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1. GIGALUMI Pathway Outdoor Waterproof Landscape

GIGALUMI Pathway Outdoor Waterproof Landscape

The solar walkway light has a warm white lamp, glass of strong light transmission, and lighting patterns. There is a pathway with light. Light can bring a unique decorative charm to your path, garden, patio, lawn, yard and walkway. The solar powered path light has a stronger anti-collision resistance because the main materials are made of metal and glass. The lamp is brown. In rainy, cloudy, and small snowy, the solar pathway light can work. The solar garden light works for up to 8 hours at night and charges 3-6 hours in direct sunlight. A long period of light is ensured by the high-capacity 600mAh NiMH battery. The charging time may be extended by factors such as rainy days. Simply assemble the solar yard light according to the main image and push it in a place where it can be exposed to sunlight. You can dig a small hole if the soil is too hard. If you have a problem with solar ground lights, just contact them, they will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is their greatest achievement. If you have a problem with solar ground lights, just contact them, they will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is their greatest achievement.

Brand: Gigalumi

👤I didn't know that the cast was a cool star shape. They are built with metal stakes and glass. The solar panel doesn't need a lot of sun to illuminate. I was concerned because past lights wouldn't light up on overcast days because they didn't absorb enough sun. These are the first solar lights that I have purchased that are semi- expensive, and all the other solar lights have been cheap. It's a great value and I expect these to last a long time.

👤I wanted to light the path to the door. I put out 4 of them and they all worked well. Only 2 work well now. The other two are either really dim or don't light up at all. They get the same amount of charging time as the other two. I will update my review after testing the other 4. Why is this happening? I want to love the lights. I changed to 5 stars. One of the lights was not working up to par because it wasn't getting enough sunlight to charge it completely and the other was in an area that was already bright enough. They are working great after I moved them. I just bought another set. There is an update 2. The first set of lights were brighter. They don't show a specific pattern after a few hours of use. I knew they would get the proper amount of charge to stay lit, so I put them in the same location as the first set. I am changing my rating to 3 stars because the sun has been shining bright for 2 days. These lights are wonderful. I want them to work. The second set of lights do not shine very bright even though they are fully charged. I'm sure the second set will be as bright as the first set. They go the extra mile to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with their products. I will be buying from this seller in the future.

👤I love the new solar light. I bought this to replace my broken wired light that tangles up when we are working on the landscape. These lights are very bright and come with light shades that look like stars. It is easy to install with sturdy plastic feet. Make sure there are no rocks under since they could be damaged.

👤There is an update! The support that Gigalumi gives is 5 stars. It was user error that caused the break. There are photos that show lights being inserted using the stem. I felt bad after getting a free full replacement set since it was not due to product defect, but my mistake. There is a They've backed their product quality many times. The bell jar type lights that I have purchased from this company have lasted for the most part over a year with no maintenance. Product customer support is highly recommendable. I have changed my review to 5 stars because of their unparalleled service. Thank you for that. Again. We will continue to recommend this brand. There is a The positives... These are pretty lights. There is a special pattern that they illuminate at night. I was looking for something, but not really enough to light a pathway. There is a The positives. It's really amazing. The light/stake connection is not good. I had several break offs and there was no way to fix them without welding. I put the lids over the jar without the disco ball because it still looked cute. I should have returned them. I put the lights in the ground near the back step in the second year. I pushed into the dirt and it snapped off. Yep. The light ended up in the ER with a broken nose because of the poor quality. A good story that I can laugh about and entertain someone with is what this Amazon real life review is about. 2.5 stars and a huge ER bill is possible. I will be contacting the manufacturer to see if I can get a refund. Probably won't get a refund for nose. It's a good thing. Good luck!

2. LEREKAM Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Spotlights

LEREKAM Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Spotlights

Cool White Solar Spotlights are outdoors. A light show. When it gets dark, it can come on automatically. Adding life to your trees and lights up your landscaping is what it was. The 40 LEDs have a wider lighting angle and a bigger solar panel. The LereKam solar landscape light is more durable than other 4-12 led lights in the market. There are three lighting modes: high light mode, medium light mode and low light mode. LEREKAM solar garden lights can detect changes in the environment. It will switch from energy storage mode to lighting mode without motion detection when the brightness is low enough to require illumination. It could be used as a flashlight in a pinch. Other solar spotlights don't charge because of the cloudy weather, so they are spring/ summer lights. You wouldn't depend on them during the winter. Their solar spot lights are powered by a "Solar powered orusb charge". LEREKAM outdoor solar lights are waterproof and can be used in bad weather. Being freeze resistant helps in the cold weather. Installation options are easy to install. Stick into the ground with stakes and mount on the wall. The solar spot lights are great for lighting up trees. You can aim to light a tree or flag or across to light up a larger area. It's a good thing for Porch, Path, Pool, Yard, Garden, Garage,Driveway, and so on. Your landscape looks great at night time with LEREKAM solar lights. The garden light is dusk till dawn. You don't have to run your lights. The LEREKAM spot light was used to uplight your palm trees. Solar spotlights are great for lighting up trees. You can use the landscape lights no matter what the weather is like. You charged spotlights for two days in the sun. Go ahead and add these to your cart. The garden light is dusk till dawn. You don't have to run your lights. The LEREKAM spot light was used to uplight your palm trees. Solar spotlights are great for lighting up trees. You can use the landscape lights no matter what the weather is like. You charged spotlights for two days in the sun. Go ahead and add these to your cart.

Brand: Lerekam

👤These lights are wonderful. If you don't want to wait 2 days for them to fully charge before using, they can be charged with the enclosed cable. They can be placed in the ground or mounted on a building, which is awesome. You can have Solar lights that can be adjusted to the angle you prefer on a building that doesn't have electricity. The first lights I've ever seen that adjust in intensity allow you to use them to meet your needs. You can use them for a tree or flag pole on a less intense setting when you use them in a group. If you look closely, you can see that the settings are different. The white led lights make a huge difference in lighting up your yard. I will keep one in a flower pot near my door at night so I can use it when I take my dog for a walk. I can just take it out of the pot and place it back in it. These lights are very good. You won't regret it if you order yourself several.

👤I was a bit skeptical about the lights, but I was wrong. When I opened the package, I was amazed at how well these guys felt. I was expecting a cheap plastic that would last through the season. They appear to be well made. I decided to put them on the side of the house by the windows that are ground level, which adds more security to the situation. They make this dark area bright and attractive. I will be buying more to surround the rest of the house. There is a The lights were easy to put together. All I had to do was open them and choose between mounting them on a wall with the included hardware or on spikes and drive them into the ground. I chose the ground, which was a simple option. I plugged them up and planted them in the ground after the directions said to charge them for a couple days. Simple as that. I don't have to worry about my charging anymore because the sun will do it. There are three different settings of brightness to choose from. I use them mostly as security for the side of my house, and I have mine set on the bright side. There is a I would give these a 10/10. The product is a good price.

👤These lights are bright and last a long time, just make sure they are in the sun. You should not have any problems. The kit includes all of the tools you will need to set up, but there is a missing wall plug for theusb wire, and the solar panel is large. The led's are bright and will add light to your area. I keep buying cheap ones but I got these instead.

👤We purchased a set of landscape lights in June of 2021. They look brand new. I have an idea for what happened. They are in the sun. We have tried to charge them. Don't buy if you're warned. One will blink on and off. Would not buy again.

3. Lantern Fixtures Powered Stainless Hanging

Lantern Fixtures Powered Stainless Hanging

Security solar glass lantern fixture The security features long lasting lights and solar panels. It can illuminate for up to 10 hours. Heavy Glass andStainless Material A high quality glass construction and decorative case will give you beautiful accent lighting around your home. Installation is easy. Installation with no wiring is quick. The included installation brackets can be mounted virtually anywhere. Each lantern has a unique hanging design that allows it to function as portable lights. The off sensor is auto on. The solar lamp can be placed in the sun to charge the battery. The sensor will keep the light off during the day while charging and will light up at night. The weatherproof is made of heavy glass and black. The outdoor is waterproof and anti-snow. Can be used all year long. The weatherproof is made of heavy glass and black. The outdoor is waterproof and anti-snow. Can be used all year long.

Brand: Deraysion

👤I bought 2 sets of Solar Lanterns on April 7th. At the beginning, he worked well and had no problems. In August of 2021. I have a malfunctioning one. My return date was May 11th 2021. Looking to solve a problem of my own. I've been looking for solar batteries for this item. That has led me to a dead end for these types of batteries. I bought a set of solar lantern lights that I wanted to use for a few good years, but they won't last or even be compatible with replacement solar batteries, so I'm left with no choice but to buy another set. Not a happy customer.

👤The company reached out to us and offered to send us a new set of lights after I wrote my review. Excellent customer service and cool that they wanted to make it right. They are working perfectly after we got them. There is a One of the two that got these on March 24th, 2021 is already not holding a charge by the end of May, 2021. I've tried to find new batteries. The on-line items were too big. They don't carry that size because they asked for an exchange and included a picture of the correct size. If I had thought they wouldn't last, I wouldn't have bought them.

👤I loved those! Exactly what I wanted. They are solar lights. They don't last the whole night, which is normal. They are sold out so I wanted to buy more. If you have more in stock, please contact me. There is a I keep buying more and more.

👤These were okay. They look nice, are easy to hang, and provide a pleasant glow. They are not bright enough to light a path. They are more of a decorative accent. The batteries died quickly as other reviewers commented. One of the lanterns was no longer lit for more than a couple of hours after dark. The other was followed by the third month. This was not a problem because Rechargeable batteries are easy to come by. There is a One of the lanterns fell apart while hanging from a post. There was no wind at the time. The bottom half has the decorative steel frame and the glass separated from the top half. The steel frame broke into multiple pieces, so it was unsalvageable. I only had them for 3.5 months.

👤I wanted these lights because they were bright. I use them near my fish pond because they throw enough light so my goldfish are not in complete darkness at night.

👤The lights are perfect. We hung them outside on our porch, but we forget to turn on the porch light, and we have to savesay is a synonym for " savesay" The solar lights put out a lot of light. They look great. We have good things to say about them.

👤The design is simple and I don't have a problem with the battery life, however, these lanterns don't throw much light. I wanted to hang 4 of them in my courtyard. The light from each is about 1.5 feet from the lamp max. If you are going to light a large area, it's not a good choice. The look of 8 or 10 around my courtyard would look over the top. I'm not sure what you would use them for, but they need to be hung because they can't stand on their own. I wouldn't recommend much. I'm not sure what the other reviews are saying, but mine are glowing-duds. I live in the desert where it is very dark, but I would expect these lanterns to be a little more powerful for the price.

4. InnoGear Upgraded Waterproof Landscape Spotlight

InnoGear Upgraded Waterproof Landscape Spotlight

The outdoor security night light is waterproof and heatproof. It's designed for extreme weather conditions. Other alternatives with combined light panel head could be difficult to get enough solar absorption while pointing the light up. The light head is 90 rotatable to illuminate any place that would be out of reach and the solar panel is 180 up and down to capture sun energy effectively. The solar spotlight can cast a focused ray to highlight your sculpture, even on the dark nights, with improved brightness and 2 working modes. You have the option to change from High Mode to Low Mode. A 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel. The old versions of the solar energy conversion rate were 30% slower than the newer versions. A smooth panel surface keeps dirt and debris out of the sun and the solar spotlight automatically turns on and off. The package comes with all the tools you need to install the lights either on a wall or in the ground. The patio porch path is an ideal pathway for a garden. It's resistant to all types of weather, including wind and burning sun. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 certify high quality.

Brand: Innogear

👤My first review was on Amazon. I ordered 4 boxes of these and 8 lights. They are bright and amazing for the money. It looks like professional lighting saved thousands of dollars. I will order more to light up the trees in the yard. I can't comment on longevity.

👤They are on dusk to dawn and only get brighter when there is motion. I was self-defeating for my needs. I will use them elsewhere. There is an update. I did not complain to the seller because of my review, but they sent me two wall lights that were exactly what I was looking for. They have on at dusk/off at dawn, but only if there is motion. These are bright. I appreciate the seller giving assistance to their customers. I have changed my review to five stars because of that.

👤These are amazing! I always wanted spotlights on our house, but shied away from solar lights because they were not bright enough. I didn't want to pay for spotlights to be installed. I had to try after reading other reviews and seeing pictures. They give off a lot of light. They are perfect.

👤They work well. They're bright for my purpose. My beef is with the solar panels. They are not. If you point the lights north or south, they will adjust the panels to face the Sun. You can only point the panels east or west if your lights face east or west. The panels don't get enough sun because you can't twist them to face the Sun in the Spring and Fall.

👤I love the lights. Good build quality and good light output. The high mode gives a lot of light, but it doesn't last past 1 am. The low mode gives good light as an accent light, but it lasts all night and is still on in the morning. I bought 8 of them. I will buy more. Definitely recommend. The photos were taken in a low mode. They don't go all night in high mode, so I gave them 4 stars.

👤Short life, not waterproof. Don't waste your money. I was interested in "green" lighting technology. The lights are dim and the lens is full of water. It's perfect for indoor applications. Not for outside use. It is a waste of resources, money and time to have a solar lighting system. Will eventually go to a low voltage, wiredLED. The lighting is thrown away.

👤These lights are wonderful. The amount of light these give off is very impressive. If I leave the lights on in the dim setting, they last all night and make my house bright. It's nice to drive up at night and see the lights work. It seems that the setting lasts 6-7 hours if it is left on the bright setting. I use the bright setting to spotlight our flag and the dim setting to illuminate the house. There are pictures to show different light settings.

👤The quality is perfect out of the box. It was easy to set up. The light output is consistent. It's better than what you can find in retail stores. If you are hesitant about buying this. Don't be. Buy them now. Trust me. You won't be disappointed.

5. Waterproof Decorative Landscape Driveway Lighting

Waterproof Decorative Landscape Driveway Lighting

The outdoor solar path lights are made of Premium Materials that are resistant to pressure and scratch, which means they won't be damaged even if the mower runs over it. The solar lawn lights are waterproof and have 8 screws for long-term use even if the weather is cold or snow. Solar powered path lights outdoor use larger monocrystalline Silicon solar panels and 600 mah replaceable batteries with strong power storage capacity, which can efficiently collect and store solar energy even in rainy weather. It means that the solar ground lights are charged for 8 hours during the day and then automatically lit up for 10-13 hours. Solar walkway lights outdoor are maintenance-free and can be turned on at dusk and off at dawn, which will save the workforce. It's also the most popular gift for your family and friends to decorate the courtyard. The outdoor solar disk lights are easy to install, just peel off the plastic film and turn on the switch on the back. Solar outdoor yard lights are ideal for illuminating walkways far from exterior outlets and can provide an enchanting glow along winding garden paths. Having pathway solar lights outdoors will allow you to spend more time outside with your family. You can use solar pool lights to illuminate your pool at night, and light up your patio for an evening meal. They are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours. They are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours.

Brand: Kdorrku

👤These have been through a lot of rain and are still up in the night. This has been running like a champ so far, even though most cheap solar lanterns die within a few months. It comes on when the light gets dim. These things stay lit until about 10 minutes past the sunrise. One of the best solar lights to date.

👤These are just enough light. Difficulty turning on was the reason I deducted one star. Only one of the switches moved to the other side. It would be impossible to turn them off because they were already on. The instructions say not to use them with frost, so I guess that means they would be damaged in winter. I don't know if that's standard or not, because this is my first set of solar lights.

👤It is easy to use and at a reasonable price. The garden has been completely transformed by the brightness. The charge was enough to last through the night even in a lightly shaded area. It is almost flat against the ground. I will recommend a few of my friends.

👤The price of the 2 lights was returned by the seller. The seller's rating was changed. 2 wouldn't stay on despite being charged for 3 days. The button was shorted so it wouldn't stay on even if you turned it on many times. The seller wanted me to buy another set and then give me a refund. I don't think it was a great resolution.

👤The method of operation is stated in the instructions. You can use the product as soon as it arrives since it was fully charged. There is a Second order all lights are on. Pictures do justice. There is a It's great for a foliage high light. There is a The bases are flimsy at the tip but a pre-drilled hole into the earth makes it easier to set these.

👤Talk about lighting up the night. The solar panel ground lights did that. They were easy to assemble. They lit up immediately after the switch was turned to "on" position. I looked nice in my dark walkway. Very strong. There was little effort to stick in the soil. They were just as bright the next morning. I don't have to worry about going to my apartment in the dark.

👤They don't last very long because they come on before it gets dark, but they seem bright at dusk. I contacted the seller to let them know that one of the lights didn't work out of the box. I wish they wouldn't come on until almost dark. I would like to get more, but they aren't worth it. I might have to add a different light or add some powered lights.

👤All items are in the box that I opened. All of the solar lights were checked and they were all perfect. It will be great for our walkway. It will lead us to our walkway at night since there is no lighting on the street where we live. The stands are easy to assemble and hold the solar lights. The solar lights were ready to use. I am happy with the performance of the solar lights. I am going to give this product to a friend.

6. Minetom Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

Minetom Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

The solar garden lights are built in a photosensitive component of the solar lights for pathway lawn, which makes the garden lights auto on at dusk for decoration or lighting your way, and off at dawn and charging for energy. The solar landscape lights have a total height of 16.7 inches and have a high definition glamorous sunflowers shadow casting out through a transparent lamp shade, enough lighting brightness and creating a decorative view for your pathway in garden, lawn or yard. The big solar panels have wide areas to absorb sunlight and convert it into solar energy. Fast charging for 8 hours. It is waterproof and suit for all seasons. It is waterproof and works perfect outside. It's great for the pathway, walkway, villa, garden, lawn, porch, park, driveway, nice decoration lights for bistro, pub, cafe, hotel, mall, outdoor party, and it's also great for all seasons, even firmly standing in poor weather. It is easy to connect the stake, pole and lamp holder. After connecting the parts of the ground stake, use a tool to dig a hole and then insert the pathway lights into the hole. The bright solar lawn lights will make your outdoor area look better. The tips are used. Remove the dust protective film from the top roof before using, then remove the insulation sheet from the top roof to power on. 2. The outdoor walkway lights work automatically at night and in the day. 3. It is best to put the backyard lights 6 to 8 feet apart to make sure the road is well lit. It's an option for a vivid effect. The tips are used. Remove the dust protective film from the top roof before using, then remove the insulation sheet from the top roof to power on. 2. The outdoor walkway lights work automatically at night and in the day. 3. It is best to put the backyard lights 6 to 8 feet apart to make sure the road is well lit. It's an option for a vivid effect.

Brand: Minetom

👤The way the lights look like a flower on top is too cute. The light is easy to set up and use. It is a set of 6.

👤The solar lights were easy to install. They are bright and create a beautiful design at night.

👤These are nice lights. It is easy to install. I was surprised how bright they are.

👤Will check out the solar charge in the next week.

👤These lights create a star burst light pattern. The solar panel lasts all night. Good size, bright, lightweight and well put together. They have been in the ground for a week and have not budged. A beautiful addition to a garden.

7. JSOT Landscape Waterproof Lighting Decorations

JSOT Landscape Waterproof Lighting Decorations

How much lava is calculated. You need a square/angular fire pit. The depth is front to back. Divide the square inches you have by 16. The number of pounds you'll need to get is calculated for the optimal depth of Lava Rocks. They offer a365 days long worry-free guarantee. Solar landscape lighting is free to replace or return. They will give you a solution if you have any questions. They can't get in touch with you via the product consultation page. Click the link to find the product and then ask a question. The high-abs quality material can be used for outdoor lights and can be waterproof. You just need to connect all the poles and spend less than 5 minutes. There are two lighting modes and a Morden design. The solar walkway lights have two lighting modes:Warm White and Cool White. The lighting at night is eye pleasing and makes you feel relaxed. The size is not too big and not too small with tall poles, it's great for home use. The solar garden lights panel is made of high quality monocrystalline Silicon,conversion up to 18%,build-in 18650 Li-ion 3.7V,750 mAh battery, which can store enough power to light up till dawn. You can install the 12 led with 150lm beads anywhere you want, it's bright enough for your pathway, walkway,driveway,yard,garden, and so on. You don't need to turn it on or off everyday, it can be charged at daytime and dusk. Wireless design can reduce security risks. Their solar color changing lights are powered by solar and can save energy and protect the environment.

Brand: Jsot

👤I bought a few types of path lights and a dollar store small one. These are bright enough to be useful, if you are outside and your eyes are used to the dark, then you can see by them. They are still very dim. A 40 watt bulb is 450lm and 15 watt bulb is 15lm. One candlepower is one lumen. If you had a chandelier with 15 candles, you'd have some dim mood lighting. It's enough so you don't have to walk up the stairs to find the door knocker. That's all. There is a If you stake it in the ground, you will break it permanently, beyond fixing. If you don't follow the instructions, it's best. Don't put the top on the stake. Put the stake in the ground and then light it. It gets dim about 3 hours after it turns on. I didn't do any hacks on it. I didn't want to make it worse because the shape of the solar light makes it hard to keep it waterproof. When I broke the first one, I found that the seam at the side wouldn't snap together again. It's pretty flimsy. I decided to get a "motion sensor" type of solar light, which seems to have more lumens, and give off some light, after road testing this one and the cheaper ones. You have to search for 15 watt or 600 watt along with solar light to find them. They don't seem to have enough battery to last all the time. I'm still looking for the perfect solution, but I suppose with enough of these, I could prevent everyone except the elderly from stumbling in the dark.

👤I love the lights. Will order more. Very bright. 3rd click is to turn off the yellow light. Despite the rain and patient light on, I have been straight and bright for a week. Normally stands taller. I only used one post when I assembled so they would sit closer to my stones. I've been praised many times. It makes my home look nicer. My husband loves the fact that they won't fly away when he does the edges of the pathway with the trimmer. I will install the next set of lights in the tree.

👤I was very happy when I bought the two sets of these. They weren't working this October. Really, after a year. I placed them in the area that I was in, but none of them were working. I don't think I can replace a battery in an area with one. This is very disappointing. They'll go to the landfill now that they've gone "green".

👤2 dead 2 months later... I initially loved them, good lighting that lasted all night, very impressed, but two months later 2 of the 4 have died. The other 2 died within 3 months. It's horrible!

👤The merchant of this product contacted me to let me know that the product stopped working. They told me that they were using a new vendor, and offered me a $40 refund. I am changing my star rating to 4 stars as I appreciate it when merchants care about customers. It was easy to install and the lights were bright. Two of the lights have stopped working. There were sunny areas for both of them. I was very disappointed that I spent my money on these.

8. Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Garden

Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Garden

Bright Solar Pathway Light. The solar-powered landscape path lights have a 6000K warm white light that can absorb solar energy under the sun and transfer it into electricity. A really premium garden pathway lights that provides you with lighting, safety and convenience without the need for additional electrical tools. These 6 pack solar pathway lights are solar powered and energy efficient. It is on at dusk and off at dawn. The 10-hour sunlight charging provides bright lighting. All Weather Ready and waterproof. The waterproof design of the solar landscape lights allows them to function well indoors or outdoors. It's perfect for outdoors like garden, yard, lawn, park, pathway, sidewalks, front door, etc. It's easy to install. Simply connect the stake, pole, and lamp holder to the lawn. The bright solar yard lights pathway will make your outdoor areas attractive and warm. The light is eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Wide daily use. A solar garden light for the pathway, roadway, villa, garden, lawn, porch, park, driveway, walkway, path, bistro, pub, cafe, hotel, mall, outdoor party, wedding, or holiday. Wide daily use. A solar garden light for the pathway, roadway, villa, garden, lawn, porch, park, driveway, walkway, path, bistro, pub, cafe, hotel, mall, outdoor party, wedding, or holiday.

Brand: Brightown

👤I was impressed with how large they are when I first opened them. I dropped one and didn't damage it. Another plus. I was amazed that the stake was pushed through the weed block in my beds. I can never get through the weedblock with a single type of light. The first day I put these out, it was gray and dreary. They didn't stay on for long. The next day was sunny and they stayed on. I was very pleased with the large bright circle of light they gave off. Very happy.

👤It was exactly as advertised. I think it took longer to unwrap the components than it did to assemble them. I broke one of the silver screws that hold the globe in place and I will be reaching out to see if there is a replacement. The picture is from a security camera and gives a general idea of the lighting patterns. They sell themselves short on cycle time as all 23 lights stayed lit over 10 hours and were still illuminating my way to work this morning. I will update if there are any issues, but right now I am very happy with my purchase.

👤To get the negatives out of the way, these are decorative and solar-powered, and don't expect much light. They're not very strong. Again, it's decorative. If you push the plastic stakes too hard they'll crack, so don't expect to be pounding the plastic stakes into hard soil. The first two negatives are overpriced, but I'm not fond of aesthetic things. defer to others. The positives are that the batteries last long enough from dark until we go to bed, and that they are more than adequate for 3-4 hours. The lights are attractive. They look nice in the snow, but I don't know if it shows in the picture. My comments about my lack of concern over appearances are above. I haven't had the chance to move them around and see where I like them best because everything here froze solid after I put them in the ground. The feature that will appeal to everyone is not included in these, but they are easy to assemble. My six year old watched me put one together and then let the kid assemble the rest of them. The kid was happy.

👤Over the years, I've had hundreds of solar lights. In construction and output, most are disappointing. The online ad's photo shows a bright area, but the Pathway lights by Brightown show a clear bright area. If placed five to six feet apart, it provides plenty of light to lead guests from one area to another. The photo I included with this review shows an alternate use where I highlight the side of our house by placing the fixture approximately ten to twelve feet apart near doors and under windows. On an average day in the Midwest, it charged the lights enough to light the side of the house all night. I'm ordering another dozen to light the other side of the house.

9. DS Lighting Spotlights Waterproof Landscape

DS Lighting Spotlights Waterproof Landscape

The metal solar lights measure 19 in height and 5.3 in diameter. They will help you solve the problem as soon as possible if you are dissatisfied with the solar landscape lights. There are 9 working modes for the solar spot lights outdoors. To turn on the light, press the button for a long time. Their solar outdoor lights are built in a 2200mAH large battery and can last up to 10 hours. The solar lights should be put in the place where the sun can shine. Adjustable The solar panel of outdoor solar lights can be tilted 180 up and down to capture the sun's energy. The light head has a 120 rotation to illuminate places that are out of reach. The solar landscape lights are a great addition to house, garden, backyard, patio, and are perfect for Easter lights, Halloween lights, and Christmas lights. This solar spotlight can be used to add attractive colors to your outdoor space. 45 days money back and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with no worries! 45 days money back and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with no worries!

Brand: Roshwey

👤The amount of light and battery life was very impressive. The lights stayed on all night. I can't wait to keep up the holiday theme because I loved the color changing mode. This helped give my home a bit of a boost for Halloween.

👤If you only want one color, I would recommend buying the single color lights as they are brighter. You can use these when you want to change colors.

👤I will be writing a review with a 5 star rating. I hope they last. They worked quickly without needing sunlight to charge. Very bright. Just like a single light that costs $50 and burns electricity. It took 20 seconds to put it together. Longer if you plan to mount. I love these! Will move to the pool side in the summer. I wanted to buy more immediately, but they were out.

👤The lights are a great idea. They did not perform as advertised. They are being used to light the dock behind my house. The intensity of the light is low after a few days of being out in the sun. They turn on at dusk and off in the morning. There is a I am having a problem with their rating. The lights have a lot of condensation behind them. I'm not sure if the batches are sealed properly. I think I will return these and look for something more reliable. These will not survive many rainstorms, snow, and icy winters as stated in the item descriptions. I'm not sure why I can't post pictures of the product to show what I'm talking about, did Amazon remove that feature?

👤The lights have been a great addition to my yard. The fence line is highlighted by these and they light up the backyard. There are several beautiful color options that are large enough to light up the perimeter. It is easy to install on fence and ground. The blue light color was used to honor workers in the Covid-19 pandemic. These are great for a backyard glow.

👤I wanted to try solar powered lights, but they were usually not as good as the ones I saw other people put on their lawns. Light output is usually very small and dim. These were not that. I was able to wash 30' of the house with just two corners. Was not going for massive light, just an architectural accent. The light is warm white and matches the T. The "warm white" option had a higher output for the same battery wattage. The flood light has a good spread and casts fairly far. The third floor is easily visible. I didn't use the parts to install on a wall, but they are included. They included 2 lengths of extensions that could either be staked or extended to leave them at ground level or 8 inches out of the leaves and snow. There is a The head units are large, about the size of a grapefruit. They are not easy to hide, but they are not much worse than the older style 120v floodlights. The size allows for more LEDs compared to other lights. A good tradoff. If you can live with the larger size, this is a great option and much better light output than I had expected. I only bought a pair to see how they would work out, but I'm going back for more to light up the rest of the house. These lights are definitely recommended by me.

10. Aootek Lights Reflector Waterproof Security

Aootek Lights Reflector Waterproof Security

The security light mode is one of the three optional modes. The motion sensor turns the light on and off. 2.Permanent. On all night mode, the light stays on all night. The Light stays all night and turns brighter when it senses motion. The PIR sensor can detect people up to 26 feet from the angle of 120. The battery is rechargeable. Wide-angle illumination can improve the lighting utilization. Their solar panel is energy saving and has a laminated solar panel and lights that are up to 20. The conversion rate is 5%. 2W Monocrystalline Silicon. The outdoor security night light is waterproof and heatproof. It's designed for extreme weather conditions. The outdoor security night light is waterproof and heatproof. It's designed for extreme weather conditions.

Brand: Aootek

👤I was not expecting them to be as bright as they are. I put these up in my backyard. When it's dark, I have them set up to come on the dim setting and then full brightness when motion is detected. If I look in the backyard, I can see the perimeter, and if I walk through the yard, it's super lit up. My friend asked if I was trying to turn my backyard into a baseball field after seeing my photos. I like them.

👤June 24, 2019: Update/revision. The only reason I'm making it a 4 star is because the motion sensor doesn't work enough for my driving application. When I approach it on my long driveway, it works when my car is less than 10 feet from it's mount. I'm going more slowly than in my car when I walk on my driveway. It lights my way because walking is slower than driving. I'm moving these to my house because it's a better location. I think a house application is better than a driveway because the activation range is shorter and not as important as to light a driveway. There is a It's a very bright light, which is great. It's better suited for an area where walking motion is expected. It's not useful on a driveway, where it's too late to see the driveway as you travel along it. There is a It is bright. It's best suited for a walk-up application, not a drive-up application. I bought these to light my driveway at night. They were mounted the evening they arrived, and tested when I returned home from dinner. It's dark in the woods after dark. There is a They're mounted on four trees along my 200' driveway, so their range was affected by the distance from the pavement and the tree's height. They were much brighter than I had thought. Yes! There are two things: the height and the Radius. The illumination gets better with height, but there is a negative offset on the driveway. There is a It's still pretty bright in the dark. There is a I had to lower them because the brightness was too much for my eyes to see, coming from a dark place. ... The trees made them high enough to not hurt my eyes. There is a I know I'm getting picky, but that's the purpose of reviews. There is a The 120 degree sensors were mentioned. There is a 120 degrees is accurate. The sensor is in the middle of the light. You can see it in the pictures. I had to adjust the placement to make sure that the motion was activated in time for the light to turn on quickly enough to illuminate the driveway for my car. It was easy to adjust to. The screws were used instead of nails. Just my preference. It's easier for me to hammer nails than it is to screw in screws. I wish the instructions were more detailed on illumination and height radius. I'm telling you about my experience in this review because of that. I need about 8 more to "light the way" along my driveway because it is curvy. There is a The turns are like driving through the mountains. I will give these a few more weeks to see if I want to buy more. There is a I like them so far. It's only been a week. I will try to do an update in a few months. I'm in East Tennessee, in a heavily wooded area. There is a My trees are completelyleafed out, because solar is working well. The canopy is heavy. There is a I think the winter will be even better. There is a We'll see. Yes, yes. I'm a woman. 62 years old. There is a It was easy to mount the lights. Hope this helps. There is a person named LESLIE.

11. Upgraded Outdoor Solar Landscape SpotLights

Upgraded Outdoor Solar Landscape SpotLights

It's resistant to all types of weather, including wind and burning sun. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 certify high quality. The solar powered spot lights outdoor set is equipped with 30 lm of led lamp beads, which is brighter than ordinary outdoor spotlights on the market, and it is also longer lighting distance. Natural white light design makes the solar spotlight brighter and safer for eyes. Solar spotlights are easy to install and use. The floor insert material is made with high-hardness ABS and triangle patterns to make it more durable. The spotlights can last up to 1000 times outdoors. The landscape solar lights group has a 600 mAh battery. To illuminate the best spotlight and get the ideal lighting angle, just adjust the angle of the solar panel and led light. The solar landscape lights are suitable for lighting bushes, backyard courtyard landscape, road, gates, lawn, garden, sidewalk, and driveway. The courtyard landscaping lights are powered by solar energy and can be charged automatically. The solar spot lights are easy to plug in. It is more practical than ordinary spotlights. The courtyard landscaping lights are powered by solar energy and can be charged automatically. The solar spot lights are easy to plug in. It is more practical than ordinary spotlights.

Brand: Brightown

👤I fly my flag all year. I like to keep a light on it because it is appropriate for the American flag at night. There are no electrical connections on my porch. This light is always on. I'm very happy with this product.

👤The troll is in the place behind mine. A troll. The game was changed by these 2 lights. He can't scare me anymore because of the light. There is a I am still using these two small wonders. Had to move to get the best charge from the sun. This dark desert night-time really helps. There is a Life feels better despite troll complaining. There is a Thanks.

👤Great lights! It was easy to put together and install outside. They are bright and easy to point at.

👤I absolutely love this product. The lights are easy to set up and do a great job illuminating the shrubbery around my home. My friends and neighbors compliment me so much that I am ordering more to put in other areas of my yard such as gardens and walkways.

👤I received these today. They were out of the box and turned on for 2 hours. They are bright for a short time. They can be hidden in the landscape. I will be buying more for my backyard.

👤The spotlights were put together quickly and by night time they were bright and nice. It's so easy to put it together, you just attach the ground spike, turn the switch to ON and you're done! The spotlights emit light that is easy to see. The picture shows how well they light our entrance walk. The spotlights were still on when I woke up. The spotlight can be adjusted too. The spotlights were brought in to use as lighting when the lights went out. Great purchase.

👤If you point these up at too high of an angle, the rain will get into the protective lens and cause it to leak. I was able to dismantle, dry, remantle and angle downward more to use the top covering brim with no degradation in performance.

👤My previous outdoor lighting had many issues with broken bulbs because it was wired on the ground and the timer never worked right. I was looking for an inexpensive way to shine light at my front entrance for safety reasons and for cameras to pick up things better. After unpacking, I put the lights and stakes together and put them in planters outside my door. The little lights pack a punch and they charged up through the day. They are so bright that you don't have to worry about when they come on. I will definitely boy more from this company.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor solar lights high limes?

Decorative outdoor solar lights high limes products from Gigalumi. In this article about decorative outdoor solar lights high limes you can see why people choose the product. Lerekam and Deraysion are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor solar lights high limes.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor solar lights high limes?

Gigalumi, Lerekam and Deraysion are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor solar lights high limes. Find the detail in this article. Innogear, Kdorrku and Minetom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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