Best Decorative Plants for Living Room

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1. Viverie Artificial Succulent Ceramic Decoration

Viverie Artificial Succulent Ceramic Decoration

If you have a problem with the wooden bead garland, just contact them. Enhance your living spaces with these adorable miniature plants from VIVERIE that are uniquely designed. The faux Succulent pots come in white ceramic pots that are about the same size as the actual ones. The fake plant set is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The fake Succulent are made from premium quality material and are able to survive all seasons. The mini fake plants come with a free pebble base that can be used to complement any room decor. Your homes or offices will be enriched by their unique colors. Artificial Succulent Plants are perfect for gift giving and are made with vibrant colors and modern style. It's suitable for mom and birthday gifts. Surprise your loved ones with their faux plants. This set of mini succulent plants are backed by a money back policy that shows their commitment to quality and customer care.

Brand: Viverie

👤When I received the package... I was surprised by how secure the small plants were. I was worried that they would be damaged in transit. They arrived on time. I love the little white mailbox. The pot is super cute and I signed up for it. The Succulents look real. The design, color, and size are what I needed for my desk, kitchen table, coffee table, and bed side dresser. I love to pay attention to detail and these artificial Succulent are exactly what I need for great decor. Thank you so much!

👤The seller really cares about selling good products and these are well packaged. If I had more space in my room, I would buy more of them. They are small and lovely. Love the design.

👤Both visually and in terms of quality, these are stunning. The presentation of the box is impressive. All of the plants are neatly packed. Each one is made with artistic integrity. The pots are sturdy and the rocks inside don't fall out like other fake plants I have purchased that use less quality glue. Even if you don't have a lot of room, they're perfect for your desk display. I really like these things that spiced up my computer area. I love them! There is a I hope the seller uses less foam for shipping and more eco-friendly packaging. It made me sad to throw it all away because I really like how safe they were. The products inside are worth the money spent on them.

👤I bought the pink and green sets from a different company. The way they're potted makes the pink set cuter. The pots are adorable, but they also have small rocks to give it that extra something. I put a couple of these in my bathroom and it looks so cute. It was a great purchase.

👤These are cute on my desk. The packing of the Succulent was secure. I think they are worth the price. Thank you!

👤I ordered these as a simple centerpiece for my small dining table. They were enclosed in foam squares. They were so precious out of the box. They sit firmly within their pots. The colors are very realistic. I am excited to have a touch of Mother Earth in my home because I can't keep plants alive. Definitely recommend for their quality, price, and craftsmanship!

👤I love plants. This is the second set I've purchased. I use them for my work desk. I have no windows so having real plants isn't ideal. The pots they come in are sturdy and stylish. Highly recommended.

👤My daughter wanted to use grays, blush pinks and whites in her bedroom. Adding modern style was something she wanted to do. She loves them!

👤Plants are nice. Until you get close, look authentic. It's great for dark areas. I would prefer paper/cardboard packaging.

2. Winlyn Artificial Eucalyptus Houseplants Centerpiece

Winlyn Artificial Eucalyptus Houseplants Centerpiece

There are many places that greenery can be displayed, such as on a desk, nightstand, shelves, cabinets, windowsill, fireplace mantel, coffee tables, dining table, toilet tank, countertop, bookcase or any other small corner that needs greenery décor. They are a great gift for weddings and holidays. This set of Artificial Potted Plants includes faux greenery. Each small houseplant has its own paper pot for easy display. The Artificial Potted Plants measure from top to bottom, from tip to tip of the leaves. The pots are made of paper. 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. This set of faux potted greenery features a dusty grey green eucalyptus plant and a two-tone green Rosemary plant in pots. You might feel the urge to water these artificial plants. The plants are made of plastic and set in sturdy paper pots with foam soil. These small house plants will stay fresh-looking all year long. The faux potted ucasian and Rosemary plants are perfect for displaying on any corner that needs greenery. They are a great gift for weddings and holidays.

Brand: Winlyn

👤A great addition to my bathroom.

👤I am in love with these. I wanted real plants, but the room I wanted to put them in only had one window and the shelves for the plants were on the wall. I decided to use artificial. These are classic and the right size for my corner shelves. I put them in a small room because of the greenery. They were packed well with bubble wrap and needed some fluffing after taking them out of the package.

👤I like these. A green plant makes a room feel calm and peaceful and makes your soul feel good. Love the size of these. It's a perfect size to set anywhere. I think this would be a good gift. Guess what they look like? No watering!

👤I decided to go fake after killing several real plants. I was sad about it. They are cute and look real. I like them. I don't have to worry about them.

👤These are large. I love the pot. Good weight for their size. Cones with white dusting on leaves were dried and taken away. I love this purchase. I might buy more.

👤These two plants are artificial. You're not disappointed, just one suggestion. Before you place your order, make sure to check the measurements. I was aware that they are on the smaller side. They are sitting on my window sill. They are the right size.

👤These items are good for corners and small spaces where greenery is needed. The pots that they come in are sturdy. I keep the foam in case it gets nicked in transport. A great purchase!

👤The plants and containers are beautiful. They don't feel plastic-y and look real. I have two credenzas on either side of a patio door and have received many questions about how often I water them. I have many plants. I needed smaller ones that don't need much sun. These are perfect. Highly recommended.

👤They are a little smaller than I 888-276-5932s, other than that, they look realistic.

👤The pots are beautiful. Don't look cheap. The plants look great.

👤Un peux petites. Jolie! Naturelles.

3. MyGift Artificial Plants Tabletop Greenery

MyGift Artificial Plants Tabletop Greenery

There are three plants in clear glass cube pots. The set has a simulation taro plant, artificial lotus plant, and faux clover plant. It's perfect for coffee tables, counter spaces, and shelves. microfiber polishing cloth is included in the official MyGift product. There is a method for this. The Taro Plant has an Approximate dimensions of .

Brand: Mygift

👤These plants are cute. I struggle to keep plants alive because of my brown thumb. These look like the real thing and add to my "zen" area. I love them!

👤Tiny but cute. Adding some green to a room is great.

👤Came quickly and well packaged. The planters and rocks look very classy. I put them in my bathroom because it's very appealing.

👤They look nice. Adding roots helps with the illusion. I'm happy that the vases are covered in glue. I'll never have to worry about rocks falling out. Great job.

👤My former wife is one of my best friends now, and maybe not all can relate to this. We've never missed a birthday or Christmas. It's a long story that only she and I would appreciate. Her birthday is the day after February 14th. I needed to find an appropriate gift in a short time, and this one was it. She now works from home 100% thanks to Covid. She's making it more attractive and warm by adding decor, since she spends eight hours in there. The group of three in the planters is very nice. I couldn't be more pleased with the price and quality. She's going to love this trio, I know what she likes. The packaging was secure, the delivery was prompt, and the planter pots are lovely, and a great gift. God bless you.

👤The life is like plants. It's perfect for on the counter in the bathroom or anywhere else in the house. The pot is very realistic and has roots that are artificial. This is my third set. I bought three more as gifts. Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed!

👤I like the way these look. They look real to me, though a few minor details are a little weird, like the little roots are fake, but they're small and not noticeable unless you look up close. I put 2 sets of these together by my indoor water feature and it was a stunning combination.

👤De una calidad y tal. Estn unas echas, pero no tienes artificiales. El toque de la maceta transparente tienes unas piedras.

👤I bought them from the Dollar store. They are expensive but cheap.

👤These were well packaged. I was pleasantly surprised that 2 of 3 were authentic. See the video. I would have given 5 stars if all 3 were present. There is a I love the size of the bedrooms and will be buying another set.

👤Perfectas para decorar en una repisa o en la mesa de la entrada. 100% of the time.

👤The size is perfect for my table. The glass holders and pebbles look real. Plants look plastic when viewed near a distance.

4. Vickerman 4 Feet Artificial Natural Decorative

Vickerman 4 Feet Artificial Natural Decorative

The leaves vary in shade. It was designed and assembled in the USA. The USA has real wood trunks. For a natural look, vary the size of the foliage. It's perfect for indoor use.

Brand: Vickerman

👤I took a picture of the Amazon home basics tree and the tree on the right to show how much it is. I lost my home in the Camp Wild Fire and have already purchased two for my new apartment, but I have purchased these before. I think they make a room feel more put together, and they are full, realistic, and tall. I would recommend these to anyone looking into buying fake plants. I want to be able to afford two more of these to make my home feel like home.

👤When you fluff them out, the leaves are full. There is a The plant is tall. There is a + The bark of the plant is real. The leaves and branches look fake if you can be 1 foot away. - The branches have plastic around them that is a lighter shade than the actual branch. The leaves are not lined up to the end of the branch to make them look real. When you unbox the plant, it smells terrible because of the cracked wooden pot and styrofoam exposed to the elements. The moss left a mess everywhere. For the price, it is difficult as I have purchased faux plants and trees for 20 to 30 dollars more than real ones. The smaller real touch plants look great and I put them right near my actual plants. There is a The craftsmanship is terrible and if it wasn't for the bark and full leaf arrangements, I would give it a 1 star. I would give it zero stars for presentation. The pictures speak for themselves and have been uploaded in chronological order. The photos show different aspects of the review section. If you feel like you want a full plant that you can keep far away from guests, it's a good idea. If it is placed closer, people will be able to see it clearly. I have had it for a few days, and live in a place with high ceilings, and the scent still hasn't gone away. It took only a short amount of time for it to be sprayed lightly.

👤You can't expect a fake plant to look like the real thing. The product I ordered didn't look like the photo. The leaves are not as glossy as green. You need to buy a real tree if you want it to look like the one advertised. This is a good solution if you are in an office where plants are dying. The moss in the basket will explode out of the box if you open it. Have a vacuum handy. The plant takes a lot of time to place the limbs. You need to pay attention to the tree's top. There is a stump that needs covering. Don't expect a fake plant with a nice basket to look like the product image, it's just good enough.

👤I love it. I knocked off one star only because of the basket it was placed in. Rest is what I need. Attach pictures of it.

5. Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus 6 Feet

Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus 6 Feet

The tree's trunk has over 1008 Individual Leaves. Their Ficus tree is a deep green and verdant tree, unlike the real Ficus tree, which is almost leafless in almost any home light conditions. This reproduction Ficus is six feet in height and would look great in a picture window, home entranceway, or even the office. No maintenance is required. It looks fresh and full every day. Silk trees are made using synthetic materials, such as plastic, and are designed to be life-like in appearance.

Brand: Nearly Natural

👤The silk tree was sent to us by Amazon. We have been trying to figure out how it got ordered, because my wife and I did not order it. We realized today that it was ordered for us. When she asked if I should complete the order, I thought I said to order a tree. The pig thought I answered yes. In conclusion... The pig ordered the tree. Her Facebook page has had a lot of likes. We love the tree. My pig says thank you.

👤Looks great! I don't have the lighting to grow a huge tree like this indoors because my home is decorated in a Conservatory theme. The tree was the ticket. If you get close to the tree, you can see if it is real or not. It looks real from any further away. When I have a fan on, the leaves move in a way that mimics an outdoor breeze. I will be buying more of these. I'm not sure why people keep moaning about the tiny pot it comes in. Everyone has their own decorating tastes and styles. You should put the tree in a pot that matches your decor. It will cost more if they ship it in a bigger pot. The pot is small. There were a few little stones that spilled. Here's a tip. Put the tree in a pot. To support the tree from underneath and around the sides, put bottled water and canned food inside the pot. Some baby wipes, a can opener, flashlight, and trash bags are included. To fit the opening of the pot, cover this with a square of cardboard. You can put Spanish moss or river rocks on top of the cardboard. Now you have a very sturdy support for your tree, and you are prepared to live through a temporary loss of power/water. People want to get out in advance of a storm, but they won't need to.

👤Thanks to Prime, it arrived quickly in the morning. It is wrapped up in a box that is tall and light. You have to fix the leaves after you get it out. I didn't do much in the picture. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it here or if the bicyle will want it elsewhere. Unless you balance it properly, you'll probably need a new pot. I was initially concerned about how tall it would be but it fits perfectly. If you're nitpicky like I can be, I provided closer up photos. You can see glue in the picture, but it isn't a deal breaker. This is a great tree for the price. Most trees this size are between 100 and 200. I'm happy!

👤I bought two of these trees, one used and the other new, for a total of $50. I use them above my front door. The craft stores charged well over $100, but they were better for the price. They look decent. I went to the dollar store and bought flowers and fake grass. I put them in a small pot and a large pot. The larger pot is screwed into the wood and the tree is tethered to the larger pot so it can fall into the corner. I bought these and have no regrets. Hope the pictures help!

6. Farmhouse Plants Pot Artificial Decoration

Farmhouse Plants Pot Artificial Decoration

TILE DECORATION. The mini artificial plants are perfect for any home or office theme. The realistic look of each faux plant combined with the sleek, elegant white ceramic pot makes this faux potted plant set an excellent fit for any home decor or office space. These faux plants look great as a dining room table centerpiece or accent piece to add color to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, mantle, coffee table, shelf, or desk. The mini plants were made with high quality materials to make them look realistic. Unless you tell them, your friends and family will never know these are fake plants. They did their research to make sure the plants looked real. These plants can be used as outdoor decor without the worry of damaging the pot, unlike plants with paper pulp pots. No maintenance is required for these faux potted plants. It's perfect for those of them with a busy schedule and those without a green thumb. The classic look of these mini shrubs can be enjoyed without any hassle. Adding a touch of color and charm to your current décor will help you relax and Diversify. The artificial plant set can be used for indoor or outdoor decor. It's great for your porch or outdoor table. Each artificial plant is the perfect size, 5 x 5 inches from top to bottom and side to side. These are a great gift for any birthday, Mother's Day, Secret Santa, White Elephant, or special occasion. At Elysianze, they take pride in their products. They don't offer anything that they wouldn't buy for ourselves, their friends, or their family. They've been to all the big box stores and seen what they have to offer. They have not found a better value for just over $8 per plant. Their guarantee is to you. Send their products back if they don't work for you. No questions were asked for the full refund. Read the reviews. They take care of their customers. They are not happy if you are not happy. At Elysianze, they take pride in their products. They don't offer anything that they wouldn't buy for ourselves, their friends, or their family. They've been to all the big box stores and seen what they have to offer. They have not found a better value for just over $8 per plant. Their guarantee is to you. Send their products back if they don't work for you. No questions were asked for the full refund. Read the reviews. They take care of their customers. They are not happy if you are not happy.

Brand: Elysianze

👤The plants are small and fit well on my kitchen island. The customer service from the seller was amazing. She reached out to me directly via email to make sure I was happy, and she sent me an extra plant free of charge and free shipping because one of the plants came with a broken pot. She made sure that I was happy without having to complain.

👤Excellent customer service. They sent out a new one after they received a broken one. They said they are working on their packaging to prevent the pots from breaking. Very happy with it!

👤I will start distance learning classes this week. I wanted some greenery behind me in my guest room to make it look more inviting for my students with Autism. The plants are perfect. They look adorable on my shelf. The white pots are a nice contrast to the greenery. I don't have time to water these plants right now. They give my classroom a homey feel. I definitely recommend them.

👤The quality is perfect. The mini plants are cute and the packaging is perfect. It blends right in with my living room theme and looks realistic.

👤There are mini plants in my office. It arrived in great condition and was very pleased with the quality. Would recommend.

👤The-5-stars are forELYSIANCE. I never received the first package that was delivered to the wrong address. Is it possible to identify them? There is a The package was in good condition. This is an exceptional value for the price.

👤It was what I needed to add to my tray. Looks great! They were packaged in the same way as if I bought it off the shelf at the store, but it was in a box with bubble tape around it.

👤I like that they are in ceramic pots, which you can use for other things when the time comes. The plants give an impression. I am happy with them. I put them in a turquoise wire rack on my porch. It is on the wall. I think it adds to the charm of the porch.

7. Zcaukya Artificial Eucalyptus Rosemary Greenery

Zcaukya Artificial Eucalyptus Rosemary Greenery

There are consequences of decay. It's suitable for home, table, wedding bouquet, party, meeting room decor. It is a great holiday gift. The Artificial Greenery Plant Set features dense clusters of plastic eucalyptus leaves and Rosemary foliage, instilling color where it is missing, and is a great naturalistic look to your home. You can place the plants anywhere you please. Their Artificial Greenery Plant Set are placed in sturdy paper pulp pots with fake soil which is made of foam. It has good quality and is classic and elegant. It is not easy to drop leaves in an artificial house plant. The Artificial Greenery Plant Set is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the greenery in their daily life but have a busy schedule. The 3 plants are set in a paper pot for easy display. Mini Potted Plants Artificial, White Baby's breath, was born in the river beach, grassland, fixed sand dune, stone hillside and farmland with an altitude of 1100- 1500 meters. It is the artist's favorite flower and has a meaning of pure, farsighted and romantic. Miniature Artificial Plants, Artificial Eucalyptus, and Rosemary White Baby's breath can be placed on a variety of surfaces. They match everywhere in your home. They have a great after-sales service. If you have questions about the items you received, please contact them. Thank you.

Brand: Zcaukya

👤These are only about 7 inches, not sure where the idea of a 9.5" is from. The "pots" are not dark like the picture shows. They are not as bright as a light gray. It matters if the accuracy is correct.

👤These are cute and add some flavor. I move them around and they are in my porch.

👤These little plants are adorable. Prettier than the pictures. My mom thought they were real. They are perfect for what I wanted. I will order another set.

👤I like these. I wanted a house that was green for the rest of my life and this was perfect. I was surprised by the base as well. I thought it would be cheap, but it was very sturdy and I'm going to paint them to match my rooms.

👤These look like the real thing without any more maintenance than an occasional dusting, unlike the plants I've killed. I love plants, but I can't keep them alive so these are perfect. They don't mind that I ignore them completely. The pots are small to medium in size, so they fit in a lot of places where a larger plant would look awkward.

👤These are the best plants I have ever purchased. The plants look authentic and the price is reasonable. You have to touch them to see if they are real. I love these plants.

👤These plants are small, but they fit the bill. I have three of them with candles in a basket on my dining room table and one alone on an end table. The "pot" is made of greige, so it would go with almost any decor. The plants are not bright green, but that's ok with me because they would look fake for my taste. The plants are full and the one with flower blossoms is cute. If you're looking for something to add greenery, this is it.

👤I like the color of the pots they sit in. It was easy to arrange and the package was well packaged. The darker leaf tones work better than the light green ones, which tend to look more artificial in my opinion. I would buy them again.

8. Mingfuxin Artificial Succulents Assorted Succulent

Mingfuxin Artificial Succulents Assorted Succulent

Mosaic sphere ball can be used for living area, bowls, baskets, vases, coffee table, and more. FAKE SUCCULENT PLANTS DESIGN has a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Mini faux plants are a perfect way to liven up a room. Perennial plants have an estimate of their size. The fake plants are average size 1.5 - 2.5 H X 3.5 - 4.8 W, Each Pot is 3 W X 2 H. Realistic artIFICIAL SUCCULENTS PLANTS. The fake potted Succulent with vivid color and exquisite workmanship for realistic looking, artificial Succulent in pots are the perfect simple greenery to liven up any space. No need for nurturing, watering, or positioning for sunlight is required. All you have to do is wipe off any collected dust with a damp cloth and keep them fresh. These faux plants look realistic and are great for your living room, windowsills, bookshelves, dining table, kitchen counter, and home garden kitchen window ledge. If you are not satisfied with their Succulents Plants Artificial, they will give you a solution.

Brand: Mingfuxin

👤Trying to grow real Succulent in the excessive hot Arizona climate is futile. I was impressed with the size, color, and appearance of this set. The quality of the set is great, even though the price was reasonable. I've ordered faux Succulent from other companies where I've been disappointed with fake plastic. This set is the best I have found so far. It looks realistic on my kitchen window ledge. I don't have to worry about it dying.

👤I want to make my table brighter next to my recliner.

👤I use these for my small office. Cute and lightweight. They are sitting under a photo. I love them! The value is under 17 dollars.

👤Good value. The set is cute. I used the larger opening on the holder for other things after I found a tray on Amazon that had 3 openings.

👤The colors of the Succulents are much darker than pictured. I know colors can be off, but these look completely different in color. I'm not happy. It isn't worth the trouble to send them back. I wouldn't order them again.

👤I immediately sent them back. They are cheap.

👤I don't understand what all the fuss is about, but I kill everyting indoors so decided to go with artificual instead. They wont die if you place them together or seperate. They are nice colors, look pretty and are perfect for a decoration on a desk, shelf, or anywhere. There is a The boxes are made of wood. I think they would be better if they had a color that would be easy to paint and a project for my daughter to do. These are small but not huge. They are about the size of a 2 inch pot plant.

👤Small but life. A small touch of color can be added to small spaces. These little plants look like real plants. I was happy with my purchase and would buy again.

9. Nearly Natural 5289 Golden 6 5 Feet

Nearly Natural 5289 Golden 6 5 Feet

The Golden Kane palm tree is one of the finest silk palm trees they have. The multiple trunks are standing a full 78” high and waiting to dance in the warm tropical breezes. The palm tree is perfect for any room or office décor. The item arrives in two pieces. The top piece of the tree should be placed into the stem of the tree. The product dimensions are 45 in. W x 40 in. D x 78 In. The dimensions of the planter are 10 in. The planter/vase's bottom measurement is the furthest flower or leaf on the arrangement. The width dimensions are calculated from the furthest away. No maintenance is required. Clean with a soft dry cloth. The silk palm is just over six feet tall. There are over 300 palm leaves on this palm.

Brand: Nearly Natural

👤I loved this plant. It livens up my living room and looks natural. If anyone is wondering, the beautiful fiberglass vase is from, and it does not change with light exposure.

👤I wanted it for my office corner. There are a couple of stems with openings that are not branches, and a couple of branches that are missing from delivery. I noticed that some people were not happy with the pot the plant came in. That's not a problem for me, as I always plan on a bigger pot for imitation plants. That is to be expected. Most imitation plants come with a small pot. I order the online imitation plants, not the pot, as no one else should either, then I add a pot that should go with it, for the plant that is proportional with it for size and quality as you can see. The subject item should not be advertised as tall as 6.5 ft, it should be described as 5.5' or more. The leaves look good on this product. Well done and appreciated for what it is. A good imitation tree product can be made with a well chosen pot.

👤I am sad! I have purchased this exact tree before, as well as a few smaller faux palms. All were packaged in sturdy cardboard with inserts for added protection. I didn't have any issues with them. I loved them so much that I decided to do that. Even though it is not cheap, there is another big one. I knew I was going to be disappointed when I opened the package. The tree inside was giving the cardboard more shape than it was. My suspicions were confirmed once opened. The planter was thrown in the box with a single 12”X 12” square of bubble wrap. Maybe they attached the wrap to something before. By the time my mess arrived, it was useless. The taller branch portion was supposed to be detached but it slammed around in the box and lodged at the base of the planter. The planter is warped and the tree is leaning on it. There is a chunk missing. There are black spots in the same branch, but they don't seem to be mold. It is not present on any of my other trees or any of the other branches on this tree.

👤You have to assemble the top part of the tree, shown in the picture, after you received the tree in a long small box. We bought a taller planter for it because we didn't like the small one. When we opened it, it looked like plastic, but I wanted to see how it looked put together, so we fluffed the stems to make it look better, and we put it on a corner. The lighting in the room where the tree is going to be placed will affect the look of the tree. The tree is still full enough to please customers, even though it is not as full as depicted on Amazon. The quality of the tree is still good for the price, if you want a tree that looks natural with any type of light, then this is not the tree for you.

10. LESING Artificial Decorative Farmhouse Decoration

LESING Artificial Decorative Farmhouse Decoration

A romantic look for centerpiece table decoration can be created with rustic lavender and vintage metal vase. The lavender bouquets are more vivid because of the plastic flowers and leaves. The paint finish on the metal milk can vase has been painted in a shabby look. The lavender flowers have a height of 14.2 inches and 5 stems per lavender bunch in a metal vase. There are 6 lavender flowers bunch and a vintage metal vase in this package. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Lesing

👤The negative reviews should not deter you. It has white dust. I beat the snot out of it. It's funny. The dust is gone. The flowers are beautiful. May you return for more!

👤The box was too small and the flower tops were bent over. The flowers had some sort of white "litter" that shook them off. It was hard to not breathe in this litter. I didn't use the flowers because they weren't up to what they should have been. I liked the vase even though it wasn't worth all the money. The box was bent over the end of the flowers. Would not recommend it.

👤There are artificial flowers and fake plants. If I had more time for hobbies, I would have bought the plastic lavender flowers at the dollar store for $5. There is a This is too much. Where are the artificial flowers that had the white stuff falling? Maybe they went with plastic because of complaints? You can make your own. I'm returning mine.

👤The flowers look fake, but I liked the base. The lavender flowers don't have to have a lot of colors.

👤This is not worth what I paid for. The box had a lot of white powder dust when I opened it. I will be sending it back because of an allergic reaction.

👤The flowers look real and I love them. I was surprised how tall it is. It is perfect for my kitchen table. This accent is perfect for your home. The candles I bought from Amazon matched perfectly.

👤The look of this is gorgeous. It can compliment any room. There is a purple themed bathroom with 2 lavender flower small canvases and mason jars. I get a lot of praise. It is a bit pricey. It is very light. It is wrapped in a vase and has artificial lavender in 3 bunches. Unwrapping a newspaper under a box is a good idea. The lavender is covered in white powder. When you take the plastic off the 3 bunches, it is in the Amazon box. I shook it off. Some pieces fell off but were able to snap back on.

👤The flowers were all bent from being squeezed in a small box, and it just looks cheap. Dollar General has a better arrangement for $6. It's a waste of money.

11. Artificial Succulent Plants Rustic Planter

Artificial Succulent Plants Rustic Planter

The gift ideas are packaged in polyfoam. It's a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, Christmas, housewarming, new couples, thanksgiving day, mother's day, etc. The person is a brown and black person. If you can't keep a cactus alive for more than a few weeks and the number of skeletons is high, you'll love the convenience of their artificial plants. Artificial Succulents. You'll get all the benefits of a real plant without all the problems of dying, flying, and being neglected. Treat yourself! Plants are Artificiales Decorativas. No maintenance is needed, but love everything, but hate watering, weeding, and GASP. If you're not a fan of manual labor, or you live in a small apartment or teen dorm room with little sunlight, fake plants artificial with pot are a great way to add some greenery to your home. When you're bored with this room decor, do a thorough dusting. They should all "live laugh love" in their home. Are you looking for a decorative way to liven up your home? Farmhouse kitchen decor, pink room decor, shelf decor accents, rustic farmhouse decor, centerpiece table decorations, blush pink room decor, bathroom counter decor, decorations for shelves, plant wall decor, entryway table art with their faux succulents in pots, are some of the things you can decorate your fireplace mantle Artificial Plants and flowers are made from the highest grade plastic material. The pots are not waterproof and should be kept away from water. Plants are not removed from the fake soil without permanent damage. Their mini plants are not directly attached to the wooden tray box. The artificial pots for the small plants are 2.25" on each side. The wood box planter is 8 inches high. No more being embarrassed by your BROWN THUMB. Mother's day, father's day, anniversary, white elephant ideas, center piece are some of the memorable gifts they make. Order your Sophia's Garden artificial succulents now and you will never have to deal with the hassle of keeping live shrubs again. The company is based in the USA. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. Order now!

Brand: Sophia's Garden

👤These are adorable and what I was looking for. They were packed well and came very fast. I thought they were too small when I opened them. They are perfect size when I put them on the toilet. The wooden box is quality as well as the quality. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Very small. I think I should have paid more attention to the measurements. It is still cute, but too small for what I wanted it for.

👤You can barely see the words. I know it's supposed to be rustic, but the letters were missing. Not worth the price.

👤I love this item. I didn't read the dimensions because I thought it was cute, but I found the perfect spot for it on top of my bathroom toilet. It adds greenery to my bathroom and I don't have to worry about forgetting to water it.

👤This product is very popular. I am very disappointed. It looks silly on my tv stand. The yellow is not as yellow as the picture shows.

👤I thought it was bigger and I was getting two, because of the different writeups on the box.

👤The plants look real.

👤The little Succulent are what I wanted. The size is perfect. Specific detainers are spot on! The red color isn't gawdy. Very realistic, red. It was in perfect condition. Highly recommend!

👤Cuisine trs beau.

👤It's super cute. All visors are small. I was happy with my purchase, it came in good condition and was delivered quickly. I add some character to my fireplace mantle.

👤Cute item, smaller than expected, and has a huge line through the writing. I don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it. It is really disappointing to get a product that is not looking as advertised.

👤There is a cute item advertised. However, smaller than expected and has a huge line through the writing. I don't want to have to return it. But won't be ordering again.

👤It would be perfect if it was just a 1/2 inch bigger. I bought it to sit on the window sill. There was small damage on the top edge of the box. I will try to diminish the obvious.


What is the best product for decorative plants for living room?

Decorative plants for living room products from Viverie. In this article about decorative plants for living room you can see why people choose the product. Winlyn and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plants for living room.

What are the best brands for decorative plants for living room?

Viverie, Winlyn and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plants for living room. Find the detail in this article. Vickerman, Nearly Natural and Elysianze are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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