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1. Sopito Colored Paperclips Supplies Assorted

Sopito Colored Paperclips Supplies Assorted

You can return your purchase at any time for a full refund. The package includes 50 binders clips, 170 paper clips, and 80 rubber bands. The binder clips are made of high-quality metal iron, the paper clips are made of metal iron coated with plastic, and the premium materials serve the clips with their high smoothness, durability and rust resistance. You feel more relaxed and interested in the working process when you decorate your busy and tired life with efficient documents organizers. Keep your documents, examination paper, flyer, refills, envelopes, posters, and tickets well organized and you can use them as gifts on festivals. It's convenient to store. The binder clips,paper clips and rubber bands set are stored in a transparent plastic box, which saves office space and is clear to choose when needed.

Brand: Sopito

👤The product exceeded my expectations. The container is not cheap. It is much stronger with a screw top lid. I will be able to refill it in my workshop. The rubber bands work well on the mini crossbows I made with my children. The binder clips and paper clips come in different sizes. A satisfied customer.

👤I had to put the pieces in a rubbermaid bin because the container is small and I can't get my fingers in it.

👤There are a variety of sizes and colors in this set of clips. There are regular size and small paper clips that I use more than I thought. I would buy this set again.

👤I am giving my niece a gift for her first year of college. She likes stuff like this.

👤This is a stocking stuffer for my girlfriend.

👤I thought it was bigger than it was. It's not worth the money because you could easily find something cheaper at Walmart.

👤Since I work from home, I can keep all my papers organized.

2. Mr Cross Journaling Supplies Christian

Mr Cross Journaling Supplies Christian

Practical small gifts and fun present for co-workers, reading lovers, students, kids and friends. It's ideal for home, school and office. 35 Cross-Shaped Papers are included in the package. A great religious gift for churchgoers or anyone who needs a pick me up. The paper clips are church shaped. You can use it for a long time. Not only can it be used to clip daily file information, but it can also be used as bookmarks, photo album clips, business card holders and envelope clips.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I like my little cross paper clips. I use them at work to remind me to pray and give thanks. The "church lady" has cross paperclips. Sharing Christ's love is welcome.

👤I want to read things in my bible again. I usually grab the closest scrap of paper that is closest to me. The little cross paperclips are perfect for my place.

👤I wouldn't recommend them for every day use because they are more expensive than other paper clips. If you have a special project that warrants unique clips, they are very well made and hold their shape. Mr Pen is an excellent company for office supplies. I'm happy I found them.

👤These paper clips are cute. They work as intended, and add a lil decor as well. The price is less expensive than most others. I would buy again.

👤I got these for a change. I like the colors. It's a great stocking stuffer for people who appreciate religious accessories. They are also good quality. Love Mr. Pen items.

👤I use them for my journal. These would be great gifts for a Sunday school class. So cute. There is a paper clip. Who wouldn't want that?

👤The item was received as promised. I have gotten a lot of their bible journaling items and they are great to use.

👤They are so cute in person, I bought them for a friend of mine.

3. Frienda Pieces Multicolor Paperclips Supplies

Frienda Pieces Multicolor Paperclips Supplies

Not only can it be used to clip daily file information, but it can also be used as bookmarks, photo album clips, business card holders and envelope clips. Good material is made of durable STAINLESS STEEL, cute and delicate, not easy to rust and break, you can use them for a long time. The metal paperclips size is about 23 x 20 x 0.79 inch, which is suitable for marking and arranging different files. There are 105 pieces that meet your needs. Good-looking and fashion: the cute heart shape looks simply, but creative and fashion will bring much delight in your studies and work. Multi-functional: you can use different color to identify your documents and paper crafts; Also can be applied as bookmarks and decorative memo clips, money clip, paper holder or letter holder; suitable for students, writer, reader and so on.

Brand: Frienda

👤I got these for my Sunday Class Projects and they only received 83 out of 105. We had to rethink our project because we were working with a lot of children who were excited to use them on their ornaments.

👤These clips are put to ear wires. Just slip them on and move around. It takes under a minute. Unusual earrings are made for teachers, secretaries and friends.

👤I bought these because they were cute. There is a I don't have 5 stars because they are small and it takes some effort to pry the 2 sections apart, as I see clipping papers as an automatic & quickie option.

👤Money can be clipped to a card or a note. I rated the thickness of the clips 5 stars, but note that they are very thin, which was ideal for what I wanted, as there was no bulk after sliding the cards in envelopes. The festive colors are great for happy occasions.

👤Don't waste your time. If you get anywhere near the 105 pieces promised, you'd be lucky. I received a package that had been opened. There was no quality control done before I sent my order. Delivery is delayed due to covid19

👤I love these. These make me happy because I can see the hearts everywhere and the different colors. I would be like the cool kids in class if I had kids. I like them.

👤I bought these for my daily reports. The recipient knew they were from me. It was fun to understand the clips.

👤Adds style and color to my couponing. I had them in case, but I didn't need as many. The case is durable and could be more secure.

👤Delivery was fast and well packaged. There is a The box can be used to keep them in. You need to put them in the box on your own. I like the size and the colors. I colour code different chapters and paragraphs using different colors. There is a They are easy to slip onto the pages and use as line markers. I recommend these to anyone who loves books.

👤I'm always on the lookout for new and eye-catching paperclips and these didn't disappoint. These paperclips are pretty. 3

👤Cute. Excellent quality. Postage is fast. Get a lot of money. If I ever need to purchase again, I would purchase again.

👤I love these! They are slim and look pretty. They are a good price.

4. Medium Paperclips Office School Personal

Medium Paperclips Office School Personal

Lifetime service If you shop with confidence, you will get a full money-back and replacement service on all orders to allow you to test their coated paper clips. The package contains 450 pieces in 28mm,200 pieces in 33mm and 50 pieces in 50mm paper clips. Can be used to mark different types of files. The paper clips are resistant to Rust and are smooth. All sizes of paper clips can be found in a plastic container with 6 separate compartments and easy access. It's also used for daily do-it-yourself, making bookmarks, photo albums, business card holders and envelope clips. You can return your purchase at any time for a full refund.

Brand: Alago

👤I don't know what I would pay for this amount in the store, but I usually only see large packs of either small or large, and I was out of both. I don't like the plastic coated type, but they are not always available. These are what I needed.

👤The paper clips are strong. I would recommend it to anyone. I had a problem with the shipping. It would have been nice if someone taped the container to the wall. The container was not closed properly. A mistake will happen now and then.

👤There were 650 small clips and 50 large ones. The package wasn't completely full or sealed. I needed the large clips and thought I would get all of them. Very disappointing.

👤It's good to have a variety of sizes in paper clips. The way these are organized makes it easy to pick the best one. There's not much to it. If you don't want paper clips to be piled on your desk in a huge mess, you should have this product on hand. It's recommended for people who work with a lot of paper.

👤Either believe it or not. Sometimes I need a paperclip and these serve my needs. They are in a container. They are made to last. A good price. These will last a long time. When I need more, I will buy again.

👤I ran out of paper clips a few weeks ago, but I was too lazy to order them. When you run out of these things, they become useful. I wonder where they go.

👤I use paper clips for a lot more than just clipping paper. I unbend one point and use it to clean my pipes. The cheap coating falls off when you bend the paper clips. I bent one and it got everywhere. There is a If you only want to use these as office supplies, you're fine. I worry about using them for thicker paper since they lead to flakes. I got rid of them because they were so annoying. I didn't want them to be everywhere.

👤It is becoming harder to find clips of medium size. This listing gave the actual measurement of each one. I now have small, medium and large. It is worth the sacrifice for the three sizes. Happy.

5. OWLFAVO Paperclips Bookmarks Supplies Decoration

OWLFAVO Paperclips Bookmarks Supplies Decoration

There are 24 metal paper clips in a cute packing box. 10 rose gold clips, storage, and a transparent box are included in the package. Quality metal material is safe for children, non-toxic, non-fading, strong and durable, ensure long time of usage. A cute diamond ring shape with bright colors and shiny metallic luster brings fun and joy while working or studying. The sturdy USAGE keeps papers securely fastened together and can be used as a bookmark, photo holder, memo clips, calendar markers, etc. Practical small gifts and fun present for co-workers, reading lovers, students, kids and friends. It's ideal for home, school and office.

Brand: Owlfavo

👤Just as pictured. I thought it only had two pieces. The size is in the description. Below is correct. They don't bend or damage your pages. It is possible to clip 5 to 7 pages. Will be buying more shapes soon.

👤The paperclips are not great for large amounts of documents. They are cute. They came in both gold and rose gold. A pineapple sticker was added. The packaging was wrapped in navy paper. It's great for gifts or personal use.

👤Delivery was poor, but no problem with the product. I don't have a doorman. It showed up 3 days later.

👤This item is novelty but not practical for holding more than a few sheets. Is it possible to work better as a book mark?

👤The clips of love look nice in your book. It is important that it is pulled apart correctly. There is a They come in different colors. I'm sure you'll like them.

👤I own a cat themed planner. I wanted the clips to match. They are the same as described and the pictures provided by the seller show it. They hold my notes in place. It is definitely worth every cent.

👤I wanted to make a pendant. I wrapped it in fabric and left it exposed. They turned out to be really cute. It was a fun craft.

👤There are cute paper clips in my office. Exactly what this coffee lover wanted.

6. Medium Binder Paper Clips Inch

Medium Binder Paper Clips Inch

It's suitable for girls, kids, women, students, office workers, designers, secretaries, lawyers, desk-clerks, planners, etc. The clips are made of high quality steel. Colored binder clips make it easier to categorize. It's a good way to keep your photos, papers or bags together. The file binder clips are easy to use. There are 24 metal paper clips in a cute packing box.

Brand: Coideal

👤These little clips are very cute. They are larger than the smallest binder clip and smaller than the medium standard one. The faces are cut out of metal, not painted on, which could cause them to fade over time. I keep them in little bowls all over my house, so I can use them when I want. It's fun. It's cool to use when you have to give someone papers. They always smile.

👤These are cute. I'm a teacher and I wish they came in more colors. I would have preferred a solid clip with a colored face, as opposed to a cutout of the face, because papers get stuck on the mouth cutout if I don't attach them carefully. I know and they're cute.

👤I have three blocks a day and I color code them. It is difficult to find orange clips. I use these to sort papers. Grades need to be entered in a computer, ready to return, etc. The cut outs provide a small amount of cheer. I would call them small, medium, large, or giant. I would like to buy these in a medium version, but they serve a good purpose.

👤It's hard to like food that my students can eat. The students can use the clips immediately and these are a nice gift. They work well when I use them to clip assignments. The cut-out faces are better than the painted-faces of other clips. These faces don't fade. These are a good deal.

👤These clips are great for a variety of uses, not to be confused with the hair salon. Holding a thermometer on the side of a crock pot, organizing stacks of papers, and securing wiring from tech gadgets are some of the things that can be done. The emojis are not painted. If I ever run out of clips, I would buy again.

👤The Friends of the Library used these to put together membership solicitation materials. They are fun, colorful, and attention-getting, and people smile when they see them, as opposed to the plain black clips, which are not noticed. They help bring attention to our group.

👤I have used paper clips for years. These are fun. I have already made a few changes. There is a There are many for a good price. I know that students of all ages will appreciate the clips with happy faces that are included in the clipping papers.

👤I was looking for something that I could clip close some of my food bags and use for my papers, and these were just that. I am very happy with the price.

👤I am happy with these. They do exactly what they need to, but with a different look. Very happy.

👤Binder clips make everyone smile. There is a little bit of silliness among the mundane things.

👤Good quality. Does the job. Good value. And fun.

👤It was very good value for money.

👤These are great quality...

7. DeedyGo Stainless Drop Shaped PaperClips Supplies

DeedyGo Stainless Drop Shaped PaperClips Supplies

You can get 100 beautiful coloured binder clips. The team provides excellent service. The box has 250 drop-shaped paper clips in it. Premium materials with a bright gold color are durable. Cute paper clips are used for many things such as bookmarks, letter holders, documents organizing, decorating wedding invitation, etc. It's easy to carry and use them, they bring fun and convenience to your life. It's suitable for girls, kids, women, students, office workers, designers, secretaries, lawyers, desk-clerks, planners, etc.

Brand: Deedygo

👤They are just paper clips. They are cute! They work the same way as the ones at work. They are cute! Use them the same way you would any other paper clips. But look cute! There is a I am not clipping a ream of paper. I wouldn't with the ones from work. They are just as thick as the ones from work. I will subtract a star from them because they are not rocket science. They are cute! I bought silver ones. I mean what can you say? They are just paper clips. Cute ones!

👤They are what we needed. They were used on my son's wedding invitations. They are thin, so they didn't bulk out the envelope. They were perfect.

👤Absolutely loved them! I didn't know colorful clips were a thing. I bought purple ones to carry along my business documents. They add a cure detail that I am always happy to send my clients. I was happy with the purchase.

👤There is a cute addition to the postcards for the women's event. Who doesn't need more fun paperclips in their lives? It's a good thing.

👤Everyone loves my paper clips. Some clips are tough because they don't have the colored coating. I love these!

👤These are used to clip pictures to a string. The perfect size for the job, they have a more interesting shape and color than traditional paper clips. The order was quickly filled.

👤They mark the paper when you use these unique paperclips. I don't think they are a type of steel, they have been treated with a black coating which rubs off on paper. The tip of the clip could be used to write your name. I won't order them. Someone makes a PAPER clip that marks the paper. The people who make the clips might not have used them.

👤These little clips are a great upgrade over regular paper clips. The advantage is that they don't get entangled with all the other clipped groupings, so they are great for trip planning in particular or any other project where you might have a lot of clipped papers. The feature eliminates the mess that old clips can cause. These clips are improved.

8. Jumbo(1 3 Inch)Paper Rustproof Organizing Multicolored

Jumbo%EF%BC%881 3 Inch%EF%BC%89Paper Rustproof Organizing Multicolored

Smooth wire will not damage documents. Medium and large paper clips. The large size paper clips are perfect for holding more and thicker papers. 2.Rust-resistant anddurable. Smooth surfaces prevent marks on papers, with metal paper clips with vinyl coated for corrosion resistance. Paper clips in various sizes are placed in a plastic container with 6 separate compartments to keep your desk and drawer neat. The purpose is multi. Not only can be used to clip office, school and daily file documents, but also as bookmarks, photo album clips, business card holders and envelope clips. Lifetime service If you shop with confidence, you will get a full money-back and replacement service on all orders to allow you to test their coated paper clips.

Brand: Vinaco

👤The variety in colors made me happy. There was no variety of size for each color. All of the colors were large while the red, pink and white were small.

👤The clips have different colors and sizes, which I like. The silver paper clips stand out because they are solid colors. The red clips leave a faint stain on the paper. If you clip more than 5 pieces of paper, they lose their shape. They loosen with repeated use. I think it is a decent purchase, but avoid the red ones on important documents.

👤I bought the Paper Clip, 450 PCS Vinyl coated paperclips, Rustproof & Nonskid, Medium 1.1" and Jumbo 2 piece office clips for my classroom. The set has both small and large clips. I know the kids will love the stripped vinyl coating on them. A nice container to hold them in. I will use 100 clips this year. Great purchase!

👤I prefer colored plastic dipped metal clips. There is a lot of sizes and colors here. The hard plastic case is a plus. The product is nice.

👤The product came in a container that was sorted by color. The package is made from a thin, flimsy plastic which broke during shipping, meaning all of the paper clips spilled out of their sorted compartments. A small amount of tape would have stopped this from happening. You don't get different size paper clips for each color. All of the colors were large in my package. I would rather have large and small sizes of each color. It seems that the color/size assignment is not consistent from one package to the next, so you can't be sure which large and which small you are getting when you order. The paper clips look like normal colored paper clips.

👤I opened the box after receiving my paper clips. Many clips were missing because the clips weren't fit in the container well because the container was crushed on one side. Several were connected when I took out a paper clip. The same thing happened when I took out another. You want a single paper clip. You don't want to have to un connect them. Some of them were stretched out. There is a These are very cheap. Disappointed. I will return them.

👤I have used coated paperclips in the past. Not so with these. They hold their shape well. They are fun and colorful. They work well for me. They are expensive. A lot more expensive than non-coated paperclips. I don't use a lot of paperclips, so they work for me. These are not original. You may see them being offered by more than one seller, because there is no brand shown on them.

👤Wow.. What a deal. There are many different colored paper clips. The clips are of high quality. You will never need to buy another paper clip in a long time. I use them to color code and clip bills. The handy container has a cover for storage.

👤It is a good value for money.

9. Officemate Giant Paper Clips 99914

Officemate Giant Paper Clips 99914

It's measures 12 x 4.5 x 3.5. The set includes 10 boxes of 100 paper clips each. The size of the paper clip makes it ideal for binding large stacks of paper. DURABLE is made from high quality steel with a bright, corrosive-resistant finish to ensure long- lasting use. Paper clips are perfect for home, school or office use. Smooth wire will not damage documents.

Brand: Officemate

👤There was a box of paper clips. The wire gauge was heavy enough to hold the papers together but not tight enough to rip them apart.

👤The gauge weight of the paper clips was disappointing. They are not as strong as paper clips and are not as flimsy. Everything seems to be more expensive these days. They will work for what I bought them for, but I don't have high hopes of them lasting very long due to their easily bendable level. Will not buy again and will go to the brick and mortar store to get a feel for it. These are not as heavy as an old clip I had on hand.

👤I thought I wouldn't write a review. If you really are going to use these to clip paper, then don't buy them, these guys will slip off the paper, and you'll have to spend $3 more to get the non-. Officemate Giant Non-Skid Paper Clip, 1,000 Clips, 10 Boxes of 100 Each.

👤I will never run out of large paperclips again. I use them a lot, but I learned they were out when I went to different stores. 5 to Amazon!

👤The last bunch of Jumbo/Giant paper clips were a bit thicker. Couldn't find any jumbo paper clips on Amazon. I wanted jumbo paper clips that wouldn't bend.

👤I used to have this type of clips in my office. They were able to hold a lot of papers, and seemed to resist being damaged easily. They were never found in any type of store or office supply, and never had the real name. I was not aware that I was getting ten boxes of them.

👤I apologize for buying these. These are very thin and flimsy. They are not strong and bend easily. I have a lot of paper clips. I didn't know they made weak paper clips, but if you are using them to hold a lot of documents, they will be disappointing. I don't recommend buying this product. If you are looking for a sturdy clip, you should do your homework.

👤There are 1000 paper clips for $7.98. Excellent quality. The price is great. Thank you, Amazon.

👤Géant est un grand, ce sont des trombones. a avait l'air pas mal plus grand sur la photo on the site.

👤Does not get caught up in papers. Sturdy. Big enough to hold the snack bags closed.

10. Binder Assorted Upgrade Combination School

Binder Assorted Upgrade Combination School

It's convenient to store. The binder clips,paper clips and rubber bands set are stored in a transparent plastic box, which saves office space and is clear to choose when needed. It's very suitable for use in offices, schools, and homes. Their binder clips are made of sturdy steel and are rust-proof. superior fixing power is provided by binder clips. binder clips are an excellent way to add a touch of floral and colour into the office, home and school. These adorable binder clips are a great way to make the day brighter. The packaging includes quantity and size to meet daily needs, 1.6 inches 6 pcs, 1.3 inch 6 pcs, 1 inch 10 pcs, 0.75 inches 18 pcs, 0.6 inches 60 pcs, and a total of 100 pcs. You can get 100 beautiful coloured binder clips. The team provides excellent service.

Brand: Mearun Solar

👤I liked the colors, but I was disappointed because there were so many small clips. I was disappointed that the edges were not as well made as others I have used.

👤These are a better alternative to expensive binder clips. They have an additional in-between size that I have not seen in the brand name packs. I still use black clips when I submit professional documents, but in my office I use a lot of different colors for organizing, and I love having different colors for organizing. Another plus for me. These are sturdy and have an excellent hold but are not as strong as the more expensive brands.

👤I like the clips. They come in pretty colors and are tightly held to whatever you're using them for. I have used them to hold fleece liners and toys in my cage and to hold paperwork in my file cabinet. I did a project where I hung a rope on my daughter's bedroom wall and placed some of the smaller colorful clips along it. My daughter has a place to display her artwork. I'm looking forward to finding more uses for them since it's a big bag and good value. If you're looking for a colorful and versatile clip, order them.

👤The binder clips in the package were scratched, leading me to believe that they are not new. I am picky. I expect binder clips to be blemished when I pay for a new product. Very disappointed.

👤My son needs these to keep his schoolwork organized. The binder clips help increase his finger strength. He has discovered that he can hang things on the walls with binder clips and push pins, and that he can make a fort using binder clips to hold fabric in place on his bookshelves. The colors are pleasing to the eye.

👤I did not receive the " 100 PCS" it claimed. When I received my order, the bag was broken and most of the items were missing. I like the clips that I received, they are strong enough to hold my stuff. It would have been a great value if I had received them in good condition.

👤I opened the package. I tried one of the largest clips and it snapped. I didn't have the chance to try and fix it. The others seem to be okay. I didn't go through all of it. Then I will take a few with me to work. I found the one with one wire. It's already been damaged. There is a Only two of the pack are out of it. It doesn't bode well for the future. I will update my review after use.

👤I was hoping for a bigger assortment of clips but without counting the bag that was sent, I can tell you that the majority of clips were the smallest size. If you are looking for a decent amount of medium to large clips, this is not the best option for you.


What is the best product for decorative paper clips?

Decorative paper clips products from Sopito. In this article about decorative paper clips you can see why people choose the product. Mr. Pen and Frienda are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative paper clips.

What are the best brands for decorative paper clips?

Sopito, Mr. Pen and Frienda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative paper clips. Find the detail in this article. Alago, Owlfavo and Coideal are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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