Best Decorative Pillows for Bed Black

Bed 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. BRAWARM Pillow Decoration Crocodile Leather

BRAWARM Pillow Decoration Crocodile Leather

There is a set of 2 square throw pillow covers, but no pillow. Leather throw pillow covers make a great addition to your living room or bedroom. The covers are made of faux leather. ZIPPER: Use a color coordinated hidden zip up for an elegant look. The tight zigzag over-lock stitches are used to avoid wrinkling and ripping. Pick from 17 different colors to match your furniture. The Leather Throw Pillow Covers are a great accessory. There are washing tips. Do not iron, low temperature, or use a machine wash if you want to wipe with a wet cloth.

Brand: Brawarm

👤This is a great product for the money and it makes my bed pop. My mother-in-law was impressed with how it looks and feels. It has a nice texture and feels good, and should be easy to clean. It was strong and nice. It looks like the image if you have puffy pillows. I would recommend this product.

👤The plan is to update the appearance of my living room pillows. The covers are beautiful and well made, but the smell is bad and it's not good. After washing on a delicate cycle and hanging to dry, will update later! It is necessary to wash. They're beautiful.

👤These look really high-end, incredible quality. They are soft and durable, and they look like really expensive pillows. I didn't include a picture because they look just as good as the pictures people have submitted already. I bought the 18x18 to coordinate with some really soft yellow velvet pillow covers, I also bought from another vendor. It makes you look like you spent a lot more money than you did. You have to buy a pillow insert yourself or do what I did, I stuffed half of a crappy 'My Pillow' in each of these, silver crocodile textured, pillow inserts and then put some additional polyfill around, in places to get the firmness I desired. I don't think I'm going to need to wash the inside because these are water resistant. All you need is a paper towel and some water to wipe them down.

👤Love the look but can not stand the smell. I put one on a pillow and it fit perfectly. There was a slight smell. I decided to wash with detergent. That made our laundry room smell like fish. Trying a different detergent. It is a common issue after coming back to reviews. Will update. The smell is awful, but the look is classy.

👤I was angry because my first order was lost. After I messaged Amazon, they sent me another set and it was in the mail two days later. These pillow cases are awesome. Reminder. The pillow insert is not included in the cases.

👤It looks perfect. Best purchase so far.

👤Wow! I have never had an odor issue with any item I have delivered. These came smelling bad. It's amazing! The tag says it can be washed, so I am going to wash them. Hopefully it doesn't ruin it. I am tempted to send them back even though they look nice. I don't recommend because of the smell.

👤The pillow cover is very thick, pretty and good price, the only thing you have to do is wash it and leave it to soak in fabric to remove the smell. I like the way it looks on my sofa.

👤Wow! Wow! C'est coussins. It was Beaux fini,couleur. J'en ai un commande. Je recommande.

👤These pillows are very nice. I want the white ones. One of the pillows had a bad smell but an easy watch could get it out. If you have a dog, I recommend these 100%.

2. DEZENE Decorative Rectangular Pillowcases Farmhouse

DEZENE Decorative Rectangular Pillowcases Farmhouse

There are amazing VELVET shawls. If you look in two different directions, they will show two different glosses, one is bright and smooth, the other is soft and plush. You can add style to your area. The Throw Pillow Covers bring a luxurious look to your home. These pillow covers are made of durable Poly Velvet and are both high class and soft. High quality. Matched with the invisible zip is the Cushion Covers color. It's convenient to disassemble and change. The color of the fabric is beautiful. Easy care. Do not use bleach or iron when washing your machine, it is in cold water on The Gentle Cycle.

Brand: Dezene

👤These are great! Soft, well-made, well-priced colors... I had to order more. The dark ones are teal, the turquoise ones are baby blue, and the middle one is turquoise. The covers fit my pillow inserts perfectly. I haven't washed yet. I'll update the review if it's a problem.

👤There are many things wrong with these cases. 1. An 18” pillow won't fit no matter how you try to stuff it. 2. The opening is 13”? It would take you an hour to get them on 3, even if you had a pillow that was 17. The sides aren't wide enough for a pillow. If you try to get a pillow that was more than 1/3 of an inch thick, you will be in for a rude surprise. 4. The teal color looks like a Christmas green. There is a It is crazy how many reviews there are. People don't mind spending an afternoon on something that should take a few minutes.

👤These are the perfect covers, they are soft, quality, and have a slight velvet sheen in the light. I believe the color listed as "Nave" is navy and they are just gorgeous. I can afford to replace them if I need to, they are soft and well made. I washed them on a delicate cycle after I received them. So happy to have found these!

👤I have had these for a month and still appreciate them. I saw a review that said to buy a bigger size for the pillow insert, so I bought the larger pillow case and inserts. I barely fluffed out my pillows before I put them in because the insert is vaccum sealed and the zip is not full length. They're soft and seem to last a long time. I was able to test it out for napability and it definitely gives you some of the most aggressive bed heads I've seen, but they're napable for sure. I don't cause aggressive wear on my things. I feel like these will hold up. There is a The unoffensive and barely seen zip is not causing any issues. I got the 4 pack of pillows from Utopia that fit in the 20 cases and were teal and orange. I'm very happy with both purchases.

👤These are not as big as 14x14. The opening is about 8 inches. My husband had to fight to get the pillows in. My pillows are now 14. The color is soft and beautiful. Will not come here again.

👤There are three stars around. I love these covers and dislike them. The pillow covers themselves are soft and the yellow color is more of a mustard yellow, but the black stain on them wouldn't wash out, so it's fine. My toddler won't be able to open it, so that is a plus. The color is misleading.

👤I am in love with this pillow case and can't wait to get my large. Thank you. The couch is brown and the color is perfect. It looks better than the picture and is soft. I would recommend it to anyone who likes classy looking stuff.

3. HOME BRILLIANT Mongolian Decorative Rectangle

HOME BRILLIANT Mongolian Decorative Rectangle

Features: The package has a 1 pc cushion cover. There is no cushion insert. Black. The measures are tailored for the insert. Lining at the back of the fur reduces the amount of fur shed. It is easy inSERTION. The cover is very easy to insert and open around 37 cm. There is a washing guide. Machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only, no bleach, and do not Iron. The faux fur throw pillow cover is made of high quality material.

Brand: Home Brilliant

👤All the cases purchased so far have fit. These cases are baggy and sloppy and the pillows are down. These are not white. Very bright color. I wish they were white as described and fit, but otherwise they seem to be of better quality construction than most Amazon purchases. I like them so much that I'm willing to look for a better fitting pillow. I hope they will hold up in the wash. If the seller offers pillows, you might want to buy them together. If you want buttercream, I recommend them. The July update was updated. I have low expectations for most Amazon purchases and rarely re-order, but pillows have washed well, one got destroyed by cats, and I have reordered, still wish they were white, not this vanilla color and better fitting. Good price, now please make them in white, or at least change their description to reflect reality. The description has been updated to ivory but not the product title. There is a In July, the item was no good, and I contacted Amazon to get a refund. Whether to reorder... New dye lots did not match previous ones.

👤I put the same size pillows on these pillow covers. They look like stuffed sausages. One is off-white and the other is pink. They are soft and will do.

👤So far it's been great. They fit my pillow perfectly. I worry about the quality of the overtime. It doesn't seem very strong. The cases in the pictures are not washed as you can see the packaging marks, but I assume those will go away once washed!

👤I need to get this out there because a mature older woman doesn't like pink that much. Older ladies deserve pink too. I wanted to bring a little color and texture to my home office area, and this fluffy pillow cover caught my eye when browsing pillow related products on Amazon. When I opened the package, I was quite impressed. The product looks better than the photo. The pink color is light and I can see it every day. The fuzzy is not on either side, but it would bother some people. I was worried that the fuzzy side would get wrecked quickly. The pillow cover is new on both sides. The photo has a pink color. The zip is strong. I bet washing this would wreck the fuzzy nap and make it difficult to get the zipper. It's a good idea to wash this in a mesh bag and with cool or cold water. No bleach either! The pillow is too small for this chair. I have to move it before I sit down because it falls every time I stand up. There is nothing wrong with the pillow cover. I'm hoping I can find a larger pillow cover. Looking forward to more fuzzy!

👤This gave the perfect dark color to my bed and is very soft. I looked for the right size pillow. I had a bag of craft pillow filling that worked perfectly.

4. Pillow Covers Decorative Covers,Geometric Cushion

Pillow Covers Decorative Covers%EF%BC%8CGeometric Cushion

There are washing tips. It is safe to wash by machine or hand with cold water. There are 4 throw pillow covers in this package. The insert isn't included. The material is soft to the touch and comfortable to lay on. It's easy to clean and it's skin-friendly. The pillows are simple black and white geometric pattern and are perfect for sofa, seat, car decoration, office, hotel, coffee decoration. The decor pillows sets are easy to replace and clean. The machine can only be washed in cold water. Don't bleach, tumble dry low. It looks like new.

Brand: Homethod

👤I was able to change the pillow cases according to the season, without buying pillows for every season.

👤I thought I needed a new chair, but I used my rust color pillows for my chairs. New look for the year! Money Savers!

👤These are very cute. I wanted to love them. They arrived dirty. Beware of buyers.

5. Uhomy Decorative Luxury Artificial Cushion

Uhomy Decorative Luxury Artificial Cushion

It is made of 100% Polyester. It's suitable for a sofa, bed, home, car, office. It can be stretched 1 more inch because of the elastic material. There are no inserts included in the Artificial Fur Pillow Covers. Machine wash in cold water. The fluff material of this product makes it important to not clip it.

Brand: Uhomy

👤One of my pillow cases got a tear from my kids or dog. I decided to wash that one so I could see how it would turn out, as another reviewer said her pillow cases came out matted and ruined. You can wash these, but you should air dry them and then brush the case with a paddle brush, going along with the direction of the fibers and it will look great. I will take a picture of what the machine looks like after I brushed it. Even though it felt like I was brushing a tangled head of hair, I didn't pull out any of the fibers. I think I forgot that I have two 1- and 2 year old toddlers and a big golden retriever when I bought these, which is my own fault. They cannot be washed without being ruined, so if you live in a household where things get messy then I would skip over these. They are cute and I have cleaned them with a carpet cleaner and fur comb. You can keep them looking nice in between by running a comb along the direction of the fur to get any stuck crumbs. I will keep these for as long as they look nice and don't stink, but after that I'll get pillow covers that can be washed normally.

👤These don't shed! I'm very happy with the quality, but I want you to use flat pillows. I tried to get a thicker pillow into it.

👤These are cute but not as soft as the picture shows. The fur stuff smells bad and looks artificial. I am afraid to wash it because of the fur and the plastic. I am happy with them but be aware they are not like the picture. I would have bought them. I appreciate more honesty. I had these for a few weeks and one ripped at the seam. It is not something that can be easily sewn together. It is really disappointing. These pillows are only used on the weekends when my friend sleeps over so only a few times a week are they being touched and it only took two months for them to rip them.

👤I got these pillow covers today and it's a beautiful color, it's light grey with a darker tone, it goes beautifully with my furniture. The color is correct. The furs are very soft, smooth, and pretty, I didn't need to brush it out like my pink coral one which I think the furs are nappy. There is a hidden compartment on the side. When I put the insert in, they all shed a bit, but didn't shed when I ran my fingers through them. Definitely recommend them!

👤These are soft and fluffy. I put a larger pillow inside and it fit perfectly. They look great and are what I wanted.

👤I bought these because I wanted to add some texture and warmth to my living room couch and bed. These were definitely not a home run. There is a The material is soft and looks great, they remind me of sully from Monsters inc., and the fur has a nice bounce to it. The construction is solid with no loose threads and the size is spot on. There is a The color is off. The title does mention "cream white", but the picture clearly shows a crisp, cool white and the color selection option is noted only as "white". I was looking for a white color for my living room and bedroom, which is a warm cream color. These ended up looking dirty and yellow at the end of the day. The zippers are both large and plastic. I snapped off the zipper pulls as they were very cheap looking and clearly visible. I am not too worried about removing the zip pulls as the cover will only need to be removed occasionally for cleaning, but I do wish the pictures were a bit better on the color and the quality of the zip pulls. A good purchase, but leaves some room for improvement.

6. OA OATHENE Decorative Pillowcases Super Soft

OA OATHENE Decorative Pillowcases Super Soft

There is a pack of decorative throw pillow cover that does not contain splinters. This series use high quality cotton and fiber blend for super soft, easy care, soft handle,durable and luxury. A nice addition to your bedroom or living room is a couch. It is possible to insert and remove inserts with the invisible zip. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature

Brand: Oa Oathene

👤These pillow covers are very nice. One of them is supposed to be black, but it seems like a very dark blue.

👤It's hard to get pillows in a perfect size if they are on the thicker side.

👤The picture makes them look good. I'm not buying this on my sofa.

👤Not a single complaint. I almost didn't buy them because of some of the reviews, but I'm glad I did. They are soft and cover my pillows. My couch has a new addition.

👤The covers are beautiful. It was soft and thick.

👤These are very soft and good quality.

7. Monkeysell Bronzing Flannelette Pillowcases Neoclassical

Monkeysell Bronzing Flannelette Pillowcases Neoclassical

The fabric is soft and nice to the touch. PILLOWS INSERT is not included. The pillowcase uses the latest hand-gilt printing technology, the pattern stands out clearly, that instantly upgrade the whole room's decoration setting. Good sewing stitches are long- lasting and durable, and exquisite workmanship brings the perfect combination of durability and softness. It is recommended to purchase 18X18 inch pillow insert, it is not included in the package. It's suitable for living room, bed room, sofa, couch, car, seat, floor, bench, office, cafe, party, etc.

Brand: Monkeysell

👤I am very satisfied with the pillows I bought. The black and white striped ones are very white and the other two are off white, so that is a little weird. I still like them. The backs are visible. The first time I stuffed them with green stuffing, I changed them to white. Would recommend.

👤My daughter and I love these pillow covers. I didn't want to spend a fortune on new pillows so this was a great option for me. My pillows are 14 x 14 and I chose 18x18 covers. They were a great cost measure for updating my living room. Good quality, soft, cute, great fit. I love these!

👤It's amazing! They're perfect. I expected them to be smaller but they are the right size and look great on my bed when I move. I'm very happy. I would love to rate 10 stars.

👤I like them! It's perfect gold and not yellowish gold. That was a plus! The cushion needs to be ordered separately.

👤I moved to a new apartment and didn't want to spend a lot of money on furniture so a friend gave me her old couch and I was able to use the pillows to make it fit the look I wanted. The old pillows were used in the new pillow covers. I bought my couch cover and rug from Amazon.

👤All I can say is yessss! The pillow is pretty. They are suade so laying on them could be hot. The covers are good quality.

👤My daughter's room has pillows in it. The pillows cases are soft but one cover faded in the washing. She loved them even though they still look great. They are cover for pillows. You don't get pillows with the covers. My mistake was not reading closely.

👤My daughter is in the middle of being 800-273-3217 I ordered these and pillows because I want to see what a grown up room she will have.

👤Tous exactement la mme couleurs. There is a The coussin tend la tche difficile.

👤Non sono per niente soddisfatta. There is a In realt sono beige, non sono affatto oro, the foto was colored sembrerebbero. There is a Meno male la spesa non eccessiva, ma non sono quello per cercavo!

👤It's not soft, it's not gold foil, it's just a print picture on it, and it's not actual pillow.

👤It took a while to arrive. It was worth it.

👤The product did not impress me at all.

8. Reafort Luxury Pillow Zipper Closure

Reafort Luxury Pillow Zipper Closure

Easy care. Do not use bleach or iron when washing your machine, it is in cold water on The Gentle Cycle. The fur long hair body pillow cover is made of 100% polyester. The pillow stays inside of the cover. tumble dry low The cover is only for this purpose. Does not include a pillow. They are changing product packaging. If you order more than one item, you might get afferent packaging.

Brand: Reafort

👤It was soft, fluffy and washed well. The price was very reasonable. They are being used as bolster covers. These are nice. The Doggie Angel approves.

👤I'm glad I bought this body pillow case. It fits my body pillow perfectly. It is very comfortable. I wish both sides had fur on it. It isn't a big deal. It was definitely worth the money. It seems to be made of good quality. I like how it looks on the bed. It is bright and colorful. If you're looking for a case for a fluffy body pillow, this is the one for you.

👤Body pillows are used as bumpers when my bed is not in a freestanding position. I liked the look of the pillows I bought. I should have been using cases all along, but early didn't find ones I liked. I wanted to get a variety of black covers if I could find them. Even though I was looking for cotton, I really like this cover. It is a silly 70s looking with a shaggy side, but it is all black and non-shaggy. The shaggy side feels like a plushy stuffed animal, the other side is soft if petted in one direction, but has a grain. I found another 100% cotton black case on Amazon and am happy with the collection.

👤It feels soft. One side is fluffy and the other side is micro fiber. The size of the pillow and the size of the encasement is just right. It would be a good idea to shake out in the shower before putting it on the pillow. After removing it from the bag, I picked up some hairs off my tongue, which was all over my shirt, shorts and pants, probably after shaking it out in the shower and brushing it up and down with my hand. It was all over the place. It is still new, so I am not yet rating it. I would recommend hand washing or washing it in cold water on a gentle cycle if I did not want to wash it for a while. Anything else will damage it. Enjoy!

👤Very soft. It makes my bed look better.

👤When I opened my pillow case, I was surprised to see that there was only fur on one side. I expected it to go all the way around. There is a I came back here and re-read it, but I don't know where to start. It is soft and nice. I washed and dried it before use and got a small amount of fluff, but not much. It doesn't seem to be losing weight. I might have made the purchase if I had not found one that was furry all the way around and if a one-sided pillow is fine for your needs, I would recommend this one.

👤I was going to put it in my pillow. It feels so soft. I love it.

👤This was longer than we expected and that would be our fault. It was better than expected. Looks great, it's very soft and fluffy. The low profile zip ties are an added plus.

9. Elero Pillow Decoration Pleated Cushion

Elero Pillow Decoration Pleated Cushion

The filling and velvet is made of 100% Polyester. Polyester (PP Cotton) is a high quality material. The round cushion is made of filling and velvet fabric and has an attractive sheen. European solid color plush cushion have a variety of colors and styles, perfect addition to any decor. The throw pillow will make any room in your home or office look better. Pumpkin decorative throw pillow can be used as a bolster, sofa-cushion, back, and head pillow, car home decor, baby toy, etc, perfect to add pop of color to any room. It's a great gift for friends and family. The dimensions are approx 14.17 x 14.17 inches, with athickness of 4.72 inches. You bought pillows that were 1.3lb. Do not use Bleach or machine wash.

Brand: Teieas

👤The pillow is not like the picture. I vacuumed into nothing. It is cheap and smashes into a pancake. Half the size is in thickness that the picture shows. The pleats weren't fully completed and the center buttons weren't symmetrical. Don't waste time. Spend more money on things that are not real. Whoever is selling these should be ashamed of the photo.

👤Update fell apart. I had to return it. It is expensive for the size of the item. Not plush at all. It's super thin. I would go with another item.

👤I am returning the cushion tomorrow because it is terrible. The seller packed the cushion in a way that caused it to lose its shape and one of the buttons was about to fall off. There are other pillows on Amazon that are better quality than these.

👤It looks wrinkled and not full after being out of the packaging. I expected it to be a velvet. I was mistaken.

👤The interior stuffing never became as full as the pictures show, because the pillow is more square than round. It looks like a round pillowcase with a square pillow inside. This isn't what I wanted, but it is soft.

👤The pillow was vacuum sealed when it arrived. I cut away all the plastic and put it in the sun for 2 days. I didn't feel like it was back to it's normal shape and size after 2 days. I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes and it was perfect. The design of the pillow was nice and fluffy. The pillow is not the same as the opposite one.

👤I don't mind that they're different because you can't tell when they're on the chairs. They fit my chairs well and are soft for my boney butt. They are doing a good job of regaining their shape after shipping. I recommend them.

10. Top Finel Decorative Particles Cushion

Top Finel Decorative Particles Cushion

Soft Particles Velvet is a super soft material that is comfortable to touch and lay on. Pack includes 2 packs per set and no pillowcase. Managament: The hidden zip up was designed to meet an elegant look. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. No pecULIAR SMELL: Throw pillow cases are perfect for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues because they use high quality velevet fabric. The aid and support of the two are FADE RESISTANT and STAIN RESISTANT. Their pillowcases are stain resistant and fade resistant, so they look brand new. There is a match and a mix and match. Their cushion covers are available in a variety of colors so you can match the color of your decors in the living room, bedroom, office and car.

Brand: Top Finel

👤The 18”x18” size was bought in off-white. I've been looking for a fringe pillow like the PomPom one for a while now but they are so expensive everywhere else. The material is soft and silky. Doesn't require ironing. The quality and price are perfect. I put the Ikea pillow inserts with the pillow covers.

👤The 20” pillow covers are soft. Exactly what I was looking for. The material is very soft and will last. I was worried the balls would fall off when I put my pillows in, but they didn't. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The Pom poms are coming off after 4 months of gentle use and a few washes. I had to wash the pillow cases to make sure the pom poms were still there, but one of the zippers got stuck and I can't open it again. I wish I could get my money back or replace them with the plain style, which is holding up quite well, because this style isn't great. I love it. These pillow cases! The little pom poms are soft and cute. I plan to wash them inside out so the Pom poms don't get caught, but I haven't washed them yet to see how durable they are. They are cute and for a great price. Will definitely buy more.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They feel good at an affordable price. I was afraid of the light color getting dirty, but they are easy to wipe down and keep clean. They are soft and comfortable. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I ordered the cases with pompom trim, but they were just plain cases. It's the correct color, but I didn't want to send them back for something else. The off-white/ivory color is pretty. One case could have been finished a little better. If this pillow were used on a couch or chair, it might come undone. They will do just fine for my purposes. Customer service reached out to me to correct the issue of the incorrect product. They were so pleasant to deal with that I am updating to 5 stars.

👤I ordered some green velvet pillow covers for the living room and the two dinning room arm chairs. The quality is the best and the size was spot on. You can't tell that they are covers because the velvet is so soft. Love the detail of the pompom. The color is the same. I bought three sets and they are all perfect. Thank you for selling it.

👤I bought a second set of pillow covers from the same seller, so I'm updating my review. I ordered a 22x22 pillow. The size was correct and it fit my pillow perfectly. The covers are soft and the color is described. The hunter green color is gorgeous. I'm going to buy another set. --- There is a I'm not sure if the measurements were off, but the cover is small. I bought it to fit the pillow in the second picture, but it was really small. It will fit a small pillow that came with the set. I don't know if I will keep it. There is a The fabric is soft and the color is the same as in the picture. I'm not happy with the size.

11. MIULEE Decorative Romantic Chiffon Pillowcase

MIULEE Decorative Romantic Chiffon Pillowcase

The size is 30 x 50 Cm. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. There is a pillow cover without an insert. The material is made of high quality fabric. It's very soft and friendly. The color of the screen may be different from the light. There is a hidden zip code. You can decorate your room in a simple and fashion way. It is suitable for living room, bed room, sofa, couch, bed, car, seat, floor, bench, office, cafe, wedding party, and many more. There are washing tips. It makes it easy to insert and remove the pillow inserts. It will look brand new if you wash it cold separately, gently cycle only, do not bleach, and do not iron. MIULEE is dedicated to giving you a better living environment.

Brand: Miulee

👤A pretty dusty rose pillow cover. The rosettes are made by sewing a sheer, scallop-cut, dusty rose-colored poly-type fabric to a sort of flat, sateen, dusty rose-colored background fabric, which is barely visible. The back of the pillow cover has a soft fabric with a low pile. The center of the back is covered with a plastic-toothed, single-stitch white zip that can be opened or closed with ease. There are no tags on the pillow. I suggest air dry hand washing. I like the price of the pillow cover. It was sent to me quickly and before I expected.

👤There is a bed room and a living room.

👤I was disappointed when I received this pillow cover because it was beautiful and a great color, but there was some type of blue/black ink all over it. There were more markings in the front of the pillow when I turned it inside. I might try to get a replacement for my pillow cover so I can see if it was an error or not.

👤I bought 2 of these pillows for my bed. The grey is very close to the picture shown. They are made to last. They are also useful for us. The roses are made of soft material and the back is made of velvet. The pillow forms are perfect. Highly recommended.

👤I love this pillow. I put it on my couch. I moved the pillow to a different location and saw that the red color on the couch was bleeding. This was very upsetting. The red is still on the couch despite using warm soap and water. I paid quite a bit for a pillow that would have been involved in this. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else who bought a pillow like this.

👤I am very happy with the pillow. It's only purpose is to look pretty. The color was a little more pink than the other pillow covers I bought at the same time. It matches the throw I keep at the foot of the bed. I attached a pic to show the color variations. The quality of the pillow seems good, but I won't know until it goes through the wash.

👤After less than a month of use, the zipper gave out and will not hold together. Save money. I had a bad old pillow that wasn't working in my new bedroom. I ordered a purple cover. It is very cute. I love it with my bedding. I put my old pillow stuffing inside this one. Highly recommended.

👤There is a gorgeous little accent to any bedspread. The pillow's backside is very soft. I'm hoping a quick fluff in the dryer will help the roses come out better. I'm going to order two more for a friend, I liked it so much. You will need your own insert for this pillow cover, and it is not a pillow. Please check what you're buying because the amount of reviews upset you.

👤This is not the first time that I have been let down by incorrect size, I have a couple of travel pillows that fit in this size, and I ordered other items in this size, but they are not the same size. I will go back to buying on the wish app as I have had no issues with pillow covers before.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for bed black?

Decorative pillows for bed black products from Brawarm. In this article about decorative pillows for bed black you can see why people choose the product. Dezene and Home Brilliant are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for bed black.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for bed black?

Brawarm, Dezene and Home Brilliant are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for bed black. Find the detail in this article. Homethod, Uhomy and Oa Oathene are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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