Best Decorative Pillows for Living Room with Insert

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1. Pallene Decorative Pillow Diamond Pattern

Pallene Decorative Pillow Diamond Pattern

The front of the soft pillow cover is made of faux fur and is very comfortable to hold into your arms. The back of the pillow cover is made of velvet and is enjoyable to sit on. The faux fur and velvet fabric in their winter pillow covers give it a luxurious look. Their throw pillow covers are made of top-grade materials and have a scientific blend. Kids and pets can be skin-friendly. It's easy to insert and replace the color-matching zipper. It's suitable for couch, sofa, bedroom, living room, office chair, etc. It's easy to mix and match the pillow covers set with other pillowcases. A perfect addition to your home and a great way to reuse sofa pillows when the right season comes. The package includes a set of 2, 18 x 18 inches cream white pillow cover. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. Different monitors may affect the color of decorative cushion cases. Do not Iron, wash cold, gently cycle, and do not bleach. If you have a problem with the decor velvet pillow covers set, please contact them immediately.

Brand: Pallene

👤Compre otro par de fundas. Se ve amigos.

👤Great cover! Needed a deep blue and found it. The navy's seem to be a lighter blue. This is a great décor.

👤The designs are more rounded than a diamond, but I almost think I like them more. Very soft.

👤The pillow covers are nice. They are soft and have a good thickness. The color online appears a bit lighter than in person, but overall very happy with this purchase.

👤I ordered the pillow covers and inserts. They all fit together. The pillow covers are soft and easy to put inside. I wash everything before I use it. The fluffiness of the pillow covers is not bad. The shed should settle after a while. I highly recommend that.

2. Docuwee Flowers Decorative Pillowcase Pillowcases

Docuwee Flowers Decorative Pillowcase Pillowcases

The pillowcases have yellow and gray flower themed patterns. The pillowcase can help you quickly replace and clean the pattern. The 20 x 20 inch square pillowcase has the same size. The insert is slightly smaller than the pillowcase. It is made of a grade of linen that is easy to maintain and luxurious. The pillow can be easily inserted with a high-quality hidden zip. The stitch stitches can be used to avoid tearing. It is made of cotton and linen and can be used outdoors. High-definition printing technology, bright colors, and rich details make up the pattern design. The colors are bright. Do not bleach the machine wash, it circulates gently. A cute gift is all seasons for a sofa. It's very common in many rooms. It's easy to match with sofas, beds and other pillows and it's very durable outdoors.

Brand: Docuwee

👤These pillow covers are pretty. I didn't think they would be soft. I don't think I will be disappointed because I was looking for something that would last.

👤I ordered them because they said " soft linen". They are not soft or linen. It feels like a plastic bottle. They are pretty and durable, but feel a bit "cheep". The price is correct. 3 stars is better than one or two.

👤The covers are well made. I put the fabric in the dryer with some water and a softener sheet to make it softer, but I thought it was stiff. The covers are bright.

👤These are the things I needed to finish my den. The colors and size are perfect for a couch. I believe the fabric will wear well. Excellent item!

👤The fabric was made of it. The picture implied that it was pillows, but it was only the fabric in the correct size. Not what I was expecting.

👤It was easy to fill.

👤I am not happy with the material. The colors are dull and the fabric is similar. Not what I was hoping for.

👤I was looking for bright colors. The yellow is dull and faded. Does not make my living room brighter. Not soft or rough.

3. JASEN Decorative Diamond Pattern Bedroom

JASEN Decorative Diamond Pattern Bedroom

The size and fabric are not included. The back of the couch pillow cover is made of 100% cotton, while the front is made of 45% cotton. It's 18x18 inches. Part dense soft and aesthetic can be achieved through Exquisite workmanship. These pillow covers have a 3D effect. The 18 x 18 bohemian pillow covers with diamond patterns have a chic look and feels, vivid color in eye-catching tufted geometric and handmade woven make it stand out in the mix, warm and comfortable. Premium quality hidden zipper make these farmhouse throw pillows easy to insert. The production process pays attention to detail, making sure that the pillowcase is strong and not easily damaged. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. The bohemian throw pillow covers are warm and resistant to heat. It's perfect for decorating a room in a simple and fashionable way. It's suitable for living room, bedroom, couch, bed, car, office, cafe, etc. They recommend avoiding a long time soaking for the tufted pillowcases. Some floating fabric is normal for the first cleaning. If you have a problem with your order, please contact them.

Brand: Jasen

👤It brings the colors from my bedding together. A nice vibe.

👤Well made with a hidden zip. The colors are deep blush, navy, oatmeal, and dusty gold. It's perfect for my home office.

👤It completes my bedroom. It is beautiful.

👤It's just super cute. It's a good idea to wash inside out in a laundry bag.

👤This pillow is gorgeous. It is just as cute in person as it is in the picture.

4. Ogrmar Premium Hypoallergenic High Resilient Decorative

Ogrmar Premium Hypoallergenic High Resilient Decorative

REMINDER Two pieces of brand new pillow covers are included in one package. Air dry and hand wash. You can wash and tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Throw Pillow Inserts are a necessity for your family. It looks great and feels comfortable, and you can use it as a cushion in your sofa couch or bed to support your back. The quality is high. The pillow is made of brushed fabric and filled with Hypoallergenic PP cotton. It does not cause any allergic reactions from your family. If you want the best performance from the insert, it is best to be a little bit smaller than 18x18in decorative pillow covers. You can put a pillow in your room to make it look better. There are a lot of decorative pillow covers. Allow 48 to 72 hours for the pillows to fully expand when you receive this product. You can press the pillows a few times to make this happen. The pillow will decrease in size after filling. They recommend not to use machine wash. Please wash it in a gentle cycle with warm water and hang it up to dry and do not mix it with other colored clothes.

Brand: Ogrmar

👤The inserts are soft and I liked that. As soon as the seal was opened, they started to form. The only issue I have is the fullness. The 18x18 inserts didn't fill my 18x18 covers because the pillows were thinner. Consider what your purpose would be for the pillows. If it's only for decorative purposes, you'll be fine buying the 18x18 for your inserts. If you plan on having guests use these pillows and want to brag about it, I would suggest getting your inserts larger than your covers. The inserts for the 18x18 covers should be 20x20. If you take this route, make sure you fill the corners with the insert so that you don't have a round center. Hope this helps someone.

👤They were flat as a pancake. I took them out of the packaging and they fluffed up. I think a day or two will plump them up nicely, but I was too impatient. I plumped them by hand and put them inside the new covers. It is definitely worth the money. I looked at several places for pillow inserts and only one of them was better than the price.

👤It was soft but not very fluffy. When taken out of the package, they are compressed so they have to be fluffed. I will buy it again, but I won't give it to anyone. If you want cotton, they have a zip up so you can add it. I will fluff them up more when the stores open again.

👤Not enough stuffing was used to make it the right size. Bad quality wouldn't recommend.

👤The pillows were comfortable. They are perfect for any 18x18 pillow case. They are soft and worth the money. They arrived in a small box. You will be happy.

👤If you only need a pillow for display, these are okay. There is a They arrived very quickly and were vacuum sealed.

👤The order was well packaged. The pillow was very good and the insert was nice. I would recommend it.

👤The only thing I would change with these is to put more fluff inside so that it will fill a pillow cover, otherwise they are great.

👤I paid AUD$67 for a set of 4 20x20 and it is currently listed for AUD$108. I bought these pillows because of the large number of good reviews, expecting them to be better than average pillows. There is a These are not better than the $5-$10 pillows you can find at a budget store. There is a They are not close to the level of thickness depicted in the seller's pictures, because they puffed up the pillow and took the picture at a different angle. There is a You can achieve the same effect, but it will flatten to a sad excuse if you apply any weight to it. There is a The cover is nice and has a metal zip. It's incredibly overpriced for what it is, being just a standard pillow with standard quality cotton stuffing, and you can buy it for $20 tops. You'll be ripping yourself off if anything more is added.

5. Avigers Cushion European Decorative Pillows

Avigers Cushion European Decorative Pillows

The package includes a pillow case. The consecration cover is only for 20 x 20 cm and not for 50 x 50 cm. The measurement deviation can be 1-2 cm. The pattern is only on the front side. The pattern of the pillow case is unique. It's comfortable, durable and eco-friendly, and it's full, elastic, fluffy and elegant. A good choice for wedding favors, bridal shower favors or bohemian themed parties is the perfect decoration. The washing instructions are machine wash and dry clean. It is easy to maintain.

Brand: Avigers

👤The pillow covers are not the right size. I paid for 18 pillow covers. These are 16 by 16. The 16 x 16 is something I don't mind keeping. I need a price change.

👤The pillows we bought were from the Avigers. There are two silver embroidered designs on gray and one silver mirrored geometric design. I have received one silver on gray. It is very nice. Two of the others are shipping from China. I wish they cost less than that. The only complaint I have is that the description says "covers," which leads me to believe I ordered a set of two covers at that price. The inserts would have made the lower price more desirable. I really like them. They are both true to size and color. A nice no-show zip up. Soft material makes them comfortable. The design can be dressy or casual. There are two more cases from China. They are pleasant. I will return the mirrored one only because it doesn't match my decor. Otherwise I am happy. It's a good thing.

👤It is one of the most durable pillows I have. It feels very soft and mad. I promise that you will love this pillow.

👤I was expecting a lower quality pillow, but it is a beautiful one. I thought the gold was metallic detailing on the fabric, but it turns out it's stitching. Before you buy a pillow, be aware that the case is not 18 inches. It's very narrow, but I got lucky and had a small flat pillow from a couch. Probably won't fit down or super poofy. The product looks very classy and I'm very pleased with it.

👤We love them! They helped our living room come together. We got a 20 x 20 size for our couch pillows and they are true to size. I would definitely buy from them again.

👤A great pillow case. It was very well made and soft. I added a 20x 20 pillow insert to give it a full look. I like it. I'm going to buy more.

👤I love these pillows. I have had 2 since 2020. The covers are thick and nice, which makes them feel more high end. We have a golden reteriver mix, and they have had no problems with her nails or wear and tear. I was surprised to see that her hair was sticking to the dosen. It's a huge bonus for me if it's only long dog hair. The ikea cushion covers are clean, but I have to lint roll them every day. I want this brand to come out with solid green covers in the same material so I can replace them. Highly recommended!

👤The fabric and look of the pillow cover is very striking. The material feels like velvet. Our mid-century couch has a stunning pattern and style. The drawbacks are that the outer trim is not gold, it is yellow gold, and that the pillow is slightly darker than it should be. I was disappointed that I only got one cover with my order, I thought there were two. The cover costs around 20 dollars. I'm going to buy another to put one on each corner of the sofa for more luxury.

6. HOMEPLUS Decorative Pillows Pillowcase Cushion

HOMEPLUS Decorative Pillows Pillowcase Cushion

The perfect size is not a PILLOW INSERT. There are four 17x17 inch pillow covers. 18x18 inch pillows are the best for cushion covers. Premium Material is made of top-grade polyester for a better visual experience. The fabric is eco-friendly and harmless to the skin, and it is more durable than traditional linen. The throw pillow covers are easy to insert and wash, and they use matching color invisible zipper for an elegant look. It is a must-have for room decoration, suitable for all kinds of occasions: couch, sofa, bed, office, living room, and bedroom, also perfect to use as a gift. Machine wash with cold water separately is easy to wash.

Brand: Hpuk

👤The patterned case is a mix of cream and white, whereas the solid case is a dark taupe. I wanted to leave a review for anyone questioning the color of these. I love the quality. It is definitely worth the money.

👤It's a good idea to fit pillows well, and stuffed a 20 inch pillow in the case makes it very full and looks great.

👤I love it! Absolutely stunning. It's pretty much any retail store. A dark teal shade is probably a good match for the neutral tone of the colors. The pillowcase is beige on the back and can be used either way. 18x18 pillow inserts work with 16x16 pillowcase.

👤Couldn't be happier with the covers! They look better than I could have imagined, and they complement my light grey couch. I was worried that the 17” covers wouldn't fit over my 18” pillows. They fit perfectly. I got the denim ones.

👤These pillow cases are very durable. I thought pillows were included. I'm not upset because they are nice and expensive. I know it's worth it. I would buy again.

👤Throw pillows can make your area look more put together. I bought these on a whim. The material feels strong and thick and the designs are not too trendy but will add a little personality to your couches. Great price too! These are the colors that are natural.

👤The pillow covers were everything I wanted them to be. The fabric and a hidden zip are true to color and sturdy.

👤The pattern cases are similar to white vinyl. It isn't like it makes it feel cheap. I like that. It is a khaki color on the back of it. Great price and fit. It makes me want to buy more pillows than my original ones.

👤The teal pillows are beautiful, but not as good as the patterned ones, as the white design has a rubbery feel.

👤The color that was in the picture was not the color that was in the picture. The cheap backing material is coming undone. The pillow case is sticky and smells like rubber. Not worth the money.

👤Solid colour is a nice fabric, but the patterned ones have a painted on design.

👤No quieres cambiar tus cojines, pero deseas se vean.

👤Son unas fundas. Los colores son una imagen.

7. Jingle Watercolor Geometry Crystal Decorative

Jingle Watercolor Geometry Crystal Decorative

This kind of throw pillow cover is made of very soft material. There are different size pillow inserts that can match the throw pillow cover. The pillow case is very thick. Their cushion cover has a hidden zipper that will not affect the beautiful and touch very comfortable and soft. You can put this pattern on a sofa, coffee shop, bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want. The package only has a pillow case and no inserts. You need to buy the inserts separately. You can wash this throw pillow cover with cold water and gentle cycle. Don't bleach or iron.

Brand: Jingle

👤Perfect match... The reviews said red was more like orange, so I was scared. My red is the same color as the T.

👤The patterns and colors on the covers are nice. The fabric looks cheap from close up. I like the pattern so I keep them. I wouldn't buy again.

👤These were the correct size for the pillows I bought. Got some new furniture and needed some pillows. The blue shades of the covers look cute on the new couches. The zip was closed and opened. It's great for washing with ease.

👤Theses are beautiful. I went a size up for the pillow filling so they would be full.

👤The pillows are 17 x 17 and not 18 x 18. If you order 20 x 20 inserts, they are way to tight, and pillows are hard.

👤I was excited to change my pillows. I ordered 10x10 because the insert is 20 x 20. They don't fit. I have to figure out what to do. Put my inserts back together. I wanted them to fit.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. I bought them to cover the pillows. The fabric is soft and the design works well with the lake house colors.

👤The red is more orange than I like.

8. EVERMARKET Square Stuffer Hypo Allergenic Pillow

EVERMARKET Square Stuffer Hypo Allergenic Pillow

The washing instructions. Throw it to the machine and get a new cushion cover, use the cold water and low temperature drying. Please contact them if you have any advice for them. The insert is recommended for 18x18 and 17x17 sham covers. Convenient transport is made possible by vacuum-packed. When you receive the pillow inserts, they would be very flat. They should be flapped to make them fluffy and puffy. Filled with soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and All types of shams and covers can be covered with floor pillows. It is a perfect accent piece. A decorative bed pillow or sofa pillow can be rejuvenated. Filled with soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and sumptuous soft and

Brand: Evermarket

👤It was disappointing to buy fabric for the covers and to discover that they were 16x16 instead of 18x18.

👤I thought there was no way 4 pillows could fit in the box. I was surprised that they all fit in there. I believe they were vacuum sealed. The bag expands to twice its size when you open it. The instructions to fluff the pillow will make it four times the size as it was in the plastic. The cotton is soft and not cheap like I was expecting. The pillow covers I bought are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Hopefully they fill them nicely. These are worth it. It's cheaper to buy one pillow at a store than it is to buy 4 inserts.

👤Had to come back. The pillows didn't fit my covers. You should order a bigger size.

👤These are soft and firm for the couch. I like the fact that I can reuse them for different times of the year. I can make my own covers if I need them.

👤The pillows are perfect for any pillow cover. The pillows are firm and fluffy and can be used on the living room sofa or the dining room chair. It is a must buy for bringing in color and a new look to your living space. Highly recommended.

👤They are easy to flatten but great for a throw pillow. It seems they would not stay firm, so I am not sure if they were laid on daily. They are good for me. They could be a little fluffier.

👤There are four in a set. Comes vacuum packed. After being open for 24 hours, never fluffed up.

👤It arrived quickly. The INSERTS fit my pillows perfectly. They were a great purchase.

9. Calibrate Timing Inserts Hypoallergenic Decorative

Calibrate Timing Inserts Hypoallergenic Decorative

These pillow inserts guarantee a comfortable sleep and are soft and plush. The material is 100% polyester gar-netted filling. Additional sizes are available. Multi-functions and great comfort suits are widely used in bed room, living room, car, sofa, bed, offices and other locations. It is best to stretch the pillow after it has been opened to have the best recovery.

Brand: Calibrate Timing

👤I wanted to buy cheap pillow inserts for my child's bedrooms. I don't mean the price of these. I bought others at similar prices. I don't think they will last long as they have been flattened out in a single day. You get what you pay for. If you use the pillows or handle them, I would suggest these. Check elsewhere if you are using them. My 10 year old daughter didn't care.

👤These are basic pillows that can be used inside cases. It was as expected.

👤Great deal works with my new covers.

👤I was initially afraid that the pillows would be flat and uncomfortable, but the moment I pulled them from the bag, they fluffed up into perfect shape. The pillows have helped me sleep. Great product!

👤The pillow inserts are a joke. To stage a home, I ordered a dozen decorative pillow cases. When we opened them, they were very flat to be expected as they are vacuum sealed and compressed for shipping. I gave it a full day and tried to fit in as much as possible. They barely fill out the 18x18 pillow case when they are inserted. The pillow cases look empty on the sofa. I didn't have time to return and exchange so I stuffed 2 inserts per pillow case. They are a bit weird but at least fill out the cases so that they look like pillows. Save money for pillows.

👤They are not very soft. They feel a bit itchy, but once you put your coverings over them they are fine. I don't think they're worth the price. I think they should be 10 bucks cheaper. They are light and cheap, but at the same time they fill the decorative pillow cases.

👤Not as full as I had hoped for. The material is cheap. The edges have raw seams. There are strings hanging off. The price was okay. They are shoved into cases so no one will ever see them. They seem to be made from poor quality materials, so I am not sure how long they will keep their density and shape.

👤I was not happy with my purchase. The cushion covers I bought were too small for this person. I made sure the pillow was the same size as the cushion cover. I bought square and rectangular. I will have to fix them to make them look better, because I keep them.

10. COLORPAPA Pillows Abstract Decorative Pillowcases

COLORPAPA Pillows Abstract Decorative Pillowcases

The Throw Pillow Covers are made of high quality soft velvet. The size and feature are important. There is a pack of 2 throw pillow covers. There are 45X45 cm. The package only has a throw pillow case. The pattern is printed on both sides and the color will never fade. The Modern Style Pillowcases are Decorative and can be used to decorate your bedroom, hotel, chair, floor, yoga seat, chair, outdoor, Bedding, beach, car, and Grab a Pillow for extra flair. This Contemporary Art Pillowcase can be used as Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts,Ideal Greenhouse Gifts, and more. It is safe to wash by hand or machine. tumble dry in low temperature Don't Bleach and Iron.

Brand: Colorpapa

👤I was looking for pillows that would complement my bedroom decor. The pillows were perfect.

👤Fue una decepcion nada q ver con los colores.

👤I used pillow inserts that were 2” bigger than the pillow cover to fill out the pillow. There were no issues with the pillow insert and the zip.

11. MoMA Pillow Inserts Set Decorative

MoMA Pillow Inserts Set Decorative

The customer service is excellent and the money-back guarantee is always online to solve your problems. 22x22 PILLOW INSERT: Their pillow set comes with a pair of sofa pillow inserts. This set of two square pillows can be used as a sofa pillow, chair pillow, bed pillow, and any elegant pillow case to fill out and decorate your room. The pillow inserts are made with a 100% cotton cover and 3D fill. They will be vacuum packaged and will take up to a couple of hours to fluff up. Easy care. Their pillow inserts are made so they are easy to clean, they can be washed by hand or lightly washed with a mild detergent, and a hidden flap keeps all the fill in place. There is a warranty. The pillow inserts have a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you don't like their pillow inserts, just send them a message and they'll give you a full refund. Select "Oubonun Direct", where it says "Sold By", "Ask a question", and "An order I placed", and then tell them about your concern.

Brand: Oubonun

👤I received my pillow inserts this morning and I was very happy. They come with their own shell, so no need to worry about the insides falling apart. It is recommended to fit your pillow. I have 18x18 pillow covers. I bought a 20x20 insert. The pillow on the left has an old 18x18 insert that I had laying around. The new insert on the right pillow is 20x20, which is a big difference.

👤I need new inserts for my pillow throw covers. I ordered these inserts after reading that many of the comments said they were true to size. They are nice quality inserts. I put the inserts in the covers because they were loose and baggy. I ordered the inserts for 20 x 20 and they worked well, although a 22 x 22 size would have been nicer. My experience is that you need to order a larger size than the actual one.

👤I love these pillow inserts. I didn't know I liked pillow inserts so much. I searched for good ones that I could afford. I finally settled on these. I am so happy I did. I love that they are high quality. They are heavy in a good way. High quality fluff. The shape is perfect because of it. It was just right. It was so soft and perfect. I would get more of these.

👤The pillows are a good weight and can expand from the bag. The size you order is the size you get. The pillow and cover are exactly the same size. I wouldn't buy any other brand but these, and they are far superior to every other brand I've ordered.

👤It was nice and thick. It was right up out of the package. The seller limits the number of customers per customer. It doesn't seem like a good business model to me. I want to redecorate my entire house so hopefully I can buy more. I am. It is willing to wait, order, and wait. Shame because these are great.

👤I wanted a pillow to support my back. Although I have only had this pillow for a few days, it does not seem to go flat with use. I ordered a size 20 square pillow for an 18 square cover and it seems like it's what I wanted. I'm happy.

👤The only reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is that the seller only allowed one order per customer, which forced me to buy additional pillows from another seller. These came out of the packaging and instantly puffed up. They are squishy and seem well made. It feels like a nice down alternative.

👤These pillows are not worth the money. They are soft and hold their shape for about a month. They are a ball, no longer a square, and have no defined corners. The birds are mistreated so I don't like buying them down. I will never order pillows on-line again.


What is the best product for decorative pillows for living room with insert?

Decorative pillows for living room with insert products from Pallene. In this article about decorative pillows for living room with insert you can see why people choose the product. Docuwee and Jasen are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative pillows for living room with insert.

What are the best brands for decorative pillows for living room with insert?

Pallene, Docuwee and Jasen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative pillows for living room with insert. Find the detail in this article. Ogrmar, Avigers and Hpuk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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