Best Decorative Office Chair Without Wheels

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1. Armen Living LCSUCHWACH Summer Charcoal

Armen Living LCSUCHWACH Summer Charcoal

Modern and contemporary. It can blend into any design and provide an inviting centerpiece for your guests. It's great for any living space in your home. The Bucket Seat design has exceptional support and comfort. The solid walnut wood finish is long lasting. The fabric content is 100 percent. Medium high cushion open back to support your back. The arm rest is convenient.

Brand: Armen Living

👤You're good if you don't have a swivel on this chair. It's a good chair. 5-stars. If you're buying this chair with plans of putting a plate on it, know this: 1. It doesn't come with the extra bolts you'll need to pull it off. 2. You'll need the nuts and washers to pull it off. The plate doesn't fit to the base. There is a You have to start the bolts by hovering the plate over the four holes. The plate will be forced to fit if you tight the bolts with a lot of force. The legs can be attached. The chair doesn't support the third part of the swivel, so it's fair for the manufacturer to say in the FAQ that the third part is provided. That is dumb. It's a great chair and it's frustrating. Good looking and comfortable.

👤I love the chair. It feels great and it looks sleek. It's even better now that I've added a swivel.

👤When we ordered this, I was not sure what to expect, but I fell in love with it and want to order the other color. Quality is easy to assemble and doesn't scratch our floors.

👤I love this chair. It's not too soft but not too hard. It was easy to assemble. The fabric is well made. It goes well with my modern place. Would recommend.

👤I liked the look of these chairs. I am very happy to have made this purchase. You would expect to see these chairs double their retail price at the price point for the design and quality. The chair has all of the hardware in the same place. The chair is made of polished STAINLESS STEEL. It is very easy to assemble. The only knock would be the mounting block where the legs attach to the seat. It is a rough looking piece of wood. The rest of the chairs are finished. If you are looking underneath the chair, you can see the mounting block. I did not deduct stars from its rating. It was comfortable to sit in. I'm 6'1" and weigh 236 lbs.

👤I love this chair. I found this one after looking on the internet for a new desk chair. It is easy to put together and stylish. The fasmov 7 bar stool was purchased on Amazon. It's a great desk chair and carnival ride for our cats.

👤Sturdy chairs. It works with the dining table. Happy with the purchase.

👤I rarely used this chair because it hurt my back and caused me to get spasms, and I ordered it as a chair in 2020. I was propelled onto the floor when my leg snapped while I sat in the chair. Since assembling it, I have not sat in the chair more than 20 times. I weigh 165 lbs. I've never used the chair for anything other than sitting. My point is that the chair breaking is not an issue of misuse, or exceeding the load capacity. It's not a swivel chair, which is what I had specifically searched for, and what it appeared to present as on the product page. The cost of this chair is ridiculous, do not buy it. Stated information.

2. Christopher Knight Home 299754 Kendal

Christopher Knight Home 299754 Kendal

One (1) accent chair is included. The dimensions are 29.50”D x 22.50”W x 32.00”H. Light assembly is required. At your next party, enjoy this grand accent chair. This chair is gorgeous and will make you happy. The sturdy build of the chair, along with the cushion throughout, will make your guests comfortable. At your next party, enjoy this grand accent chair. This chair is gorgeous and will make you happy. The sturdy build of the chair, along with the cushion throughout, will make your guests comfortable.

Brand: Gdf Studio

👤I thought the seat height was 21 inches when I bought this as a desk chair. The seat height is 16 inches. There is a The seat height is going to cost me more money in order to purchase a seat pillow or cushion to get the height I originally bought the chair for. I am taking off a star. I will make this work because I love the color and it fits what I need. There is a The chair is great quality and seat height is not an issue for you. One person can do it. The item description should be updated for those who rely on accurate seat height.

👤It was exactly what I wanted, the fabric and pattern were nice. I wanted the legs to be black. Firm expected that. Put them together by myself. The chair height is not 21” as described.

👤The description says light blue, so I was a little worried about ordering. I took a chance and read the reviews, and I am so happy I did. The color of this chair is Tiffany blue/mint greenish blue which is exactly what I needed. I love it. It matches my decore. I need to buy another one.

👤The gray/white living room had a nice pop of color thanks to these chairs. They were easy to assemble, but the legs were not perfect and we had to adjust to get them to be more level. Each chair had one leg that was almost an inch off the ground. We put them on a plush carpet so they wouldn't wobble. But be careful. They're pretty good chairs for the price. The people in my living room seem to like them and they're comfortable and you can enjoy a long movie while lounging in them. Adding a throw blanket and/or pillows will make them look better.

👤The springs keep popping out of the plastic piece, but I purchased these offline because I could not find any in stores. You can put it back in its slot, but it just happened. My husband rigged it so it doesn't come out again.

👤I bought two separate orders of this. The first order came with the hardware, but the second didn't. The reason I gave this 5 stars and not 4 is because the company was very accommodating when I called them. They apologized for the missing hardware and sent me it in a week. It was lovely to work with. I can sit in the chairs with an extra large seat because they are super comfortable. I love that!

👤We got two chairs that didn't match, because we bought these chairs as a set. The legs were not the same as the one in the other chair. One was made in Malaysia and the other in China. They were cheap. The fabric was almost like plastic, and they were not comfortable to sit in. I have slipper chairs from World Market, they are small and not going to feel like sitting in a big comfie armchair, but they were hard as rocks and had no give or cushion. They have tags on them that say Noble House Home Furnishings. No Christopher Knight home tags. I'm pretty sure that what we received was cheap knock-offs.

3. Flash Furniture White Plastic Chair

Flash Furniture White Plastic Chair

The accent and party chair has a wooden base with a plastic seat. It's ideal for the dining table, living room, library or as a desk chair. The chair has floor glides. The molded construction has a waterfall seat edge. Modern style is accepted in many settings. Overall Size: 18.25"W x 22.5"D x 31.5"H, Seat Size: 18.25"W x 15"D x 17.5"H, and Back Size: 16"W x 15"H. Overall Size: 18.25"W x 22.5"D x 31.5"H, Seat Size: 18.25"W x 15"D x 17.5"H, and Back Size: 16"W x 15"H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤The design is very attractive. Assembly instructions were not included in the chair. It feels like the thing is about to fall backward when I lean back in the chair. It hasn't fallen or collapsed in the time I've owned it.

👤The chair took over a week longer than was stated. The packaging was terrible. The box had holes in it and the tape was barely holding it closed. The chair and base were not protected from scratching. The box didn't include the hardware to assemble the legs. I've checked the box 3 times to make sure, and each time it was empty.

👤What type of company sends you furniture that is not assembled? The chair was young. There were 2 types of bolts and rounded rubber pieces in the box. No instructions at all. I watched a video on how to assemble the chair after searching on the internet. It was easy, but written instructions would have been nicer. The chair is sturdy so far.

👤A lot of reviews mention that the chair comes with no instructions. You don't need anything. It comes in two pieces, the plastic chair and the legs, which are all attached in one piece, so all you have to do is put the rubber pieces in the 4 holes on the bottom of the chair and screw in the 4 bolts with the Allen wrench they provide. Simple. It took me 60 seconds to do it. The chair is sturdy and comfortable.

👤It's horrible. The box was destroyed. There were about 2,000 screws in the box. The pieces of the chair are scratched. There was not a single piece of instructions in the box. It is like someone threw a box of scrap metal in and shipped it.

👤It's pretty good for the price. The legs didn't line up because some of the holes weren't drilled correctly. The one that was drilled was very strong. A comfortable chair is needed for a simple office desk. I put a fluffy throw over my bed and it's very comfortable.

👤The chair was purchased for an 8 year old child. The chair was received in excellent condition. Despite the recent Pandemic, packaged and shipped well. The fit and finish was acceptable, but not perfect. It was very easy to assemble. The chair proved to be more comfortable than expected. A 140 lbs adult can sit.

👤Beware. This does not come with instructions. It was easy to figure it out. If you aren't good at puzzle and problem solving, this may not be the chair for you. You should be able to do it if you are able to figure it out. There is a I was looking for a small space in a living room and it was perfect once it was assembled. Nobody over 135 pounds has sat in it yet. A throw over the back and a pillow make this look classy.

4. Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Armless Contemporary

Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Armless Contemporary

The fabric for the upholstery is Classic Chevron. Ready to assemble. The legs are covered in espresso. The tight upholstery is made to last a long time. It's made of wood and has a solid foundation. Grey and White is the upholstery color. The seat and back are padded. The graffiti design is a nice touch. The set up has a width of 23.25" and a depth of 18.75". The photo may be different from the actual item due to the lighting. The photo may be different from the actual item due to the lighting.

Brand: Roundhill Furniture

👤My wife uses the chair for both working at her desk and watching TV in the bedroom. The chair looks good. There was a gob of wood at the bottom of one leg, but it wasn't noticeable when assembled. I was fortunate that I was sent the wrong assembly manual because it was easy to assemble. It took me a while to figure out that I was not missing any parts and that the instructions were for a different model chair. The chair is comfortable and will hold up over time. We give it 5 stars for attractiveness, style, ease of assembly, and comfort. I gave it 3 stars for the wood, but I was not disappointed since it is a great value. The conclusion is that this is a 4 star product, especially when you consider the price.

👤I purchased these chairs for style and bargain because they were for my office and I had a budget to consider. One of the third-party sellers on here sold the chair for $20 cheaper than a competitor site but had a 1 chair per customer limit. I bought a single chair from that seller. There is a They all arrived on the same day. The boxes and chairs are all the same. When you are buying mass-produced products from a factory in China, you should expect some inconsistencies in the chairs. There is a The instructions show two bolts to secure the front leg and two bolts to secure the seat to the backing. There are bolts that secure the seat to the chair. I couldn't get a bolt to fit into the back of the chair because there were two rows of bolts. I started right to left to secure after starting each strew. The last screw I put in to each chair could not be fully secured, even if it was the top or bottom row. There are five other screws on the chair, so it doesn't seem to have an effect on its stability. I'm pretty sure the screw isn't going in because the hole wasn't drilled correctly in production, even though a sheet was enclosed to request replacement parts. Three of the four chairs have a shortened leg that makes them rock when you sit down or stand up. The chair backs against the wall are more noticeable. The felt furniture stickers on the bottom are not perfect, but they keep the legs from scratching the floor. I don't think I would use them often, because they look nice in my office's lobby when someone has to wait.

👤The chairs are comfortable. Sturdy and easy to put together. The price was the selling point as these chairs are usually more expensive than what I paid. It almost feels like you are sitting on cardboard when you sit down. There is a layer of cardboard above the foam. I don't know if there is but it feels like it. We use ours as more decorative as no one sits in the room so I cannot testify to their real comfort. I put some Scotch guard on them before I assembled. I would recommend that because there was no staining with that.

5. Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Reception

Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Reception

The modish lounge chair is a good example of furniture coming back into style. The design is timeless and elegant. White LeatherSoft upholstery is made of leather and foam that is fire resistant. The frame has a chrome finish. The lounge chair is contemporary. Overall Size: 23.5"W x 21"D x 28"H, Seat Size: 17"W x 16"D, Back Size: 14"W x 10.5"H, Arm Size: 26"H from floor. Overall Size: 23.5"W x 21"D x 28"H, Seat Size: 17"W x 16"D, Back Size: 14"W x 10.5"H, Arm Size: 26"H from floor.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤When I asked if it was white white, I read reviews that said it wasn't. There is a I believe someone named Marshall said it was white. There is a Marshall is either color blind or not speaking the truth, because this chair is definitely not white white.

👤There was a tattoo studio waiting room. The chairs are sturdy, but I don't want to sit on them. They are very uncomfortable. Wrap your legs around the chair legs to keep it from sliding off. A tiny female slides forward. It is partly due to the design, but also due to the slick vinyl on the seat. I would have sent them back, but the workers put them together and threw the boxes away. I should have looked at the reviews more closely. I assumed the first couple would be fine after reading them. Thank goodness. I only bought two, not the 6 I needed. The chairs were set in another area. They are only used when we run out of seating. There is a If you want something that looks modern and cool, buy them. Pick something else if you want to sit on it.

👤The chairs arrived in separate boxes. The chair had a cousin and 2 sets of legs. The legs are fastened to the chair using 6 included screws and a tool. Assembly was easy. The chair seems to be stable. There is a The chair is not white. They were placed in my mostly-white office and did not match any other white furniture. They have a red tint. Why are my chairs so red? There was a murder at the chair factory.

👤The chair is cheap and not comfortable. Your legs will not be fully supported because the seat hits at mid thigh. The seat depth is not very deep. The back is tilted so you don't sit upright. The seat is slippery and makes you feel like you will slide out. I wouldn't approve of a normal size person sitting in it for more than a few minutes. It is not practical to be decorative.

👤It's perfect for a small home office. I love this chair.

👤I will be working from home soon. The chair was easy to build. The seat, the tool and the 2 leg parts were included. The quality is good. White is not any other color. It is very comfortable to sit in as it is thick padding. I didn't want a roll chair on the carpet. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Installation was easy, except for the picture instructions that came with my chair didn't go to the same model since the legs were crossing underneath the seat in the instructions, but in my chair they just went on side by side. Very comfortable. I was worried that the leather would be sticky when it was warm, but it is great! It would be a good recommendation for anyone.

👤I got my chair earlier than expected. The leather is not real and the color is more of a coffee color. The chair is more for appearance. The chair isn't functional because the legs are not straight. If the chair was ugly, I could probably work with it and make it better. If you have guest over, it is a waste and embarrassment. So disappointed.

6. Boss Captains Chair Black Vinyl

Boss Captains Chair Black Vinyl

Traditional styling. The brass nail head trim was applied by hand. The wood finish is traditional. The frame is Sturdy hardwood The arm chair is versatile and classically styled. The cats are not included. A sturdy hardwood frame with a black vinyl nail head trim.

Brand: Boss Office Products

👤The overall design of this chair was the only thing I liked about it. Looking at the stock image doesn't help you see all the flaws. It is very cheap. The quality of wood finish is not good, with multiple areas where it has not been evenly applied or rubbed off, or has been damaged to the point where scratch repair markers could not make it invisible. Vynil is not wrapped all around the arms and is very unattractive if you look at it from a low point. Unless you get a model with caster wheels, it is very low. If you are a tall person, it might be difficult to sit down. Cheap tiny sliders are not a big problem since you can easily remove and replace them. I had to send the chair back because of the damage to the wood.

👤It was short of screws. I found a few on the patio where the chair was leaking from the box. I need to get multi screws from the hardware store. It took an engineer 6 hours to install due to the screws being not completely fit. The chair cushions are hard to sit on. It looks good and is not expensive.

👤I was disappointed that this chair came without directions. I had expected a sketch to tell me what to do. I think the design of the chair is due to the fact that I got it assembled in less than 2 hours. The chair is sturdy and comfortable.

👤We bought them for our office. They are very well made. I got them together after a few tries, but the directions could have been helpful. They are very sturdy and we need them in our office as we have people of all sizes sitting in them. Would buy them again.

👤The chair is very comfortable. Not what I was looking for. It's still a good chair. I would recommend it to a friend. There is a My mistake was buying a used chair. It was the first and last time. The chair is clean. It has a few nicks but I'm not upset with that. It has fur stuck all over the bottom of it, wondering if the chair is bug free or not. There was no instructions on how to put it together. It seemed obvious by certain things only fitting a certain way. One of the nut holes where you attach the legs to the part was stripped out. I can't make the base stable enough. It is not complete. You can't tell if there is a hole missing if the end caps fit into it. I have to leave the other three out, it looks weird if you don't. Not a bad chair, just never use it.

👤The first package had parts that weren't right and screws that wouldn't go into the legs. I went with a replacement order and it had some defects. We need a few of these chairs and got one to start to see if we liked it, but we are not getting any more.

7. SmartGuard Powered Guardsman Furniture Delivery

SmartGuard Powered Guardsman Furniture Delivery

The protection plan product page has terms and conditions for nationwide repair support. Limits apply. Click on the "Warranty"link to see the details of the protection plan. On the first day of coverage, tears, stains, punctures, fluids and gouges will be covered. The day after the manufacturer's warranty expires, mechanical failure coverage begins. This plan doesn't cover all damage. Structural and pre-existing damage are not covered. Repairs that are not authorized by the administrator are not covered. For a full explanation of exclusions and limitations, see the plan terms and conditions. If a covered repair can't be completed, you'll be reimbursed with an Amazon gift card for up to the amount of your original product purchase price. If a covered repair can't be completed, you'll be reimbursed with an Amazon gift card for up to the amount of your original product purchase price.

Brand: Smartguard

👤The place was quick to make a payment. I have been waiting for my E card for three weeks. I've called them four times and they've all said the same thing. Its in the mail. For 3 weeks.

👤There is no negative rating. Don't waste your money on this insurance plan. You have better chance of getting insurance from the Mafia.

👤6 months after purchase, legs snapped. I made a claim the same day and was told over the phone that I would receive a gift card in a few days. I email them to find out the status of the refund almost a month later and they tell me that it was declined and that structural damage and broken pieces were covered. What is 888-282-0476 888-282-0476? They don't cover mechanical failures on office chairs or stools. I'm fighting with them over it. I am not going to put 90.00 down the drain. The company or Amazon will reimburse me for the stool.

👤It has been at least a month since I claimed my furniture.

👤Don't buy this warranty for the sake of it. I bought my son an office chair. A piece of metal broke on the chair less than 8 months later and made it useless. The chair is ineligible for coverage after making a claim. I think I should be grateful that I will get a refund of the warranty cost, at least I will have a few dollars to buy a new chair.

👤I bought the warranty to be used with the barstools. Since I'm disabled, my husband didn't think the stools were strong enough. I was not sure how the insurance worked after I initiated a return on those. I received a reply in a matter of hours. I was considering canceling or transferring the insurance. I was given a refund on the insurance because I couldn't decide on a different barstool. I would like it to be available for other items I've purchased that aren't related to Amazon. The entire process was stress free and I will definitely purchase in the future.

👤My package arrived broken and was the wrong color, and the smart guard protection didn't contact me back, so I have no option but to buy a new product.

👤We bought this warranty a year ago for a gaming chair for my son. The fake leather on the chair didn't last long but we dealt with it for most of the year until we remembered that we purchased the warranty. We called customer service and they said they would give us an electronic gift card for the purchase price. The way the lady said the email was from Amazon was shady and I thought it was too easy. She said I would get it in a few days. I didn't think it would happen on Monday, but it did. I received an email saying it was approved and they sent the gift card. I was afraid that this was a scam. It is awesome. We bought a new gaming chair with the money and then bought the warranty again. It was worth it.

8. Flash Furniture Shaggy Light Accent

Flash Furniture Shaggy Light Accent

This chair is for people who don't use the words "traditional" and "conventional". If you want to liven things up, you could even take this chair to the office. Light pink, shaggy upholstery, molded back and seat with fire retardant foam. The wooden legs have metal bracing. The weight capacity. The accent chair is designed for commercial use. The overall size is 18.5"W x 21"D x 34"H. Back Size: 11 W x 16 H. The overall size is 18.5"W x 21"D x 34"H. Back Size: 11 W x 16 H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤It's easy to put together. Absolutely adorable!

👤This is so cute that I was excited for it. I thought it would be sturdy and well packaged because it was $70 for one chair. Maybe my expectations need to be lowered when it comes to Amazon. I got a single screw for four legs. I went to Home Depot to buy the other 3. When I get home to try to put it together again, one of the holes where the screw goes in is not working. I will have to return the package which is a huge hassle and I will try to have them send another one. It is cute.

👤Can't use it because of that. No noise! I should have read the other reviews. Random orders don't get their hardware. Nobody returns crap to Amazon if you have to return it for a full refund. This chair is not usable. There is a It sheds like crazy. I took it out of the box and it looked like I hugged a pink cat as I have fuzz all over me.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered this because everyone said it was short. I was comfortable with the dimensions, but I was concerned by the reviews. This is perfect. It is a great height for my desk and it looks adorable in my office. Definitely would but again.

👤I bought this for my daughter's room. The color is off, but it is easy to assemble. It's not as bright as a coral. Whatever. She was happy with it.

👤This chair fits in my room and I love it. If you sit in this chair a lot, a seat cover or a cheap dog brush might be needed. I only sit in this chair for 10 hours a week, and it has lasted a year. I have to tighten the bolts underneath the chair if I want to sit down. I am very weak and it is hard for me to get the bolts tight, so this might not be because of the manufacturing. I would probably never have to do this again if I asked my dad to fix it.

👤Product has tools that you can't use. The holes for screws don't match up.

👤The chair is short. I was expecting it to be taller but it is not. I know it isn't drawn to scale. I think it would be small. It is not worth 77 dollars.

9. Boss Office Products B9539 Leather

Boss Office Products B9539 Leather

Black leather Plus is fully upholstered. Extra comfort support can be found in the thick cushions. Over hard surface and plush carpeting, moves smoothly. The seat has a firm back. The overall dimensions are 23"W X 24"D X 34"H. The overall dimensions are 23"W X 24"D X 34"H.

Brand: Boss Office Products

👤It's important. My reviews are always honest and never for purchase. If I recommend a product or give a 5 star rating. The product deserves it. I take my time before writing reviews to make sure that I give the product a chance to fail before I post anything. The December 2020 update is here. The chair is no longer usable after the weld broke. * The chair's cushion is not real leather. * The chair broke in July 2020 and I had to write a review. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's the same thing. I bought this chair in September of last year and I can say that it is very sturdy and very comfortable. I can stand on top of this chair with my weight. There is a The cushion is very comfortable and doesn't get squishy to the point where it becomes a pancake. There is a I used to weigh 320 and never had any problems, but the Thick Cushion and very sturdy can absolutely support that weight. It is very easy to assemble.

👤I bought this as a gaming chair. The sled is sturdy. There is nothing worse than a chair that rolls backward and then takes a dive. The sled design counteracts the chair going completely backward, which is a plus for me. I like that the chair has no arms. The chair is more comfortable than I thought it would be. The back rest is engineered at a very good angle and the seat width is more than I thought. It is good to know that the weight capacity is much larger than my actual weight. The chair was put together in less than an hour, based on the mixed reviews. It took me a while. Attach all screws with care. Start with the seat. Once all screws are attached, tighten them a little at a time. First, tighten the seat. The same method is used on the back rest. I know how to put together furniture, but some people might need some pointers. There is a I think this was a great purchase. The leatherplus is the only thing left to be seen.

10. Flash Furniture Mid Back Quilted Swivel

Flash Furniture Mid Back Quilted Swivel

If you're looking to update your office chair or need a desk chair for your dorm room, this computer chair has all the style you need. The quilted design makes your space look more sophisticated while the height seat makes you feel more comfortable. Their chair is in compliance with the standard of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, X5.1-17. The seat has a pneumatic seat height adjustment and a nylon base. The chair is a modern style. Overall Size: 23"W x 24"D x 34-38.75"H; Seat Size: 16.5"W x 16.2"D x 16.75-21.75"H; Back Size: 16.2W x 19H.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I like the chair. The hardware pack is the first thing you see when you open the box. There are not many spaces. As a customer, it's confusing if I didn't get the parts I was supposed to. I will let anyone who came to the reviews know what to do after reading the instructions. Push the wheels in until they go in. I was wondering how they did it. The instructions didn't say how to separate the plastic pieces for the chair stem. Put the small one through the medium one and the large one through the medium one. That was not specified in the instructions. The seat is wobbly and it seems like it will just sit on top. Push that sucker down. As someone who doesn't put chairs together, I was a bit surprised that those parts weren't in the instructions. I tested the lift after assembling and it was great. I like it. I wish the hardware had what you needed. The instructions were better.

👤I just bought this chair and love it. It's easy to put together. The rollers are easy to move over the carpet. When I took it out, I thought it would be flimsy, but it is. The fabric is a cross between cloth and leather.

👤I'm about 2 weeks shy of the purchase date and have been experiencing a "sinking chair" issue with the gas cylinder. It became more and more frequent in the last month or two. It does this almost every time I sit in it. It's been a good chair. I hope customer service handles the replacement part with care. We will see if this review drops to 1 start or jumps up to 4-5 stars.

👤I like this chair. It was easy to put together and looks great. It wouldn't be good for sitting for long periods of time because it doesn't recline. I got it without arm rests so that I could sit up with my legs crossed off of the floor, but it's only wide enough for one leg to be comfortable, and my ankle is just sliding down. I'm 5'2 and 190 pounds, and I can't imagine anyone bigger than me sitting on it. It seems like it would hold more weight, but it isn't wide enough. I still think it's a great chair, but it's better suited for children doing homework or a slim adult using it for short periods of time.

👤I have been looking for a chair that is comfortable. There are versions of it which come with arms, but I like that it has no arms. The arms won't fit under my desk so it will slide under it. It took me ten minutes to put it together, but it took a few minutes to unpack it all. It is well made and comfortable. I have a chair like the one in my studio that costs me twice as much and it is not that much better.

👤I have trouble setting and walking so I bought this to set at the dinner table. I roll my walker up, set it down, and roll up under the table. The height is perfect. It is easy to get up. I had a chair that broke after 6 months. This one seems to be better built. I had pain in my legs from my old chair. This one has a padded front that eliminates the problem of restricting blood flow. The covering is easy to clean.

11. Serta Leighton Office Chair Light

Serta Leighton Office Chair Light

There are two things: sylish and function. Home office chair adds a touch of modernity to your workspace. All day long. Serta comfort is delivered by memory foam seat with pocket coils. It's great for work or play. It helps keep you comfortable and relaxed. There is aTILE andMOBILE. Rolling caster design, convenient height settings, and swivel design. It's your decision. The neutral fabric design has chrome accents.

Brand: Serta

👤Love. This has been in my cart for a long time. I finally bought it and I am very happy. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The appearance- The fabric I bought is exactly what I wanted. Assembly I don't attempt putting things together. I have always found someone else to help, even though most will read this and roll their eyes. I was excited to get this chair and at work, but no one could help me. I decided to go for it. It took me a long time to find the instructions. They were hidden in one of the bags. I was sitting in the chair 15 minutes after receiving it. There is a It's comfortable. I am 5 years old. 135-150 lbs. ft tall. I bought this chair for one reason, my lower back or neck is always soar due to the horrible chair I was using, so no matter how gorgeous it was, it wasn't going to work. It has been a long time since I sat in the chair. It's perfect! I love sitting cross-legged and this chair allows me to do this, still fitting under my desk and the back of the chair supports my entire back all the way to my neck.

👤This chair is not made by Serta. The box says "LF Products". An address in China. TheFabric Home Chair is a different model than the one pictured. The build quality is terrible. The chair is held to the base line up by only 3 screws. Only two of the four screws that attach the back to the base line up are attached.

👤I was surprised by how much I like this chair. It only took twenty minutes to put the whole thing together, and it was very easy to assemble with only five steps. The beige fabric is pleasant to look at and not overwhelming, but it is a bit more white than the secondary images on Amazon show. I had to adjust the tension knob to get it to a point where I could lean back without pushing too hard. I have had seven-hour-plus marathons since I bought this chair that was comfortable all the way through. Would buy again.

👤I didn't want the chair to be too officey. The chair arrived on time. I can sit with my legs crossed. There is a place for that. It was easy to assemble, but there was a hole in the metal part that I couldn't screw in. It was comfortable and nice to look at. There is a I have been using this chair for almost every day, and I noticed that the cushion on the chair lost its shape and looks wrinkly, way to go for this price. There is a If I lean back or front, the mechanism that holds the chair together makes a metallic noise. I might try to lubricate it with something to see if it can fix the noise problem. There is a It was nice looking, but lost its shape after a few months. I wouldn't recommend this product because of that.


What is the best product for decorative office chair without wheels?

Decorative office chair without wheels products from Armen Living. In this article about decorative office chair without wheels you can see why people choose the product. Gdf Studio and Flash Furniture are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative office chair without wheels.

What are the best brands for decorative office chair without wheels?

Armen Living, Gdf Studio and Flash Furniture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative office chair without wheels. Find the detail in this article. Roundhill Furniture, Boss Office Products and Smartguard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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