Best Decorative Pillows for Bed Pink

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1. Top Finel Decorative Particles Pom Poms

Top Finel Decorative Particles Pom Poms

Soft Particles Velvet is a soft material that is comfortable to touch and lay on. Pack includes 2 packs per set, no burps. Managament: The hidden zip up was designed to meet an elegant look. The tight zigzag over-lock stitches are to be avoided. No pecULIAR SMELL: The throw pillow cases are the perfect choice for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. The aid and support of the two are FADE RESISTANT and STAIN RESISTANT. The velvet fiber of accent pillows is stain and fade resistant, so the couch pilllow covers are always new. There is a match and a mix and match. The pillow covers are available in a variety of colors so you can match the color of your decors in the living room, bedroom, office and car.

Brand: Top Finel

👤The 18”x18” size was bought in off-white. I've been looking for a fringe pillow like the PomPom one for a while now but they are so expensive everywhere else. The material is soft and silky. Doesn't require ironing. The quality and price are perfect. I put the Ikea pillow inserts with the pillow covers.

👤The 20” pillow covers are soft. Exactly what I was looking for. The material is very soft and will last. I was worried the balls would fall off when I put my pillows in, but they didn't. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The Pom poms are coming off after 4 months of gentle use and a few washes. I had to wash the pillow cases to make sure the pom poms were still there, but one of the zippers got stuck and I can't open it again. I wish I could get my money back or replace them with the plain style, which is holding up quite well, because this style isn't great. I love it. These pillow cases! The little pom poms are soft and cute. I plan to wash them inside out so the Pom poms don't get caught, but I haven't washed them yet to see how durable they are. They are cute and for a great price. Will definitely buy more.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They feel good at an affordable price. I was afraid of the light color getting dirty, but they are easy to wipe down and keep clean. They are soft and comfortable. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I ordered the cases with pompom trim, but they were just plain cases. It's the correct color, but I didn't want to send them back for something else. The off-white/ivory color is pretty. One case could have been finished a little better. If this pillow were used on a couch or chair, it might come undone. They will do just fine for my purposes. Customer service reached out to me to correct the issue of the incorrect product. They were so pleasant to deal with that I am updating to 5 stars.

👤I ordered some green velvet pillow covers for the living room and the two dinning room arm chairs. The quality is the best and the size was spot on. You can't tell that they are covers because the velvet is so soft. Love the detail of the pompom. The color is the same. I bought three sets and they are all perfect. Thank you for selling it.

👤I bought a second set of pillow covers from the same seller, so I'm updating my review. I ordered a 22x22 pillow. The size was correct and it fit my pillow perfectly. The covers are soft and the color is described. The hunter green color is gorgeous. I'm going to buy another set. --- There is a I'm not sure if the measurements were off, but the cover is small. I bought it to fit the pillow in the second picture, but it was really small. It will fit a small pillow that came with the set. I don't know if I will keep it. There is a The fabric is soft and the color is the same as in the picture. I'm not happy with the size.

2. SeptCity Decorative Cushion Romantic Wedding

SeptCity Decorative Cushion Romantic Wedding

This pillow cover is a bright color with wonderfully constructed, the rosettes add a nice flare to the design, it would be the perfect finishing touch for your redecorated bedroom. This 3D flowers have a little shine to them which makes them look even more beautiful. It's a perfect accessory for your princess's room. Just to say "I love you" is the gift. Birthday, anniversary, wedding or bridal shower gifts are great. You will need a matching insert to stuff it with, as this is only 2 pillow cover. They come in 7 different colors. Each purchase has 2 covers. Concealed. When closing, it's easy to insert and remove the zip up. It is made of high quality materials.

Brand: Septcity

👤I love the floral pillow covers. I use them in the end chairs of my dining room table because the back of the chairs are very uncomfortable. They match perfectly with my accent color. The chairs feel great after I used a down filled insert.

👤It's cute for my daughter's room. I looked amazing! The price is also great.

👤My wife is into these pillow cases. She puts new ones on holidays. These are very nice. The couch pillow is brand new if you put them around it. It saves me a lot of money to not buy new pillows. Maybe. She's bought many of them. These feel like high quality, they look nice, and they're soft to the touch. I think she'll be buying some for her friends.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the pillow covers. The flowers are soft and can be shaped quickly. The price point is perfect. The teal color is perfect. I have had so many nice things to say. Thank you!

👤It arrived quickly and was exactly how it was pictured online. I put it down on the table and didn't notice my cat was looking at it. He put a tiny hole in one of the petals because of his curiosity. I don't think anyone will notice. I am not sure how I forgot to buy the inserts at the same time, but I am sure they will turn out great. I am very happy. They will look great on our bed. Thanks!

👤It gives a romantic touch to my bedroom.

👤My daughter has a great addition to her bed. The flowers are a little flat at first, but you have to go over them in the beginning. The pillow covers are pretty. I can not speak for theDurability as they are for decoration. They were a good price and I would buy again.

👤These are pretty. I used these for each chair in my kitchen. I couldn't have asked for a better result if you had thought these wouldn't work for that application. The quality is the same as the pics. One thing to think about. These are not completely open. The way they're made is not a defect. It will take a little patience to get the pillow inside if you use an 18" pillow insert. It's well worth it. Thank you.

👤I have never ventured much towards pink but now the kids have flown the next and my husband has his work shed to plow around on the weekend growing vegetables, I am turning our house into a hobby. We lived in Abu Dhabi for a long time and have now moved to Australia and the colors we were used to were white and gold. I brought those colors with me to Australia, but they don't fit well in this climate and environment. I have pink coffee sets, pink Doona covers, and pink pillowcases with roses, but no pink pillows with roses in 3 D. Romantic. Yes, Kitchy? Yes, too. The world is in a state of disarray and uncertainty, so a bit of fluff and bling and pink is the way to go.

3. Juvale Throw Pillow Covers DecorCushion

Juvale Throw Pillow Covers DecorCushion

It can increase interest in home life, different pillows pattern can bring a different style and fashion, and it's also a nice choice for your home. It's perfect for any purpose. These cute cushion cases are perfect for matching your modern contemporary theme decor or for a themed birthday party. The design for churchyards is great. The designs on the cushion covers include Live, Laugh, Love, and Dream. These are fun and easy to use. The easy care wheelbarrow case is for easy care. The square pillow case has a hidden zip for easy placement and removal. As a replacement for your old pillowcases, you can protect your pillow from dust, spills and food splatter. There is a cardiopulmonary case that can be used anywhere. These cushion cases can be used for sofa, chairs, couch, bed, or bench throw pillow covers. There is a Only the pillow covers! Not included are inserts, filling, or stuffing. The 17 x 17 square pillow has a cover for it. It's a perfect gift for a wedding.

Brand: Juvale

👤I have nothing by Gold in my house because I accidentally ordered the Rose Gold. I kept them because they pass for gold in certain lights. It is a cream pillowcase. I have bright white and cream in my living room. They are thick and durable. I have two small children who are willing to test them. I think they wouldn't hold up, so I suggest to only have them for show.

👤The pillows are made of soft fabric. I had to be careful not to let the iron touch the lettering because it would have melted it. These pillows are only for display and won't be used. If I were to use them on a regular basis, I think the lettering would wear off.

👤The cases are perfect for pillows. They can be used over pillows, but make sure they are not too full. The most open area is not the zipper. I tore one at the top. I didn't give it 5 stars because of that.

👤The product came with a stain. If it doesn't come out, I will wash it out and then return the item. I am concerned about the printing on them. It doesn't feel like it will last.

👤These pillows are lovely. Hopefully they will survive the wash test.

👤I had no idea the pillows were going to match my curtains as you can see in the video.

👤Very nice! It was perfect for the area.

👤It's so nice. It's perfect.

👤Good quality and gorgeous!

👤Un importante de mantener una actitud positiva, en medio de la pandemia, nada. It's a good thing that the calidad is buena, because it's super suave! THe buscando es un excelente opcin.

👤The gold lettering on the pillows is nice. I liked these because we are 4 girls in our family and we will each have a pillow and a set of pajamas for Christmas, and I tied-dyed them beige, so they turned out great.

👤No se puede esperar mucho. La tela is transparentosa. Pues est pegado con vinil a color, porque seguro se rompen.

4. OATHENE Decorative Geometric Cushion Inch 1365

OATHENE Decorative Geometric Cushion Inch 1365

The material is 18x18 inch, one side printed, good color effect,solid ink, won't fade after wash. HD digital printing, modern fashion style design, easy to match your sofa and pillows, is the design. It is possible to insert and remove inserts with the invisible zip. The package includes decorative throw pillow covers. It's safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature

Brand: Oathene

👤You can order 2 sets. The material is rich in colors. It looks great, I blend it with my other pillows.

👤The pillowcases were better than expected. The sofa is in the same colors as the vibrant ones. The price was outstanding and the material is soft. I was shopping a lot and can't believe how expensive pillows are. I bought the 20th-century filler because they were nice and puffy. The shipping took a bit longer because of where they were shipped from, but still arrived in a reasonable time. There is a nice variety of pillowcases.

👤The vibrant colors in the ad made me want to like them, but upon receipt they're not very good. The purple print is not very well done, and the material reminded me of old flour sacks, which were made of different materials. If you look closely at the ad pictures, you can see that it is worse in full size. The reverse side of the image is plain, as the review title states. There is a If you're using them in a kids room or somewhere else, the appearance doesn't matter, because they look like they'd be functional and durable.

👤This is what I expected. When I tried to put a pillow in, they started ripping at the seams, which reminded me of Burlap. Unless you want something cheap, I wouldn't recommend this.

👤It was not very soft, but it was expected from a throw cover. There are patterns that are perfect. I read a lot of reviews before buying pillows and was surprised to see the covers were smaller. I will have to purchase larger pillows because the covers were true to size. Love them.

👤Cute pillows. Match decor is really well, but the touch is rough.

👤I was so excited to try these because I love the pattern on them. The texture is rough but my other smaller throw pillows have soft coverings so I wasn't concerned about the comfort level. The colors and patterns on these covers are just gorgeous. I was a little worried when I saw that the opening on the side of the cover wasn't as wide as other throw pillow covers I've ordered from different sellers. I tried to put a smaller pillow in than the cover size, but it didn't work. While trying to insert my pillow through the opening, the seam popped and came undone where the end of the zip is. I sat it aside in order to sew and repair it and now I'm reluctant to try to put a pillow in the other covers because of the danger. If I had a suggestion to the manufacturer, it would be to make the opening for the pillow wider.

👤It is. okay Based on the description and reviews from customers, it's not what I expected. There is a The covers are made of 100% cotton, but it doesn't seem like it. It looks like synthetic to me. The fabric of the shopping bags reminds me of a material that cotton doesn't do, the "linen" fibers. The prints in pictures are not as sharp as they could be. There is a Just 3 stars from me.

5. Rythome Comfortable Bedding Decorative Cushion

Rythome Comfortable Bedding Decorative Cushion

The velvet is a heavy type. Pack of 2, 18x18 inches, cover only. There were no inserts. A medium light shade of pink-red, easily pair with rose pink, dusty rose, rose gold or blush colored bedding. Colorful choices in spring and fall. The velvet is comfortable to the touch. It's nice to be in the livingroom, office, RV. You can add a seasonal aura to holidays with textured or patterned pillows. It's easy to insert the large opening. The cover color is similar to the invisible closure and cute zip up.

Brand: Rythome

👤These pillow covers were delivered today. The first impression is very good. It was a perfect soft velvet. It feels good. It feels like it's great quality so far. They ordered the pillow filling from Amazon. Very happy with the purchase. I have been using the same pillow covers for over a year now and have decided to order another pair in a different color.

👤I am a very accomplished sewer and could have easily made these pillow covers, as I have done many times in my life. I decided to roll the dice and I am a winner. The covers are first class. The quality of the fabric, workmanship and prompt delivery are all 5 stars. I will order again. Understand how to measure for pillow inserts. Enjoy.

👤Great value, beautiful, soft. I wish the stitches were reinforced more. When shoving the pillow in, a few stitches popped out, but they aren't visible when the zip is closed. The turquoise green ones I bought. They are nice but a little closer to blue. There is a The fabric has a lot of depth, which makes it look lighter and darker in different light. I noticed that one of my kids had food on one and it had to be cleaned off.

👤I bought a 14 inch Wine Red pillow cover. I like the fit and feel, but I have to say the color is not right. I'm not sure what red wine would compare to this color. The Santa suit is bright red. I was expecting a bright color. I love them even though they are bright red.

👤The pink color is the same as the photos. It matches my blanket. The zip is not noticeable. Buy it!

👤The velvet fabric was exactly what I needed. The 14x14 was purchased for an accent pillow. I am happy with how it fit and I found a 14x14 insert on Amazon. There is a hidden zip up. This throw is also found on Amazon. The pieces pulled the room together.

👤The orange is perfect for Halloween. Good quality, soft. The living room was bright with a juicy splash of color, but no one in the house appreciated my decorating efforts. I bought another set in Eggplant on December 29th. I love these covers.

👤I am amazed at how well these pillowcases are made. The fabric is soft and durable. This red is not a burgundy, but is a dark red. It is a deep red and exactly what I was hoping for. I am very happy with the pillow covers and will probably get more in other colors as well. This is a must buy.

👤The quality of the cushion covers was poor, the colour wasn't as expected, and I wouldn't give them away. I'm using them as dusters before I bin them because they aren't worth the cost of returning.

👤The color is perfect and the same as what I saw on the website. The textile is soft and high quality. The cover is a little bit bigger than 18*18, which is not considered an imperfection. It doesn't have any problems.

6. Eanpet Alphabet Decorative Flowers Protectors

Eanpet Alphabet Decorative Flowers Protectors

The material is soft and comfortable. The package included 1 alphabet throw pillow covers. There is a capital letter A-Z surrounded by flowers with a white background on one side of the design. The invisible zipper was designed to meet an elegant look. The hands and machine are clean. Application: It's also suitable for weddings, Mother's Day, holiday parties, and for sofa, couch, car, bedroom, living room, home, office, coffee shop, library, book store, party, club, and etc. Click on the corresponding letter to buy if you want to buy other letters.

Brand: Eanpet

👤My little girl's new bed looked even better because of this. The material is soft, the print is nice, and the colors are perfect. I haven't washed it yet, it seems to be good quality. It was easy to put on the pillows. Great purchase!

👤I was surprised by the quality of the pillow cover. It is very soft and durable. The colors are striking. I got the letter A in blush.

👤My son bought this for my daughter. The pillow cover is soft. The pillow stuffer I ordered fit perfectly. The colors are similar to what you see in the photos. Being white and having a baby, the chances of it being clean are slim, but I think it will wash well. You will not regret buying this.

👤The print is high quality and the material is soft. It was very well made. Will definitely get more letters.

👤These pillows are adorable. I got two. I love them!

👤I put this in the middle of the bed to make it look better.

👤I bought a pillow cover for myself and it was very nice. Good quality.

👤The colors are not as bright as the picture would suggest, the pink letter is faint, and the golden details are more orange than golden. I did a picture at Amazon and I don't like it. These are cheap copies.

👤The cover is very soft. Always get a compliment on this.

👤The funda, solo, un poco tenue.

👤Beautiful! The texture is soft and the price is great. Absolutely love it.

👤Does not look like a picture. The pillow cover is faded compared to the photo. The bottom of the pillow is too small and I ripped it to get my pillow into it. Would not recommend it.

7. MERNETTE Corduroy Decorative Pillowcase Decorations

MERNETTE Corduroy Decorative Pillowcase Decorations

The material is very soft. The 18x18 inch is 45x45 cm. There is a hidden zip code. Both sides have the same design. Only two pieces of cushion covers are used. There was no insert. There was no Filler. Easy care and wash: Machine washed, maximum temperature 30C. Do not use bleach. It was tumble dry. Don't iron. Don't dry clean. It is made with shrink and fade resistant fabric. After every washing, stay the same. Home, bedroom, bed, living room, sofa, couch, bench, floor, office, chair, car, party, wedding, dining room, outdoor and so on are all wide applications. The cushion covers could be used with all kinds of furniture.

Brand: Mernette

👤It will be easier to list the reasons why I am not happy with these pillows. Color in photos is not accurate. I liked how bright and vibrant the pillows were. I received a pale pink color. This isn't the same shade of pink as you see in a photo. There are two more They're not made of wood. The fabric is very similar to a beach towel. I'm assuming it's a terry cotton or something similar. They're not well made, they're not sturdy, and the zip is cheap. I don't think it will hold up very long if you take the insert out to wash the cover, because it was hard to open and close it. There are four I bought the 1818 cover along with the 1818 inserts. The covers are too large. I know the inserts that fit the other pillow covers are the same ones I bought. There is a This listing is selling a dishonest product. It failed on most standards of quality and judgement. I'll be returning these, and I recommend everyone else to purchase something else.

👤These are soft and cute. No idea how easy to clean they are. At least they look good! There is a If anyone was interested, I sent the seller a email with the fabric type and care instructions.

👤I just got them and so far they are great. They are soft and durable. The color is bright. I used 20x20 inserts to make the 18x18 full.

👤I measured my pillows and they were 20x20 because they seemed perfect when I found them. I ordered the 22x22. The 22 was tight and made my pillows look small. I returned them and ordered the 24x24. I love them. The light and dark brown are soft and look great. I'm so happy that I can wash my pillows more frequently since they were a pain to clean since the covers can't be removed. The covers for the bottom cushions were bought separately.

👤These pillows are designer quality at a fraction of the cost. The down inserts were a challenge, but they filled the covers nicely. The fabric is very strong. The color is lovely and the zip is hidden.

👤My daughter's dorm room has a gray/black/red color scheme. The pillow covers are very soft. My daughter thought she was getting the pillow inserts when she didn't read the description very closely. We had old pillows. I took some stuffing that we weren't using and they are great! The covers are well made. If you are looking for bright red, I recommend these.

👤The pillow covers I received were great, but last week the zipper on a couple started to come apart, and I was very sad. The fabric on my couches is so soft and amazing that I have older kids and no pets that get on my couches. I think theDurability is compromised somewhere in the making.

👤There was an update on 11/22-21. I bought 2 cases in the color Olive. The olive color is gorgeous. It is a soft shade of olive. I used the MERNETTE cases instead of the soft courdroy because there is an ellipse pattern. The color Earth is shown with the Olive cases. The two colors coordinate with my area rug very well. I wash my older cases often and they are still soft and comfortable. The fabric is lovely, the zippers are sewn perfectly, and the seams are secure, out of the 11 cases I have purchased. I have never had a problem with them. I follow the instructions and wash cold on a gentle cycle. There is a When I want to change the look of my living room, I can purchase a brand new pillow case and wash it and store it in my house, but I don't have to pay the high price for a new case. There was an update on 5-13-21. I have washed these cases many times and they are still beautiful. I follow the instructions. They just came out of the dryer and it was soft. They are made well. There were no signs of wear. I love these! There is a I bought a set of 2 Mernettes. There are grey blue throw pillow cases. These pillows are one of the best pillows I have ever owned. The fabric is so soft that you can feel it in your hand. No pain at all. There is a The Grey Blue shade is soft and calming. A reviewer likened the color to sea glass. The duck egg is very close. I just purchased a throw blanket on Amazon and this color matched it very well. A rug. I bought it a few months ago from a different store. It makes the living room feel peaceful. I bought the set of 20. Mernette suggests that you use 22" pillow inserts, as do the other two sellers I purchased cases from. I bought those on Amazon and they filled out the pillow cases. They are soft and lush. The pillow inserts can fit in the case. I had to turn the case around to find the hidden zip. It is the same color. The inside of this case is not lined like my other ones, but it feels well made and I didn't see anything wrong. There is a I double checked the tags after I followed the directions from Amazon. I washed on a delicate cycle and then fell dry. The color stayed the same. They were nicely laundered. There is a These Mernette cases are a great way to refresh a room or update on a budget. They are soft, well made, and Grey Blue is a lovely color. The Mernette throw pillow cases are very good.

8. MIULEE Velvet Decorative Cushion Bedroom

MIULEE Velvet Decorative Cushion Bedroom

The size is 30 x 50 Cm. It's suitable for sofa,bed, home,office. There is a hiding place. The pillow cover is very nice. Thepillow insert is not included. Due to the production process, pillow covers in different light intensity and angle, the surface will produce plush silver reflective, so that the products exhibit different colors, this is a normal phenomenon, and not the product quality problems.

Brand: Miulee

👤Pottery Barn has gorgeous velvet pillow cases. I was wondering what these would be like in comparison, and I like these better. I bought the golden khaki and the mauve pink. I know how beautiful they are, so I will purchase 7 more. The colors are bright and shiny, but velvet should be stated otherwise. The brighter colors will be good for the summer. The price point is great. I am not sure what negative reviews are.

👤I rated this 4 stars because it was very soft and I expected that. I did not add the 5th star because the pillow is half the size of the side. If you have thick pillows, be careful. I ripped one open. I slowly wormed the covers on my couch pillows as my husband smooshed them in half. If you have flat pillows, these are ideal.

👤I bought khakis and oranges. The colors are pretty. I have always heard that you should get a large pillow for maximum stuffing. I wanted to be able to fluff and foof myself because of my chronic back pain. The feather/down pillows that were bought for the 24” pillow covers worked out great. There is a My pillows have small feathers, which is a negative. These covers are not very thick. There is a quill that pokes through here and there. I am not taking a star off. Why? I paid discount prices for pillows that were not 100% down and I paid very low prices for the covers. For what I paid, I am happy with my cute comfy pillows that add nice color to my room and cushion to my back.

👤The white was bone or ivory. Not white! I would give it 4.5 stars because it is very well made and soft as a kitten. The opening of the zipper is too small to fit a 24 inch pillow. The color of bone looks like a dirty pillow next to my bed pillows. I was unhappy with the color of the bed I ordered them for.

👤I was a little nervous but I went slow with it. I got the covers for the insert. It was perfect! The emerald greens were very close to the picture. Great color! Exactly what I was looking for.

👤They are very delicate. It's hard to work with the zipper. I bought 20x20 pillows and 20x20 covers. When I put the pillow in the first case, it ripped at the end of the zip and it was hard to zip up because the zips are plastic and not metal. The velvet is soft and my daughter thinks it is gorgeous. When you put the pillows in, be careful.

👤The colors are accurately represented in the product photos, and these are really nice and soft. The manufacturer needs to work on their quality assurance. I ordered 3 different colors and only the grey one had a corner to corner zip. The other two had only 1/3 of the length sewn on, and the other had the entire length sewn on. We are only part of the way. The blue one was sewn correctly, but the yellow one was only 1/3. It's difficult to squeeze a pillow into an opening without tearing it. I know third time is the charm, but I am done with this. If you get duds like I did, be prepared to come back and EXCHANGE over and over again until you luck out.

9. MIULEE Christmas Decorative Cushion Bedroom

MIULEE Christmas Decorative Cushion Bedroom

There are 2 pieces of 18x18 inch pillow covers without inserts. It is made of faux fur. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. The pillow covers are cozy and fuzzy. There are good decorations for living room. Zipper is hidden. A very luxurious atmosphere is provided by the faux fur throw pillow covers. The color of the screen may be different from the light. The washing tips. It makes it easy to insert and remove the pillow inserts. Machine wash cold separately, gently cycle only. Do not use iron. It will look brand new. MIULEE is dedicated to giving you a better living environment.

Brand: Miulee

👤I was not happy with the product. I threw them in the garbage and didn't bother to come back because the zip was cheap and didn't work on the first 3. The faux fur is not cut well. It is worse than my lab. The fake fur can't be kept out of the cheap zipper without a lot of effort. The fur falls off all over the couch, my pants, and other things. I wouldn't spend a dime on this again. I bought six.

👤I was hoping the product would work out. I measured my pillow size to make sure I got the right one. I thought it was supposed to be a little different. The whole thing broke. I might try to get the next size up because they look really good with my living room. You can see in the photos that they shed really bad.

👤Both pillow covers had broken zippers. One was off one side and the other was not closing. I swapped for another set and the stitching was bad. Only one row of stitching and not a tight stitch. Someone buying must have the skills to restitch all the seams. I can see ends unraveling when a stitch breaks. I feel like it's too difficult to find something like this elsewhere. I like the feel of fabric and it is worth the time and money. I like the orange color and fabric. One side is velveteen and the other is long "faux fur", nice and soft. I haven't washed it yet, and it's getting a little bit glittered. I hope a quick wash will get rid of the excess shed. Also, not perfectly square. I don't know how "stuffed" I want my pillows to be, and I'm not sure if I'll get a fully stuffed pillow. It's worth the risk of getting a good set and then re-stitching the seams if you want to return it. I don't think they are worth buying if you can't re-stitch.

👤These are more appealing than the traditionalfur pillow because they are more versatile. The shed is terrible. People don't sit on the couch so it's a good thing.

👤Very cheap looking. Construction quality is very low. Delivery was late for these needed for a Black History theme. A replacement order was sent by Amazon. Both sets were received. The replacement came because of the broken case in the first set. I would have had to send the damaged set back. I kept them because of the color. If you are looking for quality faux fur pillow covers, these are not the ones for you. Just insert the pillow insert and it will be there.

👤I got 2 pillow covers that were 15 inches and I might have kept these. There was no way to discuss the size with the seller. So sending them back. The pillow covers are very thin and it's hard to pick up other fabrics. If they had been the correct size, it might be what you would expect. I tried them on 16 inch fillers before sending them back. I would order a bigger size because they barely fit over a 16 inch filler. I am changing my review and rating to the seller's liking. The seller was kind enough to give me a refunds on the pillow covers and a replacement of the correct size as well. I returned the pillows and received replacements. The fur did a lot of shed so I chose velvet. I should be able to use them on 16 inch pillows because they are very pretty velvet cases with nice zippers, but they were 17 inches and not 18 inches, so they didn't fit on my 18 inch pillows. I'm still waiting for the money. I upgraded this review because of the follow-up and the generous offer of the refunds and replacements. The seller tried hard to make it right. The 16 inch cases are 15 inches, and the 18 inch cases are 17 inches.

10. MERNETTE Decorative Cushion Pillowcase Pillows

MERNETTE Decorative Cushion Pillowcase Pillows

The material is very soft. The 18x18 inch is 45x45 cm. Please allow 1-2 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. Only two pieces of cushion covers are used. There was no insert. There was no Filler. The color may be different when viewed from different angles. Different light or monitors can affect the color of the picture. Allow the possibility of a color difference. Easy care and wash: Machine washed, maximum temperature 30C. Do not use bleach. It was tumble dry. Don't iron. Don't dry clean. It is made with shrink and fade resistant fabric. After every wash, it stays the same. Home, bedroom, bed, living room, sofa, couch, bench, floor, office, chair, car, party, wedding, dining room, outdoor and so on are all wide applications. The cushion covers could be used with all kinds of furniture.

Brand: Mernette

👤The pillow cover is hunter green and I want to finish decorating for Christmas so I am ordering more of it. The covers for the pillows were purchased from Amazon.

👤I was worried that these would be cheap and thin. They are very thick and durable and nice looking. I will be returning for a larger size due to the fact that they are a tad smaller than specified, but other than that they are wonderful!

👤The soft velvet pillow covers were more expensive than I had expected. The pillow has a discreet zip which is very nice. I bought another pair for my bedroom because I was so happy with these. Line drying them is what I suggest. They dried very quickly on my indoor rack. The fabric and colors are great. After some more fluffing of the inner down stuffing it wasn't noticeable that one of them was a bit off in size. Next to my pillows, these pillow covers look just as good.

👤The velvet pillows in the stores were pricey, but I was looking for a bright color for fall decor. Lightbulb went off. These pillows fit perfectly because I had 2 18x18 pillows that had inserts. When they arrived, I was very happy to see the beautiful color and feel the soft fabric. They look more expensive than they were. I saw the exact size pillow at Target for $20 each. The covers were just $12 for the pair. I will purchase more for each season or whenever I want to change up my decor color scheme now that I have discovered pillow covers. I plan on buying covers for the Euro pillows that I have. This product is very good and I highly recommend it.

👤These seem to be of decent quality. They are soft to the touch. The color is off to me. I was hoping for a deep blue color when I ordered the sapphires. I kept them because they are a pretty color, but not what I would call'sapphire'. I have included a few pictures. It's difficult to get the true color. A deep Carribean blue would be a better description. The do is true to size. I had trouble putting them on. I think I read a few reviews of the broken zippers. I ordered 4 because I didn't have this issue. Hope this helps.

👤These are beautiful and I wasn't expecting that. It's so soft that it feels like a suede-velvet material. They look high-end. I put a pillow on them. I think they're small. These cases are for 18x18 pillows and are a bit large on a 16x16 pillow. Overall amazing quality so far. If they lose shape, will update.

👤They are great for splashes of color. The fabric is luxurious.

👤These are better than expected. I was a bit hesitant that they would be as lovely as they were described. The shade was exactly what I expected. They are well made and the opening of the pillow cover was large enough to fit in a suitcase, which has been an issue with some pillow covers I have purchased in the past.

11. Eanpet Alphabet Decorative Flowers Protectors

Eanpet Alphabet Decorative Flowers Protectors

The material is soft and comfortable. The package included 1 alphabet throw pillow covers. There is a capital letter A-Z surrounded by flowers with a white background on one side of the design. The invisible zipper was designed to meet an elegant look. The hands and machine are clean. Application: It's also suitable for weddings, Mother's Day, holiday parties, and for sofa, couch, car, bedroom, living room, home, office, coffee shop, library, book store, party, club, and etc. Click on the corresponding letter to buy if you want to buy other letters.

Brand: Eanpet

👤The pillow cover was not expected to be found. It makes my daughter's bedroom look better. It is a pillow cover only and you have to buy an insert separately. It is soft with a hidden zip.

👤The pillow cover is gorgeous. I put it on my bed. It is soft and matches my decor.

👤It was what I wanted. Nothing more. Nothing more. It works well with my decor.

👤The pillow is very soft. The design is a bit softer than the photo looks, but still nice. The pillow is soft and comfortable to sleep on, and it's great for snuggling on the couch while watching tv or reading a book.

👤The pillow cover is cute. It's perfect for my daughter's room. I expected it to be a lot softer but so far it has been just as soft. Really pleased with this.

👤The pillow cover is very nice. At Christmas, bought for niece. She liked it.

👤The pillow covers are lovely. Soft to the touch with a feminine look. Will definitely recommend and buy again.

👤It was amazing all over. So soft. Exactly as pictured.

👤Very soft. The colors are a bit lighter than I wanted.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for bed pink?

Decorative pillows for bed pink products from Top Finel. In this article about decorative pillows for bed pink you can see why people choose the product. Septcity and Juvale are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for bed pink.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for bed pink?

Top Finel, Septcity and Juvale are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for bed pink. Find the detail in this article. Oathene, Rythome and Eanpet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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