Best Decorative Outdoor Table Decor

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1. Lights4fun Inc Operated Flameless Lanterns

Lights4fun Inc Operated Flameless Lanterns

The design is gorgeous. The tray will look great on the kitchen bench, countertop, restaurants, breakfast table or dining table. It will be a perfect coffee bean, cupcake, wine, seed, vegetable holder for the kitchen, and will integrate into ottoman style, traditional, and modern decors. They think you will love gray tray as much as they do. If you are not satisfied with their product, please inform them. Warm white bulbs make real flames. Large Lantern H15” x D6 The regular lantern is H12” x D4” Each lantern requires 3 x batteries.

Brand: Lights4fun, Inc.

👤The candle in the large one has a consistent lean, which I don't like, because my OCD kicks in. It had to be adjusted manually, but it works now so it's ok. There is a The lamp is very good and the candle is cheap, but still not bad.

👤So far, so good! It looks like a good quality and has a bright glow.

👤These are what I wanted. The timer function works well and they look good. You can still open the lantern. You will need a small screwdriver. This did not have a remote. I have turned my lantern down because the top of the lantern doesn't have to stay straight up. I like my front steps so much that I will buy another set. They are not a true black.

👤I love them! I couldn't find any lanterns that looked the same. It was a good investment.

👤These candles are pretty. Very wealthy looking. Every day the timer function is spot on. I will be able to. The batteries that I just bought need to be changed. I guess I will. It is too late to return so it is changing it every month.

👤These are sitting under a covered area in Arizona. After two months of use, the batteries are out. I like the look of them, but I'm not happy with the battery life. The timer works when the batteries are still running.

👤These are very cute. The handles stay up. The mini screws that attach to the candles are missing from the large lantern.

👤It was a pleasure to open the package and see the quality. They were well packaged and great! Thank you!

👤The lamps are lovely. I wanted to have them outside by the Christmas tree, but one stopped working after a few days. I brought them inside and got them dry, but I couldn't use them because of the broken one. It's not good to advertise as outdoor lanterns when they aren't good for that. They are great in my porch area. But not what I paid for. One has stopped working in my porch. I had to bring them inside. The weather outside is fair. Can't get wet or cold. Advertising is not good.

👤I paid over fifty dollars for this pair of lanterns. What a waste of money. The candles look cheap when lit. The door is large and hangs open. I wouldn't recommend these. The lanterns I have from Next are better quality than the ones I paid fiver more for.

👤The product was really disappointing. They look great from a long way but once you get close the lines are not straight and one is not straight. I didn't want the return postage cost to be added, so I threw the boxes away. They are lovely to look at. It's not worth the money.

👤They were nice, but didn't get out of the box, and my daughter decided they'd look better at her place.

👤There are lovely looking lanterns. Very modern. The flame is effective. Look great indoors and outdoors. The service from the supplier Lights4fun was fantastic. Customer service was great.

2. SHYMERY Waterproof Flickering Flameless Decorative

SHYMERY Waterproof Flickering Flameless Decorative

Their solar panel is made of polycrystalline Silicon, which has high charging efficiency and twice the battery capacity of similar products. For 6 hours you can charge and use for up to 10 hours. The solar powered lanterns have bright and warm lights and adopt environment-friendly plastic, which improves the durability and overall texture. The switch at the bottom of the lantern is automatic. It will light up at night after it is fully charged, which will solve the problem of frequent switches. Solar lanterns have built-in waterproof and dustproof so don't worry about rain, snow, frost or sleet. It is one of the best choices for decorating gardens, parties, balconies, balconies and yards. Their worry-free 18-month warranty is what you get with the 2*solar lanterns. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them. Their worry-free 18-month warranty is what you get with the 2*solar lanterns. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Shymery

👤I put the lanterns up yesterday. They went on as it started to get dark. I like the look and feel of it. I wanted a steady light, not a flickering candle. I was not able to find a lantern with a steady light, but I am very pleased because the flicker is very subtle. I will order more. The boxes are being saved for the return policy period. I hope they will last. I will update my review if they don't.

👤I had lanterns for over a month and waited to write this review. I couldn't be more pleased with the weather in north Idaho for the past two months. It is overcast most days in the winter. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough sunlight to charge the solar batteries. They worked well every night. They kept working despite the rain. There is a The glow from these is very bright. It is a small source of light. It's not enough to light up a path.

👤The plastic lights have held up well over the past two months, which would be nice if they were metal. We take them to the house in the evening and put them on the two landings of the stairs. It's great to have a soft glow light. The atmosphere is nice. One by land two by sea is a design that is easy to understand. I would buy them again if they keep working. It would be nice if the price was lower since they are plastic.

👤I thought these were cheaper than I had thought, but they were not. There were no instructions. They needed to charge in the sun for 2 days. I did that and they worked well. One started flashing like a strobe light after a few days. The second one did the same thing. I am going back.

👤I bought this pair from a black iron shepherds hook. They built a cedar colonial in the 1960s and installed a wall of Tudor windows in the dining room. There were many memories made around that room. I want them to know that I still love them, that I miss them, and that I will always be thankful. I was pleasantly surprised when we turned the lights off to watch a movie after flipping the switch to the on position. There is a The golden glow is comforting. It is slow and gentle. It has a charge for a long time. There are two holes in the base that can be used to drain water from the unit. The finish is high for my tastes, but it is not obvious in the dark. There is a reason I didn't give it 5 stars. I don't dare try to remove it from the solar panels. In 2022, there is an update. The final 5th star is being added by me. After a cloudy day, the pair light strong and true, even at my entryway, and at my parents' headstone in another state. My heart is racing when I return home or leave after dark. I ordered a pair of black iron staffs to hang the lanterns. They are beautiful.

3. Pearlstar Table Lights Outdoor Waterproof

Pearlstar Table Lights Outdoor Waterproof

There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. It is a perfect gift for everyone. If there is a problem after receiving the product, they will give a 90 day warranty. There is aERIAL and reTRO design. The table solar light is made of high-quality metal. The flame design is flickering. It provides a gentle and romantic atmosphere to accompany, there is a switch ON/OFF in the light, make sure you turn the button to ON position before charging. The energy saving device is called anENERGY SAVING. The solar table light automatically turns off during the day and lights up at night with an automatic light sensor function. The working hours can be up to 8 hours after a full charge. durable -- The solar table light is not easy to break as the other ceramic light. It is safe and won't hurt the kids. Both good for indoor and outdoor use can be found in outdoor lanterns. It provides a romantic atmosphere to accompany you every night when you put it on your bedroom desk or table. If you're dissatisfied with their solar table lights, they'll help you solve the problem. If you have any issues with your pearlstar solar lanterns, please contact them. If you're dissatisfied with their solar table lights, they'll help you solve the problem. If you have any issues with your pearlstar solar lanterns, please contact them.

Brand: Pearlstar

👤I ordered one. It didn't work after it was left for three days. I received a new one after I called Amazon. The new one arrived. I put it in the sun for 5 hours and it charged. It is beautiful. I will order three more to put on my deck. I think I got the one bad apple out of the bunch. Amazon quickly fixed the problem.

👤This little table lamp is wonderful. It is the perfect size and emits a lovely light design at night, all the while flickering like a lit candle. I recently gave one of these to a neighbor as a birthday gift. This table lamp is beautiful.

👤I had it for 5 days and it met my expectations. It's simple enough. The flicker flame didn't last for long but it was about an hour. The table is located under a covered roof and the sun hits it briefly during the day. If I want it to last longer, I need to leave in full sun to see how long the flicker flame will last.

👤I only used it for one evening, but I am very happy with the purchase. I recommend it if it continues to function as it did the first time. The metal candle holder design has a light that flickers. It is very attractive and realistic.

👤I like this lantern. The way it shines through the metal case is very attractive. The battery life does not last very long outside. I change it every month and a half.

👤I wish it was bigger. I have it on my coffee table, it needs company, so I'm looking for something to add to it. I put a door wreath on it. I put it in the middle and it made a big difference, it was easier to push the button and get the light to come on.

👤The little solar lamp is adorable. It gives off a soft yellow glow. It doesn't last all night, but it's waterproof! It has been rained on, snowed on and withstood wind gusts for a little over a month. It was perfect!

👤I love this light! It's sensitive to other lights on my patio. I moved it out of the light.

4. Outdoor Decorative Upgraded Waterproof Multicolor

Outdoor Decorative Upgraded Waterproof Multicolor

Colorful solar lights design Solar garden lights have solar technology and environmental energy-saving colorful LEDs, a thick cracked glass ball design is beautiful and colorful, create a warm and romantic atmosphere. The solar moon lights have 4 colors. Idea gifts are moon lighting-up garden decorations. The yard decor lights solar powered decorative will turn on at night and off at day's end. It only takes 6 hours to be fully charged and can last up to 10 hours. Make sure the switch is in the "ON" position. This is the one you need if you want a nice looking outdoor light or lawn ornaments. The solar lawn lights are waterproof and durable. The solar ball lights are weather resistant. Their garden lights are made of waterproof upgrade and can be used in bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, wind and so on. Solar-powered, no battery or outlet needed, it's easy to use. It takes only 1015 seconds to install the solar lights. The solar globe lights can be placed on the floor, on the table or in the ground with a plug-in board. If the ground is too hard, dig a hole for the spike and try to get the ground softened with water. Solar gazing ball light can decorate and beautify your garden, patio, lawn, outdoor table, landscape path, driveway, walkway, sideway, backyard, porch, balcony, step, pool, camping, party, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, garden restaurant and more. There are 2 globe lights in each package. They will be happy to provide online customer service. If you have a question, please contact them. Solar gazing ball light can decorate and beautify your garden, patio, lawn, outdoor table, landscape path, driveway, walkway, sideway, backyard, porch, balcony, step, pool, camping, party, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, garden restaurant and more. There are 2 globe lights in each package. They will be happy to provide online customer service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Keevvon

👤The solar lights I bought were a gift. They were well received. My Sister wants to keep them out of the cold weather since they will soon be. The ones I chose have bright colored lights. I ordered two more of the same kind after the gift made a hit.

👤After a full day in the sun, only stays lit for 4 hours.

👤I wanted to use them in my yard, but they are too small. I put them in my window to make them look nice.

👤Not bright and not worth the price.

👤Doesn't stay lighted for more than one hour.

👤Looks good in my yard.

👤They are a great addition to the backyard.

👤A photo is included to give a sense of scale. I've included a video to show you how far they can be seen. I wish they had more weight in the base. I fear they will get blown around by the famous Oklahoma winds. The weight seems to be in the batteries. Daylight can reach the photocell because it is inside the sphere. There is a Each ball has triangular pieces that interlock to form a stake that can be put into the ground. I didn't use the stakes in my video. They are pretty. I like them. I wish they were as big as the box.

5. Lantern Flickering Waterproof Umbrella Decorative

Lantern Flickering Waterproof Umbrella Decorative

The waterproof and warranty is designed to endure small snowy days. The outdoor decorative lights have a 90 day replacement or risk-free refund warranty. Solar powered and long- lasting. They gave it a battery that would last all night. The outdoor solar lantern uses upgraded solar panels that are 20% faster to charge than ordinary solar lanterns. The solar lanterns will light up in the dark after a long press of the switch button and fully charged. The outdoor lanterns are waterproof and perfect for outdoors. The outdoor lanterns for patio are made of durable plastic that has been hardened to cope with the changeable conditions of the outdoors. The solar lanterns are waterproof and resistant tocorrosion. It's perfect for outdoor use, no more worries about rain, snowing, and frosting. A single solar lantern is 3.6in in diameter. The lanterns have a ring and a clamp. No wires needed. You can hang it on a tree, put it on a table, place it on a pathway, driveway, pool, patio, or anywhere you want. Push the mode button to select the 4 levels flickering speed mode from static to super fast. This cute outdoor solar lanterns have a retro style. The hanging solar lanterns emit a soft yellow light with the advent of night. It makes for wonderful lighting in your yard, garden, shelves, tables, terraces, porches, etc. They're here to help with gift ideas that are perfect for your friends or family who likes retro lighting. The solar outdoor lanterns are an ideal present for any occasion. Their commitment is to provide the best shopping experience. If you have a question within 24 hours, please get in touch with them.

Brand: Tofu

👤My first thought was... These are much smaller than I had thought. Dramatic lighting effects are produced by these lights. A lot of other sellers are selling similar lights. These were the cheapest. They are self sufficient if you power them up. I'm looking forward to seeing how they fare during the winter. They look great on my balcony. I recommend you check them out. I ordered a second set and love it.

👤The solar lights are cute. The plastic looks like metal, but it's more light than expected. It's easy to hang on a table. The color of the lights is great, but flickering action isn't the same as real candles. I was very pleased with the lights. There are lights on a windowsill.

👤I love how festive they are. I received 2 lanterns and a ring and clip for them. If you hang them up where they get enough sunlight, you can leave the switch on. They will work all night when it's dark. Please watch the video. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I have ordered these before, and have not had any problems. I just ordered two more. One of the companies I bought a year ago did not work this time. I have tried different locations, but it's faulty. I have to pay for postage if I want a new one, because I looked online to return it. Who knows if the new one will work. You have to pay for insurance if you want a guarantee. Also, "made in China".

👤I bought these for my swing. I enjoy the ambient lighting. I used a fishing line to hang them, as the clips they came with couldn't attach to the wood on the swing. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I was skeptical of these solar lamps as I had purchased others and they stopped working in a short period of time. These have been reliable, pleasant to look at, and useful as guides in a backyard garden. My hope is that they will last.

👤I bought the lamps to hang on my porch. Everyone drives by my house on the main road. The lamps look like live fire at night. The design is amazing. They can handle rain and snow and it doesn't affect them. I don't have to worry about batteries because the sun powers them all day and then they come on at night. A beautiful display! They were easy to hang with the options. I hung them from my hooks.

👤Beautiful lanterns! I bought a set and loved it! I decided to order 3 more sets as Christmas gifts because it worked well for a few days. Even though they are turned on and in the sun, they don't hold a good charge. One stopped working all together. I hope the other sets work better than mine. Highly disappointed.

👤My balcony is romantic at night. Awesome product.

6. Patio Sense 62420 Elyse Garden

Patio Sense 62420 Elyse Garden

The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement. The garden stool is great for shearing roses. It works well as a stool for your patio, porch, lawn, backyard, and any other outdoor environment. Pressure TREATED WOOD: The outdoor stool was constructed using salvaged wood and INRDeals The table is rustic. This wood stool can be used as a side table in the living room or as an end table on your patio. The portable stool is only 28 lbs and can be carried around. The ideal outdoor seating space is provided by the rustic stool, which is weather resistant. It works well inside the house because of its wood look. IDEAL PATIO FURNITURE: The stool is perfect to be used as a gardening stool, an end table, or simply patio decor. It adds personality and charm to your outdoor space while providing you with a beautiful and durable product.

Brand: Patio Sense

👤I like these. I didn't have a clear plan for where I would use them and I was skeptical that I liked them. The stools look like they are made of real driftwood, even though they are made of faux wood. When you touch them, they have a nice, almost silky feel. I am happy that I ordered them, and I am keeping them. They would look great on the covered porch as a plant stand or extra seating, but they could also be used as accent tables in the living room. I was convinced that I made a great purchase when I was still deciding on where they would go.

👤The heavy "log" is the perfect width and height to hold a lamp and serve as an end table. Well packed and shipped quickly. Is duller in appearance than the Amazon depiction. The top is not real. It is a nice look for the room and will serve it's purpose.

👤It was much larger than expected. They were used to flank my fireplace. The picture did not do them justice. They are very well made and look expensive.

👤We ordered two because of the great reviews. The two were outside between chairs around the fire pit. I ordered the third one. They are great with a rustic outdoor decor. We thought they would go in our great room as a small side table, but not tall enough. They are a great addition to the wicker chairs that sit around the fire pit. Great purchase!

👤I ordered two. They were delivered separately and that always concerns me. There was a problem when I got the second one after the first one. The two garden stools were going to sit next to each other so having them off by 1/2 or so was too noticeable. The color difference was too bright. They didn't match close enough in color because one was brownish and the other was grayish. I would have been happy if they were the same. The system won't let me replace them because I'm returning them.

👤Our patio has a nice addition. I decided to stain this guy because I was staining my fence. I added some water protection. The square top is the second part of the review. I don't recommend anything. I returned the one I ordered because it came with pieces that were detached. The second one was worse. Someone should be fired for doing QC on the square top. It is a shame because it is really nice.

👤Very attractive! I recommend spraying the top with a polycrylic to protect it from stains. It looks new after having been outside for a month. We had to sand it out and seal it with spray paint after staining it.

👤We got 2 of them yesterday and put them into use as plant stands. The look is great and I recommend these for medium sized plants. The plants need to be in a plastic tray or water will stain the wood over time.

7. OhEffulgence Decorative Honeycomb Waterproof Umbrella

OhEffulgence Decorative Honeycomb Waterproof Umbrella

The honeycomb mosaic glass pattern is in various shades of blue and green. The ocean and beach are similar to the blue sparkling flecks of color. During the day, the mosaic lantern catches the sun's light and beams bright colors throughout the space. The solar lantern illuminates the mosaic tiles at night to create a gorgeous splash of blue ocean atmosphere. The Mosaic Glass Solar Lantern is made of hand-blown glass. Each piece of glass tile is hand selected and set into a weather resistant mortar that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The base and frame are made of iron. Adding lanterns to a garden display will help soothe your mind and spirit after a long day. This mosaic solar lantern is a great gift because it makes a great decorative accent to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space in the daytime but also illuminates an enchanted romantic atmosphere at night. It's a great gift for friends and family. Their patio, porch, and garden will shine thanks to their solar lantern. There is a switch on the solar panel. Before you charge, make sure you turn on the button. Allow the solar panel to be fully charged by exposing it to direct sunlight. The light will work for up to 8 hours at night. It's waterproof and resistant tocorrosion, suitable for outdoor environments. It can be used as tree lights, pathway lights, porch decor and even indoor decor where it could get sunshine. If you have any questions about their solar lanterns, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they'll help you solve the problem. The SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you have any questions about their solar lanterns, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they'll help you solve the problem. The SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

Brand: Oheffulgence

👤The price was not as bright as I expected. It will do. I wouldn't buy it again. My picture is not like the one they have posted. It is direct sunlight all day.

👤I bought this in February and it was pretty. I put it in my garden because it said it was waterproof. It was no longer lighting up at night after a few months. I thought it might need a new battery. The whole inside of the top was rotten when I removed it. It was hanging in the sun, but it wasn't recharged. I was very disappointed since I hadn't had it that long.

👤The first one died in less than a month, and the replacement lasted 2 months. They look great, but are not well made. We bought two cheaper ones at Kroger and they are still working. A shame. There is a The original was original. This lantern was perfect for replacing an older lantern on a blue stand. I didn't think it would light up our deck, but it's a decorative glow and brighter than others we have. I don't know how well it will hold up outdoors because it's not really sealed up, but the solar cell, light sensor, battery, and led are pretty much the works of it. If you cover the top with your hand, the light should come on. I think it should have a drain hole in the bottom, but so far it looks great.

👤The look in the daylight is just as good as it is at night. They add color to my decor. The bulb at night could be a bit brighter, but in complete darkness they give off a pretty glow. I am happy with my purchase. I opened them and turned them on that night. There was no need for charging.

👤The lantern in my front walkway provided less than 20 minutes of light. The first 3 days. There is a It didn't light up after less than a month. I wish it had worked and provided the pretty pattern that is advertised to do, but it doesn't. I was not able to see that blue green mosaic pattern. It is being returned.

👤I love these. Got the small one as well.

👤The larger one was too large for my patio table. I love it! It is exposed to a lot of rain already, but still runs perfectly. It does not change colors, it is just enough illumination.

👤The lantern is pretty. I have it sitting on our high top bistro and it is perfect. Our teal and purple decor and solar lights blend beautifully with the colors. It's the right amount of light for a conversation without feeling like you're in the dark or under a spotlight. I thought it wasn't bright enough and didn't stay lit long, but I realized it was only because the sun is at such a short wavelength in December. The price was perfect and it was shipped quickly and well padded. A very happy customer.

8. Barnyard Designs Decorative Lantern Farmhouse

Barnyard Designs Decorative Lantern Farmhouse

Wooden Lantern is a descendant of a Native American. The white wooden floor lantern is perfect for accenting any area of your home. A candle inside a lantern is a great way to create a rustic look in your house. The courtyard of the farmhouse. The lantern has been whitewashed to give it a vintage look. The floor lantern can be used for decor. It will make a gorgeous centerpiece for weddings, ramadan, moroccan themed parties and other events. It's perfect for porches and patio décor. The white distressed wood lantern is a great addition to your porch, patio, or outdoor area. You can hang the lantern from a tree branch or pole with the hook on the top. DIMENSIONS The candle lantern is tall and wide. The material is Fir wood. The glass thickness is 0.075". The wood thickness is 0.75". The interior dims are 5 x 5. The glass is 4 x 6. It's safe for real candles. It fits candles of less than 4 inches. Candles are not included. Once candles burn down to one inch, it is recommended to put them out. Never leave lit candles unattended. The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high-quality products and happy customers.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤I bought 2 of the large ones to put next to my television. They look good. They don't have glass on the sides, so if you think it's going to be enclosed, you're in for a surprise. It looks amazing and it is of good quality. Make sure you have hooks that are long enough to hold it.

👤I worked with the seller after ordering. I was very happy with their service. Few businesses would reach out to you the way they did. The glass candle holders were included and could not be removed. I was able to work with it.

👤It's perfect for my fireplace. I can change out the seasonal decor because the lantern doesn't have glass sides. The piece is made of wood. I love it!

👤It is well made and beautiful. I have both large and small. Be careful with the candle's width.

👤It was received broken. Didn't look good to me.

👤I am happy with the look of the lantern. I was looking for a lantern that was distressed and this was perfect. I was looking for a lantern with glass sides enclosing the candle.

👤No dislikes. I love these items. It's perfect for your home or a gift.

👤Very nice, wish there were more.

👤I would have expected the glass vase to be removed for this price. The piece is less versatile as I can not use other containers.

9. HUANGXIN Serving Farmhouse Decorative Centerpiece

HUANGXIN Serving Farmhouse Decorative Centerpiece

Every tiered tray is handpainted and unique. The Farmhouse Tray is made of wood. The wooden tiered serving tray will be the center of attention. The three tiered tray farmhouse style is only available on Amazon. High quality design. The tray is made of iron and handcrafted by skilled artisans. Anti-rust, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant are some of the qualities. The perfect size to serve food and drink for parties or for breakfast in bed, it's Measures 11.5" x 11.5" The black bottom sponge mat base is good for protecting the table without losing its style. The decorative round tray is a great place to display or store items. Can be used in any living room as an ottoman tray, couch tray, sofa tray, or coffee tray. There are other serving trays besides a farmhouse serving tray, cocktail tray, or just as a rustic serving tray. Adding your favorite pillar candles to a candle holder tray or orbs will make a great centerpiece for your coffee table. It's too late yet. These metal trays are rustic and artistic and are perfect for accenting your home decor. It will look great in a country setting. It's a great gift idea for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, baby showers, housewarming, or other holiday celebrations. To keep this platter tray holder clean, all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. Mild cleanser may be used on this table tray. Huongxin is committed to delivering high-quality home decorations in an elegant and romantic fashion. 45 days Money Back Guarantee and 12 months warranty is what they're so confident in. They have a professional team that can solve your problem. Purchase with no worries!

Brand: Huangxin

👤I received a gift for Christmas. I wanted to display the set on the end table. The size, choice of materials and finish of the tray adds to the appeal of the set. All in a great purchase.

👤The simple elegance and sturdiness are what I like to dislike. I use it for breakfast.

👤The quality and design of the table looks great.

👤It is metal, but it looks like wood.

10. Farmhouse End Table Set Galvanized

Farmhouse End Table Set Galvanized

Sturdy End Tables have a hidden talent. The farmhouse end tables have a galvanized steel decor and a nice wooden lid in one. The metal storage bins come in 2 sizes to maximize their use. The table set adds a beautiful rustic accent to any interior. It's always a visual highlight when used as a traditional side table. Practical storage options within rustic end tables? Excellent! The ottoman variation is a great hidden storage solution for blankets, pillows, pet food, books, toys and also for gardening tools when used as an outdoor end table. You will love how versatile the galvanized tables are. Use them as a side table with extra storage in your kitchen, next to your couch, outdoor ottoman, farmhouse living room furniture or bedroom nightstand. The rustic storage bins can be used outdoors for special occasions. Adding an extra table or low seating option to your patio temporarily is a practical way to add to your party.

Brand: Kibaga

👤The tables were so cute that I was excited to receive them. I noticed that one of the tables had a cut on it's side, and the other had a dent in it's side. My husband was able to fix the dents, but not the cut. I put the cut to the back of the tables so you didn't see them. I messaged the company to let them know what had happened during shipping, because I didn't want to return them. They told me that they would send a new one and I wouldn't need to return the damaged ones. They did that, and they paid back the cost. Our top goal is always to provide you, our customer, with a 5-star experience. We live for excellent customer service because it's the most important part of our business. We are always working to provide you with outstanding customer service and unique products. They are not kidding - they truly do! I think they're a good choice. I love the tables more now that I've been there.

👤I love these! Excellent quality. I love the function. I am going to use them as end tables in our sitting room. They can be used as storage or nested into each other to save space. These are made well.

👤These were lost in shipping, but they are still used for storing garden tools on my porch and a side table that is used to store excess boxed food. Both wins! Best buy out there! Even got a thank you card. They are so useful that you won't be sorry.

👤These are what I was looking for. They go great with my country look. They are lightweight, so you need to put something in them to not knock them over. We were able to get it out, but it had a huge dent in the bottom.

👤Take the measurements. These are adorable. I use the bigger one as a side table while the smaller one is used for decor. They look great in our farmhouse theme and came nicely packaged together. 100% recommend. I would like to get another set for upstairs.

👤I received one in a box after buying a set of 2. I paid a lot for it and I am not happy with the description. I can return the one I received, but I would prefer the other one to be sent back.

👤I like that they serve the purpose. A bad smell when opening. I put some dryer sheets inside.

👤I keep my knitting supplies in these. They are sturdy and perfect.

11. Lantern Decorative Waterproof Courtyard Decorations

Lantern Decorative Waterproof Courtyard Decorations

The solar lantern is made from quality metal with rustproof finish. You can hang it on a shepherds hook, because it has a durable handle, and also put it on the table. The solar patio lantern made with BrightLED is in a big size. The decorative lantern is a nice garden gift. The solar outdoor lanterns emit a soft yellow glow at night and display a pretty pattern on the table or ground. The antique finish makes it stand out. Adding a warm and pleasant atmosphere to your yard and deck is a good idea. The outdoor hanging lantern is powered by the sun. Simply place it at a location with direct sunlight. At dusk, the lantern will turn on. No wire is needed to save energy. Before you charge the button in the sun, make sure it's in the "ON" position. The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement. The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement.

Brand: Go2garden

👤I saw all the pictures of the product and bought 10 of them for a customer. The product was disappointing. The light is not bright and does not create a pattern like in pictures. Don't expect that. Each light has one tiny bulb. I will return all of them.

👤These are a good size. I hung them on shepherds hooks I bought on Amazon, and then placed them on a seashell walk path in my garden. During the day the blue looks great and at night the lanterns create a charming pattern. They are built to last. Since my family and I are limited in our social contact, it is a pleasure to have these to add to a beautiful garden that we are spending more time in than ever before. Staying at home is a pleasure. If you do go out, stay safe in small areas, and enjoy your garden beautifully lit with these "no maintenance" lanterns. Wishing you the best of luck.

👤The metal solar lantern looks good during the day. The pattern of the lantern is fantastic at night. The metal is cut out with precision so the projection looks focused and pleasing to the eye. It looks great on the patio floor. It should be raised about 1-2 feet off the ground to spread out the pattern and still be focused. There is a The lantern's solar element is of good quality and the light stays on longer than other solar lights. It's great that there's nothing to do but watch it come on every night.

👤The lantern has a warm glow that doesn't attract bugs and a good amount of light. The pictures don't do it justice. The yellow interior of the light makes it look like it's glowing during the day.

👤The lantern is out in the sun for 6 hours a day. The switch is turned on. I have never seen it light up after dark. It flashed on for a moment when I moved it. It's a beautiful piece of junk.

👤I'm very happy with this lantern. It is a nice metal construction and it glows at night. I had to take a picture from the top so you could see the design on the sidewalk. It looks great in my garden during the day and amazing at night.

👤The lamp is small. It is a small lamp. The outside is turquoise and the inside is yellow. The yellow dims the light outside. The definition of the design casted is nowhere close to the detail on the pictures, which is why the light design expands half the way from the pictures on this site. The light ring does not expand as wide as on the pictures, even when it is on the door, close to the floor or elevated. I am returning it because I thought it was the problem and not the problem at all. The charge is held for many hours.

👤I absolutely adore these. I went to sleep last night and had dreams of them. They make me happy and I have made my own little place under the Carport. These are the same as described. I was a bit worried that the color was too dark. You can see the beautiful color when you place them outside. I couldn't wait to see them at night. I bought a second pack and two of them came in it. The instructions say to charge on a sunny day. When it was overcast, I began charging. The magic happened by dusk after the sun came out. The same scenario, sunny in the morning and overcast in the afternoon. Very strong.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor table decor?

Decorative outdoor table decor products from Lights4fun, Inc.. In this article about decorative outdoor table decor you can see why people choose the product. Shymery and Pearlstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor table decor.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor table decor?

Lights4fun, Inc., Shymery and Pearlstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor table decor. Find the detail in this article. Keevvon, Tofu and Patio Sense are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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