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1. Volcanics Decorative Farmhouse Cushion Pillowcase

Volcanics Decorative Farmhouse Cushion Pillowcase

The fabric front and velvet back are skin-friendly. Extra comfort is brought by the rich texture with 3D embroidery pattern. 20x20 inch tailored for 20x20 inch insert has features. They use a matching shade invisible zipper closure for an elegant look and easy slide. 2 pc cushion cover is included in the package. There is no cushion insert. There is a washing guide. The machine wash was cold and gently cycle only.

Brand: Volcanics

👤The covers are great for the price. There is a We bought the covers in white to cover the old throw pillows that do not have a cover. This is a great option that is affordable. There are red/burgundy pillows in these cases. The white covers are soft and made of good fabric that has an expensive feel and look. It was difficult to get the pillows into the cover, but it's do-able. The white is not visible. WIN! The cover is only patterned on one side, which is a let down. The side with no pattern is a flat white that is not see through. The general build of the case is very good. There were no loose or free stands of thread on either case. Zip hides itself within the seams when the zip is completely attached. A great product. We ordered a grey set, but it hasn't arrived yet.

👤These pillow covers are nice. I want a change in appearance in the living room. I was looking at about $25 a pillow for the pillows on my couches. That would be $100. I was looking for something cheaper. I found these and I am very content. They look nice. Very modern. I'm happy with these at $13 a pair. It was hard to squeeze the pillow in because the zip is not fully across. I thought they wouldn't fit until my husband squeezed the pillows and it worked. The pillow case needs a full width of the sipper. It would be easier to put the cases on.

👤The front is soft but not the best material. The back is yellow and cheap, like a similar fabric. I have bought many pillow covers on Amazon over the years, some great, some not so great, and this is a situation where you get what you pay for. Sending back.

👤I'm not sure how this got such good reviews. Its soft. You will need to use extra care to stuff. There is a My pillow went in. I don't think this will make it more than a week or two. It was not made to hold up. Will be contacting for the return.

👤My grandfather used to say that you could have it for a good price. You couldn't get all three because you had to pick two. They were very inexpensive compared to the others I had priced, and came in the mail about two days after I ordered it. They are soft and work well. I have a husband, three kids, a dog, and two rabbits. Our pillows are used a lot. Everyone loves them. They look great and are very comfortable. I'm always a little weary buying cloth online because it rarely looks or feels like it is in the description or photos. I was pleasantly surprised by these. I'm going to save up and get some more for my bedroom.

👤If you are looking for a lifetime pillow case, these aren't as hardcore as the pillow covers that came with my couch, which were thick and not very cozy. There is a They are soft, easy to use, and they dealt with us having to stuff them and didn't break! It was perfect!

2. Macrame Cushion Tassels Decorative Pillowcase

Macrame Cushion Tassels Decorative Pillowcase

The size is 4 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height. The set included cement planters. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers. Blending bohemian textures with a modern-minimalist interpretation woven pillowcase is stylish for home decorate. It's perfect for placing on the couch, sofa, bedroom, office, living room, party, etc., adding a touch of graceful color to your home or any other place. These pillow covers are made of high-quality linen and are stain andwrinkle resistant. The sewing stitch and workmanship reduce the amount of loose thread. It's easy to remove the pillowcase and stuff it with the color hidden zipper. Both are beautiful and functional. It is easy to clean and care for. Under gentle mode, the machine can be washed within the bag. Cold water is recommended for hand washes. Do not use bleach, tumble dry low, or iron. The fabric is a little stiff in the beginning but will not fade after washing. Because the pillowcase is handmade, sewing and cutting will inevitably occur a little deviation, please allow 12 cm deviation. Their pillowcase is ideal for those who want to decorate their home. It's a good gift idea for a new home, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on.

Brand: Kozyland

👤These throw pillows covers are so pretty. It looks great on my couch.

👤They look great in my living room.

👤These aren't $100, I can't believe it. The macrame is beautiful and well crafted. The fabric is very thick, so it will last a long time. Let's see how they hold up with the cats. A must buy on a budget.

👤I love these pillow cases. They match my decor. I like the fringes and sting. They are more for looks than comfortable. I sat on them and didn't have any issues. They are made to look at it. They are thick and have a good zip. The value is similar to other pillow cases. You will need to purchase the pillow separately from the cases. The macrame is perfect. They are not stark white. I like them.

👤The pillow covers are the same as pictured. The macrame can be felt through clothes when sitting or leaning on it. I use them to make up my bed during the day so I don't have to worry about it. The cords are a bit loose from handling, but they might be considered part of the rustic look. I put the covers on random pillows and they don't show through. I like the pillow covers.

👤I bought a set of macrame pillows and am happy with them. I am happy to see that I will be buying 2 more. I tried to add some pictures. They are not comfortable pillow covers for resting. I only needed them for decor and no complaints from me.

👤What a product. The quality of these is amazing. It was very well made. I put the old sheets in the other one and the pillow in the other. I am very impressed. Do it if you're on the fence about buying these. It gave our living room a completely different feel. 100% satisfied customer!

👤I love these pillows because of their bohemian look and the tassels. They are more beige than bright white. They look smaller than they are in the picture. It is a nice accent to a home with a bohemian style.

👤I just bought these and I love them! Went to buy another set and the price has gone up to $130 from $36. I don't understand how that happens. I am very disappointed that I can not buy more.

👤I get a lot of praise. They are cute and stylish. They are not true white, but a slight off white/cream, which is nice and natural looking, which is what you want if you are going for a bohemian look. Would definitely recommend!

👤These pillow cases are very nice. The quality is great and the warranty is good. I love the look of cream. I was impressed with the pillow case covers. They are not comfortable and are more of a display pillow case.

👤I have only had them for a short time, but I am in love with them. I am a macramé artist and my family couldn't believe I was buying these instead of making my own. I told them the reviews were great, but I couldn't make them for the price. I'm happy I listened. They are lovely.

3. Adabana Decorative Pillow Pillows Tassels

Adabana Decorative Pillow Pillows Tassels

This bohemian decor pillow cover is hand-woven with cotton blend fabric, warm and comfortable colors with unique tufting and craftsmanship, will stand out in the mix. ZIPPER and MATERIAL It is easy to load. The front and back are made of cotton. This modern pillow cover is in neutral yellow and white tones with tufting and thick tassel adornments. It's perfect for decorating a room in a simple and fashionable way. It works well with any bohemian or farmhouse style design of a living room, bedroom, couch, bed, car, office, cafe, etc. Pack includes cushion cover. There is no cushion insert. Hand wash, machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not iron.

Brand: Adabana

👤My teen daughter has a new room that is themed after bohemians. She left it on her bed as a surprise. She is picky. Even though I love this pillow, I was not sure what to expect. I saw that she had a huge smile on her face as I peeked in. It won her approval with it's texture and softness, but also achieved what I was going for, which was something "sunny" to make her smile and feel happy.

👤The pillow cover is very soft. I love it!

4. REDEARTH Covers Boho Textured Decorative Farmhouse

REDEARTH Covers Boho Textured Decorative Farmhouse

A set of 2 decorative cushion covers are made of 100% cotton. They fit perfectly on the pillow inserts. 20x"20" can be used for a plump look. There is not a lot of jewelry included. The bohemian throw pillow cases are made of hand knotted macrame in the front and cotton canvas at the back. Any kind of décor and living space can be enhanced with these cushion covers. The product is tested for shrinkage, color fastness and seam slippage. The care of the wash. Hand wash mild detergent. It was handcrafted in India for Redearth.

Brand: Redearth

👤I told the company about the threading being different colors and they wouldn't let me return them.

👤The pillows looked great. In less than 3 pillows, they had mold on them. They were in a patio. They aren't made for the outdoors.

👤These pillow covers are not made to be used for normal purposes. I used them on my couch and within a week the stitching on the woven loopy part of the top has completely come apart, I don't think it's fixable. I can't buy new ones because they're unavailable.

👤I bought these to match the pouf from this company. The pillow covers are thick. The covers don't match the look I wanted, so I wanted them to be the same. They needed washing since they had a strange smell. I am satisfied enough to keep them, but be aware of the smell and the fact that you may receive different covers.

👤These pillow cases are not the same as pictured. They are all the same beige color. The picture shows cream roping and tufts of beige or grey. All the same color. They are great, but not what I expected. Will send them back.

👤I like the new look of my porch pillows. The stripe makes my cushions look Farmhouse. They are easy to fit over my pillows. The stripe is kind of dark black denim which was fine with me.

👤The pillows are listed as black carbon. They should say GRAY so people don't have to come back. I wish this item could have worked out, but there are a lot of negative reviews on quality. Don't try to be fancy with the colors, update your description.

👤I was hit with a strong musty smell when I opened the package. I hope that it will become less noticeable as they are outside. The smell was too bad to use indoors. There is a The quality isn't great. I hope they hold up.

👤The verdad son tal Cual la imagen.

👤Lindos. De buen! Aaaun, beige grises! chulea mis cojines.

👤The throw pillow covers look amazing. I like the texture in my living room. I highly recommend.

👤This and the ottoman were bought together. The items smelt bad when they arrived. They had been sitting in a musty container. Don't deal with this sales provider.

👤Excellent quality products and fast shipping.

5. Nestinco Pillow Covers Polyester Decorative

Nestinco Pillow Covers Polyester Decorative

We will never tire of a geometric design. The Nestinco pillow is a simple accessory for your couch, bed, or chair. They love the contrast of the pillows. There are three sizes: 12x20, 18x18 and 20x20. The composition was 80% polyester and 20% velvet. The same fabric is used for the back. The pillow covers are not included. If you want a nice and full pillow, use 20x20 or larger. Instructions for care. Hand wash in cold water. Do not wash or dry. If necessary, iron inside out at medium setting. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Brand: Nestinco

👤I was going to use these pillows to complete the look. I was worried they would be navy like some of the other reviews said, but they were a true black for me. I love them!

👤These pillow covers are wonderful. The covers are 18 x 18 inches. I put them over the ikea throw pillows. They have a similar texture to ikea's material which is exactly what I was looking for. Buy them!

👤These pillow cases are very soft. It's nice to sit on the couch. I don't know how they will hold up, I haven't washed them yet. I got the white with black accents and they look great against my couch. It seems like the material will repel water and stains. The price is better than some other ones I looked at, so I am happy with the purchase.

👤The sewing is good and the fabric is soft. It has a fuzzy texture that I could see being pilled with rough use. The design on these kind of beads look like anal beads to me. I thought it would be messy. Great value!

👤I was excited to receive these pillow covers, however, I was not impressed with them. They are soft but not as elegant as they look in the picture and are not high quality. I put them on pillows that were smaller than the ones I ordered. The covers were ripped a little. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤They look pretty and unique. I got them for the pillows in my bed and they look like I wanted them to. The material is soft. They look good.

👤These covers are great. It seems like it is durable and soft. Gave me the look I was going for. Definitely recommend. The white and black were purchased by me.

👤They look nice. I bought covers for 20 inch pillow inserts. The pillow inserts filled them nicely. I'll be buying prints from this vendor.

6. Ussuperstar Compass Medallion Cushion Pillowcase

Ussuperstar Compass Medallion Cushion Pillowcase

It's made of cotton and Polyester. It's perfect for home, apartment, dorm, themd birthday party background, throw and so on. The 18 X 18 pillow covers can be used with other pillow inserts. It is easy to care for the hidden zip. 45 cm is the size of the 4 pack cushion covers.

Brand: Ussuperstar

👤These are great, but they will take a long time to arrive. I believed I had been ripped off when they arrived over a week ago. Happy they are here, just be aware that it takes a long time.

👤The price for 4 pillow covers was so low. I used three in my bedroom and one in my chair. They are not soft though. It was more like a canvas feel. They can't slip off of your furniture and bed. The 4 different colors compliment each other perfectly and really add the right amount of color to my cream colored bedding set. I used them to cover my old pillows. These are a great value and look great. They are a quick way to update your decor.

👤These pillow cases are exactly what I was looking for. You can see how cool they are by looking at the photo attached. I think I'll order a few more to throw under the chair. I think the pillow cases are water resistant. The inside of the pillows were not wet during the big storm last night. The shipment was lost in mail, but customer service immediately re-mailed a new order and I received it in less than 10 days. Customer service sent an email to see if I received it. I have to complement Us Supper Star on their quality product, as well as their quick response and follow-up emails. Thanks Supper Star for a job well done.

👤I was putting the pillow in and one of them came apart. I used a smaller pillow than the one on the pillow cover, so there wasn't much strain on the cover. I have a sewing machine, so it's not a big deal. There is a They came very quickly, unlike other reviews. They are not soft and are like canvas material. I'm satisfied with my purchase, and the colors look just like the photos. I will probably look somewhere else when I need a new cover.

👤What a waste. My camera made prints look better. Not the same as the picture. A better brand is worth spending a little more on.

👤You need to buy the pillow inserts separately to get the nice quality throw pillow covers. The bottom edge of the zipper makes it easy to open and fill. The colors look great. If they get dirty, you can wash them.

👤Don't be alarmed, like we were! Ha. We thought these pillow cases were decorative. We bought them because the price was too good to be true. They are awesome even though they were just decorative pillow cases. They were a gift and I ordered 20 inch pillow inserts. I had to finish the job. They were full and lovely. Get the 20 inch inserts to make your pillows look full and fluffy.

👤I wasn't expecting a lot of embroidered or hand dyed things for the price. There is a I think they are a good value because they are exactly what I expected. They are quite thick and seem to hold up well, and the colors look similar to what they looked like online.

7. Banilla Bohemian Perfect Decorative Tassels

Banilla Bohemian Perfect Decorative Tassels

This natural white decorative pillow is a great addition to your home decor because of it's bohemian style. This gorgeous bohemian throw pillow is a perfect compliment to the tassels at both sides. The slub weave has a touch of bohemian-inspired texture that they love. These pillows are made from 100% cotton and are easy to care for. The reinforced stitches on the zipper make it last a long time. You'll only get one eye catching pillow cover, an insert is required. These items can be different from the pillow cover dimensions. Spot cleaning is recommended. Do not wash or dry. Banilla is a brand that you can trust and they are committed to creating products that you will love. They are here to help and will take care of you within 24 hours.

Brand: Banilla

👤This is my second purchase from Banilla and the quality is amazing. The color is striking. I was amazed at how beautiful this product is. The quality and service of this brand is well worth it.

👤What I was looking for! Time will tell if it is well made.

👤I wanted something different. I decided on the covers. I need to invest in 12 X 20 insert pillows. I'm happy with my 4th of July display.

👤The pillow cover is soft. It was better than I anticipated.

👤The color is the same. The colors are gone from my rug. I would like to see more options from this company, such as pillows that are similar to the throw in my picture. I'm a big fan.

👤I had to sew back on the 2 tassels that broke off within the first week because I love the design of this pillow. I got a pillow that fits and when I tried to put it in, it broke. I am very disappointed.

👤A beautiful color in a classic style!

👤I love the cover, it's cute and well made. I ordered a second one.

8. CDWERD 18x18Inches Farmhouse Decorative Pillowcases

CDWERD 18x18Inches Farmhouse Decorative Pillowcases

A gorgeous decorative pillow cover. A series of styles - accent, bohemian, farmhouse and morocco - are introduced to these throw pillow covers. You can give your old cushions a new look with decorUhome tufted pillow covers. You will get 4 bohemian pillow covers, which are brown artificial leather and white printed stitching cover, white cover with bohemian pattern, black cover with bohemian arrows and white bohemian cover with black tassels, without a pillow, insert or any filler. The pillow cover has a stunning aesthetic effect and unparalleled quality. Made with materials that are safe. It is not easy to damage the zipper, which has reinforced stitches. Perfect decoration: these pillow covers can add a sense of design to your home decoration, make the old home have a new look, can add beauty to any area, and the neutral pillowcase design will stay stylish, elegant, classic, no need of frequent replacements, economical. This pillowcase set is a perfect gift for mom, wife, friends, loved ones, newlyweds. It is an excellent gift for important events such as graduation, birthday, housewarming, etc. It can be applied to any style of home. If you don't like these pillow covers, please return them within 30 days to get a full refund or replacement, and they will give you 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Cdwerd

👤It's a perfect addition to my theme.

👤It's a perfect addition to a farmhemian style. I found a lot of similar options on Amazon, but at the end of the day I decided to go with this one. The price and quality are great. I went with a 20x20 insert for the 18x18 covers because the rule of thumb is to always buy inserts larger than the covers. The covers look amazing in my living room. My living room looked boring before they arrived. It looks like it was put a lot more thought into it than I did. These pillow covers are very good. They gave me the look I wanted at an affordable price. It's really worth buying.

👤I love pillows. I bought them for my teens. I recently purchased some other pillow covers, and they were all different in material. I am sad that one of the pillow cases had a tear and string loose. I tried to send a message to see if they could just replace the one and not have to send them all back and buy them again. When I noticed, the last pillow case was on. Here is a tip. Put pillow cases on before inspecting them. I usually do. I did not this time. I hope they replace the one. We will see.

👤It's hard to find sets that match but also have different colors. I specifically wanted it. Leather, linen, and whatever the tassels are made of are variations in material. And soft. stripes, It is cohesive and not dull. It has a masculine feel to it, making it perfect for almost any room. I'm thinking of giving another as a gift for a friend who loves decorating. You can't put the leather one in a washing machine. A small price to pay. If you buy 4 pullows with this design already, it would be a great value.

👤I bought 4 cases and 4 plain pillows for the same price, instead of paying 50 bucks for a throw pillow. They made my bed look better. I was afraid they would be cheap but they look good and hold up well.

👤The covers looked nice when they arrived. I washed according to instructions. They no longer look nice. The black cover had paint that came off. I tried to get all of the paint off by rinsing it again. I don't like the thought of paint getting on my skin or couch when someone uses this pillow. The darker parts of the lighter colored covers look terrible now that they have bled all over. It was just awful.

👤The pillow covers are nice. They were used to complement the decor and client comfort in our pedicure chair. The quality is great for the price. Over the past 6 months, we haven't had any issues with them. Clients and we love the look. If you are ever in Atlanta, please stop by to see the pedicures.

9. HOMFINER Decorative Stripes Geometric Pillows

HOMFINER Decorative Stripes Geometric Pillows

The set of 6 pillow covers is 18x18 in. The pillow inserts are not included. The neutral and universal trendy designs make them good for any environment. You can add a designer touch to your home by filling these with your pillow inserts. 5 of the pillow covers are made of 100% cotton woven fabric, which is machine washed. The vegan faux leather of the camel can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. There is a seasonal workmanship. The covers are made of double stitching and serged fabric, which will help them stand up to the removal and fill. Money back guarantee. Each pillow cover is made of high quality material. They hope their customers will receive a beautiful pillow covers set with a reasonable price and excellent customer service. Their product is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this set, they'll refund your money.

Brand: Homfiner

👤The quality is excellent. I am very happy with my purchase. The fabric is thick enough to not show the designs underneath. Stitching is done well. I like the way the invisible zip ties it all together. These are great touches to any space. I would recommend them to you. I bought the 18x18 set. I have 20x20 pillows that fit well. The paper instructions were helpful.

👤The pillows are perfect for the porch swing. I like the styles and the one brown pillow cover gives me a break from the patterns. Excellent price and quality.

👤I love these pillows. The charcoal grey couch was purchased on Amazon. They are made from a canvas and have a strong zip at the bottom. Awesome value!

👤The pillows are made from high quality material. I was able to get my inserts inside. I bought the 6 pack so I can swap out any time. The material is better than I thought it would be. It has changed the look of my family room. I would buy again.

👤Excellent quality pillows. The pleather pillow is very durable. I'm happy with it! I hope they don't raise it anymore because at that point you could just buy the pre-stuffed pillows. I bought the standard/queen pillows from target after taking someone's advice. You have to pound them out a bit but it's worth it. Most of the inserts are very expensive. I would have spent about 48 here.

👤The fabric is canvas-like and I like it. If you don't like some of the patterns, the back sides are all white, which makes it easy to mix them out. The white background is too stark and the pillow covers are too bold and graphic, which is why they are a little too modern. I'm thinking that with a few washes, they might become more subtle and easier to see. The brown one is plastic and I won't use it. I ordered this combo for the two or three that I really liked in the picture, and still do the ones with line drawn elements. I would order more if they were not available as a set. They are a good value. There is a I used several pillows that were different sizes and they all worked well. They work best with a softer insert.

👤The smell is terrible, but they are cute. I can't explain how bad it is. I washed the cloth cases but the brown leather pillow still smells like it was made in the 1800s. I washed it and it still has the odor. Someone who hasn't washed in a week has a smell of pepper. I'm trying to find a way to get rid of this strong smell.

👤I bought the whole set because I wanted the two pillow cases so much. Six pillowcases have a good value. The designs and fabric are of good quality. I am happy with this purchase, but I wish they sold them all separately. I only have use for two of the pillowcases, but I like four or five of them. There are other listings that have some of them but they are not the same as the ones in this set size. It was better to buy this set than the individual ones.

10. Decorative Morocco Neutral Farmhouse Bedroom

Decorative Morocco Neutral Farmhouse Bedroom

There is no pillow insert in the square 18 inch Farmhouse Throw Pillows. The Morocco Pillow Covers is made of black, white and tufted and has bright colors and is comfortable. The unique design can show you your artistic taste. It can be placed in the living room and bedroom, or as a piece of art in any corner of the home, with Exquisite workmanship:exquisite cotton material and tassels tufting embroidery technology can present the perfect texture of the product, it can be placed in the living room and bedroom, It can make you happy. The hidden smooth zipper design is elegant. It is easy to clean. Either hand wash or machine wash.

Brand: Omerai

👤I was expecting to like the pillow covers. I didn't expect them to be so comfortable and luxurious. I am going for a bohemian look in my living room and these delivered. I can't believe the quality for the price. I have seen pillows like this at some places. I ordered more immediately after these came in. Don't be on the fence. Purchase them now! You will not be disappointed.

👤The diamond pillow was what I was expecting. It takes a little fluffing to un-squish the threads. The striped pillow has big ABCs on it, which I didn't expect. They work from a long way away.

👤The pillow covers are perfect. I bought them for our guest room. They are easy to put on.

👤Our living space was instantly brightened by these covers. They are thick and comfortable. They will stand the test of time.

👤They look great on the couch. They have a great texture.

11. Pallene Decorative Pillow Covers Farmhouse

Pallene Decorative Pillow Covers Farmhouse

The bohemian look is given out by the combination of soft lambswool and cotton linen fabric in their decor pillow covers. The cute pillow covers accent your home decoration. The plush stripe is made of top-notch materials that make it skin-friendly for kids and pets. It is easy to insert and replace the color-matching zipper. The couch pillow covers will become a gorgeous accent to their couch, sofa, bedroom, or living room. It's a great choice to reuse their sofa pillows. The package includes 2 beige pillow covers, but no insert or filling. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. Do not iron and machine wash cold, gently cycle only, no bleach, and tumble dry low. If you have a problem with the trendy throw pillow covers set, please contact them immediately.

Brand: Pallene

👤So happy with these. It's nice and soft and neutral. Love the design. It's great for looks but also low back support.

👤The euro pillow cases are very soft. It feels like a nice quality. It's pretty cream color. The white pieces can get caught in the zip up. It is a sturdy zip.

👤I washed them, but they looked terrible after they were washed, so I didn't wash them again. They look old and dingy. I am tired of getting shit and I am seeing them back.

👤These are very cute and come at a great price. They add a touch of class to my couch.

👤I ordered them twice and both times they were ripped.

👤Cute pillows! Exactly like the picture.


What is the best product for decorative pillows boho?

Decorative pillows boho products from Volcanics. In this article about decorative pillows boho you can see why people choose the product. Kozyland and Adabana are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows boho.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows boho?

Volcanics, Kozyland and Adabana are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows boho. Find the detail in this article. Redearth, Nestinco and Ussuperstar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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