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1. OCCASIONS Heavyweight Wedding Disposable Imperial

OCCASIONS Heavyweight Wedding Disposable Imperial

There is a large pack of plastic plates. Premium disposable plastic plates. It's perfect for weddings and special events. Looks like China. It's ideal for large gatherings, weddings and special events where you want an elegant and fancy look with the convenience of disposable. 50 Plates pack includes 25 x 10'' Dinner plate with 25 x 8 dessert plates. Imperial in White, Blue and Gold is the design. It was made out of rigid plastic. Single use. Not microwave safe due to Silver or Gold decoration.

Brand: Occasions Finest Plastic Tableware

👤My daughter-in-law is having a baby shower. The dinner plates had an X crack in the bottom. The plates were not opened when I received them because her shower was not until May 8th. It is no longer possible to return them for a refund after 30 days. The dessert plates and package of dinner plates were usable. These were strong. If you have any defects, you have time to return your plates. The plates were not usable and I gave 2 stars. The plates I could use had the other ratings on them.

👤I bought these to use for Christmas family gatherings to have a more dressy look than printed paper plates and people commented on how they thought they were real China. I bought enough to use twice. I was very happy. Can not beat the look. The plate was too heavy when you first picked it up. I was worried that it wouldn't handle the heavy buffet food, but it was fine. I bought the small salad size for my dessert table and ordered gold plastic flatware and white linen napkins with a gold metallic stamp on them. It all made a statement. I will use them again. I used these for the holidays, but they are great for any occasion when you want a nicer look than disposable plates. Several people picked up 2 plates because they were too close together. I will try to restack them prior to dinner to see if they will separate easier.

👤Sturdy, thick, stylish and kid friendly! It's perfect for my daughter's first birthday party.

👤These are pretty. People were guilty of throwing them away. They held pasta and meatballs.

👤No one can tell the difference between plastic and real china by looking at them. The gold rim is the perfect color of gold and they are very study. I will buy them again. I received a lot of praise. I washed them to use again.

👤These are wonderful. I am very impressed. They arrived a day early. My son and his fiancée are going to be at our house. My daughter's bridal shower will be another set I will be ordering this summer. Both of our children are getting married the same year. These will save you from looking like you are using cheap dishes or paper plates when you are doing the dishes.

👤A lot of people left reviews that said they were damaged. I knew they would be perfect for our wedding. I ordered them and prayed. Only one of them had a chip on the edge.

👤When I used these for a family reunion, everyone thought they were real china. Some people didn't want to throw them in the trash after they realized they are plastic. Several people took pictures of the table and asked where to get the plates.

👤These plates are amazing! They were used for my mother's 50th birthday party. They were very cute and high quality. Will definitely be ordering again in the future.

2. Plastic Premium Disposable Dessert Appetizer

Plastic Premium Disposable Dessert Appetizer

We use rugged packaging to make sure your disposable plastic dinnerware set arrives at its best. If you have any questions after you receive the package, you can email them and they will give you a solution within 24 hours. Premium quality decorative rose gold trim plates made to save your time and energy, just toss the plates when you are done, no clean-up necessary. 50 guests, 50 large dinner plates and 50 small salad plates are in this combo set. It's ideal for weddings, birthday parties, holidays, catered events and all occasions. It is made of 100% food grade plastic that is free of toxic heavy duty plastic. There is a large pack of plastic plates.

Brand: Munfix

👤The only good thing about the plates is that they are strong and attractive. I bought 50 packages. They arrived on time. They were used with our dinner. All of them were flimsy and at least 20 were cracked in the middle. I used the bad ones again yesterday for a Christmas gathering and still found more cracked ones. I wouldn't recommend buying these.

👤The product is good and the color is perfect, but I had 8 broken large plates in my order and they cracked down the center. If you get these, order more than you need. I could see the pattern of the sheet beneath the thin one I had laying on my bed. I am worried about how long they will last. I think color is great if you don't put anything heavy. They should be alright.

👤You will get broken plates. Go through the whole stack. I'm happy with the color, it's a true rose gold, not orangey. I had broken plates in my possession. I will probably order another set to make sure I have enough. I'm happy with how they look. They will work well for my wedding. Go through the entire stack to make sure your plates are all right.

👤I am excited to use them at our wedding. They are well made and durable. I like the rose gold trim. It goes perfectly with our disposable rose gold forks and pretty disposable napkins with a rose gold accent. They were quickly delivered and no issues were reported upon delivery. I recommend this product to everyone. Thanks to everyone who purchases these too.

👤The reviews of others were cracked. I took my chances and thought it was a mistake. Well received them today and a few of them cracked. The party is tomorrow and I am very disappointed. I will not have enough plates for everyone.

👤These are great quality, but they are way over priced. I bought them for our daughter's 30th birthday party, but I won't buy them again unless they drop the price by half. The guest didn't think they were disposable.

👤These were for a buffet of food for 30 people and it looked great. They dressed up the food line and thought they were from China, but no one thought they were plastic. Thank you for the beautiful choices, I will definitely use them again, they are perfect for a large group inside or outside.

👤These plates are of good quality. The top 3 dinner plates were cracked, probably from shipping, but the rest were in good shape and worked great for an outdoor fancy dinner for my family. Not thick enough to wash and reuse, but sturdy enough for one-time use.

👤Se tienen 5 venan rotos!

👤Producto incluso, lo utilice para mi boda.

3. WDF Plastic Plates Disposable 60 10 25

WDF Plastic Plates Disposable 60 10 25

The paper plate measures 6.8" wide by 6.8" tall. 6. 81" is packaged. " d x 0. Shrink wrap with sticker packaging. WDF Heavyweight plates can hold any foods, and are part of the DURABLE COMBO PACK. It is made of disposable plastic. The gold glitter plates will not scratch or break easily. These disposable plates are ideal for serving fruit salads that look elegant. Enjoy your party! It's perfect for any circumstance. It's ideal for weddings, baby shower, birthdays, Graduations and every occasion. Their gold glitter design is great for a party. Save yourself time with this Gold disposable plates. The plastic plates can be washed by hand and re-used if you prefer. The best customer service. If your disposable plastic plates are damaged, please contact WDF. WDF partyware has the largest selection of essential party supplies.

Brand: Wdf

👤These plates are great for a party because they are sturdy, can be held with one hand, and don't break. They were a little on the expensive side. There is a * I made the dessert plate better by taking pictures. One on a light brown table, one on a black table with a light on, and the other on a black table with me blocking some of the light. This will help you decide if this is the right plate for you. There is a new word for it.

👤I ordered 3 packs of plates for my daughter's celebration. They arrived today and were well packaged. I opened up the boxes to see if they looked good. One of the boxes has several cracked dinner plates, which was disappointing, as they are still wrapped in plastic, but you can see the large cracks. I hope the vendor's customer service is good after I sent a message to them. I had to deduct another star for poor customer service. I think that makes or breaks the deal.

👤I used them at my wedding reception. It was fun and festive. People said wow! Where did you get these? They are sturdy enough to wash and reuse. They were great!

👤These plates were very good for my party. They are sturdy and can be used again. Do not put them in the microwave because that is not what they are for. I received all of my stuff and it looked pretty.

👤I ordered these plates for my birthday party and everyone loved them. They are sturdy, can hold a lot of food, and look great! A lot of people at the party didn't know they were throwing away plates. I will definitely order again for any event that I have.

👤It was pretty and match perfect with the cups. The pictures are beautiful.

👤Perfect plates! Not at all flimsy plastic looks like real, it's a steal for the price. The glitter was not overpowering. At my granddaughter's first birthday party, they were a hit.

👤They look better than the picture, and will be pretty for the wedding. We are very pleased. I can't say if they are sturdy since I'm not removing them from the plastic for a few weeks, but the reviews I relied on said they were.

4. Dinnerware Plastic Silverware Elegant Disposable

Dinnerware Plastic Silverware Elegant Disposable

There is a large pack of plastic plates. Plastic party plates with a shiny finish will match well with the gold silverware, the cutlery has an exquisite shine, and the decorative trim plates elevate your table outside. Rose Gold Plastic Plates are non-toxic and safe. The product was rigorously tested for safety. Let your family and friends enjoy the good times. PREMIUM QUALITY&REUSABLE: The best quality plastic dinnerware is the heavyweight set. The Rose gold plastic plates are strong enough to hold a full plate of food. The rose gold disposable cutlery has thick handles and is strong enough to be wiped clean after use. It's a perchance for any incident. The disposable dinnerware sets can be used for many occasions, including Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, children's party, reunion, engagement party, weddings, holiday and all other occasions. Also, make a gift for people who enjoy entertaining. They use rugged packaging to make sure your disposable plastic dinnerware set arrives at its best. If you have any questions after you receive the package, you can email them and they will give you a solution within 24 hours.

Brand: Jolly Chef

👤I was looking for an alternative to China. I have never used plastic ware for a holiday, but my table looked beautiful. The dollar tree has the best chargers. This will be my go to.

👤We bought these for Thanksgiving dinner and someone thought the silverware was gold, but he picked it up. There is a We've used everything three times. For Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. I put everything in the dishwasher and hand washed them, and they are still holding up. There is a I didn't mind because I wanted silver originally but they were sold out, and the plates went from a gold finish to a silver finish after washing them in the dishwasher. The cups and silverware are still gold. There is a The cups are not microwave safe, my daughter put one in the microwave and it immediately sparked. There is a I will purchase them again if needed.

👤I have only one complaint about this set. Liquid foods can leak from the lace holes at the edges of the plate. The set is nice looking and has a good quality. I kept the plates because I thought they were good enough to keep. They don't take up a lot of space. The utensils can be kept as well.

👤Most of the dishes came cracked in the middle and I couldn't use them. I had to make another purchase because I didn't have time to request a refund or exchange, and the number of plate was for the exact number of guests. The plates were cracked. I was very upset. The ones that weren't cracked were nice, but I didn't have a full set. The cups were very nice.

👤To set my table for Thanksgiving, I ordered this set. I had originally ordered a settled one, but I would like to change it. I ordered 2 more sets after that. The cups could be a bit more sturdy but other than that, I will order again.

👤We bought two sets for our Christmas party. The plates are cracked and one set of the matching glasses is missing after being opened this morning to use tonight. I was disappointed in the quality of these. If you need a back up, check them before you order.

👤They were excellent. The pattern is cut out on the edge of the plates, so I only gave 4 stars. It's harder to load food on the pate without it coming through the openings in the pattern. They were easy to clean. I used them for a holiday meal. I was able to wash the dishes and utensils quickly because they are thinner than standard plates. They are easy to store and hold up well.

👤We used these to set a table in a haunted house and got a lot of feedback on how realistic they looked. There is a The plastic set looks like it is from China. You could use these at a more formal event.

5. Rectangle Disposable Cardboard Platters Birthday

Rectangle Disposable Cardboard Platters Birthday

The product is an official MOOCA product. The color may be slightly different by handcraft. The Gift Boutique White Tray with Gold Rim Set is made of heavy duty disposable paper. It gives your cake an amazing presentation which is sure to impress all your family and friends. You can use the disposable trays for a variety of purposes, from a buffet to hold any pastries, cupcakes, or dessert platter. The most popular cake size is the 9 x 13 inch gold foil rimmed white trays, which are the right size for all your fruit platter, cookies, candy, desserts, treats and more. The design of the tray and the decorative edges make it look impressive to your guests and will match any kind of affair you might have. You can enjoy more time with friends and family at any party if you use disposable paper. Food can be kept in high quality paper cardboard trays for a long time. They are food safe and don't have any unpleasant odors.

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤My daughter's baby shower is coming up and I wanted to use some of these for treats. They were perfect for the occasion because they were disposable. I didn't use all 10 of them. I saved them again.

👤I wanted something to dress up gifts of cookies, muffins, etc and these are beautiful for what is essentially a reinforced and sturdy paper plate. The plate has a design on it. The person who received my cookies was impressed with the presentation. I will buy these again.

👤We used them for our daughter's wedding. We put cupcakes on them. They served their purpose and were pretty. I might order them again. They worked for what we needed.

👤They look great! They are well made and pretty. Will purchase again.

👤I bought the trays to make cookies for the family. Some people had to pick up the tray because they couldn't believe it was cardboard. They are very good quality and a great deal. We don't entertain very often but I'm happy I have 9 more trays in the cabinet to use whenever I need one.

👤I used this product to deliver baked goods to my family. I thought they could enjoy some baked goodies from me since I am unable to spend Christmas with them. The plates were sturdy and elegant. I thought I had put together two plates. I would buy them again.

👤They are durable and beautiful. It looked like ceramic or glass, but you wouldn't know until you touched them. I fried hot wings and it held up well. They are large as well.

👤I am very pleased with the product. I used it to make cheese trays for Hanukkah parties. People were very nice.

6. BUCLA Plastic Disposable Silverware Dinnerware

BUCLA Plastic Disposable Silverware Dinnerware

Dalstrong Trust: Rocksolid 100% SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, do not risk it. There is a lifetime warranty against defects. Dalstrong customer service is renowned. Chef's around the world trust and love 'The Dalstrong Difference'. Dalstrong packaging. You are using power. Dalstrong power! Safe raw materials. 100% food grade plastic is used. Gold plastic plates, gold silverware, and disposable napkins are ideal for daily use and can help to provide a healthy life. 50GUESTS: 50 gold disposable plates, 50 dessert plates, 50 forks, 50 knives, 50 spoons, 50 plastic cups, and 50 disposable napkins are included. The gold plastic dinnerware is high quality and cost effective. It's high recommended to you. The lace gold plates are luxurious and designed for elegant occasions. The antique classical gold handle on the gold plastic cutlery gives them a chic accent. Luxurious plastic wedding plates can be used for a variety of different events. It is possible to use high quality gold flatware for your birthday,Thanksgiving, baby, new year's party or wedding. Would buy them if needed. 350 plastic party plates with silverware are a great value and give the impression of a more expensive product. It is affordable and durable. Wow!

Brand: Bucla

👤Each item set was wrapped in plastic. It is a great way to make sure the items did not get dirty. The two small plates I noticed had chips on them. I was going to purchase extra napkins for our small gathering but I think we will be fine with these since they are thick. The photos on the display are beautiful. There are some small scratches and marks on the cups and utensils. I will purchase this set again for any future gatherings we want nice disposable plateware for.

👤I have a large family. I used plastic to make these elegant. Everything turned out great. It is difficult to tell if the utensils are made of plastic. This is a great solution for our family gatherings.

👤The quality was not as expected. The product looked pretty, but it was very thin. I thought the design on the outside ring of the plates was printed on the plastic. The plates will be smaller since food will fall through the cut out design. There is a The metallic design around the edges of the plates makes them impossible to microwave. These plates are fine for deserts.

👤I was hoping for an elegant look on the table. These plates are just one con. The silver lace design is on the rim of the place. There are holes in the lace. Certain food can spill through if it has liquid and juice in it.

👤These were bought for Thanksgiving. Not a good idea! These would work for light sandwich fare. The design on the outside is cut. If you put your gravy too close to the side, it will leak all the way to the table. The plates were too small for Thanksgiving. They were pretty. The glasses were cheap and small. If you are planning on more heartier fare, go for something else.

👤I used these for my wedding and everyone was very impressed. Everyone wanted to know where we got them when my husband and I went to dinner. They felt bad about throwing them away when I told them they were disposable. One reviewer said that if you have any food with sauce or gravy, it could get messy since the edges are all holes. I had a meal and it turned out well. We used the small cups for our toast and I bought a larger sleeve of cups.

👤I bought these for my daughter's bridal shower and they looked cute, but the knives didn't cut through chicken and I was afraid that people would break theirs and ruin their lives.

👤A great set for holiday house-warming. There is a warning... Do not use microwave! It is exciting. We had to learn the hard way. We had to have our kid eat on the dainty paper. All in all... The set is very cute. I wish I didn't have to mix it up. The napkin was amazing... I will have to order more to keep them in the house. There is a super tacky and hardy material. It is almost like fabric. Great purchase! I think it's good.

7. 350 Piece Gold Dinnerware Set

350 Piece Gold Dinnerware Set

There is a large pack of plastic plates. 50 Premium Heavy Duty Lace Design disposable dinner plates. Salad Dessert Appetizer Plates. 50 Count 10 Oz Clear Fancy Plastic Party Cups. 50 count disposable paper hand towels. 50 plastic knives, plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, plastic cups, It's ideal for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, holidays, and all occasions.

Brand: Munfix

👤My birthday party was coming up. We didn't have enough matching serving ware so we didn't want to wash it all. The quality of all the pieces was very good. The napkins were almost like cloth.

👤These were used for a dinner party and they are beautiful. However- Food can fall through the scrolled plates onto the table. If you serve guests a plate of food that is not an issue but as we did our event buffet style, anything that is sauced ends up dripping as it's not immediately apparent that the edges are not just a pattern on a normal plate. It may not be an issue for some. It's something to be aware of.

👤The set was perfect for my son and daughter-in-love's wedding rehearsal dinner. The theme for the wedding was love. This set was perfect for making me look like a pumpkin. The bowls we needed for the chili were not in this set. They were available to order separately. Everyone praised the set up. Purchase them now and not think twice.

👤I will return the product because I'm so unhappy with it, but I'll keep it for this Saturday.

👤My mom likes this set. It's very affordable and cute. The print on the napkin was dull gold and could have been better. It saves you a lot of money if you buy them as a set. There is a We had a cup crack and a plate. There is a party of 40 people. I'm pretty sure there are other sets bigger than this one. The set was large so I think some will not make it. Bubble wrapped as much as possible, but make sure to find extras. Overall great!

👤There was a mixed review here. Plates are wafer thin and crack easily, not going to support a heavy meal, so I will be briefs. Not. cups are pretty and small would buy again for my sons Gladiator Party They were pretty.

👤The product is terrible. The plates broke as I was setting up for the wedding. This is the second time I have tried this company. The box set has napkins that don't look good. Until you use one, they look beautiful. My wedding is days away. Do you know what to do?

👤It was perfect. It was exactly as advertised. Quality was pretty decent. I would buy again. It was better than plastic silverware and paper plates.

8. Disposable Square Plastic Plates Premium

Disposable Square Plastic Plates Premium

When the party is over, you can spend more time with your family and less time cleaning your plates and utensils. It's so convenient to let go of your hands. A complete kit. The set contains everything you need to serve 30 guests, 30 large square dinner plates, and 30 smaller square plates for salad, or dessert. The plastic holds food. CONVENIENT TO USE: Host a holiday celebration, party or event with these quality paper goods and avoid the hassle of washing dishes afterwards - the best of both worlds! Enjoy and celebrate! It looks like real China. Their plastic plates have an elegant, classic appearance that is perfect for formal and fancy dress parties. Continuation of any date: These clean white plates with gold rim accents are perfect for holidays, they match beautifully with silverware and glassware.

Brand: Aya's Cutlery Kingdom

👤I returned the plates because they were poorly designed. The sloped sides of the plate are useless and impractical. The design leaves little room in the center of the plate for food to be put in.

👤Paper plates are better than this. The material is cheap and flimsy. You would have to put plates together. The center is smaller than it looks. Not worth the cost.

👤I also purchased the Select Settings Premium disposable plates to compare. The top plate was cracked and the rest were thin and had poor color evenness where the plastic is poured or molded. I wouldn't recommend them for the price. They are cheap and not as thick as disposable plates you can buy at the grocery store.

👤I looked beautiful! Sturdy plastic.

👤My husband had a 30th bday bbq and these were great. I questioned if they were disposable because they were so sturdy. I was tempted to wash and reuse them. I will buy these again for future cookouts.

👤They were great at our wedding. I found the best price and it looked really nice. I will order them again.

👤The plate set is modern and attractive. We plan on using the plates again and again. The plates will hold the same food. The thinness of the plastic is the reason why we did not give a full five-star rating. They can bend for food and even melt in a dishwater. We will wash the plates to make sure that doesn't happen. The manufacturer should increase the plastic thickness to prevent dishwasher issues. We plan to use them for a long time. Thanks!

👤I will use them when I have a guest. They fit nicely on the table and look better than paper plates. The meal buffet style is much sturdier to handle. I am happy with the size of the plates.

👤I bought these for my wedding. It worked out great.

👤I pedido en forma, gracias.

9. 350 Piece Silver Dinnerware Set

350 Piece Silver Dinnerware Set

Stack Man has a wide range of products and a classic design that is perfect for any occasion. It's perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, BBQs, events, parties, weddings and restaurants. 50 Premium Heavy Duty Lace Design disposable dinner plates. Salad Dessert Appetizer Plates. 50 Count 10 Oz Clear Fancy Silver Rimmed Plastic Party Cups. 50 count disposable paper hand towels. 50 plastic knives, plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic cups and plastic cups are in this set. It's ideal for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, holidays, and all occasions.

Brand: Munfix

👤It's perfect for special occasions. I had to get them for our first Christmas in our new home because a friend had them for Thanksgiving. They added a special touch to our Christmas dining. I was pleasantly surprised that the set of 50 did not have a broken cane as some reviewers had suggested. Some people had a hard time poking their sausage and meatballs because the forks were a little bendy. I would use these plates, cups, and napkins for all parties in the future because they were beautiful. I love Amazon and got the wipeable tablecloths and placemats here as well as the chair covers and sashes because I hate the way un-uniformity looks. The napkin ring holders I bought from pier1 matched my vision perfectly. The way the dining table came out was praised by everyone. People are taking pictures.

👤They looked nice, but they are not very sturdy. Two spoons were broken as the package was being unwrapped and one fork broke just from putting it into a slice of turkey to try to pick it up. I don't know how many other people had the same experience after purchasing these for a group of 50. The edges of the plates are made of metal, meaning that anything that is liquid or wet goes through them. I brought these for a company luncheon and it was quite embarrassing. Corn or gravy that was placed too close to the edge leaked through to the table. I assume these plates are for cakes or dry meals that weigh less than a regular meal.

👤I liked the design, but when you get it, you notice the dinner plate is light and the silver rim is missing, so the food can't go through, and the packaging wasn't done well.

👤They look nice, but the quality is poor.

👤This is a great idea. I bought these for our 25th wedding anniversary and they are perfect. I would recommend them to anyone looking for something like this.

👤Listen to potential buyers. These are nice for the price. I didn't need 50 because one cup arrived cracked. We were okay. There are holes in the plates, as you can see in the photos. The set was affordable and looked nicer than plain paper plates, which was perfect for our office holiday party. If you're looking for a wedding table that's plated in gold, look elsewhere.

👤This is a good set to buy. We had a dinner party for 20 people. The plates look good. There are cups on the small side. It's a good thing we had more plates than we needed, as some of the places arrived cracked, which was a little disappointing.

👤These plates were terrible. It's so flimsy. The first one cracked in half when I took them out of wrapping. There is a reallace around the edge. If you have a sauce on your food, it will go through the plate.

👤Poor quality material. The plastic is very thin. Not what I was expecting. Not worth the price.

10. Rectangle Disposable Cardboard Platters Birthday

Rectangle Disposable Cardboard Platters Birthday

Your shopping experience is very important to them. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service, they will provide the best solution for you. The Gift Boutique gold trays are made of heavy duty disposable paper. It gives your cake an amazing presentation which is sure to impress all your family and friends. You can use the disposable trays to hold cupcakes, appetizers, and cake at a wedding, birthday party, or social event. The gold foil trays are the right size for all your food needs and the most popular cake size. It will match any kind of affair you might have, because of the designer edges and design in the tray, and because it is disposable at the same time. Food can be kept in high quality paper cardboard trays for a long time. They are food safe and don't have any unpleasant odors.

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤They look great when you put them out with the rest of the decoration.

👤I used these for my cake pops at my wedding and they were perfect. They are strong. The gold went with my theme.

👤There are beautiful disposable dessert trays. It looked expensive.

👤I like the side of the tray, but it's flat as a pancake. They wouldn't do much good if they put food on them for a party.

👤I donated the rest of the trays for the party. The trays held up well. They were strong and held multiple patties. It's worth it to buy disposable trays for food.

👤These lost all their strength when they got wet. I am not surprised that they are made out of cardboard. Over all good purchase.

👤I expected them to be thinner. They are shiny and long. The table looked nice because they worked perfect. I wouldn't use them to carry heavy things. It's worth it for the size and sparkle. It's great for sitting on the table.

👤I like these. I used them last year as well. They're perfect for giving people bake goods. They are very durable and look great. It is very reasonably priced.

11. OCCASIONS Piece Party Disposable Dinnerware

OCCASIONS Piece Party Disposable Dinnerware

It was made out of rigid plastic. Single use. Not microwave safe due to Silver or Gold decoration. Premium disposable vintage plastic plates. It's perfect for weddings and special events. Looks like China. It's ideal for large gatherings, weddings and special events where you want an elegant and fancy look with the convenience of disposable. 50 Plates pack includes 25 x 10'' Dinner plate and 25 x 7.5'' Appetizer/Dessert plates. The design is in blush pink and antique rose. Single use, non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. The microwave is not safe due to silver or gold decorations. Pack of 120 pieces is also available.

Brand: Occasions Finest Plastic Tableware

👤Great plates. It was purchased for a wedding. Very strong. The top plate in every package will have a split or crack in. It's not the company's fault because they package everything very well. Keep that in mind!

👤Love these. I have bought these in different colors. The sky blue was soft. They were perfect for my party. They are chic. They also have a wash in the dishwasher. I usually get a few uses out of them. The edges are also beautiful. People always ask where I get them because they are stunning. I love them!

👤The large plates are a bit thinner than the small ones, but I used layers to make them look bigger and the pictures turned out great. It worked well because we had a wedding and we didn't have to worry about getting a new plate.

👤Plates are pretty. They will be used for a bridal shower. Some people said the first large plate was broken, but the rest are fine. They need to be package better. Can't say how strong they will be. Will post later.

👤I ordered a lot of sets for a wedding. They are pretty but not strong. The concern is that they won't be able to hold up to a buffet dinner. We did a test run. The plates are easy to bend when holding a meal. I don't want my guest dinner to end up on the floor. If you are having a light lunch, they are not appropriate for dinner service.

👤I'll be ordering from OCCASIONS in the future because I adore their products and customer service. We used these plates for our wedding and served dinner and dessert on them. They were gorgeous in person. The photos don't do them justice. We donated our leftover ones to our venue because their manager loved them. We had a great experience with another purchase from OCCASIONS and I intend to use them for future events.

👤My fiancée and I decided to get married even though there was a flu, so we planned a micro- home-based wedding with just 10 of us. The plates were perfect. They look like real china until you pick them up. They're very thin plastic, but hold up to a buffet and wedding cake. I will be ordering more for the future post-pandemic reception.

👤The setting was chosen for my daughters luncheon. It was a great value.

👤No me import, tiene un color rosa ms bonito, son de buena calidad, aunque. Siguen tiene un buen producto.

👤The plates were gorgeous. I used them for my daughter's birthday. They are a little thin. They are great if you don't do any hard cutting on them. I loved them! It is difficult to wash them because they stay oily and need to be washed a few times. There is a I loved these plates.

👤Me tienes costosos, pero no paga el diseo.

👤Many of them arrived broken. I was surprised by the thin and brittle plastic. They are pretty in a photo, but that's about it.


What is the best product for decorative plates disposable?

Decorative plates disposable products from Occasions Finest Plastic Tableware. In this article about decorative plates disposable you can see why people choose the product. Munfix and Wdf are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plates disposable.

What are the best brands for decorative plates disposable?

Occasions Finest Plastic Tableware, Munfix and Wdf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plates disposable. Find the detail in this article. Jolly Chef, Gift Boutique and Bucla are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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