Best Decorative Plants for Shelf

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1. Kurrajong Farmhouse Artificial Concrete Beautiful

Kurrajong Farmhouse Artificial Concrete Beautiful

This faux greenery arrangement is a wonderful centerpiece for weddings and other occasions, with its realistic appearance and beautiful color. It is a great gift for Mother's Day. Small faux plant pot in gorgeous pots are their specialty. Their fake plants look and feel real. Plants in rustic pots add elegance to any home decor. This realistic fake plant pot is perfect for book shelf decor, bathroom decor, dorm decor, mantle decor, bedroom decor or office desk decor. Save time. The fake succulent is easy to maintain. No watering, no fertilising. Save money. Artificial plants last a long time. Replacing plants is no longer possible. A faux potted plant is a great gift for mom, or a perfect house warming present, because it is artificial. 100% happiness guarantee. If you don't like your potted plant, please contact them and they will make it for you.

Brand: Kurrajong Farmhouse

👤The package was well packaged and it was more solid than I thought. I was skeptical that I was paying too much, but I really like it. It makes my bathroom pop with color.

👤I'm impressed! The pot is made of clay and has felt on the bottom to keep it from scratching your tables, and the soil is coated with a clear epoxy so that it won't spill. It was packaged to prevent damage. I will probably get another one.

👤This plant is fake and I love it! I thought it was expensive, but my husband and daughter both thought it was real, and my daughter asked if she should water it. It's in a heavy pot. This is worth the extra money because it looks better than the fake one I bought. It was well-packaged in styrofoam. This purchase is a good one.

👤Very nice! The pot is very well made and looks like ceramic. Put it on the tv stand.

👤I bought this plant because of the reviews that it looked realistic and I think most people would want that. It's definitely a fake plant, but it passes for real. I love the pot. The design is cute and the weight is nice. It was packed nicely and securely. Adding the other options will be a consideration as well.

👤I've been wanting to get some Succulent for a long time. My two cats chew on live plants, and some of them can be toxic to cats. I was impressed with the reviews of this brand of artificial succulent and decided to purchase two of them. You would never know that they are artificial if you look at them. The pots they come in are beautiful. I will be buying them all. I think it's worth it, even though they are a bit pricey, and the plants will live forever.

👤I am happy to say that the fake plants look real. The plant is very solid and perfect for my bookshelf.

👤This is pretty on my living room table. I have a southwest theme and it works perfectly. My husband asked if I bought a new plant. He doesn't notice these things. It's not cheap, it's a nice size, and the pot it comes in is pretty. It's definitely worth it.

2. Ogrmar Artificial Greenery Bathroom Decorations

Ogrmar Artificial Greenery Bathroom Decorations

Lifelike potted plants are a great addition to your home or office decor. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Home and Office Decor is perfect to display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, desk, kitchen, window ledge, foyer and any other place to bring more realistic colors and organic style. Good quality. Plastic flowers and leaves are easy to care for. Please don't put the pots in the water, they are gray paper. Their fake plant will not die nor fade, which is why it is called Long LifeSpan. The height is approximately 4.7" Bring some fresh spring décor to your home. Small and lightweight!

Brand: Ogrmar

👤These are cute and are perfect for greenery in your decor. They are small and light. It would look great on a desk, bookshelf, or anywhere you want. Like. I like them. They are exactly what I was looking for, I have a brown thumb and kill live plants. I added photos and the one with the 20oz. The bottle is for reference.

👤I love my faux plant. I wanted to show a picture of how I received it, but I didn't want to ruin it. Perfectly fine! Would definitely recommend.

👤I followed my gut and went with the green plant. It looks like a boxwood plant. The pot is a mixture of tan and gray and is neutral. I will be back for a bigger one once my kitchen renovation is done. The plant is securely wrapped and no damage was done when it arrived.

👤I was worried that the round shape would take up too much space. The lack of sun made it difficult to keep a live plant alive. It worked well for my small space. The cherry on top was added by me.

👤The decoration for the bathroom Vanity was smaller than expected. Very pretty, subtle color.

👤I can't keep a plant alive. This is perfect! It makes my bathroom feel green. I don't have to care for it. I'm sure it won't die on me.

👤I wanted to give my in laws a gift. The plant looked great on the soap tray. A perfect size and very cute.

👤It is advertised as such. It is very cheap. If you didn't care much, it would be fine, but if looks are a must, I would get a different one. The plant and the pot are easy to break, so you have to hold it by the bottom or drop it. It works best on a desk or shelf that needs something to fill up space.

👤I am happy with the plant. It is small, but works well in the spot I bought it for.

3. Artificial Succulents Realistic Decoration 2 5 2 75in

Artificial Succulents Realistic Decoration 2 5 2 75in

Trigg can be used to hold everything from greenery to office supplies, and comes complete with easy to follow instructions. Artificial plants are designed for home and office decoration. It's perfect for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bookshelf, desk, counter or any other place you want to add vitality. The plants included are Echeveria laui and Haworthia coarctata f. greenii. The fake Succulent potted plants with vivid color and exquisite workmanship give you a realistic feeling when you touch them. Premium quality non-toxic PE&EVA material made leaves, soil and PP pots are safe and durable. They are eco-friendly, safe for humans and pets, and will remain beautiful for a long time. They are easy to maintain, you don't need to take care of them often. It is perfect for people who love Succulent but don't know how to take care of them. Backed by a 1-year quality warranty. If you have a question, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Luckygreenery

👤Cute, look real, can be found cheaper, but these all match. I was asked if they were real by a friend. I had to cut the yellow flower to keep them all the same.

👤So cute! I saw a list of great stuff to buy on Amazon. The new year's resolution to buy less unnecessary stuff was completely ignored. I want to pretend to be a competent plant owner and get some green stuff into the house, but I keep killing real plants. These look realistic. There is a They are very small, so they are 2 inches by 3 inches. Still surprised by how small they are. There is a miniature tea set. They are lightweight and would be good for anyone who has issues moving heavy plants.

👤They were cute and served their purpose. I got them for the bathroom. I knew they were fake plants, but the dirt, jar, and plant are all plastic. I don't care at all. I can not keep real ones alive. I wanted to let people know if they wanted to use it for something that would be seen up close.

👤This product is light weight and I love it. They were cheap. If you are worried about not being able to wrap them or not knowing where to put them, they come in a cool box and are easy to put them in. They are easy to unwrap. They are really cute. They look real. If you read this review, you will see that I love the pots and they are not too big or small, so I am very happy to have this fake. This product is light weight and I love it. They were cheap. If you are worried about not being able to wrap them or not knowing where to put them, they come in a cool box and are easy to put them in. They are easy to unwrap. They are really cute. They look real. If you read this review, you will see that I love the pots and they are not too big or small, so I am very happy to have these little fake succulents.

👤I was looking on Amazon for fake Succulent to use for a party and then use for home decor. I was initially dismayed because they were all so expensive. I stumbled upon this find. You can get the same thing from Ikea, but when you factor in the shipping, time, and gas it's not as good. The plants looked real to me. The "dirt" is not as realistic as it could be, but no one will be looking that close. I was very satisfied with the quality of the product and the look of it, but I wish the container looked a little nicer.

👤Cute. But small! It looks cheap. Not going to come back because it is decent looking.

👤I was very excited to receive these in the mail. They were not what I pictured. One plant lays down inside the planter. The pictures allude to the fact that they are small, but they are not. The planter looks like it would be made of clay, but it is not. It's just plastic. I will return these and head to Marshall's. The plastic plants look decent, but they are too small for me. Such a shame.

4. Whonline Artificial Hanging Plants Outdoor

Whonline Artificial Hanging Plants Outdoor

POTEY leather plant hanger is made from premium vegan leather and is durable enough for long-time use. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them so they can offer a full refunds and returns service. POTEY is dedicated to providing a 100% satisfaction experience. The package includes an artificial hanging plant. The whole length of the pot is 28.6 ", and it's 3.5 " x 3.2 ". The leaves are made with high quality plastic. The material does not fade easily. The small potted plant looks real and can be kept green all the time. You can put it on the bookshelf or use it to decorate. The potted plant is made of plastic and is fully packaged and shipped. It is normal for fake leaves to smell. The smell of the plant will be gone after it is put in aventilated environment.

Brand: Whonline

👤Everything I was expecting. Will order again. There is a This is a good quality artificial plant killer that will make it look like you have a green thumb but really you kill every plant you have ever had.

👤Maybe I got something from a bad production run. This looks terrible. I will be buying the better version for half the price at ikea when I return this.

👤The produce is good. You would expect better quality for the price. I bought this and went to Ikea a week later and saw the exact same thing. I wanted a second one. I bought it at Ikea. It was $7.

👤I bought these plants because I can't keep plants alive. I mixed these with some faux flowers to make our backyard look better.

👤Just buy it. It looks real. They are exactly like the ones you buy at ikea.

👤It looks fine but it smells like plastic. I washed it with baking soda.

👤The plant looks real. It opens my bathroom.

👤I was surprised by this. Ikea has a cheaper version, and I think it's pretty good quality, but I feel that the price is a tad high for what it is. It's easy to arrange the leaves in a way you need them to be. When I opened the box, it had a weird smell, but it didn't last long and no longer smells like anything. It's worth trying if you're on the fence about buying this. You will be happy.

👤The plastic bucket is not strong enough to hold the plastic greenery. This looks great inside of a ceramic pot and is elevated with a handmade macrome.

👤a se voit tout suite, c'est un vrai plante! Autre chose, par contre le prix c'est trs satisfaisant.

👤This product is unlike what was described. The plant is not the same as the one pictured, it is mostly white leaves. It is just three strands of faux greenery, no pot, just the strands 3. If you read reviews, I would not recommend buying this for more than a dollar.

👤This is something that I love. I got what I wanted, I'm not a fake flower person. Did smell a bit but never in the air. It's as advertised.

👤The plante is plus Petite. Le pot est tellement léger, qui reste pas stable. The plante semble. Je fortement.

5. Shelf Ideal Décor Plants Bookshelf Bohemian Shelves Boho Hanger Shelfs

Shelf Ideal D%C3%A9cor Plants Bookshelf Bohemian Shelves Boho Hanger Shelfs

The rustic and versatile wall decorative storage shelves with gorgeous box is a perfect gift for your family and friends as birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas presents. They will deliver outstanding products and service to you and your family. The macrame shelves are PREMIUM. It was made from the finest quality wood and cotton. The shelves have a warm finish. It's ideal for plants, pictures, and more. The floating shelves can be used to match a variety of decors. Your friend and family will love the gift box. It's easy to hang indoors or outdoors. The wooden shelf can be attached to the wall. Next to your window, display your favorite things in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, bedroom or any room. The rope is either white or colored. It can be hung from the wall next to a window or in the corner. This shelf is made from 100% pine wood and is strong and durable. It will make a nice addition to your living space. It can be used as a floating shelf or wall hanging shelf. Instantly adds warmth to the room. It's perfect for porches, living rooms, and indoor gardens. Plants are hung from walls in the corner or next to windows. This wooden shelf is a perfect touch for your wall decorations. The handmade macramé can complement any décor. It's perfect as a floating shelf, a bookshelf, a plant shelf, decor shelving, kitchen shelf, bathroom decor, bohemian macrame decorations. The macrame is 34 X 16 in. The board is 15 X 5.75 in. They will give you a brand new one if you have any trouble for any reason. They are more than happy to help you out.

Brand: Whole Valu

👤The burgundy color looks great against the peach walls. I had a hard time keeping it hanging straight, and when I put a couple of ceramic doodads on it, it fell down. They fell onto the sofa. It's a bit crooked now. I'm afraid to change it because it'll tip over again, and both sides of the shelf should be equal in weight, or it won't hang evenly. The type shelf with macrame set into holes in the shelf with a bead or knot at the bottom would be a better choice.

👤I have a shelf that I can use to hang some small, carnivorous plants that need standing water to sit in. I needed to be able to move it quickly. There is a The shelf is made of good quality cotton rope with a pine colored wood board. I don't know the weight capacity, but it's holding up my plants, platter, and water just fine. The board is easy to level as it sits in a rope loop on each end. You would have to put it in place if you wanted to permanently fix it. I would recommend it for hanging plants or lighter items.

👤I didn't have to drill or anything to install this shelf, it hangs on a normal picture hook that I already had on my wall. The design and color are gorgeous. I don't know how well it would hold up with heavier objects, though it feels sturdy.

👤I ordered another one from the same company, but this time with three shelves, because I loved it so much. Both are wonderful. It's cute and perfect for holding small plants. The color is my favorite. It is beautiful.

👤It looked exactly as I expected it to. The shelf is not permanently attached because it is supported by two loops. I placed a potted plant on it after leveling it. I love it!

👤It is nice but not strong. It was expected to be more teal like the picture shows. It looks like a hunters green. I like it and am keeping it, but I am a little disappointed. I think it was a good deal.

👤You can hang it using many different ways, and I love the color selections. It's easy to install the shelf if you want it. I don't use the shelf yet but I believe it would be strong enough for a small plant or candle if hung up with a nail.

👤The wall hanging is gorgeous. Looks like the pictures. It is easy to install a small shelf.

6. FORESTBARN Hanging Shelves Rustic Decor

FORESTBARN Hanging Shelves Rustic Decor

Artificial mixed Succulent plants in a decorative weathered gray wooden rectangular planter can be used as a gift for your friends, teachers, cowokers, lovers and family members. Bring your room to life. Laying out your favorite plants and Succulents with Rustic wood hanging shelves is a great way to embrace nature. Add new dimensions. Are you looking for wall decor to add interest to your space? It might be for you. It's easy to set up your wall hanging decor. Invitation home. The Triangle Wall is an experiment. The hanging shelves are supposed to create an atmosphere for those who step inside. Tell a story. There are hand made items in the display. Your memories tell a story, so feature what you love. Click the button below to ask a question. It's a good idea to use it for product defects found on the day of arrival.

Brand: Forestbarn

👤Cute. You can change the back strings for a different look. The shelf was a little crooked when I received it because of two of the ropes being shorter than the other two. I was able to resolve that on my own. Cute product for a price. They are cute and a great value. I needed to make it look cleaner. The knots under the boards looked sloppy when I hung them. I had to drill in the bottom four holes halfway up the pre drilled hole for a larger bottom hole. The knot would not be visible when hanging up. Hope this helps, and hope the manufacturer starts to do this on their own, because it gives it a much more finished and polished look.

👤I love these! They are better quality than I expected. It was very well made.

👤Highly recommend the shelves. Don't put too much weight on these shelves. I put a few plants on them.

👤Quality is small and unstable on the wall. Even books get too big for a 6” pot, even though I brought it to hang my plants. I will keep them because they look cute, but I will have to buy some tiny cacti or Succulents. They are not a shelf you can use as storage.

👤It is exactly as depicted and it is cute! I was surprised they were the size I wanted them to be. I always expect things to be smaller than advertised, but these were not. I pictured them to be the size I wanted them to be. I love it!

👤I love these shelves. They are easy to hang up. I got another set for the bathroom because I love them so much. They have a classic, upscale look that would look great with a variety of decor. These shelves are very good.

👤I love hanging shelves. I wanted to keep the greenery out of the reach of the kids. The strings have a geometric design. The design makes it look nice even though it's one plant per shelf. It's a perfect size for my wall.

👤Not as grey as the pictures show. It is more wood with grey stain. When you get up close you can see grey, but when you look straight at them it is wood/tan colored. I like the idea of them but they don't match my decor.

7. MyGift Artificial Succulent Geometric Planter

MyGift Artificial Succulent Geometric Planter

A variety of mini artificial plants are potted in pots. Plants don't need watering, sunlight or additional maintenance to look fresh and vibrant. These artificial plants have a realistic look thanks to the plant greenery and faux pebble soil. Geometric design is easy to display on any desk or surface. The dimensions are 2.5 H - 4.0 H x 2.5 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤These little things are adorable. I can not get over it. I am a guy that doesn't like to decorate and here I am, trying to find places to put these cuteass Succulent around my house... What do you think will happen next? I ran out. What should I do? I bought two more sets. If only my dad knew about these decisions.

👤I wanted to add a bit of life to the basement living room that doesn't get much sun. I was excited to get the small pops of color in the mail. As soon as I opened the box, I found a plastic smell that was worse than anything I have ever smelled. I had to put these outside to see if being out of the box and in fresh air would help. The smell is still strong and I can not bring it into my house. I can't recommend these, but I wish I could.

👤These are cute. Our bathroom has a small size for accents. I would be able to put them there. They have been sprayed with Fabreeze two times and have sat outside for three days. The smell... Oh my gosh, the smell! I mean RANK. The smell of them overpowering the room is what makes them sit in a bathroom. How can such plants stink so bad? I would like to describe the smell. The best thing I can say is a little plastic, a little weed and a little chemical. I have gotten products with a strong plastic smell before it dissipated out of the wrapping. The stench is hanging on these. These will be perfect if the smell goes away. If you have an outdoor patio, get them. I warn you of the smell, but I can't promise it will go away because we are on day three.

👤These little plants are adorable. They were what I wanted. I considered making my own display, but realized it was a lot cheaper. They are perfect for my bookshelf. Happy.

👤The plants look realistic compared to fake ones. I am giving this a 2/6 stars because my plants broke. I can't see how the center one is getting damaged, so I assume the products are getting damaged when sent to the facilities. If you don't mind taking a risk and getting some broken pots, I would buy it.

👤These were so cute that I bought them. I had to put them outside as the smell was too bad to have them inside. They stink after 2 weeks sitting outside. I found that they hold up well outdoors and are decorating a small table. That wasn't the reason I bought them in the first place.

👤I bought these for my bathroom.

👤One of the plants was not happy when it arrived in the box. I opened the box and it was in pieces. Individually wrapping each one would prevent this.

👤Sper contenta. Son pequeas, son exactamente lo quera! Se tienes gusto. Las ame!

👤Cuidadosamente empacadas, tal Cual, tienen las especificaciones.

8. JACKCUBE DESIGN Floating Decorative Brackets

JACKCUBE DESIGN Floating Decorative Brackets

Each Floor is only for items, not laminates. A small size is perfect for storing your knick knacks and fits in every room of your house. Modern and adorable. The light wood shelf with curved metal brackets is lovely and stylish. The beautiful brackets were designed to give a sophisticated and elegant look, that goes well in any place you place it. Great quality. The floating shelf was made out of wood and metal. It can support the weight of your precious stuff such as plants, books, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, perfumes, or watches. The set of 2 Shelves is used to display small décor items. Keep your home décor items safe and clean by keeping them on the decor shelves. These wall mounted wooden shelves look great with any other furniture in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office. There are bath products and office supplies to organize. Perfect gift for your parents, family members, friends, or neighbors. The set of 3 shelf is the ideal size for any room, and it can be decorated with all your collections, photos and more.

Brand: J Jackcube Design

👤I was surprised by the quality of the shelves. The frames are well made and can be left in their original condition or painted to match your decor. I painted mine white. They came out perfect. Don't let the price scare you off from buying these, they are worth twice as much as they are stated to be.

👤The shelves are in good shape. The wood is rough and unfinished. They are fine once that is done. I would have bought them anyway if I had known I needed to do it.

👤It's easy to hang with ouks on the wall. Using as tack.

👤It is okay. I thought it would be for a while.

9. Homode Floating Geometric Decorative Farmhouse

Homode Floating Geometric Decorative Farmhouse

The metal and wood shelf is very different from the other and is perfect for any home. Geometric circular shape shelves are perfect for organizing and displaying items. The pieces are made from high quality stained wood and finished with iron galvanized brackets. The structure is designed to be sturdy and stress-free. Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included. Quality and satisfaction guarantee, weight: 4lb.

Brand: Homode

👤Don't bother. It's disappointing. Styrofoam has no pilot holes. The framing is crooked. Flimsy. I put it in the laundry room because no one will ever see it.

👤This is the most adorable wall shelf. I'm obsessed with it. It's easy to assemble, but you have to measure it because it doesn't have a marking on where to nail the wood to the metal.

👤The unit has a nice artistic look. The unit is small and holds a lamp, several remotes and a few decorative items. Good that it's manageable. The frames should be put together and the boards set on the frame. The shelves should be marked where the screw will go. To start the hole, remove the shelves and screw the screws into the marked area. Place the frame and remove the screws. The final build is easier if the hole is started.

👤I bought this shelving unit a few months ago and am now putting it together. I need to get it together. There are no holes or marks for where to align the shelves in this mess. I'm trying to center the shelves because the diamond is not symmetrical and the outer boards are not uniform. It is not easy to screw the shelves on because you have to turn the thing on its side to do so and it will fall apart. Buy something else if you get the headaches.

👤This is a great value. I used a larger head screw to hold the wall mount in place, so it won't slip off. The boards would have been hanging from screws if I had flipped it around. The wood boards are very lightweight and the support screws are small, so they would fall down. The boards are supposed to be supported from underneath, so I hung the other way so that the wall mount portion of the board could be used for the best support. It's easy to install. I like the look.

👤It is a very unique piece, but it is not very high quality. It wasn't supposed to be, but it's become the centerpiece of my living room because it's so eye catching. The metal frame that held the shelves came bent. I had to adjust the shelf so it was a little crooked, but I hung it on the wall and it was all right.

👤The measurement of this shelf is more accurate than the one in the couch photo. It is easy to use the screwdriver for the hardware if you measure the screw placement in the wood. I didn't return it because I like the style, but because it's not worth the price.

👤It was smaller than I anticipated. More so for items. Do not use this shelf for large items. There were not pre-drilled holes for the metal stick that connects the diamond bar. I had a hard time sticking the bars into the holes. It works for the purpose of a shelf and is cute, but for the price, it should have been put together. I used this in the bathroom because it was large.

10. Velener Potted Plastic Bamboo Leaves

Velener Potted Plastic Bamboo Leaves

The farmhouse-themed artificial Rosemary plant brings in the countryside charm. This shrub with its artificial needle-like leaves and bright green colour is an ideal addition for Christmas and New Year celebrations. It's perfect for all spaces. The small artificial plant is 7 x 7 x 7.5 inches. The green plant is great for living room setup. The fake plant is made from high-quality plastic that does not wear off. The plant doesn't fade and requires minimal care like cleaning with a damp cloth. The artificial shrub comes with a lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly pot. The pot should be kept away from water to maintain its structure. This faux plant is perfect for holiday decorations and can be gifted to your friends and family who love to enjoy the festivities with subtle hints of greenery. This faux plant is perfect for holiday decorations and can be gifted to your friends and family who love to enjoy the festivities with subtle hints of greenery.

Brand: Velener

👤It's a nice addition to my patio.

👤This plant is beautiful, well made, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's an incredible value for the price. I placed this one in a basket that I already owned. It is a great addition to my desk.

👤I was not happy with the plant. The plastic looks very plastic. I will keep it because it's too much trouble to return, but I'm not happy with it.

👤I knew this item would be special and I was not disappointed. The stone pot provides a great texture and the colors are vivid and real-like. I bought this for my bathroom, which does not have natural light, and it looks great. Excellent and would recommend! It's a good thing.

👤These products are adorable. No one is scrutinizing or tsk-tsk-ing because they are artificial. They are care-free. I have several throughout the house and swap them out. Sometimes I wish they were real because I'm a real person. I remind myself that they wouldn't be on my watch.

👤I received this item today. I love the look and feel of this item. It is very small. This is the only weakness of the item. The leaves look real. I would definitely buy it. I would love to see it in a bigger size. I believe that it is too expensive.

👤This is cute. I like how convincing it is, there is no plastic look to it, you have to look closely to see it is a fake plant. There is a It's perfect for on top of a drawer.

👤I've been looking at this plant for a long time and I've read all the good reviews. Artificial plants that had good reviews were terrible. I decided to try and get a decent plant. The little guy is amazing. It is very realistic. The top of the "soil" is colored to look like dirt. The best pulp pot I have seen is the one that is sturdy. The price is very reasonable and I am very happy I made this purchase.

👤It was a bit smaller than expected, but a nice looking fake.

👤I thought it was more expensive than it is. It is cheap plastic that makes it easy to break off. There are better options.

👤It is smaller than you would think. It's cute from afar but not great up close.

11. Veryhome Fake Succulent Plants Artificial Faux Succulents 4pcs Plastic Mini Potted Fake Succulents Flower Arrangements

Veryhome Fake Succulent Plants Artificial Faux Succulents 4pcs Plastic Mini Potted Fake Succulents Flower Arrangements

100% satisfaction guarantee If the product has any quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory solution or refund service, and your satisfaction is their main concern. Succulent plants are great for home decoration. Mini Succulent with pots are perfect for offices, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen window decor. Your home will be filled with liveliness and strength. These artificial Succulent have a realistic and real touch. Mini fake Succulents are the best choice for those who don't have time for live Succulents. These faux Succulent potted are very cute and safer than real ones for houses with pets. Don't water the plants if you want to stay close to nature. Their plastic Succulents are great for Arboretum. You can put it in your own vase to make your own style home decor. Whether you are decorating a wreath, a planter, a terrarium, filling a glass container or simply using in individual decorative mini pots, their succulent will give you an interesting addition to your creation. The approximate dimensions of these fake plants are 2.75 W X 3.25 H. The plants are in inches. The pot is approximately 5 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm tall. Set of 4 assorted mini Succulent is great to decorate small spaces in your home, such as shelf, desk, nightstand, windowsill, TV stand, table, bookshelf, cabinet, etc. The fake plant is made of a healthy material that is safe for children and pets. All of the plastic plants are non-toxic and odourless, a perfect gift idea for your families and friends on many occasions.

Brand: Veryhome

👤I had one sitting on a floating shelf and my dad came in and poked the tip of it to see what kind of plant it was. If they can fool my dad, they're pretty rad.

👤I love them. They are the right size for my office space. I would recommend anyone.

👤These are very fake. These are the lowest quality that I've ever purchased, and I have had many real and artificial ones. Don't waste your money. It's super dissatisfied.

👤I love them and it is worth the price. I received bonus flowers.

👤I didn't like it when I arrived and purchased it based on the reviews. These are tiny, tiny to the point that they would be perfect to use on a dollhouse, but not for a room in a typical house. You have to squint to see this. It doesn't work. This is not for grown ups with money because there are better options, but it would be cool for college kids or young adults living in small spaces.

👤They are small and cute. I bought them for my friend's birthday and she's going to love them.

👤If you are looking for a small thing, look no further, it will serve its purpose if you want something bigger. It's very cute.

👤These are adorable. After reading some of the other reviews, I was hesitant but my little Succulent arrived in perfect condition. I don't have to worry about keeping the rocks alive because they stay put. They are a good value for the price. I will be buying more.

👤Sper lindas y decorativas. Estn mini.

👤THe service et the qualité j'ai beaucoup. A 100% merci encore.



What is the best product for decorative plants for shelf?

Decorative plants for shelf products from Kurrajong Farmhouse. In this article about decorative plants for shelf you can see why people choose the product. Ogrmar and Luckygreenery are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plants for shelf.

What are the best brands for decorative plants for shelf?

Kurrajong Farmhouse, Ogrmar and Luckygreenery are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plants for shelf. Find the detail in this article. Whonline, Whole Valu and Forestbarn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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