Best Decorative Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer

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1. AcuRite 15 Inch Thermometer Hygrometer Copper

AcuRite 15 Inch Thermometer Hygrometer Copper

Calibration is done within 3 hours with this weather thermometer. It is easy to clean. If you have problems with accuracy, leave the refrigerator for 2 hours. Feel free to contact them. Timekeeping technology using crystal. The temperature is from -40 to 140 degrees. The Humidity readings ranged from zero to 100%. The construction is weather resistant. The hang hole is easy to mount.

Brand: Acurite

👤We have had it for a little over a month and it has a little bit of water on the inside of the plastic face cover. It's hanging on a brick wall and has been through a few storms. If you plan to have it outdoors, I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Not weather resistant. It is toast after having it outside for half a summer. It says that it is weather resistant. "You can use it outside but only under a completely covered patio and keep out of direct sunlight," should be the statement.

👤I liked the look of this clock, it matched our decor on our patio. The clock is not good. The first clock was off by 3 hours. The next one was off after I replaced it. The third replacement was off for 4 hours. I don't expect these clocks to be very accurate, as they all use cheap square clock mechanisms that run off of a single AA battery. I don't think it will be hours off after one day. These clocks are worthless because of that.

👤Great clock! It was handsome and accurate. The only reason I gave it four stars is that the compartment on the back is locked with four screws instead of the usual latch. It is possible that this is part of the "weather resistance," as the compartment cover is also sealed with a thin strip of waterproof rubber, which goes almost, but not quite, as what's the point of this? I was able to set the time with the help of a screwdriver I had at home, for tiny, eyeglass frame screws. I would have needed to go to the hardware store to open the battery compartment if I hadn't owned a screwdriver. Every time Daylight Saving Time comes or goes, I need my tiny screwdriver. It would be nice if the clock didn't require a special tool in order to set the time or change the battery, it's not a big deal. I wish the catalog copy would clearly state that a special tool is required to use the clock, for people who don't have a screwdriver.

👤It had a slight angle while it was waiting to be hung, and it got wet. It has dried itself out. Keep it vertical. There is a One of the hands fell off. It didn't make it through the summer.

👤I bought a refurbished one first. When it was received, it wasn't working right. I ordered a new one after I returned the one I already owned. There is a There were no instructions in the box. I got them online. There is a It's under the ground. Working well. There is a If you're close, it's a little small.

👤The temperature shown is above the real temperature but less than the temperature reported by the local weather forecast. To change the time from Daylight Savings Time to Standard time, you have to take off the cover which is held in place with four tiny screws. It is difficult to find a smallPhillips screwdriver that is small enough for the screw head and that is easy to use.

2. CHIVENIDO Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer Greenhouse

CHIVENIDO Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer Greenhouse

A small hole on the humidity sensor back is perfect for hanging on the wall, and theTemperature and humidity monitor for patio has a desktop stand, which can easily stand on the table. You can put room temperature in the kitchen, office, house, garden, basement, baby room, nursery, cigar warehouse and greenhouse. The Mini Two-in-one Thermometer is an indoor Thermometer that can be used indoors. It can be used as a measuring tool to carry outside. It's suitable for almost any measuring scene. The mini size is two inches in diameter and weighs a quarter of an ounce. The hygrometer is the same size as the pocket watch, so you can take it anywhere. The range is measured. The hygrometer/thermometer accurately measures temperature and humidity at the same time, between -20 and 120F/30 and 50C, for all climates. Automatic Calibration within 60 Minutes: This weather thermometer with a precision-made thermometer coil ensures accurate readings. This hygrometer does not require a battery or calibrate, it uses a built-in automatic induction unit that will give you real-time data. The Dial Design is Unique. The original needle and dial were used for the thermometer. This is the only thermometer that sets you and others apart.

Brand: Chivenido

👤I thought it would be a good idea to put this outside my front door to see the temp. I had a larger one that was readable just from the interior lighting, but it blew off in a storm and broke. The item is the perfect size and has an old pocket-watch aesthetic to it. The loop makes it more secure. There is a The face of the thermometer is medium gray rather than white, which makes it hard to read. The strongest sunlight makes the thermometer unreadable. You can see that the face is dark in the stock photo. It is not as bright as it appears in the photo. I didn't think I'd be able to read the face of a black and white thermometer. The humidity gauge and the thermometer are accurate and can be adjusted with a small flat screwdriver. There is a The item is not usable for my purpose.

👤The basement did not correct to temp or RH after a day in it. There is a Too bad it can't be adjusted. Also small dial face.

👤The size and style of the thermometer made me like it. The first one I ordered was not able to accurately measure temperatures under 50 degrees. I received a replacement. The second one had the same problem. It seems very accurate above 50 degrees. I need a bigger range of temperatures. I received a prompt return and code for free shipping. I buy from Amazon because of the ease of returns.

👤If it's always 40 degrees and 80% humidity in your area, then this is the temperature you should look for.

👤I ordered this for my mother because I wanted it to be easy for her. It's off 1/2 degree from my house thermostat. I don't know how to verify the humidity. If you need to make the temp and humidity readings more accurate, you can turn the dial one the back with a flat top screwdriver, but it doesn't require batteries. She couldn't tell me how cold it was in her apt because there was no thermostat. It's easy to read and big enough that I don't need reading glasses, but the whole thing is no larger than my hand. What a great invention. She's going to love it!

👤It sounds like other reviewers. The temperature is not moving. It went down in the fridge and up under the light, but it doesn't move anywhere else. Really wanted a temperature that went over 100. We had a 116 day in June. I thought I had found it.

👤This is a good Thermometer for us. I put it in the family room to make it easy to see the outdoor temperature. It would be better if it were a couple inches larger, but the offerings seem to go up after this size. The marks are clear. It has a mostly metal housing. It gives very high readings during the parts of the day when the sun is shining and the ambient temperature is less than 30 degrees.

3. Outdoor Thermometer Large Numbers Thermometers

Outdoor Thermometer Large Numbers Thermometers

The large analog thermometer hygrometer is made of high strength and good resistant metal, it can be used for a long time without damage, the glass lens will not yellow over time. The large outdoor thermometer has a dial that is bold black and can be used to measure temperature from -60 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 60 degrees Celsius) and relative humidity levels from 20 to 90%. The large analog thermometer hygrometer has a glass lens and a steel enclosure, it can be used for a long time without damage. The outdoor thermometer has large numbers with snow and sun pattern on the surface for reference, large and transparent instrument surface display, and bold black dial graphics that make it easy to read from a long distance. The hygrometer uses a built-in mechanical movement that enables real-time sensing, so you don't need to calibrate it, just place it at a fixed location. The stylish and refined shape of the outdoor thermometers makes them a perfect addition to any patio, room, garden, offices, school, laboratories, balconies etc.

Brand: Chivenido

👤The wall device is 15 degrees off compared to two other thermometers. The temp stayed at delivery degrees for over four hours. 18 hours later the device is off 15 and 16 degrees. I want an exchange before I ask for a refund.

👤The metal and glass front of the thermometer will stand up to the elements better than a plastic one. I like the ability to change the temperature. I took a trusted temperature tester outside for a couple of hours and was able to adjust the temperature accurately. I like the way it works.

👤I have two weather stations in my office, an Accurite and a La Crosse. I bought a thermometer for the three season room. You can adjust the temperature. The hygrometer is worthless unless there is a way to adjust it. It's about 15 degrees warmer than either Accurite or La Crosse. Update: 12/6/2021. The manufacturer told me I should return the product for a new one. I am very disabled. It would need to be picked up.

👤I have adjusted this piece of junk many times. It doesn't work as stated.

👤I bought two for my house. I love them! The band and retainers are made of steel. There is a The back is made of black plastic and absorbs heat. The back needs to be exposed to the outside for good measurement. I had to plug up the holes so no paint got in, so I spray painted the backs. It seems to have worked. It's easy to calibrate. The needle should match the correct temperature if you rotation the center hub around.

👤The Thermostat shows condensation inside. The quality was very disappointing. I had many outdoor thermostats that were cheaper in the past.

👤I'm not excited or disappointed. The temp set was set a bit too high. It seems to be okay now. The colors on the face are gone in 3 months. The colors fade badly in the sun, but black numbers and marks are fine.

👤I liked the numbers. There is a lot of visual from inside the house. There is a It adds a touch of class to the patio. Couldn't be happier.

4. Lirches Thermometer Hygrometer Decorative Diameter

Lirches Thermometer Hygrometer Decorative Diameter

The local temperature will be matched by the thermometer after 2 hours. Don't put outside in rainy days. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them. The garden hygrometer/thermometer can measure temperature and humidity from -40 to 60C, -40 to140F, both Celsius and Fahrenheit, to keep the house or garden. 10 inch wall Thermometer and hygromete can be placed indoors or outdoors, including greenhouses, warehouse, baby rooms, offices, laboratories, museum, balconies, garden, patio, etc. It's compact and stylish appearance can make your room look better. The plastic frame and cover will not rust. The outdoor temperature is easy to read. You can see measurement data clearly with the advanced plastic lens. You can hang it on the wall for easy reading. Calibration can be done within 2 hours with built in temperature and humidity sensors. There is no battery required. The design of the thermometer/hygrometer shows more simplicity and elegance. A large and transparent instrument surface display can be used for easy reading.

Brand: Lirches

👤The wall thermometer is the size I wanted, and it has a nice look. I hope it works after it arrived. If your accuracy has been knocked off during transit, there is an instruction sheet in bad English to help you re-set it. There is a If there is a quality problem, please contact customer service. Yeah... The piece of paper has no company name or customer service number. The company name isn't on the thermometer at all. Unless the company name is "Thermometer".

👤The offwhite color blends perfectly with the mounting post. Good size numbers are easy to read with large numbers every 20 degrees. It's easy to adjust to the temp.

👤I had high hopes for this product. The older plastic thermometer was 10 years old and was cracking due to the heat. It was correct. This one is about 20 degrees cooler. My neighbors old mercury style thermometer was 20 degree over the actual temperature when I put it next to it. The news was verified by my phone app. I threw the box away because I couldn't return it. For information for other people who might be interested in purchasing this Garden wall thermometer.

👤Put it under the deck on the wall. It survived a tropical storm in Georgia. There was water on the side of the house. It was very accurate and temp. There is humidity. You will need a tiny screwdriver if you need to calibrate. They should put one in as an accessory. Can beat it for the price.

👤I can see large numbers in the size. The temperature has been accurate. Had a fancy one that required batteries and wasn't accurate.

👤The product is a great addition to the porch. The numbers are easy to read from a distance. It has some color bands inside. It is different from the generic black and white thermometers. This item is resistant to heat and weather.

👤When the temperature was received, it was not accurate and needed to be adjusted. There is no way to calibrate the humidity meter. I kept it because I wanted to see the temperature but also the relative humidity. Oh well...

👤It could have been bigger. It's hard to read from the house.

👤It was the right size for where I wanted it to be. I set up a second small thermometer next to the one I have and they read the same as the one I have, but no way to adjust it. I came up with a mount for the bottom to secure it because I wish it had another hole on the bottom. The hygrometer could have used a little explanation as to how to read it. It is a pretty good thermometer.

👤When it arrived, it was broken. The dial wouldn't move after waiting 2 hours for the temperature to be set and there wasn't a button at the back to adjust the temperature.

👤It should be mounted on the back deck. The living room is where we can read it. It is very easy to read at a distance.

5. Springfield Vertical Thermometer Hygrometer 9 125 Inch

Springfield Vertical Thermometer Hygrometer 9 125 Inch

Automatic Calibration is a weather thermometer with a coil. You don't need a battery or calibrate the hygrometer, it uses a mechanical movement that enables real-time sensor. You could use the knob behind the thermometer to change the temperature. The Thermometer/hygrometer combination is constructed of shatterproof materials for increased durability. The pre-awareness monitoring is underway. The temperature can be as low as -40 to 50 degrees Celsius and the humidity can be as high as 10 to 100%. It's easy to use a bright red pointer and large numbers of black lettering to make temperature and humidity readings easier. The 9.125-inch indoor outdoor thermometer can be used in many places. No batteries are required. Place out of the sun for the most accurate readings. One year limited warranty.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤I upgraded my opinion from 1 Star to 3 Stars because I may have mistakenly declared the product to be faulty. This thing was thrown in the trash after demanding a full refund. The Temp/Hydrometer gauge that I recently purchased seemed to be malfunctioning and inaccurate. It came with an owners manual that said to let the gauge be set up correctly and give it a few days to adjust to its new environment before thinking it's malfunctioning. There is a I have learned from the owner's manual and speaking to a professional that it's a good idea to wait until the gauge arrives before making a decision. The gauges were stored for a long time in extreme temperature conditions and were shipped thousands of miles. The 1-2 day period adapting and adjusting to a different climate is needed to give a more accurate reading. Other reviewers may be premature in declaring the thermometers and hydrometers faulty due to lack of information. A) The gauge was designed for a vertical position. There is a It can be fixed if the needle is stuck in one position for a long period of time. It's important to know about hydroMETERs. There is a Large difference in readings from outside and inside humidity is common. It's not unusual to see a lot of variability between the Hydrometers in the same house, room or location. It's normal that exactness is almost impossible with these lower cost household Hydrometers. If it's reading close to other hydrometers, it's probably working. There is a If the needle is stuck in one spot or it's off by 10%, just adjust the spacing in the rear. I didn't know how to wind the needle clockwise or counterclockwise until it was in the same range as the hydrometers. How to calibrate? Calibration for Dial Hydrometers is done by using the internet. The temperature test is easy. The most simple test for temp accuracy. Compare these Vertical Mercury thermometers against other well functioning thermometers. I'm sharing this information with you because I didn't have any of this knowledge until I purchased a more expensive model that came with instructions. It's not clear how to adjust the hydrometer with a screwdriver or your finger and to set it in the vertical position for 48 hours before expecting accurate readings. I'm. If I was wrong, I would feel bad. Saying a product. Was not good. The seller was Slammed for pushing a bad product. I demanded a full refund. I gave terrible feedback to the seller. I wrote a terrible review about this product and it may have been wrong. I'm sure other reviewers threw it in the trash because they didn't know it needed a few days to set up and adjust to a new climate. There is a I feel better. I hope I helped the seller with this new review. If you use the information I just shared, I think this is a decent product. There is a The seller agreed to give me a full refund. I think I owe the seller a good review because I wrongly declared this item to be garbage and completely useless. Good luck. People. I hope I helped someone.

6. MIKSUS Premium Thermometer Hygrometer Outdoor Decorative

MIKSUS Premium Thermometer Hygrometer Outdoor Decorative

The steel construction has an antique brass finish. A real glass lens. The original owners of the brand are them. They do not ship from other countries such as China or Taiwan. More than 17 years have passed in the thermos production. DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY. Black bold numbers and a red pointer make it easy to read the temperature value from long distance. A 10INCH DIAMETER OUTDOOR / INDOOR THERMOMETER. The materials are plastic, dial and pointer. It will affect the accuracy if it is put in place with strong sunlight and water vapor. The double scale is FahrenHEIT and CELSIUS. The double scale is modern and stylish. It is easy to read the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Accurate is between -40 and 140F / -40 and 60C. Automatic rate and automatic caliberation. The hygrometer will calibrate automatically. The outdoor temperature is shown in any weather condition, at any temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure. There is a wide application. Good fortune and useFUL gift. At home, patio, garden, kitchen, room, pool, office buildings, hotels, school, shops, warehouse, etc., the thermometer can be used. It's a useful gift. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Miksus

👤I blame my mistake on Amazon, they group the reviews together. I wanted to. I wanted to put it outside but now it's not good, after reading the reviews, I thought it was metal.

👤I had trouble tuning the device's accuracy. Finding a screwdriver that fits the adjustment slots is the first challenge. One slot has a pin in the center that can interfere with the tip of the screwdriver. The second slot is very thin and requires a screwdriver. I found that accuracy was way off during more extreme conditions after adjusting for moderate conditions. I adjusted for moderate conditions since they are the normal state of things. The August 2020 update is here. There is a The seller reached out to me after I posted the review. They asked for my negative review to be removed in exchange for a new one. This is my follow-up after I explained that this is not how I do reviews, but I would be happy to review the replacement and update accordingly. I compared the relative accuracies of the original and replacement decorative and digital thermometers. I averaged the differences between the decorative and digital thermometers for both temperature and humidity after collecting data from all four of them. Here is what I found when I looked at the temperature and humidity. The original differed from the digital reference in temp and humidity. There is a The replacement was different in temp and humidity. There is a The replacement is performing better than the original, but it is not a precision instrument. There is a The difficulty in making adjustments to the calibration stand was my original comments. There is a If the value is between one of the large numerical markings, one needs to be close to the thermometer to easily read it. If the temperature markings are easier to read, I would rate this a 5 stars.

👤The so called thermometer has been an embarrassment. I purchased it as a Christmas present and I wasn't able to view it on a regular basis. My friend didn't want me to know it didn't work. There is no way to calibrate it because it never registered accurate temperature. The recipient didn't keep box or info so I have no way to return it. Too bad.

👤The temperature was within a degree of my ThermaPen. I put it outside in the snow. It went up when I brought it back in. Cool. Who could ask for more? It's not going to the space station for my deck. There is a The hygrometer was 10% off from our other hygrometer, which was a little instrument with a cup of salt water and a bag. I didn't buy it for the hygrometer because I didn't think it would work. I put it near a pot of water and it went up. There is a slot in the back of the dial to adjust it. The hygrometer was adjusted and the temperature left alone.

👤It is a pleasure to have a product that is reliable and doesn't eat batteries after buying 3 different digital thermometers in three years. There is a I should have bought this years ago. There is a The old-fashioned thermometer is easy to read and accurate. There is a I always appreciate simple design.

7. Taylor Outdoor Thermometer Temperature Humidity

Taylor Outdoor Thermometer Temperature Humidity

The VIVOSUN thermostat can be connected to up to 3 wireless sensors and is easy to put in any room, you can have it in your baby room, cellar, basement. Design, Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Service teams are based in the USA. Suited for indoor and outdoor placement. The temperature can be as low as -60F to 120F and the humidity can be as high as 50%. The dial graphics are easy to read. The design isdurable. The construction is shatterproof and weather resistant.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤I own two otherhumiditygauges that I compared this with. They were compared in different rooms. The one that had the same reading as the others was different. The readings were both above and below the other two at different times. In every room where I tried them, the other two agreed with each other. I threw this away. Don't waste your money.

👤I fastened the unit to the tree in NJ using two large screws. The temperature readings are accurate. I have been watching for the past couple of weeks. There is a The readings are accurate. If says it's humid, the unit reads between 64 and 65 percent. The unit is telling me that it is humid. The readings are more accurate in the daytime than in the mornings because of the morning humidity. The unit works after I paid $23 for it.

👤The replacement does not accurately measure the temp or humidity after returning the first one. I think it will be at least close to accurate. It was 88 degrees on the day. It was in partial sunlight, but it was 26 degrees warmer than normal. If it is raining, the humidity can't work. Returning for a refund.

👤The needle indicator on the display is caused by the exposed ambient temp which drives the coil to expand and contract. It was not the most accurate in general but with the larger size and shipping vibrations it was 10 degrees off. A general temperature gauge has little to no error. My went back. If you're looking for accuracy, this isn't it. If you're looking for a nice visual and general idea of how hot or cold it is, this is for you.

👤I received 2 of them. I sent the first one back because the humidity arrow did not work. Doesn't point to a number that's within range. I received the same problem as the new one. The rolled tin/metal on the back is supposed to measure humidity. I tried to get it to work but it didn't. I am in a wheelchair and cannot do it myself, so I don't want to have to go back outside through the snow and take it down again to get another one. The temperature is pretty accurate so far. I've already been through trying to get someone to help bring it back inside, get it back outside again, and then have to get it back inside again, so I'd like a new one without all the rigmarole. The metal brackets on the back stick out are better than the plastic back or a slightly curve plastic, which make hanging on the tree outside my window impossible, and the only other reason I want to have this style is the metal brackets on the back stick out. The reason I keep sending them back is because of the brackets on the back.

👤The Humidity arm has been stuck at 45% since it arrived, and it has been tried to change. It does not work. Three digital meters were compared and all of them were accurate within 0.2 of each other. There is a The first really hot day of the summer is when the temp arm moves about 6 degrees off with the mechanism hot glue on the back. You understand the idea. The complete garbage is probably the worst product I have ever purchased.

8. Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

The hygrometer can measure temperature from -40 to 60C, and the humidity from 0 to 100%. It can be used as an adornment for your house or garden. The outdoor temperature and hygrometer can be placed indoors or outdoors, and can be used to monitor weather. It's suitable for almost any measuring scene. The patio outdoor thermometers have a decorative snow and sun pattern on the surface. A large hand creates a contrast with the white dial and black numbers for easy reading. You can hang it on the wall for easy reading. TheThermometer/hygrometer with red, blue and green line looks really stylish and makes it a great decoration. Accurate readings at any temperature and atmospheric pressure are ensured by this weather thermometer. You don't need a battery or calibrate the outdoor Thermometer large numbers because it uses a built-in mechanical movement that enables real-time sensor.

Brand: Lirches

👤I purchased this one that provides accurate readings, allows the user to make adjustments to the readings if necessary, after dealing with three different outdoor thermometers from different manufacturers that did not report the temperature and humidity accurately. The thermometer is easy to read. I would have bought this one first.

👤This is a nice looking Thermometer/hygrometer which can be read from inside the house. The accuracy of the mercury temperature is questionable, as it can be as much as 10 degrees higher than the weather service station's report. The sun's position on the instrument can affect these differences.

👤This is a nice instrument. My father is 88 years old and he is used to looking at a 12 inch instead of 10 inch, which is why I give it 4 stars. I like this for two reasons. When you hear about how cold it was in another part of the world, you can see the C degrees, but you can't see the humidity in the air. When you have an older person, they have a hard time breathing.

👤The instructions to adjust the Thermometer have a black on black image that is hard to see. This device reads at 99 with no humidity. The money was wasted.

👤I have it on my porch. I haven't adjusted it in any way, but when I look at it on the porch, it seems to show a temperature close to what the weather forecast indicates and how it feels outside. I don't really need a super-precise accuracy for the porch, so I'm happy with this easy to hang and read thermometer.

👤I have two of these in an indoor location and one in the shade over my back deck. I'm happy that both of these dial shaped thermometers are doing their jobs well. All my readings seem to track very closely together, as I've compared each of them against my old fashion mercury thermometer.

👤Good size and easy to read. temp seems accurate and has an adjustment for calibration The instruction sheet doesn't mention how to adjust hydrometer calibration.

👤The large temperature dial is easy to read at a distance, but it would be nice to be able to read the humidity in low light.

9. Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

Installation is quick because these thermometers are easy to install with a built in bracket on any wall, fence, or patio. The outdoor hygrometer/thermometer can measure temperature and humidity from -40 to 50C, -50 to 120F, both Celsius and Fahrenheit, to keep house. The large screen and silver frame make your room unique. You can see measurement data clearly with the advanced plastic lens and large numbers. Let them know the temperature and humidity of your surroundings. You can hang it on the wall for easy reading. All of your rooms and gardens need a high-end decorative thermometer. Hanging Thermometers can be placed indoors or outdoors, including greenhouses, warehouse, offices, laboratories, museum, balconies, garden, patio, etc. It's stylish appearance can make your room look better. The weather temperature with a precision-made coil ensures accurate readings. This hygrometer uses a built-in mechanical movement that allows real-time sensor, so you don't need a battery or calibrate it. The large analog thermometer hygrometer is made of high strength and good resistant metal, it can be used for a long time without damage, the glass lens will not yellow over time.

Brand: Aowutus

👤The product is expensive and does not work. I have had it for two months, so I can't get it back. It is 6 degrees off. The product had a 90 product support. I was put in contact with Amazon. Within hours, the company told me to return to my previous state. I told the company it didn't work and they told me to contact Amazon. I was offered a replacement by Amazon. I will get the replacement in a couple of days. We will see how this one works out. Not any better. I have had several different brands of thermonoters that cost less than $20 and they ate all the stuff. Not willing to pay more for this item. Gave up on it. I have to use the weather app. Not worth the hassle.

👤This is a good temperature for a lot of reasons. I like the size, it looks good in any room, it doesn't require a battery, and it can be used inside or outside. The price is very reasonable, and I have given it as a gift.

👤It is ok to arrive without paperwork. No matter what, it reads 82 degrees. It is in the bedroom, in the sunlight and in the refrigerator. It must be broken. Not worth the trouble of returning. I wanted to keep it on the patio so I could fantasize that it was only 81 degrees out.

👤I picked this unit out of several that I was looking at. I was surprised when it arrived and it was small. I went back to the description and it said the same thing. I just had to mount it closer to the door, so I'm giving it a 5. There is a If you're swept up in looking at large displays, you have been warned. Kidding aside... It is easy to read. I am ME.

👤This item may be useful if your room temperature goes up and down by 10 degrees. The hygrometer was reading high and never changed. Adjusting the dial is not easy. The main purpose seems to be to look like a measuring device.

👤Doesn't work. The actual temperature is higher than the Temp. I expect to see a slight variation, maybe.1 degrees, but this is ridiculous. Sending it back.

👤The temperature is not accurate. I have checked it with 4 other thermometers, all of them are within a half degree of each other, and this one is always 5 degrees warmer. Don't waste your money on it.

👤It looks great on the wall. I kept it aware of the flaw. It is off by 5 degrees no matter how I stay with the online and written instructions. It looks great on the wall. Just have to remember the numbers.

10. 13 25 Inch Cheter Index Thermomygrometer

13 25 Inch Cheter Index Thermomygrometer

There is a wide application. Good fortune and useFUL gift. At home, patio, garden, kitchen, room, pool, office buildings, hotels, school, shops, warehouse, etc., the thermometer can be used. It's a useful gift. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a temperature range of -40F to 120F and a humidity range of 40-90%. There are colorful and bold graphics in a white frame. The construction is shatterproof and weather resistant. There is a built-in hanger on the back. One year limited warranty. One year limited warranty.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤Well, so much for that. TV says it's 40 outside, but the temperature is 70+. It's not in the sun. There is a The humidity monitor is not good, it is always low. We live in central Virginia and it's always higher than 40%. There is a I'm so sorry. The old one worked fine. Something broke the clear cover and broke the arm. There is a They don't make them like they used to. It's not right. Recommended? Not sure about that.

👤This was bought in the summer. The gauge never went below freezing during the winter. We are now in the negative range, and my temperature is still 30. Don't waste your money. I was outside the return when I realized this.

👤I hung it up in my patio and was happy. It was accurate for the first two weeks, but then I noticed that the temp was off. The temp on my phone was off by 5 degrees, so I checked it on my phone. It's off by 7 degrees. It's a shame.

👤The item stopped working after a while. Most of the time, the readout reads 70 degrees when it's cold. There is a The window has closed. If the seller wants to do the right thing, they will replace it. Thank you.

👤It works well to keep the temp stable, it hangs on the porch and can be seen from inside.

👤It got to replace a broken one.

👤It is large enough to see it from one end of the barn to the other. It is great!

👤This is a temperature outside. It looks good on the porch.

11. ThermoPro TP49 Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature

ThermoPro TP49 Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature

The temperature monitor can be placed on the counter or on the magnetic back to attach to a fridge, and the battery powered thermostat can be used to set the temperature. The comfort indicator features face icons to indicate the air quality in your home, so you can adjust your dehumidifier or humidifier accordingly. The temperature and humidity sensor is very accurate to 1% and 1%, making it ideal for measuring fluctuations in readings. The digital indoor temperature is updated every 10 seconds to keep you up to date. The Thermometer indoor outdoor has a compact display with large bold numbers that allows you to read the digital termometro from any angle and distance. Humidistat has three mounting options, one of which is a Hanging Hole, which can be used to place the wall thermometer anywhere you want.

Brand: Thermopro

👤What's not to like? This thing works well. I own a new home with a smart thermostat. The thermostat was reading 73 degrees, but the house seemed cold. I bought a hygrometer after breaking down. It was small and all I needed when it arrived. I put the battery in it and left it next to the thermostat for an hour. The photo shows it was way off. The thermapro was reading 58 at 67 degrees. It was no wonder we were freezing. The house is around 67. I found that setting the wall thermostat to 76 degrees would give us 67 to 68 degrees. I put the thermapro outside for an hour to make sure it was accurate. The temperature was 29 degrees. And guess what? The temperature was 29 degrees at 50 percent humidity. This thing works. It solved my problem, as I wait for the builder to fix my thermostat. Since the temp portion works, I have no reason to believe that the humidity is not accurate, even though I am not sure of the humidity portion. Thanks Thermapro!

👤Disappointed. Not accurate at all. Didn't get a battery. They sent me a new one after I contacted the seller. The new one is not as accurate as the old one. There is a The new one had a battery, but it was still not accurate. There is a The last picture shows you next to each other.

👤It is easy to read and the size is great. It is very cold in the Midwest. Our thermostat is about 5 degrees higher than this little gizmo. I want to give it some time to work out because the difference stays. There was a warning that came up when I registered for the warranty that I would have damage to my phone. I didn't continue with the process if it was a scam. I will keep moving this around the house. I bought it mostly for the humidity, so I hope it is accurate. It is usually 4 degrees lower in temperature than any other thermometer. I bought it for the humidity and have nothing to compare it to. I am not sure if it is off on humidity or not.

👤After a few days, two of the four I bought became faulty. In the picture you can see that the meter is unreadable because the LCD segment is missing. The two units were being used in separate bathrooms, with humidity around 80 percent, and they just don't survive in that. The other two were in the bedroom. The manufacturer is releasing hardware that can't survive in the environment it is meant to measure. I am purchasing a different brand, not interested in replacements, even if the sample size was only four units, because I experienced a 50% failure rate.

👤I did a few quick comparisons after I got this. I put the thermopro on an end table so that it would equilibrate with the room temperature. The table is at room temperature. The temperature readings were close to the point where the Infrared Thermometer was located. The temperature was 68.6F vs. 68.6F. I put the thermopro outside and compared it to my weather app and it was within a degree or two and the humidity was within a few %. It's remarkable for a $10 device.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor thermometer hygrometer?

Decorative outdoor thermometer hygrometer products from Acurite. In this article about decorative outdoor thermometer hygrometer you can see why people choose the product. Chivenido and Chivenido are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor thermometer hygrometer.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor thermometer hygrometer?

Acurite, Chivenido and Chivenido are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor thermometer hygrometer. Find the detail in this article. Lirches, Taylor Precision Products and Miksus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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