Best Decorative Pillows for Bed Grey

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1. MoMA Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

MoMA Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

The size is. The pillow covers are compatible with your pillow inserts, but they are not included. The decorative outer layer is attached to one side. The inner layer is made of soft fabric. The pattern will not wear and tear. Workmanship is made of hand-woven fiber. Easy care. No pilling, no Fading. The clothes dryer is safe to wash with cold water and a circulation machine. The fabric is light and beautifully textured to give that classy look to liven up something plain. It's a great gift for friends and family.

Brand: Oubonun

👤I was worried about the quality of the pillows, but they are so soft, I can tell you that! They are what I was looking for. It's worth every penny. My expectations were exceeded. It took 2 days without prime.

👤It looks great on my sofa. I am happy that I found those because I have been looking for something to match my new sofa. The quality is really good for the price. It is a set of 2. What a pleasant surprise! The size is good. It is easy to wash. Is it possible to get different colors to match the wall?

👤The pillow covers are great and the price is great. They are soft, fluffy and elegant. The right touch to add to my comforter set.

👤These pillow cases are soft and beautiful. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to change the look of their room. I am very happy. Thank you for the quality of the product.

👤These cushion covers are gorgeous. I was able to find curtains that were the same color as the ones I love. I am happy with these.

👤These are gorgeous and were purchased for our master bedroom. I put them with a Slate Grey comforter and deep turquoise sheets.

👤These look great on the pillow. A great purchase!

👤Updating sofa pillows were not sure if they would fit, but they were not stretchy and didn't think they would fit since they are pillow covers. Nice design. It could be a thicker fabric. I love them for the price. I would order again.

👤Absolutely love! Just as described, so soft.

👤These are great! They met my expectations.

👤The fabric is light and textured to give it a classy look.

2. Reafort Luxury Pillow Hidden Closure

Reafort Luxury Pillow Hidden Closure

The invisible ZIPPER is. The gray geometric pillow covers are durable and beautiful. The front and back of your home are made of 100% polyester fur long hair material. The pillow stay inside the cover is secured with hidden zip ties. tumble dry low It is possible to mix and match the colors. This is not a pillow.

Brand: Reafort

👤It was soft, fluffy and washed well. The price was very reasonable. They are being used as bolster covers. These are nice. The Doggie Angel approves.

👤I'm glad I bought this body pillow case. It fits my body pillow perfectly. It is very comfortable. I wish both sides had fur on it. It isn't a big deal. It was definitely worth the money. It seems to be made of good quality. I like how it looks on the bed. It is bright and colorful. If you're looking for a case for a fluffy body pillow, this is the one for you.

👤Body pillows are used as bumpers when my bed is not in a freestanding position. I liked the look of the pillows I bought. I should have been using cases all along, but early didn't find ones I liked. I wanted to get a variety of black covers if I could find them. Even though I was looking for cotton, I really like this cover. It is a silly 70s looking with a shaggy side, but it is all black and non-shaggy. The shaggy side feels like a plushy stuffed animal, the other side is soft if petted in one direction, but has a grain. I found another 100% cotton black case on Amazon and am happy with the collection.

👤It feels soft. One side is fluffy and the other side is micro fiber. The size of the pillow and the size of the encasement is just right. It would be a good idea to shake out in the shower before putting it on the pillow. After removing it from the bag, I picked up some hairs off my tongue, which was all over my shirt, shorts and pants, probably after shaking it out in the shower and brushing it up and down with my hand. It was all over the place. It is still new, so I am not yet rating it. I would recommend hand washing or washing it in cold water on a gentle cycle if I did not want to wash it for a while. Anything else will damage it. Enjoy!

👤Very soft. It makes my bed look better.

👤When I opened my pillow case, I was surprised to see that there was only fur on one side. I expected it to go all the way around. There is a I came back here and re-read it, but I don't know where to start. It is soft and nice. I washed and dried it before use and got a small amount of fluff, but not much. It doesn't seem to be losing weight. I might have made the purchase if I had not found one that was furry all the way around and if a one-sided pillow is fine for your needs, I would recommend this one.

👤I was going to put it in my pillow. It feels so soft. I love it.

👤This was longer than we expected and that would be our fault. It was better than expected. Looks great, it's very soft and fluffy. The low profile zip ties are an added plus.

3. MIULEE Decorative Rhombic Jacquard Pillowcase

MIULEE Decorative Rhombic Jacquard Pillowcase

The package includes 2 pieces of 18 x 18 inch couch pillow covers. The deviation is due to manual cutting and sewing. The material is made of high quality polyester blend and is soft and comfortable. The color of the screen may be different from the light. Their decorative cushion case is made with a hidden zip and is very practical. The colors are vibrant and can match most fall home decoration. There is a pattern on 888-739-5110 It's perfect for being placed in a living room, bedroom, car, office, party, workshop, etc. It allows easy removal of the pillow inserts. The machine wash was cold. Only gently cycle. Do not bleach the dot. Then dry. It will look brand new if you don't iron it.

Brand: Miulee

👤The quality of the pillow covers is good, but the color is a little disappointing. The orange is brighter than expected. The product pictures make the color appear less vibrant. These are candy corn.

👤The online picture shows the pillows exactly as they are described. They are soft and comfortable. The yellow color is a golden mustard. I would buy this brand again. Thank you!

👤I was very disappointed. The pillow cases are 17 x 17 and not what the description says or what I need. I searched for hours before I chose these and they are just another product that is not what it says it is. Horrified!

👤These pillow covers are the best pillow covers I have ever purchased, and I have bought quite a few of them. They are beautiful. The fabric is strong. The pop is perfect.

👤I wanted to update my living room without spending a lot of money. I ordered these to cover some old green cushions and even though I was worried they might be poor quality, I have been very pleasantly surprised. The quality is very fair, considering the price, and I have fallen in love with the bright mustard yellow color, which is perfect for my brown living room furniture. It was even better than I had expected.

👤These pillow covers are really nice. I used 20x20 pillows in 18x18 covers and they are nice and fluffy. The design and color are fun and pop of color with my decor. I'm very pleased with the way things are going so far.

👤I love these pillow cases. The color is reminiscent of honey mustard. The good kind is what you put on your child. I have 2 young kids who have pillow fights with them and so far, they have held up well. I would buy them again.

👤I read a lot of reviews before I ordered them. I am disappointed that I decided to move forward. I have ordered many sets of covers and they are the worst I have ever gotten. The quality is not there because they are not cut square and the zip is sewn over the squares. I ordered them in black and I think they will be returned. The color is spot on. I've gotten many beautiful sets of covers and had high expectations, so save your money and look for another set.

👤Our puppy loves them. Our pillows are perfect. It's easy to put on.

4. YOUR SMILE Rectangle Decorative Pillowcase

YOUR SMILE Rectangle Decorative Pillowcase

The cotton linen blend is of great quality. Both sides have the same design. There is a one side. It is easy to change, and it is easy to insert and wash. The cushion can be opened 18 inches. There is a brand new PC Pillow cover/Shell that has no cushion insert. Do not iron the machine wash cold separately.

Brand: Your Smile

👤Quality is not that great. It is not 18x18 which should fit a 20x20 pillow insert. The reviewers have only been on Amazon for a month.

👤I used the same inner pillow for both of them. If that is the case, one of the zippers might pull apart. I expected them to last more than a couple weeks.

👤I am amazed at how well-made these pillow covers are. I have several of them on my couch, the bed, and an armchair, all of which I need a pop of color in. Excellent quality for the price. My new couch came with pillows that were very sturdy and plump. The prices of new pillows are terrible. I have transformed 3 ugly pillows into gorgeous pieces that are exactly what I want for half the price of a new throw pillow. It is extremely durable. It's not easy to get a good quality pillow into these covers, but once you do, just zip it up. There's no risk of a ripped fabric or a broken zippers. * It is beautiful. I can't speak to the other colors, but the red is vibrant and textured, which is not a cheap-looking solid color. The detail is what makes the difference. It looks more expensive than it is. There is a I like that the zip is hidden and strong. I want about 50 more throw pillows.

👤The throw pillow cover was red. I was pleasantly surprised. The shipping and packaging were not great. There is a The cover is nice. The red color is very bright. The linen is sturdy and thick, so you don't have to worry about it tearing. The pillow is very durable and if handled with care, will last a long time. There is a I'm not returning the red because it's too bright for the decor I was trying to match it with. I'm keeping it for later use or use in another room. If you want to add to your room decor, you should order this pillow cover. I will purchase more from this seller in different colors. I can't wait! There is a The material, quality, and color are all positives. There are pros and cons. None

👤The pillow covers are a heavy cotton blend and I liked them. I can't return since I need the incorrect pillow cover right away. If it wasn't for that, I would have rated higher and bought additionals.

👤I was happy that the pillow was only for decorative purposes. It would be hard to rest your head on because of the texture. I bought a pillow from Amazon to stuff it. I thought I was buying a cheap pillow that I could use for my grandson's new day bed, when I read the description. I had to pay for a pillow the size of the pillowcase and then for the logo. I paid more for a $35 pillow than I would have paid for a five year old bed with four additional pillows. I need to read them carefully.

5. Pillow Covers Decorative Pillows Cushion

Pillow Covers Decorative Pillows Cushion

A super soft vechicle. Their gray pillow covers are made of high-quality velvet fabric, which is friendly to skin, durable, non-fading and non-shedding, and they have super soft and smooth hand touch. The ideal home is gentrification. These soft velvet pillow cases have rich vibrant solid colors on both sides and are great for decorating your sofa, couch, chair, living room, bedroom, guest room... Penalties for work: fines. The grey decorative pillow covers have neat stitches, a fine sewed seam and an invisible zip. There are three size options. Only pillow covers, not pillow inserts, are included in the set of two sizes of sofa pillows. Square accent cushion covers are machine washed. It is advised to dry off. There was no bleaching. There was no ironing.

Brand: Yastouay

👤I was hoping they would be a burnt orange, but instead they are more bright than I was looking for.

👤It's great for fall decor. It's not cheap, but the zip is good. velvet is soft.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. It's easy to stuff. My beige living room sofa has a contrasting accent color that is soft, soft, and pretty. They could also be used for a head or back support. They don't lose their appearance even after taking a nap or leaning against them.

👤I wanted a teal color to complement my color scheme. I decided on the covers because I had pillows that were soft and comfortable. The material is soft and there is a hidden zip. No complaints at all! Tomorrow I have more for the other sofa. I highly recommend!

👤The material and color are perfect. Very soft.

👤The fabric is very flimsy and the color is great. Disappointed with the purchase.

👤The pillows were not 18 inches. They were back the same day. Very disappointed.

👤I want to have a huge fan of throw pillows. Well made and soft. So happy.

6. EURASIA DECOR Embroidered Housewarming Anniversary

EURASIA DECOR Embroidered Housewarming Anniversary

Pure cotton is used. Not included is the insert/filler.

Brand: Eurasia Decor

👤I wanted to use the pillowcase as an entryway piece. The gray and gold combination creates an elegant look. The items pictured were purchased on Amazon. If you found the review helpful, please vote it in. I am not paid. All of my reviews are honest.

👤The pillow is pretty. The writing is embroidered and pretty. I will be buying more of these. This is the one to buy if you want a very well made pillow.

👤I bought this cover to update my farmhouse decor and match some other farmhouse pillow covers I purchased on Amazon. I am happy with how cute they are and the quality of the cover. The word blessed is heavily sewn so it will last. This cute cover is half the price of a new pillow, so I highly recommend it.

👤I think the accent pillow cover matches my room very well. I ordered a 12x20 pillow insert and it fits like a GLOVE over it. It is a rougher material, but I love how it meshes with the bedding. This pillow cover is definitely recommended.

👤I put the pillow cover on my patio at the beginning of August so there wasn't a lot of direct sun. The pillow cover faded in six months. I bought four more outdoor pillow covers that are still new. Don't recommend this product, at least for outdoors.

👤The pillowcases arrived together. They look great on the guest room beds. The message is embroidered on and not printed on the fabric. The zippers worked well and allowed plenty of room to fit the correct pillow into place. I would order them again. When ordering the "blessed" pillow, it was shown to be a dark gray while the "sleep" pillow was black. They both arrived the same color. It was quicker than stated.

👤The pillow cover is cute. Excellent quality and size. The size 18 pillow is inside the size 18 cover. I bought the same size insert as the cover because I wanted the fuller look. The wording is raised which gives the cover a texture. I washed and dried the cover prior to using it. I wanted it to have a nicer look, so I think it did shrink a bit. Will buy again from the company.

👤The pillow is red. It looks great on my couch. I used the new pillow cover over the old one because I wanted to replace it. A great fit and a great pillow.

👤I sewed the pillow in closed so it wouldn't fall apart, but the zippers broke almost immediately, so I didn't want to change the cover in the near future.

👤The kewpie broke immediately. Poorly made.

7. Cygnus Farmhouse Stripe Patchwork Leather

Cygnus Farmhouse Stripe Patchwork Leather

Front: cotton linen, striped cotton fabric with faux leather accent decor. The pillow covers are made of natural cotton. Three piece fine line brown faux leather and linen is trendy. The leather accent stripe on this stylish decorative farmhouse throw pillow covers adds an element of class to the stark, stylish blend of modern and classic. The hidden zip ties works smoothly. You can use experience and the reinforced seams are durable. Farmhouse stripes bring classic flavor with modern brown leather and neutral color cotton linen fabric. It is easy to match any style. If there are any quality issues after the service, please contact them. They will make sure you have a good shopping experience.

Brand: Cygnus

👤I have an old Pier 1 Imports slipper chair that I have had my upholstery done in. I have a pillow on this chair. The design and leather band in the middle make this pillow cover fun, even though it had all the right colors. Whenever someone comes to visit, they always pick it up and tell me how much they like it.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They are made to order and as advertised. The fabric isn't soft but it isn't stiff, so I rated it 4 stars. It feels good.

👤We bought a couch that came with blue pillows. I wanted to sell them, but instead found pillow covers. Was going to buy inserts for them. I saved money and used ugly blue pillows and now no one will ever know, except me and you. Looks to buy more pillows. The pillow was a little stiff and had to be pushed in but it was a tight fit. This is the only picture I have.

👤The pillow covers are beautiful. The overall look is perfect, but little arm work to get my pillows inside. The fabric is thick. Not sheer. It's definitely bang for your buck. It's more of a thick linen material. A very nice look. The strip of leather is very nice.

👤Absolutely love them. The brown leather part is also nice. They dress the room up. The purchase was worrisome. Would buy it again.

👤Really pretty and will look great. I ordered 16x16 for a 16x16 pillow when I needed 18x18. It has been updated.... I used the stuffing on the 16x16 pillow covers and opened the other throw pillow to use it. I received a compliment on how nice they look. Definitely recommend.

👤I always seem to be disappointed with the quality of pillow covers I have purchased. The pillow cases changed everything. They are very thick and well made. They look great on the couch.

👤This is a good deal, considering the price I paid for two covers. The quality is good. I was looking for a thicker canvas. I am happy with the price. The pillows my kids destroyed were not going to be thrown around as I don't think they could handle too much pulling. If you want an affordable farmhouse style for decor, these will do the job.

8. DEZENE Grey Decorative Pillow Covers

DEZENE Grey Decorative Pillow Covers

There are decorative pillow covers. Add a designer touch to your home decor, such as bed, sofa, couch, chair, car, patio, farmhouse, bedroom, office, etc. The soft couch pillow covers are cozy. The fabric is made of 80% cotton and 20% linen and is grade A, high class, both sides are the same. The fabric's color is matched with the invisible zip. It's convenient to change. The color of fabric is beautiful. The set includes 2 pillow covers. The inserts have to be purchased separately. Do not use bleach or iron in the machine for easy care and maintenance.

Brand: Dezene

👤The look made me give 3 stars. I would give 2 stars for the construction. There were black threads on my pillow cases. I proceeded to open the cases after removing all of them. The anxiety kicked in when this happened. There were a lot of threads in the way. It's as if they sewed on the zip up without moving the fringe or threads. I didn't think I would be able to open them. I finally got both of them to be opened. If you don't take your time, you will end up stuck in the zip or even break it.

👤These pillow covers are not 20 x 20. These are 20 x 20. I went to the store and bought 18 x 18 pillows and they were still snug, as I was putting them on the pillows the tassels started coming out, I just turned the pillow over so the non tassel side was on the couch so no one could see. I will be returning them. I think these would be better for $40. I wouldn't spend my money or time on these again. They do not fit a 20 x 20 pillow.

👤I love these pillow covers. They are a dark navy blue. I'm here to tell you that they are a true navy, because other images from reviews made me wonder what shade of blue they were. The covers fit my pillows perfectly. I thought I would never use the pillow covers again, but I have used them a few times for support while sitting on my sofa. They seem well made. I wouldn't consider these for homes with small children or animals that are important to you. I wouldn't consider them soft, but they are exactly what you would expect from a linen-textured fabric with a frayed design. I love how they accent my room.

👤I purchased four of these, and they are incredibly attractive, but beware that the tassels are barely connected, and will rip off with the smallest of pulls. I removed the rest of them after losing a few and will use the pillows this way. They are not attractive enough to make it worth going back to the store.

👤First of all, yes, the zip ties are very obnoxious to use. It took a lot of care to get the fringe out of the way of the zippers to open. I filled it with shredded foam fill after unzipping it. It's much easier to open the zipper and not have a pillow in it. The fringe sheds like crazy when you open the package. I shook it a lot because I was afraid of tossing it in the dryer and ripping it off. There is a It is very cute after all that. I have a dark navy blue shirt. I was looking for the perfect color and it was just like the picture. My room is mostly dusty pinks with green accents, and this little blue pillow was the perfect pop of color. Who was expecting a high quality pillowcase for this price? Once filled, they sit on my bed and look pretty. I can reinforce the tassels with some thread if I need to. I'm glad I bought them.

9. PHF Cotton Waffle Elegant Decorative

PHF Cotton Waffle Elegant Decorative

The pillow sham covers are made of 100% natural cotton, soft, safe and skin-friendly for you and your family. Their premium cotton fabric has a good weight and thickness, which makes it a good choice for pillow shams. The waffle weave design features three-dimensional, puffy and elegant appearance, brings casual sophistication and creates a soothing retreat. The european pillow shams complement any home d├ęcor. Their waffle weave cushion covers are great for decorating your pillows. The euro pillow shams are made from pre-washed textile progress, neat and reinforced stitches, and clever envelope overlap closure. Machine wash separately in cold water. Do not use bleach. Lay flat to dry if you want to tumble dry. Remove quickly. Warm iron when needed. Labor tests show that the pillow shams stay the same after frequent wash cycles. The package includes a pack of 2 euro pillow shams. No pillow insert, only covers.

Brand: Phf

👤These are gorgeous! The color is more of a light brown kahki than the picture shows. I almost left because of that. The material is wonderful and they are soft. I haven't washed them. I think they will do well in the wash. For a 26x26 they are large but not bad. The material on my pillows was a little saggy but not bad. I only needed 3 and would order again.

👤The waffle weave design is very different from what I was used to and they get a thumbs up for that. I washed the covers as per the instructions, but the length was too small for the rectangular cushions I now have. There is no fastening in the back, just a slight overlap, so the gaps are open now. The value for money is only 2 stars. I wouldn't buy them again. Maybe the manufacturer could pre-wash the waffle or garment wash the covers and compensate for the disproportionate shrinkage by using a zip along one edge.

👤It looks like the picture. And holds up well after being washed!

👤They looked cute out of the package but after a few washes, the waffle print is pilling. The euro pillow looks deflated because it is a little big. These would be better for a 28x28 pillow.

👤I'm picky about the softness of sheets, blankets, rugs, and pillows, and these pillowcases feel great. The color was perfect for what I was looking for. I bought white ones a week ago because I didn't have enough time to clean my cream pillow cases. I found these babies on Amazon and I'm so happy I did. It all looks cozy.

👤The Euro Sham cover is perfect. The cost is very reasonable. The euro pillow covers were double the price at Walmart and you could get one for $19.99 on Amazon. I already have 2 sets of different colors in my collection. The opening is generous and it is easier to insert a pillow from it. Get them while you can.

👤I searched for the right size cover for the pillow. 50% said to buy a smaller cover and the other 50% said to buy the same size cover. I just got a new bed and bought the covers to fit it. They are well made and have a pouch type insert. I have had to delicately insert pillows into covers without damaging the zippers. The covers are bigger than the pillows, so I am sure they will shrink in size after I wash and dry them.

👤I was very happy with the purchase.

10. Glitter Decorative Pillowcases Cushion Christmas

Glitter Decorative Pillowcases Cushion Christmas

There are two styles of decorative pillow cases, one with glitter sequin design and the other with fluffy design, you can choose the style you want to match your room style or furniture style, enough quantity also support your replacing need. The glitter decorative pillowcases are made of opaque sequin fabric, which is embroidered with 3.0mm shiny sequins, and the faux fur throw pillow covers are made from soft and comfortable material. The sequin and fluffy pillow cases are about 18 x 18 inches/ 45 x 45 cm and are suitable for related sized pillow inserts, please be careful to check the size before purchasing, and they only provide pillow cover, pillow inserts are excluded. The soft fuzzy cushion covers and glitter sequin pillow cases have a hidden design that allows you to easily replace pillow inserts, while keeping the complete beauty of the pillow cover. These furry and sequin pillow covers are suitable for parties, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, wedding, bedroom, sofa, car, chair, floor, mat, cushion and so on, which can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for you to have a rest.

Brand: Irenare

👤The table runner is not rose gold, the pillows are not. If I were going for a gold theme, they would be off from the photo. I put the runner on top of the pillow and it made a difference.

👤The pillowcases are nice looking, but the cheap zippers make it hard to zip them.

👤I absolutely adore this product. I had a vision and it made my bed pop. There is a It was a big part of making my vision come true.

👤Cheap product from China.

👤I like these. Would buy again.

11. Alricc Turquoise Artwork Contemporary Decorative

Alricc Turquoise Artwork Contemporary Decorative

High-quality material. Made in the USA or imported. The velvet fabric and teal pillow covers are light weight and durable. Grey throw pillow covers 18X18. The insert is not included and the Inches set is 2. 1PC. The turquoise pillow cover is made from high quality polyester and it is very healthy and lightweight, which is gentle to the touch. It's warm for cold winter while it's hot for hot summer. Art pillow covers can be put in your arms to play a warm and protective role, but also increase interests in home life, different pillows can bring a different style and fashion. Elaborate pillow covers can be used as a decorative item for Christmas, Home, Hotel, Decorative, Chair, Floor, Yoga Seat, Chair, Floor, Yoga, Foot, outdoor, Bedding, Beach, Car.

Brand: Alricc

👤The pillow covers are soft. I brought them to match my artwork.

👤I didn't know the pillows had no stuffing. I went to the store to buy some. Disappointed.

👤These are great! Even though I was winging it, the size was perfect. They are soft and will last a long time.

👤I was under the impression these were pillows. The cost of two pillows to stuff it was more than I was planning on spending. They look nice, but a little thin, so they will see how they hold up.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They are soft and bright. Excellent quality.

👤The pillow cases are bright and colorful. They are soft as well. The quality of the material and stitching was not good and I paid a lot for it. It was difficult to get the pillows in because the zip does not go all the way across. I am not going to hold my breath, we will see if they hold up. I received the pillow cases two months ago, but the zip on one broke. Too expensive to last that long.

👤These pillows are colorful. They compliment a neutral color living room. They are well made and priced well.

👤I wanted these colors to go with our new sectional to make it pop. I ordered 2 more because they were so pretty. The living room is complete and they compliment it. I would order again.

👤These cushion covers are wonderful. The design is beautiful and the material is good. The colors are correct.

👤To send them back would have been a nightmare as I had mistakenly ordered 2. I was told to give them to my mother.

👤These cushion covers are a lovely colour, made really well and great value for money, but I think they are more like garden furniture cushions.

👤Excellent price and quality. Delivery from China was very quick. I would be happy to use the supplier again.

👤The covers are one side and white on the other side.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for bed grey?

Decorative pillows for bed grey products from Oubonun. In this article about decorative pillows for bed grey you can see why people choose the product. Reafort and Miulee are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for bed grey.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for bed grey?

Oubonun, Reafort and Miulee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for bed grey. Find the detail in this article. Your Smile, Yastouay and Eurasia Decor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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