Best Decorative Pillows for Bed Burgundy

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1. HOMFINER Leather Decorative Bedroom Cushion

HOMFINER Leather Decorative Bedroom Cushion

The pillow covers are modern. To update the look of your room, fill these with your pillow inserts. The sides are vegan faux leather. There is a classy invisible zip up in the bottom. Seams are serged. It was easy to care for. You don't have to remove and fill INRDeals Pillow inserts are not included. Money Back Guarantee - Each pillow cover is made of high quality material. They hope their customers will get a beautiful pillow covers set with a reasonable price and excellent customer service. If you don't like their product, they'll refund your money with no questions asked.

Brand: Homfiner

👤I thought other reviewers were being nice. I've never had an issue with chemical smells or anything from other things I've ordered online, but this is too much. It smells like fish and butt. It's not good. I gave it a week to air out. I left it out in the sun. Nope. Stinky. If you lean on it, it will hold air, which will make you want to vomit. It's not good. There is a These are great if you don't have a sense of smell. They are well made, sturdy, and look like faux leather. They looked great on my sofa, but I wanted to use them and not just look at them, so they have to go back.

👤I love this pillow. There is an odor that comes with the pillow that eventually fades. The pillow case should be opened out to breath.

👤Update! The smell is mostly gone after they were soaked in Tyler Candle Diva Detergent. Please read! I can't put these covers on my sofa because they stink so bad. I opened the package and found a rotten seafood smell. I am trying to get rid of the smell. It looks like a lost cause. They were exactly what I was looking for. Wishing me luck. I want to use them.

👤These pillow covers are wonderful. I needed to refresh. I got some leather pillows to tie in my wood floors. The covers are 18 x 18 inches. I put them over the ikea throw pillows. They are more for the look than for me because they are not as comfortable for me. I am very happy with them, they look good and I want to buy them.

👤The smell to them is terrible. The smell came through when my husband leaned against the pillow. I washed the pillow inverts and they came out fine. Even after being washed, the cover still has the smell.

👤I love these pillows. We needed to tie our couch to our chairs. I placed some old pillows in a different location. The cases have a nice weight. It's perfect when you have kids and dogs. These pillow cases were really nice.

👤I tied my couch and recliner together with these. They are very soft. They don't come full of fluff. I just cut a standard sized pillow in half and put it in each pillow.

👤There was a completely different colour and texture. A dark brown was the material.

👤It's not the same item as on the picture, it's not the same color, it's never been used again.

👤It has the same kind of pattern on it. There is no dark or light pattern in the picture. I like it. I don't use the quality or sturdiness of material anymore. I can give you information about the quality of material after a few months.

👤It is the same as the picture shows. A very fine piece. It adds beauty to every decor.

👤The pillow covers are exactly what they are described to be. It is a nice color.

2. Farmhouse Decorative Trimmed Cushion Included

Farmhouse Decorative Trimmed Cushion Included

The farmhouse pillow cover has 2 packs of pillowcases with stitching trim around the edges, clean trim and neat look, they are perfect to lighten up your living room. The Poly Chenille pillow cover is made of thick premium skin-friendly Poly Chenille, which is super soft and smooth, incredible comfortable to touch and lay on, no piping, no fading, and durable enough for the abuse received by kids and pets. The 18x18 pillow shams are made of smooth and sturdy fabric. PILLOW INSERT is not included. Machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only, no bleach, and do not iron. 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year. They will guarantee your satisfaction. They will give you a satisfaction solution within 24 hours if you have any problems or concerns.

Brand: Decoruhome

👤I love these! I am happy with the covers. It was a perfect fit and feel. Delivery time was great.

👤I loved the first pillowcase so much that I came back to buy more. We have a big house. I left a five star review because of the horrible smell when they arrived. After being washed again, the pillow cases stink again, even after two months. I have to throw the big pillows over now. I'm so disappointed because they look amazing, but they are a huge investment. The smell is amazing. It must be something in the fabric.

👤I ordered burgundy, black, purple, and beige. I like the smell of these and they are great for a well used entertaining basement. They are versatile and can be used in any decor, they are masculine for the man cave, but also earthy when mixed with satins. I received the 16x16 that was shown here and they are perfect tucked in a chair or massed together on bench seating. The hidden zippers are great, but you have to know how to use them with care and use your finger the right way to navigate the pulls easily along the teeth. The black pillows were a little disappointing. I ended up ripping every zip up trying to get the pillows in them because the black zip up made stuffing the case easy. The pros of the pillow outweigh the annoyance of the long zippers I will replace when I get time. There is a Since burgundies are difficult to match, I included a paint sample of a wall that these burgundy pillows match.

👤These were shocking. I bought two different colors for my living room. These are not "velvet", they are some kind of terrible material. The description says they are soft. It's so odd. The description says it is trimmed, but that's not right. You wouldn't expect a double edge in a good pillow at this price, the edges are just sewn like a normal straight edge. The slip stitch with the string was so strange. I'm going to try to take it off with a seam ripper. It is the strangest thing I have seen. The effort to return them is not worth it. I'm going to wash them on hot and use a seam ripper to get rid of that tacky string, so my plan is this. They will go to the dog if it doesn't look better. Being the right color and having zippers earned 2 stars.

👤The pillows smelled bad when they arrived. I threw them in the washer and one of the zippers broke. I'm very sad and disappointed because I love the pillows, but they are pretty. I hope the seller replaces it.

👤These are so soft. Updating the look of your throw pillows is a great way to save money. I can't say enough good things about them. My husband was impressed and he really couldn't care less about how I decorate. When putting pillows, be careful. Let go when you fold in half. You're done with the zip up. I wish I had bought them a long time ago. I don't know why I waited so long. They look like they belong on my sofa. They've always been there. There is a The material is thick enough that I don't worry about it getting torn or snagged. The saturation of the color is amazing. I'm telling you they're comfortable. I would buy them again.

3. HWY 50 Christmas Decorative Comfortable

HWY 50 Christmas Decorative Comfortable

The fabric feels soft, comfortable, non-fade and non-pilling. The pillow cover is 18 x 18 inches and has the same design of 2 sides and a hidden zip. The packing includes new pillowcases, 18 by 18 inches, and no inserts. It's designed with pretty and can be used for living room, couch, bed, chair, car, patio, bedroom, office, floor, bench, indoor, outdoor, toss, bedding, and family. Solid Thick Poly Chenille; hand wash or machine wash separately and softly with cold water. There was no bleaching. Hang dry. HWY 50 is a registered brand, so please allow 1-2 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing.

Brand: Hwy 50

👤When a product is shown to buy, it should be shown what you are buying. This clearly shows people with injuries. Here is what the cushions look like when you buy them. You have to buy the cushions and pillow slips. If you read the description carefully, you will see that the covers are there. I was looking at the picture. Maybe it's because of my lack of being through. It was very upsetting to get cover slips and no pillow insert. The second thing is why these tags poke out of the slips. It looks terrible. I cut one but it was sewn in so quickly you could make a hole or leave a white strip on the couch pillow. Overall disappointing.

👤Red wine was terrible. The color is red Burgundy rust and it feels like nothing else. But mostly rust colored. This product was very disappointing. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤The texture and color were good but not sure about the quality of the zippers. It took me a long time to zip up 4 of them because the zippers were not closing quickly. I almost gave up on the last pillow because it was so bad, but I finally got it to zip up. The value is great but the quality is not. It would be pretty much what you would expect.

👤I thought I ordered 20 x 20. I got the 18 x 18. I tried to confirm, but my original purchase didn't say so. It is fine. It is not nearly as soft as it sounds.

👤It was perfect! My oatmeal colored sofa is covered in a dusty rose color. Bellissimo! I was looking for a pop of color and this was more than I expected. 5 stars

👤I thought the covers were a throw pillow. I was very disappointed when they arrived, but I was very happy when I took them out of the package. They are soft and good quality. I already had a lot of throw pillows so I just put them in the covers. I can change the look of my pillow decorations whenever I want. Great purchase!

👤I was looking for a dandelion that was yellow. These cases are larger than the other 18x18 cases I bought, but no complaints about the color or fabric. The embroidered case fits like a glove, but these are just a little bigger and baggier around the edges. I wish I had bought a smaller size. I was worried the inserts wouldn't fit inside. I listened to the description and bought a bigger size than the cases.

👤The pillow is soft, but the color is not what it should be. There is a green cast on the gray.

4. NiNi ALL Decorative Bedroom Outdoor

NiNi ALL Decorative Bedroom Outdoor

Two pieces of 18 by 18 inches are included. Only the covers are required. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. The material is 100% Polyester. The material is very soft to touch. The pillow covers are made with a invisible zip. It's suitable for your couch, sofa, car, bedroom, living room and garden. Care instructions: wash machine in cold water. Do not use bleach. Due to the production process, pillow covers in different light intensity and angle, the surface will produce plush silver reflective, so that the products exhibit different colors, this is a normal phenomenon, and not the product quality problems.

Brand: Nini All

👤The color is very nice, no flaws, and it washes well. Purchase this instead of getting rid of your boring throw pillows. It gives a new lease on life to your throw pillow. Excellent quality. After this, we bought two more.

👤I've been working on getting this zip for several hours. I can't figure out what it is. I would give it 5 stars, but what is the point of a pillow cover that won't zip?

👤I put these on my pillows and they are not dark blue, they are royal blue. There is a crease in them that will not come out.

👤The black is expensive. I recommend it.

👤I like these. I had sum pillows that didn't go with my new couch, but these pillow covers are perfect. They are soft and well made.

👤They are very soft and warm. The zipper blends in nicely and isn't noticeable. Would buy again.

👤These are cute. You need to pile a few using them.

👤These pillows are very similar to the ones you picked out in the store. It is durable and stylish.

5. Phantoscope Decorative Luxury Merino Cushion

Phantoscope Decorative Luxury Merino Cushion

80% Mod and 20%Polyester bring you with top grade hand-feel. OEKO-TEX certified, STANDARD 100 makes it easy to enjoy the soft touch of your throw pillows without being concerned about allergies. Furry and Fluffy are plush pillows that look like genuine fur. These pillow covers are made of silky long-strand fibers. It has a warm touch and elegant appearance. Hidden Zipper The throw pillow covers are very easy to insert and replace and keep an elegant look. The package includes. The pillow cover is 18x18 inch. The package contains a piece of fur. INSERTS are not included. A bigger pillow insert is needed to present the best shape. Their pillow covers are easy to care for. The fur pillow cases are made with fade resistance and will keep the original hand-feel.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤It made me wonder why I ordered it. It looked terrible when I took it out of the package. The shaggy and stringy look is cheap. I have pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond that reflect their price. I took the pillowcase out of the closet and threw it away. I regret placing the order. I decided to give it a second chance after taking a brush to it. I was happy I did. After brushing the pillow, it blended in with my others. I got a fur throw pillow. I originally gave this four stars, but after having these cases for five months, I have changed my mind. I love them! I gave it 5 stars and bought more for my livingroom set.

👤The seller sent multiple emails asking for a review after I reviewed their item. I am getting a star for the emails. It's not necessary. I won't buy again just to avoid junk mail. There is a This is exactly what I expected, just like the picture. And beautiful. The one I was considering was the same quality as the one I had been considering. I have the same throw from Nordstrom. They coordinate perfectly. There is a It's definitely faux fur. I was looking for a nice shaggy sheep style. Haven't had any issues with shed. It's more for looks than use. Definitely recommend. Back zips made a lot of the things I've bought on Amazon better. Highly recommend this!

👤The pillow did not have fur. It has a picture of fur printed on it. The purchase was disappointing and a return has been requested.

👤The Amazon picture of themerino purple looks like it has a gray or plum color mixed in with the tips of the fur, but it is really just mulberry color. It is a perfect accent for my new living room colors- navy and mulberry. The smell fades quickly. I ordered a second one because I loved it so much.

👤I love it! We use it as a decorative pillow on a chair which we don't use, but it does shed a little. I am pretty sure it was laying on one side just from being in the packaging. The quality seems great and it didn't put a lot of pressure on trying to push the cover into the pillow. I am very happy with the white I ordered. This product is recommended by me.

👤Oh my word! The pillows are gorgeous and the color is great. It matches my couch and decor. Let me know if the review was helpful.

👤The cover was white. I could see the color was bad when I unwrapped it. The fur is a deep cream and looks cheap. I roughed it up with my hands to see if it would help, but it was static. This pillow is too cheap to be used in a teen bedroom.

👤I hung dried the pillowcase and it came out great. It's very delicate and hasn't shed yet.

👤We turned the back cushions on the fold down lounge chair into a sofa in our daughter's room. It looks great with other pillows. The pillow is large enough to make a great backer and the faux fur is long and shaggy. The pillow cover is made of soft fabric. You have to buy your own pillow inserts, these are only pillow covers, so make sure you order one two inches larger than the pillow cover for the best results. Happy with the purchase!

6. NordECO HOME Throw Pillow Covers

NordECO HOME Throw Pillow Covers

The pillow covers are made of high quality material, very soft and comfortable to touch, also Eco-friendly. You can change the look of your couch without buying new pillows, and it's also a great space saver with storing seasonal decorations, just switch covers on your pillows and you're good to go. Workmanship and resilience are two things. The pillow covers are very sturdy and well made with a nice zip up, the zip is hidden and the same color as the fabric, it is easy to insert and remove the pillows. Do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not bleach, it is easy to care for. Different colors are available and all are guaranteed. If you have anything they can help you with, please contact them, they will serve you until you are satisfied.

Brand: Nordeco Home

👤You get two. It was made very well. There is a It's true to size and color. There is a The material is super soft. There is a It is well made. There is a White isn't seen through. There is a The main pillow color is on one side of the design. Great purchase! I'll probably order more for Christmas.

👤The pillows are great, the color is the same as the picture, the fabric is soft, and they look good.

👤The pillow covers are gorgeous. It was very stunning in person. They are soft and well made. I don't know how they will hold up over time, the gold foiling looks like it might oxidize if you wash them, so when the time comes I will hand wash them and air dry. I only use the throw pillows for display. I think they will hold up. If you need cute affordable covers, I would recommend these. They look great and the price is unbeatable.

👤These pillow covers are cute. The design is gold. We bought them a couple of weeks ago. She put them on her bed. The gold foil came off when she leaned on them. They were ruined within 5 minutes of being taken out of the package. My daughter was worried that this would happen before we ordered them, but she wanted them anyway. She didn't want to send them back because they are cute. Don't be foolish. Only for decor. Don't lean on at all. I'm worried about how they will hold up when we wash them. I'm still debating if I should send them back. The gold foil is cute. What is the point if it comes off? The pillow covers are very soft to the touch.

👤The pillow covers turned out great. There was a flaw. There is a print on one side and a red color on the other. One of the pillow covers had both prints on it. I have one pillow that is half solid and the other pillow that is half print. I don't think people will notice if they walk in. I am aware of it and it will definitely bother me. Otherwise, they look great. I am ready for the holiday season. I have 20”x20” pillows, but I was able to squeeze/stuff them in this 18”x18” pillow case. I would buy again, but I hope they check their products.

👤I love these covers. They look exactly like the picture. I ordered a bigger size in the pillow inserts than I would have if I had gone with the smaller size. A nice tip. It's a good thing.

👤I have had these for a few months and my 80lb Great Pyrenees/husky mix loves them, but they get gross af. They are very easy to clean and I use a delicates bag and air dry them to make sure they come out perfect. These are thrown around, old covered in dirty hair and somehow manage to not look like a dumpster fire. Great value, soft, durable. 10 out of 10. Will update if they defect in a way that is not related to my dirtball.

7. DEZENE Burgundy Throw Pillow Covers

DEZENE Burgundy Throw Pillow Covers

The original decorative pillow covers were original. Add a designer touch to your home decor, such as bed, sofa, couch, chair, car, patio, farmhouse, bedroom, office, etc. The soft couch pillow covers are cozy. The fabric is made of poly velvet and grade A, high class. The fabric's color is matched with the invisible zip. It's convenient to change. The color of fabric is beautiful. The set includes 2 pillow covers. The inserts have to be purchased separately. Do not use bleach or iron in the machine for easy care and maintenance.

Brand: Dezene

👤The fabric was soft and the color was spot on. Don't put a cover in the washer. The front pattern fell out. The reason for the 2 stars is this. I need things to be clean. I have two boys.

👤The fabric is very soft and smooth. It is much thinner and softer than velvet. It was difficult to find the dark teal color. I had to return a few that weren't teal.

👤The accent pillow covers are beautiful. They were used for our patio area. I made them firm by filling them with stuffing. The sewing is excellent and the zippers are very well made. The material is very smooth. All 6 were the same.

👤4 out of 5 stars because I cover old pillows. The pillow cover doesn't always stay on my pillow since it's made out of fabric and doesn't have a lining. As it sticks to the pillow, it shifts. I realize that is more a me problem than a product problem, but it is what it is. If you use a pillow insert, it is likely to be a 5 out of 5. The fabric is durable and the cover is soft. The zip is very smooth. If you are looking for a high quality cover at a good value, I recommend this pillow cover.

👤I thought it came with the pillow. The pillow case is not the only one. I saw a cute pillow and bought it. It is a pillow case. It goes great in my living room. The pink one looked high end. It's a great buy.

👤I got the navy blue in 2 different sizes. The pictures don't do justice. The pillow covers are pretty. The texture is classy and soft. They look great, I filled them with poly-Fil I already had. I'm looking into buying more for other rooms. I think this product is very good. The quality is excellent and the price is right.

👤I love these pillows. The pattern is really soft. I only had them for 2 months and they have fallen apart. It's not a big deal because they weren't expensive. I expected more wear time than that.

👤It's a very dark teal, but it's beautiful. It is accurate. You can't see the zippers when you close the case.

👤Me encantado los cojines, en relacin a calidad. Se ven hermosos. Tanto, quiero, me encantado.

👤We ordered the blue and there is a white sheen that doesn't show up in the photos, but we tried to lift the 'pile' by rubbing them, but they still look white. There is a The white sheen is disappointing when grouped with other deep coloured cushions.

👤Fundas son hermosas. Super suaves, hermosas, a la vista, se lavan. Muy recomendables. Dos colores.

👤The material is very soft. The gray I ordered is strange. I ordered from the same provider. Only one came in the zip bag. I came back.

👤These pillow cases are very soft. I ordered 2 sets of the same color to go with a new rug. They were both different colors. A very noticeable difference, not just a little off. For reference, a picture. The quality of the covers is amazing and I was a bit disappointed with that.

8. CaliTime Jacquard Decoration Vintage Burgundy

CaliTime Jacquard Decoration Vintage Burgundy

There are 2 new PCs Square Covers/Shells with no insert. The Poly Jacquard design has a soft and comfortable touch. Both sides of the Damask bring a Luxurious Look to your home. The set of 2 finished items is a nice Christmas gift for your family and friends. Do not iron, low temperature, or machine wash cold separately.

Brand: Calitime

👤I used a 22x22 stuffer to get the effect I was looking for. The large size stuffer was able to fit in the wide zip code. Highly recommend these covers. It was very pleased.

👤No puedo darninguna calificacin a cerca, porque la persona a cargo. No, no, no No quera, pero lo hago porque me puse. Contacto con el. departamento de servicio al cliente de Amazon. No, recibido una respuesta para saber. The producto.

👤I got them today. The area where the zipper begins is damaged. They are very small on my pillows. The zip isn't the full length of the case, so I went in by a corner and pulled the pillow in. I put each corner in place. I put the stuffing in the pillow. One of my pillows was not straight. They look perfect. They are not pillows in cases. I wanted the white embroidery to shimmer. I hope the zippers don't break. I'll return in a few months with a grade of durability. U can get throw pillows at Rose's and Dollar General, but they aren't patterned. If my skip cover fit better, I would have a nice sofa.

👤I bought these for my daughter. "GOLD" is all the rage now. shimmer gold color is like metallic. The fabric seems to be a good quality. I would buy these again.

👤These pillow covers are very nice. Better than I had thought. Quality material and perfect color are what it is. The teal background was purchased by me. It matches perfectly.

👤The background color was slightly greenish and the cushion covers were a perfect fit. It matches my curtains very well. They are covering two pillows that are different colors. I put a cover on it, but the circles are pretty dark and there is nothing on it. I am very happy with the quality.

👤They were cute at first, but quickly became metallic and had metallic threads popping out. This fabric is not the kind that handles shaving well, and the pulling is getting worse as time goes by. They are cute, but not as good as the quality downfall. You get what you pay for, so if you don't mind replacing them often or the damage doesn't bother you, go for it!

👤Absolutely love these. I don't want to keep buying throw pillows when I can buy a throw pillow cover to cover my existing pillows and save some room in my closets. I love the rich colors and this was perfect.

👤I will be buying the cushion cover again.

👤Me gustan las fundas, llegaron en buen, son de buena calidad, and seran un poco ms gruesas. We relleno de 20”x20”

👤Sono veramente belli. Se continueranno a rimanere allo stesso prezzo penso proprio. Ne acquister altri.

👤Im gutett Qualitt ist das Wunderschne Bezge. Bin echt berrascht.

9. YOUR SMILE Embroidery Decorative Pillowcase

YOUR SMILE Embroidery Decorative Pillowcase

Cotton Linen is high class. Fashion and simplicity are included. The new PC Pillow cover/Shell is 12 X 20. X 50 cm. Both sides have the same design. There is a way to close one side. The machine wash was cold and gently cycle only.

Brand: Your Smile

👤I was looking for pillows to make the bench look like fall. I already had the pillows so I only had to buy the covers and replace the ones I already had. I wanted to leave them up until Christmas so that I could decorate for it. I was looking for a small patterned pillow and this one was perfect. It pulls in the green from the side pillows and oranges from the seat cushion pillow cases. I love it and have gotten tons of praise for it. Thanks for reading my review.

👤I bought the beige leaves pattern. The colors are burnt red, rust, beige, greenish gray and gray on a cream background. There is a pattern on both sides. There is a hidden zip code. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough gray to match my couch. There is enough gray to complement the couch. I was very happy with the way they looked. The covers seem well made, but I am not sure if they are durable. I washed and hung to dry before using. They came out well.

👤The colors in my room are perfect. A cream background, brown branches with leaf colors of burnt orange/rust, a light green, and a slightly redish color with an orange undertone. They can be used in a traditional or minimalist decor for a splash of color, but they can also be used in a solid color. My pillows are backed by a solid brown/ larger pillow on a microfiber couch with a burnt orange throw draped on the back and they look great! There is a The cloth is more relaxed than a canvas type material. It allows the pillows to be more flexible when leaning back on them. I stuffed the 18x18 pillow covers with 20x20 pillow inserts and there was no problem. The effect is a plump pillow which can hold a karate chop form in the center.

👤The description and photos hit all the bells and whistles with words like "quality" and " value". I was amazed that they started to pill after a few weeks of light use. I was surprised that they had barely been used, because they are for a sitting room that we only use occasionally. I only recommend these pillow covers to people who want their pillows to double as loofahs. Don't waste your money!

👤I rarely give a five star review but these covers exceeded my expectations. The colors look great on my beige sofa with burgundy solid pillows. It seems to be a high quality item so far. I'm very pleased so far but will update if necessary. There is a The update was not perfect but still a good buy, because it dropped down one star because of slight pilling after several months.

👤These look nice. The material is made of patidel. Good value. Don't love them. I could not find matching pillows for the couch and other pillows. I like them. Smaller accent pillows in front will make them look better. The colors are neutral and easy to blend. But with a nice design.

10. Emvency Watercolor Monochrome Decorative Pillowcases

Emvency Watercolor Monochrome Decorative Pillowcases

Super Soft is a grade velvet with a soft handle. It has no stimulation to the skin. The material is high grade microfiber. There is a brand new 4 PCs square covers with no insert, soft and Velour like feel. The comfortable and warm touch brings a luxurious look to your home. Care: The machine wash was cold. The cycle is gentle. Do not use bleach. Don't iron.

Brand: Emvency

👤I would purchase this burnt orange with a slash of different colors again.

👤The colors and designs are accurately represented in the photos, however the quality is subpar. They used white thread to sew the fabric, so you can see the white thread, and they also used white zippers.

👤I thought they were pillows. I would have preferred actual pillows, but they are just pillow covers.

👤The cases are beautiful and go well with my decor, but the seams are not secure and the zip was already separating from the material. I can sew and reinforce the seams if I need to. My suggestion is to continue with the different designs but work on the quality of the sewing.

👤I had to buy them because they were beautiful, well made, and so nice. I don't know why some people were not happy with the pillow covers. If they weren't pictured, I would have sent them back in a heartbeat.

👤I needed a pop of color and that's what it adds. A cheaper fix than buying new pillows.

👤Oh my. What can I say? There is a These covers are very nice. After washing them, they are just like the picture. The white zip up is not visible. There is nothing to worry about. I would buy more.

👤I like these covers. The first picture shows the original pillows. They fit perfectly. The covers are soft. I almost gave it four stars because of the white color, but it's not as noticeable once I tucked it in.

👤The purchase should be derived from the price.

👤It feels nice. The covers are all. The colors are rich. If I could, I would buy more.

👤Exactly as pictured.

11. MERNETTE Chenille Decorative Pillowcase Decorations

MERNETTE Chenille Decorative Pillowcase Decorations

The material is linen. 16x16 inch 40x40 cm There is a hidden zip code. Only two pieces of cushion covers are used. There was no insert. There was no Filler. The color may be different due to light or monitors. Allow the possibility of a color difference. Easy care and wash: Machine washed, maximum temperature 30C. Do not use bleach. It was tumble dry. Don't iron. Don't dry clean. It is made with shrink and fade resistant fabric. After every wash, it stays the same. Home, bedroom, bed, living room, sofa, couch, bench, floor, office, chair, car, party, wedding, dining room, outdoor and so on are all wide applications. The cushion covers could be used with all kinds of furniture.

Brand: Mernette

👤Excellent pillow covers. It doesn't match the color of my couch, but that doesn't matter as my wife has bought so many pillows that I can no longer see a square inch of the couch. I would like to thank you for turning my life into a nightmare.

👤It's definitely not a soft pillow case. The feel was more like a scruffy linen or burlap but the color was right on. They are thrown off when we are all hanging out on it, so the feel isn't a big issue for us. If you are a texture person, you won't find these appealing.

👤The pillow cover is nice, but the material is much more like a piece of furniture than a pillow. The pillow has a more industrial look and feel than the cozy one. I was going for it. It will be used on a different piece of furniture because of the hassle of returning it.

👤I always read reviews before making a decision, but the reviews on this product would have swayed me to pass and it would have been a mistake. The teal and gray pillow covers are the most comfortable I have ever purchased, they are extremely durable, and I have ordered both of them on two separate occasions, they have been on my couch for about a year. I am writing this review because I am in the process of changing my living room colors and I am here to purchase more pillow covers in different colors. I would have passed up the chance to buy a pillow cover that I already had in my cart if I had read most of the reviews on here.

👤They ripped at the seam after a few days of use. The price is good and I liked the way they looked, but they aren't durable at all.

👤These pillow cases are of the highest quality. The light green, pine green, and dark green side by side are different. One picture with flash and one without!

👤I am very pleased with the purchase. The fabric is well made and the material is soft. The dark charcoal-grey is a great match for my decor. The overall satisfaction turned out to be worth it despite the pricing being a bit much for just 2 pillow covers per order.

👤The price is so reasonable that I was not sure what to expect. My husband wasn't sure how the pictures would look, but he liked them. This material is great and they are very comfortable. I might end up buying a few other colors. Warm material for fall or winter. We lay down on our couches so a soft material is important to us since our faces will be up against them most of the time. 10/10

👤You can order 4 of these for the conservatories.

👤The size is perfect and they are soft. Love them.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for bed burgundy?

Decorative pillows for bed burgundy products from Homfiner. In this article about decorative pillows for bed burgundy you can see why people choose the product. Decoruhome and Hwy 50 are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for bed burgundy.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for bed burgundy?

Homfiner, Decoruhome and Hwy 50 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for bed burgundy. Find the detail in this article. Nini All, Phantoscope and Nordeco Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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