Best Decorative Plants for Table

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1. CEWOR Plants Artificial Plastic Decoration

CEWOR Plants Artificial Plastic Decoration

The Mini Macramé Wall arts are perfect for bringing the bohemian vibe into any room. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers. Two potted plants are in the package. They're not real Rosemary. The diameter and height of each pot are the same as the height of the plant. Plants are made of high quality plastic. Their designers color the products by observing the real plants, so as to make them look realistic. Don't put the basin in water because it's made of pulp. The product won't need care and won't wither. If there is dust, wipe it off with a cloth. They are suitable for an office or desk. They can be used to decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom and other places. They can make the interior look better. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Cewor

👤I wanted to put these over my kitchen cabinets. I bought a second set because I loved them so much.

👤They look real from far away. You can move the branches to get the look you want. The base is strong. It's perfect for our small wall decor shelf.

👤They are perfect for small spaces.

👤I decided to use the plants for another space after I liked them so much. They will be easy to use elsewhere when I want to change things up.

👤These are cute and add color to my home. If you leave them outside, the cement will melt off. If you are expecting to keep something outside in the cement bottom, this product is not for you. If I know it's going to rain, I take them inside. I will buy again.

👤I decorated my kitchen with plants that made it stand out. You can see them up close. That is. It is plastic. It is still pretty. The plant holder is of good quality. I would buy more.

👤I posted a picture of a roll of toilet paper. These are too small.

👤This is very cute. We needed a plant stand that could survive the heat. They are the perfect size and look realistic. Very cute pots. It was a good recommendation.

👤I like the product, but there is too much of a gap at the base of the plant. I will probably buy some rocks to put in that area.

2. Sunm Boutique Eucalyptus Artificial Branches

Sunm Boutique Eucalyptus Artificial Branches

These tablecloths are easy to care for, they are spill-proof, water and oil resistant. All liquids are easy to clean. You can wash in cold water. It requires little or no ironing. Don't lecture. Sunm boutique Eucalyptus Potted Plants are made of soft plastic which is poisonless and safe. Fashionable design. These adorable potted are perfect to add color to any arrangement. It is well made and vibrant. There is a wide application. Plants are used for bathroom, office table, computer desk, bedroom home decoration. Sunm boutique has a potted plant with 9 branches and a total flower height of 888-276-5932 888-276-5932. From the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot. They care about every customer's feedback and fine-tune every detail to improve quality.

Brand: Sunm Boutique

👤I thought I was buying a real plant when I bought it because I failed to read the description. I was impressed when I unboxed it, it looked exactly like the photo. I realized the oil was fake after touching it. It's still nice and a relief that I don't have to worry about killing another plant. Add a dash of essential oil to get that plant feeling.

👤This plant is doing well in my entry hall. The plant is on the left side, and it is with plants from other shops. It's perfect for spaces in your home that don't get enough sunlight or are too cold for plants to thrive.

👤I've gotten a lot of praise for my faux plant. Lots of people think it's true. I would buy the other plants if they were the same style.

👤There are better options for greenery like this. It's too light. The base is cheap and plastic.

👤It looks like a stack of plastic. The appearance is not realistic. The white plastic pot was dirty when it arrived. It was like someone took it off of the shelf and put it in a box. YUCK!

👤The little plant is in a white pot. It's perfect for a small table or a small area in your home. It is worth the cost. I would highly recommend it. It was well packaged for shipping.

👤The plant is small for the money. It is small but works well for the small space where I want it. It looks like a fake, but otherwise it looks nice.

👤The pot is light and not the best replica of "real", so don't use outside.

3. CEWOR Artificial Bathroom Decorations Multicolored

CEWOR Artificial Bathroom Decorations Multicolored

There is a guarantee of success. It's backed by the Seeko 90-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee. The dimensions are 4.3 in and 4.7 in from the plant top to the pot base. A set of 4, 2 green, 1 white and 1 purple. The flowers and leaves are made of high quality PE plastic. The flower pots are made of grey paper and do not need to be wet. It is made from high-quality plastic and is more realistic than other artificial plants. They will not need maintenance or care. Artificial potted plants bring green life and freshness to your living space. It can be used as decorations for furniture. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in a lot of places such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, bookshelf, entrance hall and so on.

Brand: Cewor

👤I think it's not a problem with the plants at all, I have been told it's 5 or 6 inches. These plants look a bit silly in all the places I bought them for. I stuck them on my table because it's not worth it to return.

👤These are adorable and will make a big difference in the area you place them in. I was told by my coworkers that they are pretty. You could tell the purple and white flowers were not real. The product was well packed. I'm happy I bought this.

👤It's very useful and compatible with small confined spaces.

👤I had a small shelf in the guest bathroom. I knew they were small, but I wasn't going to complain because they were cheap. I was surprised when they showed up. They were well packaged, but you can't tell they're not real when you're close to them. They are perfect. The little plant pot looks fancy and they have a good weight to them. The pots had a purple tint. I didn't mind it, but I was not sure if it was intentional or not. They add some nice little decor to small spaces. You won't be disappointed if you know what you're getting. The plants are cute and decent quality.

👤These items are great for a small window ledge in our bath. I don't have to water it. The two green ones look realistic while the white one is not. The purple one was not realistic so that it was donated immediately. As they will get flattened, you have to be careful how you store them. The weight of them is perfect.

👤These plants are artificial. They are a nice decoration. They can look real even if they aren't very real. I highly recommend them.

👤The purple one looks fake and cheaper than the other three, which look pretty good. They look great in my bathroom.

👤Great product! The shipping was very fast. I read reviews and looked at photos before buying and the plants are great. The tops of them were a little smooshed from shipping, but easily fixed with some maneuvering. This is a common problem with shipping. The quality is really good. I'm going to look at the brand's other products.

👤Son tienen acualquier espacio. Son pequeas, un gran detalle donde las pongas. He visto plantas artificiales ms reales. Yo s una recomiendo.

👤Pésima calidad! The base of las macetas is deshace. En la imagen parece, pero en realidad. Adems, pésima atencin al cliente por parte del vendor; ya that se niega a la devolucin a pesar de. No lo recomiendo!

👤The producto is tal y se muestra. The momento el costo-beneficio es muy bueno. Las hermosas se ven hermosas, no se notan de mala calidad ni artificiales de primera mano. Aunque quiz sera, pero tiene una base de unicel. An as, son tan lindas. No dudara en adquirir. excelente compra y sin ningn problema.

👤Lamento mucho, pero no he recibido. No cancelacin del pedido. A gradeceré. No lo tienes surtir.

4. MyGift Artificial Succulent Arrangement Concrete

MyGift Artificial Succulent Arrangement Concrete

There are 12 piece small artificial moss rocks, 4 piece middle artificial moss rocks, and 4 piece big artificial moss rocks in the package. A low profile concrete planter has a mix of artificial plants and moss. A sleek industrial look is perfect for contemporary decors because of the faux Succulent potted in a gray concrete pot. Less maintenance, no messes, and lasting longevity are some of the benefits of not watering artificial plants. It makes for a great decorative touch on desks, counters, shelves, and window sills. The dimensions are Approximate. Pot with plants - 8 W x 9.7 L x 4.8 H; Pot only - 2.8 H x 8 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤It looked better in photos than it did in person. I think it's plastic-y and cheap. I'm not sure why it has so many 5-star reviews. It looks good if you are at least 20 feet away. The bowl that holds the plants looks cheap and like it was painted with grey paint instead of looking like cement, as opposed to the photos that show it. I paid $40 for it, but it looks like it cost 15 dollars. There is a The only positive thing about this product was that it was packaged well and didn't get damaged in transit. There is a The other reviews were not kidding about it smelling awful. I put this in the bathroom with my cat's litter box because of the smell. I tried spraying it with febreeze and it still smelled like fake plastic.

👤In my old age, I have become a black thumb. It used to be possible to grow anything. It's really sad. I've gotten a few of these artificial Succulent arrangements and they look great. Thank you.

👤This item is beautiful. Oh my! The smell was too strong.

👤This dish garden is wonderful. The colors and texture are realistic. It was well packaged. I love this so much!

👤Looks like a real Succulent! Beneath the plants is a layer of faux moss. Adding a few drops of essential oil to the moss was to give it some scent other than the artificial odor it comes with. I would give it to someone who didn't have a green thumb.

👤Looks legit! I have seen fake plants, but not like this one. Good value. Does have a strong smell. Unless I get really close, I haven't noticed it since then.

👤The bowl is sturdy and the colors look authentic.

👤I have tried to keep them alive, but they inevitably die. I quit! I wanted a fake one. I decided to try this one out because I didn't have to deal with trying to keep it alive again. It's sturdy and heavy, it's bright and realistic, the materials used make it look realistic. I'm impressed. It doesn't look like a fake like you see in some of the other stores. I would buy again.

5. AlphaAcc Artificial Looking Plastic Planter

AlphaAcc Artificial Looking Plastic Planter

A fake plastic plant that does not have to be maintained is always looking fresh. There is a item in total height and width. The pot is 3.50" in diameter and 3.75" high. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The leaves and planter are made of plastic. It is quite elegant and durable and does not require much upkeep. If you want to bring some greenery to the interior of your office, retail, or any other commercial setting, then they highly recommend this artificial topiary. This plant will make a room look more like home, and it can be done with a plant. If you can't keep a live plant alive, you don't have to give it sunlight or water it. It doesn't ask anything from you.

Brand: Alphaacc

👤This is a nice touch. The price is good and it has a lot of weight. The black clay pot is worth it on its own. I used the moss that came with it. The faux plant looks great. It works perfectly in my apartment. I want a million of these little things. You can't remove the faux plant from the pot. The moss is the only thing that can be removed. Hope that helps. If you don't like the style, could you always paint it?

👤I almost gave up on this plant, but decided to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. I began to warm up once I spread out the leaves as much as possible. Some reviewers said black coloring came off on their hands, so I was leery of the pot. I prepared for a mess by wiping off the pot with a paper towel soaked in alcohol. No coloring came off at all. I picked up the pot with my hands and nothing came off. The maker corrected the issue. There is no smell from the product. It was designed thoughtfully. Smaller leaves are lighter green. There are different colors in the stems. There is a nice set of rocks around the plant. If you stare at the plant at close range, the glaze will not show up, and you can rinse the leaves at a sink without spilling rocks. There are small felt pads under the pot to keep it from scratching the surface. I prefer the look of the rocks, but there is an optional packet of green fake moss. The plant was well packaged. The maker of the plant tried hard to make a nice product and put a lot of thought into its design, while also keeping it affordable. I liked the plant a lot.

👤I picked up the potted part of the plant, but my hands turned black. I did not move it to my bedroom to see how it would look on the night stand.

👤The pot is good quality and looks real on my bookshelf. There was a pack of moss to put inside the pot. I liked the rock bed that came with it. I would recommend and buy again.

👤The plant is pretty and the leaves are pretty. The pot is terrible. You cannot remove the plant from the pot since it is inside. It's perfect for a side table.

👤As far as fake plants go, leaves and stems look real. The plant is done really well, compared to other fake plants. They didn't make the leaves the same size. There is always new growth on real plants. It's good that some of the leaves are smaller. There is a The planter is neutral and attractive. I didn't like what I saw. The rocks are placed on top of the planter. They have a shiny coating on their skin. I like the look of rocks that are not shiny. The rocks are shiny and wet. There is a There is a small plastic bag with some weird green stuff. I guess it's supposed to look likemoss and put on top of the planter. The green stuff looks horrible. I threw it in the garbage. This is an artificial plant.

6. Artificial Eucalyptus Decorative Plastic Decoration

Artificial Eucalyptus Decorative Plastic Decoration

The material is high quality. The leaves are made of PE materials. Environmental protection and resilience. The pots are made of foam. The small artificial plants size is 3.88" x 9.68" x 7.18". The best shape of the artificial plants is achieved by combing the branches and leaves. Artificial plants bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home without the hassle and worry of maintenance. It is realistic in color and texture. The fake potted plants have dense clusters and realistic leaves that will stay fresh for years. The plastic plants are bright and will not fade. These potted plants decorations are perfect for display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, desk, kitchen, window ledge,foyer and any other place to bring more realistic colors and organic style.

Brand: Lelee

👤It was used for the office, studio, and gym. Was surprised by how well they looked. The pot looks good. Not very shiny. The leaves and shapes make them look fake, but you have the ability to make them look a little different. I would buy them again if we needed more.

👤I bought some inspiring signs from Amazon and used the three little plants as a backdrop. They didn't need to rearrange. Just put them on my tables. Would buy again.

👤They are smaller than I expected, even though they look faker. I used them somewhere else instead of where I wanted to, and they look fine now.

👤These are very cheap and cute for the price. I put them up on the shelves to make them look good. They are not seen up close. Plastic and container are cheap.

👤I got a black container for the plants and it looked like cheap plastic. I put them in other contianers. I'm happy with that look.

👤Plants are good for small spaces. They look cute in my studio apartment, but I have a problem with the packaging. happy with purchase

👤The fake look to the plant was ok but the plastic pot made this a bad purchase. Returned.

7. MoonLa Artificial Succulent Assorted Decorative

MoonLa Artificial Succulent Assorted Decorative

If you love it or get a full refund, they offer a special wood bead as a gift. Order it now! You can get your full price refund within 60 days if you don't like it. Set of 5Pcs Lifelike Artificial Plants with Pot. Advanced materials such as PE leaf, Aging Teated wooden pot and simulation soil make artificial plants look realistic. Home and Office Decor: Fake Succulents is perfect to display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, counter space, desk, kitchen, window ledge,foyer and any other place to bring more realistic colors and organic style. The average fake plant size is 3.5 H X 2.5. Each pot has a W X 2 H. Their fake cacti mini Succulent Plants are not need to be cared for, nor are they going to die, which is why they recommend not putting the pots in the water. 100% satisfaction customer service. If you don't like Jelofly Fake Succulent Plants for any reason, please let them know and they will give you a full refund or resend.

Brand: Jelofly

👤These little guys are adorable. I am glad I chose these because I looked through so many options. They are the perfect size for space filling in my bathroom shelves. I love the color of them. They don't look fake. The pots they came in are adorable. There is only one problem, and that is that a few of them have a white powdery substance on them. They are good to go after I ran them under the water. I would highly recommend them.

👤It was perfect! It was what I wanted. My house doesn't get a lot of natural sunlight. I knew I would kill a real one. These are realistic as well. They were wrapped in bubble wrap. I like them.

👤They were fine. Cheap looking. That was expected. They are $10 and not real plants. I didn't expect amazing quality. I was not expecting the pots to be made of paper. I had 2 people sitting on the counter in my bathroom. The pots crumbled when I washed them off after they got a little wet. They became trash. I will keep the others away from the water, but I am sad I had to trash a couple.

👤We try to keep home maintenance to a minimal because we are busy. We love these mini Succulents to accent our home. They go well with my gold accents. I have placed them all over. There is a You could even give them as thank-yous or party favors.

👤It was easy to order and delivery. They are small but cute. I needed some plants that wouldn't die from the pool spa water. Some of the leaves have plastic nubs that need to be trimmed with an exacto knife. I think they are worth the money. I will order another set because they are so cute. Update 2 days later. These are for indoors. First time getting wet, the bottoms started to fall apart. One did. It was disappointing. I would leave it a five star for inside and a no star for outside.

👤I got a fake cactus set to decorate my office shelf, but it doesn't get enough light to grow real plants. They are smaller than I thought, but they put dimensions and product photo in comparison to the tallest plant so it's just me. Each pot is balanced so you won't have to worry about it being knocked off easily, and it's light enough to hang on delicate hang shelves. The coloring looks natural.

👤They are cute and natural looking, even though they are small. It's not a problem for them to die or have to mess with watering or over watering them. They look cute grouping them together.

👤I wanted some plants for my office but didn't want them to get dry in here. I tried them. I am impressed with how realistic they are. They are not real. The little pots give a nice look.

8. Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

Plants Indoor Artificial Decor Pothos

Artificial Plants for Home Decor Indoor boast a realistic look, vibrant color, and everlasting beauty. The fake plants look great in your guest room or living room. Their artificial plant will give you a hint of green to lift your mood. These fake plants decor are high quality. Place this fake plant next to your statement pieces to complement their beauty. These artificial plants are made from plastic. You can use the fake plants as a potted desk plant in your office or as a fake hanging plant outside. The fake hanging plants' stem and leaves are sturdy and won't degrade under harsh weather. Even though the fake plants are displayed for a long time, they maintain their shape. Use artificial plants as fake plants in the bathroom and bedroom. There are fake pothos artificial hanging plants. The large fake plant is better to keep than the real ones. The faux plants indoors won't make you sick. Their fake plants are easy to take care of. You can keep the artificial plants for home decor indoors in pristine, display-worthy condition by doing occasional wiping and dusting. Small fake plants are ideal for deocrative plants in tight spaces. Imagine how their plants give life to a dull room. The faux plants look good with your decor. You can display the small plants next to the more modern decorations. Other customers use artificial plants to make empty spaces look nicer. The fake plants come with a black pot. The faux plants' pots feature a minimalist style, which allows their fake plant decor to suit almost all types of theme and color schemes. Their faux plant will give your room a sense of life and color. Artificial plants can be used as fake plants for bedroom aesthetic or office plants for desk.

Brand: Forever Leaf

👤It is the perfect size for my shelf. You can bend the stems to make them fall naturally.

👤I like this plant. I like the way the stems hang like a real pothos plant. The plant's color is realistic and can make a room look better. The ceramic pot is modern and adds to the decor. If you want to add beautiful touches to any room, this is the place to go.

👤The pothos plant looks real. My mother wanted to order one as soon as she saw my one, she couldn't believe it wasn't real before she touched it. It is one of the best faux plants I have ever seen, because of its variation in color, leaf shape, and stem thickness. I ordered the black pothos and received the white one. I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a black potted plant for free and let me keep the white one, so now I have two of these gorgeous plants. I'm eager to buy plants from this company again and I hope I'll see more of them.

👤I wanted to look at plants in my house after I killed them. This is a perfect solution.

👤The faux pothos is beautiful, because it is not up to the task of keeping real plants alive. The pot it comes in is very high quality and instead of styrofoam it has gravel cover to make it look realistic. This is the best faux plant I own. I received this plant in exchange for giving honest feedback.

👤The plant looks real even though it is a fake. It is the most real looking fake plant. I have ever owned. Highly recommended.

👤If you take the time to work with it, it will look amazing. I love plants and have a brown thumb. I kill everything I touch. This little beauty looks great in my kitchen window. I used the clear coat on it before hand so the sun wouldn't change the color. After putting in a pot, I did some twisting and bending.

👤This is a fake pothos. It looks like ours. The stems need some work to be right. The material is great and the color is dark and light.

9. Winlyn Artificial Eucalyptus Houseplants Centerpiece

Winlyn Artificial Eucalyptus Houseplants Centerpiece

The fake plant is made of a healthy material that is safe for children and pets. All of the plastic plants are non-toxic and odourless, a perfect gift idea for your families and friends on many occasions. There is a pack of 3 mini potted plants. Each houseplant comes with a paper pot for easy display. The Artificial Potted Herbs measure appr. From the top of the plant to the bottom of the pot is a tall 8 to 10.8" wide. The pots are made of paper. 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. This set of Mini Potted Greenery is silver green and is perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere for a long time. Each small houseplant is made of plastic with a flocked surface and set in a sturdy paper pulp pot that has foam soil. They will stay fresh-looking all year long. There are many places that greenery can be displayed, such as on a desk, nightstand, shelves, cabinets, windowsill, fireplace mantel, coffee tables, dining table, toilet tank, countertop, bookcase or any other small corner that needs greenery décor. They are a great gift for weddings and holidays.

Brand: Winlyn

👤Love is love! They are smaller than expected, but they are perfect! I don't have to water them because they're realistic looking and beautiful. I wouldn't be able to find my head if it wasn't attached.

👤Was very happy! Good quality! Love the look!

👤These plants were what I was looking for. The color is similar to the one pictured in the listing, which is a blueish-gray tinted green. I wouldn't say the plants look realistic, but they don't look bad if they're placed on shelves or in other nooks where they're not easy to open. The price now... There is a These plants are similar to the small potted plants you can find at Ikea for a couple bucks. The price of these little guys is rather steep even though they are better quality than their IKEA counterparts. I will be keeping them because they are the color I needed, but if you don't care about plants, I would recommend buying a few at your local Ikea or Homegoods.

👤Couldn't be happier. If they are paper, they are substantial. They look like lightweight concrete or pottery. The plants look great and the flocked color makes them look real. Great deal for the price.

👤The 8 to 10 inches are a bit short. More like 8. A stretch going for 10. I was expecting them to be a bit taller, but they are still very nice and will work. The height numbers are so true.

👤I love them. I would like them to come in a variety of pots. They are the best artificial buy I have found. They are cute and can fit in a lot of different places. I moved them from my dining table to my bathroom. I have to buy a third set for one of the kids bedrooms because I can't decide where I want them most. I will have to get more. I would like this company to make different sizes and varieties. I would buy them all. Artificial brands can't hold a candle.

👤We wanted a few different size segulls in my aunt's decorated hutch. The decor was a success, as you can see.

👤These are perfect together or apart. It's great for small areas as well.

👤The finishing touch to the room.

👤The plants look real.

10. Veryhome Fake Succulent Plants Artificial Faux Succulents 4pcs Plastic Mini Potted Fake Succulents Flower Arrangements

Veryhome Fake Succulent Plants Artificial Faux Succulents 4pcs Plastic Mini Potted Fake Succulents Flower Arrangements

100% satisfaction guarantee If the product has any quality problems, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory solution or refund service, and your satisfaction is their main concern. Succulent plants are great for home decoration. Mini Succulent with pots are perfect for offices, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen window decor. Your home will be filled with liveliness and strength. These artificial Succulent have a realistic and real touch. Mini fake Succulents are the best choice for those who don't have time for live Succulents. These faux Succulent potted are very cute and safer than real ones for houses with pets. Don't water the plants if you want to stay close to nature. Their plastic Succulents are great for Arboretum. You can put it in your own vase to make your own style home decor. Whether you are decorating a wreath, a planter, a terrarium, filling a glass container or simply using in individual decorative mini pots, their succulent will give you an interesting addition to your creation. The approximate dimensions of these fake plants are 2.75 W X 3.25 H. The plants are in inches. The pot is approximately 5 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm tall. Set of 4 assorted mini Succulent is great to decorate small spaces in your home, such as shelf, desk, nightstand, windowsill, TV stand, table, bookshelf, cabinet, etc. The fake plant is made of a healthy material that is safe for children and pets. All of the plastic plants are non-toxic and odourless, a perfect gift idea for your families and friends on many occasions.

Brand: Veryhome

👤I had one sitting on a floating shelf and my dad came in and poked the tip of it to see what kind of plant it was. If they can fool my dad, they're pretty rad.

👤I love them. They are the right size for my office space. I would recommend anyone.

👤These are very fake. These are the lowest quality that I've ever purchased, and I have had many real and artificial ones. Don't waste your money. It's super dissatisfied.

👤I love them and it is worth the price. I received bonus flowers.

👤I didn't like it when I arrived and purchased it based on the reviews. These are tiny, tiny to the point that they would be perfect to use on a dollhouse, but not for a room in a typical house. You have to squint to see this. It doesn't work. This is not for grown ups with money because there are better options, but it would be cool for college kids or young adults living in small spaces.

👤They are small and cute. I bought them for my friend's birthday and she's going to love them.

👤If you are looking for a small thing, look no further, it will serve its purpose if you want something bigger. It's very cute.

👤These are adorable. After reading some of the other reviews, I was hesitant but my little Succulent arrived in perfect condition. I don't have to worry about keeping the rocks alive because they stay put. They are a good value for the price. I will be buying more.

👤Sper lindas y decorativas. Estn mini.

👤THe service et the qualité j'ai beaucoup. A 100% merci encore.


11. LELEE Artificial Eucalyptus Decorative Decoration

LELEE Artificial Eucalyptus Decorative Decoration

This fake leaves are made of PE materials. Environmental protection and resilience. The pots are made of foam. The small artificial plants are 3.88" x 9.68" and 6.98" x 7.18". The branches and leaves should be combed to get the best shape. Artificial plants bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home without the hassle and worry of maintenance. It is realistic in color and texture. The fake plants have dense clusters and realistic leaves that will last a long time. The plastic plants are bright and will not fade. These small potted plants decorations are perfect for display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, desk, kitchen, window ledge,foyer and any other place to bring more realistic colors and organic style.

Brand: Lelee

👤These are not worth much at all. It's smaller than a pop can. They are not made well. Something rattled inside the pot after I picked up the 8. You couldn't see the foam inside the pot. You can get close to the same size at the dollar store. Not worth the money.

👤Like their size. Good for accents.


What is the best product for decorative plants for table?

Decorative plants for table products from Cewor. In this article about decorative plants for table you can see why people choose the product. Sunm Boutique and Cewor are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plants for table.

What are the best brands for decorative plants for table?

Cewor, Sunm Boutique and Cewor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plants for table. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Alphaacc and Lelee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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