Best Decorative Paper Hand Towels for Bathroom Tray

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1. MDesign Decorative Storage Dispenser Disposable

MDesign Decorative Storage Dispenser Disposable

Keep it going. The towel holder tray is designed to keep disposable guest towels or napkins dry and organized, and to keep clean hands germ-free with disposable paper hand towels that can conveniently be stored in this handy tray that takes very little room at the bathroom Vanity or counter top. The storage is decrepit. The tray is the perfect room accessory, used in powder rooms and bathrooms to provide fresh, clean towels right at your fingertips, and the perfect decorative accent tray for holding candles, room fresheners, and other small accessories that you want to contain for a stylish and organized presentation. Functions and quotient: It's perfect for men and women, and can be placed on bathroom vanities, entryway tables, or dresser tops. The quality construction is made of strong steel metal with a rust-resistant finish and non-skid base. The measures are 9.62 x 5.62 x 1.07 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I order two of these to use. It looks like rust is already forming under the surface after opening them. Look at the inside edge of the photo. I have not used them. They need better quality control before they send out a product.

👤The tray was destroyed by the sticker on the piece. It was very strong. I tried a credit card and dish soap. Nothing would get it off. It was a disaster. I bought two trays and it happened. I really wanted to make this tray work. I hope they will consider selling without the label so that the piece becomes usable. It's so strange.

👤I had previously purchased three other items from this collection, on for nail polish, a soap dispensers, and a canister for cotton balls, and I am in the process of organizing my bathroom. The other items were affordable and still chic. I replaced some of the basic ones from the dollar store with two of these trays. I bought one for my skin care and one for my perfumes because they are meant for towels. There is room for more perfumes on one of them. It will hold medium to large size bottles because I have 11 items on the other inducing micellar water, eye cream, sunscreen, and toner.

👤Exactly as pictured! It feels sturdy and expensive. The bottom has a great texture to prevent it from sliding.

👤I bought this along with hand towels for a party. There were around 60 guests and one bathroom. We wanted to avoid the wet hand towel situation, and this tray did the trick. It holds standard sized disposable hand towels in our bathroom.

👤I bought this in three different finishes: silver, pewter and brown. I had to return the item because the silver started to bubble.

👤Awesome trays! I bought two. There are two for my kitchen and my guest bathroom. I didn't want to put a paper towel holder on the counter tops I just got. This was my answer. They are perfect. They have a slip pad on the bottom.

👤It was simple and modern. The finish on the faucet matches the finish on the other one. The guests used the bathroom and the hand towel was disgusting. I decided to use disposable hand towels for Christmas when I expect more guests. I would like guests to have a clean towel to dry their hands, rather than using the same towel all day. Public restrooms do the same thing except with less attractive holders or towels.

👤Really nice tray! I use it for a candle and some skincare tools. I tried to get the label off with soap and hot water, but the sticky gum stuck to the tray made it hard to get it off.

👤The design of this tray is easy to use. That is to keep bathroom single use hand wiping towels out of the trash. The finished surface lifted from its base and the item was supplied in an imperfect condition. I would have returned the item. I will not be returning the item as we need the tray for immediate use and the problem will be covered by the towels.

2. Rectangle Bathroom Organizer Cosmetics Shampoo White

Rectangle Bathroom Organizer Cosmetics Shampoo White

One pack of L 9'' by W 3.7'' by H 0.43'' and one pack of L 7'' by W 3.2'' by H 0.43'' should be included. Saving Space The tray can help you organize and easily access your jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. Keeping your space disorganized can make it hard to manage your time and space. It is scratch-proof, water-proof, and easy to clean, made from premium ceramic material. It can be used in a wide range of places, including a toilet tank, wash basin, bathroom, Vanity countertop, linen closet, bedside table, kitchen and other places. It is also good for small potted plant and other items to keep things organized. It is 6.3 inches long and 8 inches wide. There is a satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with the products, please contact them.

Brand: Landhope

👤The small tray is very small. It was not wide enough for my standard circular base 12oz soap dispensers, but it did fit a small soap bottle. The dealbreaker was that the tray was too light and not well placed on the counter. The tray would spin if there were no grips on it. It moved too quickly for it to be useful in the kitchen. I will be looking for a tray that is more sturdy. I think it would fit in the bathroom since it looks nice and is small.

👤It was a great size for my countertops.

👤I bought this tray to use under a small sugar and creamer, but it is too narrow. I used this for my hand and dish soap at my sink, and it worked well there. The equality is good for an inexpensive ceramic tray. There was no break in it because it was boxed with another delivery. It is not white. I am learning that there are many shades of white, some are gray, some are ivory, and some are bright white. My countertops are bright white and I'm mixing them together until I find something better for my needs.

👤The trays are not large enough to take up much room on the counter top. They are not a bright white. They are grayish white. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but my counter top is white. It's noticeable.

👤I bought the larger 9” size for my cacti collection. The fit is a bit tight in the larger size, but it holds 3 smaller cacti and one larger plant. I can water my plants without worrying about them leaking or damaging the paint on my sill because it fits perfectly. I ordered a second so that I could add the last 3 plants. Well-made and arrived as expected.

👤The soap bottles are on the kitchen sink. Looks better and more organized. I am ordering more for my bathroom as well.

👤I don't believe in measuring. I bought this used because someone else thought it was small. I'm good with estimates and spacial awareness, but I haven't busted out the ruler yet. The outside dimensions are correct, but this is a tray that has sides that take up space. The herb grinder wouldn't sit flat when I put it on. I was hoping the ceramic would keep the herbs contained and easy to get back to. Since it's sitting sideways, there will be more falling off the plate. I won't be returning it, but I have another use for it. This is small.

👤These are small so not as good a value as I had hoped, and they are well made, but I didn't pay enough attention to the dimensions. Please be aware that they are bright pure white and should be used in a way that is in line with the color you want.

👤The tray is perfect for two 200ml/300ml drinks. I love that it has some weight.

👤The product is described. No issues.

3. Green Fox Stainless Cosmetics Organizer

Green Fox Stainless Cosmetics Organizer

The steel isdurable in use. Size: approximately 9 inches x 3.8 inches x 0.5 inches. Weight: approximately 5.7 ounces. Simple design with clean lines. The mirror polishing process is easy to clean. This tray organizer is perfect for arranging your items. It's used for a wide range of places.

Brand: Warmtree

👤They make my space look clean and organized. It is true to size and can be moved around to your preference.

👤The tray has developed rust spots despite being listed as "stainless steel." I returned my first tray after it rusted, and ordered a new one. There is a This metal tray is the perfect size for 1-2 bottles or skincare containers, so it's too bad. I put it on the bathroom counter. If you use it completely dry, it could work for you. There is a The tray is shipped in a thin plastic bag, loose in a large box, with no padding. I'm pretty sure it bangs around during transit because there were no visible damages when I received them.

👤A lot smaller than pictured. I wanted to use it to hold my tech gear on the coffee table. Only fits 2 controls.

👤Excellent quality and great color. It is just really small and works for what I need it for in the bathroom.

👤The tray is small. I assumed it would be large enough to display hand towels, but it is barely large enough for soaps. There are other items in a lower price range.

👤I opened the mail and was very happy. It is a very strong plate. I have many ideas for a dessert plate. I ordered 4. I will order more.

👤This little tray is great and can be used for a variety of things, keys, jewelry, change, make-up, it could even serve as a personal serving tray on the dinner table. I have a large version of this tray in silver, but I haven't seen this low profile edge in a long time. It's a good idea. It is a perfect size for a seed sifter tray. I can see this being used in a lot of different ways. I am sure I can find uses even if I own many.

👤No se oxida, me Encanto el Metal resistente.

4. IDesign Countertop Bathroom Vanity Organizer

IDesign Countertop Bathroom Vanity Organizer

There are two daemons in this set. Stores and displays items such as makeup, cosmetics, skincare, perfume, body sprays, lotion bottles, jewelry, accessories, and more on bathroom and Vanity countertops. Non-skid and non-absorbent foam pads on the bottom of the trays prevent sliding on wet surfaces. It can be used in the bedroom, closet, office, entryway, or any room in the home that you need additional organization. It was made with rust-resistant steel. It is easy to clean with mild soap and water because the steel construction is durable. They are ideal for adding storage in small spaces.

Brand: Idesign

👤I looked at the stores near me and they all had cheap plastic trays. Then I looked again. 2 trays for $16? They are metal, says the person. Too good to be true? No. These are the same as the one for $12 at that store. Not naming names. I have 2 and it's perfect.

👤These trays are great for keeping small spaces organized. They are light weight but not flimsy with a scratch resistant finish. The rubber tabs on the bottom help protect furniture finishes and keep the tray from sliding around. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I used my trays for guest towels. The trays are a nice size, and the bottoms have a padding or skid free base, so they don't slip or scratch the stone.

👤This is what I needed. I don't like having a lot of water on the counter. I use these trays for various things. I ordered two more so that I can have one in every bathroom.

👤I bought them used. I did not. They were destroyed. They must have been bent over in a previous shipment. Customers should be told when they are used.

👤The bronze finish on the set has a quality look and the price for a pair can't be beat.

👤I was happy to find these trays after changing all my lighting to bronze. I ordered a new set.

👤We have 4 restrooms, one for ladies, the others for the guys. The men's restrooms looked like they'd been washing puppies. I wanted to keep the bottles out of the water. So far, so good. I like the trays.

👤Result tal. The material is bueno porque. No plstico. Ahora perfecto en baos pequeos. Si se mancha de pasta dental, otro lquido. Es un prctica. La compra tienes satisfecha.

👤It looks great on my bathroom counter.

👤Excellent beau, le plateaux...magnifique. élégants...

5. HOSROOME Bathroom Organizer Decorative Entryway

HOSROOME Bathroom Organizer Decorative Entryway

A small storage basket with liner. The basket is made of plastic. No paint. This material is comfortable. It can be recycled and biodegraded, and it won't produce harmful gases after high temperature combustion. The organizing basket is suitable for any environment. It is waterproof because of its strong material. It can be used for a long time. Home Storage Bins are great for cosmetics, books, toys, coins, album, underwear, baby clothes and other small items. It's suitable for your bedrooms, bathroom, living room, closets, shelves or anywhere in the house. There is afect size toilet topper. The toilet basket holder can hold a lot of toilet paper. It's :14.2L*6W*4H inch. The total weight is 2LB. The tank tray is designed to fit on top of the toilet tanks for a handy place to keep bathroom essentials, and the raised sides allow items to be contained.

Brand: Hosroome

👤These baskets are wonderful. Even though I have two toilets, they look great in my bathroom. They are very sturdy, and I love the classy look they provide. They look more expensive than they are. There is a I added fake flowers and a vase from the Dollar Tree. I make my own decor.

👤The perfect size is the rectangle baskets/bins. I use one of the two lined baskets in my bathroom to hold extra toilet paper, wipes, and air freshener, which are readily available when needed. The other basket in the family/loving room is perfect for keeping all of the stuff around my recliner out of sight. There is a basket to hold things. It's easy to keep the items available and stashed as needed. The baskets look great in the kitchen, pantry, kids rooms, etc. The neutral cloth liner is a great addition to any decor.

👤There is a great basket. I am using the bathroom.

👤The baskets are great for storage and have an amazing price. Completely satisfied. When I ordered them, they felt much bigger than the description said. I can use them to store bathroom essentials that are all over my bathroom Vanity. They seem to last a long time. Would order again.

👤This particular shade of grey was perfect for my bathroom decor, and I needed one of these to store TP on the back of my toilet. I used the other basket to hide the power strip and power cables that came with this. Thanks to this, the space is very tidy. The product and value are great. Would recommend.

👤One of my baskets is not perfect, the basket is crooked and doesn't lay flat. The weave colors are off. I sent a question to the seller, but he didn't reply. I will update my post soon. They are not sure what their return preferences are. I don't like to get another set and one be off again. The basket on the left, outer and inner sides are not straight.

👤It looks very well-made and flattering. I have ordered these before in 2020 and they look like I just purchased them. After two years of waiting, I decided it was time to buy another bathroom. I keep these above my toilet. There is a Two purchases were successful.

👤These are too soft of a material and there are many pieces sticking out over the place. The material they used is stretchy, and I can't see it lasting very long. I will keep them for now since I have nothing else to use, but I definitely wouldn't recommend getting them. I've seen lots of wicker baskets, but these are the worst I've ever seen.

👤Looks good. Can fit 2 rolls of toilet paper. I was able to squeeze in a small pot.

👤La tela, lleva las cestas, llegaron super manchadas. Son mucho a humedad.

6. MDesign Plastic Storage Bathroom Countertops

MDesign Plastic Storage Bathroom Countertops

It's designed to keep disposable guest towels/napkins dry and organized, and also great for storing extra bars of soap, lotion or jewelry accessories, built-in handles make it easy and portable so you can move it to where you need it. I am. Functions and quotient: It works great in the main bathroom, powder room, and bedroom drawers. Easy care. Do not place in dishwasher. The construction is made of durable plastic. Each measures 7 x 12 x 1 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤Aaaah! I recently redecorated my bathroom with a rose gold theme and this tray is perfect. If you're looking for a modern look, this upgrade is cute.

👤I use this tray for product photos and it works well. It was an inexpensive option. It seems sturdy, cleans off well and works well as a tray for my beauty and skincare products when I am not using it for pictures. If I needed one, I would buy another one.

👤This tray is very strong. I was surprised by the price. I used it for paper hand towels in the powder room for a gathering, but I kept it for a decorative piece because it was pretty and sturdy. Highly recommended.

👤The tray is in my bathroom. The toothbrush holder I already had matches the gold/brass one I love. I bought a cup holder to hold it. It is easy to keep my countertop items neatly corralled.

👤Absolutely gorgeous in person! They fit a good number of my perfumes and are much bigger than I thought. I got another tray for my skincare and it works with many items. I really like these trays.

👤The guest paper towel holder is simple and elegant. It's perfect for small house gatherings during the Pandemic era, where bathroom use is fraught with risks. It works perfectly for a few towels at a time.

👤I wanted to show off part of my perfume collection and this was perfect.

👤It's very convenient to keep things. I use it for my bathroom. It adds to my decor.

👤The little tray was what I was after.

👤There are some scratches on the rose gold sections, but it is just what I wanted, sturdy and simple with a touch of rose gold to make it slightly unique. It's annoying. If it were perfect, it would be a 5*, but thats why it is only 4 stars.

👤It was very nice and well packaged.

👤Ho comprato questo vassoio! Avevo pura di rovinare il piano, quando poggiavo la bottiglia dell'acqua. There is a Non ingombrante e resistente! L'acqua tende a macchiarsi di calcare ma basta lavarlo spesso! Soddisfatta!

👤La buona presa laterale per spostarlo per il bordo, bello esteticamente e pratico. I colori degli oggetti contenuti e del piano di appoggio trasparente.

7. Whitmor Rattique Small Shelf Tote

Whitmor Rattique Small Shelf Tote

The construction is made of metal and plastic. It is easy to transport with built-in handles. Baskets can be put in closets, storage cubes or on a shelf. The dimensions are 8.25 L x 6.5 W x 4.5 H. Any space in your home or office can be organized by the versatile storage solution from Whitmor. Use for clothing, bath & beauty products, toys, school supplies, and more. It's easy to care for, just wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking good for years to come.

Brand: Whitmor

👤I bought the sea color for my bathroom to hold the toilet paper on top of the tank. It was a good match. I was surprised by the quality of this product.

👤It does fit mega. There is a double roll on the left and a mega roll on the right. The basket does not fit the mega roll well. I like the way it looks on its side. The basket is very well made. It's plastic so I could easily rinse it off.

👤My toddler will be getting a Boo Basket for Halloween this year, it is basically a little Easter basket, boo-style! I wanted something small that I could use in his bathroom the rest of the year. This is better in person. The material is soft and flexible but still rigid and holds it shape. I like the silver handle details. It looks like wicker, but it is more of a plastic material. I found a name tag that hangs nicely. This fits a 9” stuffed animal, an 8.5” doodle pad, some sensory toys, finger puppets, a book, crayons, and a few pieces of candy. Highly recommend this! It is a perfect size to fit on top of a toilet, as a diaper caddy, or as a gift basket. Excellent value and quality! There is a Hope this helps.

👤This is plastic and I like it. It's easy to clean if you need to. wicker or seaweed baskets can break and splinter, but they feel like they will last a long time. I have four of these in this size and a couple large ones. I've used this size in the kitchen to hold all our tupperware and in the night table to hold random stuff. It's great to be able to search for lids with all of them turned vertically. It's good! The color is nice and they look modern or classic.

👤We keep our vitamins and supplements on top of the microwave so that we can use them in the kitchen when the cat is playing 'The Floor is Lava'. The two of us picked up the bottles from the floor while we were thinking how stupid we were for thinking that adding a kitten to the house was a good idea. We needed a basket that held all of the vitamins together and also sat on top of the microwave so that the cats could see the counter. There is a This is sturdy and well-made. The color coordinates well with our walls. There is a The cats have yet to knock over the bottles of vitamins and supplements that are in Performance. We are very happy with our purchase and plan on ordering a larger size to use for an indoor recycling bin. What will end up being another 'fort' for the cats. We like the basket.

👤This is a perfect little basket. I needed to organize my bathroom counter. This fit right. It has a nice look. It did not look like it was cheap.

8. Luxspire Bathroom Countertop Organization Organizer

Luxspire Bathroom Countertop Organization Organizer

High quality. The tray is made from full heat-resisting ceramic and has a high gloss glazed finish. It can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. It looks very simple and elegant because of the irregular marble texture surface and golden lines on the edge. Save space. This tray is perfect for arranging your jewelry, candles, rings, earrings, hair ties, and other everyday essentials, and keeps your table clean and tidy. Its large capacity and thick and sturdy ceramic texture make it a good choice for holding items without taking up too much space or moving carelessly. It's perfect for any room, you can use it as a display tray for jewelry in the bedroom, a paper clip in the office, perfume, toothbrushes, and lotion in the bathroom, or as a tray for food in the kitchen. The perfect size is 8.66" x 4.72" x 0.98" (22 x 12 x 2.5 cm). It is suitable for most families. It's great for keeping your jewelry, keys, and bracelets safe. It's perfect to protect your items, countertops and surfaces. It will be a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for There is a note about this. Each tray is unique due to the handmade craftsmanship and may be different from the picture.

Brand: Luxspire

👤This is a small tray. It is not small. It is small. If that is what you are looking for, this is it! It can comfortably hold 8 small perfumes. I posted two photos, one filling it up 75% and the other 90%.

👤I bought the smaller size first because it was too small to hold all my perfumes, but I liked the look and quality of the larger one. The larger one is the perfect size for me. I used the smaller for a few things on my drawer. The trays look expensive. They add a nice touch.

👤I know it is a tray. I use it for my office desk and it is cute. It is perfect for pens, paper clips, binder clips, post-its and other items. It makes my desk look a little more fancy. They are so expensive in stores that it is definitely a great price. Highly recommended!

👤This is a very pretty design. It's not easy to clean if you use it as a decorative sink caddy. It's heavy and breakable when you remove the water pools, so you have to be careful.

👤I wanted the marble tray to hold upscale bathroom hand soap and lotion. It was the perfect choice. My bathroom faucets are gold/brass colored and it's difficult to find accessories in that color anymore, everything is chrome or pewter, the narrow gold border gives it an elegant look. The tray was small and didn't take up a lot of space on the counter, and it came with little self-adhesive cushions to put on the bottom. The product arrived in just two days.

👤My tray is all white. There is no marble look shown.

👤It was great to put items on in the bathroom.

👤I felt that the trays could break easily, I found that they wouldn't stand up to the test of time.

👤The photos are not accurate. It was very small. It doesn't look luxurious. I was a little disappointed.

👤I wanted something to organize my routine essentials so they were at hand while at the wash basin yet didn't look messy or unpleasing to the eye, this certainly fit the brief and is very pleased with the quality, it lays flat and doesn't rock, the lip is just right

👤Unfortunately it had chips and wasn't in the best condition.

👤It was perfect on my bathroom.

9. Decorative Towels Silver Disposable Linen Feel

Decorative Towels Silver Disposable Linen Feel

SimuLinen has the best quality and recycling available on the market. They use only the best raw materials. At SimuLinen, they care about the environment and only make products that can be recycled. The set comes with 200 decorative paper towels, each one carefully crafted with an incredibly soft fabric material that feels just like real linen and lets you provide your guests with premium comfort and luxury. The soft material in their guest towels can be used for an entire meal without being torn or worn down. They make drying your hands easy. The dinner was held in the Royal Silver Ballroom. The napkins have a silver design on their lower halves. They are perfect for formal banquet, anniversary, and wedding napkins. The disposable guest towels make it easy to clean up after a party. The decorative hand towels are made from completely eco-friendly material and are disposable after use. The perfect size for guests to use as a makeshift bib, a lap towel, bathroom washcloth, or as a general handkerchief, is their disposable dinner napkins, which measure 8.5 x 4-inches folded and 12 x 16.5-inches unfolded.

Brand: Fete

👤We bought these for our family to use during a 4th of July vacation. Birthday guests were able to have fresh towels for each hand wash with these paper guest towels. Our oldest daughter found that they were so absorbent that we could cut them in half for our family vacation, making them even more economical. I will use them for everyday use now that we're back home, because they are perfect for limiting cross-contamination. I'll order again.

👤It is very absorbent and durable. The display for guests was good. It is difficult to grab with wet fingers. It's perfect for turning off the faucet and wiping up splashes.

👤I haven't used them yet. I know from setting them out that they aren't as soft as I got from a different store. They are pretty and should work well. Not quite as soft.

👤The towels arrived quickly. They are absorbent, durable and nice. I have purchased through Amazon and it is less expensive and better quality than those I have purchased from Home Goods, Marshall's and TJMaxx.

👤We needed a way for everyone to stay away from each other at the baby shower. I bought the hand towels to make sure no one else touched anything. They look great with our green/silver theme. They are very soft. I haven't used them yet. The delivery was very quick and the service was great. They will do the job well.

👤The towel is too long for a napkin holder. It doesn't lay flat. The first 20 towels were fine, but the rest have a black streak. It was flawed. I should have been told I was buying a defect. They are cheaper in price.

👤This product is absorbent. All my guests wanted to know where I got them. They were much larger than my Prime Rib Dinner. The talk of the evening was the hand towels. I recommend this product very much. I suggest stocking them up.

👤The hand towels keep everyone happy when friends or co-workers use the bathroom. In a private home where cloth guest towels are usually used, having an alternative gives guests and home owners another level of safety and protection. If people have to use the bathroom, having single use paper towels to dry hands is a great idea.

👤The gold color was not what was expected. Happy that my order arrived on time.

10. Luxspire Storage Bathtub Bathroom Organizer

Luxspire Storage Bathtub Bathroom Organizer

Save space. The tray is perfect for holding your items without taking up a lot of space on your furniture. Also, note: Clean with a damp cloth or water. STURDY AND DURABLE. The tray is easy to clean and scratch-proof. Just wipe with a damp cloth. This tray is lightweight and portable, it can be moved at any time and you can store plant or decoration items on it. There are multi-purpose uses. This tray is suitable for many places, such as balcony, bathroom, Vanity countertop, linen closet, bedside table, kitchen and other places. The size is 1.18" and is 29 x 20 x 3 cm. Each product is handmade. The size and crafts will be different. Please prevail.

Brand: Luxspire

👤It will do what I expected. The plastic is decent and it's not very tall. The feet are on porcelain and could use some grip. My fiancée asked me why I bought the cocaine tray. I'm going to decorate it. Will add pictures.

👤Great product! It was the perfect size for my bathroom Vanity.

👤Cute tray! It works well, but is a little smaller than I would like. It will be easy to clean. The tank is porcelain so it slides around easily, but the real issue is that it is glossy acrylic. I used a small amount of hot glue to affix each foot, and spread it thin with a butter knife, to give it more traction and keep it in place. It's easy to fix.

👤I wanted to place a small tray underneath the soap and dish sponge. Some reviews said that the tray looked cheap and similar to marble. I'm glad I took a chance because of the free return option. The quality of the dish is good. I'm picky and it exceeded my expectations. The tray is very heavy and it looks like marble. The polished stone looks glossy, just like this tray, which is why some reviewers say it looks fake. The "regular" colors have a sheen similar to marble. The "gravel white" has a matt finish and looks more like a stone. Even though they are not real stone, the options look like it. I had to hold the car keys and the soap in the bathroom. You can't tell if the tray is stone because it's on different granite counters. The gray color looks like polished stone, but it is not real marble. Unlike marble, which can chip, this doesn't seem to be damaged or scratched. We have only been using them for about two weeks, but we have not had any scratches. Hopefully they will stand up. They are worth it for this price.

👤I love this piece. It's perfect for the bathroom. It is easy to wipe clean and doesn't leave marks on the marble.

👤Not white or yellow. The pattern has visible seams on one side and part of the other. It is worth $13, but the seller reached out to me for a replacement. The one I ordered is out of stock and I don't know when it will be in. I was able to work with the seller. The seller was professional and quick. There were no complaints.

👤It's really good for the price. It's not real marble so it looks like plastic. I would've liked it to have more marble effect, but it still does its job of keeping my bathroom organized.

👤It was the perfect size and fit perfectly on my window sill, I bought it for another use and it was too big for the shelf, but I was impressed. I went with my all white bathroom and it feels plastic but I'm only using it as a decor piece.

👤I was looking for a black tray to hold the candle and hand lotion in my bathroom. I wanted to re-create the luxury style that you see in good hotels, so when I heard about this, I thought it was perfect. It's a glossy tray, perfect size and nice weight, which makes it feel expensive, but I can't be more impressed. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend.

11. FREELOVE Stainless Cosmetics Organizer Decorative

FREELOVE Stainless Cosmetics Organizer Decorative

Food grade steel. There are trays for dried fruit, snacks, guest towels, tea set, jewelry, perfume bottles, hair brushes, cosmetics and bathroom accessories. The spray painting surface treatment keeps the paint dry. A good tray for your table. One pack of L 9'' by W 3.7'' by H 0.43'' and one pack of L 7'' by W 3.2'' by H 0.43'' should be included.

Brand: Freelove

👤This is not a serving tray. There is a trinket tray. It's my fault that I didn't look for the specifications, but it's only 8 inches by 8 inches. The serving tray could be used to carry in and out from your grill. A large mouse family could use it as a party barge, or a full size human could use it to carry around a single bread plate or 2, 4 inch margarita glasses, unless that is a grill for a hobbit, a smaller elven family, or a single child living alone. It's funny.

👤I liked the product at first. I have had it for 2 months. It's not holding up very well. The black is peeling off after being washed. It will be just silver metal in no time. It won't last since it's not worth the money.

👤It was smaller than expected. The plate is used for my coffee scooper.

👤We use these in our bathroom as a soap dish and on the counter as a catch all dish. These have not been damaged by the humidity or the water. These look great. Fantastic product!

👤I wanted a cute little tray for my kitchen counter. It rusted within a week of owning it. We had a hand soap pump and scrub brush. It was the right size and thin, but now it is rusted and useless. I have to keep it on my countertops. This was a waste of money.

👤This is not as big as I thought. I wanted to use the biggest one for a mail tray on my hall tree, so I was hoping it would be a bit wider. The one shown is the largest and the one shown is the smallest. It is bad that I only look at the length and not the width because it still looks fine.

👤They are accurate. I use the rectangular tray to keep lipgloss and other small items from rolling off my desk. It's all about that. There is a You won't be putting towels on these.

👤These are very small. I use them on the bathroom counter as a tray for my face wash. It works well. It looks classy if the bottle gets wet and the drips don't get all over the counter. They would work on a nightstand for glasses or jewelry. Can't imagine what kind of food these would be.

👤La descripcin tiene son chicas. It was lo. No me gust, no me pintura.

👤Amigos, amigos, amigo Para combinar con artculos de bao.


What is the best product for decorative paper hand towels for bathroom tray?

Decorative paper hand towels for bathroom tray products from Mdesign. In this article about decorative paper hand towels for bathroom tray you can see why people choose the product. Landhope and Warmtree are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative paper hand towels for bathroom tray.

What are the best brands for decorative paper hand towels for bathroom tray?

Mdesign, Landhope and Warmtree are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative paper hand towels for bathroom tray. Find the detail in this article. Idesign, Hosroome and Mdesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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