Best Decorative Outdoor Pillows for Patio Furniture

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1. Decorative Outdoor Balcony Waterproof Cushion

Decorative Outdoor Balcony Waterproof Cushion

It's made in the USA and great for sleeping. Queen euro floor pillow or bed pillow or dog pillow is filled with all water resistent polyester. 4 pieces of 18 x 18 inches/ 45 x 45 cm red solid color pillow covers are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, but pillow core are not included. The color effect will be better under the sun. There are nice decorations for outdoor garden, tent, bench, balcony, party, picnic, wedding, office, cafe, etc. These throw pillow covers are made of canvas with a PU coating and are pilling resistant. The red pillow shells come with a smooth zip and a large opening that can be used to insert and remove pillows. The square cushion cases are easy to clean and no ironing is needed for the first time.

Brand: Boao

👤We didn't read the description right. We thought we were ordering pillows, but only received pillow covers. They are nice. Be sure to know what you are ordering.

👤The touch of color was perfect. The water resistance will be tested. It was only covers at the time of purchase. It would be nice if it was stated in the title.

👤These pillow cases are disappointing. I waited at least 3 weeks for them to arrive, and when they did, they were more of a mustard yellow color than a regular yellow. The pillow cases ripped when I put pillows in them. The water resistance on some of them won't work. I hope the ones that didn't rip have good water resistance. I will have to wait and see. If they didn't rip, I would have been happy. Not usually one to write reviews, but for the price I paid for these pillow cases, they are cheap and easy to rip. Spend a little more money on better quality cases.

👤Excellent quality for a good price. A splash of color was added to the patio. I like the color mustard yellow.

👤The description is on par. They are thick enough to not show through over pillows. They are proving to be waterproof after a few rained. There were no problems with the 4 packs.

👤The pillows are bright yellow and soft, they are meant to be outdoor pillows. I didn't test them for waterproofness. I like how soft they are, but the fabric just seemed to get dirty quickly, so I'll use them indoors. I didn't want yellow pillows that would pick up dirt.

👤I bought these pillow covers for my patio furniture. Well pleased with the quality. I put them under cover in the rain so I can't comment on their waterproofness. I can say that they hold up well to the morning dew and don't lose their color.

👤I was very happy with the color and fit of these, but am disappointed that they have faded quickly. They haven't been on my porch for a long time. The price was great.

👤I've seen reviews that were conflicting. Hopefully this will answer the question.

👤Stunning items. They compliment the new garden seats we purchased giving me a cocktail theme outside. There is a They were dry on the inside and the surface dried quickly after one hell of a rain storm. Cracking items.

👤The covers are not waterproof. I squeezed the water out of the cushion inside the cover as the water got in and the darker part of the cushion was wet. I wanted a cushion but I couldn't leave it out if it rained. Don't waste your money!

👤Good finish, looks good. I left them out of the test because it rained all night. The cushions were soaked. There is a If you accidentally pour something, the covers are not waterproof. There is a I can hang the cushions to dry because it's sunny again.

👤I purchased these to go with some patterned ones on my furniture, but had to have next day delivery, so that did increase the price, but I would recommend it.

2. LVTXIII Outdoor Decorative Weather Decoration

LVTXIII Outdoor Decorative Weather Decoration

The only things included in the package are the 2 pillow covers. The cover is made of spun polyester fabric. It's fade-resistant, water repellence and dirt-resistant, so you don't have to worry about leaving it in the sun. The color of it will stay the same. Did you accidentally drink over it? Again, no problem. Just wipe it clean. It will be as good as new. You want to relax outdoors on a nice pillow cover if you want to use all weather. Multiple conditions are measured by the outdoor/indoor pillow cover. There are more decorative choices with multiple modern patterns. Pick the right color to match your furniture and it will bring you a new world. It is easier for replacement and wash if needed with the auto-locking zipper. Due to hand-cutting and sewing, there is a measurement deviation.

Brand: Lvtxiii

👤I had pillows for 12 patio dining chairs that were in good shape, but the covers faded over time. The pillow case covers fit over the pillows and have a cool, crisp summer look. I purchased 8 tan and 4 navy blue stripe covers for two tables and can mix and match them. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

👤These pillow covers look great. I put them over my ugly patterned ones and new pillows. I didn't have to buy the pillows separately, so this saved me a lot of money. They held up well in the rain and the sun. They are a steal.

👤I used the pillow covers to support the pillows in the camping chair. I went camping at the beach and the pillows were covered in dirt and sand after a shower. I put them in the wash and they came out like new.

👤It was received earlier and very nice. The packaging is nice. I didn't give it a 5 because I can't comment on the water proof quality over time. There is a Regardless, it's a no-brainer to buy for an attractive price.

👤They seem well made and I love the pattern in person. They seem as sturdy as others we have had good luck with on our patio, but haven't had long enough to speak to durability or fade-proofing.

👤I took them in before the rain so I can't attest to water resistance. The feel is great. They only had a few months, but will fall apart in the next year or so.

👤The cushions were used for our couch. The size, color and material made me happy. I will be ordering more for holidays. The website was easy to navigate and items were received when promised. It makes it a win.

👤We needed to add some color to our deck and these pillow covers were the perfect solution. Can't talk about fading yet.

👤Excellent pillows. It is contemporary and fashionable. I bought a lot of patio chairs.

👤Like the covers a lot. Thank you.

👤Good quality. It would be great if it came with inserts.

👤The pillows are exactly as pictured.

3. Phantoscope Waterproof Decorative Resistant Pillowcase

Phantoscope Waterproof Decorative Resistant Pillowcase

The waterproof material protects your pillows from splashing and protects them from water. Pillow covers for both indoor and outdoor, nice decorations for outdoor garden, patio, tent, balcony, barbecue, etc. The vibrant color of the pillow covers will give you a different look. The outdoor throw pillow covers are very easy to insert and replace and keep an elegant look. Each pillow cover is 18x18 inch. There are 2 pieces of throw pillow cases in the package. INSERTS are not included. Their pillow covers are easy to care for. The outdoor pillow covers are made with fade resistance.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤Do not buy these pillow covers. The covers for my patio furniture pillows were discolored from the sun and have already been damaged by the elements. When I first opened the product, I was really excited about the 4 grey pillow covers I had purchased. All 4 pillows have a discolored spot with a brown tint. I am not able to get a refund since I have only had them for a short time, and I am already outside of the return or exchange window. I have left four pillow covers that look cheap and are ruined. There is a product on the market that cannot be used outside. I am very disappointed in this product.

👤I was excited when I saw these covers. They were the perfect color for my bench. They faded so quickly that they are now a light pink. Very disappointing.

👤I have had 6 of these for a couple months now and they are not in the sun. They don't look attractive and have faded unevenly. I regret buying this item and feel like the money is wasted.

👤The company's cover and inserts were bought at the same time. Both are square. Here are pictures of the two pieces together for the first time, after the inserts arrived. It looks like a larger insert (20" square) should be specified for the 18" square covers. There is a But how would I not know about trial and error? Why should I bother? I bought both cover and insert from the same company. Frustrating. There is a The covers are made well. The piping, stitching, and grain are all put together. There is a The covers are made of Sunbrella fabric, according to the Amazon writeup. I am not familiar with the entire Sunbrella line, but these covers feel nothing like the ones I know.

👤I needed pillow covers that would not be damaged by a human. These have been great! Our kitchen chairs have lost their cushion, so we have been using throw pillows as cushions, and I wanted something that could be sat on without being uncomfortable, but also durable against spills and sticky fingers. Will buy more of these covers for the rest of our chairs. These are a true yellow color. Not canary, not mustard, not fluorescent, but a bright yellow!

👤I bought a 20” pillow case and 22” pillows on Amazon and they are very water resistant. I whipped the water off of my pillows when I got home after the rain, because I had left them outside. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤The pillow covers seem to have decent seam/fabric durability, but they fade quickly. The new, unexposed side is exposed to the sun for less than a month. I think that some fade should be expected, but this seems excessive. They are inexpensive.

👤The pillows were nice red and pinkish, but now they are faded pink. Sunbrella products do not fade. I have had outdoor furniture with verified Sunbrella fabric for 8 years and they are the same color as they were when I bought them. The product should be removed from Amazon.

4. Foamily Premium Resistant Hypoallergenic Standard

Foamily Premium Resistant Hypoallergenic Standard

It is easier for replacement and wash if needed with the auto-locking zipper. Due to hand-cutting and sewing, there is a measurement deviation. The pillows can be used as a decorative set to provide a cushion for your sofa sets. Small to Large pillows will fit almost any cover or cover for your home, use indoor or outdoor on hammock or couch, and pack for picnic form seating in the weather. Use with waterproof pillow cases for double protection, and accent piece for a resort spa home outdoor pillow. If you want to use the bedroom as a bohemian room for meditation, use it as a bedding or oversized bed, look great in yoga or moroccan goods. It's made in the USA and great for sleeping. Queen euro floor pillow or bed pillow or dog pillow is filled with all water resistent polyester.

Brand: Foamily

👤I purchased the 12 x 20 pillows and the 12 x 20 pillow cases from Amazon. I went with the same size as the pillow I ordered, even though they said to order a pillow case that's a size down from the pillow, but that option doesn't really exist for rectangular pillows. The corners of the pillow are not filled to the fullest. I can't change the stuffing inside the pillow, but I think they look great once they're in the pillow case. They seem to be water resistant, but I still prefer not to leave pillows out in the rain. I would recommend these pillows.

👤These products are the worst I have ever purchased. Don't buy. You will be disappointed. The pillows are empty. They are flat, skimpy and you won't have a pillow that will support you. It will take at least three inserts to fill a single pillow. I bought three different sizes and two pillows. I have a lot of the fill from the six inserts, but only one of the 24x 24 covers. That insert is $68. The down inserts should have been ordered.

👤My pillow covers are water proof, so I ordered these pillows to put on our patio furniture. I was drawn to them because of the price. I was surprised that they were in a small box. Had I only ordered one? I could have said it was four. I realized they were vacuum packed when I opened it. Thanks for doing that. Good for your bottom line. There is a My kids had a ball opening the pillows. And did they ever? The pictures don't show how fluffy these things are. There is a I will definitely buy from them again. The price and quality were great.

👤There was no stuffing in the corners when this pillow insert arrived. I put the stuffing in the 4 corners and restitched it. It appears to be fiberfill, although it does state that it is 100% polyester. It doesn't say that's okay. I was expecting something like a crushed foam from the brand name.

👤I have been trying out different pillow inserts for years. They are all over my house. They will be deflated until you need them, because they have arrived clean and well-protected. The inside is smooth and not bumpy. There is a Here's how it works. The insides of pillows are shown. You start with a pillow cover that you already own. Measure the pillow cover to make sure it's 16 x 16 inches. If you want a floppy, soft, mostly flat pillow that is easy to insert, or if you want a super firm, puffy designer pillow, you can order one size up. I choose the latter. There is a Pull the corners of the pillow cover open and unwrap half the pillow insert when you get your pillow inserts. As you turn the plastic inside out, shove in the rest of the pillow. Put the last two corners firmly in the closer corners of the pillow cover and you're done. Enjoy your pillows. There is a If you order pillows one size up, they are harder to fit into the pillow cover. My suggestions are: The pillow inserts are deflated. Before the cover fully inflates, try to get as much of the pillow insert inside as possible. If you have already opened the pillow insert and let it inflate to full size, it's harder to insert it. If you open the pillow cover, the fabric could tear, and unless you hold the seam, the fabric could be torn. The seam should be strong after it is zip up. There are 3 more If the four corners are stuffed tight into the four corner pockets of the pillow cover, you can fine tune the look of the pillow by punching it. If the corners aren't right, you have to take out the pillow insert and try again. It's really sad. There is a The mating of pillow insert and cover is complicated by this. It's usually easy, and after the first time you'll be an expert pillow stuffer. There is a Click my name to read my reviews, check for updates, and follow me. I hope the review helped you. Enjoy!

5. Phantoscope Outdoor Anti Mold Resistant Hypoallergenic

Phantoscope Outdoor Anti Mold Resistant Hypoallergenic

The design is unique. There are 6 cushion covers. Economical choice for customers. Their pillow inserts are made in the USA with a water resistant liner and can effectively prevent water splashes. Premium pillow inserts are good for both indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as for outdoor garden, patio, etc. They can be used with waterproof pillow cases. Ultra toughness is provided by tight stitching and upgraded polyester, which ensures that all the throw pillows are well-filled and maintain suitable softness, while having sufficient support and will not become hollow. Pack of 4 outdoor waterproof pillow inserts, 18 x 18 square form, additional sizes and measurements to choose from to fill all your decorative pillow covers perfectly. The pillow inserts are vacuum sealed in a plastic bag and compressed to fluff up.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤The lining of these pillows is a bit thicker than the ones I am replacing. They had to save somewhere in order to sell them cheaper than the competition. They could not have chosen the worse way of making money. My cushions look sad and cheap because they are not fully stuffed and filled around all corners. Every single one of the pillows I ordered had the same flaw. After 7 years outdoors, it was time to replace the ones I bought from Etsy. I will keep them for a few weeks to see if I can get used to the new look. If you want to save yourself the hassle of shipping them back, you should invest more money.

👤The pillows were packaged in vacuum sealed bags and never left the house. The material is odorless and cool. Not enough to fill the pillowcases. They are small and flat.

👤These pillows are so bad they are laughable. I should have bought the larger pillows because I listened to the other reviewers and bought the smaller ones. Everyone said they are thin and do not fluff. You get what you pay for. It's not worth it to return these because they're not worth anything to me, but you can spend a few extra dollars on a different option. These are not good.

👤I'm happy with the price. You get what you pay for, even though they seem skimpy on the filling. They will work. I can't say for sure if the material is water resistant as I haven't put them out yet, but they seem to have solid seams and will be inside a water resistant cover. Would have liked them to be a little fluffier. I might pop a seam and stuff them a bit more myself.

👤They come compressed and expand when you open them. I put them in the dryer to fluff them up. If you want them to fill the pillowcase more, you can try ordering a bigger size, but they did the job.

👤The pillow inserts have no Fiberfill in the corners. I tried to move the fiberfill around. They are not 18x18” according to my measurements. I tested them with a few drops of water and they are water resistant. The last photo shows the insert not filling up the 18x18” pillow case. I don't know if I will return or just add more fiberfill to the corners.

👤I bought the pillow inserts on Amazon. I use them outside and they have a water barrier on them. So far, I'm very happy and reasonable.

👤The price is fine with these. It feels silly to complain about them. The corners have no filling in them. They are flat. I've tried to work the material down to them, but not much success. They are about what I expected. They will do.

👤To size the pillow, it puffed up nicely. If you like all corners filled in, I recommend getting slip covers that are one size down from the pillow. It is easy to rip the pillow cover if you go with a small size. I put the pillow in the opening. The covers were filled with a pillow. If you're okay with empty corners, the same size slip cover is for you. We are happy with what we have.

6. Top Finel Decorative Durable Outdoor

Top Finel Decorative Durable Outdoor

The canvas is comfortable to touch and lay on. Pack includes 6 packs per set, no pillowcase. Managament: The hidden zip up was designed to meet an elegant look. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. No pecULIAR SMELL: The throw pillow cases are the perfect choice for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues because of their high quality canvas fabric. The aid and support of the two are FADE RESISTANT and STAIN RESISTANT. The pillowcases are made of canvas fiber and are stain and fade resistant. There is a match and a mix and match. You can match the color of the cushion covers to your decors in the living room, bedroom, office and car.

Brand: Top Finel

👤It might be my fault, but let's not pretend there isn't predatory behavior being exhibited here... does anyone else see a photo of pillow covers here? When I received my package, it didn't look like what I saw. I see 6 pillows here. I opened my door this morning to see a small envelope, which wouldn't be large enough to hold a coupon for pillows, and I was surprised. I was met with pillows. Does anyone know where to buy pillows that aren't already covered? There is a I am confused. Is the stuffing sold separately? It's really, really I have no doubt that the seller is banking on morons like myself. I will take the L on this one, I am not that stupid. The L stands for Lessons Learned and it says that never trust the picture over the reality.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. I had no problem with the pillows being put inside the covers, despite several reviews saying the covers ripped when they tried to stuff them. I folded the 20 inch pillow inserts in half and held them between my knees to make it easy to fit them inside the 18 inch covers. They complete the area outside. The value is great.

👤These are amazing. Next to my grey couch is a great fit. They are perfect to match my curtains.

👤The pillow cases are pretty. The red color is clean and intense. The fabric is strong and resistant to wrinkling. I did not have to iron. The zip is thin and almost invisible. I got 16x16 pillow cases and they are perfect for 18x18. I got them for Christmas. I will probably use them off-season as they look very Christmas-y on the couch. I was very happy with the purchase. Hope they wash well too.

👤I have had these cases on my pillows for 7 months now and I am very impressed. It's not noticeable that the zipper causes problems, and it isn't so obnoxious. I have washed these pillows several times with various stains on them and they hold up well. The color is very bright. The patterns are vivid. I have not seen any bleeding of the color. I think these cases may be too loud for my living room. The material is not rough and the value is excellent. They are very comfortable and will hold their own against children. Definitely recommend!

👤I bought them in navy blue and teal because I loved them so much. The size of the item and the way it is sewn make it easy to cover a pillow. Patterns can be used for cute decor. I think it is worth it with how many you get. There is a Hope my pictures do justice.

👤I was worried that they would be rough, but they are not. Don't get me wrong, they are soft. Not rough either. They fit my pillows perfectly and don't look like a cover. One of the pillows has a nasty catch, but it is still perfectly usable. It was nice. The covers were very nice. Especially for the price.

7. KRINGSIA Waterproof Rectangular Decorative PatioTent

KRINGSIA Waterproof Rectangular Decorative PatioTent

The canvas is made of 100% durable canvas with a PU coating, which makes it soft, strong water resistance and protects it from the sun. It won't fade under the sun for a long time. There are VARIOUSE functions. It's suitable for indoors, including bed, sofa, seat, couch, living room, bedroom, etc. Good decorations for outdoor garden, tent, bench, balcony, party, picnic, wedding, office, cafe, etc. What is included: The Orang outdoor cushion covers should be included. There is no corpse insurance. The Orang throw pillow covers have the same design on both sides. These pillow shams have invisible zips. Smooth and sturdy are needed for elegance. There is a large opening for EASY INSERTION. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. There are washing tips. Machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only. Do not use iron. It will look brand new.

Brand: Kringsia

👤The pillow covers matched the picture that was advertised. The covers fit my pillows and are the color I wanted. They compliment my porch furniture and give it a pop of color. I am happy that the covers are water resistant. We have had several rainy days and the pillows are dry.

👤We bought some pillow covers for chairs. I used an old sheet and some polyfill to make my own pillow inserts. I was able to fill one pillow more than the other, which saved money. The pillows have a hidden zip that runs the entire length. It was easy to stuff them.

👤These covers are very cute. It was a pleasant surprise that they are both side by side. The pillows I bought fit them just as well. 12 x 20 Pillow Insert Set of 2 outdoor Pillow Inserts. The white rectangular sofa throw pillow is available at the store.

👤They were perfect. It was a warm and cozy statement.

👤Good quality sewing material. The wording was detailed and centered in the picture. We bought 2 sets for our patio. Would purchase again.

👤I love them! I bought the other set on Amazon as well. I don't know how they'll hold up when the weather changes or if I'm in California, they're protected under a canopy. They look great with my bench.

👤Nice and bright but not waterproof. It adds a pop of color to my porch. I really like them.

👤The cover is great. It is waterproof, thick and bright.

8. Phantoscope Farmhouse Trimmed Tailored Cushion

Phantoscope Farmhouse Trimmed Tailored Cushion

Premium material pillowcase covers are soft and wear resistant, not easy towrinkle. The fabric is comfortable. The pillow covers are more idyllic because of the combination of the pure color burlap and the classic linen edge. Bright color and soft touch can enhance the texture of home decoration, great decors for couch, sofa, bed, living room and outdoor. Hidden Zipper The throw pillow covers are very easy to insert and replace and keep an elegant look. The package includes. The pillow cover is 30x50 cm. The package contains pillow covers. INSERT is not included. A bigger pillow insert is needed to present the best shape. Their pillow covers are easy to care for. The natural burlap material is specially designed and manufactured with fade resistance, which will keep the original after a long time.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤I love these pillows. When I found these, I was thrilled. The quality is great. They match our new furniture. They look expensive and have some texture to them. I am not sure if I will wash them. I don't want to ruin the edging. They fit perfectly on my ikea pillows. I love these! I want more.

👤Love! The covers are beautiful. I exceeded my expectations. It was very well made. I didn't think these would rip while I placed the pillows. You just need to be careful when putting them on. They are made to be a tight fight. You have to wiggle a little in, flip it, wiggle, flip and keep doing it slowly. Tag beautiful covers. I'll change the covers on pillows if I ever need them again. I love the selection on Amazon.

👤The burnt orange and dark yellow cushions were on my couch. I searched all over the internet for a pillow cover that would compliment the neutral tones of the couch and make it look Farmhouse. I was sold on the coffee color immediately, and was debating on a second color to alternate with it. The beige was perfect for our rug because it has gray undertones. The only thing I can think of that would be a negative about these is the fact that they looked like they were not very strong. I only noticed it on one of the beige covers. These are great quality pillow covers.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the quality of these pillow covers. The material is thick and the border stitching is beautiful. I will probably buy more in different colors to go with the pillows on my other sofas.

👤I love these! I had nice pillows at home that were very firm. If you don't fluff the pillows, they will droop. I was able to put my pillow in the covers. The twine like edge is sewn well and the material is strong. If you have kids who will be picking at the edge of your pillow, I suggest you not to get this particular cover. The pillows look very high end, and are fantastic quality. I will be ordering more from this plan to scope the brand in the future. I can have my trendy navy blue pillows, and when I want to change I can easily store the covers folded up, instead of having another waisted pillow in the closet. Great purchase from Amazon.

👤I ordered the pink 20x20 to update the HomeGoods feather pillows. The pink fabric has a nice linen texture and is not baby-fied. The scent from the package was still there when I removed it. I think getting two for less than $20 is a great value. These are constructed well. I will order in other colors and sizes again.

👤Can't say enough about these slipcovers! The sofa is from the 1920s. The original sofa pillows with matching fabric are small, flat and looked lost so I bought 20” slipcovers in green and they pick up the color well. The slip covers are highly recommend. I added a photo of 20” beige slipcovers to the wicker sofa that was moved to another room. I bought a new house and settled in the new colors. The search for a new couch is real and I have used the slipcovers on a white wicker sofa that belonged to my great-grandmother. The color is leaning toward a true light Gray. It works well with the walls. I returned the light turquoise because it was too pastel for my taste. I want 2 sets of beige-gray, so I will try another color. The beige does not affect the color of the orange. They are still well made. The fabric is durable. The weave texture adds depth to everything. There is a The original review was original. The slip covers I bought were for the pillows on my sofa. I went with the 26 because my pillows are full. I will probably add fiber filling to bulk up the corners and extra space because the covers fit well with some room. The slip covers are made from high quality materials and seem durable. There are lots of colors to choose from.

9. Phantoscope Living Decorative Pillow Cushion

Phantoscope Living Decorative Pillow Cushion

The material is high grade microfiber. Only 4 pillow covers are included, not the inserts. The beautiful moment with simple and classic is brought home with exclusive designs. It is possible to wash and care in cold water. The materials suit perfectly for living room, bedroom, car, sofa, bed and so on.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤Love these! Cute pillow cases. Highly recommend buying them. You can clearly see that the case is suppose to look that way, even though other reviews claim poor quality control.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I am very happy with this purchase. I received them about an hour ago and they are great quality. Will purchase more from you.

👤We bought these in the water blue color for our RV. I decided to add a little color to the taupe and cream that I was tired of seeing. I love these pillow covers; I used 3 of the 4 and they did what I wanted them to; add a pop of color and some visual interest. The designs and color combinations are lovely. I put 20” x 20” pillow inserts in them and had no issues with the zippers. I haven't laundered the covers yet and can't speak to their durability, I just received them. I might get another set in a different color for the couch in our home because I like them so much.

👤The pillow covers fit perfectly. They arrived on time. Individually packaged. There was nothing wrong with the pillow cases. My living room couches have been revived. I plan to purchase more from the store.

👤I decided to return them because they are not a cotton blend as described in the product listing. They feel like cheap microfiber, similar to the little microfiber cloths I use to clean my glasses, because of the tag that says 100% polyester. I did not bother to put any pillows inside, but the construction did seem sturdy, the designs and colors were as pictured, and the size was as described. The fabric is not what was described to me. I don't like the feeling of microfiber for bedding or pillow covers, and I prefer fabrics that are made of at least 50% natural fiber such as cotton or linen. If you like the feeling of microfiber or are planning to only use these for decoration, I think these would be great pillow covers.

👤We needed these pillows to make our new sectional a bit more of a taste for me. The pillows are soft and wash well. The pillows in the set complement each other well, and none of them have the same design. They fit my standard pillows as well. They were packaged well and arrived quickly. I wish they had more options for outdoor spaces. I'd get those as well. The customer was happy here.

👤The pillow cases arrived on time. There are four cases. The cases are 45 x 45 cm. The material is microfiber. The pillow has a pattern on it. The cases have something on them. My pillows look brand new because of the cases. The pillows are soft and cute. I like them.

👤My couch has a fresh look and color with these. Buying new pillows saved a lot of time. They fit my 17x17in pillows well and I doubled my smaller pillows into one pillow casecover. This is a great way of changing the look for each season without costing an arm or a leg. I will be buying more to make my designs look better.

10. Set Decorative Rectangle Colorful Turquoise

Set Decorative Rectangle Colorful Turquoise

There are washing tips. Machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only. Do not use iron. It will look brand new. It's perfect for use indoors and out. Give your home or porch a fresh look with their Decorative Pillows. Functional and easy to update your patio, deck, porch or home decor with UV resistant, fade resistant, stain resistant fabric. A set of 4 are filled with Premium Poly Fiber-fill. Various fabrics are available. It's stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain in the USA.

Brand: Resort Spa Home Decor

👤These are made of high quality fabric and came quickly with instructions for care. The pillows are sewn closed, not a zip. Since I sew, I can deal with that, but I have to be aware of it. The product was great for the price. The pop of color I needed was added. Would order again.

👤The pillows are very bright. The fabric is thick and expensive. I was able to get the set of four for $30 after I checked back. I think this was a great run. I'm not sure if I would be as happy with them at $50. It would be a decent value. If you're looking at these, be patient and see if the price goes down. I would think they look just as nice. It has added a pop of color to my patio set. I think they will last a long time.

👤The colors are bright and cheerful, filling a little too thick for a comfortable back support in our outdoor metal chairs, but the price was right and may be better in different chairs.

👤There is a sand beach in my backyard. The pillows are going on white Adirondack chairs. I have experience with Sunbrella fabric and it holds up for years. It was worth the price.

👤I wanted to give our deck some punch and the colors are great. I almost ordered cheaper pillows but I spent the money from the federal government's economic recovery program. I was glad I did. I hope it helped their company.

👤I sold them to a neighbor because I didn't return them on time, but they were nice, quality, and the color looked a little more blue than green.

👤One edger of the pillows has rough sewing where the fabric was sewn after the pillow was inserted into the cover, so I just take that side down, all other aspects of the pillows are very good.

11. Pyonic Outdoor Waterproof Furniture Decorative

Pyonic Outdoor Waterproof Furniture Decorative

The dimensions: The package includes 2 pillowcases. The deviation is due to manual cutting and sewing. There may be some color differences between the products and pictures. The canvas is light and eco and can prevent water from splashing. It would have survived paw prints and pet hair. The throw pillow is not included. Update living room by adding a bright of colour, suitable farmhouse use or outdoor patio furniture decor with two side printed pattern. Square waterproof pillowcases are suitable for patio, garden, living room, bedroom, balcony, yard, beach, picnic, swimming pool, and all indoor and outdoor furniture. Please dry hand wash at low temperature, not bleach, and use cold water for machine wash.

Brand: Pyonic

👤They are bright and nice. I have only had them for a week so I can't rate them. The material seems to roll off instead of being absorbed, so I haven't experienced their water resistance yet.

👤My old pillows looked a little dingy. I thought about trying pillow covers. These are very attractive and fit nicely, but it is difficult to get on. I can vaguely see my old pillow through the white of this one. It was my fault for picking a cover that was white. I do, but I am not sure if anyone else notices. It is a great alternative to buying new pillows.

👤We've only had them for a couple of weeks, but so far they're good. The material is very durable and waterproof and the colors are pretty and vibrant.

👤These covers are great for our chairs. Two days ago, we had a storm and the covers on our pillows left them dry. The pillows were mostly dry after I sprayed them off for cleaning. The material is the only downside. It feels a little weird because it is waterproof. It is worth it for the outdoor resilience. I will probably buy some for my back patio as well. It's truly waterproof.

👤I didn't return these. The yellow on the pillows was not completely dry. There are yellow smudges on the pillowcases.

👤They don't get 5 stars in each topic because I haven't used them yet. They seem durable.

👤The pillows look as bright as they look in the photos, and added a lot of color to our deck. I used a 20x20 pillow insert to make them look extra full, the hidden zip is nice, so they don't have to be on the chairs perfectly to avoid seeing the zip. Water resistant is great for a covered area.

👤The pillow covers were the perfect size for my furniture.

👤La tela de una calidad, tienes colores realmente. Mi expectativa, pero por otros cojines (fundas ). Para los camastros.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor pillows for patio furniture?

Decorative outdoor pillows for patio furniture products from Boao. In this article about decorative outdoor pillows for patio furniture you can see why people choose the product. Lvtxiii and Phantoscope are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor pillows for patio furniture.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor pillows for patio furniture?

Boao, Lvtxiii and Phantoscope are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor pillows for patio furniture. Find the detail in this article. Foamily, Top Finel and Kringsia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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