Best Decorative Paper Bags

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1. BagDream Kraft 100Pcs Shopping Handles

BagDream Kraft 100Pcs Shopping Handles

Other orange party supplies and party favors should be coordinated. There are small gift bags. 5.25x3.75x8" The brown paper bags are made from recycled paper. The FSC is compliant. BagDream paper bag is your first choice if you are green. The paper is from the Sturdier brand. Their paper bags with handles are perfect. The paper twist handles are large and the bottoms seem solid. The bags are Eco-friendly. BagDream paper bags have a pleasant smell. They look upscale and healthier than plastic. Your bags are personalized. These are decent small gift bags with handles, with a nice blank finish to either decorate or embellish. The blank brown paper gift bags can be tailored. It is possible to be versatile. These simple yet elegant kraft paper bags are good for gift warpping, customized gift bags, shopping bag, goodie bags,favor bags for a wedding or parties. It's nice to have retail bags and merchandise bags in local craft shows, art festivals and craft markets during the holidays.

Brand: Bagdream

👤The box contained more than 100 bags. I noticed that I needed to fill 100 bags. I am short 21 bags.

👤This product is perfect for my business. At a large show in Chicago, a customer asked if I would use paper bags instead of plastic ones. The nail hit the head. I immediately ordered the same size bags as I was using. These are bio-degradable, less expensive, and the right size. Wow.

👤The bags are large and thick. These bags are perfect for either a party or celebration. They are packaged well. I will be buying these again in the near future and I highly recommend them.

👤The handles are small. You would have to hold the bag with your hands. Someone shared the handles shrunk from past orders in a review. No bueno! I can't use them for adults because I had these Amazon Primed as I needed them. I will have to return them. Very disappointed. They're fine if you use them for children. The brown bag is the same size as my previous orders.

👤I will use these as goody bags at my baby shower. They help up nicely and didn't lose their shape with the weight of a mini waterbottle, a small candy filled mason jar and a 5ml spray bottle. Some people put in some treats on their way out, but no one ripped them.

👤This is the bag that I always carry. I'm sure I've left a review on this item before, but this time I'm going to do it again because it deserves it. I own my own business and I go through a lot of bags and this item is on my reorder list because it is a great value and they are very durable.

👤I make different soups and spaghetti every once in awhile. These plain bags are perfect for sharing meals with friends and neighbors. I don't like using gift bags or plastic bags. These bags are perfect, they just say, "Hello, I made some chicken soup." I would like to share. " Thank you very much. Mrs. Karen.

👤This is my second order from this company. The bags are very durable and well made. I use them to give away mandarins from my garden. The handles are the reason why I use them. Very pleased with the product's practicality.

👤We try to be as green as possible for our customers. They are strong and universal.

2. EXRIZU Easter Decorative Treat Boxes

EXRIZU Easter Decorative Treat Boxes

If you don't like their products within 30 days, you can return them for a full refund. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours. There are 4 different types of boxes, including a Yellow box, a Red box, a Blue box, and a White box. Treat boxes paper boxes for kids, Easter basket containers candy, goody cookie eggs, bunny toys and stuffers are lovely and special. Your own prizes, candy, gifts, treats, party favors, etc. The gift boxes are easy to assemble. The boxes are perfect for Easter. The treat boxes are made of high quality cardboard and full of pleasing treats. Easter gifts are perfect for kids and adults. Happy Easter! Easter gifts are perfect for kids and adults. Happy Easter!

Brand: Exrizu

👤I used these baskets to deliver homemade Easter eggs to friends and family.

👤I created treat boxes for family members and couldn't have been more pleased with them. I didn't think it would come apart or that it would need to be taped, the cardboard was large and held a lot of things. It was easy to fold them together. The designs were bright and well printed. I would buy them again.

👤I thought these were cute. The colors are perfect for my gifts.

3. Road 5 25x3 25x8 Inches Stripes Merchandise

Road 5 25x3 25x8 Inches Stripes Merchandise

Paper retail bags can be used for a variety of purposes. The black and white striped gift bags should be your first choice. These black striped gift bags are strong and sturdy and can carry at least 3 lbs of weight. These bags are perfect for crafting and doing it yourself. They are plain black white stripes and can be painted, printed and embellished as you please. Use your own logo to make retail carry bags. Personalize the bags to your liking. Sturdy handles are designed to hold heavy weight and come off like handles on other bags. The seals on the bag are very strong and do not open up easily. Retail bags with no peculiar smell are a lot more classier than the white plastic t-shirt style bags.

Brand: Ronvir

👤I have ordered 300 bags for a graduation party before and they were the perfect size and sturdy. I had an event 2 weeks ago and ordered another 300. The dollar tree, party size, target and these are the best value for good quality and quantities. We held a lot of events and these will be my go to bags.

👤Nice bags! The size is perfect. I put thank you labels on my own. They can hold a lot of things. I put a variety of items in each bag, including a capri sun, mini pkg of cookies, fruit snack, bubble tape gum, lollipops, and rice krispy treats. There is room for other treats on the dessert table. I did not need them all. I think my loved ones will be getting gifts in striped bags. I think that's correct.

👤I used my bags as party favors. I put my logo on the bags and they didn't come off. The bags came in the following day after I placed my order, and they were sturdy and durable. There are a lot of party favors in the event. Everything described in the discription is true. I will order more.

👤Favor bags were great for my church event. The bag is strong. I put sticker labels on the bag and tissue. I will buy this product again.

👤It worked well for gift bags.

👤Un evento de mujeres. Pursuant to uno de los regalos adentro y soportamiento, estoy en el peso.

👤Black and white wedding gift bags are hard to find. Impressive when they are all filled.

👤The bags are black and white. There were no issues with quality. The value is exceptional. Very happy.

4. Juvale 100 Pack Floral Cookies Buffet

Juvale 100 Pack Floral Cookies Buffet

Retail bags with no peculiar smell are a lot more classier than the white plastic t-shirt style bags. Use the individual cookie bags to hold cookies, brownies, coffee beans, and donuts. These thank you treat bags are ideal for a variety of uses. Their cookie paper bags are made from coated white kraft paper that won't easily show grease stains, so you can personalize this set of greaseproof cookie sleeves bags by using markers, stickers, and stamps. The perfect size of the paper treat bags is approximately 5 x 7.5 inches and is perfect to hold a wide variety of dry foods, baked goods, and party favors. What is included? The bulk set includes 100 white small paper bags for candy with floral designs and text that reads "Thank you" in a calligraphy style.

Brand: Juvale

👤The colors are off. They're not as bright as yellow, but they're not as pale. I'm disappointed because they're nice bags. They don't match the theme of my party because the colors aren't like what is shown. I was surprised that my picture was different from the one posted by another customer.

👤Good quality bags! They are big bars and I use them for my soaps. They add that extra touch of elegance. My soaps tend to sweat, so they help to keep the water out. If you want to see how big the bars are, you can visit Will buy again.

👤These bags are sturdy. They can be used a lot. I will be placing my jewelry sales in them.

👤I put homemade soap bars in the favors for the bridal shower. They were made well and worked well.

👤It made the jewelry a little more special because I used it for jewelry crafts.

👤These were completely useless for food items because of their strong perfume smell. They were thin and tear easily.

👤These are small bags. They are a good bag. It's perfect for the candy section of my store.

👤The bags were used to hold the Bride's favorite cookies. They looked great! We were very happy with our purchase.

👤Bolsitas, bellas, pequeas, and tiles.

👤Se ve pequea, pero est ahora. Muy feliz.

5. Road Inches 100pcs Shopping Merchandise

Road Inches 100pcs Shopping Merchandise

What is included? The bulk set includes 100 white small paper bags for candy with floral designs and text that reads "Thank you" in a calligraphy style. The paper bags can carry at least 3 lbs of weight easily. The bags are made with black paper and have a rope handle. The bags have a flat bottom so they can stand up. Road plain small paper bags can be used for a variety of purposes. Road paper bags should be your first choice. These bags are perfect for crafting and do-it-yourself. They are black and can be painted, printed and embellished. Use your own logo to make retail carry bags. Personalize the bags to your liking. Sturdy handles do not come off like handles on other bags. The bags have handles that are attached to them. The seals on the bag are very strong and do not open up easily. Large openings allow for keeping large items. Road bags are made with an eco-friendly material. The bags can be composted. Get your pack of 50 bags now.

Brand: Ronvir

👤I took a chance because I couldn't find this bag in this size anywhere else, but I was really nervous to buy it. I'm glad I did because I received an excellent product. I went through all the bags to make sure they were free of defects. I wanted to let potential buyers know that it was great. I'm hoping that the manufacturer made some quality control changes, I don't know, but what I received was perfect. I was surprised by how well the handles were reinforced, this is a really good bag.

👤The ones I ordered were out of stock, but I chose these because they are more of a dark brown than black, but when they arrived, they were not the same size as the ones I ordered, the originals are 8 tall, and they are more of a dark brown than black I was so disappointed and returned.

👤The bags are a great value. They are well made and stand up well when opened. These are not meant to be called black. The color is dark. This is the only reason I have given a review of 4 and not 5 stars. These are not a true black, I bought them from another supplier.

👤There is a size. I was hoping they would be the right size andDurability to put my businesses thank you goodies inside of, but they came in a bit smaller.

👤The bags were used for senior gifts. The graduation stickers were classic and modern and were placed on each side of the bag. Looked and worked well.

👤The bags were used for the wedding. Some of the bags had glue on them. They came apart after some gentle pulling from inside. Not complaining about the price.

👤I make jewelry and I put it in a box and the boxed jewelry looks so elegant in these bags with my logo on front.

👤The price is an excellent one. They got the job done, even though they are not as black as the picture shows. I ordered the smallest size but wish they were black.

👤Quality bags are more expensive than others, but you can see the difference in quality. A paper thin bag is nothing worse than a lovely gift. There is a These are sturdy and have a nice brown colour in the inside.

👤The size is very durable. Look great as well. Will order again at the price that I paid, as the price has gone up by four dollars. I might wait.

👤I love these bags. I ordered small and medium. I used them to make gifts for my Boxers.

👤These bags are great for selling my crafts.

👤It was used for decorating at Christmas.

6. White Kraft Paper Bags Handles

White Kraft Paper Bags Handles

The medium size bulk gift bags are perfect for fun gift giving, retail checkout, shopping, parties, or conference give aways. Purchase 25 bulk white bags with handles. White gift bags with handles bulk can be decorated with ink stamps, cutouts, watercolors, drawings, stickers, and more. There are lots of craft paper gift bags to have fun with. The bags are made of a strong paper. The craft gift bags are a great solution for bulk paper gift bags. Use your white party gift bags with confidence. The bags are plain. You can decorate them as you please. The gift bags are strong. When you need a paper handle bags medium size, you should look for a gift bag with handles. The paper gift bags with handles bulk are a cost effective solution.

Brand: Parker Eight

👤More than half of my bags are wrinkled because they were packed so tightly. I wanted a flat surface to stamp them on, but these are not the quality I want to pass on to my customers.

👤I bought this product to sell at shows. I put my company stickers on them. I have always used brown bags. We also sell a lot of rocks and minerals. The bags can get heavy when the boxes are put in them. I'm worried about holding up. The white seems to be thinner than the brown. They were counted out and stacked. They were wrinkled for me, too many bags for the boxed shipped. They had to get into the box so they had to have their bags wrinkled. I'm not sure if it will be a good idea to look for my company. They work well for gift giving. I think I will stick with the brown.

👤These bags were not damaged. They are a great buy for the money, but they came wrinkled and bent, and did not flatten out after a few hours, but they served their purpose. They were used to hold card kits. They did a good job.

👤I usually order through Uline, but I needed bags more quickly. The rating was high, but I should have read more reviews. I didn't. The bags arrived and they look okay, but they are much thinner than any similar bag I've purchased. They are stuck together at the bottom of the bags, so they don't know if they got wet or were manufactured wrong. When you open them, even gently with care, they tear a section of the paper so that there is a transparent spot which is 1/3 of the thickness of the paper stuck to the inside of the bag. I ruined about 6 of these trying to sort them out and I don't have time to replace them because I am leaving for my event tomorrow. I will be spending time tomorrow evening in a hotel opening stupid bags to make sure I don't rip them, so that I can have some ready for use in my booth, which would take way too long if I didn't open them. It's really bad. Do not order them. Unless you have a few hours to invest, go with Uline.

👤The bags are of high quality. I use them to package my purchases. Sometimes the product is very heavy. I don't want a customer to have their bag ripped and have their glass jars full of goodies all over the road. These bags hold my product. They are very pretty and well made. I will order them again.

👤The worst bags. They aren't glueing properly on the sides. Completely embarrassing for my clients.

👤The bags were all wrinkled and looked disorganized. I am not going to be able to use them at my store because they are creased.

👤I sell koozies through my business and purchased gift bags to place the products in which to sell to customers. I used a color laser printer to print the colored labels. I chose white paper bags because I knew the colored labels would catch the eye. And they did! The brand-name emphasis was added to what would have been a plain, white paper bag. I can't tell you how long the bags will last. I give them to people who don't know how to treat the bags. I can say that they are as thick as the brown bags used for "sack" lunches. Even with a few aluminum koozies in a bag, they seemed sturdy to me. The handles were attached to the bags. There is a Unless I can find bags of the same quality for less, I will definitely be buying these again.

7. Orange Paper Goody Bags Treat

Orange Paper Goody Bags Treat

When you need a paper handle bags medium size, you should look for a gift bag with handles. The paper gift bags with handles bulk are a cost effective solution. There is a package of Favor bags. The bags measure 10 x 5. Favor bags made of orange are perfect for Halloween, a birthday party, or a summer party. Use the bags to fill with candy or party favors, or make crafts out of them. Other orange party supplies and party favors should be coordinated.

Brand: Unique Industries

👤I'm not picky and the paper bag is a good value. They got the job done, and they don't need to last long. I rely on reviews for almost all of my online purchases. If I feel the quality of the product has changed, I will post a new review, but only after I have used the product. I try to leave quality reviews on online reviews. If you think my review helped you, please click the "yes" button.

👤These bags are terrible. They are super thin, not durable and ripped, tore even the lightest items inside. Yiu can't put a bunch of candy inside. I paid over $6 for these, but they are not worthy of $1. I will never buy again. The company should be ashamed for selling such a sub-standard item.

👤The favor bags were purchased for his son's party. They are thin, but they worked. I used to have some handle bags that I used to put inside as I didn't want them to rip when I lifted them.

👤Unless you are going to fill the cotton balls with something, don't buy. These bags are not very strong. I had to double the bags to make them strong. They were only $2.

👤The product had 12 baby blue candy bags. They seem to be good but light weight. There is a It was worth it for $4 and fast shipping.

👤The color is striking. These bags were so cheap that they were thin. I put a chapstick, a card, and a small soap in each bag and the bottoms were all coming undone. The paper bag is less thick than a standard sheet of notebook paper. The color was exactly what I wanted, but I wouldn't buy these again.

👤My son's class is having a Valentine exchange. The paper bags are the lightest ever. I'm only putting a lead pencil, eraser and one piece of candy in it, so it works for me, but I'm pretty sure it would rip if I put something heavier in it. They serve their purpose for me, but if you want something more durable, I'd probably look for something else.

👤This was used for construction party favors. The bag had fruit snacks, ring pop, and a sheet of stickers. I folded the top over and sealed it with a sticker. The bags are a little thin. I taped it and made it work after one had a rip. The price for the number of bags is great, but they are one time use items.

👤If you only need these for minimal and lightweight content, you should buy something else of more quality. I was hoping that these would be economical and look good with stickers or decoration for a part theme, but I'm going to have to buy a new set of party bags to put some favours and cake in as these will not survive that kind of use. Cheap but not worth the money in the end. Also smaller than what the advertisement suggests.

8. BagDream 5x2 95x9 45 Inches 100Pcs Recycled

BagDream 5x2 95x9 45 Inches 100Pcs Recycled

The perfect size is 5x2.95x9.45 inch. Goody bags are used for 3.5LBS snacks, popcorn bar, candy bar, and etc. The small lunch bags are good for arts and crafts. The paper lunch bags are only suitable for carrying the dry food, because there is no laminated Poly Liner. The finish is flat polka dot. The brown lunch bags have a charming dot pattern, you can decorate them with drawing, coloring and etc for different purposes, or you can staple your business card or stamp the outside of the bag with your logo on them. BagDream paper lunch bags look a lot better than plastic bags. BagDream paper bags are your first choice. A wedding bag is also perfect for holding bread, sandwich, and a package of lunch sacks. The paper lunch bags could be used to make a variety of bags, including the poop bags for the family pets.

Brand: Bagdream

👤They are not suitable for a child's lunch. My son takes 1 sandwich, 1 bottle of water, 1 bag of chips, and 1 fruit. You can get the sandwich and the bag of chips with no room for anything else. These are small bags and should not be labeled as lunch bags. The best case is snack bags. A picture has a bottle and a size of the product. They are okay in terms of quality. The one time I used them, they held up well. It would be great for art projects. I don't recommend them as lunch bags, but they are good for arts and crafts. There were no markings on the bags.

👤The product is easy to use. All DreamBags are recycled and the company cares about the environment. I use them for gift bags for customers. BagDream is a perfect white bag made of quality materials.

👤The bags are cute, but I was disappointed they didn't have the pictured stickers. I would not buy them again as there are many other bags that come with the same price or even cheaper. I will read the descriptions more closely in the future. The bags seem sturdy and nice.

👤The bags are used as gift bags. I would put something heavy in them, as they are not super heavy duty. They worked well for a bar of soap and candy. They are simple, but cute. You get a lot of bags for the price. Very happy. The name tags were added by me. They do not come with the bags.

👤They don't have a cut-out area near the top for easy opening. The zig zag cut at the top was hard to open. I was going to use these for a craft show but had the hardest time opening them and if I was going to be selling and packing items fast at my craft show, I could not use these.

👤The paper bags are awesome. My husband is happy when he goes to work. It's amazing. They fill up with a delicious sandwich, cheese, and even a sweet treat after coming flat. I don't know how it happens. It's like a dream bag. Since they were invented, making husbands happy.

👤Smaller and thinner than expected. I was not sure what to expect, but these barely fit a lunch. 40 people were to be delivered and handed out from the charity lunch we ordered. We didn't include a ton but these barely fit them. There is a It's not a lunch sack, but a small treat.

👤These bags are perfect for small items. You can read the text in the paper with the thinner bags. I didn't expect them to be thick, so I'm not disappointed. They're perfect if you don't want to carry anything heavy or top secret.

9. Superise Multicolor Wrapping Decorative Birthday

Superise Multicolor Wrapping Decorative Birthday

It is possible to be versatile. These simple yet elegant kraft paper bags are good for gift warpping, customized gift bags, shopping bag, goodie bags,favor bags for a wedding or parties. It's nice to have retail bags and merchandise bags in local craft shows, art festivals and craft markets during the holidays. Art tissue paper bulk is a good choice for all kinds of art projects and craft creation. The colors are 36. There are up to 36 different shades of rainbow colors. Each color system has a variety of colors with different saturation, which can be used to match any craft or art project. The paper is used for craft. The 14 gsm premium gift wrapping tissue paper is easy to bend, shape, fold, glue, and process into whatever you want, it is also resistant to cutting, crinkling, and folding without tearing. It's perfect for art projects. It's great for tissue flower pom poms, floral paper decor, tissue paper Collage, and other festival party decorations. TheDimensions: It is easy to cut into smaller sizes of tissue paper squares to make a gift, and it is convenient to meet your small item gift wrapping decorating demands.

Brand: Simetufy

👤It is tissue paper. There isn't much to write about. The average price is cool. You can buy the same amount of paper at Walmart for the same amount of money. The paper was very soft and did not rip very easily.

👤Doesn't bleed when wet. If you're looking for tissue paper for paper flowers, this is a good choice. I was looking for tissue paper to water paint with, but it didn't work, so it's useless to me.

👤Most of the colors included in your project are sheer enough to cause that effect, so you can easily make different shades of colors by applying two different colors together. The paper was strong and did not rip. I used this paper to wrap things. The colors are vibrant. The set has a variety of shades of blue and green to compliment it. The size was a tad smaller than I was looking for but it did work. They arrived in a package that keeps the paper dry. I suggest putting the glue against the inside of the packaging to keep it from sticking to the paper as it is pulled out. The shipping was fast. I can see using this to wrap small gifts and crafting. Imagine cutting this paper into small squares, wrapping them around the end of a pencil at the eraser end, and then glueing each piece onto paper as a kid. I like the variety of the colors and they are useful for my needs.

👤Not at all what I was hoping for. The product was very thin. I ripped it a few times while using it. When I buy stuff, I need to read the diimensions.

👤The gift wrapping tissue paper has a lot of vibrant colors, but it should not be included in the title. I admit I didn't read the size information, but I assume it was intended for multiple uses. It was fine for a small gift bag, but it would take half the pack of paper to fill it. I used the full size white tissue paper that I had left and used it for pops of color. It was pretty, but not functional.

👤I use these to wrap my goods. The paper is very thin and perfect for what I need. This would be a great item to use when doing arts and crafts.

👤Large tissue paper sheets are not normal. These are the size of a piece of paper. The dimensions are large. They are very thin. If you want a thicker tissue paper, this is not it.

👤I use this product to package my own handmade items. I need to get a bigger size for other products. Definitely recommend!

10. Colors Bags´╝îColored Birthday Wedding Celebrations

Colors Bags%EF%BC%8CColored Birthday Wedding Celebrations

There are 32 paper bags, each with four colors, and they are white, purple, blue, green, orange, rose, yellow, and red. The dimensions are 16 x 8 x 22 cm, 6.3 x 3.1 x 8.6 inches, and handle height is 8 cm. It is easy to carry with you and it is made of paper. The bag is designed in a solid color without a pattern so you can make your own gift bag with your own style. Birthday parties, wedding parties, baby birthdays, graduation parties and other party gift packaging can be used as gift bags, candy bags, storage bags, etc.

Brand: Tomnk

👤The item held up to everything I put in the bag. 1. There are two pairs of sunglasses. A toy gun. A bottle of bubbles. A beach ball. A minimaracas. There are rubber bracelets. A hand full of candy and bottles.

👤I loved these bags. They looked great and were sturdy. The colors were bright. It was nicely packaged. They were used for goody bags. Very pleased!

👤My sisters and I made bags for the senior living home. Since we haven't been able to visit recently, we wanted to make them happy. The bags held the items and were a bright gift to give. I loved it!

👤The bags were small for what I needed. It was too small for me.

👤The bags were sturdy but a few lacked a handle. I ran to the store to buy replacement bags since a few were missing handles and couldn't be used. Maybe you want to order bigger quantities.

👤It's perfect for times of emergency when you need to give a gift. I am able to give multiple gifts and not go to the store to buy an expensive bag. I like the colors as well.

👤Medium size gift bags are advertised. They are not. They are small. I couldn't fit what I had bought in them. I had to scramble at the last minute because they arrived a day later than they said they would. Had they arrived on time, I wouldn't have had to find gift bags elsewhere. The size is not a medium size gift bag.

👤They were perfect for our party favor, we were looking for bags a little larger than the usual ones, these were exactly what we needed.

11. Blulu Resealable Ziplock Storage Holographic

Blulu Resealable Ziplock Storage Holographic

When used as directed. Convenient to use and easy to store, smell proof bags are helpful to keep water out, keep things organized and clean. The material and color are made of metalized film, so you can choose from a variety of colors. This bag can be used to store dried flowers, baking, dried fruit, snack, herb, etc. They can provide you with several size selections, can meet different demands, and you can check the size carefully. The package contains 100 pieces of smell proof bags, enough for your use and replacement. The package contains 100 pieces of smell proof bags, enough for your use and replacement.

Brand: Blulu

👤I am in love with the packages. It's perfect for my bath salt product.

👤This one scored first place in the test. This one is tied for the longest "sealing area" above the zip up. Space is the most opaque when looking at it. The strongest one is hard to break when opening it hard. Sannigora was the worst for everything, it was weak, and it was the worst presentation. This one was the cheapest. This one is the shiniest. Blulu and none of the others will be reordered.

👤I have been reordering similar bags from Amazon for a few months now, but the other seller was out when it was time for a refill, so I chose these, which I thought would be the same. The other provider is more durable than these. I will use them, but not from this seller. This may be better for you if your product calls for a more flexible bag. If you like a more substantial package, I would recommend a different option.

👤This is the first product I have purchased. The zip lock seal was open when I opened it. The inside packaging was already opened and it looks like someone took bags.

👤I'm trying to find clues in a scavenger hunt for my husband. They're perfect. I use my flat iron to seal them outside of the ziplock part, and I pop the folded paper inside. I'll be using these bad boys for a long time, they came with so many uses. It would be good to put party favors in too. The jerkey I bought from the farmer's market was larger than the one I bought at home.

👤These are great for my bath melt. They are very well made and look great. Perfectly holds half a cup and seals it up with the heatsealer.

👤It worked great for my mini bundle. Holds a lipgloss and a scrunchie.

👤These bags are great for keeping scent out. They seem to be made of good quality, as they aren't breaking or ripping, and they are all without defects or flaws. It's a good price for a lot of bags. I would recommend them to anyone who needs them. I've found that these bags are very loud when handling or trying to get something out. It's not very discreet when you need to be quiet. It's not a deal breaker for most, but it's disappointing.

👤They were ok. I only counted 99, but one is missing. When I put stuff inside them, it will work. If you are throwing a party or a wedding reception, I recommend these.

👤I use these to package glue on nails, they are a really shiny and holographic perfect size.

👤The colour is not like the picture. The image makes them appear bright, but this is not the case.

👤The high quality product came quickly. I am very pleased with my purchase and I want them to do a perfect job.


What is the best product for decorative paper bags?

Decorative paper bags products from Bagdream. In this article about decorative paper bags you can see why people choose the product. Exrizu and Ronvir are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative paper bags.

What are the best brands for decorative paper bags?

Bagdream, Exrizu and Ronvir are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative paper bags. Find the detail in this article. Juvale, Parker Eight and Unique Industries are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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