Best Decorative Pillow Covers 16x16

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1. Mixhug Velvet Square Decorative Pillow

Mixhug Velvet Square Decorative Pillow

The solid throw pillow cases have plenty of pockets to allow placing the pillow insert in without struggling or tearing the pillow cases. The bedroom and living room have the same soft and comfy cushion covers. They're chic and comfortable layers on a sofa, chair or bed that add instant luxury to your decor. The material is 100% velvet. Care: The machine wash was cold. The cycle is gentle. Do not use bleach. Don't iron. Pack of two pillow covers and a 6-month warranty. The inserts are not included.

Brand: Mixhug

👤The look is expensive. The material is thick. The zip ties. It is very nice. The color is vibrant.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They were bought in navy and moss green. They are soft and well made. The size is accurate and the color is pretty. There is no risk of tearing the pillow cases if you put the pillow form inside. The color matches the pillow. Highly recommended!

👤When I ordered our throw blanket, I was recommended this. They are soft and made well. Great price too!

👤I bought two of them to see which one I liked the best. The color is cocktail-olive green, perfect for a martini-themed room, but a little more of an autumn green than I was looking for. The chartreuse is green. It is so bright that it can lift the colors of the surrounding room in a rainbow-themed room. I used to use yellow pillows, but now have this one. The stitching on the pillow covers looks good. They feel good. I put the 18x18 covers on my 18x18 World Market pillows, which are not very puffy and can be squeezed into some 16x16 covers. They fit, with a bit of space. I can see myself buying these covers in other colors in the future. I added some photos after I bought the dark green. It is a pretty color, but not what I was expecting. The shine makes a bigger difference in person than it does in the picture.

👤These are lovely. It is very soft and comfortable to put your head on. The easy zip up hides nicely. I bought 20x20 pillows to go inside and was so happy I did. The case was filled from corner to corner.

👤The same color as the picture I love is what I was looking for.

👤I love these! I used my current pillows as inserts. I ordered 18x18 and my inserts were 20x20. I will be purchasing these again.

👤I wanted to incorporate green into my decor, so I came upon these. I am very happy that I bought this color and velvet. I would not be happy. I knew they were going to work with my decor when I took them out of the package. I put my summer 18 inch pillows in the living room and it instantly changed it from summer to fall. I plan to keep them for the winter. I bought moss green napkins because I have an open concept dining room. My sister has a off white sectional and I am buying her moss green pillowcases. They will look great. I will purchase other colors for my bedroom. You will not be angry.

👤El terciopelo tienen una forma, pero se ven una forma.

👤I don't know how well these will stand up, but they seem to be of good quality.

👤Awesome product. Premium quality and V rich feeling.

👤I could not get the sewing machine to work because of the threads. The threads have to be cut to block the zip. I gave up and did not get a refund.

2. Madizz Velvet Decorative Cushion Bedroom

Madizz Velvet Decorative Cushion Bedroom

A smaller cushion cover is perfect for a smaller throw pillow insert and is part of a lot of other inviting cushions. The faux wool feels soft against your skin. Pick your favorite color and size. The size is 16 inches. Only 2 cushion covers are included in the package. Design. There is a hidden zip up. The front and back of the fabric are rich. The machine wash has cold water in it.

Brand: Madizz

👤The quality is very good. It takes off about an inch on each side of the zip, so be careful when putting the pillows in. Other than that, I was very satisfied.

👤They are very soft. I didn't think they would be so soft. They have a pink tint to them, but I only ordered cream color. I would have gone with white if I had the choice.

👤It's a great value. I put it with another pillow cover from Amazon to give our bedroom a bohemian look. These pillow covers are very good.

👤The first time I put a pillow on, one of the covers ripped. I was extra careful because it seemed a bit flimsy to begin with, but the threading just all came apart and the material flew away. The design is cute, but I wish it was sewn better, I wanted it to dress up my old pillows.

👤The fabric will start to feather and degrade in the first few weeks of use, so you don't want to use these at all. They were so soft and cute that I was disappointed. They might be garbage now.

👤Look great. The zip is not great. After only 6 months, the zippers got messed up. I was able to fix it but not sure how long it will last. I guess you get what you pay for. I don't spend a lot on things because children tend to dirty things.

👤Love! Throw pillows cost a lot. This was a great buy. I am happy with how they look. If I could find something like this to cover my raggedy sofa, life would be complete. I am happy with them, but I can't say they are durable as they were a recent purchase. The cute design is on the front.

👤Needed some pillows. They wanted some that were soft but not like a bedroom. I took a chance on these and am happy I did. There is a They are large and soft. They are so comfortable that you want to curl up with them. I had them for over a month now and they are wearing great! The fabric doesn't shake when you lay on it, so you don't have to fluff it or shake it to get them back to looking good. I am going to order a pair in a smaller size and color to add to the sofa. You can't go wrong with these!

👤These are beautiful and add interest to my sofa cushions. I have attached a photo of the beige ones to show that they are a bit lighter than the picture on the listing. This may help other buyers.

👤I ordered inserts for the 2 packages that I ordered because a lot of the reviews said they were smaller than what was stated, but I really like the textured front and the back. I put in the inserts. The insert is easy to fold and tuck into the corners because the zip is almost to the ends. I checked the edges to make sure there were no holes, I have 2 Siamese cats and no fur sticks to the pillows, they look beautiful, I think the people who complained probably tried to put old stiff inserts into the coverings and ripped them, a sturdier covering is needed.

3. Phantoscope Farmhouse Serious Tailored Off White

Phantoscope Farmhouse Serious Tailored Off White

Premium material pillowcase covers are soft and wear resistant, not easy towrinkle. The fabric is comfortable. The pillow covers are more idyllic because of the combination of the pure color burlap and the classic linen edge. Bright color and soft touch can enhance the texture of home decoration, great decors for couch, sofa, bed, living room and outdoor. Hidden Zipper The throw pillow covers are very easy to insert and replace and keep an elegant look. The package includes. The pillow cover is 18x18 inch. The package contains pillow covers. INSERT is not included. A bigger pillow insert is needed to present the best shape. Their pillow covers are easy to care for. The natural burlap material is specially designed and manufactured with fade resistance, which will keep the original after a long time.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤I love these pillows. When I found these, I was thrilled. The quality is great. They match our new furniture. They look expensive and have some texture to them. I am not sure if I will wash them. I don't want to ruin the edging. They fit perfectly on my ikea pillows. I love these! I want more.

👤Love! The covers are beautiful. I exceeded my expectations. It was very well made. I didn't think these would rip while I placed the pillows. You just need to be careful when putting them on. They are made to be a tight fight. You have to wiggle a little in, flip it, wiggle, flip and keep doing it slowly. Tag beautiful covers. I'll change the covers on pillows if I ever need them again. I love the selection on Amazon.

👤The burnt orange and dark yellow cushions were on my couch. I searched all over the internet for a pillow cover that would compliment the neutral tones of the couch and make it look Farmhouse. I was sold on the coffee color immediately, and was debating on a second color to alternate with it. The beige was perfect for our rug because it has gray undertones. The only thing I can think of that would be a negative about these is the fact that they looked like they were not very strong. I only noticed it on one of the beige covers. These are great quality pillow covers.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the quality of these pillow covers. The material is thick and the border stitching is beautiful. I will probably buy more in different colors to go with the pillows on my other sofas.

👤I love these! I had nice pillows at home that were very firm. If you don't fluff the pillows, they will droop. I was able to put my pillow in the covers. The twine like edge is sewn well and the material is strong. If you have kids who will be picking at the edge of your pillow, I suggest you not to get this particular cover. The pillows look very high end, and are fantastic quality. I will be ordering more from this plan to scope the brand in the future. I can have my trendy navy blue pillows, and when I want to change I can easily store the covers folded up, instead of having another waisted pillow in the closet. Great purchase from Amazon.

👤I ordered the pink 20x20 to update the HomeGoods feather pillows. The pink fabric has a nice linen texture and is not baby-fied. The scent from the package was still there when I removed it. I think getting two for less than $20 is a great value. These are constructed well. I will order in other colors and sizes again.

👤Can't say enough about these slipcovers! The sofa is from the 1920s. The original sofa pillows with matching fabric are small, flat and looked lost so I bought 20” slipcovers in green and they pick up the color well. The slip covers are highly recommend. I added a photo of 20” beige slipcovers to the wicker sofa that was moved to another room. I bought a new house and settled in the new colors. The search for a new couch is real and I have used the slipcovers on a white wicker sofa that belonged to my great-grandmother. The color is leaning toward a true light Gray. It works well with the walls. I returned the light turquoise because it was too pastel for my taste. I want 2 sets of beige-gray, so I will try another color. The beige does not affect the color of the orange. They are still well made. The fabric is durable. The weave texture adds depth to everything. There is a The original review was original. The slip covers I bought were for the pillows on my sofa. I went with the 26 because my pillows are full. I will probably add fiber filling to bulk up the corners and extra space because the covers fit well with some room. The slip covers are made from high quality materials and seem durable. There are lots of colors to choose from.

4. Pillowcase Comfortable Decorative Cushion Midnight

Pillowcase Comfortable Decorative Cushion Midnight

Pillow cover is the only thing that is included. There is a pack of pillowcase. You can do whatever you want on the pillowcase. Cotton is soft, comfortable and durable. There is a deviation of 1-2 cm because of hand-cutting and sewing. It's easy to care for it in cold water. Dry on low. Don't use bleach or softener. Cotton will fade in the sun, not suitable for outdoor use. The back of the pillowcase has a zip in the middle. The front and back of the pillow cover have the same color, so you can add a touch of graceful color to your bedroom or living room. The pillow case set is perfect for decorating your room in a simple and fashion way.

Brand: Thmyo

👤I ordered these pillows because I asked about the tag shown in the photos but never received an answer. I had to return them because of the tag. I can't have the tag attached and have to open the pillow to re-stitch the seam, that's not an option as I sell the decorated pillow covers. I am really looking for pillow covers in this exact color and material for Halloween but can't seem to find them for a reasonable price. It makes no sense to have this tag sewn in to the seam.

👤I was looking for a "Green" pillow cover that was in the Kelly family. The teal pillow cover I was sent was the one shown in the pictures. The "GREEN" pillow case is not green, it's TEAL, as a full disclosure, I wish they would change the name on the listing. Which! Ended up working out to my benefit anyway. If you're looking for it to be green, you'll be disappointed. I asked them what they had that was closest to the kelly color, and they said they didn't have anything in that family. They offered to give me a refund, but I asked if they could send me the "light green" instead, and they were more than happy to oblige. There is a I understand that these are mass produced items, and they are very inexpensive for what they are. The fact that they're 100% cotton is amazing and the hidden zip ties it all together. There is a discrepancy in size. I ordered 10 different colors for my project, and it looked as though there was an inch of difference between the two sizes. Something to consider is not a huge issue. I'm stuffing all of my pillows with 20 pillows, so it's okay for me. I love that the zipper is in the middle of the pillow. It was a surprise for me, but it makes it difficult to place images on the covers. The pressing pillow inside is going to be an absolute necessity, but I think the middle zip is a very classy alternative. Quality control can miss some things. I received a cover that had the flap sewn UP instead of down, so the zipper is exposed, out of 40 pillow cases. Accidents happen, not to worry about them. A great pillow case. The tag is what it is. I wish the tag was either completely inside or removed. The way that the tag is sewn makes it difficult to take a seam ripper to it, as you would need to re-serge the edges. It's too much work to remove the tag. There are some minor issues that keep me from giving it a 5 star review, but it is a great product and fabric. I have already purchased more, and will continue to purchase them as long as they carry them.

👤I was looking for something like these and they were perfect. I loved adding hTV to them. I will be ordering more.

5. Phantoscope Living Coffee Decorative Cushion

Phantoscope Living Coffee Decorative Cushion

The material is high grade microfiber. Only 4 pillow covers are included, not the inserts. The beautiful moment with simple and classic is brought home with exclusive designs. It is possible to wash and care in cold water. The materials suit perfectly for living room, bedroom, car, sofa, bed and so on.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤Love these! Cute pillow cases. Highly recommend buying them. You can clearly see that the case is suppose to look that way, even though other reviews claim poor quality control.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I am very happy with this purchase. I received them about an hour ago and they are great quality. Will purchase more from you.

👤We bought these in the water blue color for our RV. I decided to add a little color to the taupe and cream that I was tired of seeing. I love these pillow covers; I used 3 of the 4 and they did what I wanted them to; add a pop of color and some visual interest. The designs and color combinations are lovely. I put 20” x 20” pillow inserts in them and had no issues with the zippers. I haven't laundered the covers yet and can't speak to their durability, I just received them. I might get another set in a different color for the couch in our home because I like them so much.

👤The pillow covers fit perfectly. They arrived on time. Individually packaged. There was nothing wrong with the pillow cases. My living room couches have been revived. I plan to purchase more from the store.

👤I decided to return them because they are not a cotton blend as described in the product listing. They feel like cheap microfiber, similar to the little microfiber cloths I use to clean my glasses, because of the tag that says 100% polyester. I did not bother to put any pillows inside, but the construction did seem sturdy, the designs and colors were as pictured, and the size was as described. The fabric is not what was described to me. I don't like the feeling of microfiber for bedding or pillow covers, and I prefer fabrics that are made of at least 50% natural fiber such as cotton or linen. If you like the feeling of microfiber or are planning to only use these for decoration, I think these would be great pillow covers.

👤We needed these pillows to make our new sectional a bit more of a taste for me. The pillows are soft and wash well. The pillows in the set complement each other well, and none of them have the same design. They fit my standard pillows as well. They were packaged well and arrived quickly. I wish they had more options for outdoor spaces. I'd get those as well. The customer was happy here.

👤The pillow cases arrived on time. There are four cases. The cases are 45 x 45 cm. The material is microfiber. The pillow has a pattern on it. The cases have something on them. My pillows look brand new because of the cases. The pillows are soft and cute. I like them.

👤My couch has a fresh look and color with these. Buying new pillows saved a lot of time. They fit my 17x17in pillows well and I doubled my smaller pillows into one pillow casecover. This is a great way of changing the look for each season without costing an arm or a leg. I will be buying more to make my designs look better.

6. Top Finel Decorative Pillows Durable

Top Finel Decorative Pillows Durable

The canvas is comfortable to touch and lay on. 6 packs per set of 16 X 16 inch, no pillowcase, included. Managament: The hidden zip up was designed to meet an elegant look. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. No pecULIAR SMELL: The throw pillow cases are the perfect choice for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues because of their high quality canvas fabric. The aid and support of the two are FADE RESISTANT and STAIN RESISTANT. The pillowcases are made of canvas fiber and are stain and fade resistant. There is a match and a mix and match. You can match the color of the cushion covers to your decors in the living room, bedroom, office and car.

Brand: Top Finel

👤It might be my fault, but let's not pretend there isn't predatory behavior being exhibited here... does anyone else see a photo of pillow covers here? When I received my package, it didn't look like what I saw. I see 6 pillows here. I opened my door this morning to see a small envelope, which wouldn't be large enough to hold a coupon for pillows, and I was surprised. I was met with pillows. Does anyone know where to buy pillows that aren't already covered? There is a I am confused. Is the stuffing sold separately? It's really, really I have no doubt that the seller is banking on morons like myself. I will take the L on this one, I am not that stupid. The L stands for Lessons Learned and it says that never trust the picture over the reality.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. I had no problem with the pillows being put inside the covers, despite several reviews saying the covers ripped when they tried to stuff them. I folded the 20 inch pillow inserts in half and held them between my knees to make it easy to fit them inside the 18 inch covers. They complete the area outside. The value is great.

👤These are amazing. Next to my grey couch is a great fit. They are perfect to match my curtains.

👤The pillow cases are pretty. The red color is clean and intense. The fabric is strong and resistant to wrinkling. I did not have to iron. The zip is thin and almost invisible. I got 16x16 pillow cases and they are perfect for 18x18. I got them for Christmas. I will probably use them off-season as they look very Christmas-y on the couch. I was very happy with the purchase. Hope they wash well too.

👤I have had these cases on my pillows for 7 months now and I am very impressed. It's not noticeable that the zipper causes problems, and it isn't so obnoxious. I have washed these pillows several times with various stains on them and they hold up well. The color is very bright. The patterns are vivid. I have not seen any bleeding of the color. I think these cases may be too loud for my living room. The material is not rough and the value is excellent. They are very comfortable and will hold their own against children. Definitely recommend!

👤I bought them in navy blue and teal because I loved them so much. The size of the item and the way it is sewn make it easy to cover a pillow. Patterns can be used for cute decor. I think it is worth it with how many you get. There is a Hope my pictures do justice.

👤I was worried that they would be rough, but they are not. Don't get me wrong, they are soft. Not rough either. They fit my pillows perfectly and don't look like a cover. One of the pillows has a nasty catch, but it is still perfectly usable. It was nice. The covers were very nice. Especially for the price.

7. LHKIS Pillow Decorative Cushion Bedroom

LHKIS Pillow Decorative Cushion Bedroom

The New Issued Soft Faux Wool has a stylish Diamond Design, and can bring you top grade and much softer hand-feel. The color is beige. The insert is tailored for 18x18 inch. INSERT is not included in 2PCS Cushion Covers. High-QUALITY ZIPPER: The pillow cover is easy to insert and replacements, and it keeps an elegant look. durable. There is a pillowcase cover. The decorative pillow cover of LHKis is made of durable and trendy materials and has tight over-lock zigzag stitches to prevent it from unraveling. It becomes a durable pillow cover for daily use with children and pets because of the thoughtful design. OCCASIONS: The pillow covers are suitable for many things. There are various colors and sizes for you to choose from. A thoughtful gift for your family and friends on any holiday. Their pillow covers blend with fade resistant and stain resistant which always looks new after every washing, so it's easy to care for and wash.

Brand: Lhkis

👤These pillow covers are what I needed. You have to be careful when putting your pillow form in. Take your time stuffing the thin and delicate zippers. The textured side of the cover is soft and nice, with the "fur" and knit adding a nice look to the cover. I got the beige color, but it's not as beige as I think. They're not as creamy as white. I like these covers. It was nice for the price point.

👤Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware are not for you. The cases are what you would expect. They are soft and comfy. They are made with cheap material. The Dollar Tree store sells cheap plush animals that are made from the type of fabric that you would find in a car. I will keep them because I need pillow cases for my living room, and they look nice if you don't view them too closely.

👤I measured my old pillow and it was 20 inches. That is the size I ordered. It was a snug fit. I was careful not to tear anything while stuffing them in, but the covers fit like a second skin and I was able to zip them back up. I read about how to size up. I wonder if that would have made my pillows look like they had a cover over them, instead of them looking like new pillows. There is a The fabric is beautiful. The light cream color does not allow the dark brown of the pillow to show through. There is a There are two pillows in the second picture. One is covered and the other is not. There is a You can see how it fits and how well it covers the pillow by looking at the back. There is a The color I ordered is called beige, but to me it looks more like cream.

👤White pillowcases are not white, they are more Cream bisque color.

👤I want the pillow covers to match the rug. This is high quality. I bought a 18x18 cover to fit a 20x20 pillow. I like that the back is plain and I can change the decor style with a flip of the pillow.

👤My daughter has a reading and relaxation corner. They are very soft and fluffy. If they were better made, I would have given them 5-stars. There was a hole in one of them. I have to sew it on arrival. Quality assurance could fix this issue.

👤I have returned a lot of pillows and pillow cases that were hard or uncomfortable. These pillow cases are not like that. They were easy to fill with existing pillows and were incredibly soft. The little cream color is still very bright and brilliant, and does not look dingy as some often do. I bought these as a seasonal cover but think they will be around for a long time.

👤I am so happy I ordered these. They fit my pillows perfectly. They look great on the couch. I can not stop staring at them. It makes a big difference in the room.

8. Cygnus Farmhouse Stripe Patchwork Leather

Cygnus Farmhouse Stripe Patchwork Leather

Front: cotton linen, striped cotton fabric with faux leather accent decor. The pillow covers are made of natural cotton. Three piece fine line brown faux leather and linen is trendy. The leather accent stripe on this stylish decorative farmhouse throw pillow covers adds an element of class to the stark, stylish blend of modern and classic. The hidden zip ties works smoothly. You can use experience and the reinforced seams are durable. Farmhouse stripes bring classic flavor with modern brown leather and neutral color cotton linen fabric. It is easy to match any style. If there are any quality issues after the service, please contact them. They will make sure you have a good shopping experience.

Brand: Cygnus

👤I have an old Pier 1 Imports slipper chair that I have had my upholstery done in. I have a pillow on this chair. The design and leather band in the middle make this pillow cover fun, even though it had all the right colors. Whenever someone comes to visit, they always pick it up and tell me how much they like it.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They are made to order and as advertised. The fabric isn't soft but it isn't stiff, so I rated it 4 stars. It feels good.

👤We bought a couch that came with blue pillows. I wanted to sell them, but instead found pillow covers. Was going to buy inserts for them. I saved money and used ugly blue pillows and now no one will ever know, except me and you. Looks to buy more pillows. The pillow was a little stiff and had to be pushed in but it was a tight fit. This is the only picture I have.

👤The pillow covers are beautiful. The overall look is perfect, but little arm work to get my pillows inside. The fabric is thick. Not sheer. It's definitely bang for your buck. It's more of a thick linen material. A very nice look. The strip of leather is very nice.

👤Absolutely love them. The brown leather part is also nice. They dress the room up. The purchase was worrisome. Would buy it again.

👤Really pretty and will look great. I ordered 16x16 for a 16x16 pillow when I needed 18x18. It has been updated.... I used the stuffing on the 16x16 pillow covers and opened the other throw pillow to use it. I received a compliment on how nice they look. Definitely recommend.

👤I always seem to be disappointed with the quality of pillow covers I have purchased. The pillow cases changed everything. They are very thick and well made. They look great on the couch.

👤This is a good deal, considering the price I paid for two covers. The quality is good. I was looking for a thicker canvas. I am happy with the price. The pillows my kids destroyed were not going to be thrown around as I don't think they could handle too much pulling. If you want an affordable farmhouse style for decor, these will do the job.

9. WEMEON 4,Velvet Decorative 18x18inch,Home Decorations

WEMEON 4%EF%BC%8CVelvet Decorative 18x18inch%EF%BC%8CHome Decorations

WemEON Cushion Pillow Covers are an easy way to give your old cushion a new look and a great choice to liven up your bedroom, sofa and sofa. Modern design, easy to fill and remove, and beautiful decorative pillowcase. The weight is high quality. The perfect pillow. The pillow covers are made of high quality cotton and polyester blend for better visual experience, the fabric is not only more durable and softer, but also harmless to the skin. Decorative pillowcases are suitable for various styles of home decoration, such as bedroom, bedroom, living room, sofa, bench, office, chair, car, party, wedding, etc., bringing a delicate and elegant feeling to your room. It's a gift for friends, parents, and relatives on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. This combination looks more complete and comfortable if you use the 18in throw pillow for a 16in pillow cover and the 20in throw pillow for a 18in pillow cover. The phone screens have different brightness and resolution. The product may be slightly different from the picture. The washing tip. Machine wash cold water, then tumble dry.

Brand: Wemeon

👤I bought this because I needed a color to tie my rug in. The texture is velvet.

👤The pillow cases are nice. I thought the colors looked a bit more blush than they are. The set is neutral and adds a bit of color to my couch. I couldn't give 5 stars because I saw some flaws in the cases where the fabric had been scratched. Not very noticeable.

👤The material of the cases was decent, but they were not 18x18 The fabric was not stretched to make them the correct size. I was really disappointed because I wanted them to work. They hesitate when they zip on 2 colors. The colors were neutral but the shades were off. The grey was leaning on a shade of green and the tan was much darker. I paid $27 for the 4 pack. I think it was overpriced for the quality. Hope this helps someone.

👤The covers are too small for my 20x20 pillows. I heard they would fit older inserts. That wasn't the case with me. I think so. The color's were soft and beautiful. They should have made them a little bigger.

👤These throw pillow covers are really nice. The earth tone of my living room is reflected in the colors. I had a hard time adding pop to my couch, but these did the job.

👤gray is not teal. Not as depicted. It is not bright. The orange and deep orange should be washed by hand. When I bought the neutral set, I thought the tan would be more of a blush tone. It was not brown. The other colors were the same. There is a They are nice. I find these covers overpriced because of the quality and one color being off every time.

👤These are amazing for the price, and there isn't a single thing I dislike about them. They are so soft that they feel expensive. I have seen reviews about the stitching, but I did not experience it. Buy them and you will not regret it. They compliment any space.

👤The sewing job is terrible. Seams are loose and there are some tiny holes. It reminded me of a home ec project. I agree with other reviewers that there isn't much of a texture. I really like the colors and it's too bad. I would have kept them if they were half the price. The tan pillow I received did not have any blush or pink tones like other pillows I've received.

10. Alricc Abstract Gallery Decorative Cushion

Alricc Abstract Gallery Decorative Cushion

The pillow covers are light weight and durable. Grey throw pillow covers are 16X16 There are no inserts in the pillow case. The turquoise pillow cover is made of high quality polyester and it is soft to the touch. For hot summer and cold winter, the suit is warm. Art pillow covers can be put in your arms to play a warm and protective role, but also increase interests in home life, different pillows can bring a different style and fashion. The ecclectic pillow cover can be used as a decorative item for Christmas, Home, Hotel, Decorative, Chair, Floor, Yoga Seat, Chair, Floor, Yoga, Foot, outdoor, Bedding, Beach, Car.

Brand: Alricc

👤These are soft and fit my other pillow shams perfectly. The look is the same as the picture. I bought four of these for my couch and will buy another color to accent it. Highly recommended! Delivery was fast.

👤The colors are spot on.

👤I bought couch covers, throw pillow covers and a throw blanket from Amazon to give my living room a fresh look. All products compliment one another and provide a new appeal. I am very pleased with my purchases and I like the feeling of an updated and upgraded elegance. The new stylish and sophisticated atmosphere is something I like. With the cold days and nights quickly approaching, I like the smooth and gentle texture for a warm place to sleep.

👤The way the zipper is sewed on the covers makes it impossible to stuff the covers with pillows of the correct size because there are gaps on both ends. I would have to use a smaller pillow in order to fit it. The manufacturer was too lazy to sew the zip to the ends of the cover.

👤I used both 20 x20 inserts and 22 x 22 inserts after I got the 18 x 18 pillow cover. The pillow cover feels great. The 22 x 22 insert is more firm. The product is a great price.

👤These pillows look great. We wanted a nautical theme for the sofa on our boat and these fit the bill. They give that water/tide feel without being too kitschy. They made our boat look like it came off the line. A small touch added so much. The multi-colors work well with the blues, taupe's and grays colors. It's easy to slip pillows inside.

👤I love my new velvet blue and grey cushion covers. I love how the cushion covers have blue as well as light grey and natural tones in them to balance out the dark navy blue sofa and loveseat. I washed them before putting them on my sofas and they were very sturdy and did not get messed up in the washing machine. I like how soft they are. I ordered light grey velvet cushion covers for my other pillows and they all work well together. I got matching place mats for my dining table because I loved them so much.

👤Ce qui ne pas trs beau sur un sofa. There is a The couleurs sont belles et conformes. Je vais le prix-l. There is a 45,7 cm, c'est un peu plus petit.

👤J'avais mis le coussins de cté car. Jeens de la sortir et j'aurais. Les photos de certaines personnes ne sont pas blancs. Dans mon cas, ils sont en beige. Comme il est tard pour le retourner, je me suis fier aux commentaires et photos. L'arrire n'est pas blanc du tout. Comment on the différents.

👤I was very happy to receive these pillows. The fabric is soft and the colour is exactly what I wanted. I bought another pair of them because I like them so much.

11. Top Finel Decorative Chenille Outdoor

Top Finel Decorative Chenille Outdoor

The material is soft and comfortable to touch and lay on. 16 X 16 Inch per pack, included 2 packs per set. Managament: The elegant look was met with a delicate zipper closure. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. No pecULIAR SMELL: The throw pillow cases are the perfect choice for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues because of the high quality Chenille fabric. The aid and support of the two are FADE RESISTANT and STAIN RESISTANT. The Chenille fiber throw pillowcases are fade resistant and stain resistant, so they are machine washed and always look new. There is a match and a mix and match. Their cushion covers are available in a variety of colors, so you can match the color of your decors in the living room, bedroom, office and car.

Brand: Top Finel

👤The short pile pillow covers are lovely. The color of the case is striking. It looks expensive. The case is soft and gentle. The insert fit inside perfectly. I will buy more of these to cover my pillows. The hidden zip up is also live. Well done! I hope this is helpful.

👤These pillows are not outdoor pillows. I don't think they would last long because they were described as indoor/ outdoor. I had to return the pillows I was looking for.

👤The pillows have a nice feel to them. They look nice and formal on my leather sofa. I got them in two contrasting colors and they were as pictured. I recommend that you use a bigger pillow insert. You will get 2 in each set you buy.

👤I was hesitant to buy these pillow covers because I thought the price was indicative of the quality, but I'm sure it's not. These covers are a steal. They fit my pillows perfectly, look great, feel great, and have a hidden zip. I believe there are many other colors.

👤I received my red orange and teal blue pillow covers and was excited to receive them so quickly, but I can't use the real blue because the red orange one is not sewn correctly, and the real blue one is not perfect because of that issue.

👤It looks really nice. I will recommend this place to my family and friends.

👤I bought them in navy and grey. I am reviewing the navy. They are both great! The navy is not navy blue, it is more like marine blue. It is the same way as depicted in the photo. I used the picture as a throw pillow for my comforter. I love it! It is easy to update and bargain price.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. The only reason I gave 3 stars was because the description said they were for indoor or outdoor, but it's not true. It is too warm to be outside. I will keep them because they are in my porch and not in the rain. The covers must not be in the rain. The teal color is beautiful.

👤The cushions are good for the price. They are bright and have zips. Rather than having them too small, have them a little bigger on our cushions. There is a The teal and yellow ones were brought with us. They arrived quickly and they wash well.

👤2 of these were bought in August and only one has a broken zip. I will not buy again now.

👤Los comprés para el saln y la verdad es muy bonito. There is a En la foto, tienen un tono amarillo. oscuro bastante llamativo. There is a El tejido is agradable.

👤I was expecting two cushions. They're fine as covers.

👤The cushion covers are lovely. It's a perfect colour for our lounge. Would recommend.


What is the best product for decorative pillow covers 16x16?

Decorative pillow covers 16x16 products from Mixhug. In this article about decorative pillow covers 16x16 you can see why people choose the product. Madizz and Phantoscope are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillow covers 16x16.

What are the best brands for decorative pillow covers 16x16?

Mixhug, Madizz and Phantoscope are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillow covers 16x16. Find the detail in this article. Thmyo, Top Finel and Lhkis are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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