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1. Headwind Consumer Products Thermometer Lighthouse

Headwind Consumer Products Thermometer Lighthouse

The pattern is called Fleur de lis. This high-resolution and decorative dial thermometer is an accurate and beautiful addition to your indoor or outdoor space. Choose from their classic white or seasonal designs. The plastic is weather resistant. The photo is placed on the thermometer with a special UV resistance to keep their brilliance against the elements. The temperature is read both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The weight is 12.75” L x 2.25” W x 12.75” H. Installation is quick because these thermometers are easy to install with a built in bracket on any wall, fence, or patio.

Brand: Headwind

👤The plastic face cover was cracked when I arrived. The mail was sent in a mailer. There was no bubble wrap or insulation. Never had the chance to use, returned immediately.

👤The picture does not keep the correct temperature. Our weather is always in the 70's in the central coast. The thing keeps moving. It was very frustrating. It is in a perfect spot. I might have to return it.

👤The picture is great, colors are good, and it is flimsy, but for an outdoor thermometer the hanger on it is not very substantial. The wind keeps coming off.

👤I spent an hour peeling and soaking the sticker. Frustrating. I tried orange essential oil and it made a mess. The whole thing should be thrown in the trash.

👤It is very easy to read, I bought it for the large numbers. The lighthouse has a nice background. The temperature gauge is off by 5 so we were a little disappointed. The price was good. You get what you pay for.

👤Our son is an IT manager for Avenue and had no idea what was going on with the other one, they were here and tried to make it work, I have no idea what. It was.

👤It is beautiful and large. It's easy to read from our door.

👤When it arrived, it did not work.

2. Taylor The Image Gallery Thermometer

Taylor The Image Gallery Thermometer

The dial has easy-to-read temperature graphics. It is engineered for dependable accuracy. The framed photographs and illustrations are made of molded plastic. There are a lot of artwork. No one has a choice.

Brand: Taylor

👤This is one of the worst bargains. The plastic is cheap and has a sticker on it. The red tip of the needle blends into the bird background making it impossible to read. It is not strong. I can see this being destroyed quickly. Next time I go to a garden store, I will pick one out first hand. Most of the thermometers on Amazon are made by the same company. I don't think any of them are any better.

👤If you want to know the weather, you can't read the temperature.

👤The plastic is cheap and hard to read. I painted the dial hand tip with bright red nail polish and now I am going to paint the numbers with bright color.

👤I gave the picture to my parents as a gift because I loved the size and the picture. They told me that it stopped working within a month of purchase.

👤The plastic was broken when I received it. It's easy to return and get my money back. Did not buy again.

👤Very nice looking. If you are colorblind, gray and white look gorgeous. It was a present.

👤The needle is hard to read unless you are standing in front of it.

3. Taylor Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Taylor Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Repositionable cup mount. The temperature is shown in F or C. The probe is wired so it can gauge even the most extreme temperatures. A built-in clock, ice alert, and daily minimum/maximum temperature recall are included. From across the room, there is enhanced visibility due to the oversized LEDs. A built-in stand or wall mount is one of the versatile mounting options.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤The Radio Shack thermometer that this unit was a replacement for had worked perfectly until the temperature probe broke off due to weather exposure. I already had a hole drilled in my window frame, so I wanted to use a wired outdoor probe. The whole unit was reset to factory default mode when trying to set the time or change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, because almost any press of either button caused the display to flicker or dim. I pressed the 'C/F' button twenty times. The window frame was mounted on with a screw. I could see on the face of the screen that a button on the back caused a rainbow-like distortion. It's possible that the coin battery is low. I don't feel like spending money on a new battery to test this because I don't feel like pressing any buttons causes the unit to reset. I don't know if it's a coincidence that the only other Taylor-made instruments I owned were two kitchen timers. The design and function of these timers allowed for up to four items to be timed at the same time. I couldn't reliably set the time because the first one I bought had faulty switches. I bought a second identical unit and experienced the same problems as before, thinking that this was a one-off occurrence. Taylor can't get the switch to work. Are they going for the cheapest? There is a I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤It lasted for one day. I thought I'd try an old fashioned wired type because I'd been having trouble with the wireless ones. The extra labor was needed to get the wire through the wall. I decided that it would be worth it to have a reliable outdoor thermometer with a nice temperature history feature. I have it all set up. It was working well with a large, high-contrast display that was easy to read from across the room. After using it for a while, I decided to check the temperature history and press the history button. When I did this, the static electricity spark jumped from my hand to the device, which is typical of dry indoor air in the winter. The display on the device was scrambled immediately and now only shows strange combination symbols. No amount of resets or batteries being removed seems to have helped. The device is still working and I can't tell if it's because of the temperature change or something else. Many people have posted negative reviews about premature failures. If your device is still working, be careful when touching it, it may be possible to keep it working for years to come. How can an electronic device not have static electricity protection? Very sad.

👤The large, easy-read display shows whether the temperature is increasing or decreasing. After 4 months, it stopped working and was never exposed to the sun. Changing the battery didn't fix the problem. I had a previous Taylor thermometer for about 7 years and it finally stopped working. I think this design has quality issues, as evidenced by the many 1-star reviews where people say it quit working after a short time.

4. Taylor Precision Products 91157 Springfield

Taylor Precision Products 91157 Springfield

One button to select the digital hygrometer unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit is easy to use. If you have a question, please contact them. The battery is included. The Cling Thermometer is made of clear plastic that sticks to your window and can be mounted anywhere without the need for brackets, hooks, or glue. A see-through design keeps your garden in view while still giving you the temperature readings you need. The 8-inch x 10-inch footprint has bold, sans-serif numbers that are easy to see from across the room. The temperature gauge can range from -40 to 120 degrees. Before installation, clean the window surface. The plastic case should be removed and the thermometer put on a slightly damp surface. It is easy to remove and reapply.

Brand: Springfield

👤Implementation of this thermometer is flawed. I'm going to outline the good points first. It is fastened to the outside of a window with no glue, which means no mess when it is removed. When you want the plastic to hang on the glass, it doesn't come off. +2: It can be seen from inside, and it doesn't obscure the view outside. They are mounted on lower corners. There is a +3: It's very cheap. It means easy and cheap replacement. The cons make me reluctant to purchase another. -1: My case went foggy in about 4 years. I couldn't see the reading through the fog. See item +3 above. The accuracy is not good. I bought two of these locally and was happy, but when -1 happened and I was unable to locate them again, I ordered two more on Amazon. There were no complaints about the vendor or delivery. The new ones registered 4-5 degrees F high, based on readings from the local TV stations, our neighbors and another kind of thermometer. -2 : The accuracy problem could be corrected by a screwdriver slot on the outside of the thermometer, which allowed me to adjust the needle up or down. One of these let me correct the reading, but the other's screwdriver slot broke, preventing any more attempts. That's a failure rate of 50%. I replaced one of them with a smaller digital thermometer. I can't see through it anymore so the other will remain in service. I'm not sure if I'll replace it again.

👤After cleaning the glass, I carefully removed the package and stuck it to the window. It's easy enough. If it wasn't calibrated, it would be easy to reprogram with the screw on the back. There is a The back of it was made easy to read by using chalk markers. When they ask me if they can go out, I mean a quick sign.

👤In 2012 we bought one. It worked well for four years until the housing was damaged. There is a The current edition of Vinyl is so thin it can peel off the glass. It needs tape to stay in place. There is a Is it accurate? Completely off. It is freezing this morning with a digital temperature. The reading was in the mid forties. There is a The manufacturer is trying to save money. The product is not for sale.

👤I tried a $2 vertical type with a red liquid. The tube came out but did not break after the suction cups failed to work. The tube position is a factor in accuracy. The four attempts at "calibrating" failed, so to the trash. It seemed like a $9 digital was the thing. Good cup, high/low temp over the past 24 hours. I could not see it from a distance. Returned that one. Had used a cling type before. The price was reasonable. It is not going to fall after using a week of accurate, easy to read and accurate writing. It's a keeper. If you buy one that is more than 2 degrees off, you can just adjust the pointer with the screw on the back. It's right on for mine. You can expect functioning to decline over a period of years as the air becomes moist and causes some damage to the bimetal coil.

5. MIKSUS Premium Thermometer Hygrometer Outdoor Decorative

MIKSUS Premium Thermometer Hygrometer Outdoor Decorative

The steel construction has an antique brass finish. A real glass lens. The original owners of the brand are them. They do not ship from other countries such as China or Taiwan. More than 17 years have passed in the thermos production. DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY. Black bold numbers and a red pointer make it easy to read the temperature value from long distance. A 10INCH DIAMETER OUTDOOR / INDOOR THERMOMETER. The materials are plastic, dial and pointer. It will affect the accuracy if it is put in place with strong sunlight and water vapor. The double scale is FahrenHEIT and CELSIUS. The double scale is modern and stylish. It is easy to read the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Accurate is between -40 and 140F / -40 and 60C. Automatic rate and automatic caliberation. The hygrometer will calibrate automatically. The outdoor temperature is shown in any weather condition, at any temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure. There is a wide application. Good fortune and useFUL gift. At home, patio, garden, kitchen, room, pool, office buildings, hotels, school, shops, warehouse, etc., the thermometer can be used. It's a useful gift. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Miksus

👤I blame my mistake on Amazon, they group the reviews together. I wanted to. I wanted to put it outside but now it's not good, after reading the reviews, I thought it was metal.

👤I had trouble tuning the device's accuracy. Finding a screwdriver that fits the adjustment slots is the first challenge. One slot has a pin in the center that can interfere with the tip of the screwdriver. The second slot is very thin and requires a screwdriver. I found that accuracy was way off during more extreme conditions after adjusting for moderate conditions. I adjusted for moderate conditions since they are the normal state of things. The August 2020 update is here. There is a The seller reached out to me after I posted the review. They asked for my negative review to be removed in exchange for a new one. This is my follow-up after I explained that this is not how I do reviews, but I would be happy to review the replacement and update accordingly. I compared the relative accuracies of the original and replacement decorative and digital thermometers. I averaged the differences between the decorative and digital thermometers for both temperature and humidity after collecting data from all four of them. Here is what I found when I looked at the temperature and humidity. The original differed from the digital reference in temp and humidity. There is a The replacement was different in temp and humidity. There is a The replacement is performing better than the original, but it is not a precision instrument. There is a The difficulty in making adjustments to the calibration stand was my original comments. There is a If the value is between one of the large numerical markings, one needs to be close to the thermometer to easily read it. If the temperature markings are easier to read, I would rate this a 5 stars.

👤The so called thermometer has been an embarrassment. I purchased it as a Christmas present and I wasn't able to view it on a regular basis. My friend didn't want me to know it didn't work. There is no way to calibrate it because it never registered accurate temperature. The recipient didn't keep box or info so I have no way to return it. Too bad.

👤The temperature was within a degree of my ThermaPen. I put it outside in the snow. It went up when I brought it back in. Cool. Who could ask for more? It's not going to the space station for my deck. There is a The hygrometer was 10% off from our other hygrometer, which was a little instrument with a cup of salt water and a bag. I didn't buy it for the hygrometer because I didn't think it would work. I put it near a pot of water and it went up. There is a slot in the back of the dial to adjust it. The hygrometer was adjusted and the temperature left alone.

👤It is a pleasure to have a product that is reliable and doesn't eat batteries after buying 3 different digital thermometers in three years. There is a I should have bought this years ago. There is a The old-fashioned thermometer is easy to read and accurate. There is a I always appreciate simple design.

6. Crosse Technology WS 1025 Thermometer Detachable

Crosse Technology WS 1025 Thermometer Detachable

The hang hole is easy to mount. The function design is clear. The digital outdoor window thermometer from La Crosse is mounted against a window with a strip for temperature reading. A clear screen with easy-to-read digital display is weather-resistant. Current, maximum, and minimum temperatures are displayed to the tenth of a degree. The purchase of 1AAA battery is required with readings from -13 to +158 degrees F. Measures 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep and has a limited one-year warranty.

Brand: La Crosse Technology

👤There were dead areas on the display that would not light up. When U bought the replacement, it was still a good price. I bought this 5 years ago because it was cheap and had a large display. There is a We moved a month ago and I removed it from the window. It was installed out of the sun because of the fact that the sun would cause havoc on the glue and give innacurate temperature readings. It was located under the gable overhang so it wouldn't get rained on. There is a It's better to keep it as dry as possible even though it got wet. There is a I replaced the aaa battery and am going to install it at the new house. I am amazed that it lasted this long. There is a This is a real review and I wanted it. I wish that Amazon wouldn't allow ratings from people who receive free items as their reviews are most certainly not reliable.

👤The max/min temperature indication is something I love. The frosted back tablets make the display readable at night. Some others are not. Time will tell if it is waterproof. The battery is a common AA and not a button battery. You have to remove it to get to the batteries, which are facing you in the top bar. My husband put a piece of sticky back on the corners of the device to help him locate the window. We can pull it off, leaving the window open. Works well!

👤Works well! Put it on the outside of the house and on the back patio. The temperature on the patio is usually 10f. To 15f/10. The temp of that area is cooler than outside so it helps to decide if it is too hot to sit outside. I live in Arizona and it gets 122f+/50c+ in the summer so keeping an eye on the temp is important. I have a heart condition and heat stroke can come on quickly, so it's great to know if the dog can stay out for a bit or if I need to let her back in after she's done going potty. It is not very large but has a legible display.

👤Reviewers have reported that the thermometer can be very inaccurate. The heat from the window causes it to read 9 degrees too high. I like the way it looks. There is a It can be made to work with some effort. You will need a soldering skill to do it. There is a A small thermistor pokes out of a hole in the case to measure the temperature. You can open the case with two small screws that are located in the pockets that hold the window mounting brackets. The thermistor's wires are soldered onto the circuit board. Remove the thermistor from the case. This will be difficult as it has hot glue on it. The thermistor should be located a few inches behind the unit if wires are added. I used #18 magnet wire and it should fit. It's correct if you put it back together. It reads within 1 degree of my laboratory thermometer.

7. AcuRite 01598A1 12 5 Inch Thermometer Bluebirds

AcuRite 01598A1 12 5 Inch Thermometer Bluebirds

Place the thermometer at a fixed location and it will calibrate automatically. The pointer will match the temperature after 2 hours. If you have a question about their thermometer, please contact them. Measures temperatures from -60 to 140 degrees. The coil inner workings are reliable. The construction is weather resistant. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The hang hole is easy to mount.

Brand: Acurite

👤I was surprised that the bimetal spring that acts as the sensor is left open and free to the elements, even though I bought one for the look and not the accuracy. Every item I bought before had a small cup over the element to protect it from the elements. insects can get into the structure pretty quickly if the model does not work. I think it would be a good idea to call it "indoor only" for truth in advertising. It's ironic that I bought it because it's made in the USA and it's cheaper than the many China made versions. The company needs to pay attention to this fact.

👤When it is above freezing in Minnesota, it is very accurate. It reads between 5 and 8 high now that it is below 30 degrees. I can't wait to see what it reads, the temp was zero this morning, so I'll keep you posted. Maybe it needed to run the cycle.

👤We needed a new outdoor Thermometer and purchased a new Wall Thermometer from the store. It arrived quickly and is easy to set up. It is easy to read.

👤Prime Shipping guaranteed that the Thermometer arrived in 2 days. There is a The face of the Thermometer is very vivid. There is a The weather station on my property is 700 dollars. There is a The back has points on it to keep the temperature stable. There is a It is a good place to see from a reasonable distance. This is a nice addition to the hobby, I feed the blue birds. I will probably order another one.

👤A cute bird picture! I got it for a hot place in my yard and it didn't work after the second day because the picture warped in the sun. I never thought heat would ruin it. It was able to measure 120 accurately. There is no way the hand can move after the paper background is warped.

👤I was a little nervous buying this because of the reviewers comments about the picture getting wet. A Thermometer. My husband said that it is not possible for water to get into it once hung up. An overhang is where you would put a nail, so it won't get wet between that and being up against the shed. Accurate reading can be seen from a good distance. Love the picture. The lettering and size on our shed is perfect for reading. It has not gotten wet even though we have had snow covering it at times and it has been almost completely dry. I like to see the temperature. It is better in person than the picture depicts. Go for it. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

👤Very disappointing. This is a backyard decoration. It hasn't worked in a while. We went to see if it could be adjusted. Another useless exercise. It doesn't work no matter how often you calibrate it.

👤The temp is over 4 degrees off of the actual one. I can't return it because they have a narrow return window. Being a prime member is not an advantage.

8. MARATHON BA030001 Vertical Outdoor Thermometer

MARATHON BA030001 Vertical Outdoor Thermometer

Satisfying service is 100%. Every product sent to you has gone through a series of quality inspection processes. If you have any questions before or after purchase, do not hesitate to contact them. Large numbers make it easy to read from a distance. The temperature range is -40. C/-40F to 50C/ 120. Keep out of the sun. Simple to operate - no instructions required. The simplest Thermometer with no buttons. Weatherproof construction is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. There are two mounting screws to hang on a wall.

Brand: Marathon Electric

👤I bought this to calibrate my outdoor weather station thermometer. You can take a red spirit Thermometer and take it to an ice/water bath to see the temperature, it should be 32f. If it doesn't, you note how much off the reading is. If you want to calibrate your weather station reading, you can place the red spirit thermometer next to your digital weather station and compare the readings. This is a one-point calibration and works well. There is a The Marathon Vertical outdoor Thermometer was tracked exactly by my weather station. The weather station is accurate and this product is accurate. I can't speak to the longgivity of the product. A glass bulb with alcohol is attached to a thin plastic frame. I would recommend putting the plastic out of direct sunlight on the north side of the building to keep it working longer because I think it will be brittle over time.

👤The big and beautiful thermometer is so eager to please that it shows the same temperature in or out of the apartment every day or night. This was the temperature when it came out of the box. If you have the time, you can go to a store and make a return. The locator didn't show a location. I decided to keep the prop and learn from it.

👤My family room is 90 degrees and after 15 minutes of sitting in ice water, we can conclude that the water is -9 degrees Fahrenheit. Garbage!

👤In about 9 months, the inside tube went from a reasonable reading to over 20 degrees lower than actual outside temp. I think it is a manufacturing quality issue. It has to be terrible for something like this to happen. I am an experienced engineer in the field of thermodynamics.

👤When they arrived, they were 8 degrees different. I put them in ice water and one read 32F while the other read 24F. There was a small amount of red mercury hidden at the top of the tube.

👤I have two of these. There is a mount outside the back door. It's hard to read because it's not directly in front of the door window, but off to the side of the viewing area. It is easy to see and read if one is standing in front of it. A large ancient certified professional mercury thermometer was retrieved from its hallowed box in its sacred storage trunk and used to test these humble plastic and glass contraptions and they are both surprisingly accurate and consistent with each other. I am happy that I can see them without having to put my nose to them, and I am also happy that I can use simple analog devices instead of the battery powered digital stuff. There is a The thermometers were thrown in a huge Amazon box with no air bag padding or packing, and they came in simple cardboard boxes. Normally, I get everything, even pillows, thoroughly and tightly stuffed into boxes with little air bags, and this shipment could definitely have used much better packing, but I was just lucky that none of the thermometers broke.

9. Taylor Precision Products Wireless Thermometer

Taylor Precision Products Wireless Thermometer

The model on display is the same item. The USA bases its teams on Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Service. There are levels of military combat. Measures indoor and outdoor temperatures. There is a memory. Daily minimum and temperature maximum recall. It's easy to read with large digits for visibility and at-a-glance readings. The temperature can be read from the base unit. Use and care are important. Do not place near a heat source.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤This is a good product. The display is large and readable, and there's plenty of wireless range. The remote unit will be able to transmit from inside a closed refrigerator to the indoor unit on a counter. If you put the remote unit inside a refrigerator or freezer, you can monitor the temperature without opening the door. My job involves running a meteorological network. I put this through a few tests. The temperature readings for the indoor and outdoor units agree. That's a good thing for a cheap product. I haven't tested either unit against the precision thermometer. Quality-control problems are more likely to manifest in unit-to-unit variability rather than a systematic bias, so I think they are off my more than a degree. There is a The indoor and outdoor units take a long time to adjust to a change in temperature. I kept a record of the temperature when I put them in the refrigerator. It takes 18 or 12 minutes for the indoor unit to adjust to the majority of the temperature change, while the outdoor unit takes 18 or 12 minutes. It will take half an hour to fully reflect a substantial range in temperature. This isn't the most advanced measurement protocol. It doesn't matter much since fast temperature changes aren't common. If the remote unit is outdoors, the adjustment will go faster. It will take some time to adjust if you move this unit to measure the temperature of a hot attic or cold garage.

👤I had a digital indoor/ outdoor sensor from another company that lasted nearly 20 years before it became unreliable. Most of the cheaper overseas-made indoor/ outdoor wireless thermometers have mixed reviews. It was difficult to find a clear winner. I decided to get a Taylor thermometer because it was so cheap. It's hard to go wrong in the $10-12 range. I've had it for a month. I like it, and it has worked reliably, and never dropped the outdoor sensor, which is about 40' away outside. There is a It is very simple to use. The radio signal set the time for my old thermometer. That didn't always work. The manual time function works just like any other clock. You can choose whether you want the indoor or outdoor display to be the larger numbers on top. The view angle was good, my old thermometer was barely visible off-axis. There is a button on the back that is obscure. I have to turn it over to look at the button because I use it less than usual. If you did this a lot, you would memorize where it is. It's weird that the easy button on the front is the one that swaps the display around and never touches again. The outdoor sensor is not sealed against water. This could be a big problem. I never imagined that this was something to worry about. My old sensor had a rubber seal around the battery door so that it wouldn't get wet. I assumed they would all be this way. The instructions say to avoid getting it wet, but not with the Taylor 1730. It doesn't really matter where I put my sensor, but I'm guessing this could be a deal-breaker for some people. That's why I mention it.

10. AcuRite 00334 4 Inch Swivel Thermometer

AcuRite 00334 4 Inch Swivel Thermometer

One year limited warranty. The face thermometer is on a mount. The temperature can be as low as -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 50 degrees Celsius. The construction is weather resistant. Mounts with two screws.

Brand: Acurite

👤This is a good product. I put mine on the brick veneer wall of my house because it wouldn't get any sunlight. In Texas, direct sunlight on a thermometer or any other type of measuring gauge quickly degrades the device, and also produces temperatures way above the actual air temperature you're attempting to measure. Happy with the product.

👤It worked for 6 weeks. It went crazy and showed it was 90 degrees outside when it really was only 60 degrees. The "return window" had closed after only 4 weeks, and I went back to my order to begin the return process. I'm not happy.

👤The temperature on this thermometer is terribly high. The temperature in my area has been in the 90's for the past couple of days, and this is a good sign. When the wind blows, it swings out of view.

👤I have been buying the same brand for 20 years, I bought my first one from L.L. Bean. They are painted now. I prefer the older style of brass and this is not a complaint.

👤I received a mercury thermometer and it was 8 degrees cooler than the one on my wall. After 3 days, I took it off of the window frame, which was reading 40 degrees F and the actual temperature was 32 degrees F. The hole is on the back side. There is a place to put a miniature screw driver. The hand fell off after several attempts. I would like to return it for another one that is stable. It could have been knocked around in that envelope to cause the inaccurate reading. I'll look for instructions from you. Ronald Merrifield, sincerely.

👤The needle stopped moving in the past 3-6 months after I had the same unit for several years. Is it corroded? I kept the old one because it was still good to use, the new one has a shorter arm. A bent piece of solid rod is not much to complain about. The temperature was off 5 degrees in both directions, but it worked fine from 50 to 70 degrees F. Quality took a dump.

👤I didn't mind paying a higher price because I was thrilled to find this device. It worked great at the beginning but now it's off by as much as seven degrees. I have confirmed this by testing it next to a couple of digital thermometers with outside and inside temperatures. The range can be as little as 3 to 4 degrees or as much as seven degrees. I'm very disappointed.

👤The temperature reading will be a little off at first, but we attached this to our house with just a short period of exposure to the sun. The reading is off a lot. The thermostat reads 90 degrees when it is 70 degrees out. We have had it for 3 weeks and it is not working. The thermostat came out of its holder when the wind blew hard. I won't buy this one again.

👤The listing is a lie. It is not a brass device. It's painted army green. The scale is much smaller and hard to read. I'll keep it because it looks like it works, but it's one of the many examples of deceptive internet vendors. I was cheated twice this week.

11. Chaney Instruments 12 5 Inch Thermometer Cardinals

Chaney Instruments 12 5 Inch Thermometer Cardinals

Accurate readings at any temperature and atmospheric pressure are ensured by this weather thermometer. You don't need a battery or calibrate the outdoor Thermometer large numbers because it uses a built-in mechanical movement that enables real-time sensor. Measures temperatures from -60 to 120 degrees. The coil inner workings are reliable. The construction is weather resistant. James Hautman created the artwork. The hang hole is easy to mount.

Brand: Chaney Instruments

👤Cute! I had an older version. I would prefer a white border but this is the same size as the old one. It is fine. I needed larger numbers and a visible gauge to see it from the house. There is a It came with a big scratch on the face. I would complain. It is outside when it gets bird poo or dirt. It is already marked up so I won't feel bad. There is a A great piece that is easy to read and never fails. It would be a good idea for def to buy back some of it.

👤The second one was ordered. The first Thermometer was stuck on 90' for a long time.

👤My wife loves cardinals, so I chose this outdoor temperature. The needle is hard to see from different angles. They make it transparent so that it doesn't interfere with the picture. If you have vision problems, you might want to change your style. It seems to be an accurate gauge of temperature. The clear plastic "lens" we came with was not bad, but it was annoying from certain angles and not good enough for a return. I think some of the third-party suppliers send blemished goods to Amazon for that reason. Quality control issues with Amazon goods are starting to occur. I hope someone is listening.

👤A similar size round, white outdoor thermometer was cracked and hard to read due to the cloudy plastic cover, so I bought this to replace it. The colored background and clear pointer made it hard to read from the window, even though it looked beautiful. After a few months, the colored background faded. It's now sort of an ugly blueish-gray, even the formerly red cardinals, pink flowers, and brown tree branch. I really wish I'd gotten another plain white one with a contrasting indicator. It is impossible to read at any distance without binoculars, even if you hit it by direct sunlight.

👤This is a nice temperature. The cardinals are very clear on the background, and it really stands out in our carport. I bought this because the old one was so bad when we bought the house. It needed to be replaced because it was faded and not recognizable. The frog that lived behind it got a brand new home. You will love it.

👤I had to calibrate by removing the plastic faceplate and rotating the paper scale. Pry 3 clear plastic tabs with a screw driver. The paper tabs should be folded. The scale should be adjusted. The plastic faceplate needs to be replaced.

👤I needed a new outdoor temperature that I could read from inside and this is perfect. I love seeing cardinals all year round. I had my house painted yellow. It looks great on my porch. The package was well packaged and received well.

👤I was stuck on 80 degrees after receiving one. This one is stuck on 60 degrees. This one is going back as well. Two mercury driven thermostats were ordered.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor thermometer bird?

Decorative outdoor thermometer bird products from Headwind. In this article about decorative outdoor thermometer bird you can see why people choose the product. Taylor and Taylor Precision Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor thermometer bird.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor thermometer bird?

Headwind, Taylor and Taylor Precision Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor thermometer bird. Find the detail in this article. Springfield, Miksus and La Crosse Technology are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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