Best Decorative Outdoor Solar Lights for House

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1. Outdoor Powered Vintage Driveway Included

Outdoor Powered Vintage Driveway Included

30 days return and money back is a guarantee. They will give their customer the best fence post light and after-sales service. If you have a question, please contact them. There is a new version. The solar post lights are not powered by electricity. It has two brightness levels for you to choose from. The light lasts for 8 hours when fully charged. For the first six hours and last two hours, 25 and 12.5 liters of water per hour. The lighting duration is 8 hours. The first 6 hours were 50lm and the second 2 hours were 25lm. You can change the levels with a low/ high switch. It's easy to install. The Solar Lamps Post are easy to install and provide a calming atmosphere at night. The solar lights turn on at night and off at dawn when the switch is "low/ high". The weather is changing. The lamp post is waterproof and can work under all kinds of weather. It is important to keep its solar panels away from debris or snow. Decorative You can use the Solar Street Light Post in the front of your house. It allows you to set up bright outdoor lighting all over your home and bring a different experience to your pathway, garden, porch or yard. Their friendly customer service is what you get with 1 x Solar Light outdoor, 3 x screw plastic grooves, and 3 x screws. Their friendly customer service is what you get with 1 x Solar Light outdoor, 3 x screw plastic grooves, and 3 x screws.

Brand: Greluna

👤The lamp post was delivered this afternoon. It was easy to assemble, just screw the four pole pieces together and push on the lamp and base. It looks nice. The ad says you can put it on a variety of surfaces, but you cannot anchor it in a dirt flower bed. The anchors it comes with are not up to the job. We tried drilling three more holes and using tent stakes to anchor it. They pulled out and did not provide the stability that was needed. We put it in a large flower pot and anchored it with river rocks, making it very sturdy. It turned out to be pretty and we are happy with it, even though we didn't plan on putting it in a pot. We would be happy to buy it again because we know what to expect.

👤When I make a decision on purchasing a product, I depend on reviews. Light weight plastic is used to make this lamp. Even though I put stone blocks around it, it was knocked over by a strong wind. The base barely had a lip around it. There were pieces of plastic that broke off. I can not use it. The light was not bright. I have lost money on it. I suggested buying one made from stronger material. My mistake.

👤I love the light! It has a switch on the inside that can be turned on or off. I was surprised by the amount of light it gives off. I was going for the English look. I bought the planter to go with it, but it is too wobbly even with the stand and soil in it. I buried the stand at a depth of about 4-5 inches. I want to make sure that the light fixture is sturdy, even though it took away from the height of the light fixture. I don't want to risk having the wind blow around. I covered the soil with stones to make it more stable. This is a great buy and stability could be improved.

👤The metal solar light broke. My husband put the solar light on the pole after we bought it. It fit perfectly. The pole was light weight, but it was pretty good. My husband put the top part on the metal post. There is a This is not bright. It has a high. It will stay on longer if we keep on low.

👤The civic organization arranged for the City of Houston to lower our streets and pave them. The parts of our driveway that were in the easement were replaced. The street light that was across the street from my driveway was replaced further down the street. I planted flowers around the first lamp in a ceramic planter, using sand and pieces of concrete. It was under a tree. The light was not as bright as it could have been because the leaves of the tree came out. The ceramic planter was replaced with larger black planter containers. I used artificial flowers that everyone thinks are real and I used some pieces of concrete to hold the lamp up. The first one is under the tree and is not as bright as the second one, but it does get some sun. They shine at night to distinguish my drive, even on cloudy days. I am very happy.

2. Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Lighting Driveway

Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Lighting Driveway

The perfect lighting accent will be created by their Solar LED Spotlight. Adding charm and elegance and increasing your safety in evening settings are things that can be done with this use. Epoxy solar panels have a conversion rate of 20%, and have advantages of weather resistance, and beautiful appearance. The vent design can effectively solve the fogging on the inner wall of the lamp, and the landscape lights have excellent weather resistance and work stability. The Dusk-to-dawn solar landscape spotlights have three lighting modes: low light mode, medium light mode, and high light mode. It can be put into the ground as a landscape light or on the wall as a wall light with the help of ground stakes and wall brackets. Both methods are easy to install and perfect for a lot of things. It can be put into the ground as a landscape light or on the wall as a wall light with the help of ground stakes and wall brackets. Both methods are easy to install and perfect for a lot of things.

Brand: Sanskor

👤I use them to illuminate my driveway. I live off of a road that doesn't have streetlights. It's easy to see the driveway. I will not hit the ditch. Awesome!

👤We want to illuminate our windows for added security. The picture is on the lowest setting. The light is on. Exactly what I wanted. A charge is held well. Highly recommended.

👤The lights were easy to use. There is no need for cords because they are solar. The steaks were pushed into the ground. The lighting was good. These pictures were taken at dusk. It looks better when it's dark. Will probably get another set next year. We ordered another display for the other entrance.

👤The lights work well and you can choose from 3 different settings of brightness. They look nice. They are spot lights on my front yard tree and I am the side of my home. The lights look nice. I would recommend them.

👤I have tried many different brands of solar spotlights. After a year, I tossed some in the trash. There are some work, but it is dim and yellow. Some last a few hours after the sun goes down. I have been looking for a couple years for the perfect solar spotlight, and this is it. I ordered two more sets. I am going to replace all my lights. 1. These are the ones with the most potential. 2. They charge even on cloudy days. 3. All of them have been working all night and are still on in the morning. I have tried many brands but none did this. 4. They seem sturdy and well built. 5. They have weathered storms and had no problems. There is a This is the best of the bunch, if you're looking for a "best of the bunch" among solar lights. I am very happy. I will be buying more.

👤Performance for the dollar is dependent on the value, build and brightness of the structure. Before using, charge up a bright day in off position. They work for 5 hours in the evening and then eat at dawn. The light values are what I want. Light detection and waterproof are excellent. I bought two sets because they were satisfied and want a third, but I wish they had a warmer amber setting as these are white light in quality, but work well in my front yard landscaping project.

👤It was purchased to illuminate the back yard. Does not give me the light I want. It barely shines in front of the light. I was hopeful that they would light up a path, even though they are high light trees and plants. Would not buy again.

👤The solar spot lights were easy to set up and worked well after a few hours of strong sun. They have been doing well since I installed them. I have since purchased 4 more.

3. Waterproof Decorative Landscape Driveway Lighting

Waterproof Decorative Landscape Driveway Lighting

The outdoor solar path lights are made of Premium Materials that are resistant to pressure and scratch, which means they won't be damaged even if the mower runs over it. The solar lawn lights are waterproof and have 8 screws for long-term use even if the weather is cold or snow. Solar powered path lights outdoor use larger monocrystalline Silicon solar panels and 600 mah replaceable batteries with strong power storage capacity, which can efficiently collect and store solar energy even in rainy weather. It means that the solar ground lights are charged for 8 hours during the day and then automatically lit up for 10-13 hours. Solar walkway lights outdoor are maintenance-free and can be turned on at dusk and off at dawn, which will save the workforce. It's also the most popular gift for your family and friends to decorate the courtyard. The outdoor solar disk lights are easy to install, just peel off the plastic film and turn on the switch on the back. Solar outdoor yard lights are ideal for illuminating walkways far from exterior outlets and can provide an enchanting glow along winding garden paths. Having pathway solar lights outdoors will allow you to spend more time outside with your family. You can use solar pool lights to illuminate your pool at night, and light up your patio for an evening meal. They are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours. They are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours.

Brand: Kdorrku

👤These have been through a lot of rain and are still up in the night. This has been running like a champ so far, even though most cheap solar lanterns die within a few months. It comes on when the light gets dim. These things stay lit until about 10 minutes past the sunrise. One of the best solar lights to date.

👤These are just enough light. Difficulty turning on was the reason I deducted one star. Only one of the switches moved to the other side. It would be impossible to turn them off because they were already on. The instructions say not to use them with frost, so I guess that means they would be damaged in winter. I don't know if that's standard or not, because this is my first set of solar lights.

👤It is easy to use and at a reasonable price. The garden has been completely transformed by the brightness. The charge was enough to last through the night even in a lightly shaded area. It is almost flat against the ground. I will recommend a few of my friends.

👤The price of the 2 lights was returned by the seller. The seller's rating was changed. 2 wouldn't stay on despite being charged for 3 days. The button was shorted so it wouldn't stay on even if you turned it on many times. The seller wanted me to buy another set and then give me a refund. I don't think it was a great resolution.

👤The method of operation is stated in the instructions. You can use the product as soon as it arrives since it was fully charged. There is a Second order all lights are on. Pictures do justice. There is a It's great for a foliage high light. There is a The bases are flimsy at the tip but a pre-drilled hole into the earth makes it easier to set these.

👤Talk about lighting up the night. The solar panel ground lights did that. They were easy to assemble. They lit up immediately after the switch was turned to "on" position. I looked nice in my dark walkway. Very strong. There was little effort to stick in the soil. They were just as bright the next morning. I don't have to worry about going to my apartment in the dark.

👤They don't last very long because they come on before it gets dark, but they seem bright at dusk. I contacted the seller to let them know that one of the lights didn't work out of the box. I wish they wouldn't come on until almost dark. I would like to get more, but they aren't worth it. I might have to add a different light or add some powered lights.

👤All items are in the box that I opened. All of the solar lights were checked and they were all perfect. It will be great for our walkway. It will lead us to our walkway at night since there is no lighting on the street where we live. The stands are easy to assemble and hold the solar lights. The solar lights were ready to use. I am happy with the performance of the solar lights. I am going to give this product to a friend.

4. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

The garden light is dusk till dawn. You don't have to run your lights. The LEREKAM spot light was used to uplight your palm trees. Solar spotlights are great for lighting up trees. You can use the landscape lights no matter what the weather is like. You charged spotlights for two days in the sun. Go ahead and add these to your cart. When motion is detected in a range of 125 to 16 feet, the PIR motion sensor will light up, and last for 30s. No dim mode. The solar light for outdoor is bright and sensitive enough to meet both your security and lighting requirements. Exposure to sunlight and charged at daytime for 8 to 12 hours can be enough for the sensor light to work. The solar light can be mounted with screws or 3M tape. The BAXIA solar light is waterproof, dustproof, heatproof and frostproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor wall, front door, backyard, garden fence, stairs, pathway, etc. The policy is warranty. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in the 4 Pack of Baixai Technology security solar light outdoor. The policy is warranty. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in the 4 Pack of Baixai Technology security solar light outdoor.

Brand: Baxia Technology

👤I did not install these until August 10th. One quit working last week. The company told me it was past 90 days after I called them. I explained that I didn't put them up right away because I was waiting for my new garage to be finished. They did not care. I have two more that have quit working. I'll be spending my money with another company because they don't seem to care that they don't last. It was a waste of time and money and now I have to do it all over again. Thanks for wasting my time and money. If it would let me, I would give them a zero star rating.

👤I had solar lights around my house, but this ones are amazing. Really bright. I have a normal light bulb, but it is brighter than this one. Every time a car goes by the lights, they are good in sensor motion. I bought what I expected and it is good. This light is highly recommended. There is a They will turn on and off automatically, but only turn on by a motion sensor, and keep on for 30 seconds. They won't go on until night time. There is an update. February 2020 was when it was purchased. There is a Now is the time. The lights seem to not get enough charge. They are getting 100% direct sunlight but not charging enough and the lights are not as bright. The lights are out of charge. Only 9 months... All of them.

👤There was an update on 12/26/2018. One went bad completely and the other started flickering within a month. Don't buy this garbage. There is a This one only lights up when it senses motion, which is very rare in my case. I expected it to light up in dim mode throughout the night, just like my other Solar Light purchases from other sellers. There is a It will sit up above my garage all night without producing any light. If you ask me, it's pretty useless.

👤These are great! The brightness is amazing and I wish they stayed on a little longer. It looked like the sun was setting. I don't have to worry about the dark corners anymore.

👤I like the fact that the lights are solar and no wires to run around the house, and the motion sensor seems to have a decent range, and I think I will be getting more of the lights in the near future.

👤They were installed for less than two weeks. During this video, there was nothing in its path. I would like to see them offered in different levels as these are very bright white, would prefer a warm white, and mounted around the yard with tiny little screws. I've tried to use the pins to turn on/off, but these have never worked. It's really sad by this.

👤These are easy to install. I bought the 28LED version first. I bought the 100LED version because they worked well. I bought a brand that had a switch in the back that could change its intensity from full to just bright when motion is detected. The switch is on the back so you can't change it once it's up. There is a I saw these for half the price and bought them. They are great. It took about an hour to install all four lights at my girl friend's house after I bought another set. She loves them. My brother will be getting a set too, he saw mine and said he was going to order a set. I told him to wait a couple weeks. They come on as soon as anyone walks near them, because I have installed them up to 10 feet high. There is no issue of sensitivity. I've lived in my house for 20 years. It's in a good neighborhood and I've never had any problems, but the extra security can't hurt. There is a They have a white covering that diffuses the light. I put up a 90LED that is too bright. If I had to say negative things about them, it would be because they are anchors. They work, but you may want to look at other anchors. I spray painted my walls white because they aren't very noticeable, but they are easy to disassemble, so that's a negative thing. They blend in better.

5. Decorative Beautiful Landscape Decoration Multicolor

Decorative Beautiful Landscape Decoration Multicolor

The solar garden light is the most beautiful garden light. They have accomplished it. Everyone is attracted when they light up, they just plug it in the garden to get the neighbor's attention. The solar panels were upgraded and replaced with monocrystalline solar panels. The battery and waterproof have been upgraded so that it can work in the cloudy or rainy season. Charging during the day, automatic opening at night, two modes-long light and flashing mode, Muiti-scene decoration. It is very bright and suitable for decorating the garden, yard, path, flower beds,Fences,Roof, etc. It is an unique decor for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanks Giving Day. The package includes 2 packs of garden lights which make warm lights white to promote the desire of any occasion, whether it is for a party event, or just the finishing touch on your outdoor masterpiece. It is a perfect gift for friends. Before changing the button in the sun, make sure it is in the ON position. The lights will light up if the button is on and the solar panel is in the dark. If you have any issues with your MOPHA lights, please contact them. Before changing the button in the sun, make sure it is in the ON position. The lights will light up if the button is on and the solar panel is in the dark. If you have any issues with your MOPHA lights, please contact them.

Brand: Mopha

👤I bought these lights to illuminate my backyard. I like solar lights because they are bright and can be adjusted to the shape I want, like Christmas tree lights. I would recommend these to others. There is a I have only used them for a few weeks, but they look great and are charging well even in a partly shaded area.

👤I assumed the product was pretty, but it wasn't, my computer wouldn't let me click on the other images, or maybe they just didn't want people to know the truth. When I opened the box, I could not believe what I had paid for, it was cheap lights and a bush with flowers, but people don't think that is what you get, what you get is cheap lights and a bush with flowers. I will be very careful when I place an order. I hope everyone else is as well. This product was really bad.

👤I staked them where the flag pole will be so I can see how they do. She told me that there were two blinking and two not. When I spread the stems, I noticed that one of them was missing a flower. I didn't mind because it will still work and be a little brighter. She said it was like Christmas outside. She hopes no one will steal them from the yard. My neighborhood. I'm still ordering more. We'll be putting plants in that spot, so it will be better looking. I was checking to see if they worked. I'm happy that they worked.

👤It would be nice if they had longer stems, since they were advertised as bright for the amount of bulbs, and it would allow you to spread them out further.

👤The picture looked like there were flowers or leaves with the lights. The lights looked different in style, but they were all simple flower shaped.

👤I was dubious about all of them. There are little fairy lights at the bottom of the pictures. I put everything together in the morning of March 6, 2021. The front yard gets more sun than my backyard because of the large Oleanders that block the light. I was surprised to see how bright everything was last night. Everything is in two pots. I ordered enough for one more pot because I like them all so much. In the summer, the heat in the southwest is so bad that all of my flowers die. I decided I was done wasting money on live plants and wanted to make the front porch area look better. I have different colored roses, flowers, and lights. The tulips change colors. We had them for over a month and it rained hard yesterday and last night. The flowers and lights are the same. I was worried that they would short out or be too big, but they look good.

👤This is a great addition to any garden. I put mine by my walk way. It is perfect! There is a cute blinking feature.

6. BOAER Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Decorative

BOAER Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Decorative

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give you a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited product warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them. The hanging solar light is made of steel. The dimensions are 5.11”x5.11” 8 minutes. Turn on/off. Solar panels harness the sun's energy for hours of gentle light, which is energy-saving and eco-friendly. It can work up to 8 hours when charged for a few hours. It is delightful at night and elegant by day. It adds a festive and mysterious atmosphere to the party. It's a perfect decoration for garden, yard, patio, landscape. It is easy to install and waterproof. It's simple to use and no wire is required.

Brand: Ruilaiya

👤Straight out of the box. I thought I was seeing something. We're actually lit up, because the lights were in the on-position. It's good for me that it got sunlight to do that. I had to tell myself that $23+ was a bit much. I still do. The price point could be $7 less. The quality is good and there are no flaws in the design. I bought a few. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on one light. I don't regret buying them. I can easily grab them to take them camping or to our other home on the water since they are hanging out. Black zip ties would be used instead of clear/white. There is a They do cast a glow where we have them, however, they are only for decoration. Which is a big variable. They're not that bright. It depends on where you have it hanging and what you expect.

👤This light is a great addition to the look of your garden. I like the copper tone on the interior and the black on the exterior. It helps to make it look sophisticated. I bought one for myself but kept the other for myself. It's a good thing. I wonder if it has enough light to charge with the solar panel, as I see in the other reviews that people have put it inside. I can't tell you how long they last, but they're always on by the time I go to bed. I like to look out the window and see them in the dark. They're not a sole light source for a garden, but a fantastic accent piece.

👤The globes were beautiful, however they were shut off after 15 minutes. I decided to charge them all day on my patio table because I thought they were not getting a good charge. They lit up for about 10 minutes, then stopped. They were boxed up and sent back to Amazon for a refund. These lights are disappointing. These products are too expensive to not work.

👤Although it is "waterproof", the lamp didn't last long. It died. It was a sad day. There is a really neat addition to my garden. It arrived on time and looks exactly like the picture. You can get different results based on what you hang it near. You can play with how close you hang it. Try to get near plants. There is a It adds a nice quality effect to my back yard.

👤I only had this outside for a couple of hours. It was still lit at 4am this morning. It is beautiful. I love the pattern it throws. I hope you can tell from the photo.

👤The product is not as bright as it could be, but it is better than the picture. Don't believe that the picture is an advertisement. They have an orange glow inside the bulb, but they don't make any patterns of light. They're pretty. I was hoping they would like the picture.

7. OSORD Spotlights Multicolor Waterproof Adjustable

OSORD Spotlights Multicolor Waterproof Adjustable

You can enjoy your family nightlife with 4pack solar lights outdoor decorative in a unique night view. 3 groups The 7 colors of the 6LED chip make 9 changes. Select Color Auto Changing or Lock can be used to change the color of your garden, yard, or Halloween decorations. Solar landscape spotlights sensitive light sensor, solar christmas lights outdoor waterproof auto on at night/ auto off at sunrise, 9 Mode to satisfy your various lighting needs, just choose you favorite mode for lighting. The working time can last up to 10 hours after the sun sets. The solar landscape lights use high-quality, high-toughness, which avoid long-term outdoor exposure under extreme weather and cause cracking or deformation. The solar spot lights are for responding season changing and different sunshine condition. Solar powered garden light no wire need, plug solar spotlight outdoor into well-lit place or mount it on outside wall, it's perfect landscape lighting solution for your yard, also deco your tree, patio, fountain, flag pole, shrubbery bushes. If you do the test and installation at day time, please cover the solar panel. They will give you a full refund for no reason after 30 days after you purchase. Any quality-related issues will be covered by a 12 month warranty. If you do the test and installation at day time, please cover the solar panel. They will give you a full refund for no reason after 30 days after you purchase. Any quality-related issues will be covered by a 12 month warranty.

Brand: Osord

👤We ordered several more for the rest of the trees after we bought two of these for a tree in our back yard, and my dad had to have some for his yard as well. They are bright for colored lights. Love the colors. They stay on after dark. There is a They were easy to assemble. Highly recommended!

👤If you're trying to teach the load of items that need to be plugged in, these are perfect spot lights. I charged them for this video on the overcast day. Still worked well.

👤Solar lights can be a little dim if you've ever owned them. They are bright and cover a large area. I bought a second pair because I was happy.

👤When I first bought the lights, I thought they were great, but after a year, one of them is malfunctioning. The light stays on even after I turn it on for 3 seconds. I only had an issue with one of the lights. I contacted the company even though the warranty had just ended. The reply was quick and they replaced me with 2 lights which was not necessary. The customer service was excellent. They were very bright the whole time I had them, despite the one light malfunctioning. Highly recommend them.

👤I wanted to highlight my fountains on our patio. They work well. If there are any issues that pop up, we will update as needed. We love them!

👤I needed them for our Halloween display. I highly recommend. I plan on using them as landscaping lights after the holidays. I will be picking up more of them. Highly recommend.

👤It looks beautiful if I have them for it.

👤So, read the directions. You have to press the button on the back of the solar panel. I was wondering why they weren't working. They work well once I read that part. I put one on blue and the other on fuschia pink. I will probably order another 2 for the other half of the yard. They are large. It was pretty large. A photo with no flash on the camera. Thanks! There is a These don't stay on all evening. They are on for several hours, but do not last through the night. It is important to know that.

8. Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

If you want to serve fruits SAFELY, you need to replace Varnish with Food Safe Grade Wood Wax Oil. The bowl's size should be known before purchasing. There is no electricity required and free solar energy. The solar panel is used for long-term operations. They will turn off at dawn. Make sure you turn the switch to ON before charging because there is a switch on the light cover. The solar lights are made of high quality plastic and don't need to worry about rust. The light can work under all kinds of weather with the waterproof rating of IP 44 and it's not a problem if there's rain, snow, frost, or sleet. It is easy to install, no wires. It takes a few seconds to push the stake into the soil. You can use one normal and one elevated stakes. The light is warm and gentle, but not bright enough for decoration. You can add a decorative glow to your pathways. The measures are 2.32 x 2.32 x 14.5 inch. If you receive solar lights, you should turn the ON/OFF switch at the light cover to ON position and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it will light up. If the lights don't work, you can order Solar Lights Replacement Top in their store.

Brand: Maggift

👤Very cheap. The stakes are cheap and break if you look at them. You can't put the cheap plastic reflectors back in place because the stakes that rattle around make them hard to put back in place. Don't waste your money. There is an update. After seeing the review, the company contacted me and offered to replace or refunds my order. Customer service is great and they respond quickly. I will be interested in buying more of their products in the future because of how well they take care of their customers.

👤I was looking for a change of pace from traditional solar lights. Most walkway solar lights are ugly and I don't like them. I wanted to buy some lantern style lights that were made from shepherd hooks. My wife changed my mind a few times. I think the reviews for this product were probably more light than they should have been, because they didn't have reasonable expectations. If you're looking for something that's safe to light up a walk way, these aren't the lights for you. These look like more upscale lighting options. The price point on these is insane, it's like 2$ per light. They put off a really cool looking pattern and are very stable in the ground. We have 2 walk ways and I'm thinking of buying abother to finish them. The front was nice and my wife loved it. It was nice to be able to test and make sure you don't install a bad light. If I were driving past a house that had these, I would think they were made from metel and not plastic, and they cost 3 times what they do from a distance. They are a different type of light. The design and pattern is very affordable and sturdy. If you know me, you'll know that I've tried every type of solar light on the market. If you keep some batteries on hand, you can solve the problem.

👤Since I bought a second box of solar lights, only one has stopped working, and it has been close to a year since I bought the first set. I get a lot of praise for my unique lights and I am very pleased with them. I'll be buying a third set without hesitation because we are working in a path to our backyard. There is a I hope my opinion helps you make a decision. They are great! The solar lights are beautiful. I didn't check the measurements before buying but they are smaller than I expected. I received them at 5pm. They only had a few hours to charge. They are doing a great job in my driveway. The screen creates a beautiful pattern. They are different from the other options in big box stores. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying a second set for other areas of my front yard.

👤Simple and pretty. The shadows cast on the ground mark the path to my door nicely. They are made of plastic and don't look old. These are charged with the Sun. You're not going to get much light out of a dark day. Even with very little Sun, they still charge up nicely. There is a We had two feet of snow in February, but the lights were still perfect after the snow melted.

9. GIGALUMI Pathway Waterproof Landscape Driveway

GIGALUMI Pathway Waterproof Landscape Driveway

The solar garden lights are powered by the sun. They charge during the day over a period of 8 hours. They turn on at night, giving you up to 10 hours of lighting. The house design here has a great amount of style for your landscape. They are great for your garden, yard, flower bed, terrace, walkway, driveway, or anywhere else. You need outdoor solar lights that are high quality and built to last and that is exactly what these are. They are made with high-resistance plastic and are weather and impact resistant. They have an waterproof rating of 44 that makes sure they are safe to use even in the snow. You don't have to install wiring to get these lights installed. The solar garden lights can be installed in a few steps and will light up the night in no time. These outdoor solar landscape lights are perfect for meeting your expectations. They will take care of whatever you need if you contact them. These outdoor solar landscape lights are perfect for meeting your expectations. They will take care of whatever you need if you contact them.

Brand: Gigalumi

👤I've been using these in my yard for a month. They've seen sun, snow, and rain. Despite all, they are working well. They run out of battery around 4 AM in New England, which is good, but they light up around 6 PM. They are plastic and don't provide any lighting beyond a foot. They are decorative. They are not "pathway lights", they are "pathway markers". Is it possible that I would buy them again? If they won't be my main light source in my yard. All lights are still working. A squirrel is moving. The corners of one were eaten. It is still working. There is a The lights are still working. One had to clean to be able to charge up.

👤These are small so if you're wanting lighting along a path they might not provide satisfactory light for safety reasons, but they are perfect for accent lighting in gardens and potted plants. We have these in various plants and pots on our patio. We don't use spikes. The plants have lanterns in them. They charge even in overcast weather. At twilight, they pop on. There are fairy houses on the patio. The light is on all night long, even though the lights were still on the previous day. There are little lanterns in the garden. Absolutely recommend.

👤There is an update. The company contacted me after I posted the review. I'm updating the review to give them a nod for their customer service. I still don't like that 8 of the 12 stopped working. Don't buy from this company. The lights no longer work after the return eligibility. I wiped the solar panel, cleaned the inside, and even rearranged it. I tried to contact the company through their website but the submission form doesn't take me anywhere. I sent them a letter and the mailman said there was no street in San Francisco. I found the company's trademarks out of China. Stick to the American way of life. You can hold people accountable.

👤These little lantern lights are so cute! I think they look like little old-style Japanese bamboo houses. Some people have called them fairy houses. I imagine my little villagers living in these cute little homes. I bought another package of 8 and my solar village has doubled since. There is a The soft white panes give these a nice lived in appearance at night. I was worried that the feature was a photo-op to show that the light was on. The Walmart brand only had a squared framework and no white panels. I was a little bit worried that they were the same. Until they arrived! White panelling! The extra money to buy these from Gigalumi is definitely worth it. There is a These are small and not very bright. They aren't bright enough to light your pathways or yard. They are a great decorative feature. They look great at night or day. They light up all night with a good charge and I don't have to worry about them. They are going strong after a cloudy, rainy day. I would suggest that you dig a hole and plant the solar lights there. The plastic on these isn't strong enough to break if you try to shove them into the ground. The lantern sits level on the ground because I dug a deep hole. They sit out there in my garden surrounded by flowers and plants and other solar decoration lighting that look like trees. There is a The rest is up to you. I like to sit on the porch in the evening and watch the light show. Sayonara, best wishes for you all!

10. LeiDrail Lanterns Waterproof Landscape Lighting

LeiDrail Lanterns Waterproof Landscape Lighting

The solar fence lights use laminated polysilicon solar panels and warm white LEDs. After a full charge under the sun, you can light up for up to 12 hours. Bad weather can affect lighting time. The solar wall lantern light has a special design. It can light up at night. A wall light is perfect for decorating outdoors. The deck fence lights are made of a resistant material. The waterproof system can handle rain, snow, and hot weather. Long term usage is safe and there is no maintenance cost. Solar lights for your garden, yard, patio and walkway. Remove the plastic strip from the switch and the solar panel will sense changes in the light and turn on the lights. The hooks they give are from the Abs. Direct sunlight must be received by the solar panel. The product size is 6.5 x 4.3 x 7.7 inches. Most post sizes can be applied. The product size is 6.5 x 4.3 x 7.7 inches. Most post sizes can be applied.

Brand: Leidrail

👤I purchased a brand new version of a solar lighted street number side from the brand and was very pleased with the quality. The garden needed a little work and I decided to check out leidrail for lighting decor and I hit a home run with this pair. They didn't spend a dime on the plastic sign's durability. Very well constructed with nice tight seams and a clean assembly. Hardware can be mounted on almost any type of wood. I will be buying another pair of solar wall lights after I install the decorative one. Excellent job leidrail.

👤Es una pena. No cumplan al 100 con su propsito.

👤Ledrail is great. This style of lantern is no different than the other lanterns we own. These are a bit smaller but have a great pattern. They were easy to assemble. I will put them on the fence.

👤The post lights are pretty. They are what I needed to illuminate my deck stairs. They are plastic and look heavier than they are. The canopy is tall. It is very easy to hang. I bought two more solar lights from this company. Customer service is top notch if you have any questions.

👤We can't figure out what's wrong with our porch light, so we got these as a quick fix. I love them. They look great at night. We get the sun for 1/3 of the day. They are white. When I opened them, they looked cheap and light, but after they were installed, they looked better. The light is bright. Would buy again.

👤These are light and blow off frequently. The lantern is attached to the post by an arm and is two pieces. I had to use gorilla glue to keep the lantern from falling. The company is easy to work with.

👤I attached thelanterns to the railing. They put out enough light so that I can see the railing if I need to go up the stairs. There is a They do the job that I expected, though small and not much light. Would purchase again.

👤I was going to put these next to my garage door. They were dwarfed on my garage. I put them on a locked gate at the end of the driveway so I could see the key hole better. I was disappointed because I didn't check the size.

👤Someone dropped my order off in a different neighborhood. Not happy with the delivery. I'm happy with the product.

👤They are small, not realistic, and not as bright as the employees claim, so don't be fooled. Return for sure.

👤The black plastic part is the only part. They are small. They put out a nice light.

11. Greluna Waterproof Lighting Landscape Driveway

Greluna Waterproof Lighting Landscape Driveway

There is a new version. You can choose between Warm White and Color Changing. The Warm White is suitable for daily decoration, while the other is suitable for festival décor. You can change the modes by color. The warm mode has a color temperature of 3000 k. It's easy to install. These solar lights are outdoors. The risk of accidents is minimized as external wires are eliminated. You can avoid installation troubles. The weather is changing. The Wall Solar Light are made of high quality material that is weather resistant and safe in different weathers. The batteries can be fully charged in 6 hours and can keep the lights on for 8 hours. There is a wide application. The Solar Lights will be adding colour to your deck, front door,pathway, porch, front/back yards, gardens, driveway, business, fence, wall, stairs, stairways, landscape, patio or any outdoor places that needs lighting or decoration. Make sure their solar panels get enough sunlight to charge. Their friendly customer service is included with the 8 x Solar Garden Lights, 16 x screw plastic grooves,16 x screws, 1 x user guide. Their friendly customer service is included with the 8 x Solar Garden Lights, 16 x screw plastic grooves,16 x screws, 1 x user guide.

Brand: Greluna

👤I installed these lights several weeks ago and have been evaluating their effectiveness against the claims of the vendor and I need to tell you that the lights exceed all expectations. They work as advertised. They look great during the day and terrible at night. I charged them about 10 hours of sunlight after installing them. They last through sunrise and sunset. They have been exposed to several rainstorms. I can highly recommend their purchase.

👤They are perfect! I put them on the dock.

👤The pool deck has lights on it. It's easy to install and add light-charming.

👤I ordered more because I love them so much. They are easy to install and can be set on a blanket. My backyard is gorgeous.

👤I wanted the pool area to have more lights on it. I bought these. I was happy that I could switch over to rotating colored lights or go for an all white outfit. I had the pool lights turned on for Christmas and it looked great. I don't know if it uses more power or not because I didn't check in the morning. I found the lights to stay on most of the time. I could see around my pool area with my back porch light on because they light up around the pool. It would be great to swim at night. Waiting for the weather to warm up. They were easy to attach. I stuck them on with the tape and they are holding up. I would definitely recommend them. There is an update. I bought this 11 months ago and am changing the batteries for the first time. I live in Florida. I get a lot of sun and the lights stay bright until morning. I can walk my puppy outside at night. We are having periods of really heavy cloud and rain and storms that the lights don't last the whole night. If there is no send to charge the lights, you can't blame them. I get a lot of praise. They are easy to change out and I would recommend them to everyone.

👤The lights are bright. They aren't too bright because they are warm. They are what we were looking for. Our neighbors have a lot of nice things to say about us.

👤They look great at night. You should add nails instead of screws. I think I had to get nails because it got the job done faster than using a drill or screwdriver.

👤The lights are easy to install and you can change the colors. They were great for a few weeks. I noticed after 4 weeks that some of the lights were no longer working. November 17, 2020 is an update. The lights have stopped working. All 8 stopped working after 6 months. I wouldn't buy these again. There is a You get what you pay for.

👤I wouldn't buy these again. They are only meant for accent lights. After they were charged for a full day in the sun, half of them didn't work out, but they got my money back.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor solar lights for house?

Decorative outdoor solar lights for house products from Greluna. In this article about decorative outdoor solar lights for house you can see why people choose the product. Sanskor and Kdorrku are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor solar lights for house.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor solar lights for house?

Greluna, Sanskor and Kdorrku are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor solar lights for house. Find the detail in this article. Baxia Technology, Mopha and Ruilaiya are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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