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1. Outdoor Thermometer Stainless Enclosure Decorative

Outdoor Thermometer Stainless Enclosure Decorative

The 12 inch diameter round wall Thermometer can be used to measure temperature from -50 to 60C, -60 to140F, and both Celsius and Fahrenheit are available. It is a perfect addition to any patio, room, or garden. The metal enclosure structure of the garden thermometer is high strength and good resistance, so it can be used outside for a long time without damage. The temperature value is easy to read with real glass. The wall thermometer has a snow and sun pattern on it. A large metal hand creates a contrast with the white dial and black numbers to allow you to easily read the temperature from afar. The 12 inch wall mounted Thermometer will calibrate automatically. The outdoor temperature gauge shows accurate temperature in any weather condition. The pointer will match the local temperature after 2 hours if it is placed at a fixed location. Wide application. The large outdoor thermometer does not use batteries. It is a perfect addition to any patio, at home, garden, kitchen, room, pool, office buildings, hotels, school, shops, warehouse, etc.

Brand: Lirches

👤This is a nice looking thermometer that works well. The description states that it is not waterproof and must be placed in a covered area if it is used outside. Otherwise, it is great. We couldn't use it where we wanted to.

👤A high quality thermometer. It seems to be correct. I keep it in our garage to be aware of the hot weather in Arizona. It will survive Arizona heat if it goes past 120 F. I had to send the first one back because the glass face was cracked, but the second one came in fine. I wish they put the word fragile on the brown box to make it breakable. Make sure you mount it to the wall with a strong object. It will break the glass if it drops to the floor. It has a humidity meter as well.

👤I haven't used my thermometer yet. I ordered it to hang on my patio fence, but when I opened the box, I found a note saying it wasn't waterproof. I wish it was in the description when I ordered it. If it's not waterproof, why would you say it's an outdoor temperature? I don't have a garage or an over-hang to my outdoor areas, so I have not found a place where it won't get wet or rusty. The true test is how long it can hold the rain.

👤The correct temperature wouldn't be registered on the first 24 hours. After moving the adjustment wheel a few times, it appears to be working better. Will monitor for a few days to see if it is keeping track of the temperature. There is an update. Returned the item. The temperature wouldn't be recorded accurately.

👤We installed it under the house because it doesn't get a lot of rain. I would like to see the numbers glow in the dark. I like this product and it does its job.

👤My Dad is very happy to be able to read the outside temperature from inside his house with the large numbers on the thermometer. It is very sturdy and has a nice look because of the rim around the outside of the thermometer.

👤The temperature on the thermometer is always 10 degrees off, even if I change it many times. I don't know if I got a Monday morning one. I haven't contacted the seller yet.

👤The item was represented. Looks great. The unit is easy to read and calibrate.

2. Outdoor Thermometer Large Numbers Thermometers

Outdoor Thermometer Large Numbers Thermometers

The large analog thermometer hygrometer is made of high strength and good resistant metal, it can be used for a long time without damage, the glass lens will not yellow over time. The large outdoor thermometer has a dial that is bold black and can be used to measure temperature from -60 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 60 degrees Celsius) and relative humidity levels from 20 to 90%. The large analog thermometer hygrometer has a glass lens and a steel enclosure, it can be used for a long time without damage. The outdoor thermometer has large numbers with snow and sun pattern on the surface for reference, large and transparent instrument surface display, and bold black dial graphics that make it easy to read from a long distance. The hygrometer uses a built-in mechanical movement that enables real-time sensing, so you don't need to calibrate it, just place it at a fixed location. The stylish and refined shape of the outdoor thermometers makes them a perfect addition to any patio, room, garden, offices, school, laboratories, balconies etc.

Brand: Chivenido

👤The wall device is 15 degrees off compared to two other thermometers. The temp stayed at delivery degrees for over four hours. 18 hours later the device is off 15 and 16 degrees. I want an exchange before I ask for a refund.

👤The metal and glass front of the thermometer will stand up to the elements better than a plastic one. I like the ability to change the temperature. I took a trusted temperature tester outside for a couple of hours and was able to adjust the temperature accurately. I like the way it works.

👤I have two weather stations in my office, an Accurite and a La Crosse. I bought a thermometer for the three season room. You can adjust the temperature. The hygrometer is worthless unless there is a way to adjust it. It's about 15 degrees warmer than either Accurite or La Crosse. Update: 12/6/2021. The manufacturer told me I should return the product for a new one. I am very disabled. It would need to be picked up.

👤I have adjusted this piece of junk many times. It doesn't work as stated.

👤I bought two for my house. I love them! The band and retainers are made of steel. There is a The back is made of black plastic and absorbs heat. The back needs to be exposed to the outside for good measurement. I had to plug up the holes so no paint got in, so I spray painted the backs. It seems to have worked. It's easy to calibrate. The needle should match the correct temperature if you rotation the center hub around.

👤The Thermostat shows condensation inside. The quality was very disappointing. I had many outdoor thermostats that were cheaper in the past.

👤I'm not excited or disappointed. The temp set was set a bit too high. It seems to be okay now. The colors on the face are gone in 3 months. The colors fade badly in the sun, but black numbers and marks are fine.

👤I liked the numbers. There is a lot of visual from inside the house. There is a It adds a touch of class to the patio. Couldn't be happier.

3. Taylor Precision Products 91157 Springfield

Taylor Precision Products 91157 Springfield

One button to select the digital hygrometer unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit is easy to use. If you have a question, please contact them. The battery is included. The Cling Thermometer is made of clear plastic that sticks to your window and can be mounted anywhere without the need for brackets, hooks, or glue. A see-through design keeps your garden in view while still giving you the temperature readings you need. The 8-inch x 10-inch footprint has bold, sans-serif numbers that are easy to see from across the room. The temperature gauge can range from -40 to 120 degrees. Before installation, clean the window surface. The plastic case should be removed and the thermometer put on a slightly damp surface. It is easy to remove and reapply.

Brand: Springfield

👤Implementation of this thermometer is flawed. I'm going to outline the good points first. It is fastened to the outside of a window with no glue, which means no mess when it is removed. When you want the plastic to hang on the glass, it doesn't come off. +2: It can be seen from inside, and it doesn't obscure the view outside. They are mounted on lower corners. There is a +3: It's very cheap. It means easy and cheap replacement. The cons make me reluctant to purchase another. -1: My case went foggy in about 4 years. I couldn't see the reading through the fog. See item +3 above. The accuracy is not good. I bought two of these locally and was happy, but when -1 happened and I was unable to locate them again, I ordered two more on Amazon. There were no complaints about the vendor or delivery. The new ones registered 4-5 degrees F high, based on readings from the local TV stations, our neighbors and another kind of thermometer. -2 : The accuracy problem could be corrected by a screwdriver slot on the outside of the thermometer, which allowed me to adjust the needle up or down. One of these let me correct the reading, but the other's screwdriver slot broke, preventing any more attempts. That's a failure rate of 50%. I replaced one of them with a smaller digital thermometer. I can't see through it anymore so the other will remain in service. I'm not sure if I'll replace it again.

👤After cleaning the glass, I carefully removed the package and stuck it to the window. It's easy enough. If it wasn't calibrated, it would be easy to reprogram with the screw on the back. There is a The back of it was made easy to read by using chalk markers. When they ask me if they can go out, I mean a quick sign.

👤In 2012 we bought one. It worked well for four years until the housing was damaged. There is a The current edition of Vinyl is so thin it can peel off the glass. It needs tape to stay in place. There is a Is it accurate? Completely off. It is freezing this morning with a digital temperature. The reading was in the mid forties. There is a The manufacturer is trying to save money. The product is not for sale.

👤I tried a $2 vertical type with a red liquid. The tube came out but did not break after the suction cups failed to work. The tube position is a factor in accuracy. The four attempts at "calibrating" failed, so to the trash. It seemed like a $9 digital was the thing. Good cup, high/low temp over the past 24 hours. I could not see it from a distance. Returned that one. Had used a cling type before. The price was reasonable. It is not going to fall after using a week of accurate, easy to read and accurate writing. It's a keeper. If you buy one that is more than 2 degrees off, you can just adjust the pointer with the screw on the back. It's right on for mine. You can expect functioning to decline over a period of years as the air becomes moist and causes some damage to the bimetal coil.

4. Bjerg Instruments Enclosure Decorative Thermometer

Bjerg Instruments Enclosure Decorative Thermometer

The indoor outdoor thermometer has a real glass lens. A 12 inch indoor or outdoor analog thermometer. The dial face and gauge are easy to read. The temperature display is simultaneous. Steel construction can be used inside or outside. A red pointer. You can always know the temp with an accurate reading.

Brand: Bjerg Instruments

👤I was reluctant to place my order because I knew you could buy a "patio" thermometer at any "big box" store for 1/3 the price. I'm too old to put up with junk merchandise that doesn't work, looks, cheap, or fails after you install it. There is a I was hoping that the Bjerg Wall Thermometer would be a little bit better than the average inexpensive ones you can find. And so it is; it is! There is a It just looks together. Everything is on center. The surround is brushed steel, and the face is crisp and bright, which makes it easy to see from the pool. There is one thing that is of the most importance and that is a accurate temperature tester. I have a NIST traceable Thermometer that I can compare to, and so I let the two of them sit side by side on the dining table for a few hours, and the Bjerg matched the "standard" perfectly within the needle's nicely narrow width. I repeated the process outside in the afternoon and it was a perfect match. Bjerg has instructions for tweaking the calibration if needed, if it had been off. There was no need in this case. There is a It's looking great in it's new patio location, and it's showing the value of its cost brilliantly.

👤The thermometer does not have a steel part. It has been on my porch for a year. There is rust on the bottom of the device, and the thermometer was not touching anything at the bottom.

👤The temperature was on the deck for a week and only had two light rains. The water got behind the glass because the seal was inadequate. You couldn't tell what the temperature reading was because the water beaded up on the inside of the glass and in front of the numbers. Returned.

👤This looks and feels good, but it is not accurate or consistent. I put it on my porch because I had a reference point. Sometimes it was off by a degree or two but other times it was off by 7 or 8. I was excited to have purchased a thermometer that could be adjusted, but since the readings were so inconsistent, it didn't make sense to calibrate it. I will return it.

👤I wanted a big, easy to read, wall-mounted thermometer for my shop. The glass was broken when I got it because it was badly packaged. I returned it and bought a nice-looking digital thermometer that was off by 4-5 degrees, but there was no way to calibrate it. I tried another one after returning it. The broken glass was packed with air bags and arrived in perfect shape. I didn't have to calibrate it because it was spot on. It's nice to be able to if necessary. The unit is cheaper than the big digital one.

👤I bought one for the other side of the house and it worked well, and I fixed it to a tree in the shade. The two thermometers were within 60 feet of each other and were reading different temperatures. I used an electronic thermometer and corrected the readings that the manufacturer had recommended. They agreed after that. The two thermometers wouldn't read below 40F as the weather got colder. I put one of them in the freezer. I gently tapped the bimetallic housing to make sure it was reading the correct temperature. There is a It is too late to return these to Amazon, and I don't have a hope of the manufacturer repairing or replacing them, so I recommend that you look elsewhere. It is now -2F outside, so say the electronic remote thermometers I bought from Amazon and the Bjerg Thermometers I have, and both of them are reading 20F. I like to use stuff that doesn't need batteries, so I'm annoyed that these don't work. The rating was lowered to one star.

5. Springfield Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 8 Inch

Springfield Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 8 Inch

The 8-inch analog patio thermometer is a great way to add style and dependability to your outdoor space. The low profile, high impact construction adds strength and makes it easy to read from across the yard. Silk screening is resistant to UV fade. The numbers track in 5-degrees with a red design coordinated pointer indicating the temperature. This is a weather- and shatter- resistant thermometer. Accurate readings are ensured by a precision-made coil. A bright white background makes the lettering legible.

Brand: Springfield

👤The main reason I bought this device was to keep an eye on the inside temperature of our house in NJ while we were in Florida. I wanted a big thermometer that could be seen by a security camera. It's almost okay. It is large enough. I put it on an easel so that my camera can see it from a distance. I am able to monitor my temperature for less than 10 bucks. If the heat goes off, I'm not worried. There is a The bad: 1. Very cheap. There was no back panel. A coil of wire could easily break. Not accurate. It is too high. I need to know if the heat is on. 3. It's too broad for any useful application. I wouldn't buy again.

👤This thing is stuck at 69 degrees after the first rainy winter, and I have owned it for about 5 months. Doesn't work at all. Boo... I know the temperature on this is correct because it matches my digital reader. When it rains, at least a little bit of water gets in it, and then it pools up at the bottom. The back of the thermometer is made of metal. I only had it for 3 months. If this lasted more than 2 years, I would be shocked. I recommend an alternate.

👤I've spent the worst amount of money. We tried to hang it in the backyard tree after 10 minutes. My husband accidentally bumped the small spring on the back of the temperature gauge. The temperature is too hot and it no longer works. It was cheap! If the spring was so delicate, it should have been covered and protected. It would not have made it through any kind of weather. Don't waste your money.

👤I bought two of these items. One worked perfectly, but the other didn't. They don't give me the option to get a refund. I do a lot of business with Amazon, but I'm going to reconsider all future purchases because they don't always back the product.

👤This thermometer is not accurate. It was 70 degrees in Colorado on April 1st. It was 55 degrees. It is the cheapest piece of junk. I think I've bought something. Yes. It is made of plastic. It's fine, but the think plastic material it was made of reminded me of a gift bag from a birthday party. I wouldn't have paid more than $4 total for it, even if it worked, because I didn't think I would have overpaid.

👤A minimum of 2 off the actual temperature is based on a tried and true all weather marine humidity, barometric and temperature device. When I put the smaller one outside in the heat, it read 103, which was not even direct sun. I thought it might be a mistake because this was always my go-to brand. I ordered the larger one to be inside because I was afraid it would go nuts if the sun hit it. I put the smaller one in the same room as the larger one, just not hung. Both of them registered the same off temperature. If the other marine temp wouldn't have been tried and true for the last 10 years, I would have to rely on 103 at 80 when in the shade or 36 at 32 freeze temp!

6. Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Diameter

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Diameter

A hygrometer and a 10 inch diameter outdoor Thermometer are used to monitor weather. Can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is a perfect addition to any patio, room, or garden. The outdoor temperature is Fahrenheit and Celsius. The double scale is modern and stylish. It is easy to read the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature is between -40 and 140F / -40 and 60C and the humidity is between 0 to 100%RH. You can keep your house or garden in great condition by accommodating all the temperature and humidity changes. Automatic Calibrate outdoor Thermometers are built with temperature and humidity sensors, so they can calibrate themselves in 2 hours. You don't need to calibrate the outdoor thermometer because it senses and measures accurately. No batteries are required. The decorative outdoor thermometer for patio is made of sturdy plastic bottom case, acrylic lens, plastic dial, and aluminum pointer, with a keyhole on the back, you can hang it to the wall for convenient reading. Even if you put the garden hygrometer outside, you can use it for a long time. A large and transparent instrument surface display can be used for easy reading. The simplicity and elegance designed indoor outdoor thermometer wireless can be used anywhere. Sending it to your friends or families is a useful gift. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Chivenido

👤I put a screw on one of the aluminum supports. I can look out the window in my bedroom to see the temperature and humidity. When I got it, I checked it against 2 other thermometers and they all read the same. I took a photo and it was raining so I made the photo better. I gave it a 4 because it is difficult to read the temp for the odd numbers. I would like the lines to be longer, wider, or red. It would make them more prominent. I was looking for a larger one, but not too big, so I was happy to find this one, my previous one was too small.

👤If the sun is on it, it will indicate well over 100 - 115 very quickly. Yesterday we were at 90. The dial does not work. We're sticky today and the needle indicates a comfortable day. There is an update two weeks later. It's difficult to be confident about the temps. It's not possible to have mornings in shade and with a cool breeze. Another person showed a temperature of 72.

👤The thermometer is not accurate. I spent 3 hours trying to calibrate it and it won't hold an accurate reading. I used two different thermometers in this process. The unit looks good, but the thermometer is flimsy and cheap. I really liked the size and the dial reading. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

👤It is easy to read. There is a nice detail on the face. It's easy to install. The weather is good. I gave up on the fancy outdoor thermometers I had bought after the other because they were hard to read and never looked right. I don't like style. Although it is a simple design, it ends up looking better than the rest and I am finally content.

👤I have indoor outdoor digital ones for inside, but this bad boy is large, colorful, and I like that it shows in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The humidity gauge doesn't seem to be accurate and it always reads twice as much as my digital ones. It was a nice addition to my garden.

👤My previous remote could not hold up to the heat in my backyard, which is in SW Colorado. It is easy to see the thermometer on my fence with my 70 years of age eyes. It seems to be accurate, but I don't have anything to compare it to, so I can't give it 5 stars.

👤It was put on the wall. It was too small to be seen from the pool area. My digital weather station was not as accurate as the system was.

👤After a couple months, both temperature and humidity readings have become inaccurate. Setting up multiple devices in the same location confirmed this.

7. Outdoor Thermometer Thermometer Hygrometer Waterproof Require

Outdoor Thermometer Thermometer Hygrometer Waterproof Require

Stick the stake in the ground. It's easier to read the temperature and humidity from a distance with a large 10 inch dial. The temperature range is from -40 to 60C, -40 to 140F, both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the humidity range is from 0 to 100%. The product uses a plastic bottom case and does not require batteries. The decoration of homes, offices, yard, garage, etc. can be done with the weather resistance of the thermometer. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them.

Brand: Rtwaw

👤When I looked over, the temperature was 40. I thought there might be a glitch in the matrix that caused the water to freeze. I was excited to report my findings to the internet but I realized there was no convergence of dimensions, only a broken plastic thermometer. Most reviews are positive so maybe I just got a faulty one. Maybe it got stuck or the rift between dimensions was sealed. After adjusting my rating, I will return to update the state of the device. I feel like we are in the Twighlight Zone. You should be safe out there.

👤I only had it for a short time. I hung it outside because the temp was in the high 40s. It was still at 65 two hours later. It looked like it was adjusted with a blade screwdriver. I tried to turn it back to 50ish, but I adjusted it too far. It would not adjust, and my attempt caused the cardboard to waffle, which destroyed the unit. I don't recommend buying this product. The garbage has it in it. After a few days of monitoring, the second unit is much better than the first. It seems like it takes a long time to adjust to temperature changes. Joshawn's customer service is excellent.

👤The enclosed instructions state that the thermometer is not water proof and should be put in a rain shelter. The seller stated that the thermometer is slightly waterproof if it is not directly facing the heavy rain. I was going to use it as I had planned. There is an update. I decided to use it outdoors rather than return it. It has been outside without a roof for 3 months and is still keeping an accurate temperature.

👤After a month of use. This one is not bad, even though it was off by 6 degrees out of the box and required a manual adjustment to stay within a degree. 2. Size is rated highly on design and readability. A hygrometer. It is highly rated for determining comfort factor in an outside setting. In the southern US, humidity is a critical comfort factor.

👤I have bought a number of outdoor thermomenters over the years and most of them have begun to leak or give false readings that cannot be adjusted. I look for a reliable one on Amazon and I see a low rating or problem with each one. There is a The only one I could find that didn't have unresolved complaints was this one. I am happy to say that the thermometer worked out of the box and onto the tree. It was fine in the mid-Ohio winter. If it lasts three years, I will be happy. I don't know what "warmth" means, so I didn't rate it.

👤The large read-out is what I like the most about this item. I like to look out the window to see the current temperature when I am too warm to venture out in the cold. The wireless devices don't work. I've tried so many and given up. If the wireless devices don't work, they won't be around very long. I like the fact that I can have a temperature read from my home.

8. AcuRite 01581 12 5 Inch Thermometer Songbirds

AcuRite 01581 12 5 Inch Thermometer Songbirds

The hang hole is easy to mount. Measures temperatures from -60 to 120 degrees. The coil inner workings are reliable. The construction is weather resistant. James Hautman created the artwork. The hang hole is easy to mount.

Brand: Acurite

👤I worked in thermal processing calibration for 32 years. I've measured thousands of thermometers. The accuracy is way off in the first two pictures. I pulled the clear plastic cover off my instrument and checked the true temperature with a type "K" thermocouple after pulling the needle. I put the needle back on. It was within 2F. The back of the stem needs to be put under pressure to push the needle back on. Why did I purchase this? My wife wanted it. Would I buy it again? If she wanted it. Is it a good idea to buy it? Not if you want to be accurate. Hope this helps. Accuracy may be variable throughout the whole scale.

👤I chose to give this thermometer to my family as a Christmas gift because my porch thermometer broke in a windstorm during the summer. The design of the bird seems correct, but the pointer that shows the temperature is plastic with a small red area on the tip. It's nearly impossible to read the temperature from a distance. I need to be outside on the porch to read it, unlike our old thermometer which I could read from inside the house at least 12 feet away. Very poor design.

👤It is large and attractive. The indicator has a red tip. It would be easier to see the temp if the indicator was black. I will probably buy a couple for my sisters who have cabins in the mountains, because I love this thermometer.

👤My husband says this style is not very accurate but it is better than my last one. The LaCrosse still reads the same. It is pretty. The front is easy to damage.

👤I bought two different ones. Each was handsome. Each was placed outdoors by a widow. It's hard to read the temperature on either one. The arm that rotates to the temperature is not a color that you can distinguish from the background. I don't know what the temperature is. One is always different from the other. I wouldn't buy them again even though they are handsome.

👤We had a very similar Wall Thermometer for over 15 years. We bought a new one almost identical to the original one, but with a bright red side and birds as the background. We decided to buy another Wall Thermometer that was almost the same as the one we used because of how much we relied on the original one. Highly recommended.

👤My dad loves it and I got it for him. The old one broke in a storm and this is better because you can read the temperature display from the house. There is a tree in the backyard.

👤It's cheap, but I was expecting something that could tell the temperature. The dial is reading 64 in my house. I can't see how to adjust the box instructions. No one wants to hang it up.

👤The bird theme and size made me buy this. I hung it on my backyard wall because I thought it was wet. It rained hard after I hung it up, and when I looked at it, there was water on the bottom. It probably came from the back. The needle didn't move until about 24 hours later, so we don't know if it's accurate. The needle head needs to be bigger. Unless you have it protected from the elements, you can't recommend buying it.

9. Headwind Consumer Products 840 1214 Thermometer

Headwind Consumer Products 840 1214 Thermometer

There are a lot of artwork. No one has a choice. This high-resolution and decorative dial thermometer is an accurate and beautiful addition to your indoor or outdoor space. Choose from their classic white or seasonal designs. The plastic is weather resistant. The photo is placed on the thermometer with a special UV resistance to keep their brilliance against the elements. The temperature is read both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The weight is 12.75” L x 2.25” W x 12.75” H. Installation is quick because these thermometers are easy to install with a built in bracket on any wall, fence, or patio.

Brand: Headwind

👤If you want a general idea of how hot it is, then this is for you. It only shows the temperature. I think the half way point is between the numbers. The lines are not in the middle of the numbers. We broke the all time high temperature in L.A. yesterday and are in the middle of a huge heat wave. I got a good read on how high it was in my yard. My back yard was a bit cooler than the rest of the city.

👤The outdoor temperature reading was not accurate, but I like the product design. The temperature outside was 90 degrees. The temperature was put in the shade. I moved it indoors and it was correct.

👤They mean it when they say keep out of direct sunlight. The temp is adjusted when in the sun.

👤The outer plastic cover broke. I contacted the company to see if a replacement could be found, but they said they don't sell them separately. I thought a good company would offer to send one. I will purchase a different type next time.

👤It is easy to read at a distance because of the large dial. Absolutely delighted.

👤You calibrate it yourself, but never works right. Throw it away!

👤The numbers are large. It matches our decor outside. Exactly what we were looking for.

10. Taylor Precision Products Thermometer 18 Inch

Taylor Precision Products Thermometer 18 Inch

Before installation, clean the window surface. The plastic case should be removed and the thermometer put on a slightly damp surface. It is easy to remove and reapply. Design, Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Service teams are based in the USA. Suited for indoor and outdoor placement. The temperature is between -60F to 120F. The large, bold black dial graphics and bright red pointer are easy to read. The design isdurable. The construction is shatterproof and weather resistant.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤I used the Taylor name in buying this, having used Taylor kitchen thermometers. It's cheap and the whole thing is held together by rubber cement. It can't be adjusted unless you use a razor knife to cut some rubber cement so you can change the dial. I contacted Taylor to see if there was a way to adjust the unit after it was off by 5 degrees. They offered to send a replacement. The replacement model was off by 11 degrees and was slightly different from the original. I was able to return the unit for a refund. I bought the Bjerg Instruments 12" Steel Enclosure Decorative Indoor / outdoor Patio Wall Thermometer. The dial is built to be accurate and can be adjusted if needed. It's four bucks more expensive than the Taylor, but it's worth it.

👤My dad wanted to have a easy to read temperature on his barn so he could stay in the kitchen and not have to leave. My sisters and I tried to convince him that people nowadays just use their phones to find out the temperature. We were not happy about technology. We tried to get him a more modern thermometer to help him into the 21st century, but it didn't work out. There is a We got him this here thermometer after we bit the bullet. Papa Bear didn't stop to put on a coat before going outside to hang the dang thing. It has continued to be a part of my life as I receive pictures to keep me up to date on New England's latest weather.

👤We were very pleased with the large sized numerals. It's very easy to read. However... It reads six degrees lower than our other outdoor temperature. The temperature dropped and the needle registered 20 degrees. The needle never moved as it warmed up into the low 30's. It's great to read, but useless as a thermometer. For many years, we used to have a very cheap thermometer from the discount store. When this information was posted, I received a notice that it was being investigated. I never heard another word. The product and service were bad.

👤I wanted to read the temperature from across my back yard because all of the locations were in direct sunlight. This was the only one I could find that was fast. I was surprised at how cheap it was. I was replacing a Taylor thermometer that was damaged in the same place, and that smaller one was less expensive and more solidly built. The one that is larger is lighter than the one that is smaller. The weight is saved by the thin and narrow bezel around the outside. The mechanism is mounted on a thin plate. There is a Once you get it mounted, that's all that matters. The way in which the main plate is attached to the bezel is what matters. The two parts were to be joined with hot glue. It was done poorly. The glue bead was hanging out of the joint. The mechanism connected the bead to the plate. The guts of the thermometer were not connected to the outside of the lens. The two pieces were rattling against each other. If I had seen a better option, I would have sent it back. This one was the only one that I could see that would show up in my situation. I used my own glue gun to apply bead glue to the two pieces I cleaned off. I hung the thermometer up after I finished setting it up, and it seems to be working. I wanted it to be easy to read from inside the house. I grudgingly gave it two stars. There is a It's really, really cheap, and you may have to make changes as soon as you get it. Not everyone has a hot gun glue and not everyone is willing to fix a brand new item even if they are able. If you fall into either category, I think you should pass on this item.

11. Lirches Thermometer Hygrometer Decorative Diameter

Lirches Thermometer Hygrometer Decorative Diameter

The local temperature will be matched by the thermometer after 2 hours. Don't put outside in rainy days. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them. The garden hygrometer/thermometer can measure temperature and humidity from -40 to 60C, -40 to140F, both Celsius and Fahrenheit, to keep the house or garden. 10 inch wall Thermometer and hygromete can be placed indoors or outdoors, including greenhouses, warehouse, baby rooms, offices, laboratories, museum, balconies, garden, patio, etc. It's compact and stylish appearance can make your room look better. The plastic frame and cover will not rust. The outdoor temperature is easy to read. You can see measurement data clearly with the advanced plastic lens. You can hang it on the wall for easy reading. Calibration can be done within 2 hours with built in temperature and humidity sensors. There is no battery required. The design of the thermometer/hygrometer shows more simplicity and elegance. A large and transparent instrument surface display can be used for easy reading.

Brand: Lirches

👤The wall thermometer is the size I wanted, and it has a nice look. I hope it works after it arrived. If your accuracy has been knocked off during transit, there is an instruction sheet in bad English to help you re-set it. There is a If there is a quality problem, please contact customer service. Yeah... The piece of paper has no company name or customer service number. The company name isn't on the thermometer at all. Unless the company name is "Thermometer".

👤The offwhite color blends perfectly with the mounting post. Good size numbers are easy to read with large numbers every 20 degrees. It's easy to adjust to the temp.

👤I had high hopes for this product. The older plastic thermometer was 10 years old and was cracking due to the heat. It was correct. This one is about 20 degrees cooler. My neighbors old mercury style thermometer was 20 degree over the actual temperature when I put it next to it. The news was verified by my phone app. I threw the box away because I couldn't return it. For information for other people who might be interested in purchasing this Garden wall thermometer.

👤Put it under the deck on the wall. It survived a tropical storm in Georgia. There was water on the side of the house. It was very accurate and temp. There is humidity. You will need a tiny screwdriver if you need to calibrate. They should put one in as an accessory. Can beat it for the price.

👤I can see large numbers in the size. The temperature has been accurate. Had a fancy one that required batteries and wasn't accurate.

👤The product is a great addition to the porch. The numbers are easy to read from a distance. It has some color bands inside. It is different from the generic black and white thermometers. This item is resistant to heat and weather.

👤When the temperature was received, it was not accurate and needed to be adjusted. There is no way to calibrate the humidity meter. I kept it because I wanted to see the temperature but also the relative humidity. Oh well...

👤It could have been bigger. It's hard to read from the house.

👤It was the right size for where I wanted it to be. I set up a second small thermometer next to the one I have and they read the same as the one I have, but no way to adjust it. I came up with a mount for the bottom to secure it because I wish it had another hole on the bottom. The hygrometer could have used a little explanation as to how to read it. It is a pretty good thermometer.

👤When it arrived, it was broken. The dial wouldn't move after waiting 2 hours for the temperature to be set and there wasn't a button at the back to adjust the temperature.

👤It should be mounted on the back deck. The living room is where we can read it. It is very easy to read at a distance.


What is the best product for decorative outdoor thermometer large numbers?

Decorative outdoor thermometer large numbers products from Lirches. In this article about decorative outdoor thermometer large numbers you can see why people choose the product. Chivenido and Springfield are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative outdoor thermometer large numbers.

What are the best brands for decorative outdoor thermometer large numbers?

Lirches, Chivenido and Springfield are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative outdoor thermometer large numbers. Find the detail in this article. Bjerg Instruments, Chivenido and Rtwaw are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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