Best Decorative Push Pins for Bulletin Board

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1. ViNUMEN Decorative Thumbtacks Transparent Colorful

ViNUMEN Decorative Thumbtacks Transparent Colorful

If you glue the clips and tacks together, you can connect them with glue easily, but please keep small items away from the children under 3 years old. A square head and 5 colors packing in randomly. Pushpins are transparent. The thumbtack size is 1/3-Inch point and 2/5-Inch head. Plastic heads and steel needle points are used. Square head drawing pins are used for marking. Important papers and messages can be pinned to cork boards, foam boards, maps, and other items.

Brand: Vinumen

👤I was excited to get these but was a little disappointed after opening them. They work and they are cute. The posting said the colors were sorted randomly. I didn't get any pink. I got 3 light pink, 10 dark pink, 17 white, 26 light green, and 25 dark green. Some corners seemed to have been scratched all over. I was not expecting them to be pristine, they get jostled around during shipment. I didn't think they would be so beat up.

👤It seems like a solidly built building with very pretty colors. They're square and not round. It's perfect size too. Very happy with the purchase.

👤These are more exciting than the ones I get at work. The pins have a larger square area than the push pins do, so they feel nice when you press them with your thumb.

👤These are cute and have held up well. Time will tell. So far, we are very pleased.

👤My daughter loves the product.

👤The pushpins are cute.

2. Decorative Pushpins Thumbtacks Artworks Projects

Decorative Pushpins Thumbtacks Artworks Projects

Simple and sleek design matches all decorating schemes. Each clip has a special design. You can apply the stud to the corkboard with the help of a spring in the middle of the clip. This design doesn't leave anything behind. Strong and hardy. The push pin is made of wood and metal and is safe. It is hard to fall off after a long time. These wooden pin pins are widely used for paper, artwork, ticket stub, home decoration, photo, picture, note, business card, paper and other documents. There is a box-packing. A small transparent box is used to hold the push pin and wooden clips. 50PCS Push pin with wooden clips, welcome guide, and 7* 24 friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Joyberg

👤I had to ding this star as I went to use these today and there were three clips that did not have a pin, and two that fell apart when trying to push it in. It is not like the pins fell out in the tub. There were no pins on the table. The pins have come out or there was no pins to begin with, so I can't use that number. They need better quality control. I got these to make it easy to hang up student work. I thought about making my own with some things. They knew they wouldn't hold up. I had at least three of these fall apart on me, as the pin fell out when they didn't get pushed in straight. I put them back together with some superglue. I will be able to comment on their resilience later in the school year. These will allow me to staple everything to the board without having to pull all the staple. When you pull these out, be careful not to pull from the top of the clip. If you pull the clip apart, it will be easy to reassemble. I could feel it when I was rushing, but it didn't happen to me.

👤I was looking for clips in my home office. It's nice that they function like a clip and thumbtack. The wooden pin has a pin portion embedded in it. It is not like other similar products. I think this will hold up over time. I chose these over the competition because of that.

👤Fantastic idea. The pin comes out when you try to remove them from the board. There is a Great idea, but not able to move.

👤I appreciate the aesthetic of these but even more the fact that I can change a set of papers on a weekly basis without having to worry about my kids getting attention. The screw-on lid of the storage container is large enough and well-sealed to slow down any casual attempts at investigation that my toddler makes.

👤Cute clothespin for my classroom. I had a few thumbtacks detach from pin after putting them on the bulletin board.

👤I have two bulletin boards at work that need to be changed every day, and I am a programming director. This was a great solution. It looks cute and can work with any theme. It looks better than a push pin.

👤I like that it holds bills and notes. I wonder if they come in a bigger size.

👤The push pin keeps falling when I remove it from the bulletin board.

3. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

50PCS Colorful Push pin with wooden clips, friendly customer service, and a colorful Push pin are what you get. A multicolor push pins set is good for highlighting key points on a map. The rubber patch technology makes the pin heads look beautiful and vivid. These tacks pins are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and are easy to insert into cork board. The box is helpful for storing the small colored pushpins. 80 pieces of colorful fashion steel push pins are good for pinning photos, schedules and papers on a bulletin board.

Brand: Tecunite

👤The laundry room bulletin board was improved by these thumbtacks. Love the bright colors. My cat isn't able to pull them out of the board like he could with the pushpins I had previously been using. I had to re-glue some of them because the colorful top was not securely fastened.

👤Cute. Simple and they work well. Pushpins are just normal but more fun.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very strong and heavy, unlike the cheap ones that are easy to break. The rack push pin is heavy.

👤tacs are always needed, but these are great purchased.

👤I love these! There are lots of cute designs. Nice colors. The bulletin board is sturdy.

👤A good variety of patterns. They hold limited weight.

👤A bulletin board for a 7 year old girl.

👤Exactly how they said it was worth the money.

4. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

The map push pins are easy to store in a clear plastic case, they are useful accessories for home, offices, classroom, dorm rooms, etc. The fashion push pins have 8 different patterns in total. The thumb tacks are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and the pin heads use a process to make colors and patterns look nice and clear. The colored pushpins are easy to insert into a bulletin board and fix photos and documents. It's great for fixing photos on a corkboard. 80 pieces of push pins are stored in a plastic box, the quantity is enough, and they are suitable for home, office, kitchen, classroom use.

Brand: Tecunite

👤Pop out quickly. I'm putting them in a cubicle.

👤They were bought to decorate a cork board. The colors were pretty in the picture, but when I got them, they were very subdued. They're just thumb tacks. I was getting them for the color and decoration, but they aren't colorful at all.

👤I'm changing my rating and leaving my original review. I received an email from a nice lady asking if they could send the right tacs, but I didn't have to change my review. I accepted. They are perfect for the project I am working on. Thank you very much. They are what they are described as. I didn't get the design that I ordered. I got a cheaper design after buying the more expensive one. I needed certain colors and it was also for something specific. You can't return to order the right ones. I wouldn't recommend unless it's the right design.

👤The pins are pretty economical. To take one out requires a good 20 seconds of untwisting and digging nails. They're not long enough to justify being in a partway.

👤These are pretty but don't get them if you will be moving them a lot. They are difficult to pull back out since there isn't anything to hold. If you are going to leave them, they are very cute.

👤These were perfect for a school project. I used the rest at the office.

👤I love these! I use it for my photo board and it adds a little design. It's a good recommendation!

👤These are fun and cute on my cork board.

👤A great set of pins. The pins on my wall are ordinary. We have a lot of bits, but really complement the Polaroids.

👤The pins are bright to liven up my board. Not boring like the old ones. And strong.

👤Button pins work well on pin bourd.

👤There are lots of different pins. I brought them with me for my cork board. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how cute the pins are.

5. Multi Color Stainless Assorted Reconfigurable Container

Multi Color Stainless Assorted Reconfigurable Container

Each has 7/16 inch pins. The Push Pins are made of high quality materials and have brighter colors. The package has a ball diameter of 1/ 8 inch and a total length of 3/ 5 inch. It is made of plastic and steel, which will stand the test of time. You can mark locations, points of interests, travel routes, addresses and others on maps. There are 10 different color map push pins.

Brand: Besttou

👤It's perfect for our use for indicating where we have been. There is a We show the locations by color, whether it was a couple or a solo location. The pins are strong enough to stick in a map and have not had any issues with falling out. There is a The purchase was perfect for us and we were very pleased with it. Five stars and an honest recommendation! There is a If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the "helpFUL" button below.

👤These were bought for a project. I knew how many pieces I could get out of the package, but I had to separate them out when they arrived because the amount of pins was short. There is a I think the box was dropped because it was less than the Stellar. Multiples of pins are broken or bent. Highly dissatisfied. It is unlikely to purchase again.

👤I used the map pins to post photos on a thin corkboard and on cork tiles. They were packaged in a small plastic container which is larger than my palm and is the perfect size to store in my desk drawer. The plastic container was sealed and there were no colored pins in it. As I posted my photos, I chose colored pins to match the colors in the photos, and then I pushed them into the thin cork. I got the effect I wanted with them. I've used two dozen pins so far and none of them have broken or lost their heads. Map pins can add fun to a photo project.

👤I received the push pins today. Delivery was fast. I noticed that the colors are not the same. I ordered pins with vibrant colors. I can accept that they are smaller than I had 888-276-5932s I ordered based on the colors shown and the ones I got were like 1970 bland colors. Don't tell me it's a screen adjustment because all the pics show bright colored pins. If these pins break like all of the bad reviews, I will update this review and I will be returning to Amazon for a product that I didn't like.

👤The pins were bought with the United States, USA Classic Elite Wall Map. We used two colors for our family and one for each member. My husband has traveled more than the rest of us so we used most of one color. I had to order a second box back online. A very happy customer! We travel to new places to mark a pin on the map. Great product. You should buy these.

👤The entire package can fit in the palm of your hand, that's how tiny they are. It's a blessing in disguise as it's small enough to fit on my tiny desk in my tiny organizers, but if they ever fell into the carpet that would be a nightmare to find, as they're so small!

👤These are not good. More than 50% of the pins lose their heads when I try to remove them. From a cork board, not something like cement or something. I had to leave a pair of pliers next to the board so I could finish removing the sharp nubs that were left behind when the heads popped off. Nice colors, nice tray, but won't buy again.

6. Creative Fashion Photos Bulletin Boards

Creative Fashion Photos Bulletin Boards

5. Please stay away from babies and children if you have sharp stitches. Don't nail it to the wall. The push pins look trendy and modern, and the creative inspiration of push pins comes from Nordic style, 8 different patterns are enough to express your unique style. The decorative push pins are constructed with durable steel, and they use a special craft to make them look beautiful. The steel push pins are suitable for that size. 2 inches in length. Push pins can be applied on bulletin board or cork boards without bending or falling out. The metal push pins can be used on a wide range of objects. The map push pins are easy to store in a clear plastic case, they are useful accessories for home, offices, classroom, dorm rooms, etc.

Brand: Satinior

👤They blend in with my d├ęcor and my bulletin board, but the tacks are not long at all. I will have to buy some push pins and use them for pretty because you can't hold a calendar or anything of importance up with them. I wouldn't waste your money.

👤At least 55 of my 80 pack ended up like this. You get when you pay.

👤These are perfect for my map of America and all the places I've visited. They're sturdy, long, the designs are on there really well, and the plastic container they come in is sturdy enough that I'm not worried about the extras getting lost in a drawer!

👤It's perfect for putting photos on the bulletin board. The designs match the colors of my bedroom.

👤Cute thumb tacks are made of quality materials. They have great images on them that don't look like they're about to break, and they won't break on you when you push them in.

👤I used a few of these on my project. They worked well.

👤These are cute and work just as expected. I like having unique ones. They have held up well and haven't bent.

7. TecUnite Creative Decorative Thumbtacks Different

TecUnite Creative Decorative Thumbtacks Different

These decorative metal push pins are great for bulletin boards, cork boards, cubicle walls, memory wall, pinboards, wooden shutter, home, office, school, classroom, sewing room, college dorm room, etc. It's essential for office workers, teachers, students and family members to have a place to work. A multicolor push pins set is good for highlighting key points on a map. The rubber patch technology makes the pin heads look beautiful and vivid. These tacks pins are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and are easy to insert into cork board. The box is helpful for storing the small colored pushpins. 80 pieces of colorful fashion steel push pins are good for pinning photos, schedules and papers on a bulletin board.

Brand: Tecunite

👤I wanted to hang a tapestry over my bed. What can I say? It does its job. It's pretty, my tapestry is a star spangled design and it fits right in. The wooden partition has pins on it that don't leave a lot of a footprint. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The pins look amazing!

👤Really cute! I use them to decorate my desk.

👤I used these to cover an old cork board. They were used to border the outer edge. They look nice. I wish they had a longer nail. They look great.

👤They are light and well made.

8. Pieces Wooden Bulletin Christmas Supplies

Pieces Wooden Bulletin Christmas Supplies

Push pin clips are in a box. You will receive 230 wooden pins, which you can use to fix various objects, as well as 50 pieces ball-shaped, 50 pieces hat-shaped, 30 pieces clip-shaped, 50 pieces cylinder, and 50 pieces I-shaped all in boxes for you to carry and prevent them from The wood thumb tacks are made of natural wood and are not easy to break or fall off, but they can easily be taken off without hurting your hands. The length of wooden photo pin clips is 3.5 cm/ 1.4 inch, the other wood pushpins are 1 cm/ 0.4 inch and the steel tip is 1 cm/ 0.4 inch, which is very convenient. The decorative thumb tacks can be fixed on bulletin boards, note board, cork board, artworks, memos, photos, craft offices, posters, maps and more, they can also mark locations, points of interest or travel routes on maps, you can share them with your friends. The wooden clips and push pins are easy to use, you can use them to make crafts with your friends or family, and they are natural wood colors.

Brand: Outus

👤The wood is classier than plastic, but I was looking for wooden push pins because I was trying to buy less plastic. Most other brands then package them in a hard plastic box. The pins were packaged in a small cardboard box with different types of pins and a zip-loc bag to hold the various packets. In other words, very little use of plastic. I'm happy that this option was available, and I thank the manufacturer for paying attention to the details. I would highly recommend buying again.

👤The mix of push pins will help my students fill up the space with their items really well, as I'm setting up a couple of large bulletin boards in my classroom. I think the value is good, but I would have preferred the pins to be in a box. The push pin part of the clothes pin ones pops off easily, but I can fix it with a little glue. I'll have to be gentle with those.

👤It's perfect for my office boards. I wanted something a little more classy than the standard colored pushpins, and these fit the bill perfectly. The package is a little more expensive than the colored ones, but it is worth it. I said in my office that it is worth the extra few dollars because I like to look at them. They are very sturdy and so far no issues have arisen.

👤The wood looks better than the plastic. I used the ball ended ones to hang up the small quilts my daughters made for me. There is a I like the rustic look to them, but they all seem decent quality.

👤This is a great deal. These are cute and have held up well. We used them for our Christmas card cork board display and got a compliment on this little touch of detail. There is a lot of value for how many you get.

👤The interior wood walls are gorgeous. The pins that blend in with the walls are worth the money to have a notable portion break. There is a good variety of shapes.

👤A lot of my stuff was broken. I loved the ones I could use.

👤I was looking for a lot of them.

9. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

It's suitable for cork board, bulletin board, notice board, maps and hang photos. The push pins are 80 pieces and have 8 different patterns to add some fun. The push pins are made of strong steel and can be applied repeatedly. Steel thumb tacks can be used on bulletin boards to fix essential information on paper, to hold photos on a cork board, or to mark travel footprint on the map. These colored thumbtacks are great for home, office, kitchen, or school use, they are great for replacing plastic push pins. The multicolor push pins are packed in a plastic box, which is convenient for daily pick and store.

Brand: Tecunite

👤I like steampunk and pink and gold decor so I need to tie the two together with push pins. I was surprised by how strong they are. I put one through a stud. There is a If you wanted to, you can use them as nails.

👤These are well-made and beautiful. The case is convenient to keep in your desk drawer.

👤We like push pins. The colors and patterns of the push pins are more interesting than other push pins, and they are sturdy and well built, so I haven't bent or broken one yet.

👤These are tiny thumb tacks. They have to push in with force.

👤Cute and functional. What more do you want?

👤These are very small things. Do the job and enjoy it!

👤I put amusement park pictures on a cork board frame. Cute.

👤I liked the designs on them. They are strong.

10. Decorative Thumbtacks Bulletin Whiteboard Supplies

Decorative Thumbtacks Bulletin Whiteboard Supplies

Important papers and messages can be pinned to cork boards, foam boards, maps, and other items. These push pins are decorated with cute owls and are great for hanging pictures, marking maps and more. Owl push pins are fun and functional, they are easy to pin on cork boards and notice boards, and won't bend or fall out. The owl pushpins are easy to apply and have a size of 0.78 inch. The materials are made of metal nail and wooden stick together and can serve for a long-term application. These owl tacks are a nice gift for teachers, employees, students, and can also be nice gifts for someone's birthday, Christmas, and new year.

Brand: Zonon

👤These are very cute and made well. They're not very sharp. This may be a good thing for children. It means I have to push them very hard into the bulletin board to make them stay, and sometimes I don't push hard enough because after a few minutes they'll fall out and onto the floor. They are cute if you push them very hard.

👤It's perfect for my classroom.

👤The quality is better than expected. These owls are a decent size.

👤Pushpins for my classroom! My students love them.

👤The owls had thick wooden buildings. It's easier to push a thick index card with papers on the board. Awesome find and a great buy for the 50pcs.

11. Brands Fashion Steel Assorted Colors

Brands Fashion Steel Assorted Colors

It's great for home, school or office. Push pins with steel needle point are 54 standard size. The pin is made of silver and steel. Important papers and messages should be pinned to cork boards, foam boards, maps and more. The ultimate work space experience can be had with any U Brands bulletin board. The container is packed with things to keep your desk drawer organized.

Brand: U Brands

👤These pushpins have cute designs on them, but they're not pushpins. The design doesn't stick all the way. As I pull the pins out of the container, the design is slipping off of it. I would have sent them back if I hadn't destroyed the container they came in. If you don't mind some of the designs not being there or taking the time to glue them on yourself, they work.

👤A few of the little decorative caps havery already slipped off the tacks the same day as opening the package. They were stuck on with a sticker. Half of the reason I bought these was for the look.

👤I wanted to give these pushpins five stars because they are pretty. Sometimes the decorative cover falls off and needs to be re-stuck onto the pushpin. It is relatively easy to re-stick them, but they are not what I would expect from pushpins, and so I have to give them four stars. They are a worthwhile purchase.

👤A different pattern was received. The trouble to return them is not crazy, but south. Push pins are what they are. They do the job, but the design is just glue on, not sure how they will hold up.

👤The pins are the perfect length and the cute design make them a good hold on papers I hang on my bulletin board. I don't have to worry about them poking through the back. They all have different designs, but they coordinate well. I would purchase them again if they added a little pop to my office. I think the packaging could be more long-term. When I pulled the plastic apart to use the pins, I wasn't able to put the package back together, so I'm always getting poked when I try to get more out of them.

👤I feel bad that I had to leave a negative review on push pins. The way this was packaged made me angry. I had to use a knife to get the plastic container out of the cardboard outer package. The tacks are individually pushed into TIGHT holes that take a lot of work to remove. The package won't work for storing them. I decided to push them all into my cork board but had to struggle with each and every one. I wouldn't give these away to anyone I liked.

👤Cute designs, like pushpins. I try to put them in at an angle because they don't let you push them all the way in. Sometimes I don't get them in the right place because of the small space on the cubicle board. I put up the whole package, had several of them fall, took some out and moved them, and the design hasn't come off of a single one after a few weeks. It's a good product.

👤The push pins are cool. Everyone at work loved them. They should order some as well. Do not buy the iWALK2.0 Hands Free Knee Crutch because OnlineSports refused to post my review. We didn't need the item and weren't sure if it would have been beneficial. We never used the item because we were unhappy with the purchase. Vendor will not accept returns because it is in the original package.


What is the best product for decorative push pins for bulletin board?

Decorative push pins for bulletin board products from Vinumen. In this article about decorative push pins for bulletin board you can see why people choose the product. Joyberg and Tecunite are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative push pins for bulletin board.

What are the best brands for decorative push pins for bulletin board?

Vinumen, Joyberg and Tecunite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative push pins for bulletin board. Find the detail in this article. Tecunite, Besttou and Satinior are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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