Best Decorative Plates with Stand for Home Decor

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1. Boao Pieces Plastic Holders Picture

Boao Pieces Plastic Holders Picture

The plastic easels are small and not suitable for placing books or other heavy items. The method of use can be applied as picture easel, plate holder, display easels, card holder, cookie stand, art display, collection display, etc. The easel plates are made of clear plastic and have folding hinges. Good for home decoration, business, showroom, wedding, birthday party tables use, they can be folded flat, easy to store. The clear plastic design let them look elegant, light weight and hold products stable, and to ensure the good holding effect, please check your item's diameter and weight before putting it onto the plastic easel. 6 inches high for each dimensions

Brand: Boao

👤None of these arrived broken, so that's a huge plus. According to reviews, some people had an issue with that. These are not very strong, but they work well in a stable environment. I have them in a cabinet that displays ceramic plates and bowls. The dinner plate is supported by the largest size. People are busy admiring the displayed objects rather than looking at the clear holders. I was disappointed in the selection and prices of the holders I was looking for. I chose these ones because they seem to be the best value. Again, none of my things were broken. I would have felt ripped off if there had been some broken. Been holding up well for 6 weeks. I hope to get a few years out of them.

👤One of the medium-sized was broken in the bag. There is a They're cheap and won't break the bank. If they're in a safe place, like a china cabinet, you won't have to worry about plates falling over. They hold our china to display and they won't be moving. There is a The poor quality isn't visible when you're using them because they're made out of clear plastic. They don't have padding on the bottom to keep them from sliding, but if you don't need to use them every day, they're a good way to get a china cabinet display set up for about $13. There is a They're a disappointment, but they work as long as you don't move them, just set up your display the way you want it and forget it. I don't recommend these for exposed shelfs or desktops because they will fall over if someone touches them. There is a I didn't have to go for the more expensive model because it was better. The job is done just barely.

👤I should have read more of the reviews before buying. They are a hit and miss. Some of them hold the items well, but some won't hold anything because of how flimsy it is. You need a sturdy stand in order to properly display items. There is a Light weight items won't hold up on some. It's lacking in consistency. I don't want to bother and return the ones I got from this pack. It's not worth the price for what you get. 1

👤The product can't hold anything. I doubled a few of them and they barely held a thin plate or a small piece of artwork. Very disappointed.

👤I wanted to display painted rocks. They are clear plastic and come in 4 different sizes. The rocks cannot sit nicely in these holders because the hinge is not firm. I had to add rubber bands to the holders to make them hold the rocks.

👤Like mine did. The plastic doesn't sit evenly. It's purpose is to hold plates evenly. Throw it in the trash.

👤Can't beat these for the price.

👤It's pretty flimsy. When unfolding them, 5 of them snapped.

👤These are very flimsy. The first 3 snapped in my hand as I tried to stand them up. The few that were not broken kept falling over. Birthday cards are not suitable for display. Don't waste time or money on this product.

2. Jucoan Display Holder Displaying Pictures

Jucoan Display Holder Displaying Pictures

The dimensions are 12.50 W X 35 H X 20 D. The iron display stand is suitable for home, business, or showroom use. Heavy items such as plates, saucers, photo frames can be held in this wire. A stable triangular structure can be created by rotating the width between 2 legs to 90 degree. It's not a good idea to adjust the angle. The stand can be folded flat to make it easier to carry. The size is 15 inches tall, 11 inches opening width, perfect for holding large pictures frames, decorative plates, artworks, books and so on.

Brand: Jucoan

👤I ordered the easel plate holders to hold pictures at a table. The model of easel plate holders is sturdy and stable enough to hold heavy frame picture frames. 13 lbs each.

👤I was very excited to get these items to show the artwork that artists submitted. I pulled the bottom edges apart because one of the pair broke immediatelas. I was double the price for one wire easel and jury-rigging something else for the artwork.

👤I like it because it holds a picture frame. I recommend it.

👤Perfect hold for wooden frames.

👤I was worried that these were strong enough to hold both canvas and framed art. At an outdoor event, there were no issues with them.

👤It seems thin but sturdy to hold a wooden barrel head. I worked for what I needed.

👤The easel is sturdy and it fits the painting perfectly.

👤J'ai installe des cadres 14" x 11".

3. Mocoosy Upgraded Anti Slip Decorative Tabletop

Mocoosy Upgraded Anti Slip Decorative Tabletop

You can use it to hold photos, frames, books, small artwork, collector plates and more. Each of the 3 sizes has 2 pieces display holders and the total 6 pack will match with your needs. You can use it for a lot of things. The metal stand is made from high quality black iron. Stable shape and long service life. The smooth metal stand makes your piece look modern. The screw on the display stand was added to improve the stability of the hinge and allow it to adjust to an appropriate width. The rubber covers on the stand legs help keep the stand from sliding. It can fold into a flat for easy carry and convenient storage to take less space when not in use. Simple stylish design is appropriate for home, office, cafe, or bookstore. The display holder stands are simply design with a light frosting that can make focus on your showpiece and not the display stand. Fit in well with most work stations. You can match your home decor style.

Brand: Mocoosy

👤It was perfect for displaying items that were not normal and I love that it has rubber on the bottom to keep the size I wanted.

👤There are three plates in the middle shelf of my china cabinet and two pictures with Winnie the Pooh frames. It comes with two different sizes. It will not hold a shallow bowl from a formal china set, because it will tip it over. The backing is straight, so you can't push it back at an angle to hold something with an inner depth like a shallow bowl. The large sized one is holding up my serving plate, so you can adjust the width of the legs.

👤I was looking for stands to hold the alter pieces. There was a variety of sizes in this set. They needed to be able to display the artifacts lifted up to keep them from touching the alter surface. There is a They served my purpose well. There is a They folded flat for easy storage. There is a They are strong enough to support the Custom Glass Urn and the Mosaic Box cover, without drawing attention to the stands. There is a There were covers on the feet that helped keep the stands stable. I used the others to display family photos around my house. I am happy with the stands and the fast delivery.

👤I was hesitant to buy them because of some bad reviews, but I bought them anyway. I am surprised by how sturdy and how well-made they are. I didn't listen to the reviews that said they were broke. I think they come broke sometimes because of the way that they are delivered as my package, my Amazon deliver just dropped it, but luckily for all of that extra baggage, we have Amazon stuff in our packages. I am happy with my order.

👤Wow! These were cheap, but they're sturdy and have little plastic feet. I spray painted one of the larger ones and put the feet back on it to make it look better. These work better than others.

👤I was expecting a plastic display stand, so I didn't read the description. When they arrived, I was surprised to see they were iron. They are very good looking and well made. The rubber covers on the stand feet keep the frame from sliding and the metal from scratching the wood. I used the largest size to display my bowl and the medium size to display my plate.

👤I've been looking for a way to show off some of the art tiles that I own. These fit the bill. I like that I could get different sizes in one package. I used them all. I like the fact that they won't slip. The only downside is that they are a little too flexible. You have to make sure they are at the correct angle. It would be great if they could be locked in place. Will be ordering them again.

👤These are not to be used with half width shelves. They require a very strong surface to hold them up. Plates, bowls, etc that are displayed on them should have a bit of weight to them or they can be knocked over easily. They are perfect for inside a China cabinet where things are put away and not handled very often. If you have children or pets around, I wouldn't recommend them for open, low shelf or mantel displays.

4. Petiy Beauty Decorative Tabletop Artistic

Petiy Beauty Decorative Tabletop Artistic

6 inch picture holders fits for an item of 5′′ 15′′ height and Lip Depth of 1 inch. The easel stands are made of high quality materials. Sturdy, level and well constructed platter stands. You can display your arts in stand. The stands can help focus on your showpiece. The small book display stand is very useful for holding wedding place card, painted tiles, canvases, decorative plates, picture frames, and any other artworks. The wreath holder stand is suitable for home, office, cafe, or bookstore. The table frame holder stand has a black finish and is strong enough to hold plates. The decorative plate holder is made of metal and is designed to hold your items at the focal point. This design makes it hold heavier and bigger plate than similar products in the market. Protects expensive plates. The smooth metal stand is elegant and nice to look at. The easel is made with thicker metal wire, which is high-quality. Carefully made with the highest quality material. Stable shape, anti-aging and long service life. The plate display rack enhances the style of artwork, which is very useful in the kitchen, office, banquet or showroom for an elegant look. The 6 inches display stand is good for 5-15 inches in height or width, like some picture frames, decorative plates, and books, please make sure it is the right size for your items.

Brand: Petiy Beauty

👤It was perfect for an 8x10 picture frame. There is a It was worth the money.

👤It looks beautiful.

👤These stands were perfect for my paintings on ceramic tiles. I will be ordering again. They are sturdy and nice looking.

👤I needed a sturdy stand for my tablets. The stands are great for holding tablets in place at a good angle and won't tip or flex when using the screen. The bottoms don't have a lot of grip but you can put some tape on and they won't slide. These stands are strong and should hold up for most other uses. I bought 4 to use all over the house and haven't had any issues.

👤It worked well for wooden plaques.

👤Exactly as described. These worked well for what I needed. I will purchase more in the future. Thank you.

5. Mocoosy Improved Anti Slip Decorative Tabletop

Mocoosy Improved Anti Slip Decorative Tabletop

Choose your perfect stand, it can be a 4 inch stand or a 3 inch stand. The 6 inch picture stand is for an item of 8′′ in height. The 8 inch holder stands are for an item of 9 inches in height. Sturdy, easy to use, and functional. You can display photos, decorative plates, framed pictures, small artworks and more on your stand. High-end quality. Black wrought iron is used to make this metal stand. Sturdy with black rubber pads on each leg, look better to match the metal material, will not distract from the overall look of these stands. Stable shape, anti-aging and long service life. The smooth metal stand makes your piece look modern. They added a screw on top of the display stand to improve the stability of the hinge and allow it to adjust to an appropriate width. The rubber covers on the stand legs help keep the stand from sliding. Ensure that your collections are safe. Their picture holders are foldable and convenient. It folds into a flat for easy carry and convenient storage to take up less space when not in use. Simple stylish design is appropriate for home, office, cafe, or bookstore. The display holder stands are simply design with a light frosting that can make focus on your showpiece and not the display stand. Fit in well with most work stations. You can match your home decor style.

Brand: Mocoosy

👤The plate stands are medium weight and can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes. I like that they display my light weight plates.

👤I bought picture tiles and the stands were perfect. They are sturdy and the right size. I was very pleased with this purchase and recommend it to others.

👤The saucer plates can be displayed at 6. The top screw needs to be tightened to keep it open. The rubber tips keep them in place. I bought three sets for my collection.

👤Like the product a lot. Use it to hold up a small chalk board. I wish there was a better way to keep it open as kids try to slide it around. This wouldn't be a problem for simply holding pictures.

👤I decided it was time to display this because I needed it for a small bowl. These worked well.

👤It is a good product for the price. It works well for displaying my chicken plates. Would buy again.

👤I bought these to hold the plaques my students made. They work well. I was surprised that they folded flat. It was easy to pack them in the gift box. I would buy again.

👤I bought these to show at craft shows, but they are not strong enough. My stuff keeps falling over.

👤I used these to display A4 plywood items. They held the A4 but the item fell off and the holders folded.

👤These are better than the plastic ones that are advertised here. They are sturdy and nice with the product on them.

👤My husband has ordered a lot of these.

👤Poi altre 10 confezioni. It is Tutto preciso!

6. Display Holders Pictures Decorative Tabletop

Display Holders Pictures Decorative Tabletop

The service guarantee is Satisfactory. If you have a question or want to know more about the plate holder stands, please contact them. They will help you solve the problem. 6 inch black easel display stands of 2 pack in 1 package, perfect tools for holding your pictures or artworks, 6 inch small plate easel fits for item of 5′′ 14′′ Height / Diameter, Lip Depth: 1 Simple elegant design, iron decorative plate stand is an ideal choice for displaying your favorite items, make it more attractive on look. The iron picture frame stands are strong enough to support decorative plates, painted tiles, plaques, photo frames, postcards, pictures, book, canvas, etc. No bending backwards or falling down. It is practical in the kitchen, office, banquet or showroom to have display easel holders, which are elegant in style. The display stand is useful for holding more than one display. 2 Pack of plate display stands are applicable. You can display your arts in stand. The dish stand style keeps the plate closer to the surface.

Brand: Hotlley

👤It was strong enough for my plates. I love the item.

👤What I was hoping for. Very happy.

👤Thought they would be bigger but they are still useful.

7. LIONWEI LIONWELI Display Displaying Pictures

LIONWEI LIONWELI Display Displaying Pictures

Each size with 2 pieces display holders will fit in a 6 pack. Black/gold/silver color can be used to match your home styles, as well as decorate with your arts, photos, books and more. The iron is sturdy and can be used for a long time. Functions: The holder stand can make your home look more beautiful and charming. You can use it to hold photos, frames, books, small artwork, collector plates and more.

Brand: Lionwei Lionweli

👤One of the gold balls fell out of the package and will not support a bowl, but I thought it would work with bowls. They sent me black, instead of gold, at my request. Very happy with the order.

👤There are three different size display rack that display various size plates and photos. The black ones look great for their design. I will change the plates on the bookcase after Thanksgiving. They are strong enough to hold plates and phots, but not in areas where they could be easily knocked over.

👤I have gotten other colors of this stand before and have been very pleased with it. The ball on the base came loose on the big stand and the gold coloring was marred. I was able to glue it back on. I haven't had a chance to set up my china yet because I'm still waiting for the glue to dry.

👤I had an old photograph in a wooden frame that was lost. The smallest of these stands worked well to hold my framed photo and the gold color at the front of the stand looks great with the other brass framed photo this is grouped with. I bought the six pack of stands because they will be great to use for a collection of different sized plates I will display on my sideboard at Christmas. The gold color goes well with the brass accents, and I like that these stands are sturdy for the use I intend. I live in my home.

👤I loved the different sizes. I used these to hold up signs at my wedding, such as "please sign our guest book" and "Cards and gifts". They did a good job for what I needed. A table top easel was not needed to hold these signs.

👤Four are nice, two are too small to use and not sturdy. Unless for a tiny kid's plate no bigger than 2 inches round. I would like to have 2 more larger ones. It's ok for a wall frame display.

👤I used these at my wedding and they were perfect. It was used for a cocktail sign at the bar and for candy bags at the candy station. Can be used to display small canvas photos.

👤The light silver stands seemed to disappear, leaving all the attention towards my plates. The collapsible stands are easy to store. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Some stands are good but others are rough and have ridges on the sides. Not smooth to touch.

👤It works for most of my rocks, but not all.

👤A good price for sturdy stands.

8. Decolore Display Picture Decorative Artistic

Decolore Display Picture Decorative Artistic

4 pack 4 inch 4 inch vertical height, best for items with a height of 2.5 inch to 8.5 inch A classic display stand. There are standing painted tiles, decorative boards, photo frames, postcards, books, canvases, etc. Good quality and load-bearing is what the material is made of. It is made of high quality iron and does not tilt down. It is portable and unobtrusive to distract from plates. The metal display rack is small and strong, it will decorate your room, not occupy space, and it is beautiful.

Brand: Decolore

👤I used these stands to display things. They are strong and attractive. If there is a need, I will order it.

👤I used them to display books at a convention. I could easily pack them because they were great. Inexpensive, well made and able to do the job.

👤I used these to hold up a large fiber board. It worked out great. Nice weight. Would recommend.

👤I love that these are light and easy to ship.

👤For heavy plates, these worked well.

👤The product was great for the price. There were no complaints. You can get a nicer item for less money.

👤The first set was very nice and well made, so I ordered a second set.

👤I used this for canvases and it was too slanted. These would have been perfect if not for this.

9. Ayennur Decorative Multicolor Handmade Ornament

Ayennur Decorative Multicolor Handmade Ornament

If their plate hangers fail to function properly, they will replace them for a lifetime warranty. L-W-H:5.11''-5.11''-0.78" You can hang it on the wall with the rope behind it. Premium service will help solve any problem. They will give you a full refund if you have any quality or transportation problems. Break-resistant packaging. These handmade ceramic plates are great for decorating the home.

Brand: Ayennur

👤Plates are colorful, but the descripiton needs to be more detailed. The size described is not accurate. I was thinking that I would receive 4 to 5 plates measuring 12 in diameter, rather than the 4 plates measuring 5.12". I had large Turkish plates and thought they would make a great match, but instead they look small next to the ones I already had. The plates should get a five star rating. The plates made the packaging safe from chips, cracks, or breakage.

👤Los platos son una mesa. Son pequeos. Tiene excelente terminacin. The relieve de la pintura is siente.

👤I thought they were small, but they were very pretty.

👤There is a small wall in my kitchen that needs to be changed. These fit perfectly and they are gorgeous.

👤The plate holders are stable. There is a They were delivered without any issues. I buy them for my friends more often. They are a great gift for your family and friends.

👤Absolutely beautiful! I exceeded my expectations. There is an adorable free keychain. There is a It was packed well with obvious care.

👤Goes with our espresso Turkish plates.

👤I thought these were 8 plates, but they are just tea cup plates. I like them.

👤Son un poco ms pequeos de lo.

10. Tatuo Wooden Display Holder Easels

Tatuo Wooden Display Holder Easels

Please make sure the size of the easels is correct when you buy them. The wooden display easel is made of solid wood, painted black with a gold latch, and folds flat for easy storage. The wood plate stand is great for holding small collectible plates, trays, saucers, tiles, plaques, awards, certificate, photo picture frames and other objects. The black plate holder stand is suitable for many occasions. Please check your item's size and weight before putting it on the wooden display stand.

Brand: Tatuo

👤The easel is small. It took a while to set the heavy plate on the easel because it didn't have a locking device like the one we got. Since it doesn't have a locking easel device, the base keeps on adjusting to the weight of the item that is placed. The hinges are in place. One needs to be gentle in using this. sereval tried to set the plate on it, but it should stay still as long as no one touches it. It would have been better if this was sold in 2 pieces. There is a * The last photo shows that it doesn't have a locking mechanism like the other easel we bought.

👤Don't feel like the hassle when you return. I bought two of them at Michael's. They are much more secure. If it makes sense, Michael's brand has more tightness in the bend. These are very loose and move quickly. I don't feel comfortable putting my items on them. There is a I think I'll come back.

👤The frame is knocked out of it by touching it.

👤I wanted to buy a large set of mini plates. They are gorgeous, but some of them are loose, and as soon as you place the plate on it, it falls open and the plate drops out. I just superglued some of the screws.

👤It was well made. Exactly like the photo. To hold items of different sizes, opens to different widths.

👤Cute little things, like mini painted canvases and pottery items that are at an angle, did the trick of showing them off. The right amount of classy. The feature is off right now, but I would love to post pictures.

👤They are complete trash and do not hold shape as they are meant to. They were made completely wrong and are beyond flimsy. I will have to put something in the back seam to make it usable.

👤Cheap, cheap, and over the top. It is made in China. Better reward if you have a plate that weighs more than 4 ounces. I don't think they can hold that much weight. The worst product I've ever purchased on Amazon.

👤Solid and value for money. Excellent delivery.

👤These were a bit floppy at the hinge, but they worked.

👤My item fell over and broke. It was badly ballanced.

👤The stand is good for displaying small plates.

11. Display Displays Picture Cookbooks Decorative

Display Displays Picture Cookbooks Decorative

There is a metal stand that displays photos, books, small artwork, collector plates and more. It's perfect for holding picture frames. The stand is built to last. The stands can help focus on your showpiece. The 4 inch is small and lightweight, so it can be used for small items. If you want to hold a plate, 8 Inches is more appropriate. The diameter of the plate is what it degrades on. The 4inch and 5 inch are suitable for the small plate. The 8-15 inch is suitable for holding a picture frame. The item larger than the stand is perfect.

Brand: Artliving

👤I was hesitant to order these because of some of the reviews, but after reading a few that said you need to order the correct size, I decided to do so. The plate I brought back from India was made from the same marble and semi precious stones used in the Taj Mahal, so I ordered the 7" instead of the 4. The holder I bought is perfect, but the plate is not lightweight. I ordered the 4-pack just to have on hand, after using the second one for another purpose. If you measure the plate you're going to use them for, you'll find these holders to be great, as long as you do your due diligence.

👤These stands are used to display old tablets. The stands don't stay completely open if you display a rectangular object instead of a circular one. I came up with the idea of putting paper clips in the stands to keep them open. The stands stayed open because of the paper clips. There is a The stands are a good value at $2.50 each, and they should stay open on their own.

👤Even though they are inexpensive, there is an expectation that they can be used for their intended purpose. Not true. The object falls off when you put it on display. There is no way to keep them open. Poorly made. Buy something else.

👤The 4in stand is great for smaller items.

👤I never had a problem with mine. I used the size chart on the description. You forget about it when you buy it, because it works. There were no complaints. I ordered 2 more larger pieces. This has been a 5 star product for me and I will update my review if there are any issues.

👤I bought these stands to support my pictures. There is a The framed image is supported by the stand. There is a standard coaster in the image. The 17x20 picture was too large for the stand and the height was too tall to handle the weight. There is a The stands were a good deal to display some artwork that I wanted to stand upright rather than being fastened to my wall, considering the price and ease of access.

👤These would be perfect if the item I needed to display was a bit shorter. When I put the small books on them, they become heavy. I'm sure I can find a way to counter that. The width is perfect. Excellent for the value. I was able to fix my wobbly issue with hot glue.

👤They look great! I wanted to display some of my special dinner plates and saucers in my China cabinet, so I bought these and the smaller ones. I have never had any issues with tipping and I believe those that ordered the wrong size did so.

👤The stands were not what I was expecting. It is not sturdy enough. It needs to be against a wall to stay up. It is light weight makes it less sturdy.


What is the best product for decorative plates with stand for home decor?

Decorative plates with stand for home decor products from Boao. In this article about decorative plates with stand for home decor you can see why people choose the product. Jucoan and Mocoosy are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative plates with stand for home decor.

What are the best brands for decorative plates with stand for home decor?

Boao, Jucoan and Mocoosy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative plates with stand for home decor. Find the detail in this article. Petiy Beauty, Hotlley and Lionwei Lionweli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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