Best Decorative Pillows for Living Room 20x20

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1. MIULEE Decorative Rhombic Jacquard Pillowcase

MIULEE Decorative Rhombic Jacquard Pillowcase

The package includes 2 pieces of 18 x 18 inch couch pillow covers. The deviation is due to manual cutting and sewing. The material is made of high quality polyester blend and is soft and comfortable. The color of the screen may be different from the light. Their decorative cushion case is made with a hidden zip and is very practical. The colors are vibrant and can match most fall home decoration. There is a pattern on 888-739-5110 It's perfect for being placed in a living room, bedroom, car, office, party, workshop, etc. It allows easy removal of the pillow inserts. The machine wash was cold. Only gently cycle. Do not bleach the dot. Then dry. It will look brand new if you don't iron it.

Brand: Miulee

👤The quality of the pillow covers is good, but the color is a little disappointing. The orange is brighter than expected. The product pictures make the color appear less vibrant. These are candy corn.

👤The online picture shows the pillows exactly as they are described. They are soft and comfortable. The yellow color is a golden mustard. I would buy this brand again. Thank you!

👤I was very disappointed. The pillow cases are 17 x 17 and not what the description says or what I need. I searched for hours before I chose these and they are just another product that is not what it says it is. Horrified!

👤These pillow covers are the best pillow covers I have ever purchased, and I have bought quite a few of them. They are beautiful. The fabric is strong. The pop is perfect.

👤I wanted to update my living room without spending a lot of money. I ordered these to cover some old green cushions and even though I was worried they might be poor quality, I have been very pleasantly surprised. The quality is very fair, considering the price, and I have fallen in love with the bright mustard yellow color, which is perfect for my brown living room furniture. It was even better than I had expected.

👤These pillow covers are really nice. I used 20x20 pillows in 18x18 covers and they are nice and fluffy. The design and color are fun and pop of color with my decor. I'm very pleased with the way things are going so far.

👤I love these pillow cases. The color is reminiscent of honey mustard. The good kind is what you put on your child. I have 2 young kids who have pillow fights with them and so far, they have held up well. I would buy them again.

👤I read a lot of reviews before I ordered them. I am disappointed that I decided to move forward. I have ordered many sets of covers and they are the worst I have ever gotten. The quality is not there because they are not cut square and the zip is sewn over the squares. I ordered them in black and I think they will be returned. The color is spot on. I've gotten many beautiful sets of covers and had high expectations, so save your money and look for another set.

👤Our puppy loves them. Our pillows are perfect. It's easy to put on.

2. WAYATO Decorative Pillows Double Sided Abstract

WAYATO Decorative Pillows Double Sided Abstract

The package does not include Pillow Inserts. Made in the USA or imported. It's made of short plush, which makes you feel soft. There was no smell that was strong. The couch pillow cover has a double-side pattern and is hidden. It's used as a decoration for sofa, home, office, couch, chair, car, toss, patio, bedroom, and it's also a cute gift for your friends and family members. Machine wash or hand wash. Use mild detergent with cold or warm water. After sale, you will get friendly customer service and a 90-day satisfaction warranty.

Brand: Wayato

👤The brown furniture is well suited to the colors. It is soft and durable.

👤These pillows are really nice. I got them for our deck. They make the deck pop with color. I have received a lot of praise for the pillows. They are very soft. I don't know how long they will last.

👤The pillow covers are pretty. I quickly bought another set. The second set came with a broken zipper, but the replacement and return was quick and easy. The only reason I rated these covers a 4 instead of a 5 is because they are a dark pillow and have a white zip up. Not a good look. The stark contrast still shows even though it is a hidden zip up. I put the side of the zipper down on my couch, but I don't have the option of choosing my own display. I would still recommend them.

👤I love them. They match the rug I bought from Amazon. I will reuse them with new, hidden zippers if I feel like it, because I wish more attention would have been put into the placement of the zippers. I'm happy with the price. I took the covers apart and sewed a border to make them bigger, so that I could change the placement. Just love them.

👤Not what I was expecting. The picture looks better than the product I received. The picture makes the colors look great. That is something else in person. The ink on the pillow cover was running out and it looked like a picture was printed on it. The colors are dull. I regret buying 2 sets because I thought I would love it.

👤I bought a piece of art. The color is the same as I expected. The design has lines through it. The picture shows it as well as mine. I think it is deliberate. I still like them, even though it looks like a mistake, since I can't find teal blue anything. Since I received it, I can't rate it. I will need to wash at some point. Hope they will hold up with both material and color.

👤I was worried that they would not match the seller, but they were beautiful, and I was given a small credit if I had to return them. There is a Thank you.

👤These are gorgeous on our new television. I was happy to find pillows made in the USA. It was suggested to order a 20x20 pillow for a 18x18 cover. The pillow covering looks like a painting.

👤I received one but there were supposed to be two. Very disappointed.

👤I don't like the plushiness of the fabric. They look cheap.

👤It was perfect, what I was expecting. Excellent quality and workmanship.

👤J'ai was surprised by the rapidité de l'envoie de ma commande. J'apprécie aussi, qui est rendue. Cela est trs apprécié. There is a J'ai commandés, je contente date de l'achat de mes housses. There is a Merci.

👤N'aie pas reu ces coussins. L'air trs beau. It was long. It's called Désolé. J'aie.

3. Pillow Decorative Pillows Outdoor Farmhouse

Pillow Decorative Pillows Outdoor Farmhouse

Throw Pillow Covers are made of high quality material. There are unique daffodils. The decorative pillows only have 4 pillow covers, not the pillow. Blue pillow covers are comfortable and eco-friendly. They use oil painting to paint flowers. Skin-friendly. There is no PILLING of wheelbarrows. The pillows are made from safe materials. The fabric has excellent performance over the years and is reinforced with beautiful stitches. It can maintain the appearance of top textiles even when wear and tear is present. Anti-wrinkle pillowcases. Throw pillow has a designer look and feel and will stand out in a combo. Their pillows are of the highest quality and perfectly match any environment. It's suitable for any bohemian design in a living room. There are health and environment burp covers. The perfect gift for friends and family is the exquisite cushion covers. They hope to get you a beautiful throw pillow covers with a reasonable price and excellent customer service. There are washing machines, fast waste dumpsters, and wash basins. The goods are pillow covers. The pillows are double-sided, and the fuzzy printing is an oil painting style. The machine wash is not bleached. The inserts should be used to fill.

Brand: Phahey

👤The throw pillow covers are pretty. They're soft and smooth, with hidden zippers. I put pillows in the cases to make them appear larger. I didn't wash them before use because they smell great. I'm very happy with this purchase. The quality is good.

👤The pillow covers are large. The material is top quality and the designs are rich in blues. These are the best ones I have ordered.

👤I thought the pillow covers would match the yellow of my table cloth, but they were more orange than yellow or gold, as they appeared in the pictures and description. The pictures and description were very misleading.

👤The color is orange, not yellow.

👤I used them on my outdoor furniture and they look great.

👤The pillow cases look cheap because they are stamped unevenly.

👤The buyer wants pictures of the item. Disappointed.

👤Fundas de cojn. Suave al tacto, resistente. Me encantan!

4. BLEUM CADE Decorative Cushion Bedroom

BLEUM CADE Decorative Cushion Bedroom

Fashionable style. The gray pillow cover has four different shapes of geometric patterns. The gray decorative pillow covers are made of a soft material. The fabric has softness, comfort andDurability. The standard size is 18x18 inch and 45x45 cm. The insert is not included in the package. There are stable estates. It's stylish style is perfect for your sofa, bed or car seat and adds a lot of charm to where you put it. The invisible ZIPPER is. The gray geometric pillow covers are durable and beautiful.

Brand: Fascidorm

👤The new slip cover and couch made them look brand new.

👤Just received these pillow covers and put them on. It's a good way to change up the decor without breaking the bank. You don't need to buy more throw pillows, just change up the design by buying some covers. I included pictures because people don't like pictures in reviews. The yellow is very vibrant in person and the pics don't do it justice.

👤I was disappointed when I got them because they looked darker in the picture, but they are light colored and beautiful, and different shades of grey make the parts pop. It was okay. If you are looking for a darker color, these are not for you. I haven't washed them yet. I think that's correct.

👤I wanted to change my grandmother's bedspread. These fit the bill. The covers fit over pillows I already had. I was skeptical about taking them out of the package. I was surprised when the pillows were added to the bed. I was considering a lot of them, but I chose these over them. Nice update.

👤The material has a soft feel. The print design is one-sided, which is fine with me. I used these to cover a couple of pillows and am very happy with the look. It should be easy to throw it in the wash machine. I would hang to dry just to be safe. I was looking for a great price for 4 pack. The price of buying new pillows is more than the price of buying new pillows. Will be buying more in the future if I want to change up colors or designs. Maybe it would be better to switch out for different seasons and holiday themes instead of buying separate pillows. I wish I had thought of it a long time ago and saved myself some money.

👤You don't get a whole pillow with these zip up covers. They are just as pictured and the fabric is easy to clean. They were in great shape. The print in the pics is only on one side. The other side has no pattern. I missed it because it was mentioned in the description. Is it really a burden to have the print on both sides?

👤They look great on my couch.

👤I was able to use the slip cover on my couch to accentuate the new look of the pillows on the throw pillows. They are cute and priced right. I'm happy with them.

5. All Smiles Decorative Farmhouse Inspirational

All Smiles Decorative Farmhouse Inspirational

Home sweet home pillows, daisy floral throw pillow covers,cojines para sillas de comedor, outdoor throw pillow covers,spring family tan pillow covers are all designed. Qty: 2 PCs, only a pillow case and inside filler not included. The material is a blend of Polyester and nylon. Measures about 18 inches. There may be a 1-2 cm deviation. There are differences between the computer monitors that may make color appear different in real life.

Brand: All Smiles

👤These patio pillow covers are very good. I have run into issues with patio pillows and pillow covers that stain and rot easily. They don't like the weather very much. These don't have any of those issues. The pillows that they are covering up were looking worn out because they were so prone to mold even though they were on a covered patio and they also sat on a sunny side, so they dry quickly. They have been resistant to the diseases and have not been prone to fading. They were placed in the rain by a contractor and they went from wet to dry in a matter of hours. Not to mention the fact that they are beautiful. Definitely a good purchase.

👤I love pillows. I'm glad I bought them because the wording caught my attention immediately. The recommended 18x18 pillow inserts work perfectly. I'm going to buy another set for my sofa. Quality material is used to make the cases. I'm excited to buy more.

👤I looked at the photos from the customer reviews and they weren't the same. This isn't an ivory background, it's a sickly mustardy-greenish-beige color, and it's definitely not cotton or linen like the description says. It is cheap and almost has a plastic feel to it. The design is adorable, but if only it was what the photos and description said it was. Immediately returned.

👤When I opened them, I ordered them back in the package. The picture makes them look like linen. That's not what happened. They were the color of a bail of hay. They looked like pillow cases that had been in a house. The design was great, but the case was bad and I couldn't make it work.

👤Most of my linens come from Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn. These match the colors of my existing pieces. Can I tell the difference? Yes. Is they going to last as long? No. Is the addition to my living room going to be great? Absolutely! Did they cost $5 each? Yes, resounding! I was wondering if these people forgot where they were shopping. I would have paid more for them. I don't know what the complaints are about.

👤The pillows I received were not the same as what I saw in the reviews photos. A dirty pillowcase is almost what the covers look like. It's not quite a burlap style color, but close to it. It feels like a material that is not cotton. I wouldn't return but I wouldn't feel worth the energy for $12 covers. I was disappointed to say that least.

👤I ordered them because they looked like the picture I was thinking of, which looked off white possibly cream and white, wrong. They are almost the same color as black. Cheap Woven synthetic, not cotton/linen as stated. If the color was lighter, they would be more in line with the trends.

👤I like the pillow covers. They are made with high quality zippers. I use them to cover my pillows and they fit perfectly. The pillow covers save me a lot of money and I can't comment on them. I haven't paid $29 for a pillow. This pillow cover idea is amazing.

6. COLORPAPA Pillows Abstract Decorative Pillowcases

COLORPAPA Pillows Abstract Decorative Pillowcases

The Throw Pillow Covers are made of high quality soft velvet. The size and feature are important. There is a pack of 2 throw pillow covers. There are 45X45 cm. The package only has a throw pillow case. The pattern is printed on both sides and the color will never fade. The Modern Style Pillowcases are Decorative and can be used to decorate your bedroom, hotel, chair, floor, yoga seat, chair, outdoor, Bedding, beach, car, and Grab a Pillow for extra flair. This Contemporary Art Pillowcase can be used as Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts,Ideal Greenhouse Gifts, and more. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature Don't Bleach and Iron.

Brand: Colorpapa

👤I was looking for pillows that would complement my bedroom decor. The pillows were perfect.

👤Fue una decepcion nada q ver con los colores.

👤I used pillow inserts that were 2” bigger than the pillow cover to fill out the pillow. There were no issues with the pillow insert and the zip.

7. GIGIZAZA Decorative Cushion 18x18inch 45x45cm

GIGIZAZA Decorative Cushion 18x18inch 45x45cm

2 pack decorative sofa cushion covers are made of soft velvet fabric. The color is clean and luxurious. Skin-friendly. The set of 4 throw Pillow Covers are not included in the price. Features and design. The gold colorway is 18 x 18 or 20 x 20 and is tailored for 18 x 18 or 20 x 20 inch inserts. The velvet on the couch pillow cases is of a high quality. The high quality and easy insertion feature is made with the best quality invisible zipper. It is very easy to put pillow inserts. Throw couch pillow covers suite for living room,bed,chair,window seat, coffee shop,office and car. The washing instructions. Throw it to the machine and get a new cushion cover, use the cold water, and low temperature drying. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any suggestions for improvement when you get GIGIZAZA pillow covers.

Brand: Gigizaza

👤I ordered a set of four pillow covers. They are soft and the color we were looking for was perfect. The construction of the pillow covers is poor. The pillow can't go inside because one of the zippers only goes half way up the seam. I was surprised that the zippers didn't break when we pulled them on. Some of the seams are showing signs of wear. The reason we kept them was because they will be used on the bed behind others pillows. The price was good, but you have to pay. I would not keep them if they were to be used alone. I have bought other covers before and they last as long.

👤There was a dark line going down the pillow cover. It is difficult to use a kewpie without pulling fabric. The dark line looks terrible. I will have to return. Everyone is like this. A discoloured line.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. The look is very soft, durable, and rich. I bought many pillows from Pier 1 and wanted to change my color scheme. I only bought the covers and didn't have to purchase inserts. I will be ordering more of these. Highly recommend this product.

👤Compré estos cojines en tono dorado y son tan brillantes. Tengan esto, el color is ve en la foto. Me hubiera gustado.

👤These are very nice. I decided to use a more subtle accent color for my living room, but if you're looking for a gold colored room, these are great.

👤These are cute. They areba velvet feel, color is a dark golden color if you rub them. An awesome constructed pillow.

👤The purple velvet colors add a beautiful punch of color. I bought 22 pillows to decorate my place after the Pandemic. The purple ones match my chair perfectly. Do yourself a favor and buy more pillows because you can't go wrong with these and some down fillers.

👤The pillows are soft and seem durable, but beware of the color you choose. I received the wrong package, and there weren't four gold pillows in it. There were two champagne and two khakis. It's too late to return them, so I'm stuck with them.

👤I gusto el color, la calidad de la tela, y comprende los cojines de la misma medida.

👤Material is demasiado brilloso por lo, pero se requiere poner extra mate para nivelar.

👤J'ai acheté 4 coussins, 3 of which are Malheureusement. J'ai un seule coussin qui est in fact. Je trs.

👤Llegaron ahora. El col negro is hermoso! Suaves y buena calidad. Tiene un cierre para rellenarlo. Me encantaron!

👤Als Kissen is in the Schlafzimmer.

8. Alricc Abstract Artwork Gallery Decorative

Alricc Abstract Artwork Gallery Decorative

The pillow covers are soft touch and light weight. Grey throw pillow covers 20X20. There are no inserts in the pillow case. The turquoise pillow cover is made of high quality polyester and it is soft to the touch. For hot summer and cold winter, the suit is warm. Art pillow covers can be put in your arms to play a warm and protective role, but also increase interests in home life, different pillows can bring a different style and fashion. The ecclectic pillow cover can be used as a decorative item for Christmas, Home, Hotel, Decorative, Chair, Floor, Yoga Seat, Chair, Floor, Yoga, Foot, outdoor, Bedding, Beach, Car.

Brand: Alricc

👤These are soft and fit my other pillow shams perfectly. The look is the same as the picture. I bought four of these for my couch and will buy another color to accent it. Highly recommended! Delivery was fast.

👤The colors are spot on.

👤I bought couch covers, throw pillow covers and a throw blanket from Amazon to give my living room a fresh look. All products compliment one another and provide a new appeal. I am very pleased with my purchases and I like the feeling of an updated and upgraded elegance. The new stylish and sophisticated atmosphere is something I like. With the cold days and nights quickly approaching, I like the smooth and gentle texture for a warm place to sleep.

👤The way the zipper is sewed on the covers makes it impossible to stuff the covers with pillows of the correct size because there are gaps on both ends. I would have to use a smaller pillow in order to fit it. The manufacturer was too lazy to sew the zip to the ends of the cover.

👤I used both 20 x20 inserts and 22 x 22 inserts after I got the 18 x 18 pillow cover. The pillow cover feels great. The 22 x 22 insert is more firm. The product is a great price.

👤These pillows look great. We wanted a nautical theme for the sofa on our boat and these fit the bill. They give that water/tide feel without being too kitschy. They made our boat look like it came off the line. A small touch added so much. The multi-colors work well with the blues, taupe's and grays colors. It's easy to slip pillows inside.

👤I love my new velvet blue and grey cushion covers. I love how the cushion covers have blue as well as light grey and natural tones in them to balance out the dark navy blue sofa and loveseat. I washed them before putting them on my sofas and they were very sturdy and did not get messed up in the washing machine. I like how soft they are. I ordered light grey velvet cushion covers for my other pillows and they all work well together. I got matching place mats for my dining table because I loved them so much.

👤Ce qui ne pas trs beau sur un sofa. There is a The couleurs sont belles et conformes. Je vais le prix-l. There is a 45,7 cm, c'est un peu plus petit.

👤J'avais mis le coussins de cté car. Jeens de la sortir et j'aurais. Les photos de certaines personnes ne sont pas blancs. Dans mon cas, ils sont en beige. Comme il est tard pour le retourner, je me suis fier aux commentaires et photos. L'arrire n'est pas blanc du tout. Comment on the différents.

👤I was very happy to receive these pillows. The fabric is soft and the colour is exactly what I wanted. I bought another pair of them because I like them so much.

9. DEZENE Leather Decorative Pillowcases Bedroom

DEZENE Leather Decorative Pillowcases Bedroom

Throw pillow covers bring a designer touch to your home decoration, bed, sofa, couch, chair, car, patio, farmhouse, bedroom, office, indoor and outdoor. The pillow covers are made of high quality faux leather and 100% cotton, which are comfortable and great touch, grade A, high class. Both sides are the same. The pillow covers are well made and the invisible zip helps easily on and off. These will last you a long time. 2 PIECES SET: Package contains 2 Pieces of Removable Accent Square Pillow Covers, no pleats, as a result of manual production, please allow 1-2 cm. Easy care. Due to the faux leather fabric, machine wash in gentle cycle, air dry or dry clean is recommended.

Brand: Dezene

👤The pillows are nice. They look like they are pictured. I think my dog liked them too. If you plan to lay them on, they aren't great for comfort, but they make good decor. I wish they were bigger but they look great and well made. No contender for dog teeth.

👤These are elegant and sharp. The canvas portion is a nice white contrast and the leather part has a nice texture. A person takes a photo. I could fluff up the inner pillow fill more, but this gives you the overall look. Delivery and shipping were fast. There is a The opening for the pillow filling is a good size, it's easy to insert the filler, and the zipper is a nice hidden one. The join between the leather and canvas portion of the zipper is a little tricky to open and close, but not in a big way. They're nice. Would order again.

👤These pillow cases are very cute. The fabric is very sturdy and looks better than I expected. The linen portion was a bit darker than I expected but it worked better for my decor. The only thing I wish was better was the zip up. I had to zip gently as to not tug on it too hard or it may bust, once I placed the pillow inside. It did not. The fabric was sturdy, so I wish the zip was the same. I think these pillows are great and may even buy more.

👤I really like the colors and it seems like the seems are strong, but I have a concern for how long these will last because the seem in the middle is pulling on the material creating an open line straight down the center. I think it will pull apart with too much play from my kids and not being able to clean these... I like them so I would give them a few stars. I don't think they will last. If they fall apart within a few months, I will try to update this in the future. There is a There is no tag or paperwork to explain how to wash them or what they are made of. I think spot clean is my guess.

👤I love this pillow. I like the faux leather because my pet acts like all my furniture and pillows are for him. The white cotton side was very strong. Stitching feels like it will last. I like the look and feel of the pillow case. I would recommend this purchase.

👤Excellent quality material. The value is amazing. There is a There is a CON: The opening is very small. I could only fit a flimsy pillow insert.

👤The quality of the pillow covers is great.

👤I wish the white was more white, but I love these pillows. I have two of them on my bed and couch.

👤I ordered the 18x18 size in this pillow cover and when I got them they were a weird shape and I measured them at 11x19. Do not place an order.

10. DOMVITUS Boucle Decorative Pillows Cushion

DOMVITUS Boucle Decorative Pillows Cushion

The material is 92 percent Polyester/ 8% Acrylic. Bring a divine level of comfort to your home with this boucle decorative throw pillow cover. A trendy yet timeless loop detailing texture is soft to touch and comfortable to hold. Castello has increased function for home life because of its high Martindale cycles. Castello is made of artificial wool and is a good handfeel. The 3D boucle effect of the pillow cover would make it softer than the wool cushion covers. Each color is inspired by natural dyes and has been developed to evoke the color in plants and minerals. Soon there will be more colors. The color of the computer screens may change. A boucle pillow cover, welcome card, and a friendly customer service experience are what you will get. Only the cover. Please allow 1-2 cm difference for the pillow cover size due to the hand-made procedure and boucle effect.

Brand: Domvitus

👤Absolutely love it. Buying a second one! The quality of the cover is better than other covers on Amazon. The cover is better than I expected, it looks better, and the thickness and quality is better than other covers on here. So happy with it. I love the texture. I used a 20” feather down pillow insert to fill the 18” cream cover that I ordered.

👤I have been looking for a boucle-like pillow cover for months since I saw the fabric used on modern sofas and I wanted it as the pillow cover. I finally found it. I was worried about the hand feel and quality since it was a bit expensive. I made a test purchase. It turned out to be really nice when I opened the package, it was different from normal plain woven cushion covers, worth the price. I will buy here again. It was a nice choice to be with someone. The fabrics are thick and comfortable to touch.

👤These covers are of good quality. I couldn't decide between the cream and ivory. I decided to go with the ivory. The ivory is a bit lighter in color than the butter cream, so if you are between the two, you should choose the ivory. They are both gorgeous. It depends on what you like.

👤The pillow cover is very high quality. I ordered it for a feather down insert. It looks great on our couch. I bought a similar cover, but it was nothing like this. This doesn't change. I love the ivory color.

👤Hurry up and buy them. I was thinking about these covers for weeks before buying them. They are a bit pricey but are worth it. They feel expensive so you get your money's worth. The texture is everything. You are welcome!

👤I don't know how much I like my new pillow case. It is soft and luxurious. The details are perfect, and I am surprised by how well it was made. I can see it being sold for over forty dollars. My two year old likes to sit on it and hold it. It matches our other pieces very well.

👤The ivory pillow cover is gorgeous and I bought it. It gave my old pillows an update. The quality is excellent.

11. Anickal Farmhouse Decorative Cushion Decoration

Anickal Farmhouse Decorative Cushion Decoration

Adding a new set of throw pillow covers will make your sofa or favorite armchair look better. Its design is modern and sophisticated. You can easily remove the machine-washable cover with the Invisible Zipper. No harmful chemicals are used in production of the same fabric used in front and back. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes. The insert/filler is sold without it. The 0.4"-0.8" size difference is inevitable due to the difference in measuring methods. Hope you understand that.

Brand: Anickal

👤I returned them because they were great. The quality and value is great, but they didn't look right in my space. The material is thick and would have held up well. I was disappointed.

👤It's my fault. I thought I was ordering two pillows, but I didn't read the full description. I was disappointed when only corpses arrived. It said "pillow covers" on a second look. My disappointment has no place to turn. Thanks Madame Calendars! There is a If you're looking for lifeless, hollow, pillow covers, then you're in the right place. These are nice. These are good if you only want covers, but not so good if you want to lay on it. The product was described and five stars, but it was cold and disappointing to not read it before buying.

👤I love this color. It's a beautiful orange. The ones that came with the couch were not as good as the ones on my couch. It looks like a quality cushion because of the slight texture. The size was perfect. There is a but. I opened the box and looked at the covers to see where the zip was. That is a great thing about this pillow. No one would know that the cover is small and hidden. I thought the hole to put my pillow inot was small. I folded my pillow so it worked out. I had to look for the thing. The thread on one of the pillows broke and the other pillow's zip was torn off. If I try to remove the pillow, it will break one of the zippers and possibly tear the other pillow in half. I checked to make sure there wasn't a piece of thread caught somewhere, but I couldn't find anything. I wanted to go back for an exchange. I decided to keep them because they arrived in time for my guests. They are very pretty. I hope they last. I don't want to remove the pillows. I hope they are ok with normal wear and tear.

👤These are great. The color was similar to the picture. The quality is better than I anticipated. The edge is done nicely because the material is hidden. These are planning on getting two more.

👤The cushion covers are machine washed. It's easy to care for! The material is soft and the mustard yellow color is gorgeous. I wish there was a small pocket at the end of the closure. It was a great purchase. My yellow rug is tied with couch pillows in my family room.

👤These pillow covers are amazing. I have 3 dogs and every other cover I have bought is a dog fur magnet. These repel fur. Nothing sticks to them. They look nice, not deflated or wrinkly, because they are well structured. They are not easy to stain. I am obsessed.

👤I thought these were great, but like so many of the cheap, no-name products on Amazon, these pillow covers let me down. I have had covers on my pillows for a while. The fabric is good for the price, but the quality is terrible. One of the pillows has opened up in two places. I have to sew it up. Purchase something better quality if you spend a few more dollars.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for living room 20x20?

Decorative pillows for living room 20x20 products from Miulee. In this article about decorative pillows for living room 20x20 you can see why people choose the product. Wayato and Phahey are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for living room 20x20.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for living room 20x20?

Miulee, Wayato and Phahey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for living room 20x20. Find the detail in this article. Fascidorm, All Smiles and Colorpapa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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