Best Decorative Plants for Bedroom

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1. APPOK Artificial Succulents Plants Succulent

APPOK Artificial Succulents Plants Succulent

These fake Succulent plants are made of premium quality plastic material and planted inside marble paper pots with stone pebbles. Environmental protection and resilience. There is a note. Please don't put the pot in the water. This artificial Succulent decor has realistic leaves that will last a long time. The fake plants will not fade or wither and will create a vibrant atmosphere. Realistic. The person is locked up. The artificial decor of the Succulents have a flocking layer that is realistic in color and texture. These small potted Succulent plants bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home without the hassle and worry of maintenance. These artificial Succulent plants decorations are perfect for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bookshelf, desk, counter, or any other place you want to add vitality. These faux Succulent decor are a great gift for weddings and holidays. The artificial plants in pots are approximately 3 x 6.8" From the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot. Each package has 6 pack plants.

Brand: C Appok

👤My granddaughter saw a small garden and decided she wouldn't be happy with the size. Found these with a very expensive looking marble pot. I was sold. She said it calms her to look at them. I have to agree. I wish they'd used a bigger package to mail. They were wrapped tightly so the plants were bent. bent all the same.

👤These are cute. They are a little bigger than most other plants. The marble finish is not smooth, polished or textured as I expected, but it is more of a textured finish which I like more. It is a more rustic feel. The packaging was not the greatest, so the leaves on the succulent were a little bent and crooked, but I am hoping with time and some manipulation I can get it back to normal.

👤I had trouble keeping my plants alive. I thought I'd try them. The look I was going for was provided by them on the smaller side. The pots they came in look grey and not attractive. I thought I would be able to take the plants out. I put the faux plant and pot in more decorative porcelain pots and it works. The plants are not real if you are close. It takes a second look to be sure. I hope they hold up to the sun's UV rays.

👤I absolutely love these, they look darling and are what was needed.

👤They look like plastic plants in the sun. Oh well.

👤The plants fit in a small room. You wouldn't notice unless you touch them and look closely. The package was dirty when they removed them. Some of the pots have spots that won't come off, so I removed one star. If you turn the messed up part to the wall, it's not a big deal.

👤I thought they would be a little bigger than they are, because I wanted to decorate my living room with them, but I decided to sit them in the window and solve the problem. They look nice.

👤Muy calidad recomendable.

2. HC STAR Artificial Decorative Lifelike

HC STAR Artificial Decorative Lifelike

Artificial potted plants are a perfect addition to your home or office decor, they look like grass and are very green. The farmhouse decorative plant is a great way to add greenery to your home or office without taking up a lot of space. The plants are small and accent any area well. The fake plant is cute. There are fake plants that you can put in any place. The plants are made of high-quality PE materials. Pots are made of high-quality paper-mache, strong and durable, it is hard to break, lightweight, and stable. This fake outdoor plants have nice quality and an expensive looking planter with a sturdy base, perfect for people who are not good with live plants. This fake outdoor plants have nice quality and an expensive looking planter with a sturdy base, perfect for people who are not good with live plants.

Brand: Hc Star

👤Have you ever watched the tiny homes on the show? This would be perfect for it.

👤I like the look of this plant. It is very simple, but interesting. It adds greenery to a small space and looks real. There is no maintenance required. We had it in our bathroom, but decided to move it to our patio table. It is small but big enough to add some character. The stone pot is very nice.

👤It's cute! It looked like a fake looking box, but fluff it up a bit and toss it somewhere. It's fake and it's ideal because nothing can grow in my hands. Will be ordering more.

👤I gave the first one to a friend so he could put it on his desk at his new job. I had to get my own. I was happy to get two actually. The plant in the little pot is very real and it is a nice and light type deal. Friends have asked for the link so they can get their own, because I have gotten lots of praise on them.

👤This plant is cute. It is the perfect size for my desk. Will be ordering more.

👤The picture shows what you get. It's just the right size. There are fake blossoms and leaves. The pot is made of stone. It's a nice item. I like it. The purple is more vibrant than the photos show.

👤I bought this product because I like plants and purple. My job forbids live plants in the workplace so when I found this item it was perfect to make my desk feel more like me. My site manager was able to see the plant through it, until he touched it. That's right! It's not as heavy as it looks.

👤I ordered 2 of them, they are tiny. I will put them on a bookshelf, but buyers need to know they are tiny. They would work for a desk, but don't expect them to loom large.

3. Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

Artificial Plants for Home Decor Indoor boast a realistic look, vibrant color, and everlasting beauty. The fake plants look great in your guest room or living room. Their artificial plant will give you a hint of green to lift your mood. These fake plants decor are high quality. Place this fake plant next to your statement pieces to complement their beauty. These artificial plants are made from plastic. You can use the fake plants as a potted desk plant in your office or as a fake hanging plant outside. The fake hanging plants' stem and leaves are sturdy and won't degrade under harsh weather. Even though the fake plants are displayed for a long time, they maintain their shape. Use artificial plants as fake plants in the bathroom and bedroom. There are fake pothos artificial hanging plants. The large fake plant is better to keep than the real ones. The faux plants indoors won't make you sick. Their fake plants are easy to take care of. You can keep the artificial plants for home decor indoors in pristine, display-worthy condition by doing occasional wiping and dusting. Small fake plants are ideal for deocrative plants in tight spaces. Imagine how their plants give life to a dull room. The faux plants look good with your decor. You can display the small plants next to the more modern decorations. Other customers use artificial plants to make empty spaces look nicer. The fake plants come with a black pot. The faux plants' pots feature a minimalist style, which allows their fake plant decor to suit almost all types of theme and color schemes. Their faux plant will give your room a sense of life and color. Artificial plants can be used as fake plants for bedroom aesthetic or office plants for desk.

Brand: Forever Leaf

👤It is the perfect size for my shelf. You can bend the stems to make them fall naturally.

👤I like this plant. I like the way the stems hang like a real pothos plant. The plant's color is realistic and can make a room look better. The ceramic pot is modern and adds to the decor. If you want to add beautiful touches to any room, this is the place to go.

👤The pothos plant looks real. My mother wanted to order one as soon as she saw my one, she couldn't believe it wasn't real before she touched it. It is one of the best faux plants I have ever seen, because of its variation in color, leaf shape, and stem thickness. I ordered the black pothos and received the white one. I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a black potted plant for free and let me keep the white one, so now I have two of these gorgeous plants. I'm eager to buy plants from this company again and I hope I'll see more of them.

👤I wanted to look at plants in my house after I killed them. This is a perfect solution.

👤The faux pothos is beautiful, because it is not up to the task of keeping real plants alive. The pot it comes in is very high quality and instead of styrofoam it has gravel cover to make it look realistic. This is the best faux plant I own. I received this plant in exchange for giving honest feedback.

👤The plant looks real even though it is a fake. It is the most real looking fake plant. I have ever owned. Highly recommended.

👤If you take the time to work with it, it will look amazing. I love plants and have a brown thumb. I kill everything I touch. This little beauty looks great in my kitchen window. I used the clear coat on it before hand so the sun wouldn't change the color. After putting in a pot, I did some twisting and bending.

👤This is a fake pothos. It looks like ours. The stems need some work to be right. The material is great and the color is dark and light.

4. Artificial Eucalyptus Plastic Greenery Bathroom

Artificial Eucalyptus Plastic Greenery Bathroom

Life is realistic. Like. There are three pack realistic potted plants, one wheat grass, one artificial eucalyptus and one artificial boxwood. You will be more physically and mentally happy if you decorate it green. Mini artificial plants, artificial boxwood, and artificial eucalyptus plants look beautiful and make a comfortable atmosphere in your home. It is an ideal choice for room decor, shelf decor, centerpiece decor, garden decor, office desk decor, coffee table decor, windowsill decor, farmhouse decor. The fake plants are made of high-quality plastic material. The white plastic pot is durable and beautiful. The pot is covered with a layer of artificial green grass that feels like nature. The white plastic pot is about the same size. The wheat grass potted plant is approx 8.6" tall, the eucalyptus potted plant is approx 8.6" tall, and the boxwood potted plant is approx 8.3" tall. No need to care for them. They will not die or fade without sunshine. Plants indoors bring freshness to your space. Warm tips: 1. If you put fake plants in aventilated place for a while, they will smell good. 2. The fake plants can be adjusted. The leaves may be squeezed due to the influence of packing and long-term logistics. When you receive it, you can adjust the leaves to make them look better.

Brand: Ouddy

👤The plants are nice for small spaces, but the quality is not there. The leaves are plastic and look fake. I wouldn't buy again. C-

👤I bought two more sets because I love them so much. They're small and not the best quality, but they're vibrant and add joy to rooms that don't get a lot of light. I use them in my dining room, in my bathroom, on my desk, and on my nightstands. I have plants all over my house. Unless you're looking at the leaves, these look fine. They add vibrant color that reminds me of fresh air and sunshine, so they're worth the price. They arrived quickly and were well packaged.

👤Worst fake plants ever! I knew it was small, but I didn't expect it to be plastic and fake. There is a fake green color. The money was wasted.

👤These work perfectly for staging. Well done. If you are looking for a sturdy, life-like plant that people will see, this is not it. They look great from a distance. Light weight and cheap quality. It's perfect for adding pops of color.

👤They are not real, but very cute. A splash of color to a dark area. They were packed well in a small box. They are light weight and come in planters. No regrets.

👤These small faux plants are a great way to add a sense of life to a room. They are small, but you can add a lot to a dull room with the right placement. It's great for a bathroom or bedroom. I own a TV stand and a nightstands.

👤Light looks great. Just like it was described.

👤The plants are small and cheap. It might be $1-2 per plant cheap. I got them for small pieces of decor.

5. AlphaAcc Artificial Looking Plastic Planter

AlphaAcc Artificial Looking Plastic Planter

A fake plastic plant that does not have to be maintained is always looking fresh. There is a item in total height and width. The pot is 3.50" in diameter and 3.75" high. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The leaves and planter are made of plastic. It is quite elegant and durable and does not require much upkeep. If you want to bring some greenery to the interior of your office, retail, or any other commercial setting, then they highly recommend this artificial topiary. This plant will make a room look more like home, and it can be done with a plant. If you can't keep a live plant alive, you don't have to give it sunlight or water it. It doesn't ask anything from you.

Brand: Alphaacc

👤This is a nice touch. The price is good and it has a lot of weight. The black clay pot is worth it on its own. I used the moss that came with it. The faux plant looks great. It works perfectly in my apartment. I want a million of these little things. You can't remove the faux plant from the pot. The moss is the only thing that can be removed. Hope that helps. If you don't like the style, could you always paint it?

👤I almost gave up on this plant, but decided to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. I began to warm up once I spread out the leaves as much as possible. Some reviewers said black coloring came off on their hands, so I was leery of the pot. I prepared for a mess by wiping off the pot with a paper towel soaked in alcohol. No coloring came off at all. I picked up the pot with my hands and nothing came off. The maker corrected the issue. There is no smell from the product. It was designed thoughtfully. Smaller leaves are lighter green. There are different colors in the stems. There is a nice set of rocks around the plant. If you stare at the plant at close range, the glaze will not show up, and you can rinse the leaves at a sink without spilling rocks. There are small felt pads under the pot to keep it from scratching the surface. I prefer the look of the rocks, but there is an optional packet of green fake moss. The plant was well packaged. The maker of the plant tried hard to make a nice product and put a lot of thought into its design, while also keeping it affordable. I liked the plant a lot.

👤I picked up the potted part of the plant, but my hands turned black. I did not move it to my bedroom to see how it would look on the night stand.

👤The pot is good quality and looks real on my bookshelf. There was a pack of moss to put inside the pot. I liked the rock bed that came with it. I would recommend and buy again.

👤The plant is pretty and the leaves are pretty. The pot is terrible. You cannot remove the plant from the pot since it is inside. It's perfect for a side table.

👤As far as fake plants go, leaves and stems look real. The plant is done really well, compared to other fake plants. They didn't make the leaves the same size. There is always new growth on real plants. It's good that some of the leaves are smaller. There is a The planter is neutral and attractive. I didn't like what I saw. The rocks are placed on top of the planter. They have a shiny coating on their skin. I like the look of rocks that are not shiny. The rocks are shiny and wet. There is a There is a small plastic bag with some weird green stuff. I guess it's supposed to look likemoss and put on top of the planter. The green stuff looks horrible. I threw it in the garbage. This is an artificial plant.

6. Artificial Succulent Plants Rustic Planter

Artificial Succulent Plants Rustic Planter

The gift ideas are packaged in polyfoam. It's a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, Christmas, housewarming, new couples, thanksgiving day, mother's day, etc. The person is a brown and black person. If you can't keep a cactus alive for more than a few weeks and the number of skeletons is high, you'll love the convenience of their artificial plants. Artificial Succulents. You'll get all the benefits of a real plant without all the problems of dying, flying, and being neglected. Treat yourself! Plants are Artificiales Decorativas. No maintenance is needed, but love everything, but hate watering, weeding, and GASP. If you're not a fan of manual labor, or you live in a small apartment or teen dorm room with little sunlight, fake plants artificial with pot are a great way to add some greenery to your home. When you're bored with this room decor, do a thorough dusting. They should all "live laugh love" in their home. Are you looking for a decorative way to liven up your home? Farmhouse kitchen decor, pink room decor, shelf decor accents, rustic farmhouse decor, centerpiece table decorations, blush pink room decor, bathroom counter decor, decorations for shelves, plant wall decor, entryway table art with their faux succulents in pots, are some of the things you can decorate your fireplace mantle Artificial Plants and flowers are made from the highest grade plastic material. The pots are not waterproof and should be kept away from water. Plants are not removed from the fake soil without permanent damage. Their mini plants are not directly attached to the wooden tray box. The artificial pots for the small plants are 2.25" on each side. The wood box planter is 8 inches high. No more being embarrassed by your BROWN THUMB. Mother's day, father's day, anniversary, white elephant ideas, center piece are some of the memorable gifts they make. Order your Sophia's Garden artificial succulents now and you will never have to deal with the hassle of keeping live shrubs again. The company is based in the USA. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Order now!

Brand: Sophia's Garden

👤These are adorable and what I was looking for. They were packed well and came very fast. I thought they were too small when I opened them. They are perfect size when I put them on the toilet. The wooden box is quality as well as the quality. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Very small. I think I should have paid more attention to the measurements. It is still cute, but too small for what I wanted it for.

👤You can barely see the words. I know it's supposed to be rustic, but the letters were missing. Not worth the price.

👤I love this item. I didn't read the dimensions because I thought it was cute, but I found the perfect spot for it on top of my bathroom toilet. It adds greenery to my bathroom and I don't have to worry about forgetting to water it.

👤This product is very popular. I am very disappointed. It looks silly on my tv stand. The yellow is not as yellow as the picture shows.

👤I thought it was bigger and I was getting two, because of the different writeups on the box.

👤The plants look real.

👤The little Succulent are what I wanted. The size is perfect. Specific detainers are spot on! The red color isn't gawdy. Very realistic, red. It was in perfect condition. Highly recommend!

👤Cuisine trs beau.

👤It's super cute. All visors are small. I was happy with my purchase, it came in good condition and was delivered quickly. I add some character to my fireplace mantle.

👤Cute item, smaller than expected, and has a huge line through the writing. I don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it. It is really disappointing to get a product that is not looking as advertised.

👤There is a cute item advertised. However, smaller than expected and has a huge line through the writing. I don't want to have to return it. But won't be ordering again.

👤It would be perfect if it was just a 1/2 inch bigger. I bought it to sit on the window sill. There was small damage on the top edge of the box. I will try to diminish the obvious.

7. Hanging Shelves Wall Set Farmhouse

Hanging Shelves Wall Set Farmhouse

There is an application for a birthright. There are 84 feet of artificial ivy vine included in one bag. The cost-effective are wedding, garden, and shopping malls. You can add your party and home to the cart. Add a new look to your space with their unique design, which is both chic and high quality at an affordable price. You will be surprised at how big of a difference it will be. No need to spend hours figuring out how to hang these. You can place the screws on your wall and have the hanging wall shelf assembled in no time. The functional Boho SHELF is a great place to display plants, pictures, and decor. You can showcase the things you love and care about with the set of two wall hanging shelves. It comes with 4 different wood colors, 3 pairs of rings, and can be tailored to make your home feel more like you. Adding a simple aesthetic to your home is a great way to make it look modern. Their wood shelf is lightweight and sturdy enough that it won't fall off the wall when you put your favorite items on it. Each shelf is long and wide. The subtle wood grain of the wooden shelves give off a clean and natural look to your home. Give the gift of creativity. The plant wall shelf is a unique item and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves plants or decorating their home with unique pieces.

Brand: Omysa

👤The shelves fit perfectly in the empty spot in my bathroom. Installation was done quickly. The instructions for the picture were included. I only had to loop the ring on because the strings were tied to the wood shelves. Can't be happier with the addition that ties my room together.

👤The shelves are what I wanted. They have silver rings attached, but also gold rings and gold screws. I left them silver because you have to untie the ropes to change them. They are against the wall and hold my plants. These would make great gifts. Is it possible to make these for $12? You can save time and money by having perfect ones delivered without the hassle of buying supplies or building.

👤The materials are high quality. The packaging is gorgeous. It's amazing that they give you a choice of either gold or silver for the ring, in most cases you would need to choose at the time of purchase. Sturdy and beautiful! I love having art in my bathroom. It is functional and attractive.

👤I follow Omysa on social media. I was excited to get these because I had been looking for some hanging shelves for a while, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had products. The shelves are pretty. I was confused about the installation of the string and the rings, but the support team at Omysa quickly sent me a video to help me figure it out. It took me two minutes to install these. They look great!

👤I wanted to hang these shelves in my bathroom. Everything was very secure and the packaging was nice. Very pleased!

👤The product is lightweight. I had a hard time following the instructions on how to attach the ring, so I sent an email to the manufacturer and they responded with a video which helped me attach the ring in 15 seconds. They should post this video in the listing. Customer service should be rated for speed and kindness.

👤Couldn't have been any harder to hang. They were ready to leave! The wood is very nice. There is a They helped me get a few small items off of the over crowded table by my bed and into a location that was easy to reach. There is a They are not for holding heavy things. The weight of a pillar candle would throw it off balance if something of equal weight were added on the other side. I was worried about how much weight the strings would carry. I wouldn't want to put glass breakables on these shelves. I have a box of tissues, 2 DVDs, and my ear buds. There are 3 small journals on the other. This suits my needs, but I think I could add a little more. I like that they add a stylish touch to a wall that used to be mostly covered in wall hangings. It all feels lighter. I really like them!

👤These are versatile and I love them. The set comes with both gold and black metal rings so you can change them as you please. The shelf is sturdy and doesn't feel like there is much risk of it being tilted over, even when fully tied to one ring. You can hang each side of the shelf separately if you're worried about that. I have a potted plant and a decorative item that look great. The strings are tied under the shelf and you can see them sticking out from under it. This doesn't bother me at all, and adds to the rustic-charm, but others may dislike that aspect.

8. Flojery Artificial Hanging Greenery Outdoor

Flojery Artificial Hanging Greenery Outdoor

The artificial ivy is made of high quality leaves and plastic stems. Each ivy hanging vine has 78 ft of leaves, each has 12x artificial ivy vine and plastic vine silk leaves. Artificial ivy leaf plants look real and will add elegance to your landscape. Artificial hanging plants are beautiful for any decoration project or home decor. A placement will break the monotony, spread greenery, and make you feel good. fake ivy can be used to create a special atmosphere at any theme party.

Brand: Flojery

👤This product is not a total disappointment. I do like this product, but my review might be off. My package had an odd smell and was very thin. Not to mention they were moist. I tried to clean them off before I used them because I didn't want to touch them. There is a These did the job. I like how they look. When I wanted to put them up on my ceiling, I didn't have any hooks orhangers and couldn't find thumb tacks, but they're light weight, so I decided to use them. They are hanging on very well, thanks to the use of Scotch tape. There is a I would go back and get 2 instead of one. If you only have tape for the time being, they are easy to work with and will hold. I only give this 3 stars because the smell was off and my product was wet.

👤I had to give them 3 stars because they stink. I mean outside to air out for 4 days of stink. The price was excellent and they were packaged well. If I had to buy again, I would look around more and see if there was a better place to buy from.

👤I looked really good. I only bought one pack. I had enough for the entire area. I cut the pieces to the length I needed. I got a lot of praise for my theme. It smelled horrible, my only complaint. It smelled like it had been dumped in a bucket of fish. I sprayed it with perfume after washing it. I had to let it dry out. I was able to use it even after the smell went away.

👤It looks like the pictures. You know what you're going to get. You would have to bunch it all together to get that full look. If you're decorating a large area, you'll definitely need more.

👤The vines smell terrible. I put it outside. I didn't decorate inside with that smell. Will leave out doors for a few days. I hope I can use it in a couple of days. The smell of fish. It's horrible.

👤It smelled funny when I got it. The leaves are falling. I had to keep touching the plastic vines that were attached to the leaves because they were so bad. The horrible quality makes it not worth buying, even though you get a lot of vines.

👤This was a decent product. The color is the same as the photos and I like the length. I took them out of the package and they are in great shape.

👤The package smelled like fish, not what I was expecting. I figured that. Oh well. I realized that there were green strands everywhere. It smelled bad and stank up the room.

👤Thanks for the great product and quick delivery.

9. MyGift Artificial Ceramic Wall Hanging Planters

MyGift Artificial Ceramic Wall Hanging Planters

The set of 5 plant hangers is great for indoor and outdoor use and can be used in a home, office, porch, patio or garden. Also an ideal gift for a wedding, birthday, or Christmas! Two artificial hanging plants are in wall-mounted white ceramic planters. Green vines of various lengths create a realistic and healthy looking foliage. TILE PLANTERS. A variety of contemporary indoor and outdoor spaces are complemented by simple round white planters. No maintenance is needed. Plants that are faux need no upkeep or watering. The dimensions are: 11.4 H 3.9 W 4.2 D and 3.7 H 4.0 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤People seemed to love the two little planters that were written about in the rave reviews. I thought they looked real even though they were pricey. No. The plastic plant is not real, I know it is, and I was expecting it to be. There is not a real thing. And then there is. That is fake right away. The plastic is seamed so in it has a ridge in the middle of the plant tendrils like a mold pour, making it obvious that it is plastic. The white ceramic pot is basic, it has a whole in the back to hang on the wall, but the pot is rounded on the back so it doesn't lay flush against the wall. The twine strings were disproportionately small for these small planters. I am thinking about going through the hassle to get back.

👤These are even better in person. I hid 4 holes with these, they hung easily, and I added extra jute to cover the holes above. It has been a long time since we hid these nail holes in the basement. I am so happy that I bought these plants.

👤The artificial pearls planter of two is very cute, small and easy to hang on the wall, and I appreciate the fast shipping. A big thank you to a bunch of guys. This is a beautiful treasure.

👤I was laughing so hard when I got these. I should have looked at the sizes of the pictures, they're very small and cute, but I have to find a place to put them.

👤I am obsessed with these. They look great no matter where you put them. You can either hang them or put them on a shelf. The pots are white and have greenery inside. It is not budging. They are made well. You will not regret this purchase. There is a Our farmhemian's home is on the internet. Sorry for the uncropped picture guys. I forgot to crop this photo before posting. Oops. I am too lazy to fix it now because I have been reviewing so many items.

👤These are well made and cute. The pots are sturdy ceramic and come with a hole in the back to hang on the wall as well as a hole in the bottom if you want to trade out the faux plant for a real one. The pots are small and the plants are large, but they look real from a distance. These are a heavy rubber material so they are still pretty convincing, even though they are fake. Overall, very pleased with them.

👤I am obsessed with these. I put them on the wall in my bedroom. I am trying to find a reason to buy more and hang in other rooms. There is a hole in the back of the screw that is perfect for hanging them. Will buy again.

👤It's adorable! We have a camper bathroom and I wanted to add some green to it. They are strong. I hang most of the things in the camper with a piece of velcro. The backs are slightly rounded. They will not lay flush with the wall, so it took some adjustments. One of them fell from the wall and hit the toilet lid. Each time the floor did not break, dent or scratch. The plant is good quality and looks realistic. I'm happy with my purchase, but the price point may be a little high.

10. Naidiler Artificial Garland Greenery Decoration

Naidiler Artificial Garland Greenery Decoration

The potted plant is made of plastic and is fully packaged and shipped. It is normal for fake leaves to smell. The smell of the plant will be gone after it is put in aventilated environment. There areDEAL consequences for party and home. Artificial ivy is a magic decor. A placement will break the monotony, spread greenery, and make you feel good. fake ivy can be used to create a special atmosphere at any theme party. It is possible to develop toxicity. The fake vine ivy leaves have a green and clear texture. Well layout leaves with natural 3D shape grow vigorously from stems. A refreshed profile can be seen at any distance. Installation with intrusive accessories is easy. The fake ivy vines can be easily fixed with 10*green cable ties. Hanging plant baskets, wedding arches, garlands, and other poses can be achieved without worry about leaving falling or stem breaking. It's the temperature for indoors and outdoors. The fake ivy is made of silk fabric leaves and plastic stem. It can be used indoors and outdoors, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, staircase, privacy screen, and swing stand. It's also great for filling flower boxes. There is an application for a birthright. There are 84 feet of artificial ivy vine included in one bag. The cost-effective are wedding, garden, and shopping malls. You can add your party and home to the cart.

Brand: Naidiler

👤One day, my partner let me turn an empty room into a woman cave, and I decided to go with a garden theme. The vines, curtain lights, fake realistic butterflies, and two 45-packs of mini Command hooks made my dream theme. I am very happy with how this project came out. The differences between the two vines are very small. The vines/stems on the Naidiler brand are slightly more light green, which only shows up with direct sunlight. The smell of the vines was a bit more noticeable when they were opened and shed, but the smell went away after they were put out in a spare room for a day or two. The vines were easier to untangle. When I had to order more vines, I mixed them and no one could tell they were different brands. I would recommend either one. Can you tell the difference between the two pictures? I have no idea which is which. There is a I needed to cover my entire back wall and the side walls with a total of 833ft of 12-packs, and I could add another 12pack or two to make it more dense. These vines are small. I put a picture of the wall covered in half two-layers and half just one to show the difference. These are a steal because department stores want $10 for a single strand of ivy. If you are doing a large project, keep in mind that I needed almost triple what I thought I would need. I lost 4 leaves in the hanging process, and I was tipsy with the music, so you can imagine how gentle I was. Go ahead and get some. Hope this helps.

👤Livened up the room. I didn't have an odor.

👤These were a good deal. I was able to cover the top half of my wall with one package. If you want to do a whole wall, I'll give you a few. One end of each strand has an ivy end leaf dangle point, and the other has an empty spot for adding other vines to others. I like to snake my vines around. It may fit differently if hung vertically or horizontally.

👤I'm hanging them on a covered porch so they will fade a bit, they are a little darker than they look in the photo. Good length to each strand. The strands on the left are flat on the vine, the way they came in package. I put the strands on the right together. I think they are a little more realistic. They seem to have been made well. I hung the leaves or crunched them up. There is more than one planter. In the first picture, you can see what comes in a package. There wasn't any smell. These look really nice and I would buy another set. These are perfect for me because I have no luck with the real thing.

👤This is the best deal I could find on the ivy vines. I used it to add some green to my room and it turned out great. It wasn't a great smell, but it doesn't last. I opened the window and let the air out. If you light a candle, it goes away very quickly.

11. Bedroom Artificial Plants Flowers Decorative

Bedroom Artificial Plants Flowers Decorative

It is recommended to put in aventilated space for a few days to eliminate odors from long-distance transportation. 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided by them. If you have a question, please send it to them. On any setting, cast a glow. They can be used for any event or just on your wall. You can bend vine into different shapes to decorate. The vine has a transformer that plugs into an outlet. The vine is made of plastic and has a lot of lights. Wine does not come with a stand or item to stick to the wall.

Brand: Kapata

👤I didn't have pendant lights over my bar top so I used this instead. I used command rope hooks and a few black low voltage cable staplers to hold it in place.

👤I like the way it looks once it's up. It should be against the wall. We used painter's tape to hold it up until we could rearrange the trunk and branches to our liking. We worked our way from top to bottom using clear mini light clips from Command. We put up about 40 clips. I was supposed to be less of a risk. The mini-clips are strong and almost invisible. Be patient!

👤These lights are so beautiful. Getting them on the wall was not an easy task. Had I asked someone to help me, it would've been a lot simpler. It turned out great, so it was definitely worth it. There is a There are a few things worth knowing. I thought it was lighter. I had to come up with a creative way to use command hooks. It was a work out to put this thing up alone. It took me hours to do it. I haven't had any issues with it falling since it's on the wall. - The branches can be rearranged. This is a positive thing. There is a lot of room for creativity. I wanted to make sure they were secure when I hung them. I put a lot of branches on the wall. They can easily come off the wall for a more 3-dimensional look. I haven't done this because I don't want to mess with it, but mostly because the paint on my walls sadly comes off with the command hooks. There is a I highly recommend this product if you want to do a project. It pays off.

👤It's not the easiest thing to hang. I used Command Hooks. The pictures show cable clips. These were never given to me. I am not sure why they are in the photos, I don't think anyone did their reviews. I recommend these because they are sturdy and well made.

👤There is a unique set of lights. I wanted to give my room a forest vibe and these fit that bill. They are easy to install and bend into the shape you want. The wrapping around the branches is pretty much what you would expect, but it could be a little more durable.

👤I gave this as a gift to my friend on his birthday and he was very happy with them. He can't wait to use them. I would get this for myself. They are bright, you can easily manipulate them into the position that you want them to be in, they are easy to hang up, and they plug into the wall! That is cool.

👤The lights are being used to lighten the room and hallway. I used a lot of thumbtacks.

👤We put our Christmas tree next to a wall. My wife likes to wake up and drink a cup of coffee with the tree lights on. Since Christmas is over, I got this for her. She likes it a lot. I put it on a timer to make it easy to setup. I can't comment on the longevity because I just got it. 3M Command cord clips were used to affix the wall. I'm going to put pictures of the kids in frames between the branches. It did what we wanted.


What is the best product for decorative plants for bedroom?

Decorative plants for bedroom products from C Appok. In this article about decorative plants for bedroom you can see why people choose the product. Hc Star and Forever Leaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plants for bedroom.

What are the best brands for decorative plants for bedroom?

C Appok, Hc Star and Forever Leaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plants for bedroom. Find the detail in this article. Ouddy, Alphaacc and Sophia's Garden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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