Best Decorative Plates for Wall Hanging Set Of 4

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1. Painting Art Watercolor MasonJar Picture

Painting Art Watercolor MasonJar Picture

HD: High Definition giclee print watercolor-style blossoms flower painting artwork on canvas, waterproof and color fading-resistant. Gallery wrapped retro floral canvas picture is ready to hang on a wall. Modern oil flower painting decoration for living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, hotel Risk free for purchase with fast shipping. They will give friendly customer service if you email them.

Brand: Skyme Art

👤Cute and nice! They are in my guest bathroom and have gotten a lot of praise.

👤When I saw these paintings, I was so excited that I wanted to put them on my wall. It's just the right size to compliment my wall color. I did my entire room from Amazon, except for my bed, nightstand, and night stand. I spent about 300 dollars on everything, which left me a lot of money to get quality bedroom furniture from Wayfair. The pictures were the final pieces of the look and I was very pleased.

👤They go well with my office space. If I had an office, I would use them there as well. Command strips were used to put them on the wall.

👤I am not sure if this is a bait-and-switch or if these imported items have a different meaning. The colors are not purple as shown in the picture. They are both green and blue. There is little contrast in the picture of purple and lavender and little difference between the two. They look like something you would find at a Dollar Store. Returned right away.

👤The set of four pictures are nice and the colors are correct. The set can be ordered with lettered messages or with no lettering at all. I ordered the set without the lettering because one of the pictures had the letters er on them. Most of the lettering was blocked off, but not all of it. I ordered them again. The problem was the same in the second set. Where is the quality control on Amazon?

👤I was looking for something in my bathroom that would tie together my light blue walls and Tiffany blue tub/sink. This was perfect!

👤There are four pictures in the room. They add the right color to the room. You should purchase them as well. You won't be disappointed.

👤The pictures are very nice. They are rated 4 stars because they are cheap.

👤Far from the picture. The colors are off. Don't buy waste of money. Will definitely return it.

👤I love the colors of these prints. Take your mind off it.

👤Very nice! Love it. Fast delivery. A good one.

2. Invisible Hangers Stainless Decorative Holders

Invisible Hangers Stainless Decorative Holders

If you are not happy with their paper wall flowers supplies, please let them know. Their Customer Service is always available to help you. The package comes with 12 pieces wall plate hangers in 3 sizes, each size contains 4 pieces, and 12 pieces wall hooks in 2 sizes, 8 pieces in middle size, and 4 pieces in small size. There are three sizes of plate hangers, which can fit for holding different sizes plates, and you can use them to decorate your kitchen. The decorative plates holder is made of steel with a golden color and it is not easy to break or get damaged, it has a long service time. The invisible plate hangers and hooks are almost invisible from the front, they have no effect on the appearance of the plates, with nice flexibility, the plate hangers can held the plates safely and mount easily. The plate hangers are suitable for decorative plates, antique china, art, photo and so on, and the wall hooks are also suitable for hanging towels, keys, clothes, photos, bags, umbrellas and other items. The plate hangers are suitable for decorative plates, antique china, art, photo and so on, and the wall hooks are also suitable for hanging towels, keys, clothes, photos, bags, umbrellas and other items.

Brand: Hotop

👤They came together! It took an hour to get them all apart. Only half of it came with the rubber ends. Very disappointed.

👤The hangers are supposed to do their job. I can live with that, but not all of the rubber caps stay on. The caps and hooks were loose in a small cardboard box. All of its contents would have been missing if it had opened during shipping.

👤It was great to work for the most part. The plates were too small for the standard size and the next size was too small. All of them were a good buy for what I needed. Some of them were in bags, but some were not. Not a dealbreaker, but would have been nice to know which one it was.

👤The plates are going to be large. I have many small ones that are hard to find hangers for. The thicker plates can now be hung. I'm very happy to have found them. They have a bumper guard that protects the plate. It was easy to put on. I would recommend them.

👤The variety pack is helpful if you have different sizes of plates to hang. There is a They are not packaged in a way that will keep them separate. They were a mess. I eliminated that step because the plastic caps that should slip on where the hanger meets the plate just kept sliding off. They are a good purchase.

👤I can only add to the many complaints that the hangers come in a tangle of brackets and pop off the springs. Three sizes and all without the plastic tips on them were put in a plastic bag to be put on themselves. I didn't expect them to be resting on a silk cushion, but putting a single sheet of packing paper or tissue between the different sizes of hangers would have made a difference. It took me an hour to reassemble them all. If you have limited dexterity or have arthritic hands, this would be very difficult. You would think it would be a little better quality than this for almost fifteen dollars.

👤These are your typical plate holders and will do a good job of hanging plates, but I misplace them in a box. They are all a mess.

👤I threw the whole package in because I was so frustrated that I didn't know what to do with it.

3. Invisible English Disc Adhesive Hangers

Invisible English Disc Adhesive Hangers

If their plate hangers fail to function properly, they will replace them for a lifetime warranty. Plates can be hung against the wall without hooks, clips and wires thanks to the Invisible English Disk. Hanging decorative items made of porcelain, china, earthenware, glass, or unvarnished wood can be done with the help of the HANG YOUR FAVORITE DCOR - Adhesive disk. The Disc gives a permanent strength to a glazed or unglazed surface. A fixing that won't age-harden or degrade with time. The set comes with 4 3-inch hangers that can hold up to 3 pounds and plates up to 8 inches in diameter. Use 2 or more discs to hold heavier items. To clean the plate, use soap and water. Slowly, with your finger, wet the side of the Disc that has glue on it. When the glue becomes tacky, apply the Disc to the back of the plate and press down firmly. Leave to dry. Pull firmly on the ring to test the strength of the bond. To clean the plate, use soap and water. Slowly, with your finger, wet the side of the Disc that has glue on it. When the glue becomes tacky, apply the Disc to the back of the plate and press down firmly. Leave to dry. Pull firmly on the ring to test the strength of the bond.

Brand: The Flatirons Disc Co

👤I've never written a review on Amazon. This was the most expensive buying mistake. I have made things before. I wanted to hang some expensive art plates on my wall. I followed each and every direction. I hung each plate individually for a day before hanging them together. After I hung them, they crashed off the wall and were destroyed. I don't have a way to get any recourse. Don't buy these.

👤After following directions, I allowed 8 more hours to dry before hanging my plates on the wall. The invisible hanging effect was quite nice. I heard a crash about a month later and found a glue disk still attached to the nail in the wall. I discovered that the glue was detaching from the backs of all of the plates and it would be a matter of time before they were destroyed as well. Being family heirlooms, the plates are worth much more than the $175.00 they are worth to me. Do not trust this product.

👤Absolutely love the plate hangers. They are much easier to use than the wire plate hangers, which can leave marks on the plates. I've noticed in the negative reviews that people show pictures of their broken plates from falling off the walls, that they will be big plates with small disc plate hangers. If your plate is bigger than a side/salad plate you need a disc hanger or else you can't expect it to hold the wait of the plate. I have had these disc plate hangers hanging up my plates for over a year without any problems and I have moved the plates to different places three times. Don't hesitate to get them. Purchase the correct size for the plate you are using. I have always purchased them from my local Hobby Lobby, but they are cheaper on Amazon.

👤This is a terrible piece of engineering. I followed the instructions to the letter, but none of the discs stuck to the plate, which resulted in my $100 vintage Clarice Cliff plate being in pieces. This company should be out of business, but should give back the value of items which I and many other customers have lost through the naiveté of trusting a product.

👤Don't hesitate to purchase them. They work well. I hung my collection of Warren Kimble plates in the 3'' size. Make sure to follow the instructions and let the glue cure before hanging. I tried to remove the disc after it was cured. I thought I would break the plate before unsticking the disc. You need special picture hooks to hang these. I got them at the home depot for 4 bucks. This is what they look like. The discs will not work with just nails.

👤For a short time, these worked well. After hanging my plates on the wall for two weeks, I came home today to find one had crashed to the floor and nearly every other one had a disc that was falling off. We followed the directions and gave them more time to cure, but they didn't work very well. We are considering adding hot glue or super glue to them, but then my plates are ruined. I didn't expect it to remove itself, but the attraction was that it could be removed. Very disappointed. Back to the drawing board.

4. Rocky Mountain Hanger Mounting Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hanger Mounting Hardware

Risk free for purchase with fast shipping. They will give friendly customer service if you email them. A platter or tray can be used as a wall plate hanger. The kit is easy to install on the wall. The hook is clear to avoid scratching. Extra strength springs help to secure plates. If their plate hangers fail to function properly, they will replace them for a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Rocky Mountain Radar

👤I thought I was buying a quality product when I missed the other poor reviews. Not true! They have 3 sizes to choose from. My plate is 7.5", so I chose 7 to 10. The one I received was not the title of the product, but it is now added. It's too large for a plate and I tried to stretch it to an 11 x 11 tray, but the wires just bend and the springs pop off the other side. The plastic protectors on the hooks are easy to remove. Don't waste your time on this product.

👤Product received does not match the design pictured. The item's received design has shorter springs and brackets that don't have retaining loops. But worked with effort. I paid more for the pictured design because of the attached photos comparison. I feel like I'm a victim of bait and switch. The flub should cost Amazon a couple of bucks.

👤The plate that I ordered is one inch shorter than the posted maximum, but I had to stretch the springs several times to force the hooks on the plates. When trying to place this product on a plate, the size listed is going to appear a bit too small. It might be better to use a larger maximum. There is nothing wrong with this product, but the plate hangers are not "hot sellers" these days and sit for long periods of time in the packaging, which causes the memory of the springs to stay small.

👤My grandmother painted a number of China plates for me and I display them on the wall of my kitchen. I needed a plate holder. I got this one. The plate is 10 inches across. I thought it would work for up to 10 because it is supposed to. The spring is strong when it's stretched. You need both hands to hold the plate at the same time, as you'll need to manipulate the tensioned hooks and hold the plate at the same time. The hooks which go over the edge of the plate have a protective covering. The wall hook is strong enough to hold a 10" plate. The one star off is because the holder doesn't have a wire bent in the back that is easy to attach to the wall hook. The wires are very close to the plate. I was able to bend the wire to where I wanted it. I was careful with the tension on the plate and trying to bend the wire as well. If your plate is fragile, bend the wire before attaching it to the wall.

👤Even though it was made for 10, it didn't stretch to fit 9. When stretched, it was flimsy and kept turning inside. I had canceled the order because it was taking so long to ship, but it must have been sent the day I did. Maybe it would work for a smaller plate, since it was not usable for my platter.

👤I had a shallow 9 1/2” bowl and this hanger wouldn't fit it, even though the seller said bowls 9-11” would work. It is not presentable to be returned after you have ripped open the package. Don't waste time.

5. Homezal Hangers Compatible Decorative Antique

Homezal Hangers Compatible Decorative Antique

2 Pack of knobs are individually wrapped. Each knob is wrapped to protect the color of the surface. Perfect fit for antique plates, art plates, vintage plates, ceramic plates, photo plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, salad plates, Christmas plates and so on. Plates can be hung for display. The rubber tip protectors are great for protecting the plates from getting scratched. The plate hangers and hooks are invisible from the front. It's easy to hold the plate tightly and not worry about it slipping out. The wall plate hanger is made of top quality brass with golden color, well-made, sturdy, and not easy to get rust. The 8 inch plate hangers are for holding decorative plates. Functional hanging hooks are great for hanging plates, arts, photos, clothes, bags, umbrellas, clocks, keys and other ornaments. It is easy to hang your decorations from the wall. Functional hanging hooks are great for hanging plates, arts, photos, clothes, bags, umbrellas, clocks, keys and other ornaments. It is easy to hang your decorations from the wall.

Brand: Fasunry

👤The dessert plates, dinner plates, and a 13" platter are perfect for the hangers. They are too large for smaller plates, and not big enough for a dinner plate. The hooks have shallow nails that will leave a mark on the wall. After testing one, I decided it would be safer to use regular nails. They're a great product, and much cheaper than buying them individually for $3 at a home improvement or craft store.

👤It worked out great. Doesn't work on smaller dishes. The plastic tips should be put on the dishes. The work was great! The strawberry plates were hung in the kitchen.

👤These are perfect for hanging plates.

👤These are not expensive, but they are just right for a plate that is over 8 inches in diameter. I believe they will last for a long time. There is a The plastic covers that slide over the metal tips that hold onto the plate keep the metal from damaging the China. They are hard to put on. The instructions suggest using a hammer. How do you use a hammer on plastic things that bend? I am happy with the plastic covers, but I can't push them hard enough to push them up completely. They cover enough to serve the purpose. I highly recommend these hangers, especially for larger plates.

👤I expected that they wouldn't have rubber tips on the plate holding pieces. They were very tight and left some marks on the dishes. They did the job as expected.

👤These hangers are very easy to break. The ends of the metal can't be bent to fit the plate being hung. The metal will snap even a tiny adjustment to it. Don't buy these unless you're certain your plates are perfect.

👤I don't want you to have to put them together again. My difficulty was due to my having RA, I will tell you that. My husband is very good at assembling, but he had some problems. My dtr. took 20 minutes to put it together. They should not send the hooks with your plate once they are ready to hang it. They make small holes in the wall. If you hang them with a nail, the tab against your plate is so tight that it's almost useless. I don't recommend them to people who don't have a lot of faith or have problems with their hands.

👤In 20 minutes, I was able to hang 8 plates that had previously been in dark wood frames. Wanted the plates to stand out, not the frames. The price can't be beaten. I used actual picture hangers instead of the enclosed ones. Taking the frames away leaves a big gap between the plates. The quality of the set is there and the plates are held to the wall.

👤Son perchas. Con unas ganchos de fciles. Llegaron antes de informado. Muy satisfecha.

👤Fabrication correcte plus. Pour l'instant mes. N'ont pas tombées.

6. Invisible Adhesive Vertical Decorative Supplies

Invisible Adhesive Vertical Decorative Supplies

The hook is made of anti-rust and anti-aging steel, and the plate hanger is made of quality material, which is durable and not easy to break. 40 pieces of invisible plate hangers are included in the package. Plates can be hung flat against the wall with the help of Hide Hooks. These plate hangers can be used for a wide range of things, from decorative plates to antique china, art, photo, and so on. The vertical plate holder can hold up to 1.5 pounds and the board can be up to 10 inches in diameter. The hook is made of steel, which will not age-harden or degrade, and the quality material is made ofABS, which is durable and not easy to break.

Brand: Mwellewm

👤It doesn't hold anything. A family heirloom plate was broken. I attached the hook, hung it, and then broke it the next day. This product is garbage. Save yourself from headaches.

👤The plates fell off after about a week. I stacked them on top of each other so the weight would help them adhere better. They were left that way for almost two weeks. They started dropping off in the middle of the night. I thought it was faulty after the first one. Two more tell me that the product is faulty.

👤I put these on plates that my mother left for me. Plates are in a million pieces after 2 failed. I don't recommend.

👤The stickies work better if the item is light. I left the room after placing three under the photo, which fell in 2 minutes.

👤I put the pad hangers on the Spode cake plates in my kitchen and thought they were easy to apply, but 30 minutes after they were hung, they shattered into pieces. I don't recommend this product for plates.

👤It works well for hanging my small lightweight plate. I tried to hang a bigger one for my son. It was great for a week, then came undone and shattered. Love the idea, but don't trust too much weight or anything.

👤These little tabs are great for garden projects.

👤The patches are great for hanging plates. They adhere securely.

👤These items were used to hang plates. Both fell down and broke.

7. Vidal Crafts Flowers Birthday Bachelorette

Vidal Crafts Flowers Birthday Bachelorette

There are 20 pieces, 4 sizes, 4 gorgeous colors to fall in love with, and 4 pieces x small pom pom. The paper flowers decorations for wall are easy to package up and reuse, they are pre-cut and tied with a ribbon, and assembly instructions are included in the pack. There are paper floral wall decor used for bridal shower, gender reveal, shabby chic backdrop, elegant room paper wall decor, fathers day, floral decorating centerpiece, classy bachelorette party, rustic garden or vintage table decorations, classroom etc. Premium quality materials. Their tissue paper flowers are made of high quality tissue napkin paper. The paper floral party decorations can be used for many occasions. If you are not happy with their paper wall flowers supplies, please let them know. Their Customer Service is always available to help you.

Brand: Vidal Crafts For A Perfect Party

👤Unless you are an 'arts and crafts' person with a lot of patience, these may not be the thing for you. The tissue paper Pom Poms was torn so badly that it nearly pushed me over the edge.

👤These pre-cut pom poms are worth the price, having been done from scratch in the past. It's a lot of work to fluff them, but there is a lot of time and money saved by not having to fold individual tissue papers together and cut the edges round. I like the colors so much that I might keep them for my daughter's room. It is possible to fluff into a half-sphere shape and attach a small circular card stock paper to the back of painters tape to make it easy to reuse and replace it without trying to pry tape off delicate tissue paper.

👤I thought these flowers would have a pull string to assemble them, however they were not. The tissue paper was folded like an accordion and cut to size, but you still had to secure the middle by tying a knot in the center and fluffing each layer. Since I didn't open until the day of the party, I got more work than I anticipated.

👤I used these for my mother's birthday. You should not put them together before the event. I put them together the day before and kept them in a paper box. I would highly recommend for a wedding, baby shower, birthdays, etc.

👤The assembly process was very involved when I received the beautiful colors to add to the ball arch. Didn't have enough time to assemble.

👤The colors were perfect for my daughter's baby shower theme. They were easy to assemble and had bright colors.

👤It was very easy to put together. You just need a fishing wire and boom to hang them. It would be perfect for part decor. We use them in our nursery as part of the decor. I'm very happy so far, but I wish there was a true grey in the mix. This is just the beginning. Thanks.

👤The backdrop for the bridal shower was made of these flowers and another set of flowers. The flowers were easy to set up and you can attach them to a wall with hot glue.

8. Moyedecor Art Elegant Painting Decorations

Moyedecor Art Elegant Painting Decorations

Ready to leave: The canvas prints are easy to hang, stretched and framed. The wooden inner frames have a strong hook fixed to them. Each panel is wrapped in a plastic bag with a folded cardboard corner to protect the paintings. The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame. A metal hanging hook is attached to the frame and ready to hang the large canvas wall art. Various models are suitable for teens rooms, for kids rooms, for girls or boys rooms that cover all themes: abstract, beach,waterfall,Forest, black and white, flowers, animal, landscapes, inspiring, retro, modern and contemporary. You can get it in 7 days. It's a good idea for home interior walls decor such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, studio,SPA,guest room,office and others. There are personalized gifts. It is a great and unexpected surprise that their canvas wall art makes.

Brand: Moyedecor Art

👤Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the canvases. They compliment my living room very well. I bought it without my boyfriend knowing and he loved it, but also said how I got them so straight. I would buy more of these products.

👤One of the best purchases I have ever made. I put it in the master bathroom. Beautiful addition!

👤The canvas is very well constructed. I put them on the hallway wall of my home and they look great. It gives a feeling. The cost is $7 per canvas. He was packaged well in his own box. There were no defects on it.

👤The prints are very nice. The frames are not square. The length of one side of each frame is less than the other three. As soon as the box arrived, it was obvious that the frame was off. The other three aren't obvious until they are hung on the wall. They don't line up correctly at the top and bottom. We were able to make them look better by moving them further apart. We only used 3 prints. The fourth print is not usable. We were able to make them work after I bought them for my wife. I would be embarrassed if I had bought them for someone else.

👤I love that they look like the picture online. They came with some odd plastic hooks, but couldn't figure out how to use them, and didn't have any instructions.

👤If you are decorating on a budget, this collection is for you. It is beautiful and affordable. The teal color is against my purple walls. The teal cabinets that are underneath bounce this color off of them. They are gorgeous. I plan to get other colors. The wooden frame is faded over the screen. It seems to me. Very happy.

👤I loved them all. I needed smaller pictures to match the large one. It's unbelievable! The perfect matches were found on Amazon. Who is this person? I told my friends and family that Amazon is my new go to store. Even if I can't buy anything, I still go to the web sight to see if I can find something that I will purchase for my home. Thank you Amazon!

👤The canvas prints are beautiful. The colors look good on the ad. They are easy to hang. Shipping was quick from China. It was a great price. Very happy with the purchase.

👤They were used to decorate the hall. They are very basic, but they do a good job of adding color.

👤Estn aunque pequeos, decoran ese rinconcito.

👤Vienen su marco, tienen su puesto y las imgenes son iguales.

👤No costosa, pero buscas decoracin sencilla y no propsito.

👤It was used in the room to complement the red fridge.

9. Ayennur Decorative Multicolor Handmade Ornament

Ayennur Decorative Multicolor Handmade Ornament

"WIN-WIN" is their business principle. If their product is damaged or not good enough, they will give you a replacement product free of charge. They believe that only doing things can make the business last. L-W-H:5.11''-5.11''-0.78" You can hang it on the wall with a rope behind it. Premium service will help solve any problem. They will give you a full refund if you have any quality or transportation problems. Break-resistant packaging. These handmade ceramic plates are great for decorating the home.

Brand: Ayennur

👤Plates are colorful, but the descripiton needs to be more detailed. The size described is not accurate. I was thinking that I would receive 4 to 5 plates measuring 12 in diameter, rather than the 4 plates measuring 5.12". I had large Turkish plates and thought they would make a great match, but instead they look small next to the ones I already had. The plates should get a five star rating. The plates made the packaging safe from chips, cracks, or breakage.

👤Los platos son una mesa. Son pequeos. Tiene excelente terminacin. The relieve de la pintura is siente.

👤I thought they were small, but they were very pretty.

👤There is a small wall in my kitchen that needs to be changed. These fit perfectly and they are gorgeous.

👤The plate holders are stable. There is a They were delivered without any issues. I buy them for my friends more often. They are a great gift for your family and friends.

👤Absolutely beautiful! I exceeded my expectations. There is an adorable free keychain. There is a It was packed well with obvious care.

👤Goes with our espresso Turkish plates.

👤I thought these were 8 plates, but they are just tea cup plates. I like them.

👤Son un poco ms pequeos de lo.

10. Artliving Invisible Adhesive Vertical Holders

Artliving Invisible Adhesive Vertical Holders

The wall ledge is 35 inches long. All mounting hardware is included. Their wall shelves are a great way to display collectibles and are a perfect gift for family or friends. Hooks, clips, and wires can be avoided with the invisible hanger, which allows plates to hang flat against the wall. Hang your favorite Dcor is an ideal way to hang decorative items. Strong hold gives a permanent strength to a glazed or unglazed surface. A fixing that won't age-harden or degrade with time. The set comes with 20 piece 3 cm hangers that are designed to hold up to 1.5 pounds and plates up to 10 inches in diameter. Use 2 or more discs to hold heavier items.

Brand: Artliving

👤A set of plates can be hung as a display. I pressed the hooks firmly on the plates to make sure there was a good stick. I hung the plates on the wall after letting them sit for 2 days. I placed a large pillow below them because they are antiques. The large plate fell to the floor, fortunately landing on the pillow first. I did the whole process over again for the large plate, assuming that this was my issue and that I didn't attach the hook well enough. My husband pressed it to the plate. After rehanging it, the large plate fell on the pillow. There is a I contemplated my next move after being frustrated. A small plate fell on the pillow the next day. I am looking for a different product after taking all the plates down.

👤I followed the instructions and let the hooks cure on the plates for at least 24 hours. My plates were hung up. The first plate came free from the hook and shattered on the floor. I wouldn't use the command hooks at the drug store to hang my plate. These are garbage.

👤I lost a plate that fell off my wall in the morning. I was not a very happy camper. I waited several days to make sure they were good, because I put them on as instructed. It was definitely not.

👤Terrible product! 48 hours before hanging, follow the instructions. Within an hour, plates started dropping from the walls. Four plates were lost. Don't use glass or breakables.

👤I followed instructions. Plates fell after being hung. Use on small plates only.

👤These are not worth anything. Plates dropped after less than an hour. I did not purchase a tin platter that was light and fell down.

👤The sticker stuck to the plate. I was confident to hang the plate. It was a mistake. In the middle of the night, I had 2 heirloom plates crash to the floor. The alarm sounded like a broken window and it was very upsetting. I lost two plates that can't be replaced. I would buy the spring hangers over these because they won't hold. Trust me... I had to find out the hard way.

👤I didn't like this at all. The plate fell of the wall twice after I followed all the instructions. I used a new one and let it dry twice as long because I thought the first time was a mistake. I found the hook and tab on the floor the next morning. I used gorilla glue to glue it on the plate. You know it's still on the wall.

11. Outlet Switch SleekLighting Decorative Variety

Outlet Switch SleekLighting Decorative Variety

The set comes with 20 piece 3 cm hangers that are designed to hold up to 1.5 pounds and plates up to 10 inches in diameter. Use 2 or more discs to hold heavier items. Their brand of single duplex outlet wall plate is made of high quality metal and sturdy enough to survive any hard impact, and last a lifetime. The wall plate is easy to install by an expert or novice. It comes in 4 packs, 4 screws, and is oil rubbed bronze. The oil rubbed bronze finish is resistant to dust, easy to clean, and warp resistant with a smooth flat installation. This universal 1-gang Duplex outlet wall plate is perfect for a standard duplex outlet. The wall plate for receptacle is applicable to homes, offices, commercial and other buildings. This is the best choice for you if you want to change the look of your wall duplex receptacle. The wall plate for receptacle is applicable to homes, offices, commercial and other buildings. This is the best choice for you if you want to change the look of your wall duplex receptacle.

Brand: Sleeklighting

👤I only needed one of these wallplates, but they are exactly what I wanted. They matched my other metallic elements. The screws didn't even reach my wall, let alone screw into the female recepticle, even though I replaced a triple bathroom switch. I went to my local hardware store to buy an unrelated cover that had screws twice as long. They worked well. It turned out to be an exspensive replacement. The good news is that it's now installed and looks good.

👤Don't waste money on cheap thin metal, awful color and short screws holes.

👤It's easy to install and great value. The 2 pack only needed 2 plates. The wall switches weren't installed equally for plates in my home. l was able to install. The plates are strong. The screws are not long.

👤I needed to switch from a standard light switch to a time switch for my duplex box light. I didn't want to replace both switches and have a switch plate with one standard and one wide hole, which would make it difficult to install the new switch.

👤The screws are very small but I like them.

👤The quality was perfect along with the style and color. It was easy to install. All parts were inside, and everything was packed perfectly. Within 15 minutes, I had both switch plates installed.

👤It looks great and fits perfectly. The likelihood of using the extra one is pretty slim, and I had to buy two.

👤A quality product. The metal wall plates were the perfect solution for cracking plastic wall plates. The screws were too short and time consuming to install, unlike the 2, 3, 4 gang for the same style plate.


What is the best product for decorative plates for wall hanging set of 4?

Decorative plates for wall hanging set of 4 products from Skyme Art. In this article about decorative plates for wall hanging set of 4 you can see why people choose the product. Hotop and The Flatirons Disc Co are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plates for wall hanging set of 4.

What are the best brands for decorative plates for wall hanging set of 4?

Skyme Art, Hotop and The Flatirons Disc Co are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plates for wall hanging set of 4. Find the detail in this article. Rocky Mountain Radar, Fasunry and Mwellewm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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