Best Decorative Plastic Yard Fencing

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1. BISupply FT Safety Fence Construction

BISupply FT Safety Fence Construction

Set up a temporary barricade, such as the 4ft Safety Fence Plastic Snow Fence, or create a temporary dog fence to protect your garden from pests. The green construction fence creates a visual barrier for maximum protection, while the lightweight plastic safety fencing is designed to barricade small areas from being entered or left. 50 ft heavy duty plastic fencing can be rolled up for repeated use or can be cut down for smaller needs. Flexibility allows for straight line set up or curved formation, and it's easy to use. Each safety construction fence package rolls out to 100 feet (30.5m) long and has a 4-foot (1.2m) height; temporary fence mesh openings are 2.2 by 1.5 inch (8.6 by 3.8 cm) and may extend if exposed to high temperatures for long.

Brand: Bisupply

👤I bought this product because it seemed less expensive than others, but it turned out to be a waste of time and money. I'm not sure if it was the summer heat in Los Angeles or the sunshine, but the fencing fell apart within months. What a mess! Don't buy.

👤Click back while you can. The fence is as good as paper. You could just glue notebook paper and make holes in it and use it as a fence. This is an embarrassment for a fence and not worth a single dollar. Let alone $25.

👤Purchase green mesh to attach metal game fencing for a small orchard to keep juvenile guinea fowl inside until they grow large enough not to fit through wire game fencing. The guinea had "pecked" sections out within a day or two of completion, after spending hours in triple digit heat to install hundreds of cable ties. This could have been life threatening to our goats if it had been durable. We are going to try another containment method. I hope this helps people make better decisions.

👤The plastic is very thin and fragile. The first two feet are scored so that you can pull them apart. I guess you could say it's like a kind of perforated. The first couple of feet had to be thrown away. You can break it with your fingers. I paid 30 bucks for it. I would get my money back.

👤While our patio was being resurfaced, we were looking for a temporary fence to keep our dogs off the back patio. It was easy, along with the 4 foot poles that were suggested on Amazon. The poles had little clips and the fence fit right in between. It was easy to take the fence off the poles and roll it up for great storage after the patio was resurfaced. It will be used to section off areas of the yard that need work, as well as any areas of the pool that need work, and general fencing for our property.

👤We put this up as a temporary solution to keep our dogs out of our house until we can put up a fence around the yard. It keeps my English Mastiff in because she doesn't test the fence, but my Border Collie quickly grabbed a corner in his mouth and tore a hole through it. He doesn't go too far when he gets out. It is a safe place to let my 2 year old grandson play. I wouldn't recommend it for any situation that requires real strength and security, but it's fine for a supervised situation, or something that doesn't matter so much if something gets through. It would probably work to keep chickens out of the garden, kids and dogs out of a flower bed, but it wouldn't prevent a serious predator from getting in and killing chickens, so I wouldn't recommend it for building a chicken run. I wouldn't use it for that purpose.

👤I've ordered this product several times over the years, and it seems to get thinner every year. The deer ripped through it when I put this around the garden. Who else has cloven hooves? Yeah. The fence didn't slow them down. I could have made a better barrier by wrapping toilet paper around the fence posts. I'm giving it 2 stars because I think it will be even worse if I order another fence roll.

2. MTB Folding Overall Landscape Decorative

MTB Folding Overall Landscape Decorative

The accent piece will define subtle borders in your yard or garden. The garden fence is easy to assemble. No tools or soil digging are required to install. The shiny metal coating is rust-free and resists weatherworn damage. Tools or soil digging are not required for high visibility and decoration. Plants and flower beds are protected with wire border fencing. The arch is self-supporting and suited for various landscaping projects. Define and protect your garden, paths and landscapes to make a landscape border around a tree, a plant bed,decor picket edging, lawn.

Brand: Mtb Supply

👤I ordered the fencing for the pet barrier. My dog impaled her foot on a metal hook. She is on pain medication, antibiotics and cannot go outside for two weeks after an expensive hospital visit. If you have pets or children, don't buy. I have scratches on my legs when I remove it from my yard.

👤The product is advertised as a 5 pack of fencing for 50 feet. The total length of the 5 sections is 30 feet, which is 30 feet longer than 50 feet. This should be corrected in the item description.

👤These little border fences are easy to use and inexpensive. I am lucky that my dogs respect borders, and so far, they have kept them at bay. I know some dogs could easily hop over, but my plants stay just fine. They have not, but mine are large enough to do so. You can see the plants behind them, but not much is focused on the border fence. Thank you.

👤This type of fencing is better quality than most of the others. It was used to keep our dogs from running through the plants. I had purchased a different type of fencing and it was falling apart right out of the box, and the wire wasn't nearly as sturdy. I would recommend it. I am buying another set today.

👤If you have soft soil and the gap between each section is okay, they have already assembled them with. You have to disassemble each section and fit them back together, which is a big pain in the butt. If the ground is firm, you will have sections break off. I sent them back. If you leave them assembled and just want a simple garden fencing with worked soil, then it should work for you.

👤I just wanted to keep the dogs out of the garden bed, you get what you pay for. I ended up parenting them more. The thing is difficult to install because of its poor quality, but once I got it in it, I was surprised it stayed put. I had to relocate it temporarily and it fell apart once I removed it from the ground, so it seems this product is a one-and-done deal.

👤Over the years, I have purchased a number of the same border in white and green. This is the best quality I have ever seen. When I opened the box, I couldn't believe it. It is twice as thick as any other I have ever seen for sale, and much, much stronger.

👤The fence is high enough to keep our golden retriever out of the yard. If you have a very determined dog, the fencing can bend. The fencing is thin so it doesn't stand out in the garden. Does the job!

👤You can't put in any ground as you push them. I can't use them where I want.

👤I bought these for my parents. I needed something to hang the Christmas string lights on, not laying on the ground. The perfect solution was the Green Garden Border Folding Fence. During the warmer months, my parents can use them for other things. There is a The quality of the build is amazing.

3. Sunnyglade Privacy Screen Fencing Backyard

Sunnyglade Privacy Screen Fencing Backyard

The kit includes a 100 foot coil of lawn edging, anchoring spikes, and connectors made in the USA from recycled materials. Privacy can be achieved by fencing over a swimming pool with a chain link fence, porous decorative concealment, existing cyclone wire fence, wood retaining wall, welded wire fence, and privacy barrier around a swimming pool. Privacy fence screen is made of high quality fabric with brass grommets on each side. The fence privacy screen is 6' x 50'. There are many ways to use Multifunction, including protection for vegetable garden plants, greenhouse covering, wind blocking for plant nursery area, window shades, tennis court, shades for pet pen, and construction site. Water and air are resistant to both sun and water, no maintenance is needed. More intensive grommets are made of copper and have more grommets placed evenly along all edges. The edges are covered with a black binding. The screen can hold up in the wind with the help of the grommets and binding. It is easy to install the fence with zip ties. The fence screen has 80 straps to keep the fence closer to you.

Brand: Sunnyglade

👤I bought this fence because we have a friendly neighbor. I did the upper cable ties and husband did the lower ones, and we feel like it is very durable because it made it through a rainstorm a few days ago, and nothing is damaged. Our terrier has never tried to bite or chew on it like she does everything else. It's funny. We are very pleased with our fence.

👤When you install it on your own fence, it doesn't look like the pictures. I was very sad. You can see through it. It doesn't offer any privacy if it's a sunny day.

👤I bought this because my neighbor's dog is annoying me. I don't have to see the dog. The fence/liners are somewhat transparent so you have to double up to get the full effect. The zip ties snapped when the wind was 9 miles an hour in San Antonio, TX. I recommend buying stronger zip ties. I secured the ends of the fence with wire to prevent them from coming loose in the future. It's not pretty. It's not ugly. It's a great buy.

👤The quality and construction of this product was disappointing. The only good thing was the color. The fabric is not "Heavy Duty" as advertised, and the grommets are not evenly spacing, which puts even more stress on them. 888-282-0465 There is a If necessary, raise the price of the product.

👤We have purchased two of them over the last 2 months. For an affordable price, they get the job done. We have a fence in our yard that runs the entire length of the bowling alley next door. Two of these give us some privacy from a busy business. They do a good job of obscuring the vision. You can see through them to the other side, where there is an object up to 10 feet away. It's nice that you can't see any details within that 10ft range. I feel more comfortable in my back yard gardening and my dog is less focused on barking at the other side. There is a The grommets are sensitive. We made sure that it was smooth and even on the fence. I'm pretty sure they will hold up for quite some time, even though they have a small amount of tearing where the fabric gave. Since installing the first one, we have had several big wind storms. I would recommend a pack of UV zip ties over the ones that come standard, they are much stronger and weather resistant. You could stack them if you wanted them to be thick enough to not see through. I think we will do this down the road. These should be recommended.

4. Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 Picket

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 Picket

CUSTOmer care Customer care is provided. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today! The fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear. The package has 2 units for a total of 113in of fence. No digging is required when assembling and installing. Simply put the stakes into the ground. Not recommended for large dogs. The vinyl is weather resistant and has a 10 year warranty. It won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot. Maintaining and painting are not required. You can find a compatible gate option to pair with this fence. The top shape is pointed.

Brand: Zippity Outdoor Products

👤I bought this fence because I have 3 very large dogs trampling through the flower beds that we just planted. They could use the flower beds as a short cut around the house. I would like to counter the reviews that made me change my mind on buying this fence. The reviewer stated that the kind of fence that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot for 3x the price is not the kind that this is. There are two more The reviewer pictured the pieces at a distance, and they almost looked like thin slats of single thickness. Please see my photos for the photo that was deceiving. The slats have small nubs at the bottom to hold them in place. There are 3 more One reviewer stated that it is so flimsy that it doesn't hold up. I live in Ohio, surrounded by open farm land. Not one fence has fallen over because of high winds. The wind was so high that my flag pole let itself down. The fence was not hit far enough by this reviewer. Shipping would be outrageous if they shipped already assembled. I wanted something that looked nice, so I bought the fence to add a visual barrier, but I did not buy it to contain my large dogs. There is a Do I think the price is right? It is definitely not over priced and could be a bit cheaper. The bottom bar only has openings for the slats at the top, so be sure to have the top and bottom bars as they should be. I made a mistake putting two #1's side by side and have yet to get the slats pulled out due to the dubs holding it in place. There are 3 quotes. Before putting the fence caps on, pound the fence into the location you want it. The rubber mallet is the best for pounding the fence post. There are four It was easier for me to place the fences on a flat surface before affixing them together. There are five The caps on the ends of the fence sections do not come off, so if you have to cut the fence in one location, place the cut against another fence section.

👤This is what I needed for a play yard for my toddlers. I installed this myself as a 54 year old woman. It is very attractive. It can be removed when I no longer need it. The Midwest winds ruined my very plumb, very square installation that I worked so hard on. I had to reinforce the longest side with garden stakes at a couple of points to keep the fence from folding in the wind. It makes the babies look adorable. I can step over the fence to get in and out, but I wanted to let the children out without lifting them, so I had to make one panel into a gate. I cut the part between the two posts and then attached it with some Home Depot hinges and a latch. The gate will be made later in the year by Zippity.

5. Tonchean Expandable Retractable Freestanding Decorative

Tonchean Expandable Retractable Freestanding Decorative

A decorative metal garden fence has a single panel size of 15 high x 32 wide. You can make your garden more beautiful by designing different fences. The wood is solid. The garden fence is made of solid wood and is odorless. The triangle base design increases the stability of the garden. You can adjust the wood fence to different lengths without using tools. Collapse size is 34x80 cm and Max size is 160x70 cm. It is easy to fold without taking up a lot of space. A decorative diamond pattern trellis fence can be used as a plant support or privacy shield in the garden, perfect for growing climbing plants like ivy or climbing roses. Fix the base of the fence with screws, installation screws and screwdriver included in the package. Widely use. The Instant fence panel can be used as a simple door for the entrance, as a pet door, or as a privacy screen.

Brand: Tonchean

👤I ordered them to go outside. They aren't strong enough to be outside. Possibly may work inside. I would only say for decoration.

6. Jackson Wire 14X25 Flower 13015331

Jackson Wire 14X25 Flower 13015331

Rolled for easy transport and storage. Made from strong electric furnace steel. Excellent resistance to rust.

Brand: Jackson Wire

👤A piece of product that is tightly rolled is impossible to deploy. The stakes are so long that they will not go into the ground completely. I had the product deployed for ten minutes when it pulled up the anchoring stakes. The first wind storm will blow this away. The recoil of the product when you are unrolling it. It hit my check and left a scratch.

👤It is made of strong wire, but it is not easy to install as shown in the pic, there are no spikes attached but spikes in the package. They are long and good but I don't think there's enough for 25ft. I tried to hold it in place by digging a small ditch, but it kept popping up. I like the fencing with spikes attached. It's much easier.

👤I bought a second. I don't understand the reviews that it's hard to unroll. It was very easy.

👤It has spikes. I saw someone's review and didn't know that. The manufacturer might want to write it on the label. We'll see how well it stands. The spikes are rolled up.

👤It is what I wanted to put along the shoreline of our beach to keep the geese from coming on our beach and leaving a mess. It has been up for a while now. I haven't seen the geese but I watched some ducks wonder what the heck it was. The price was amazing and they only charged 2 for shipping them all together. We can just step over it. They are linked together with bigger stakes. I'm not sure if each roll could stand on it's own.

👤Some people don't want a white fence. We spray painted them dark green. They disappear into the landscape. If there was a choice, be nice. This is the best way to keep the armadillos out of the gardens.

👤I put up a fence. There is a Our dog was able to squeeze through because of the spacing. There is a The problem was solved by this. There is a The earring me death stares at the dog.

👤The fence is coated with wire. My dogs can't go through the fence around my pool. The white color blends in with the White vinyl fence it isn't the highest quality assembly as the openings have as much as a 1/2 variation in them in some spots but it does what I need it to do.

7. Suncast Outdoor Panel Screen Enclosure

Suncast Outdoor Panel Screen Enclosure

There is a limited warranty under normal usage and weather. The diagonal screen is a graphic screen. The outdoor screen enclosure has a wood-like design and lattice panels that complement most outdoor décor. The termTILE rangement is used for rangement. The garden fence has 4 panels that can be rearranged to maximize the concealment of your outdoor space. It isdurable: The foldable privacy screen is made from heavy-duty steel and steel with ground anchors and is resistant to weather and fading. You can hide your air conditioner, garbage cans, and outdoor shower near your home or garden. The large size Divider is designed to obscure even the largest objects with a single panel measuring 23" x2" x 44"

Brand: Suncast

👤I'm very pleased with the way the screen turned out. It's tall and strong, and can be held to the ground. The noise of the pool pump is buffering. Since we live in an area prone to tropical systems, I will probably attach it to the side of the house.

👤I bought this back in June. I wanted to know if it would hold up during the afternoon storms. Before writing a review. It hides my trash cans nicely. It's made of plastic and has metal stakes. The stakes are not that strong. There is a A day after installing, we had a storm that did not hold up. The stakes are not strong enough to hold up to a strong wind and the screens are not long enough to hold up to an extra wind. I don't expect this to hold up to storms, but it will hold up in the afternoon. I had to spend more money and do more work to make it stable. That's the reason why I'm giving this 3 stars. It would have been perfect if not for that. There is a This is what I did. I went to the hardware store and bought a rebarb that fits through the links. 2. I painted the rebarb with a can of white paint. 3. I filled the screen back up with dirt after digging holes an inch or so deep. 4. After the paint is dry, I put the rebarb through the links and pound it into the ground with a mallet. You can also buy wooden knobs from the lumber section of your hardware store after you're done. There are different sizes and styles. It's necessary to drill a hole large enough to fit your rebarb. cap off the top of your rebarb after painting it. Since my re-enforcement, we have had a lot of afternoon storms. There were no broken or twisted screens. There is a If you don't mind spending an extra$15 or so to make it sturdy, this product is ok to buy. Hope this helps.

👤Product hides my trash cans and recycles them from the police. It is easy to install using a rubber hammer. I didn't think fence grade material would be at this price.

👤The quality really wants to be better, so I give 4 stars. It is a bit thin. I don't agree with people who say it's just a piece of junk. The purpose of this purchase is shown in my pics. It has to be fixed by hummer because it does the job. That's it! I bought 3 of these screens to use in different places. One hides my 2 conditioners as U shape and the other is a cute straight wall that closes the pool engines and supports 2 climbing roses. It looks cheap if you are too close, but it is very stylish from a few feet away. I love it! Changed to 5 stars.

👤It's easy to install and so far so good, but I went back to buy another one a week later. It has gone up $26. It was from 61 to 87.

8. Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19002 Newport

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19002 Newport

Define and protect your garden, paths and landscapes to make a landscape border around a tree, a plant bed,decor picket edging, lawn. Installation without digging holes, pouring concrete, or tearing up your yard can be done with a sledgehammer or post pounder. It's made from premium weather resistant vinyl with a 10 year warranty and won't crack, warp, yellow, splinter, etc. No painting, staining or maintaining is required; assembles with relative ease. This product is designed to scale so you will need to order a finishing post to complete your fence project. The fence is strong and sturdy and will be a permanent structure in your yard once installed.

Brand: Zippity Outdoor Products

👤We put this fence together as a team. The instructions are clear. It takes time to put everything together, but it is easy to assemble. To do it correctly, you need to dig out a 4 inch square hole so that your vinyl posts are buried in ground. This is shown in the diagram in the product image and the instructions that come with it. The way to do this is to dig out a small square hole, drive your steel post into the ground, and put the vinyl post overtop. The height of the post and picket is created by this. We made a string outline around the yard where the fence would go, using bamboo rods and string. This provided a guide to keep the fence straight. My husband used a post driver to do the steel post. I was taking a vinyl post and measuring where the bottom brackets would go while he was doing his post around the perimeter. The 4 holes for the screws were marked using the actual brackets. I predrilled the screw holes using the drill bit you provided. It was much easier to put brackets on a post with the predrilled holes. We put in the post and brackets, then added the horizontal 6 ft pieces, and secured the ends with screws. The process created a nice flow. It took us from 9am to 7pm to complete ours. We bought a gate and end post. We had to make 2 special cuts because we used all of them. The fence is 3ft in height and looks like a small picket fence. We installed it for our 3 dogs and 2 of which are big dogs, and it does a great job of keeping them inside, while looking attractive. Hope this helps.

👤Just buy it. It is amazing. It was easy to put together. Make sure you take your time. Follow the directions if you level both vertically and horizontally. The company's quality control was perfect. I usually order an extra box if something breaks, so I don't have to wait for the shipment to finish the project. I forgot, and to my surprise, there was no damage or defect. There is a This is the only project in my life that I have not had to return or go back to the hardware store to get something. Thank you for that!

👤I bought a fence to make a dog park. It is possible to modify it to accommodate nearly any configuration you want. I used our existing fence as the back side of the 72" fence I purchased. They don't sell an equivalent piece for the other side, so I was going to use the gate as one end piece. I used the gate as an extension alongside the other 72" piece because I cut one of the 72" sides in half to use as the end pieces. The fence is sturdy after installation. It establishes the "white picket fence" feeling. However... This is not a "no dig" fence. The metal posts are to be placed in the ground. The best option is a post driver. It was difficult to get the post in the ground after I purchased the post driver. Keeping the post level while banging it is difficult. We used a sledgehammer to install the posts, which was definitely easier than the post driver, but no small feat for a novice. I recommend that you go onto the Zippity website for more information. I didn't find this information until I finished the installation. There is a The space between the slats is bigger than first thought and our fur babies can fit through it. I plan to install plexiglass around the fence to keep it from looking like chicken wire. The boys were able to enjoy their new space after the grass and fire hydrant were removed. I think this product is very good. Go for it.

9. Sunnyglade Decorative Recycled Landscape Ornamental

Sunnyglade Decorative Recycled Landscape Ornamental

It is important to define and protect your garden, paths and landscapes to make a landscape border around a tree, a plant bed,decor picket edging, lawn and also a barrier for dogs and animals. Installation without digging is easy. No digging is necessary. This garden edging is easy to install and has a high end appearance. If you want to fix it on the ground, hit it with a rubber mallet. The decorative border of the garden edge is made of recycled plastic and can be used for many years. It's an excellent substitute for metal and wooden fencing. The decorative border of the garden edge is made of recycled plastic and can be used for many years. It's an excellent substitute for metal and wooden fencing. The Edge Design has interlocking lugs which can easily lock each other together. This kind of landscape edge is perfect for creating curves around trees or flower beds at a 90 degree angle. Customers can make gardens according to their preferences. The kit comes with 12 parts, each measuring 22.4"L x. Edge treatment can be performed in larger and smaller areas that are straight or curved.

Brand: Sunnyglade

👤This sturdy border fencing is affordable. Will need a bit of patience with the install because the snap-together sections like to un-snap themselves further along due to the tension. If you connect 3 at a time before sinking into the ground, that helped with the in-snapping issue. You want to make sure the ground is well soaked. Very pleased.

👤The plastic is not very strong if you put it in a hard area. It feels like it could break when put in the ground. It is very difficult to string together locking mechanisms as you try to put pieces in the ground. If the ground is soft, you shouldn't have a problem.

👤I am very impressed. I was hesitant to order this because I was worried that the green color would be too intense for the area I was going to use it in. Two sets of this would allow me to cover a lot of area within a reasonable cost. I was happy to see that it is a dark green, not bright, and very nice.

👤I love the dark green color of these garden fences, they are sturdy plastic, and the proper height makes them attractive, but you may have to use a rubber mallet to place them in the ground.

👤It works well for the price. They are a little hard to attach together once they are in the ground, so we assembled them apart. If you attach them all together first, you'll need more people to hold it up. I like them.

👤I wish it was a bit taller but it is sturdy enough for my dog to dig up my flowers.

👤It is really cute. I put it up in a hurry and need to correct it. My dog respects it and won't go into my plants since I put it up. I was surprised that he is a mastiff. It is easy to install by myself. The area in the above picture is less than 3 boxes, so I have plenty more to use elsewhere.

👤The height and spacing of the fence bars is perfect for my little box turtle, who couldn't escape. The fence is made of heavy plastic and is more attractive than I expected. The next section clips. I was able to cut the size using a box cutter. It fit around the curve. The turtle likes to poke his head between the railings and no more glass or screen for him to look through.

10. DearHouse Artificial Privacy 98 459 1 Decoration

DearHouse Artificial Privacy 98 459 1 Decoration

Each panel has a size of 20 x 20. Package Artificial Boxwood Panels, 6 x spare leaves, and 40 x are included. Zip Ties and an English Manual. It's easy to live up any space, it's just a matter of putting it on a fence, wall, or other area. When you receive the product, you need to open and unfold the fence to get the real size products. Artificial ivy leaves are natural looking to provide every indoor or outdoor space a blooming, earthy feel without the need for watering, it can be cut to get the size and shape you want, can be used as wall decoration, fence, Artificial Leaf Privacy Decor is a way to decorate your home while ensuring privacy from the outside world by strategically placing the fence in areas that may be exposed. Privacy fence leaves are placed closely enough to block the sun's rays while also allowing air flow through the open net back. Providing more privacy for its users. The evergreen look of plastic and polyester leaves are fade-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The pieces are not the same color. I was not happy with the color difference of my pieces.

👤The product looks cheap. It is plain and simple. If you want a cheap option for privacy, then you should look at the more expensive options.

👤I was looking forward to it. It's not strong at all and you can see through it. I almost found the same kind, but it has a mesh backing. I got that one instead of the other one.

11. VOTENVO Decorative Fencing Portable Fence,Dog

VOTENVO Decorative Fencing Portable Fence%EF%BC%8CDog

It was manufactured in china. The dimensions are 18 high x 13 wide. The metal fence panels for front yard are made of black Iron and are a great accent for landscaping in lawn, yard, patio or backyard. There is a virtue and resilience. Each gardening panel is made from vinyl rustproof coated garden wire fence is welded with thick wires and it is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy. The fence panels are easy to install, each section can easily be joined together with hooks on the sides. It can be laid flat for easy storage. A border fence is a great way to protect your plants from the elements, and it is also a great way to make your garden more fun. The border is embellished with classic pole and iron. The best service. If you have any questions after you receive the metal garden fence, you can contact them first and they will work with you to solve them. They will give a 100% refund.

Brand: Votenvo

👤I didn't like the color. It didn't go with my other fencing. I tried to return it with a code. The store wouldn't accept it. What should I do with it? There is no answer on Amazon. This doesn't fit in any of their boxes and there is no phone number. Elizabeth.

👤This met my needs, but wasn't very heavy duty. The thin coat-hanger wire is the same as the cardboard pants hanging tube. You never know when the wire gauge is listed. I have mint plants that were getting out of hand and these helped corral them when they started to lay down and get in the way of the walking path.

👤You do not get much for the money with fencing. I bought fencing from Home Depot. Home Depot had more length for less money. I didn't need sturdy fencing to deter the dog from going under the fence.

👤Works as advertised. It is easy to work with.

👤I was hoping it would be a sturdy one. I returned it.

👤This product is terrible. A very thin wire. There are many spots that are not painted. The fence was put in the ground. I am very disappointed. I can't believe how cheap the materials are. Don't spend your money on a product.

👤This fencing was used to protect the area from dogs and kids.

👤The dog is kept out of the flowers.


What is the best product for decorative plastic yard fencing?

Decorative plastic yard fencing products from Bisupply. In this article about decorative plastic yard fencing you can see why people choose the product. Mtb Supply and Sunnyglade are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plastic yard fencing.

What are the best brands for decorative plastic yard fencing?

Bisupply, Mtb Supply and Sunnyglade are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plastic yard fencing. Find the detail in this article. Zippity Outdoor Products, Tonchean and Jackson Wire are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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