Best Decorative Outdoor Solar Lights Hanging Ball Lantern

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1. Outdoor Lantern Lanterns Decorative Courtyard

Outdoor Lantern Lanterns Decorative Courtyard

45 days money back and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with no worries! The plastic garden solar lights which have US& EU & UK design patent can be used as tree lights, patio umbrella lights, art clearance lights, front & back porch decor or as outdoor table lamp. The warm light will bring color to your patio by casting a shadow on the wall or table top. Energy EFFICIENCY-- These solar lights are solar powered, which saves you money. Allow the solar panel to be fully charged during the day by exposing it to the direct sunlight. The light will be turned on at night and will work for up to 8 hours. The Holling Star and Museum design is distasteful. The pathway lights have a cute looking style with a beautiful pattern, a modern and unique garden decor for you. The light with designed pattern adds to the beauty of the garden. COME with 6 packs. The haning lantern come with 6 pack in one package, you can decorate your lawn with them, or leave them around your garden. Keep away from bright lights. The moon star pathway lights are weak during the fall and winter because of short sunlight. It will be brighter in the summer.

Brand: Esgarden

👤These little lights are really nice. They were easy to install. They were set up in the garden after they arrived. They look good in the morning. It's not really special but it's not bad. I like how they look at night. They were brighter than expected. I have had solar powered walkway lights before, but this one is much better. The moon and star patterns are very cute. What I was looking for. You have the option of removing the pole and hanging it from the handle. Looks good both ways. I only had them for a week. We have had a few storms already. They seem to hold up well. There is a The only complaint I have is that the spike that sticks in the ground and the pole are two different pieces, so it is a bit difficult to remove. It came with an extra spike in case one gets stuck trying to remove it.

👤These lights are great for your garden or walk way. They come with stakes and also have handles that can be used to make lanterns. Everyone wants to know where I purchase them. There is not a bright white color there and it is more subtle like an orangish/yellow if you are looking for something unique.

👤I only got 4 sticks. The option is to hang. I had to stake them in the ground. Customer service was on it when I contacted them. They wrote me a replacement in 24 hours. They received the five stars because of customer service. The product is bright and good for the garden.

👤These lights are wonderful. We put four in the ground and hung two over the fire pit. They were easy to assemble and come with metal hangers and extra stakes so you can plant them in the ground or hang them. I highly recommend them because they make our backyard a wonderful place to live in.

👤I love these! They've been in my yard for a month. They stay lit all night after charging all day. I have them on small shepherd hooks. They seem strong because they have been through several storms. Highly recommended!

👤I thought they would be smaller. This pattern shines on my path. They are made from plastic. One of the stakes and poles broke and pushed the rocky ground into the ground. I would like to purchase these again for my garden.

👤We got these for walkway decorations, but ended up carrying them around as Halloween lanterns. They were light and fun to carry and see the stars. We could find each other in the dark. They're powered by the sun and don't need batteries. Really recommend.

👤I ordered 2 sets of lights because they look great. My 1st order was fine. The stars were very disappointing, the 2nd looked good and 2 out of 6 didn't work, but they all got direct sun. I know how to set them up. These look better than they are. I don't know if I had some bad luck. I will not be buying these again.

2. LeiDrail Lanterns Decorative Waterproof Landscape

LeiDrail Lanterns Decorative Waterproof Landscape

SOLAR-POWERED: Solar panels and lights are used in solar lanterns. After a few hours under the sun, you can light up. The lanterns are suitable for garden decoration or as a gift. There is a fountain in the park. The solar hanging lanterns have a classical look. It can project lights at night. There is a lantern that you can use to decorate outdoors. Made of Iron. The solar outdoor garden lantern is made of iron. The waterproof system and anti-rust coating can resist high temperatures and rain. It can be hung on porches, trees or on a table. It is easy to install. Just turn on the switch and it will work. Pull out the solar battery box and turn on the switc. Direct sunlight must be received by the solar panel. If you have a question about their lamp, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will give you a full refund in 30 days and 12 months. 30 days full payment refund and 12 months guarantee is what their customers enjoy. If you have a question about their lamp, please do not hesitate to contact them, they will give you a full refund in 30 days and 12 months. 30 days full payment refund and 12 months guarantee is what their customers enjoy.

Brand: Leidrail

👤The light is glowing on the lamps. I hung them near the wall. Overall very happy.

👤These were purchased on a deal. I am so happy that I did. I can't stop staring at it at night because it's so pretty. The shadow design is beautiful and I love the bright white color. Love them... Thank you!

👤The ambient light is beautiful and it feels great to be outside. It casts a warm glow that has enough light so you can see what you are doing at the table. I have had a lot of praise. I don't want them to rust and I don't want them to fly off my table in a storm, so I put them somewhere else when it's raining.

👤I hung a dozen solar lanterns over my patio. I bought products from many different sellers on Amazon because I wanted a variety of metal lanterns. I can't overstate how impressed I am with the lanterns from LeiDrail, based on my experience with all of those products. I've purchased many lanterns and they are all above them. There is a The lanterns I bought from LeiDrail have a number of outstanding characteristics. The lantern body is light and sturdy. They've painted the inside with a glittery metallic paint that reflects more light and makes the lanterns pop. The solar panel and electrical components are well sealed. The internal battery has a higher capacity so the lantern can stay lit all night long, and the solar panel is larger to capture more light. There is a The shadows on this lantern look like peacock feathers. The white light is very bright and casts shadows 12 feet away. The peacock feather shadows can be seen on the table from a resting lantern and on the left wall from a hanging lantern. The LeiDrail lanterns are in a different class than the lanterns from other sellers. It's a pleasant surprise that they aren't more expensive. I'm not affiliated with LeiDrail and I haven't received anything in return for a review. I wanted to give credit where it was due, and praise the company for putting out such great products, because it's not often that I'm this impressed with a product.

👤December 7, 2020 is an update. After I wrote the review I received 2 replacement lanterns from LeiDrail but they weren't working right. They gave me a full refund for all 6 sets of lights after a few friendly e-mails. The lanterns stopped working because they are beautiful when lit, but I was not happy about that. I changed my rating from 1 to 4 stars because the company's customer service department went above and beyond to make things right. There is a The solar lights that we bought were 15 years old. We bought six packs of the Solar Lantern lights. After the first week or so, one of the LeiDrail lights went dim, followed by four others that stopped working completely. I reached out to the company for help with a shooting problem but have not heard back. If you want something that's going to last a whole season or longer, I wouldn't give it a second thought.

3. Hanging Lantern Outdoor Mercury Waterproof

Hanging Lantern Outdoor Mercury Waterproof

2 Pack hanging solar lights outdoor are stylish and distinctive, Solar mason jar lights crafted of premium glass with a bronze mercury finish, speckled silver coating enhances the reflection, soft light benefit to create a quiet, romantic and relaxing atmosphere. The solar lantern outdoor has a copper wire with 20 led, retro hemp rope design, and warm white solar lanterns can add more fairy to the garden. Hanging Solar Mercury Glass Mason Jar Lights outdoor waterproof and durable ensure solar lights outdoor decorative suitable for long-term outdoor decor, and solar lantern has small drain hole in the middle of the bottom to make no worries of water accumulate. The lanterns can be used in the sun or in the dark, but they should be charged in the "ON" position before use. Solar powered lanterns are easy to assemble. It's ideal for Christmas gift for friends and family, it's perfect decor for indoors and outdoors, and it's portable and easy to move. It's ideal for Christmas gift for friends and family, it's perfect decor for indoors and outdoors, and it's portable and easy to move.

Brand: Afirst

👤These are the perfect accent to our deck, they are beautiful during daytime with their mercury glass look and equally as pretty at night with changing colors. They are heavy and well made and can be charged via solar power. I will incorporate these into my holiday decor next Christmas. These would be a great present.

👤The colors are very nice and worked well.

👤They look great in my backyard, they give off a nice glow.

👤I was not sure what to expect, it was an impulse buy. The multi colors are striking and stay charged for a long time.

👤For about 3 rotation, the color changes beautifully. . You can see that it is trying to change color, that some of the lights are getting stuck, and that it just looks multicolored like the photos. It is pretty disappointing when you first see it because it is solid shades and beautiful. We turned it off at night for a full seven days to make sure it wasn't a battery issue. I think they are not made well. They are beautiful. When they actually work, they are more beautiful. I will be returning for a full refund.

👤The color does not change. It is on red. I still like how they look at night, as long as they stay on, I will keep them. Don't buy lights that change colors. Look at the reviews.

👤Son ms pequeas de lo esperaba, y el tiempo that duran encendidas es muy poco, soy lindas.

👤It has great charm because it is light over the tables.

4. Tomshine Hanging Lantern Waterproof Outdoor

Tomshine Hanging Lantern Waterproof Outdoor

The Olive Shape Hanging Pattern is unique. A solar lantern for hanging makes a great effect when the lamp is not on. It fills the room with peace and beauty and shines a beam of light on the floor. Energy-saving and solar-powered. The lights can be placed in your outdoor area without a power connection thanks to the integrated solar cells that charge a built-in battery. Your solar lantern is free of operating costs and easy to use, because the solar lights charge during the day and emit a light when it is dark. The working time is long. The 1.2 V NiMH AA 600MAH battery is built to last. If the battery is fully charged for more than 6 hours with sufficient sunshine, the lamp for the decor lights up for 8 to 10 hours at night. It isdurable and waterproof. It cannot be easily damaged. The hanging solar lamp stand is waterproof. The solar lantern is impervious to weather. No wires are needed, just hang it up. The warranty is for 12 months. If you don't like their product or service, please return it within 30 days. They are happy to answer any questions about their product or service. They will reply to you within 24 hours and do their best to make you happy. The warranty is for 12 months. If you don't like their product or service, please return it within 30 days. They are happy to answer any questions about their product or service. They will reply to you within 24 hours and do their best to make you happy.

Brand: Tomshine

👤I bought this little bohemian garden light as a gift. I love it. I look at it from several windows and I always take a double take. The right amount of light is not too bright or dim. Since I hung it up, we've had a few heavy rains and high wind storms, and so far, it's good. A+ from me!

👤They are beautiful during their short life span. Yes, are they pretty? Looks can be deceiving. They won't last and you won't get your money back. Past the return date.

👤I like to think. The lights are a great bargain. They were already charged so you could experience the glow immediately. I bought two more.

👤There is a walking trail along the edge of our property that gets a lot of traffic. We hung this in a tree over the walking trail and it was a nice addition to the outdoor space. It stays on all night. The lantern doesn't emit a lot of light, but it looks nice.

👤The lantern is a very beautiful lantern and if it works and on, it shines a beautiful light. I hung mine from a branch in my yard and it worked out perfect the first day. It doesn't work anymore after a couple days after I tried to turn it on. The wire connection is not right and only works if I move the weight and cable from holding on to each own weight. It's not practical if I have to do that everyday and it looks like a light that's hanging from a pole. The product deserves a 5 star because it's the biggest problem, if it wasn't for that, it would be one star.

👤The solar lamp is good for the client. It is just beautiful. I might buy a second one. I love it!

👤The light is beautiful and adds a nice vibe to the porch. The light isn't very bright so it's more for decoration The construction is sturdy, it has been through a few storms, and I expect it to last a long time.

👤The exposed wire had to be set into the lantern portion. It doesn't hang straight, it has a grommet for wire, and it slips inside. I replaced the tywrap with black to match the wire color. I expect a good storm to destroy it, but it will be a lot smaller than you would think. I compare it to a toy for 3 year olds. The measurement is not a lantern, but a solar panel to the bottom, which is about 18 inches. It will have to be adjusted, but it may not be worth it since the light will be blocked from entering.

👤Happy with the purchase as a whole. When the light comes on, the pattern is really beautiful. It was disappointing to have to pay duties when it arrived. I bought very similar ones for my mother and she would stick to that route next time.

👤The solar light is pretty. Very sturdy and well made. When I opened the box, the light was packed well and ready to go. No assembly is required. I ordered another one for myself and one for someone else. It took a long time to get here. It is well worth the wait.

5. Lantern Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Decorative

Lantern Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Decorative

With an eye-catching crackled glass ball cover, outdoor solar hanging lights will emit amazing glow and deliver comfortable illumination to your house, make your place look romantic and wonderful. Perfect lighting for decoration, from garden, patio, yard, fence, balcony, path, tree branch, umbrella, outdoor decoration party or daily life. It is an ideal gift for your family and friends on an anniversary, birthday, or other event. The solar powered garden light can be turned on and off at night for up to 8 hours when fully charged. The measure is 7.8”x 7.8”x 7. It is made of metal. It's great for decorating your garden or courtyard. The garden solar lights have a weather resistant construction and long lasting performance. The reflection of the pattern is beautiful and creates a romantic atmosphere. When you receive the solar lights, please press the button to keep the solar panel in the dark to make sure the lights light up. When you receive the solar lights, please press the button to keep the solar panel in the dark to make sure the lights light up.

Brand: Homeimpro

👤We have had a lantern for a month. It was brought inside when the weather was bad. Initially, it worked, but then nothing. The switch on the bottom doesn't do anything. We have a hanging ornament. It was a shame. This seller went above and beyond and never had to change a review before. The lantern works well after a replacement part is sent out. We are very pleased with the product and the seller. The initial lantern must have had a faulty part and the seller replaced it quickly.

👤I put the lantern under the sun for 5 hours after turning on the power switch. I turned it on because I was shocked by the night. It is amazing. I have never seen a lantern like this before. The light inside seems to be a fire lightening, and the shadow is classical. My neighbors appreciated it a lot. This is a great shopping experience. I'm really happy.

👤They were bought by us. After a rain, both quit their jobs. One of the two returned to work. The other one doesn't work after 4 days. There is a There was an update on Sept 27. The company sent out replacements which worked fine even after a rainstorm. The light is beautiful.

👤The lamp was on and off. If the off switch doesn't light after charging, the seller might want to include directions for finding it. The switch is located under the black solar panel and you can switch on and off. I put these up on the shepherd's hooks up the driveway so they could stay lit all night.

👤This is a large lantern. Very light and thin. The led makes a beautiful pattern on the floor. This looks amazing.

👤There are a lot of reasons why this is a great solar lantern. It is huge. It must be seven inches in diameter, which makes it look bigger. If you let the lantern hang freely, the lights and shadows will move on every surface, and it will be even more interesting. The lantern is made of metal. The solar panel is in the top. It looks like it's waterproof. If you want to flip the switch, you have to pry it out from the inner surface of the solar module. The blue paint is dull. I will change this color.

👤The company was amazing when I contacted them. The first lantern I received was not as bright as the picture showed, but the second lantern I received for free was just as bright. I know I have a lantern that is exactly what I am looking for. Excellent customer service and a quick response to the issue. Thank you again homeimpro!

👤I bought the antique white one because I wanted to paint it in a yellow color to match the sky blue chair that will be next to it. I used a paint I already had, a small brush, and an outdoor spray paint. The yellow is very nice and matches the interior color. I put the yellow one next to the aqua one in the nighttime picture, and the lighter color doesn't appear as bright. I love both of them. I will be buying more as gifts. There is a I thought it wasn't working. You need to open the top part of the switch to get to it if you want to stay on the on position. I brought it outside and it was very bright. I would love to have a bunch in my yard. I may have to get more since it looks so good in every spot. Even looks pretty during the day.

6. MAGGIFT Hanging Lights Outdoor Lantern

MAGGIFT Hanging Lights Outdoor Lantern

If the light you received cannot work, please feel free to contact them, they will address the issue for you. The light is made of iron and plastic and has a soft light that fills the area with calmness and beauty. The warm white light is 6 lumens. The measures are 6 x 6 and 6.7 inches. The lantern's surface is designed to look like an ancient effect. Please don't buy if you're not sure. The lanterns are powered by solar and turn on the lights at dusk and off at dawn. Make sure you turn on the switch on the lantern cover before charging. It can be hung on porches, trees, pergolas, and table tops. The beautifully crafted solar powered lantern is a great addition to your patio, porch or outdoor space. It's perfect for Christmas. The lantern can last for 8 hours or more at night if it gets enough sunlight. If you receive solar lights, you should press the ON button and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it doesn't go off. If you receive solar lights, you should press the ON button and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it doesn't go off.

Brand: Maggift

👤I wanted lanterns that I wouldn't have to worry about turning on, charging batteries, or anything like that. They wanted them to look ethnic and tribal. I discovered these and saw them! I fell in love. There is a The SOLAR factor is the best invention of mankind. Wow. These lanterns look wonderful on my balcony during the day. The lamps show their true light after the sun sets. There is a The light is warm and ambient, perfect for the look I was going for. It was the best surprise to find the package when I accidentally purchased an extra pack. To see how I've used my photos, check them out. There is a It's the best twenty-something bucks you'll spend, because of the satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. A rustic looking yet feminine set. Let my photos speak for themselves. Check them out.

👤I enjoy the scenery. I have one that won't light. Check the battery and it doesn't work. I am very upset. Anne has not gotten an answer for a while. I was very disappointed that I had waited too long for a response.

👤Crap. They worked well for a day then cut out quickly. Put them in the sun and I get less light. The flyer in the box says not to contact Amazon. The idea that the item might need a battery replaced is laughable. It should not need to be replaced less than a week after purchase. I'm not going to try to return it after I've done everything I can, and absolutely not during a Pandemic. There is a I'm thankful to you for getting me with shoddy stuff when I have no chance to return it.

👤The lamp and the pattern it creates on my patio are both wonderful. There is a I was disappointed when I opened the box because I thought the globes would be smaller, but they are enchanting when they light up at night. There is a The light pattern needs to be cast if the lamp is two feet away from where you want it to be. The lamp was pretty but it didn't have the wow factor when I put it higher up. There is a It's important to keep it in an area where it will get as much sun as possible during the day.

👤The solar part works well, but keep in mind that the lights won't charge if the power button is off. They can hang or sit on the ground. They don't give off a lot of light, so they're more for decoration. The vintage design looks great, and you can replace the batteries when they get weathered, which is a huge plus.

👤I don't like solar lanterns. The light's color is usually cool. These are warm and cast a shadow. My porch only gets 3-4 hours of sunlight a day. As the sun goes down, these come on. I love them.

👤These lights are not very bright. These are perfect for decorative lights. Don't count on them for brightness. I had them hanging for less than a month. One of the handles to hang them on came off. The light went into the grass. The handle is no longer there. Very disappointing. The light does not work. Would not recommend.

7. Hanging Decorative Waterproof Hummingbird Tabletop

Hanging Decorative Waterproof Hummingbird Tabletop

When you receive the solar lights, please press the button to keep the solar panel in the dark to make sure the lights light up. The hanging glass solar lantern has a vivid colorful hummingbird pattern, and is very suitable for outdoor garden and patio decoration. Solar lights outside convert sunlight into electricity in the daytime, while the garden lantern glows at dusk to make your yard more beautiful. You can put the solar lanterns anywhere you want to use them. The hummingbird solar light is a beautiful addition to your garden, and the outdoor tabletop lantern is a perfect gift for a hummingbird. The package includes an outdoor solar lantern. Contact them if you have any doubts about solar powered lanterns. The package includes an outdoor solar lantern. Contact them if you have any doubts about solar powered lanterns.

Brand: Mumtop

👤It was a very cool addition to my yard. Love it.

👤My solar lantern was delivered to my house. Its design is beautiful and classy. It lit up the same night after it was taken out of the solar panel and turned on. It is important to know that the lantern has a battery inside. If the solar lanterns you buy don't work for a while, you need to replace the battery under the top of the lantern. Instructions don't always include that information. There are two small screws under the lantern's top that can be used to replace the battery. Theummingbird Solar Lantern is similar to others with a battery inside. There is a I bought this lantern for myself, but it would be a great gift for a person who likes to sit on an outside table. The white light shines from it. I bought this lantern for its beauty and appropriateness to my home. The design of this colorful hummingbird lantern makes my garden look better at night or during the day. Above the top of my flowers is where it is hung. Just love it!

👤The lights make it hard to tell what it is at night. You can't see anything else except the blue lights inside. They should have put a small bulb in the top or bottom. I will return it. It is thick and good quality.

👤It seems like a nice item, but it is already starting to rust in different areas. The paint has faded. We ordered this one because we thought it would hold up better in the Florida sun. No such luck.

👤You will be disappointed if you think the image will be visible. The lantern's image is overshadowed by the white light of the LEDs. The solar function works well.

👤It was a Mothers day gift for my mother. It took three weeks to get and then broke. Returned over two weeks to get a new one and it broke worse than the first time. Very, very sad. We took the picks.

👤I bought four because I enjoy this lantern so much. I bought on for my boss on "Boss's Day" and he likes being in his back yard almost every evening. Birthday gifts for my co-workers were bought by me. If I didn't have so many gifts. I would have liked to buy another one for myself. I don't spend a lot of time in the evening in our back yard. The lantern glows all night long. We can see out our back yard with our patio doors and windows.

👤The lantern with the hummingbird has a stained glass appearance. It moves a lot in windy conditions. I don't know if the durability is good. The lighting feature is useless. It didn't light up until a few hours after it was lit up, and now is in a full sun spot. The pattern with the bird is not visible when it does light up. I have only had it for a few months. I docked this rating of 3 stars because the lighting feature is worthless. If you like the appearance of the solar lantern but don't like the feature, you might be happy with your purchase. I am disappointed that this lantern does not meet my expectations. 3 stars is generous for this product. I like to look at hummingbirds during the day so I'm happy to do that.

8. SunnyPark Hanging Outdoor Crackle Decorative

SunnyPark Hanging Outdoor Crackle Decorative

The package includes an outdoor solar lantern. Contact them if you have any doubts about solar powered lanterns. The hanging outdoor solar lights have been upgraded to a Polysilicon solar panel which will collect lights energy from the sun more effectually. The hanging solar lights are made of sturdy glass and STAINLESS steel, and they come with handles and clips, which is good as solar lights outdoor decorative. The size is 2.15" L x 2.15" W x 3.75" H without a handle. It is durable and has low power consumption. There is no external power supply needed for this hanging lights. It is energy saving and eco-friendly. The solar lights should be exposed to direct sunlight during the day. Installation is easy, just slide the switch to the "ON" position and hang the solar lights on a place where it can absorb sunlight. It is a good outdoor tree ornament for adding an extra atmosphere during the holiday season. 30 days return and money back. They will provide their customers with the best hanging outdoor solar lights. If you have a question, please contact them. 30 days return and money back. They will provide their customers with the best hanging outdoor solar lights. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Sunnypark

👤The shadows on the siding are cast by the crackled glass. On warm summer nights, it adds a touch of light to the deck. They hang off the gutter with S-hooks. I don't need the rusted roach clips that come with it. I bought my set at the dollar store last year, but this year I bought some for my friends. The clips on the new ones are slightly different than the ones on the old ones. Maybe the new version won't rust. I like that they have replaceable batteries. After the season, one of my batteries is done. It is a strange battery. I haven't tried to find out where it is. I just bought myself another light set. The merrier if I find the batteries.

👤I put one in a tree and one in a different area because they work great and I only needed one for an outside ornament that my daughter-in-law gave me.

👤One of the products was bad in the box. Waiting for the vendor to respond. The vendor fixed the problem. There was a light in the box. They sent another pack. This was wonderful! They could have replaced it. They hang off of my patio awning and are nice during the day and beautiful at night.

👤Two years ago in Myers, there was no more found. We found these on Amazon and they were less expensive than at the big box store. There is a I love looking at them at night. Good price. It is easy to unpack and use.

👤The lights are still as bright as they were when I got them. They have a nice crackle effect and give off a nice pattern when lit. They're small but sturdy. I have hooks on my sidewalk to keep them out of the weather. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤These lights add a nice touch to our backyard. It's not a good idea to recommend beauty for lighting. It has been upgraded to 4 stars. The product seems to be as described. They will be added to our backyard. One came broken and it was the only disappointment. It was very strange, as if it was broken. The box is in good shape. I only need 6 so it doesn't seem worth the hassle of returning. I will update the review once I use them. We are looking for a nice atmosphere.

👤These are glass and so might need to be reconsidered, but they look really good. I can't comment on run time or longevity because I couldn't find a place to use them. The glass bulb is the reason I second guess what I was going to use them for.

👤I have two complaints about the lights, one of which is that they useAAA batteries. They don't. Don't expect to be able to replace them. There is a The bluish light of the LEDs is unpleasant. There is a They look nice and are easy to use.

9. BOAER Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Decorative

BOAER Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Decorative

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give you a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited product warranty. If you have any questions, please contact them. The hanging solar light is made of steel. The dimensions are 5.11”x5.11” 8 minutes. Turn on/off. Solar panels harness the sun's energy for hours of gentle light, which is energy-saving and eco-friendly. It can work up to 8 hours when charged for a few hours. It is delightful at night and elegant by day. It adds a festive and mysterious atmosphere to the party. It's a perfect decoration for garden, yard, patio, landscape. It is easy to install and waterproof. It's simple to use and no wire is required.

Brand: Ruilaiya

👤Straight out of the box. I thought I was seeing something. We're actually lit up, because the lights were in the on-position. It's good for me that it got sunlight to do that. I had to tell myself that $23+ was a bit much. I still do. The price point could be $7 less. The quality is good and there are no flaws in the design. I bought a few. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on one light. I don't regret buying them. I can easily grab them to take them camping or to our other home on the water since they are hanging out. Black zip ties would be used instead of clear/white. There is a They do cast a glow where we have them, however, they are only for decoration. Which is a big variable. They're not that bright. It depends on where you have it hanging and what you expect.

👤This light is a great addition to the look of your garden. I like the copper tone on the interior and the black on the exterior. It helps to make it look sophisticated. I bought one for myself but kept the other for myself. It's a good thing. I wonder if it has enough light to charge with the solar panel, as I see in the other reviews that people have put it inside. I can't tell you how long they last, but they're always on by the time I go to bed. I like to look out the window and see them in the dark. They're not a sole light source for a garden, but a fantastic accent piece.

👤The globes were beautiful, however they were shut off after 15 minutes. I decided to charge them all day on my patio table because I thought they were not getting a good charge. They lit up for about 10 minutes, then stopped. They were boxed up and sent back to Amazon for a refund. These lights are disappointing. These products are too expensive to not work.

👤Although it is "waterproof", the lamp didn't last long. It died. It was a sad day. There is a really neat addition to my garden. It arrived on time and looks exactly like the picture. You can get different results based on what you hang it near. You can play with how close you hang it. Try to get near plants. There is a It adds a nice quality effect to my back yard.

👤I only had this outside for a couple of hours. It was still lit at 4am this morning. It is beautiful. I love the pattern it throws. I hope you can tell from the photo.

👤The product is not as bright as it could be, but it is better than the picture. Don't believe that the picture is an advertisement. They have an orange glow inside the bulb, but they don't make any patterns of light. They're pretty. I was hoping they would like the picture.

10. GIGALUMI Multi Color Changing Waterproof Lanterns

GIGALUMI Multi Color Changing Waterproof Lanterns

These patio lights are unique because they have 4 color-changing solar lights. The Pack of 8 is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. It's ideal for home, balcony, fence, driveway, Christmas tree decoration. Installation is easy, just turn the switch to "On" and hang the lamp on a place where it can absorb sunlight. Premium material includes a shimmering glass globe, a sturdy hook and a bright color changing light. The hanging solar lanterns are weatherproof and are suitable for garden, patio, yard, path, trees, and small snowy days. The hanging solar lanterns are weatherproof and are suitable for garden, patio, yard, path, trees, and small snowy days.

Brand: Gigalumi

👤The initial review was 3 stars and it was pretty colors. It was easy to set up. There is a hut outside. They were not all well lit after a week or two. I am in Florida. I think the solar panels were exposed. There is a Within hours of the review being posted, I was contacted by the company and offered a full refund. I chose another set. They made me believe that making the customer happy is their priority.

👤These solar lights are wonderful. You can hang them together or apart, indoors or outdoors. They are easy to hang on a hook or tree branch because they are easy to turn off and on. I would recommend them to my friends at Amazon. I would buy them again.

👤I put these on a garden arch and it looks amazing. I tried a few different places in the garden. The lights need a full light for at least 6 hours. They will blink or flicker if they don't get enough light. You can change the location until you find the right spot. I am very happy with this purchase and hope it lasts a while.

👤I received this product for free and have been satisfied with it, I own other Gigalumi lighting products and have given them 4 stars. I'm happy with the hanging lights. The construction of the lights is solid and the glass globes add some outdoor wearability to them over a plastic product. The electronics housing and clip are made of metal. The small in-line LEDs give off a nice amount of light. They give a nice amount of mood to my outdoor seating area. There is a The panels on the pagoda lights that I have on are the same ones that the solar cells are from, and they have lasted me a year. The clips on the lights are completely removed, which makes hanging them from tree branches much easier. There is a I would be willing to pay $17 for 4 of these. My experience with the company has been good, they seem to make products that will give you a good lifetime for their price point.

👤I wish I could give these a five star review, but one of them is not working. I put them outside to get a good charge from the sun after I received them. All but one of them was lit up when I looked at them. I like the ones that are working. They are bright. I hung them on my stairway so my dogs have more light when they go outside.

👤Very nice set. We need to get some Shepard's hooks to hang them up. They put on a nice colorful display in the Styrofoam.

👤The money was wasted. They only worked for two nights. There is a lot of Sunlight and I hung them outside. All eight bulbs were dead. The seller should replace it for free. Otherwise. The customer service was poor. Be careful.

11. Lantern Outdoor Hanging Wireless Waterproof

Lantern Outdoor Hanging Wireless Waterproof

The solar lantern is modern and classic. Real clear glass and high quality metal make them look elegant and give off a nice amount of warm lighting at night. No worries about turning on/off light outside anymore. The solar lantern is a nice addition to your front porch. Solar lights outdoor are made of quality metal material to ensure they can stand up to the elements and bad weather. The P65 waterproof rating makes sure the solar lights are waterproof when there is a rainy day, hot day, frost day and snowing day. No extra electricity cost can be saved by using solar. There were no wires to install. The solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy at night. The lighting time depends on the sunlight they receive during the day. Installation is easy and painless. Only using the screws and brackets to fix the fence or wall. It can be used on your hooks. Please turn on the switch at first sight. No worry about wear or rusting. The outdoor lights can be mounted to a fence or on hooks to light a walkway. You can hang them everywhere with the hook under the sun. It is a nice addition to your garden, yard, wall, patio,cabin,porch, chicken coop, shed. No worry about wear or rusting. The outdoor lights can be mounted to a fence or on hooks to light a walkway. You can hang them everywhere with the hook under the sun. It is a nice addition to your garden, yard, wall, patio,cabin,porch, chicken coop, shed.

Brand: Derynome

👤The lanterns were light and well made, but not as bright as I would have liked, but they gave a warm lighting at night. They come with hanging hardware. I hung them on my Sheppard's hooks so that they would give me enough light for my patio and yard. It was done right out of the box and depends on the sunlight they receive during the day. They seem to last 8 hours if fully charged, and they don't dim after a few hours like other lights. They light up every night even on cloudy days if you don't fully charge. I am very happy with these and will buy a few more for the price and quality, they were a great value. The lanterns and ascetics are very pretty. I would be happy to recommend.

👤The lights worked for two nights, but then stopped working completely even though they were in full sun. I have never seen a battery like this one before, so I don't know what to do with the original ones. Money was going down the drain. Very disappointed. There is an update. One dealer ordered new batteries. They were replaced tonight. The lights are working with the new batteries. We will see how long this is. For new batteries, it's an extra $13. I am invested now, but still not worth the purchase.

👤I can see the hangers in the pictures but no description of them being part of the purchase. There are no hangers for these lights. Since people can't check their work and make sure to put them in, whoever made the photos should have said no hangers for them. I will say donkeys if you catch my drift.

👤The lanterns seem to be a good deal. The light quality is harsh and they come with small wall brackets to hang them. These will appeal to you if you want a bare bulb light. If the glass is plastic? It would have been perfect for my use. There are two more I put one on a plant hook. It worked well, charged up nicely and burned all night long, but a serious rain storm seems to have taken this light out. I can only assume that water got in, but after 2 weeks it died. I replaced the battery and bulb, but no luck.

👤Poor quality. Two months passed before the lanterns held a charge for more than an hour.

👤I had to find more screws to mount the other one because these came with only one package of screws. It was easy and they worked immediately, but one of them stopped working and hasn't started working again. I'm not sure if I have a lot of hope, but I'll probably try to return them or get a replacement. I was hopeful because they were actually glass, but it doesn't seem like it.

👤After about 4 nights of use, one of the two lights failed. Access to sunlight wasn't an issue because the lights were placed in a sunny location. I placed the battery from the working light into the non-functional one and it lit up, so I think the seller is selling these lights with bad and/or faulty batteries, as many others seem to be having this issue. I can't rule out the possibility that the solar charging panel is malfunctioning. There is a I'm going to work on a refund from Amazon but I'm getting tired of buying from them.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor solar lights hanging ball lantern?

Decorative outdoor solar lights hanging ball lantern products from Esgarden. In this article about decorative outdoor solar lights hanging ball lantern you can see why people choose the product. Leidrail and Afirst are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor solar lights hanging ball lantern.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor solar lights hanging ball lantern?

Esgarden, Leidrail and Afirst are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor solar lights hanging ball lantern. Find the detail in this article. Tomshine, Homeimpro and Maggift are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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