Best Decorative Pillows for Living Room Beige

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1. Pillow Pillowcase Decorative Cushion Bedroom

Pillow Pillowcase Decorative Cushion Bedroom

There is a set of 2 Paris Eiffel Tower Decorative Square Pillow Covers, only one side printing, and no pillow insert included. Their Paris Eiffel Tower pillow case is made of high quality durable linen fabric and is comfortable, soft, skin-friendly, and colorfast. It is hand and machine washed. The Paris theme pillowcase has a hidden zip that makes it easy to put in or take out the pillow insert. It makes the Eiffel Tower Paris couch throw pillows look elegant but won't scratch your skin. Their black and beige decorative Paris theme pillow covers are designed with a concise Eiffel Tower pattern and some motivational sentences. They are easy to match with various home decoration styles. It's perfect for bedroom, living room, dinning room, girls bedroom, car, sofa, couch, office, etc. If you're unhappy with your purchase, they'll give you a full refund or return. Their Paris decor throw pillow covers are 18x18.

Brand: Decor Mi

👤It gave my living room a nice look.

👤This cover is gorgeous. It looks like a rich material. The print is large and bold. The pillow is very romantic and very cheap.

👤I bought the design as a decoration. It fits different rooms. I need to know if they sell other colors. The set of 3 is something I love. This product is recommended by me. Attached are pictures of well made. There is a I bought a bigger pillow as insert 20' and it was just pillow cases 18'.

👤The pattern I bought 3 years ago was time to be replaced. I thought I was buying the same thing. That wasn't the case. The material does not feel like cotton/linen as advertised, it is more white than beige. It is just a case that the price is too high for the quality. I bought a better one for less money.

👤The 18inch viber with 20inch pillow insert cases are so cute and modern that they go great on my gray sofa. After tumbling dry for a few minutes, I fluffed out perfectly. If you don't know, make sure to get a bigger size than your pillow insert.

👤These pillow covers are awesome. I have so many throw pillows that I started buying pillow covers a long time ago. These are some of the best pillow covers. The colors are vibrant, they are soft, and there is a little stretch to them so you don't hear a "snap" when you try to insert the pillow. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Love the look, it matches the wall art perfectly. There was a problem with the stitching upon arrival. I went with it because it goes on a lounge that no one ever sits on. I'm afraid to wash it since it's falling apart, but no one sits there. Just flip the rip to the bottom and hope no one touches it. Ha!

👤I bought these for the pattern. They are not soft and are not uncomfortable. The color lasts for a while. I can't say if they will shrink or not because I don't dry them. If you plan to use your pillows as a cover, make sure you measure them. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

👤L'ouverture d'esprit du vendeur RODC et des bonnes communications was satisfiable. Acceptation de notre demande de remboursement is a service. Je recommande ce vendeur. The man is namedMichel V.

👤It's hard to find an insert pillow that's 18x18.

👤Son excelentes, una calidad de unas anunciaciones. Quizs deberan un juego con un fundas.

👤J'ai acheté le beige, la couleur en vrai est jaune.

2. BrilliStar Decorative Abstract Painting Pillowcase

BrilliStar Decorative Abstract Painting Pillowcase

The pillow cover is made of a blend of polyester and brown and grey. The material is durable and soft. Bring comfort. 18X18 is suitable. The inch is 45 cm X 45 cm. The size of the brown grey throw pillows is suitable for different sizes of household furniture. Not included in the pillow cover is a pillow insert. Brown grey decor pillows sets use a invisible zip and enlarged opening design to make them easy to replace and clean. If you place it freely, you can keep it beautiful. It's perfect for holiday decorations. The warm atmosphere of the room can be highlighted by this. sofa throw pillows for living room, bedroom, dining room, bed, sofa, couch, wedding It's good to match your living space. It will be a great gift for friends and family. Machine wash or hand wash in cold water at low speeds. Do not bleach.

Brand: Brillistar

👤The pillows are not actually pillows. They are just as pretty as when I received them. I'm going to add them to my sofa.

👤This was a great purchase. The fabric is soft and I like the print. The colors work well with my coloring. I will buy other colors as needed.

👤Surprisingly soft! The colors were nice and the stuffing fit perfectly. Would buy this type again.

👤I thought the pillows were the actual ones, but they are still nice. I had to buy pillows. Work is soft and well done.

👤It was thinner than I had hoped for. It appears more blue than gray.

👤The pillow covers were thick and soft. The pattern won't show dirt. My couch is a perfect addition to my color scheme.

3. COLORPAPA Decorative Abstract Painting Pillowcase

COLORPAPA Decorative Abstract Painting Pillowcase

The Throw Pillow Covers are made of Linen and are made of Better Express. The size and feature are important. There is a pack of 4 throw pillow covers. The package only has a Throw Pillow Case. The pattern is printed on both sides and the color will never fade. The pillows are decorative and can be used to decorate your bedroom, hotel, chair, floor, yoga seat, chair, floor, outdoor, Bedding, beach, car, and Grab a pillow for extra flair. This Contemporary Art Pillowcase can be used as Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts,Ideal Greenhouse Gifts, and more. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature Don't Bleach and Iron.

Brand: Colorpapa

👤These are intriguing. The material isn't soft. It feels like canvas. The colors aren't as bright as pictured. I placed old pillows into them and they looked great on leather and cloth couches. If you're looking for a modern upgrade, this enhancement is perfect. I don't recommend them as a head pillow for anyone to rest on. I was disappointed when they first arrived, but after being praised by friends, I have changed my mind. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I think these are good. You'll need to stuff older pillows in them if you want them to be unfilled. The zippers are important. I think they will break easily if you push too hard.

👤The item is not soft like other brands. I have a teal set that is much softer. This material is similar to a jean or kitchen rug. See closeup pictures of the two.

👤The pillow covers are beautiful. The colors are bright. You should recommend it.

👤I am amazed that a quality pillow cover can be purchased for so little. The workmanship and fabric are not cheap. I received them and put them on my pillow forms, and I laugh every time I see them, feeling like I got away with something.

👤I love the color teal. Each pillow cover is different. The pillows are not soft. The fabric and dye make them hard to read. ;(

👤The fabric is strong. Well-made. I made my own pillows. I am more pleased with these than I thought. The coarse fabric is perfect for your pillow. The cover corners should be pushed into the pillow corners.

👤You need to buy a pillow as well as a cover. There is a They looked nice, but not good on my couch. I sent them back.

👤The colors are beautiful. More was ordered to make the wall decorations match.

👤I paid because I love them and I thought they were a little expensive. I am not disappointed that they are looking forward to putting them on my sofa. Each one is different and they look good. Very bright colors.

👤No estar cambiando de cojines, Es de buen material, el tamao es adecuado para mis cojines, las medidas son correctas. Buenos terminados, material. Me agradaron mucho, pero es opcin para hacer cambios.

👤La fermeture is a pas sur toute la largeur. L'annonce indique 18x18", c'est un peu moins. Je m'en suis arrir des coussins. cause de la fermeture éclair qui n'était sur toute la longueur. Le fini is beau.

👤The fabric is soft and washed well. The cushion covers were too small to fit the cushion and the seam was torn. The product is nice, but not one that I would have chosen if the size had been correct.

👤I ordered pillows that matched my color scheme. Look great on the couch. I found it to be a bit rough. The covers are much softer than the ones I ordered. All of it. I was satisfied.

4. Pillow Covers Farmhouse Decorative Living

Pillow Covers Farmhouse Decorative Living

The throw pillow covers are woven with beige and grey and cream white base fabric. The knitted textured pillow covers are simple and neutral. The 18X18 bohemian pillow covers are made of high-quality woven and cotton fabric, antikle, and no ball. The couch pillow covers are made of strong material. These modern farmhouse pillow covers have a hidden zip. It is easy to plug and plug. 2 pieces beige and grey bohemian pillow covers are included in the package. Only a set of 2 pillow covers, not inserts, are included. Care instructions. The textured throw pillow covers can be washed separately. Hang to Dry or Tumble Dry. No Bleach. Do not use iron.

Brand: Mecatny

👤The pillow covers are a great deal, great quality, and a set of 2. There is a I am very pleased with the purchase. The color is perfect, not too white or beige. These covers are very good.

👤I was very impressed with my pillow covers. I like being able to change out the look of my house with different covers without having to store a lot of pillow inserts. I would buy more from this seller.

👤The beige and cream color was ordered. The color was not what I was expecting. It was a yellow color. It was larger for a 20x20 size. Will be back after not working with my decor.

👤These are great quality and look really nice.

👤The pillow covers look great on my couch. The quality of these covers is amazing. They look high-end, at a fraction of the price.

👤They say that they are white and grey, but it is actually a cream color.

👤Beautiful! I would love to give this more than 5 stars.

👤If you're looking for cream colored pillows, I recommend them but they're not white which is what they're supposed to be.

5. WOMHOPE Vintage Spring Decorative Cushion

WOMHOPE Vintage Spring Decorative Cushion

The linen cloth material is air permeability and charming. The back side of the pattern is blank. The product's efficacy is shown in the figure. The throw covers have a hidden zip. There are multi- functions. The season is more intense when you match your sofa and pillows with modern vintage style. It's 18 inches square, 45 x 45 cm, and it might have an error due to hand-cutting and sewing. The insert is not included.

Brand: Womhope

👤I was looking for a navy pink combo to bring my bedding together. They arrived on time. I can't say how durable they are because they are purely decorative and don't really get used. The fabric is thick and durable. I would like the opening of the zipper to be bigger so that it would be easier to put the inserts in the pillow case. All of these types of pillows are made this way. I don't understand why they can't make the openg bigger. Keeping costs down is probably the reason. Be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to get the insert in without ripping the seam. I've done it with another pillow. It's worth the buy. I would buy them again.

👤The pillow patterns are bolder than I was expecting. The fabric is stiff, which makes it more suited for pillows than actual use. I was disappointed to see that the pattern is only on one side, and that the zipper does not extend across the whole side of the pillow. The stitches pop when the pillow is the right size. I wouldn't buy these pillow covers again.

👤The print is lovely. There is a print on one side. They look nice with cream decor. Don't worry my sleepy kitty.

👤I was in love with them but worried they wouldn't match the photos. They look great in real life. The colors are striking. I ripped one of the covers while trying to push a cushion inside because the openings seem to be a little wider than others. It was an easy fix since only the stitching was broken. The cushions looked great and there were a couple tiny stitches at the end of the zipper.

👤I want to put up a couch. It was perfect.

👤These are pretty. I love the fabric. It was soft, not stiff. The workmanship was good. The green sofa is beautiful. The price is great.

👤I ordered these for my living room to replace pillows that were dark in color. What a difference they made. They are made of soft linen fabric. The zippers are not very strong. I had to repair the zippers on the throw pillow by sewing it shut on one end, so be careful with pillows. I am very pleased with these and would order them again.

👤A pretty look. Very delicate looking designs are mostly soft and small splashes of colors. The multiple shades in each cover allow them to be adapted to many different situations. There is a They are printed on one side, but not a cuddle cover, and the material is kind of scratchy. The back half of the cover is a lighter shade and double sided printing would help.

👤I like my ivory velvet chair and sofa because of the nice colors and the fact that it's not too bright. The material could have been softer. Washed by hand several times but did not make a difference to the cushion.

👤These pillow covers are great for your living room. I put the vintage flower ones on my couch. The look of the room was softened by them. The material feels like a strong linen and the colors are subtle and gorgeous. The writing is great.

6. CARROLL Pillow Decorative Pillows Bedroom

CARROLL Pillow Decorative Pillows Bedroom

The set is a four piece set. The size is 45 cm. There may be an error due to different measurement methods. The product is made of high quality fabric and comfortable. The back of the material is the primary color. Home decoration products can be used for scene layout, decoration living room, bedroom, dining room, children's bedroom, car, office, sofa, chair, etc... and can be used as holiday gifts. Do not pull the zip up violently. It can be washed. The dried water should not be hotter than 30 C. Don't wash or iron.

Brand: Carroll

👤The material on the pillow cases is not what is described. The canvas is not a soft plush feel as stated in the description. The canvas is not soft. The designs look different because of the material used. They seem decent and do what I need them to do. I was disappointed.

👤I needed some covers for pillows outside. I don't think these pillow covers are soft enough to be used for comfort, but if you want them for the look, they are perfect. I think they look great outdoors.

👤These were only one side. The others were divided into two parts. I love all of them, except this one. I think it is a good value, other than design, and I will use it.

👤I am not happy with this product. Two of the pillow covers have nice designs. The other two have streaks on them. I complained to the man. They are telling me that the disrupting streaks are part of the well thought out design. I don't think that's true. The pillow covers look dirty. I wouldn't buy this product again.

👤These pillow cases are gorgeous. They fit over pillows I had before and go perfectly with my decor. They are made from a canvas that is durable. The only thing that could make these better is having the design on both sides. There is a I love them.

👤Cute. The material is strong. It feels like a bag made from recycled materials. They fit my pillows without being baggy. The packaging warns you not to put pressure on it, as the zip is not very strong. We will see how it works washing a bunch of toddlers. Happy so far!

👤I shouldn't have gotten white because it gets dirty too early. There were 2 stitches that were ripped near the zippers when I put the pillow inserts. It shouldn't have torn so easily since it didn't rip all of the way.

👤The canvas pillow cases are not worth the bother. The design is pretty. The buyer knows that design is not just black and white. There is a Some of the colors have teal on them.

7. KACOPOL Leather Patchwork Cushion Decorative

KACOPOL Leather Patchwork Cushion Decorative

There is a pack of 2 Home Decorative Throw Pillow Covers. The Throw Pillow Cushion cover with Golden Leather is made of luxurious velvet and is stain resistant and feels soft. The same color as fabric, easy insertion and removal of pillow insert, and a hidden kewpie. The package includes a throw pillow cover. Please note that the pillowcase cover is only for protection. There are three sizes: 12x20 inch, 18x18 inch and 20x20 inch. The stylish modern design brings freshness and warmth to your house, and its various colors can perfectly match various decoration styles.

Brand: Kacopol

👤The pillow cover is gorgeous. It feels very soft like velvet. I bought two and have held them up well for a month or so. The color is vibrant, the gold is brushed metallic, the blue is navy, and the other side is off-white. It is very pretty and as pictured. You wont be disappointed if you buy it.

👤My picture says it all. The velvet is navy blue. It is stunning and high quality. The pillow cases are beautiful and rich. The gold color is rich and bold, which compliment my color scheme. It was a perfect buy. Great purchase. Must buy.

👤Good product! It is very soft and thick. It looks good on my couch. I think they use a good material. I will buy more. Different colors can be made.

👤The photo is beautiful.

👤These are gorgeous! I always came back to these when I compared so many options. They add an elegant touch to any room. Quality is great. There is a If you are second guessing, they will not disappoint you.

👤It is good quality. I loved the navy blue pillow cover that I bought. It's really royal blue. That is the color I want! The fabric is soft.

👤People think you paid a lot for the pillow. It was soft to the touch and class was there. I love them! Will order more from this company.

👤The cover is beautiful, but I wish it was black, gold, and white. The beige looks dingy. I will keep it until I can find a replacement cover that is black, gold, and white.

8. Home Brilliant Decorative Christmas Farmhouse

Home Brilliant Decorative Christmas Farmhouse

There is a color called Crimson. The 18x18 inch insert is tailored for 45x45 cm. PILLOW COVERS, NO PILLOW INSERTS. The package includes 5 pc cushion covers. There are five different patterns: solid, board and narrow stripes, big and small checker plaids. There is no cushion insert. There is a washing guide. The machine wash was cold and gently cycle only. They use a matching shade invisible zipper closure for an elegant look and easy to insert and wash. The pillow covers are made of high quality material.

Brand: Home Brilliant

👤I like the throw pillow covers. They are a nice thick material and add a nice farmhouse accent. They fit my 18x18 feather down pillows perfectly. I would recommend these!

👤When buying pillows and pillow cases, you typically buy the size down of a pillow case than the pillow, so I'm going to tell you that before I start. If you want a 20 inch pillow, you would get a 18 inch pillow case. The down pillows that I got seem to fluff up in the same size pillow cases that they look decent. I'm very happy with the way they look, the corners don't seem to be filled out as much if you put it in a bigger size. I did not buy them for them to lay on or sleep on, so they are not a big deal.

👤Love the pattern. It is not the lightest material, but it is tough and sturdy.

👤I ordered 2 sets and some cushion fillers to go with them for my couch, I wanted to do a little updating in my home. They were what I needed. The area rug and black throws look great. They are of a thick woven fabric and seem to be of good quality. I am very happy with them so far, but I can't speak to the durability. The only awkward thing about stuffing them was the fact that the end was sewn on both sides. It would have been easier to stuff if the whole end of the cushion was covered. It was very minor, but I would change it.

👤I love these! It's cheaper than buying new pillows. The fabric appears to be good quality. My pillows are firm. I had to be careful when putting on the covers. If you have firm pillows, be aware of that. These do not look cheap. Excellent quality. I wish this brand had different designs. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

👤The pillow covers are very well made. I was very pleased with the Oatmeal that I ordered and the variety of designs that I was able to choose from, as it serves to compliment the decor in the family room beautifully! I put the covers in the dryer for 10 minutes to make them softer. The texture of linen is not rough. I would call them a soft linen. I am very happy with this purchase. Highly recommended!

👤The sofa pillow covers are great. It was made with a well- functioning zip. The fabric is similar to a lightweight canvas. They are well-made, so they should serve well, even though I can't speak for their durability or washability. I put these behind our backs because our sofa is very deep. If I put a bright red pillow on them, they will be perfect for the Fourth of July.

👤These pillow cases look very Farmhouse. They are a little rough. I feel like they have softened up since I set them out. I was looking for some plaid, some stripe, some solid cases, but I found these and they are perfect. I saved money buying them this way. They still look nice, but I would like to see them in 20” I am happy with my choice. The white pillows are 22” if that's what they're thinking. I plan to put the other 2 on the futon in the basement.

9. WILDIVORY Decorative Farmhouse Pillows Leather

WILDIVORY Decorative Farmhouse Pillows Leather

Their throw pillows are inspired by farmhouse and bohemian styles. Their set of 4, 18 x 18 inch original arrow design and vegan faux leather pillow covers are perfect for enhancing your existing color scheme and sense of style. Soft Touch Premium fabric is a must have when you want to be comfortable. Their vegan faux leather is soft to touch and feels natural. The fabrics are reinforced with beautiful stitching and a hidden zip up to relax on your sofa, chair, bed or couch. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Adding a touch of modern, contemporary, or even Hampton's look to your home is possible with Versatile Mix & Match covers. The neutral cream and stonewash grey blue arrow decorative throw pillow covers, together with the natural tan faux leather farmhouse pillow covers are created so you can easily mix and match the entire WildIvory range. Relax and transform your living space. Their modern farmhouse arrow design patterns with natural-toned colors will make your space look great and make your guests notice your style. They believe in giving back and that's why they have a guarantee. A homeless person in America is given a meal for every purchase you make. Thanks so much, on behalf of those in need. If you experience any issues with their products, they will give you a no questions asked refund. You can contact WildIvory through the Amazon messaging system. They will be happy to answer your questions. At WildIvory, they strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Brand: Wildivory

👤This was a great addition to our guest room.

👤The covers are cute and go with everything in my place. It is definitely worth the purchase. Excellent quality, cheap, and soft!

👤The quality of the pillows surprised me. The faux suede is of good quality. The white pillow with dark grey art has a good printing on it. The fabric on the two printed pillows that don't have suede is not as good as the suede pillows. The dark grey pillow is the worst. I might toss it because it's out of place. The ink on the pillow is not very saturated. The fabric is cheap. It doesn't match the color of the pillow. The quality of the other pillows was better than expected.

👤These pillow cases are definitely deserving of a review. The quality of my living room is amazing. I am a real person from Texas.

👤These look like worn leather and feel like suede, but they are what I wanted. They are made well and are high quality. I will purchase from this seller again in the future. There was no smell. I put the pillow insert in them and put them on the couch.

👤I thought I was buying pillows. The pillow covers are almost invisible. There is a flaw in the fabric on one of the covers. The pattern of the fabric makes it appear as though it is not real. They were cheap and looked good from a distance, but I had to purchase pillow inserts for them so that only the non-flawed side was visible.

👤These pillow cases are adorable. They work well with my modern farmhouse style and give me a bohemian look into my living room. They're very soft and durable, and the zippers on them are very well made, which made it very easy to slip my pillow insert into them. I would recommend them to anyone who likes this style. They look the same.

👤Exactly as pictured. The fabric is cheap. It's cheap but good value. These are the things I just got. I can't talk about durability. The fabric on both sides of the faux leather is the same.

10. KingRose Decorative Pillow Pillowcase Cushion

KingRose Decorative Pillow Pillowcase Cushion

Throw Pillow cover is made of high quality velvet and is soft to touch and comfortable to lay on. The Soft Velvet Pillow Case is perfect for furniture. Add texture and color to Everday Home Decor. The Home Decorative Throw Pillow cover is soft and elegant. The cover is 14 x 24 Inches and 35 x 60 CM. The appearance of the pillow cover is improved by a hidden zip. The fabric edges are sewn with a zigzag stitch to prevent Fray. Spring colors are brought by popular fabric.

Brand: Kingrose

👤I got this incredibly comfortable pillow with my sofa, but it didn't match my living room at all, and I found out it wasn't a standard size. I finally found this pillow case after a lot of searching. I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit, but it is absolutely lovely! It's soft, thick and the fit is perfect, so be sure to take your time getting your pillow in.

👤The front and back of the pillowcase are beautiful, but there is cheap looking gray piping around the perimeter of the pillowcase. I can't find any velvet covers on Amazon. I'm keeping them for now. I think it throws off the look for the darker colors.

👤I hardly ever write reviews, but I felt this was worth it. I like to change out my pillows in the summer, and have purchased a few pillow covers from Amazon. Since they are cheap and I change them so frequently, I never thought that the quality was only so-so. The best pillow cover is this one. I have bought. The material is soft and the color is gorgeous. It looks more expensive than it does. Highly recommended!

👤I bought these replacements for my old ones. They came in many colors and sizes. I would recommend these to others because they fit perfectly.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. This is the perfect shape for an old pillow that I had professionally made for my couch. It was difficult to find a cover for the unusual shaped pillow. When I put in the dimensions, this popped up on Amazon. The cover on my pillow is a great purchase.

👤I like this pillow case. I put it to dry and it shrunk to a millimeter. I didn't read the care instructions, that might have been my fault. When it arrived in the mail, it fit a little small but when it was shrunk, it fit perfectly.

👤I was decorating the new apartment of my daughter, she wanted something simple and luxurious, and this decorating pillow case was very good quality, for a very good price.

👤The red cover has a gray cord at the seams. It's perfect for the Christmas and Valentines Day holiday seasons. I bought different sized covers and they all fit. Very soft and smooth. I like them. They should come in a green color as well. Think St Patrick's Day/ Christmas green.

👤The deep blue color is very appealing. Very pretty.

👤The pillow is okay. The blue colour is more of a royal blue than navy and the piping takes away from the more luxurious feel of the fabric.

👤This was a great pillow cover, but the color was off from the picture.

11. Monkeysell Butterfly Flowers Pattern Decorative

Monkeysell Butterfly Flowers Pattern Decorative

The Pillow cover is made of natural linen with high quality and is super comfortable. pillow inserts are not included. The package contains a set of 4 pillow cases. You should buy 18 x 18 pillow inserts. The pillows are not included. The decorative pillow covers are attractive and strong. The pillow can be removed easily. The throw couch pillow covers are made of high-quality linen and have strong seams. There are finger marks on your throw pillow. WIDELY USED It's suitable for living room, bed room, sofa, couch, car, seat, floor, bench, office, cafe, party, etc. There are all indoor places. There is a slight difference between the picture and the real item caused by light brightness.

Brand: Monkeysell

👤I have cats. I bought a set of lint rollers in order to keep these clean. Even after a lot of cat hair and daily bounces from rambunctious young kids, wearing incredibly well still looks pristine. Definitely clean only. There is a I ordered a set of pillows for my couches. I bought pillow forms of 20”x20” and 18”x18” to fill my needs. I am happy with my pillows. I was surprised that the fabric was not soft. It gives the impression of a more rustic / farmhouse style "burlap" fabric, but without any of the scratchiness. It's quite comfy. It seems as if the fabric might be outside. It just feels like outdoor stuff to me. We have kids and cats, so a more durable fabric will last longer. There is a I am pleased with this purchase. I was surprised that it wasn't a softer fabric. It works well in my living room. There is a I don't think they will wash well. Try to keep the surface clean.

👤I love these pillow covers. I was not sure what to expect after paying $12 for 4 covers. I usually only use the old pillows for Christmas, but I recently painted a room and had them around. I decided to try the cover idea instead of buying new pillows. This was a great choice. I just remove the covers if I ever want to use them as Christmas pillows. The print on these is pretty. There are some differences in the color. The stems are brown, and the flowers are green. The words are a bit more blue than green, but it's enough to blend into a room's color if it makes sense. The canvas and cloth are high quality. I used 18in pillows. Some people suggested 20in. I think that would have been too much. Definitely recommend!

👤I've bought a few pillow covers. The gunny sack material gives our house a rustic feel. There is a The thickness of this brand is a bit thinner than the other brands I've purchased. I had to Peel the pillow covers open one by one because they came almost vacuum sealed. I didn't want to risk damaging them so I took about 3-4 minutes per cover. The manufacturer should look into different materials or not vacuum seal the packaging to avoid the covers sticking. There is a They match my decor perfectly. I don't know if they're durable as I just got them on my pillows, but I can update once my kids get a hold of them.

👤These are perfect. I was looking for a cheap pillow cover. I can wash. These are great. When putting in a pillow, be careful. For the price, it's nice. They are not rough. I'm happy. I will be happy if they make it for a few months.

👤These look nice on the porch. The printed design is nice. The way the flowers have light and dark colors makes them look more expensive. Three of the pillows are teal and one is green. I have pictures attached to me. I like all four pillows. The flowers have light and dark variations which make them look more expensive. There are four pillows, three of which are aqua, two of which are teal and one of which is green. I have pictures attached to me. I like all four pillows.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for living room beige?

Decorative pillows for living room beige products from Decor Mi. In this article about decorative pillows for living room beige you can see why people choose the product. Brillistar and Colorpapa are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for living room beige.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for living room beige?

Decor Mi, Brillistar and Colorpapa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for living room beige. Find the detail in this article. Mecatny, Womhope and Carroll are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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