out great and had a small curl at the end. I will be buying more of these for myself.

👤I love these hooks! We are fixing up an old farmhouse and it goes perfectly. The backpacks and coats were hung in the mud room. The husband says they will hold the weight. The screws are straight head made it difficult to use the power tool. It wanted to get away from the screw.

👤The hooks are great. They have 2 black screws. It's easy to install. Just screw it in with a tad of tap. A simple yet elegant design. Shipping is quick. 2 thumbs up!

2. Stonebriar Wall Decor Anchor Rope

Stonebriar Wall Decor Anchor Rope

Due to monitor display issues, actual colors may differ from pictures. There is a blue Distressed Finish. Part of the assortment. The Stone briar collection. It's a perfect addition to your decor.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤My wall decor is cute. I have a canvas print of boat oars with two of them on it. I like my coastal decor.

👤I like this anchor. The color is great. The rope on the anchor and the rope to hang it with is something I like. The price and design are great.

👤This is the right size to hang on a door or as an accent with a net.

👤After Renos were finished, I bought this to decorate. The item is cheap and the colors are not as pictured. The return window was missed.

👤I redecorated my bathroom in a beach theme and this anchor is perfect. It is very well made and lightweight.

👤It's perfect for my office.

👤I love it! It was a little smaller than I thought. It is a great piece for the price. It goes very well in my bathroom.

👤It was a nice size. Love the colors! Fast delivery.

3. 720002 Early American Single Wrought

720002 Early American Single Wrought

This set is an ideal gift for friends or family who are coastal lovers. They will love it! There is a set of 2 hooks. Each hook has a wall anchor. Simple and stylish design. It's perfect for hats, coats, keys and more.

Brand: Tags America

👤I was looking for hooks with a rustic look. These can be used in the kitchen. They are sturdy enough to hold belts or keys. I ordered four and will probably order more. It would have been better if they had two holes, as with only one hole they might not hold their position and have to be adjusted at times.

👤I got these to hang up an antique rolling pin that belonged to my grandma. These were easy to put up. I measured the rolling pin and used a level to mark where I wanted the hooks. I used the screws and not the anchor. The pin is above the kitchen window so it won't be disturbed. I did not need to go to the trouble. They are sturdy and easy to use. They do not detract from the item you are hanging. The hardware comes with them.

👤I ordered a pack of 10 and an additional pack of 2 hooks because I needed 12 of them. Even though they are in the same menu, they are not the same size. I attached a picture of the set of 2 with their different-sized friends. It worked well for our projects, but for those looking for uniform size, you need to order from the same quantity category.

👤I ordered 6 of these hooks a year ago and they were perfect for the project I was using them for. I needed 2 more. I went back to my order history and clicked on the option to buy again. I had the option to purchase a quantity of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hooks. I only needed 2 so I ordered that. They are not the same size as yesterday. They are much lighter in weight. I looked at the product description for each quantity option and it wasn't the same. I don't know why this bother me so much, but once I select an item, I expect it to be the same item regardless of how many I buy. So beware. If you order a pack of 2 and a pack of 6 hooks, they won't match.

👤It was perfect! I have a small kitchen. I hung my skillets on the wall. It wasScrewed into the stud. I freed up some space. Very happy!

👤The hooks are made of square stock and finished with a museum finish. The wall has an attachment with a wood screw and a drywall anchor. I gave the sturdiness a 3 because it held my project up perfectly and the hook might hold a coat up, but anything heavier than a few pounds, I think I'd screw into wood and mount that onto a joint or something. I'd give it a 5 if it was mounted on wood. It is easy to install since the anchor hole is pre-drilled. It's pretty standard. There is a As my project grows, I may buy again. They are hanging on the wall.

👤I didn't expect one of the hooks to be longer than the other. It's not attractive to have them mounted side by side. I should have paid attention to the problem that another reviewer had. Too much of a hassle to come back, so in the trash.

4. ESTART Nautical Decoration Mediterranean Ornament

ESTART Nautical Decoration Mediterranean Ornament

It's an artistic way to display your photos, Christmas cards, stockings, mementos, making them a wall decor essential for your living room, bedroom and dorm room. The wooden fish is hand-carved from high-quality wood wrapped with a decorative fishing net. Each fish is slightly different due to the handmade nature of the wooden structure. Small Size: 7.87*1.97*1.06 IN/ 20*5*2.7 CM (L * W * H); Large Size: 10.63*2.50*1.57 IN/ 27*6.5* 4.5 CM (L * W * H). Installation is quick and easy. The wooden fish decoration kit includes two fish sculptures on a sling, so you can easily hang them on the walls and windows of nautical themed rooms, to create a refreshing Mediterranean Style ocean-atmosphere. The wooden fish sculpture home decoration is suitable for any beach theme living room, bedroom and bathroom, nautical wall decoration, beach restaurant or party decoration, fishing theme party decoration. The wooden fish decoration makes you feel like you are in the ocean. The perfect gift is wooden fish with Mediterranean-themed house decorations, such as fishing nets, wooden lighthouses, wooden sailing rudders and anchors. It's a great gift for people who like sailing and nautical murals. It can be given as a gift to a friend. The randomness of the wooden fish makes it more unique than the mechanical fish. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Estart

👤My bathroom is nautical themed. I'm very happy with the purchase. Shipping was fast.

👤Our nautical themed guest bedroom has a cute decor accent. Excellent quality!

👤I was surprised by the quality of the item. It looks great hanging on the wall.

5. 13 25Inch Starfish Nautical Decorative Livingroom

13 25Inch Starfish Nautical Decorative Livingroom

Their 2-year warranty is for pure peace of mind. A beach theme with pretty colors and excellent craftsmanship could be a theme with other marine life or nautical elements. The Starfish Decor is made of good quality materials and handcrafted metal and glass. It's a good size and beautiful addition for patio, bathroom, pool, porch, fence, garden wall, door, window or bedroom, weighing only 0.8 lbs. This artistic wall art with starfish design is a nice gift for ocean lovers. It's easy to hang a starfish on a hook hole on the back.

Brand: Joybee Home&garden

👤I live in Florida and have been looking for a special starfish. I finally decided to buy this piece after looking at it for weeks. I am not sure what I was expecting, but this piece far exceeded my expectations. The piece of glass is beautiful and perfect. The website shows it in a poor light. I think the value is worth something. You don't have to live in Florida to appreciate this piece. I think it would add to the wall of any room in the house. This is glass art that you will love.

👤The metal is black and could have been nice. This has been sitting on a shelf for a while and got moist at some point. It can't be wiped off. I have to return it. I would love to order again if I could get a new one.

👤I thought it would look like champagne glass, but it is more like a strip of heavy gold down the center and not very opaque, which makes it look a little cheap. I have not hung it. I'm not sure I will be honest. It should have been sent back. I was hoping it would be better.

👤This was nice. It was just way overpriced. I sent back most of the things I got because they were cheap. This one isn't as bad. But wouldn't buy again.

👤My bathroom looked great. The room was enhanced by the color. I would recommend it.

👤When I received this starfish, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I love the colors and the way they are put together.

👤It is easy to hang and the craftsmanship looks great on the house.

👤Just look at the pictures. They hold up better than pictures in the bathroom. The colors are glowing.

👤Compre una estrella dorada. La habitacin donde las puse. Son de metal, no pesan, as es una fcil colgarlas con un pequeo clavo. The sujetador traen por la parte de atrs. Se tienen poner en la casa.

👤I was pleased with the quality and size of the wall ornament I ordered.

👤Me encanto! Just 888-353-1299 Un ganga. The product is a precio-producto.

👤Son mas grandes. LLegaron antes de lo esperado. Me encantaron.

6. Vintage Decorative Entryway Farmhouse Included

Vintage Decorative Entryway Farmhouse Included

It's perfect for hats, coats, keys and more. The double hooks design helps to save space. The rustic hook is 140 x 40mm/ 5.5 x 1.57 inch. 5 vintage style hooks are made from steel and iron and are sturdy enough to hold heavy items and not easy to break. It is possible to install the perfect coat rack on the wall or door. Installation is quick and easy. There are 20 safe screws. Hang up anything for coats, jackets, hats, necklaces, jewelry, keys, towels, handbags and belts. There is a lifetime guarantee. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer a lifetime guarantee to all of their customers.

Brand: Ymaiss

👤I bought a lot of these hooks for a coat hook project I was working on. They seem to be made well and for the most part are manufactured in an even pattern. As we began to install them, nearly every second screw head broke off. The screw's body was stuck in the wood and the head was broken off. We tried a lot of things to put them in, but nothing worked. My partner went to the hardware store to get the heads for the normal screws that aren't made of zinc and they worked great. I am happy with the end result but the screws included nearly destroyed our entire project so I would not recommend even attempting to use the included screws. Buy sturdy screws from your local hardware store.

👤If you're not very handy like me, you probably won't know to buy a stud finder and make sure to screw your hooks into the studs. I didn't screw them into the studs because I wanted mine to be apart. I think they're not very sturdy and couldn't hold a book bag because the screws don't catch in the wall. I don't know how to use Mollys.

👤These are basic and worth the money. I put them on a 1x4 and made a coat hanger. I had to do a lot of tuning on the board I used, as I had to remove and insert the screws a lot. I had a power drill snap the head off the screws. If you back them in/out a lot, this could happen. I would buy these again.

👤I've tried everything to get these to work. The screws are not worth anything. I tried stripping it with a screwdriver. I tried stripping it using a drill. I thought the wood was too hard. The screws broke off in the hole I predrilled. Cute hooks, if I could get them on something. I needed 4 of the 5 hooks to ruin 4 screws and still have enough. I ruined more than that and still don't have a hook.

👤I wanted a wall mounted coat rack for my entry way but most of the available ones at box stores looked too small for the space we wanted to fill and we wanted something more substantial. We used a 42 by 8 inch oak board and five hooks to make our own hooks. We are happy with the results and pleased with the quality. We are pleased with the utility and appearance of these hooks, but they will only last so long.

👤The screw heads broke when they were screwed in. I don't think they will support any weight if the metal of the screw isn't strong enough to hold it.

👤I used them on a pine board. I put the hooks evenly spread out. It looked great on the board. I like double hooks because they give me more space in one hook. I don't like using other types of hooks where you have to hang them on a pair of nails. You can line them up with a wood spacer and drill them right in. Cheers.

7. Deco 79 96077 Wood Panel

Deco 79 96077 Wood Panel

It is highly durable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. It's suitable to be used as decorative items. It is manufactured in India. Wall mount

Brand: Deco 79

👤I ordered two panels. The other panel was not the same as the beautifully crafted one. One had a beautiful edge while the other had a straight edge. The stain colors were not the same. One was great and the other looked like someone was throwing a ball. I had to send both back because they couldn't send me a match for the good one.

👤I was very pleased with this wall panel. It should be hung above the window.

👤I was looking for a wood wall panel. Most of them were too expensive or didn't get the best reviews. I ordered 4 of them and am pleasantly surprised. I need a piece of wall art and they fit that need. I was most impressed by how well they were wrapped. Two boxes are put in another box. They were in great shape. I'm not sure if I want to add color highlights to them but there is a finish so I'm not sure. I had to let them go for a day.

👤The bottom portion of the item is discolored. It has a rank smell like it was sitting in a damp basement. Too much trouble to return. Will try to fix it. The smell will disappear in time.

👤It was made of pressed paper and not wood.

👤The wooden panels are beautiful. The scroll design is beautiful and they are a quality product. Make sure you have the right size nails or wall screws for these because they are a bit heavy. I would pay close attention to the size. These are large.

👤The back and sides are white and there are chips, scratches, and white paint all over the front. I will return it.

👤It is beautiful. I painted it silver to match my house.

8. TideAndTales Nautical Lighthouse Bathroom Decorations

TideAndTales Nautical Lighthouse Bathroom Decorations

The new design is exciting. "Tide and Tales" coastal decor collection has a Framed 3D Nautical Decor Set. It is a perfect decor accent for any coastal interior and features delicate nautical shapes including anchor, ship wheel and a lighthouse. It is possible to bring that seaside vacation feeling to your home with the stylish nautical decor. This set has a soft pastel "Sea Salt" color and rustic distressed finish that will add a relaxing beach cottage vibe to any interior. It's ideal for coastal, nautical and beach decor themes. It is an ideal size and a versatile wall decor solution for most rooms. Ready to hang! No need to look for hanging hardware... They've included hanging hardware with the set so you can hang it when it arrives on your doorstep. It's easy! This set is an ideal gift for friends or family who are coastal lovers. They will love it!

Brand: Tide And Tales

👤These are gorgeous. They suit nautical themed bathrooms very well. The price is 100%. The background color is grey/blue, which is better for the walls of our bathroom, than a light blue. They're lightweight but well made. I just used regular nails, they come with screws and anchors. They're light enough to not need screws or anchors. There is a I'm very happy with my purchase. The bathroom looks great thanks to these canvases.

👤One of the pictures has a shell in the upper corner. I'm not picky, but it's way off from the center. I was going to glue it back on, but it would damage the wood underneath, which would show when I centered the shell. The pictures are great.

👤These are very cute. The one that I had was the only one that had a nail bulge. Then that. I was looking for something that added the right touch.

👤The pictures are beautiful. When you get them, make sure the ceramic fixture is in the middle. I had to send my first set back and get another one because the ship wheel was to the side. They are perfect except for that.

👤They look great in the bathroom. They are what I was looking for. The tiles are easy to hang.

👤Good coastal themed wall art is good for the price. I had to leave the box and items outside overnight because they smelled so bad.

👤liked the pictures They were nice and well made but I had to return them because they didn't match my decor. I am going to look for a good one. I like them.

👤There are three cute wall hangings that fit nicely into a nautical themed room. I used mine for the bathroom and so far they have held up well. There is a They can't be beat for the price. They were all built in a small factory, but they are all solid and well built.

👤We bought these for our new bathroom. I was very pleased with the quality, they even come with fixtures and fittings, and we're well packaged.

👤It was very good in the bathroom. The quality of items could be better. The card holding shell had fallen from the frame. If you have a staple gun, you can easily fix it.

👤I was very pleased with these items. The bathroom was perfect.

👤The product is great and the price is great. It looks great in my bathroom.

👤It was placed on the wall in the bathroom.

9. Juegoal Flowers Inspirational Sunflower Hanging

Juegoal Flowers Inspirational Sunflower Hanging

Handmade is made with high quality wood and rope. It is easy to install a beach decoration on a wall with the small metal triangle hook on the reverse side. 2 pack flower wall decoration with craft painting The bright white and yellow color makes your space room feel more like nature. It was created in high grade metal. The metal wall decor makes the flower look realistic. Each item is individually handmade with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, its very special, unique and original. The outdoor metal yard decors are made of high quality metal, hand-painted and finished with a UV proof coating, they can endure all types of weather conditions. The petals are three layers. The flower decor is different from traditional wall art. The rich three-dimensional feeling made it more charming. There is a hook on the back of the wall decor that can be hung easily. If you receive the product, please adjust it by hand to the best condition. A perfect gift is 100% iron wall art. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor, such as bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, garden, yard, patio and so on.

Brand: Juegoal

👤I painted my house green and the flowers look great.

👤These are fun at the beach. The sun is out from the beach.

👤Well made and looks great. A small anchored screw or nail into a stud would hold up even though they are a little heavier than they look.

👤The flowers are made of metal. It makes a difference in the yard. They look pretty. I'm probably going back for more.

👤These are great prices for decorations for my fence.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase of colorful.

👤I needed to add some color to my patio.

👤I like the size and colors.

10. Meching Nautical Steering Ornament Decoration

Meching Nautical Steering Ornament Decoration

We specialize in in-house designed home accents. Their affordable collection includes giftware, home decor, fashion, and trendy accessories. The material and size are handcrafted with high quality wood and rope. The anchor size is 7.7 inch and the wheel is 11 inch. The wooden ship wheel painted navy blue with white anchor pattern is a perfect nautical wall hanging decor. Hanging Wall DecorWide applicable occasion for home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties, nautical style photo wall, travel photos, Christmas cards, souvenirs. The wooden ship wheel and wood anchor are an essential wall decoration. It's easy to install, it comes with a small metal triangle hook on the reverse side spokes, and is easily mountable to a wall in need of a beach decoration. It can be used to decorate a Hawaiian style room. It's a perfect gift for those who love sailing and nautical wall art. A nautical wall hanging decor is a great way to accent your home with Mediterranean ornaments.

Brand: Meching

👤I thought it would be fun to redo the powder room for my husband while he was away on a fishing trip. The pieces were perfect for the bathroom. He loves it!

👤I love these. Everything in my bedroom is beach themed.

👤I want these for my bathroom and house decor. The anchor was broken and the glue was messy, but I was able to fix myself the shipping package since it was beachy. I'm most likely going to order another set for my living room.

👤The nautical themed bathroom that I bought to go with is adorable and the color is perfect. I had to glue the broken piece back together after I knocked a few stars off. I like it so much that I will be okay if it holds up.

👤I'm doing my bathroom in a nautical style and they look great. They would be perfect in a little boys room, but I used them for a baby room and they were perfect, and the price was great.

👤Very strong. The navy color is beautiful. I put a nautical shower curtain and navy rug in my bathroom, it's perfect for a nautical theme. All from Amazon.

👤They were used for a bathroom renovation. They were perfect! They are sturdy and well made. They are a good size for what I needed.

👤I think everyone should have a wooden ship if they want to display gorgeous items like this in their library, it just sets off. Thank you so much, I found it on Amazon.

👤Bigger than you think, and nicely painted. My bathroom is nautical themed.

👤So nice! A good sized, well painted, high quality eye catcher is on the wall of my little boat-and-sea-fanatic toddler. It was really worth the purchase. Also packed for the transit.

👤I need a nautical themed bathroom. The items are made of wood. It arrived very quickly. A very happy customer.

👤I have navy towels and navy accessories and these wall hangings make my bathroom feel nautical.

11. Yookeer Coastal Decorations Cottage Bathroom

Yookeer Coastal Decorations Cottage Bathroom

A perfect gift is 100% iron wall art. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor, such as bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, garden, yard, patio and so on. You can use this seashell wall decor plaque to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or other places, letting you feel the fresh breath of the ocean. The shell decor set is an ideal decoration for your home or any coastal and beach themed parties, it will bring that seaside vacation feeling to any room in your home. This ocean theme marine coastal decoration features in the shape of starfish, conch, and shell, which looks more vivid and charming and is sure to impress your guests; if you use this seashell wall hanging decor to decorate, it will add coastal flair style. You will receive 4 pieces of starfish beach decors in different sizes, which are sufficient for you to meet your various decor needs, and you can decorate your empty walls with the fairy tale sea world. The wood used in their sea conch shells wall art is lightweight and smooth, not easy to break or fade, and has a good wooden texture, which will serve you for a long time.

Brand: Yookeer

👤It should be a dollar store item.

👤These would be easy to hang. They were packaged well. Positive things are pretty ugly in person, so that's all I can say. They look better in photos. I will not hang them in my house so I will send them to the thrift store.

👤The pictures don't waste your money, but these are cheap. There is trash.

👤Cheap looking photo image, not as bright as online.

👤They look like big puzzle pieces for decorating. Not appealing to the eye at all!

👤I wanted to put these on the wall in my bathroom. They look great!

👤These are small. I should have read the reviews. I assumed they were large. They are cheap to make.

👤It looks cheap and not worth the money.


What is the best product for decorative oars for wall set of 2?

Decorative oars for wall set of 2 products from Stur-de. In this article about decorative oars for wall set of 2 you can see why people choose the product. Stonebriar and Tags America are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative oars for wall set of 2.

What are the best brands for decorative oars for wall set of 2?

Stur-de, Stonebriar and Tags America are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative oars for wall set of 2. Find the detail in this article. Estart, Joybee Home&garden and Ymaiss are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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