Best Decorative Office Chair with Wheels

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1. Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Armless Contemporary

Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Armless Contemporary

The fabric for the upholstery is Classic Chevron. Ready to assemble. The legs are covered in espresso. The tight upholstery is made to last a long time. It's made of wood and has a solid foundation. Grey and White is the upholstery color. The seat and back are padded. The graffiti design is a nice touch. The set up has a width of 23.25" and a depth of 18.75". The photo may be different from the actual item due to the lighting. The photo may be different from the actual item due to the lighting.

Brand: Roundhill Furniture

👤My wife uses the chair for both working at her desk and watching TV in the bedroom. The chair looks good. There was a gob of wood at the bottom of one leg, but it wasn't noticeable when assembled. I was fortunate that I was sent the wrong assembly manual because it was easy to assemble. It took me a while to figure out that I was not missing any parts and that the instructions were for a different model chair. The chair is comfortable and will hold up over time. We give it 5 stars for attractiveness, style, ease of assembly, and comfort. I gave it 3 stars for the wood, but I was not disappointed since it is a great value. The conclusion is that this is a 4 star product, especially when you consider the price.

👤I purchased these chairs for style and bargain because they were for my office and I had a budget to consider. One of the third-party sellers on here sold the chair for $20 cheaper than a competitor site but had a 1 chair per customer limit. I bought a single chair from that seller. There is a They all arrived on the same day. The boxes and chairs are all the same. When you are buying mass-produced products from a factory in China, you should expect some inconsistencies in the chairs. There is a The instructions show two bolts to secure the front leg and two bolts to secure the seat to the backing. There are bolts that secure the seat to the chair. I couldn't get a bolt to fit into the back of the chair because there were two rows of bolts. I started right to left to secure after starting each strew. The last screw I put in to each chair could not be fully secured, even if it was the top or bottom row. There are five other screws on the chair, so it doesn't seem to have an effect on its stability. I'm pretty sure the screw isn't going in because the hole wasn't drilled correctly in production, even though a sheet was enclosed to request replacement parts. Three of the four chairs have a shortened leg that makes them rock when you sit down or stand up. The chair backs against the wall are more noticeable. The felt furniture stickers on the bottom are not perfect, but they keep the legs from scratching the floor. I don't think I would use them often, because they look nice in my office's lobby when someone has to wait.

👤The chairs are comfortable. Sturdy and easy to put together. The price was the selling point as these chairs are usually more expensive than what I paid. It almost feels like you are sitting on cardboard when you sit down. There is a layer of cardboard above the foam. I don't know if there is but it feels like it. We use ours as more decorative as no one sits in the room so I cannot testify to their real comfort. I put some Scotch guard on them before I assembled. I would recommend that because there was no staining with that.

2. Velvet Fabric Wheels Computer Vanity Purple

Velvet Fabric Wheels Computer Vanity Purple

Overall Size: 23.5"W x 21"D x 28"H, Seat Size: 17"W x 16"D, Back Size: 14"W x 10.5"H, Arm Size: 26"H from floor. It's easy to ascend. The chair took less than 10 minutes to assemble. It has all the necessary tools and hardware. The accent office chair height can be adjusted to fit different heights of people. Plastic wheels don't damage the floor, it spins nicely and is light to move around on. It is a small office chair that fits under your desk when you aren't using it. It's great for sitting up straight, or to tuck your legs up. You can use it as a desk, a stool, a chair, or a Vanity chair. The velvet is soft and comfortable, it feels like you are sitting on a cloud, and it is. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will respond.

Brand: Tina's Home

👤My boyfriend has back problems and I was worried that this chair would not work for him. He used the chair for his remote job and admitted he was wrong. He says it is very comfortable and he has not had any issues with it. The assembly was easy, the raising up and lowering down work was smooth, and the velvet is soft and good quality.

👤The yellow chair is just like the picture, but the orange is not as bright as it could be, so I would give it a 5 stars. The return shipping is expensive so I should exchange the fuchsia for something else. There is a The chair was easy to assemble and very comfortable. They don't offer free return shipping.

👤Really elegant. I went through office chairs. I was worried that the base would be too gold. It wasn't. I was worried that it would tilt to the side. Rolls were easy to put together. It's light and works great, but for those with back support it's not that kind of chair. I put a cushion in. That is the reason only 4 stars there. Love the design. There is a It's pretty. I'm happy. I am writing this review to thank the people who helped me with this purchase. I read the reviews all the time.

👤This chair is used for my home art studio. One of the wheels is faulty and will not stay together. I am not a heavy person and the side pops off when I sit in the chair. I have to push the wheel together before I sit down and if I do, it will pop off again. I asked the seller what they could do to fix the wheel, and they agreed to send me a replacement. I never heard back. I would be happy if the wheel worked correctly, and it would be easy to fix. It is a source of frustration when I work at my desk. The customer service was very disappointing.

👤The worst assembly instructions are quite possibly. The lever that moves the seat doesn't work. I don't know if I put it together correctly because they are not written instructions. Poor drawings.

👤This chair has no instructions to assemble, just drawings. It's cheap looking, uncomfortable, definitely not a desk chair where you would be comfortable doing your job, the part that connects the seat of the chair to leg has a very tiny dimensions, so it makes the seat very unstable, also since it comes from a third party. Don't buy this if you don't read the reviews.

👤It's not a big deal since I usually wrap myself in a blanket. It's cute, comfy and supportive to sit on the floor, but before I put the base on it, it was really supportive. I bought feet to put in the legs so I wouldn't roll over the room, it was worth it.

👤I have short legs. It's difficult to find a chair that's low enough for me. The chair is beautiful. The seat is very comfortable. I use it as my home office chair and it is comfortable all day. I like the color of the chair but not the gold legs. I will spray them to make them look better.

3. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

Articulate comes with a 6” thick mesh seat cushion and a breathable mesh back. Articulate is perfect for everyday use. The executive office chair is sturdy and supportive and comes in a variety of colors. Articulate is a computer chair that is adjusted to your needs with a tilt and lock system and a one-touch chair height adjustment. This versatile choice for computer desks and workstations can refresh your office space. Mobility can be enjoyed over carpeted or hardwood floors with five dual-wheel casters. The office chair footstools have a backrest height of 22 H inch. The cushion is 6 inches. Seat to top of backrest is 22 inch.

Brand: Modway

👤It wasn't the chair itself that was the issue, it was missing a couple of necessary parts to assemble the chair, and a couple of small hardware items. It looked like it was what I needed in a work chair, and it was well packaged. The company and its employees did not give me any courtesy in the process of receiving the replacement parts. The customer keeps you in business. If you keep them happy, they will write great reviews for your product and purchase again. Nope. Uh...nope. I was told by their customer service rep that they were taking my information down, but after spelling out the whole story, I was told to go to their website and file a claim. The flag is red. You have so many calls that you have to have a claim link on your website? There is a I started filling out their claim, only to find out they wanted a full copy of the receipt. How do I find it? What size of file is acceptable? Had I been given clear instructions by their CSR, I would not have objected to the return of the chair or the review. There is no place on their website to find the full receipt, no instructions as to where one can find it, and no accepted file type, size limitation, or instructions as to where one can find it. I had to change the size of my jpeg 4 times. I had to take a picture of my receipt and email it to myself, then I had to resizing it on another computer so I could download it onto my phone. The image was so small that I couldn't read it. It went through. haha I waited almost 3 days to get a response that was not helpful. There was no way to attach the required receipt to the claim I had filed. Click here and print the receipt. Since the receipt is a document, I had to refill out the required information and load the document back at the site. A PDF is accepted everywhere, it's a small file size, universal document, and every site but this one. The average consumer is not going to have the knowledge base or expensive programs to turn a PDF into an image and then resizing it to be accepted by their site. I had to re-enter the claim info after my upload was rejected. There is a By this time, my patient temperament was hanging by a thread and I was done. The chair went back in the box because of poor customer service. I was assisted with the return of the chair, provided a call tag, and super prompt in their refund by Amazon. They could teach Modway a few things. There are two different Modway locations with different phone numbers. They are both on eastern time, so it doesn't matter which one you call. Another way to do business. There is a I will never order anything from Modway again, no matter how good the deal is or how good the price is. Ever. I will not recommend them to anyone.

4. Linon OC050FLOK01U Chair Chrome

Linon OC050FLOK01U Chair Chrome

A metal frame with a chrome base. The office addition is very eye catching. There is a faux fur seat and back. The seat height can be adjusted to 17 or 20. The silver chrome is easy to use. The seat has a dimensions of 17W x 17.5D x 5.5H. The seat has a dimensions of 17W x 17.5D x 5.5H.

Brand: Linon

👤Cute! The bottom gold is spray painted.

👤The chair is easy to assemble. I use her as a work chair when I work from home, but her best use is as my cat's nap spot, she leaps into her whenever I get up. I was worried about my plus-sized behind, but she handles me just fine. Get lots of praise on her.

👤The chair is cute. It is for short term sitting and not long term. I removed the plastic from the box and sat in the chair to assemble it. It feels like a board. You can feel the board under the fur. I am not going to make it. I will return it tomorrow. This is perfect if you want something cute but not overly functional.

👤I bought this chair 3/2020 to replace my old computer chair and wanted something aesthetic to go with my current set up. I attached a picture of the chair for reference. The chair has my thoughts on it. There is a It's not as bad as some reviewers have said. If you plan to use it and spend a lot of time at your desk, I recommend you have adequate back support. I spend most of my time playing games and doing digital art, and I sit like a character from Lord of the Rings. The chair is relatively comfortable most of the time. I'm a small framed short woman. My curvy sisters may find this chair hard to use. The chair can be warm on hot summer days, but it's not too cold in the winter. There is a After a year of use, the chair is sturdy and I have not had it wiggle or wobble. This is great, considering how hard golem sitting is. This chair is very easy to nap in, like all fuzzy furniture. Maintenance is needed to keep it looking good. My cats have their claws in it. If a crumb is dropped on the fur, it will destroy it. Is this chair a replica? I recommend buying a large wire pet brush to combat this. I brush my chair once a week to keep the mess to a minimum. It will fall down. There will be a lot of hair in the brush, but I promise as long as you don't assault the chair with the wire brush, it will be fine. If the fur on the seat doesn't come out with a good brushing, I will usually wipe it down with a damp rag and let it dry overnight. There is a The chair is great but not for everyone. If you're not into grooming chairs, I suggest looking elsewhere. If the upkeep sounds worth it, I recommend this chair. I think it's worth the money.

👤This isn't white, off white, it's not even pink. It's class! I would rather sit on a pile of bricks. It was cheap. Don't waste money or time.

👤Our daughter wanted a new desk chair for her birthday, so we allowed her to shop around for one. After discussing it with mom and dad, we agreed to use this one. She raced to meet the delivery guy in the driveway after he brought it. The package is easy to assemble and lightweight enough for a 10 year old to carry on their own. She had collected the tools and assembled them before dad finished making his cup of coffee. If a 10 year old could figure it out in a few minutes without the instructions, it's not hard for anyone. There is a It's very comfortable for a kid, and it's sturdy. It's not very comfortable for adults, but the back support and light padding are very spot on for kids. She hasn't had any problems with the roller wheels. There is a The image shows a peach- pink color, but it's not a bad thing that the color is a pink side. You're not getting the specific color in the image if you're looking for it. There is a The faux fur fabric needs to be brushed once in a while to get the clean look back, and it does shed a little when doing so, so keep that in mind. You need to brush out the chair once or twice a week if you're ok with it.

5. Office Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Height

Office Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Height

100% Microfiber is the fabric type. Black and white is a classic design, it is a low back desk chair. It's perfect for different styles. You can use it in a variety of scenarios as you please. The chair's back is designed to fit the curve of the human body. Better sitting experience is provided by thicker cushions. Good Quality is to get the maximum usage of your workspace and the smooth running of the caster. The max Capacity is 250 lbs. They offer a 1 year warranty for their customers. If you have any questions about this chair, please contact them.

Brand: Hbada

👤I've had a home office for decades and have invested in an assortment of office chairs, all of them with arms, and all very expensive. I was looking for a chair with a seat that was shallow, since I'm small, and I like my back to be in contact with the chair's, since my arms are usually resting on my desk. This was perfect for the bill. It is very comfortable on my back. It took me no more than 15' to assemble. The back of the chair is very comfortable for me, but others might not like it because of the firm seat. It is worth a try for the price. It is what I was looking for.

👤Well packaged. It's very easy to understand, the assembly is straight forward and I didn't need them after the assembly. There is no wood backing that can break. The chair is made of plastic and metal. I would have never thought it was made in China, Assembly takes 5 minutes on the first chair and 2 minutes on the second chair. The tools required for assembly are included. One wrench. All you have to do is put 7 screws in and everything will be installed very smoothly. There is a This is a basic chair with no arms, and no back rest. There is a The chair is comfortable and I like it. There is a The chairs are of great quality. I have not included a photo because it looks exactly like the photo above. This chair is worth a lot.

👤I would recommend this chair to anyone. I needed an economical chair for my home office. The price was reasonable. It was easy to assemble and was assembled by my fourteen year old. I like the wide seat. It's easy to change the height. The seat looks great behind my desk.

👤We initially tried it and then bought another one. I like how the back is supported. The seat cushion is thick. I hope it lasts for a long time. I have a medium frame. It looks strong.

👤I work from home and it seems like this chair is suitable for my needs, it is reasonably priced and has good comfort. The seat is not good for comfort and after a while you can feel the thinness, but it is not good after 20 minutes. The backing is not comfortable. This was a huge disappointment. If I paid fifteen dollars for a chair at a flea market, I could be satisfied with the purchase, but not at this price. My hope is that I can return the chair and get a better quality product from this manufacture, but I am a little concerned that if I cannot buy a decent chair at $65 from them I wonder what a $100 chair will be like.

👤This is a good buy. The seat cushion is low enough to have a padded seat cushion, but it isn't super comfortable. There is a The seat back is firm with a little bounce and the caster wheels are made of plastic so it can go on hardwood floors without a pad. It's so easy, you don't need a guide, the seat cushion is cheap, and the chair is not adjusted. I missed the lever, but this chair is not adjusted. It does the job and is a decent chair. If you're looking for luxury executive comfort, I wouldn't get this.

6. HOMEFUN Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest Armrests

HOMEFUN Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest Armrests

The office chair footstools have a backrest height of 22 H inch. The cushion is 6 inches. Seat to top of backrest is 22 inch. The recliner has a 90-135 degree inclination design. Design for all types of people. The high-density foam Seat, Lumbar Support and Padded Headrest provide adequate support for your neck and back. It's nice to be able to rest for a long time. The framework is safe and reliable. The high-quality material can give you stability. The weight capacity can be up to 250lb. The whole back is made in a single piece. It is suitable for both the home and office. Extra lumber support, extra padding, and reinforced construction are new features in this updated version. The chair will be upgraded by customer's advice. If you have a question, please contact them first.

Brand: Homefun

👤The chair does not offer the proper back support for long-term seating. I bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and he preferred sitting in a fabric chair. There is a This chair is so hard to disassemble that it's the main reason I left this review. The locking mechanism of the chair's stem is meant to never break and is the first step in the assembly instructions. My boyfriend tried to disassemble it, I tried to take it apart, but the mechanism was locked out of place, and we watched how to take apart office chairs. The two bulkiest parts of the chair will not fit back into the box when it's time to return it. I tried to put it in a Home Depot box. Getting your money back on this item will be the biggest pain of your existence because this chair is impossible to re-pack. If you're thinking of buying this chair just to see if you like it, look elsewhere. If you don't know the exact chair you want, you should avoid this chair.

👤I was looking for a gaming chair that wouldn't have pleather and that would allow me to not worry about a mark or an easy scratch. We got a chair with a leg rest, and I found it unnecessary at first, but I've grown to like it and have been very comfortable in it. It was easy to set it up. The first time, I took about 30 minutes to make sure I was doing everything right and that everything was secure. If you try to get away quickly with one of the arm rests, it will fall off, so make sure you don't go super fast. The back support is not as strong as expected. If you prefer a preffered lean, you can lean back and lock it in place. It looks like a geometric heart from the back. Whenever I change my lean preference, the back piece falls off. If you're thinking about getting this chair, do it! It's really nice to look at, it isn't pleather, has a leg rest, and it's cheaper than normal gaming. I have had this chair for almost 5 months. I think it's necessary to bring something up. The chair is nice and comfortable, but keep in mind that the screws can come loose very often. If you're moving around in the chair and getting on/off, you're going to have to take off the caps because the screws on the side loosen and it isn't sturdy. It's not your typical gaming chair as it is not as sturdy, but I feel like for your first chair or even just for something that looks nice, this one isn't terrible as it's way cheaper than the typical gaming chair.

👤I was looking for a new chair to replace an old one. The features that mattered to me were 1. For long periods of time, it's comfortable. 2. cloth and leather absorb sweat, but mesh gets really hot in California. 3. It's enough to rest in. 4. It can fit in any environment. There is a This chair met all my requirements. Shipping was fast and came in a decent box. It was easy to setup. If you follow simple picture instructions, you can do this easily. I took less than 30 minutes to assemble the chair. The company was very fast to respond to my email after I had a small blemish on one of my arm wrests. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy.

7. Christopher Knight Home 299754 Kendal

Christopher Knight Home 299754 Kendal

One (1) accent chair is included. The dimensions are 29.50”D x 22.50”W x 32.00”H. Light assembly is required. At your next party, enjoy this grand accent chair. This chair is gorgeous and will make you happy. The sturdy build of the chair, along with the cushion throughout, will make your guests comfortable. At your next party, enjoy this grand accent chair. This chair is gorgeous and will make you happy. The sturdy build of the chair, along with the cushion throughout, will make your guests comfortable.

Brand: Gdf Studio

👤I thought the seat height was 21 inches when I bought this as a desk chair. The seat height is 16 inches. There is a The seat height is going to cost me more money in order to purchase a seat pillow or cushion to get the height I originally bought the chair for. I am taking off a star. I will make this work because I love the color and it fits what I need. There is a The chair is great quality and seat height is not an issue for you. One person can do it. The item description should be updated for those who rely on accurate seat height.

👤It was exactly what I wanted, the fabric and pattern were nice. I wanted the legs to be black. Firm expected that. Put them together by myself. The chair height is not 21” as described.

👤The description says light blue, so I was a little worried about ordering. I took a chance and read the reviews, and I am so happy I did. The color of this chair is Tiffany blue/mint greenish blue which is exactly what I needed. I love it. It matches my decore. I need to buy another one.

👤The gray/white living room had a nice pop of color thanks to these chairs. They were easy to assemble, but the legs were not perfect and we had to adjust to get them to be more level. Each chair had one leg that was almost an inch off the ground. We put them on a plush carpet so they wouldn't wobble. But be careful. They're pretty good chairs for the price. The people in my living room seem to like them and they're comfortable and you can enjoy a long movie while lounging in them. Adding a throw blanket and/or pillows will make them look better.

👤The springs keep popping out of the plastic piece, but I purchased these offline because I could not find any in stores. You can put it back in its slot, but it just happened. My husband rigged it so it doesn't come out again.

👤I bought two separate orders of this. The first order came with the hardware, but the second didn't. The reason I gave this 5 stars and not 4 is because the company was very accommodating when I called them. They apologized for the missing hardware and sent me it in a week. It was lovely to work with. I can sit in the chairs with an extra large seat because they are super comfortable. I love that!

👤We got two chairs that didn't match, because we bought these chairs as a set. The legs were not the same as the one in the other chair. One was made in Malaysia and the other in China. They were cheap. The fabric was almost like plastic, and they were not comfortable to sit in. I have slipper chairs from World Market, they are small and not going to feel like sitting in a big comfie armchair, but they were hard as rocks and had no give or cushion. They have tags on them that say Noble House Home Furnishings. No Christopher Knight home tags. I'm pretty sure that what we received was cheap knock-offs.

8. HOMIDEC Ergonomic Comfortable Executive Adjustable

HOMIDEC Ergonomic Comfortable Executive Adjustable

The wooden dining chairs are easy to clean. Which is important when it comes to a home. It's easy to clean and provides a fresh look to your dining room. The office chair is upgraded. The mesh back of the office chair is suitable for the waist and back curve. The office desk provides support to help you maintain a relaxed posture and protect your back and spine. It's easier to relieve fatigue. The desk chair is multi-functional. The height of the desk chair can be adjusted according to the height of the person sitting on it. It has the feature of 30 degrees of reclining and rocking, which can reduce your body's pressure. Promote your own circulation. It also has a rotation. The desk chair can be moved. The curve of human's butt is designed into the surface of the HOMIDEC office chair. It can help reduce body pain. The thick handrails and high density mesh make sitting more comfortable. Lift the armrest and it can be placed under the desk. It can be neatly stored. The armrest can be moved 90 degrees to relax the muscles and have fun at the same time. It can be used in living room, study room, meeting room and office. The desk chair design is simple and elegant. The home office chair is a perfect match for any space.

Brand: Homidec

👤I put the chair together a bit ago after it arrived. It was a bit frustrating that I did this myself. It's difficult to assemble, not because I did it myself, but because. There is a The chair had to be put on the seat. I put the arms on before the instructions said it was fine. I had to loosen the screws on the arms to get the chair on. The holes wouldn't line up with the screws. This is something that you need to keep in mind when you are assembling this chair. The arms don't need to be removed, just loosen the screws, attach the back of the chair, and tighten the arm screws again. I wanted to replace my old computer chair. My legs were not comfortable because the arms on the old chair were attached to the back of the chair. There is a The arms on this chair aren't attached to the seat of the chair so there's nothing to make your legs sore. I will do an update on this chair after I use it for a while. There is a There is a backbrace that you can move up and down while I was trying to attach the back to the seat. I was able to move upward but not back down.

👤It's easy to assemble if you follow the instructions, but it took me about 10 minutes to finish it. I need to stay home to work full time because I got this for my new job. The material is very strong and the wheels are easy to slide on the wooden floor. Sitting for 8 hours a day can cause back pain and the shape of the back is great for supporting my waist and back. Hopefully this won't happen to me. Sometimes I want to bend back to relax my back muscles, and the back angel adjustment is a plus. My body line is perfectly aligned with the curved back. Overall a great purchase. The wheels were stuck there for 2 months and I couldn't turn or go forward. The back support is too soft.

👤The chair would drift down during the day. The seller responded immediately after I contacted them. They sent me a replacement lift cylinder after I sent photos. I didn't know how to replace the part. They sent me pictures of someone replacing it. The chair is working fine after I replaced the part. There is a I really like this chair. It's easy to maneuver and it's very comfortable. The chair is very nice and I have used it for a few hours. I think it's a good idea. Pay attention to the assembly. Follow the photos with care. The arms should be loose when you put them in the seat, so you can wiggle them while you put the back on. The screws on the back go at an angle. Take your time and study it carefully. If you have a better wrench, use it. Slowly tighten the back/seat/arm screws once you get all of them started. There is a Proper alignment is required for the plastic caps for the screw holes. If you want to turn it, insert one and press until you get to seats. When you're done, check the tightness of the screws again and then enjoy your new chair.

9. Essentials ESS 2085 GRY Upholstered Office Chair

Essentials ESS 2085 GRY Upholstered Office Chair

It's your decision. The neutral fabric design has chrome accents. The chair is grotesque. This modern office chair is perfect for a home office with the gray, stain resistant upholstery seat and back cushions that blend with any design taste. The home office chair has a seat tilt, seat height adjustment, and a 180 degree swivel. A chair with arms. The office chair has padded arms and unparalleled upper body support. The chair has a wheeled base and a 180 degree swivel for easy movement. There is a warranty and support. This chair is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Ofm

👤I received my chair today. I bought a chair for my room. It was easy to assemble. It looks nice. It is small according to other reviewers. It's suitable for a teenager or a small person. I weigh about 150 lbs. I was a little tight. The seat is small. It won't work for you if you have long legs. The wheels are running on the floor. The base is being worked on. I gave it three stars. The dimensions were not accurate.

👤If you apply straight direct pressure on the wheels, you can hear and feel them set into place. I don't have any issues. It's comfortable and cute.

👤No matter how you cut it, it's a small chair. I'm 5'9" It's snug. Like a bear hug. The seat is hard and the arms and back are small. The legs are held in place by gravity and the caster don't snap into place. If you lift it, you'll have to place the caster that fell out. The chair is more suited to young people. This is what you get at this price. It's nice to look at, but I won't buy it again or recommend it. The death trap is made worse by the fact that the casters won't snap in. I fell because one fell off and caused me to be unbalanced.

👤I was thrilled to find this inexpensive, cute chair for my home office, because desk chairs can be expensive and ugly. It's very chic, it's easy to assemble, it's comfortable, and I can sit up nice and straight. It is the perfect height for my back and arms, and I am only 5'4". It stays upright while I am working, but when I lean back into it, it gives way for a nice, minimal recline. I see what people are saying, but what do you think the price will be? You can't see the details because it comes with a piece to put over it, and the piece is flimsy plastic, but you can't tell when you are looking at it. This chair is recommended by me.

👤It's super comfy and stylish. I like the feeling of being in a cozy place. It works for me because I am 5'2 and 115 lbs. I think someone with a bigger body may feel cramped. I live in an old house with hardwood floors that are slanted and I find myself having to pull my chair in a lot, so I would like it to have wheel locks. I'll be back to Amazon to buy another one at under $100 if this messes with me.

👤It was a pleasant surprise that my package arrived earlier than expected. I was able to roll the box up the stairs and unpack it. I saw a simple 3 step assembly that many can figure out on their own. I put the chair on the stand with the wheels. The shape is perfect for my body and I love how stylish it is. You can change the height to your liking. I have had this chair for a couple of weeks now and I like the color and quality of it.

10. Hbada Ergonomic Computer Support Flip Up

Hbada Ergonomic Computer Support Flip Up

The mid-back desk chair is simple and elegant. Match different styles. Space saving flip-up arms for different situations. You can put it under your desk when it's empty. You can adjust the chair height to fit your sitting position. Push in to lock in an upright position. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster.

Brand: Hbada

👤The arm rest padding is not smooth and the seat is not thin after only a few weeks of use. I'm not doing anything other than sitting in the chair as it creaks when I lean back. The quality and durability of the assembly were not good. You would expect this to last for a couple of years before the materials start to degrade. I will be getting a refund. I received a letter in the mail today from Hbada telling me I would receive a $25 Amazon gift card for writing a 5 star review, which may explain the number of high reviews this chair has gotten. I don't know how common this is on Amazon in general, but it completely defeats the purpose of reviews.

👤Have had the chair for a week and have used it for 8 hours each day. The chair is not the best, but it is not the worst. I like the chair. Can't complain much at this price point. I was worried that the materials would be cheap. It is pretty sturdy. If you sit correctly, it is comfortable. . Here is a detailed review of the seat cushion. If you sit on your legs, it will be uncomfortable, unless you sit properly at all times. If you sit near the middle or front end of the chair and you have tailbone pain, you will probably get it with this chair. Within an hour of use, the foam is already damaged and does not fully return to its original form. After a few days, I can feel the seat being hard to sit on. It is definitely permanent now. I bought a seat cushion to help with this issue. I'm 150 lbs, 5'10". The seat cushion is thick and you can feel it. The Arms have 5 stars. When I first used it, it worked perfectly. The nut holding the arm in place can get loose if you move the arm up and down frequently. This happen more with one side than the other. The issue was fixed temporarily when the arm was taken off and the nut tightened. After moving the arm a few times, the nut got loose again and the arm fell down. I have found a fix that worked for me if you are having this issue. You can find a pack of flat washers and locking washers at your local hardware store. The washer should be no bigger than 7 inches. The washer's internal diameter should be at least 1/62”. Remove the arm from the chair. Place a locking washer on top of the existing flat washer to keep it in place. Place the nut on the hand. The order should be Flat Washer, Locking Washer, Flat Washer, and the nut on the arm's through-bolt. I am able to move the arm repeatedly without it getting loose or wobbly. There is a The manufacturer is aware of the issue and is fixing it. If you find that my fix isn't working, please contact them. There is a The arm is solid after my issue was fixed. The plastic used to make the chair limits the mechanism that allows the arm to move. I wouldn't put my entire weight on the arm because the plastic is solid. Maybe it can support it. I do not want to risk it. The mesh back and the support for the back are both good. I don't have much to complain about. It is comfortable when you have your back against it. I didn't notice anything that stood out to me. I don't feel the support at the back. This chair might not be the best for you. The Hydraulic Cylinder has 5 stars. I haven't had an issue with it so far. When you sit on the chair, it will slightly compress, but nothing significant. I know that I won't see an issue until later on. I will try to update this after more use. I contacted Customer Support before fixing the arm myself. Within a few hours, they responded. I was very pleased with the professional way in which he made sure my issue was resolved. If you have an issue with your chair, I will contact them to see how they can help. Is it a good idea to purchase it again at this price point? Yes. The 6 month review is over 1000 hours of use. It has been perfect since the arm was fixed. No issues with it, no wiggle, and not to lose. That was one of the things I was worried about. The chairs I bought ended up wiggling a lot and couldn't hold up anymore. This one has not had this issue yet. The cylinder still works. When reclining back and forth, there is no squeaks. Still happy with this chair! I would still recommend it. The 8 month update is here. It's typical usage. When you rock back and forth, the chair makes a bit of noise. The back mesh is not too loose now. The fluids are still performing as before.

11. Hbada Office Comfort Flip Up Adjustable

Hbada Office Comfort Flip Up Adjustable

Casters for easy mobility. The Home Office desk chair has a sleek design and simple adjustment. Match different styles. The ergonomics fit the curve of the lower back and relieve the pain of the spine. You can put the chair under the desk to save space. It's suitable for livingroom, study room, conference room and office. Breathable, high density mesh back, flexible supportive. It is designed to support your lower back. The Hbada home office task chair has a 120 tilt tension and pneumatic height that matches different stature. The weight capacity is 250lb. The heavy duty base has smooth and silenced rolling caster.

Brand: Hbada

👤This is the third chair I've purchased, and it's perfect for me. Finally, it was right. It has enough support and height, and I like that they don't touch my arms. When I'm in work mode, I'm free, and when I want to think about what I've written, I can do so comfortably. There is a It's light. It feels like it was made using a 3D printer. It was very easy to put together and I did it alone. There is a Excellent! There is a The writer's block is now a topic. I am in love with this chair. You don't know what you missed until you get it. The fact that I can raise my arms on my own is amazing. While I'm watching TV or writing, I can switch to a comfortable position and throw a leg over one. There is a Throw up the arms and pull the blanket over you when it's cold. I have grabbed a blanket or throw and had to stand up to tuck it around me many times. It's a nice perk. I'm spoiled now. Sometimes I just throw it on the couch because I don't need it. That is rare for me. There is a The support for the back is good. The height is also surprising. I have a cushion. It raises me about 2.5 inches. There is a This is one of my favorite seats in the apartment. It doesn't over-roll. I had to buy a stock set of non-rolling caps because I couldn't sit still in my last chair. I wish I could lock the seat in place at an angle, but at a later date I will probably get one of those. This suits me for now.

👤I have never left a bad review on Amazon. I bought two of them. There is a The black one I bought earlier has a thin seat cushion, you can easily touch the end without a hard press. It's similar to sitting on the ground. There is a The black one I bought was a bit too snug, but the white one is much more comfortable. There is a The white one's seat cushion is one inch thicker than the black one.

👤I received a letter from the seller that offered $30 if I gave a five-star review with a product picture. I rely on ratings to make purchasing decisions. There is a The chair is good, but not an ergonomics chair. I bought the chair because I could fold up the arms and tuck it under my desk. The arms are not at desk height in the chair. Arm rests are very tiring. The seat pad is very hard. It was nicely styled. Since I'll be working from home for the rest of the year, I ordered a new chair.

👤I wanted to like this chair more than I do. If I wrote a five star review with a picture, the seller would give me a $30 Amazon gift card. I don't think I can give a five star review for the chair that I have lived in for a little while now. It's a good chair. I like that the arms are raised. It helps me to sit closer to my keyboard and mouse. The chairs with arms force me to sit with my arms in the air. The seat cushion feels a little thin, as others have noted. I had to buy an extra pillow because the back is not the right shape for me. It's not a bad chair, but I think there are more five star reviews because of the gift card offer from the seller.


What is the best product for decorative office chair with wheels?

Decorative office chair with wheels products from Roundhill Furniture. In this article about decorative office chair with wheels you can see why people choose the product. Tina's Home and Modway are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative office chair with wheels.

What are the best brands for decorative office chair with wheels?

Roundhill Furniture, Tina's Home and Modway are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative office chair with wheels. Find the detail in this article. Linon, Hbada and Homefun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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