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1. Everydecor Small Galvanized Decorative Sphere

Everydecor Small Galvanized Decorative Sphere

10 wicker rattan balls are included in the package. The lattice metal sphere is made from natural metal gray and has distressed details. You can display it in your home. It can be used to compliment your current decor scheme or as the focal point of the room.

Brand: Everydecor

👤A nice touch of decor. I ordered a small, medium or large.

👤Cute. A lot of the spheres are small. I bought two to use in another room. The value is great.

👤This is perfect for what I ordered. Our floating shelf has an accessory. I'm not sure if I would buy again because of the price. If I was in the US, I could have gotten something similar.

👤Absolutely love them. Beautiful and high quality! 5 stars +!

👤I like this piece. Ties are in my stand.

👤The size was perfect for what I needed. It didn't have the distressed areas shown in the picture and description.

👤It is a lot less expensive than others I have looked at.

👤It was a lot smaller than I thought. It's the size of a softball.

👤The product was great quality and what I had hoped for.

2. Yaomiao Decorative Decoration Aromatherapy Accessories

Yaomiao Decorative Decoration Aromatherapy Accessories

The wicker decorative balls are made from the woven rattan wood and add a more natural feel to your decoration. The decoration orbs are 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches and have a diameter of approx. The color is blue, gray, and white. The choice for any kind of craft project is good, use these rattan balls to decorate flower arrangements. It is suitable for vase bowl filler, craft project, wedding home table decoration, flower arrangements, themed party, baby shower decoration, aromatherapy accessories, party hanging decoration. Each color in the set has 2 pieces.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤The colors are off. If you look at it in a different way, white is blue and green is CREAM. The money was wasted. I needed blue and white.

👤I needed to add some silver and gold balls to the bowl. Our family room is the same color as the balls. I wish they were bigger, but they do the job.

👤They are perfect for winter decor.

👤The color looks great in my living room.

👤A nice table decor for a shower and guest of honor could be used as home decor.

👤Nice colors. It was smaller than I expected. Light weight.

👤The blue wicker balls were navy. It is blue.

3. Decorative Sphere Accents Tabletop Decorations

Decorative Sphere Accents Tabletop Decorations

It is beautiful for decorative use. Each sphere is 4.5 inches in diameter and makes a fine contemporary centerpiece. Coffee table decorative accents or shelf decorations can be made from metal band spheres. They can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It is possible to fill large glass bowls, vases and more with a metal sphere. If you want to make the Iron Decorative Sphere the focal point of the room, use it to compliment your current decor scheme. The Distressed Metal Bands Sculpture is a modern home decor accessory.

Brand: Bstgifts

4. Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Centerpiece

Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Centerpiece

Decor balls are great for empty bowls, vases or baskets. The balls can only be used indoors. There are balls for centerpiece. These balls are a great addition to a farmhouse decor. There are 13 orb balls, 5 wicker balls, 1 flower, and 2 flat sticks in the set. The Decorative Bowl Fillers are a great addition to a decor. The wicker balls can be used as rustic bowl filler or organic rustic table decor. This assortment of balls is a perfect craft supply set for any craft project. The decorative twig balls can be used as wedding decoration. The vase is not included.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤I bought this set to fill the bottom of the bowl, but it actually filled the entire bowl. I was surprised by how much was included. I have found the best value. The online photos are accurate. What you see is what you get. Didn't notice a scent, so purchase this as a vase fill, not as a potpourri. Nice variety and quick shipping. This is an affordable option for filling larger vases and bowls, and will add a few nicer pieces on top. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I received a crystal bowl as a gift and needed something to fill it. It is a large bowl of fruit. I was not sure if this would fill it up. I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived. There is a nice variety of shapes and shades in the items. It was much more than I anticipated, especially for the price. I would purchase this item again. I received it the next day after ordering it. Awesome product and service!

👤I loved the product, but then I looked at the items. I can't use all the balls because some came damaged. I am not able to fill my entire vase because the larger balls are damaged. I'm not sure if the product is cheap or not. There is a They are ok.

👤I had to return these because I went a different route with my vases. I have been shopping for this item in brick and mortar stores for the last couple months and found nothing comparable to this quality. I highly recommend.

👤The quality is great, the price is great, and they were $7 more at a local craft store. Great prices. They have a variety of sizes and colors and I used them in a basket.

👤Exactly what I wanted. The colors are pretty. The quality is excellent. I am really happy with this purchase. Definitely recommend!

👤The balls arrive quickly. I was worried that they might be cheap. They are great. Multiple sizes help with arranging. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I use these in my bowl. My new cat thinks they are for him to destroy. It's funny.

👤I used a large bowl on my kitchen table. I thought I would need to order another bag. Nope! There was a lot in the bag and it worked well for what I wanted. The value is great. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The balls were very flimsy and when moved they began to fall apart.

👤These are absolutely perfect. They are what I wanted. I was happy with my order. I would recommend these. It's gorgeous.

👤Exactly what I needed. A bit overpriced.

👤I'm happy with the product. My living room has a bit of zen in it.

5. Idyllic Assorted Decorative Spherical Decoration

Idyllic Assorted Decorative Spherical Decoration

Good for weddings and birth day parties: a Christmas gift. The weight is approximated at 0.58 and the size and width is 7.5 and 6 inches. Please allow a slight difference in size due to manual measurement. There are 20 assorted spherical rattan balls in this set. The decorative twig balls are great for filling empty bowls, vases or baskets, but they can only be used indoors. The decorative spherical bowl and vase filler bring a sense of beauty to the living room, kitchen, fireplace, and mantel. The package includes about 20 assorted balls in a transparent plastic bag.

Brand: Idyllic

👤I also bought this collection at Amazon. They look great on the hallway table. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to decorate a table. A classy look.

👤Came out well! Some balls were damaged when I ordered them. The seller sent me a replacement bag after I contacted them. I put smaller golden balls in the basket to tie into the rest of my decor. Would definitely recommend!

👤I used the bowl fillers to make a Thanksgiving table decoration, but they can be used year-round to create a rustic look.

👤I was surprised that these were so good. 10/10 recommend.

👤This was better than I anticipated. It filled my whole bowl and it came with a variety of items that made my bowl look full and vibrant. Good quality and definitely worth the money.

👤Looks great! Adds to my decor.

👤The quantity was perfect and I love the colors.

👤Our coffee table has a nice addition. Thanks.

6. Decorative Fillers Decoration Aromatherapy Accessories

Decorative Fillers Decoration Aromatherapy Accessories

The vase is not included. You will get 36 pieces of wicker rattan balls in 4 different colors, each with 9 pieces, enough in quantity and rich in colors. The decorative rattan balls are easy to fit in different sizes. You can spray your creativity and imagination fully, such as hanging these wicker rattan balls on the walls, threading them with lights or putting them in a transparent vase to create a pleasant atmosphere and add more natural feeling to your. The orbs vase fillers are made of the woven rattan wood, woven and dyed by experienced artisans, lightweight and compact,durable and colorfast. Multiple occasions: these decorative rattan balls can be used for a wide range of things, from decorating birthday, wedding, festival, home or office, and so on.

Brand: Patelai

👤They add a nice touch to my decor, but there are lots of small ones. I need 2 sets to fill my container. I put lights in the space to fill it.

👤I was hoping it would fill the wine glass, but I didn't check the measurements. Not worth the money for the size. I need to buy 10 boxes or more to fill this up. The colors are cute and match my decor. I might have to find a bigger one somewhere else.

👤The balls are the perfect color to match the flowers. I put them in a glass dish.

👤I like the way this product meshes with my living room. I used it for my coffee table setting.

👤Too much money for small balls. The largest is 2 inches. I think I will learn to read the descriptions. My bad!

👤There is a nice assortment of colors and sizes of spheres. I had to add my own sphere for the size of the storm. All arrived in great shape. Overall, would highly recommend.

👤Small balls. I could have bought better ones at the store.

👤It adds a pop of color to my room. I am happy with it.

👤Beautiful colors like them.

👤It's very bad quality and keeps coming off, but it's just what I wanted.

👤Great product. Do the job.

👤Erstens: 30 Blle in der Packung. Im Bllen ist die Lichterkette fr das Zimmer meiner Tochter. Passend in der Beschreibung der Rattanblle. Jetzt passt es, bei meiner Tochter ist verstndlicherweise. Weie Flecken (siehe Fotos) ist die blaue Blle. Die kleinen Blle ist es bei 9 Blle, von den mittelgroen 8 und von den Groen. In der Packung, von den grauen Bllen, there are 3. Ich ist die Blle.

7. Qingbei Rina Decorative Ornaments Christmas

Qingbei Rina Decorative Ornaments Christmas

It would be a great prop for photography. Great items for home and office decoration. Not the large wicker ball. They are larger than a golf ball. The comparison picture is on the left. The balls are white. The balls are 1.6 inches. The balls are 2.4 inches. These wicker decorative balls are made of the finest rattan wood, woven and dyed by professional craftsmen, they are durable, light and compact, suitable for a variety of occasions. They are very similar to a twig in texture. The flowers and ornaments are decorated with these rattan balls. It's suitable for craft projects. Hang these wicker rattan balls on the wall, or fill a vase with them and light up your house. Core accessories for dining tables,vase filler balls, handicraft supplies, weddings, parties and house decorations, flower arrangements, aromatherapy accessories, etc. are very suitable as a wide range of applications. They are bright colors and are suitable for craft projects. Small balls are great for birds. Birds love bright colors so this will be a good choice to cheer up your pets.

Brand: Qingbei Rina

👤These wicker balls are a great addition to my table centerpiece. Absolutely love them!

👤Love the balls. There is a pretty decoration on my coffee table. When I saw these balls, I immediately wanted them for a decoration idea I had. They arrived very quickly and are just as pretty as the picture they are in. I had to order a second bag to fill the bowl because I only ordered one bag. I loved the price. A person named Trish.

👤I got these for my decorating. I put them with other similar things on a kitchen table. They are cute and can do a lot of things with them.

👤This worked for making Mickey Mouse ornaments and I wish there was more of the larger size. They came out adorable, but only if you could make three of them.

👤I needed something to drink. I was looking for something that wasn't very expensive. I found them and they were right. It was perfect. It was bright and colourful.

👤These are neat. I used them in different canisters. There is a photo of one.

👤I used these to make the idea for lighting in my bedroom. It worked out well. I hope they make more of these.

👤They are all very small like the picture.

👤I added my own essential oil to make it smell better. There are 18 in total, but only 3 larger ones. The vase has fairy lights.

👤Mother loved them.

👤The pictures are deceptive. The product was very small compared to the picture.

8. Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Bowls

Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Bowls

The ball is 2.5 in diameter. The decorative balls for bowls are a great addition to a farmhouse decor. There are 6 orb balls, 4 rattan wicker balls in this set of 10 pieces. The Decorative Bowl Fillers are a great addition to the decor. The wicker balls can be used as table decor. This assortment of decorative balls is a perfect craft supply set. The decorative twig balls can be used as wedding decoration. The silver bowl is not included.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤The company made a special box to fit this item, so it arrived in pristine condition, unlike a different order of balls I purchased from another company that fell apart! These are well made.

👤The balls looked great but my 3 year old threw many of them. They began to fall apart. The reason for my bad review is that they are not meant to be thrown. She broke one of the balls and found a WORM inside. I was horrified. I immediately threw out the remaining balls.

👤Some of the balls are more fragile than I thought. I hid the damaged parts by facing them inward in my centerpiece. If the shipping process was not so bad, I would have given 4 stars.

👤The balls fell apart when I opened them.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for.

👤It's very fragile and not sturdy at all.

👤These are not the same as others. Exactly what I wanted. 5 stars!

👤The product was advertised. I like the look of it in my home.

👤I bought these for a coffee table basket and they turned out to be different. Many people are saying nice things already!

👤Not 4 inches. Thanks for wasting time!

👤I can't believe how much I enjoy these balls. Good quality, arrived in perfect shape and just the right size. A happy customer.

👤I filled the lamp with them.

9. Farmlyn Creek Silver Spheres Modern

Farmlyn Creek Silver Spheres Modern

Customer care is important. If you need a replacement for glasses, please call Amazon Customer Service. This set of 2 metal spheres will complement your existing modern, bohemian, or farmhouse home decor. The perfect home decor is to use the spheres on your dining table, coffee table, counter, and fireplace mantel as a centerpiece. The spheres are made from quality iron that is thick and sturdy and looks great on any table or mantel. The small sphere is 4 inches and the large sphere is 7 inches. This stunning home decor set comes with two decorative silver spheres.

Brand: Farmlyn Creek

👤They're very nice spheres. It is too thin. There is a They arrived in great shape, but it took the cat a while to bend it, after he fell off the table. He likes to chase things that roll and it made an unattractive cat toy. I bent it back. It still looks bent. No one else has mentioned it.

👤The box was in perfect condition, but the large one was bent and caved in, even though it seemed to be well packaged. It became apparent that the sections that were attached weren't evenly spacing. I didn't expect much for the price, but the appearance is noticeable.

👤I am keeping these, but they are bent up and feel like cheap aluminum material.

👤Just as described. They are a great accent to any table or shelf. Spheres are light in weight.

👤If not careful, the metal could cut you.

👤I put the balls by the door. They are very light. I am not sure if I would buy again.

👤I am confused. Definitely not a good idea.

10. Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Centerpiece

Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Centerpiece

The decorative balls for centerpiece are perfect for a farmhouse or rustic decor. The set includes 8 orb balls, 4 wicker balls, a flower, a bow, and a set of wood pieces. The Decorative Bowl Fillers are a great addition to the decor. The wicker balls can be used as rustic bowl filler or organic rustic table decor. This assortment of balls is a perfect craft supply set for any craft project. The decorative twig balls can be used as a wedding decoration. The vase is not included.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤These are gorgeous but they smell terrible. I understand the natural materials, but this is a smell I have never experienced before. I tried to use baking soda, charcoal bags and dryer sheets in a tote to remove the smell, but it didn't work. The smell of the dryer sheet is slightly soaked up but after an hour the smell is gone. There is a I did not try to come back after I tried to remove smell. I should have come back immediately.

👤There is a beautiful mixture of shades. I don't know why I thought there would be multiple pieces of each shape, but what you see is what you get. There was no lot of volume.

👤I like items that are handmade. The larger balls in this set have a very primitive look to them. The set is exactly what it is. I want to display it in a bowl or basket.

👤This is the best bowl filling I have ever seen. There is a There are many different decorations in the bag. I would love to see different colors.

👤I like it. I used a small coffee table to make a centerpiece. I gave my table some bling.

👤This is a great deal. The bag has all the pieces intact. The quality was much better than I expected.

👤I liked the variety. I would recommend it to others.

👤This set of decorations is gorgeous. They are the perfect replacement for my jar.

👤Great look and no scent.

👤It looks like I tried to make this for two years.

👤At first, it had a weird smell, but it went away. It looks great in my bathroom.

👤I thought it would be the same. It added a decorative flare to my lamp.

👤J'ai fais un vase ci dessus.

11. Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Bowls

Blue Donuts Decorative Balls Bowls

The decorative balls for bowls are a great addition to a farmhouse decor. The set includes 2 orb balls and 4 wicker balls. The Decorative Bowl Fillers are a great addition to the upper decoration. The wicker balls can be used as rustic bowl filler or organic rustic table decor. The perfect craft supply set is a collection of decorative balls. You can use these balls to make a beautiful bowl. Black bowl is not included.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤I need to add some texture and color to my dining room and I have an antique bread bowl. I bought the starfish, blue orbs and these natural orbs from Amazon. I am very happy with the combination. One of the orbs was slightly unraveling, but it was not noticeable in the bowl.

👤These balls exceeded my expectations. They are gorgeous, contain 2 different designs, and match the decor of my home. I love them!

👤The balls were coming apart. There was no packing material in the box, just the sleeve of balls. I returned them because I wanted a full refund.

👤The orbs were what I wanted. They were large and not small. There was one with some loose paper and one with some stray sprigs. I was able to get them to where no one would notice.

👤wicker balls were delivered. They were larger than I needed. If the balls were not broken, they could be used for something else.

👤I love it! Some of the wicker balls were not perfect. If you like a natural look, I think you'll like these.

👤These are some huge balls. They fit perfectly in my living room decor bowl.

👤I purchased this to fill a bowl but one of the brown balls was unraveling and the pieces smudged the white one.

👤This works because I wanted to add some texture. Good price, as described.


What is the best product for decorative orbs farmhouse?

Decorative orbs farmhouse products from Everydecor. In this article about decorative orbs farmhouse you can see why people choose the product. Yaomiao and Bstgifts are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative orbs farmhouse.

What are the best brands for decorative orbs farmhouse?

Everydecor, Yaomiao and Bstgifts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative orbs farmhouse. Find the detail in this article. Blue Donuts, Idyllic and Patelai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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