Best Decorative Paper Towel Holder Countertop

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1. OXO SimplyTear Standing Brushed Stainless

OXO SimplyTear Standing Brushed Stainless

Madamelique kitchen hand towels are made in Turkey and pre-washed to make them softer and more durable. They are fade and shrink resistant. The paper towel edge is not accessible if you tear a single piece. The arm locks open for loading and stability. Any size or brand of paper towels can be accommodated in the freestanding paper towel holder. The brushed steel is 7 inches in diameter and 13 inches high. The package weighed 2.01 pounds.

Brand: Oxo

👤I bought one in 2010. It was great. The whole thing weighed in at 2 pounds 10 ounces. There is a The new model I bought is 13 ounces. It's too heavy to pull on the towels. Grr...

👤I bought a paper towel holder in February and was satisfied. Only when there is a brand-new full roll of paper towels is it possible to allow one-handed access. The whole unit spins when you try to tear one off. There is a The one-handed benefit was rendered meaningless after the spring mechanism in the arm failed. I wouldn't be repurchasing a paper towel roll of $25 because I would expect a longer life.

👤The first two thirds of the roll work as advertised, but then the pressure is not enough to hold the roll while you tear a towel off. If you don't place a finger on the roll or the pressure plate, it won't tear off cleanly and you'll end up with more towels than you wanted. There is a There is still a caveat at the beginning of the roll when the device is working as it is supposed to. If you want to tear off the towel with one hand, you need to align the towel just beyond the pressure plate. I've tried many devices to get the desired result and this one is the closest to actually working. The problem is not solved by the system being tightened as it gets closer to the end of the roll, but by the fact that you can't pull the towels out without using both hands. This one doesn't tighten the roll, but the pressure plate doesn't get tighter, which is the problem. I don't think there is an ideal solution to this problem.

👤Excellent holder! The extra large paper towels are held. Works as advertised. I was using an inexpensive holder at work and a full roll wouldn't fit. This is perfect! It works great, and it works better than the expensive paper towel holder we keep around the house for cleaning.

👤I bought both to try. The Oxo would have been better than anything I've had before. The Oxo is a better place to fit and finish. The finger loop on top of the Simplehuman is something I will miss. I tried to get both of them to accept the largest roll. Neither are very reliable at one-handed operations. I thought Simplehuman would win at one-handed tearing because it weighed half a pound more, but the base of the Simplehuman is 5 small rubber dots on the bottom, which is the same as the Oxo's ring. It's easy to tip the Simplehuman up onto one side of the pentagon where the steel edge of the base touches the counter and the rubber dots cause the base to slide across the counter instead of staying put for a solid tear. Both good and neither perfect.

👤Good luck. It was broken just past the return date. The arm wouldn't lock in the position to load the towels. An annoyance, not really that big of a deal. It took two people to remove the towels. The towel holder would barely turn after something inside broke. I found a piece of black plastic after taking it off the counter. I'm out $24 because I'm back to setting the paper towels on the counter by myself. The product was bad.

2. Blue Donuts Paper Holder Countertop

Blue Donuts Paper Holder Countertop

The package weighed 2.01 pounds. The paper towel holder is 13 inches by 6.5 inches and has a polished chrome finish. The paper towel is easy to tear. The paper towel roll holder is easy to use, it allows you to tear one piece of paper towel with one hand, without leaving the whole roll un-roll. The paper towel holder is easy to load and can hold any brand of paper towel. This paper towel holder is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom because it has a non-tip base. The Farmhouse Design Paper Towel Stand has smooth lines and is unique.

Brand: Blue Donuts

👤I already have the silver one in my kitchen, but I wanted the black one for our dining room because it was too wide, and it must've been a manufacturing defect because the middle section is too wide. It will stretch out a standard roll of paper towel if the middle is more than 2 inches wide. The paper towel roll won't spin freely, making it impossible to use one-handed. The bottom of the picture does not match the bottom of the listing for this product because the middle is turning up sooner.

👤There is a lack of rotation because the middle post is too wide for a paper towel tube. Poor design in that area. I don't recommend this product.

👤The center post is too wide and stretches a standard paper towel tube to the point where it can't turn. It'd take both hands to adjust the roll in order to use the tear-off bar for the next piece, so it's useless as a dispenser. I'll give it that it is sturdy and nice. If they were the right size, they would've been nice for the purpose.

👤The part that goes inside the paper towel tube is too wide so the roll won't spin. It's so light that it would be hard to use one hand because the whole holder would move with it. There is a It is sturdy enough to not collapse on itself, so that is the only thing that is going for it. It was pretty worthless. Save money and time.

👤I bought this because it was too wide for a standard roll of paper towels. Why? I was buying it for something else. This was half the price and twice as good looking as the cheap acrylic holders that were sold here, and I was actually buying it to hold scrunchies in my bathroom. But. Keep looking if you want this to hold your paper towels. The towels wouldn't turn when you pulled it because it stretched the roll. The holder failed miserably.

👤The pole that the paper towel is mounted on seems to be a typical size, and the outer stabilizing piece seems a bit larger. I put the paper towel on the product when I got it a few minutes ago. It stretches the towel core so that it can't turn as you pull a sheet of paper. The shorter outside piece is the same size as the paper towel pole. I tried squeezing it to make it more narrow, but it didn't work. It is too cheap to return it. I wanted to leave a review for others. Don't buy this one. I don't understand who thought this was smart. I am annoyed.

👤The metal bars in the middle of the paper towel roll were too wide to fit in the carboard tube. The paper was hard to use because it didn't roll nicely. Even with pliers, the metal was too strong to bend. I returned it because I wanted to give it back.

3. Vintage Metal Holder Kitchen Bathroom

Vintage Metal Holder Kitchen Bathroom

The vintage coffee gold paper towel holder is decorative and practical. It is traditional handicrafts. Their paper towel holders are painted. The color characteristics of imitation rust. The metal paper towel holder is made of cast iron material which is Rustless, Fastness, Wear-resistant, Heat-resistant,Stable shape, Strong tension, and Long service life. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The attractive leaves pattern heavy towel paper holder with a non-slip mat is more stable and prevent kitchen table scratch, slid. Using traditional cast iron techniques has a unique artistic style. A gift as well. The paper towel holder is easy to load and tear. It's easy to load the holder. Carefully engineered for tear roll paper. A heavy paper towel holder is not moving when a paper towel is torn off. Fall in love with this paper towel holder. It's perfect for Christmas, thanksgiving, and gifts. Their concept is to protect and care for your kitchen. Please email them any questions at Amazon. They are always at your service.

Brand: Jogreful

👤This is a great vintage paper towel holder. It is what I was looking for. If there is such a thing, it holds my rolls of paper towels perfectly with a little extra room for an even larger roll. I don't have to remove the top to refill. One of the top reasons I was looking for a new holder was because I was tired of having to do that with my last one. The holder has rubber feet on the bottom to help secure it in place and is classy looking. I am happy.

👤I am sad that this arrived today. This is very disappointing for the price. The towel holder is covered in a brown paint called bronze. Even though I paid $25 for the item, it looks cheap because the paint is not even evenly distributed. There are cheaper items that look better. When selecting a towel holder, be careful. I don't know if the quality was better before, but it's very poor now.

👤My friend likes paper towels. There are rolls of them all over the house. They are not on paper towel holders. When I wash my hands in his bathroom, I have to use the roll of paper towels with wet hands to get one off. He uses cloth-like paper towels that stick to each other and this is frustrating. I bought him a giraffe shaped paper towel holder two years ago. He doesn't use it for paper towels. I bought a less decorative one last year and he used it as a door stop. I put this one in his bathroom when I went over to visit. I went back two weeks later and was surprised that it still had paper towels on it. I'm not sure if he just didn't notice, or if he now accepts that paper towels should be held, but I'm happy with the result. It is big and heavy.

👤I decided to go with bronze cabinet hardware for our white cabinets because I bought this paper towel holder. This one is strong. It was as close to bronze as I could get. There were other bronze paper towel holders, but they had to remove something to add or remove the roll. The paper towel holder slips over the cute leaf. I bought bronze spray paint and it matches perfectly.

👤A child is painted by a squirrel.

👤I didn't want to take it out of the bag as I could see the paint had 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I took it out and it was all over my hands. It looked like rust but I should have checked the other reviews before buying. I'm pretty sure it's paint. I will return this.

👤This paper towel holder is beautiful. We needed three for our new home, but just ordered one as some reviews said the paint was still wet or not done well. The brown one I received was perfect, so I ordered two more. The two that arrived were in perfect condition. There is a The brown paper towel holder with the leaf top and ironwork base is a great companion for our antique bronze faucets. The towel holders allow for easy removal of towel sheets and the paper towel rolls can be slipped over the leaf top. Each time a new roll was needed, the towel holder had to be removed and replaced. When in a hurry, one doesn't want to mess with the extra steps.

4. Colonial Tin Works Chicken Holder

Colonial Tin Works Chicken Holder

A pole in the center holds your paper towels while they feed through a slit in the side. Lift the lid and feed the paper towels out of the slit. A great accent for the kitchen. Paper towels are not included. 612 inches in diameter and 13 inches in height.

Brand: Colonial Tin Works

👤I was very disappointed when I received this. I don't think it's worth the price. It was made very cheaply and is not for use. It's hard to get paper towels out of the small slot. We thought it would be more useful if we just opened the holder and took the entire role out to get one sheet. I could have made this at home.

👤I should have read the other reviews. It's too small for a standard roll of towels. It was returned.

👤This looks great in my kitchen. The idea of it is amazing. The paper towel is hard to fish through. I don't know how long it will last in my house before we throw it out the window. I think that's correct.

👤Terrible. You have to open the paper towel every time you lose it in the cage to get another. The design of the lid is terrible. It is hard to get it lined up each time because it is in the middle of the paper towel hole. It makes getting a paper towel a lot of work. Not worth it.

👤It's difficult to get the paper towel roll in.

👤I buy the super rolls of paper towels and they won't fit in the holder. When I bought it, I didn't think about that.

👤My cats destroy my paper towels. It serves its purpose, but is a bit expensive. I hadn't noticed it before, but there is a slot to feed the paper towels out of so that you can use them without having to take them out of their prison. I think it's worth the price because my cats are no longer able to create as much paper towel waste.

5. Spectrum Diversified Twist Holder Nickel

Spectrum Diversified Twist Holder Nickel

Modern metal works add a stylish twist to your bathroom. The graceful arcs and subtle twists make your storage and organization beautiful. It is easy to grab a napkin when you need to dry your hands. It can be placed in the master bath or the guest suite. There is a perfect accessibility for the bathroom. As water and humidity encourage sliding, the hefty organizers will stay in place. The base keeps your items out of the water. There are perfume bottles, hair care products, hand soap pumps, and more in the organizers. STURDY STEEL is a design. The paper towel dispensers will last. The thick-gauge steel wire does not bend easily, and the smooth welds will not puncture or tear paper towel. Metal construction is heavy enough to stay in place and light enough to move easily when needed. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤This is correct to picture. Bronze is nice. It is not what I expected. It is large. I will keep it because it seems well made, looks nice, and works well in my bathroom. You can't beat this price.

👤Since the wires are too thin to attach pads, I added hot glue to each corner to make them "feet".

👤This is a tray. I keep the folded paper towels in it. I wanted paper towels for drying my hands, but the rolls were not available. I was able to find folded paper towels. I searched for something better while they sat in the plastic bin. The finishes in my bathroom match this one. It's pretty. I can use several types of paper towels in this tray. I'm happy I found it. Sturdy. It is durable. It's decorative.

👤I have been buying dinner napkins that are the same size as guest towels, so I started looking for a bigger holder. I saw this one and ordered it. I'm very happy. It is the perfect size for dinner napkins and looks great sitting on my countertop.

👤During the Covid 19 Frequent, I used this to hold tri fold paper towels. Hand washing and drying. There is a The open ended shape holds a lot of towels and it looks great in my countertop. It would look great in a bathroom. It is lightweight and sturdy.

👤I like the way it holds the towels. I had to use a cabinet "bumper" to level it out because it is not level. I couldn't return it because of the time I received it, and I didn't expect a replacement for a while. It's too bad, but it's perfect for my needs. That wobble makes me crazy.

👤This is better on my kitchen and baths counter than the large rolls of paper towels. It was also much cheaper. I buy a box of towels from Sam's Cluc that fit the holders and last my family for 4 months at a time.

👤The Fete Guest Hand Towels work well with this holder. It makes it easy for guests to pick a towel after washing their hands by keeping the towels off the sink countertop. I didn't want guests to reuse cloth towels. The towel holder is small and doesn't take up a lot of room.

👤I have never seen anything like it before. Where did the compliance check take place? 1 star is too much.

👤Mano desechables tienen venitas, pero estamos ahora.

👤Me gust el modelo.

👤Idéntico a lo, pero sper bonito!

👤La calidad no es tan, funcionan. en la base.

6. InterDesign Twigz Holder Kitchen Countertops

InterDesign Twigz Holder Kitchen Countertops

The nautical paper towel holder can be used in the kitchen. The paper is free-standing. The paper towels are kept by the sink and can hold standard, mega, and jumbo sized rolls. The raised base keeps paper towels clean and dry until they are ready to use. Simply slide a roll onto the holder to set it up, it's easy to use. It was made with rust-resistant steel. A variety of decor styles can be matched with theDecorative botanical design and bronze finish of the steel construction. It is 7.5" x 7.5" x8" and is ideal for small spaces on countertops.

Brand: Idesign

👤While this holder is large, a roll of paper towels is too large for it to hold, as well as being too large in general. I only purchase Kirkland towels, so it is useless.

👤It's gorgeous. It's heavy, well-made, and pretty. There is a It's scratching my counter. It's really sad. It was a lot cheaper than other ones. It is lovely in my bathroom style. I put paper towels under it to protect the counter. I look at it a lot and think, "Why are you so beautiful but damaging my counter?"

👤I plan to buy the bowl now that I see how gorgeous the towel holder is. A great design at a great price. There were some questions about the color and I wanted to add a photo. It is perfect on my tile. It would not look like black if it were true. I bought the fruit bowl and I'm thrilled with both items.

👤I don't like paper towel holders. The paper towels don't come off the roll. The holder is pretty and stylish. On our island, it looks good with a similar basket. I thought it was a fruit basket, so I need to read it more carefully. I might paint it black with spray paint. The paper towels come off easily because it is a good weight and size. If it had been black, this is what I was looking for. It is. I would have bought it anyway. And did it. I will use the color as I see fit. What an inexpensive item can do to make a kitchen look better.

👤I wanted to put paper towels in my guest bathroom because of the Covid virus. I found the holder. It is the same as the bronze fixture on the sink. I put felt pads on the bottom of the counter to keep it from scratching it. I put a standard paper towel roll in it. It is easy for kids to use. I would work in your kitchen as well. I would recommend it.

👤We put our paper towel rolls on the counter. If you spilled water on the bottom, it would be a disaster. The cats would tear a roll apart in the middle of the night. Our approach wasn't working. I found this item and love it. It's easy to pull off a towel from a paper towel roll. It's great looking and great quality. I am giving it as a gift to a friend because I like it so much. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this when I got a new oven that wouldn't fit under the one I already had. I was worried that it would slide around, but it is heavy enough to hold up when tearing off a sheet. It is very artistic.

👤It's a paper towel holder. Not much to think about here. The only thing worth pointing out is that if you put a large roll of paper towels in, it will get stuck on the little wire designs. Only smaller rolls that had been used down to the point that it doesn't come in contact with the sides worked well. It was a little annoying at first, but I was able to work around the issue.

7. MyGift Kitchen Countertop Holder Condiment

MyGift Kitchen Countertop Holder Condiment

Fall in love with this paper towel holder. It's perfect for Christmas, thanksgiving, and gifts. Their concept is to protect and care for your kitchen. Please email them any questions at Amazon. They are always at your service. The towel bar and storage shelf are designed to bring organization and style to your bathroom or kitchen. It's perfect for holding disposable paper towels or cloth towels. Hang a roll of paper towels from the bar. Hang a hand towel from the horizontal bar. The dimensions are 12.5 W x 15 H x 8.25 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤I found this gem on Amazon after endless trials and errors. It had to be polished, literally. I dropped a star because of the scratches on the shelf, but they were easily hidden with black paint. I didn't ask for an exchange. I put black felt pads under each foot so it wouldn't scratch the countertop, and the item didn't wobble after assembly. There is a The main selling point for me was that I wouldn't have to install a holder under my cabinets. There is a The item was easy to put together and I was happy to see it could fit under my kitchen cabinets and still allow room for my coffee Pod jars with a full roll of Costco paper towels on. You have to remove the wrapping before you can get the paper towels. I put it on in the picture as a reference to the roll's size. Paper towels are easy to reload. I can stop searching for paper towel holders.

👤Sturdy, functional, doesn't take up a lot of space, and appealing. It's easy to put together.

👤It looks great in my kitchen because it saves space. A light, one-handed tug on a paper towel can result in half a roll coming out at high speed. One way to get around this is to tear rapidly to the side, but the surest way is to hold the roll down and tear off the towel with one hand. If you put the paper towels in the tray and turn them around so that the end comes out the back, it's behind the salt shakers. It's still a nice item.

👤Came with very little packaging. There is a There are pros and cons. The threading and screws seem to be easy to strip if force is applied too much. The holder did not sit level and this can happen if you don't treat assembly with kid gloves. There is a Don't look for a package of screws because the screws are already in the holes. There is a When you take out the screws, make sure to reference the holes that came out of them. I put the screws on the back and made sure they were straight and level. I put a tire on a car in a criss cross pattern and it worked great. There is a It's level.

👤Very cute! It works perfectly in our kitchen. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because you need to be careful pulling off the paper towel, the whole thing will move if you pull to hard. The snubbers are on the front and back legs.

👤The item was a complete piece of junk. There were small bits of metal in the packaging which got everywhere when trying to unpack the item... I don't know where they were coming from. The main shelf was damaged and the screw heads on the underside of the shelf were stripped. I will not be ordering a replacement.

👤The shelf is pretty nice. It was easy to assemble. I took off one star because one leg is short. I fixed it with a shim, but still I expected better. The person mentioned that it was difficult to remove and replace the towel bar because of the large gap at the bottom of the spiral.

8. Mud Pie Farmhouse White Washed Pedestal

Mud Pie Farmhouse White Washed Pedestal

Measures 16 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The mango wood paper towel holder has a beaded wood detail. The piece is broken for storage. A white-washed mango wood paper towel holder has a beaded detail.

Brand: Mud Pie

👤I only give this 3 stars because of the look. It is not worth $35. I had to glue the balls back into place and then stick the towels in place because they fell over. I have had to glue more balls back into place and the stick barely stays on, since then. There is a It is pretty but low quality and overpriced.

👤The paper towel holder is very cheap. I was expecting more for the $35 price tag. The stick thing that keeps the paper towel from flapping over was very flimsy. One of the beads was about to fall off. This was right out of the box as well. It is pretty but not practical.

👤The paper towel holder is so light that you have to hold it when pulling off a paper towel or it will fall over. If you want a paper towel holder for looks, but not for use, I love it.

👤This was a waste of money and it was not cheap. The whole post went in the opposite direction when it arrived easy to assemble, but it was a Christmas gift from my husband. It was not worth the price. When it was sitting on the counter, it looked broken and ended up going to the hobby lobby, which had the same design style and made it 100% better. The one from the lobby was $19.99.

👤Not long enough to hold a regular size paper towel roll. It is not straight. I was excited about this and so disappointed.

👤I received mine today and it is lovely. The beads were loose in one area, but when I put the two post on, the little one was straight, but the large one was a bit unbalanced, so I straightened it up, and it looks great and is sturdy. I was happy to know that I don't need to remove the large post to replace the roll. I am very happy with my order. This is a beautiful item.

👤It was perfect! It was charming and functional. I love it!

👤I've been looking at this paper towel holder for a while and it matches my decor so well that I've been looking at it for a while. I held off on buying because of the mixed reviews. There were no design flaws, it came packaged well, and nothing was falling off or broken. The paper towel roll fits over the top of the holder so you don't have to remove it when you need it, and it fits perfectly, we use bounty essentials paper towels. It is taller than your standard paper towel holder and barely fits under my cabinets, but it does fit without touching them. Overall, very happy with the purchase! If you are on the fence like I was, just do it! Don't let the negative reviews scare you!

👤I read all the reviews that were positive when it was delivered, but when I put my paper towel roll on it, it looked like a 800-361-3020 It is too small. Half of the top decorative knob is covered. The paper towels are a standard length. I had to hide it under my counter because it took away from the look. It is useless as a decorative piece.

9. Home Basics Lattice Collection Turquoise

Home Basics Lattice Collection Turquoise

The best christmas gift is a lovely and uplifting one. The paper towel holder from Home Basics can be used to keep a paper towel handy. It is adorned with an ornate lattice pattern and has an elegant touch to the counter. Weighted design to endure the daily wear and tear of everyday use with an ornate lattice pattern to add a touch of elegance. A design can be displayed on a table or countertop.

Brand: Home Basics

👤A double size roll of Bounty is held by a beautiful color and great quality. The product is of a quality and as shown.

👤The papertowel holder is pretty and stylish, but it's light. Due to it's weight, you can't use it one handed. I decided to go back to the papertowel holder that I passed along.

👤The packaging in the box was terrible. Someone threw this in a plastic bag, threw it in a shipping box, and added 4 shipping bubbles. There was still a lot of space in the box. Why would you take this apart? The hidden rod had the center rod attached to it. The paint on the base of the rod was removed after they realized they needed to screw together. I spray painted the whole thing a different color because the paper towels would cover it. There is a The rubber feet were great for the granite countertops. I put on glue. I hope they stay. There is a The weight isn't heavy enough to pull one hand. I use two hands regardless as I am clumsy. There is a It allows air underneath. My counter gets wet easy, and this allows the towels to dry. There is a It is a 4 star purchase.

👤Quality construction and looks great, but... The retention post is too close and prevents the roll from spinning. The rubber caps on the base could fall off if you drag it across the counter top. Buy with caution.

👤Beautiful color. Very strong. The extra big rolls don't fit right for the husband. I am happy with it.

👤I should have returned it immediately, but I waited so long to make it work that my husband threw it away. It was a little rusty when it arrived and I realized it wasn't study. The middle tube is not strong enough to hold it up, and the long pole through it is not long enough to hold it up. It didn't work out from the beginning. I needed a roll holder and this one didn't hold up. Save money.

👤The paper towel holder was sent to Amazon in a box that was too large and the little rod for ripping paper towels was not tight enough. I returned the first one and contacted the seller for the second. The seller's customer service was excellent and they are sending me a new one. I don't think this will deter anyone from ordering, I think this was specific to whoever packed them in my area's warehouse. It is sturdy enough for one handed use, and it holds the large rolls easily.

👤I ordered two of these for Christmas. If it weren't for shipping problems, they would have been nice holders. One of them was still in one piece, but not the two that were on the bottom. The other was broken and missing the stoppers. The box it was shipped in was too big for me. There was no packing material in the box. The box was damaged when it was smashed during shipping and opened when it was delivered. I'm pretty sure that the package being open is what caused some of the rubber stoppers to go missing. I am happy with the one that was still in one piece but I am very disappointed that I won't have a gift for a loved one for Christmas due to the correct size box and packing material.

10. Mud Pie Turtle Paper Holder

Mud Pie Turtle Paper Holder

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry. A fun take on a towel holder. A hostess gift is a great shower gift. The nautical paper towel holder can be used in the kitchen.

Brand: Mud Pie

👤The piece of art won't hold a roll of paper towels. The picture says it all. The paper towel roll is average. Most people don't buy a mega size. It is impractical to give it as a gift with only a half a roll of paper towels, because it is beautiful, but I bought it for my daughter. To fit reality, they need to adjust the base size. It would be great if you just want to look at it and not use it. Don't use it if you actually want to. I was not happy with how little thought they put into the design. I was going to buy matching items, but I think I will pass.

👤I have had this product for a year. It is a nice looking item. It is poorly made. The center pole was always wobbly and the turtle kept coming loose and falling off. It would come off every couple of weeks but now it is every single day. It doesn't matter if the item works or not. This product is not recommended by me.

👤The turtle is pretty. The wood part of the shell was broken. It looks like it fell off. Bounty paper towels will not be held without a snug fit. They would like to return the item, but they want to replace it disappointed. I will use it until it breaks.

👤It was not a good place for a hanging paper towel holder. The pieces were wrapped in brown paper and placed in a bubble wrap lined bag. The center rod was crooked, the turtle had one screw that wouldn't tighten, the finish was dull, and a large roll of paper towels wouldn't fit. Poor quality all around. Very disappointing. The wife really liked the picture and it was cute. After requesting and receiving pictures of the problems, I asked for a return and the vendor returned without return.

👤The paper towel was cute, but not with the dowel to hold it.

👤Well-made, looks great, will last a long time.

👤Had to have a turtle paper towel holder. Read reviews but not always agree. It won't hold a normal roll of paper towel. The size of the store. The cutting board at TJMaxx was squarish and made a bigger base size. Will remake it? Paying for a turtle. It is worth it to me. You decide! They should make a bigger base. It is not possible to cost them that much to get a good review. To do it right.

👤I could only find a turtle option. Looks great. The paper towels are the same size as the Costco ones. It is very light and moves every time you take a piece. I recommend sticking the base down or making it heavier.

👤Everyone notices it. Where did you get it? I wish they had more items in the same theme.

👤No vas lo cuesta, pero calidad del producto. The producto a nadie a menos de is inferior to a 200 MXN.

11. Stylish Decorative Countertop Handmade RTZEN Décor

Stylish Decorative Countertop Handmade RTZEN D%C3%A9cor

A white-washed mango wood paper towel holder has a beaded detail. The handmade paper towel stand is 6.89" wide. It works with Standard and Jumbo-Sized Rolls. The decorative wrought iron paper towel holder will add style and charm to your kitchen counter. The paper towel holder is made to last without cracking. The metal spheres at the bottom are smooth. Remove a paper towel sheet without difficulty. Perfect gift idea is to offer this paper holder stand to someone special.

Brand: Rtzen

👤Will most likely return. When the box was picked up, it wasn't going to work. Light as a feather! It wouldn't be strong enough to pull a piece of paper towel with one hand. I put half of the jumbo roll on the sink and tried to get one sheet. Unless you hold it down. I thought it was going to be heavy. It is cheap, lightweight and never going to work. I don't like returning anything. I have to have one that works and looks nice. Don't buy!

👤You may want to buy it. Leg Tips are put on the round feet to keep it from sliding.

👤It looks nice and wide enough for jumbo paper towel rolls. When using one hand to rip a towel off, my weight is not heavy enough to keep it steady. Especially because... The towel dispensers are too easy to slide on the counter top. The base of this paper towel dispensers has metal spheres brazed to it. There is no anti-slide stuff on the spheres. It can be pushed off the counter top. The holder is too light weight and slides too easily, which makes it easy to launch from the counter top. There is a Conclusions: There is a If you can't place it between two heavy items on the counter, it won't work. Good luck with that.

👤The paper towel holder is the same as described. I had to put a Silicone Pad under it to keep it from sliding around on the counter. I bought the chair caps recommended by another reviewer. Leg tips slid on the counter and fell off when the holder was moved. They became an irritation. I would suggest either putting furniture discs on the round feet or putting something under the holder to keep it from sliding and scratching the counter. There is a I am happy with the purchase.

👤I was trying to match the scrolling on the ad on the computer with the ad on the chairs in my picture. The towel holder was more expensive than I could buy locally, but it looked like it was the same as the scrolling on the chairs. I hope the return process goes well.

👤34 dollars for a paper towel holder was something I thought about a long time. I don't mind paying as long as it's worth it. It's very attractive, heavy, sturdy and gives a big, elegant presence in your kitchen without taking up a lot of space. Someone in the 1 star rating category said this is light and moves when you try to rip a sheet of paper with one hand. Light is not a light and it has smooth legs and is not screwed down to your counter. I love this so much that it will be with me for as long as possible.

👤This is the best design for a paper towel holder I've ever seen and it's beautiful as a bonus. The towels are select-a-size. One segment tearing off the perforation is what other designs do. Put one palm on the top of the holder and pull out the other hand to align it with the lowest swirl. It's perfectly positioned to remove the paper towel. You'll see what I'm talking about if you get one.


What is the best product for decorative paper towel holder countertop?

Decorative paper towel holder countertop products from Oxo. In this article about decorative paper towel holder countertop you can see why people choose the product. Blue Donuts and Jogreful are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative paper towel holder countertop.

What are the best brands for decorative paper towel holder countertop?

Oxo, Blue Donuts and Jogreful are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative paper towel holder countertop. Find the detail in this article. Colonial Tin Works, Spectrum Diversified and Idesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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