Best Decorative Push Pins for Cork Board

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1. FoyaHome Creative Decorative Whiteboard Accessories

FoyaHome Creative Decorative Whiteboard Accessories

The package includes 500 map tacks pins with metallic black round ball on the top, and a small container case to keep your desk organized. Push pins are easy to store and use. Make your computer look nice. Sturdy,durable and reuseable are qualities of high-quality metal and resin materials. Bee:20mm * 22mm / 0.78 inch. Shar Pei is 23mm in width and 0.90 inch in length. It is a perfect gift for friends and classmates, it is a creative shaped pattern design. A push pin can help you in your studies. It's suitable for cork boards, maps,bulletin boards and foam boards. Push pins are an essential part of the role. They are used to fixed photos, memos, notes, and can also play a very good decorative effect, which can help them mark travel routes or anything. 100% Guarantee Long time use makes pins re-usable. Meeting all of your demands! There is a lifetime warranty. Please let them know if you have any questions.

Brand: Jruizhp

👤These are the prettiest things I have ever purchased. They were delivered quickly and the right size. There is a Bee that does not have an eye. I think it fell off and is in the container, an easy fix with some glue.

👤These are cuter than they look at the screen.

👤So cute! Sturdy and come in a plastic jar. Love!

👤A gift for a person raising bees for honey sales...

👤I wanted to make some crafting projects. Cute!

👤Cute. Pins are used to study. Save the bees.

👤I can't wait to use these when I get back to the office.

👤We have to glue back on the tacks because the glue they used doesn't work well.

2. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

The map push pins are easy to store in a clear plastic case, they are useful accessories for home, offices, classroom, dorm rooms, etc. The fashion push pins have 8 different patterns in total. The thumb tacks are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and the pin heads use a process to make colors and patterns look nice and clear. The colored pushpins are easy to insert into a bulletin board and fix photos and documents. It's great for fixing photos on a corkboard. 80 pieces of push pins are stored in a plastic box, the quantity is enough, and they are suitable for home, office, kitchen, classroom use.

Brand: Tecunite

👤Pop out quickly. I'm putting them in a cubicle.

👤They were bought to decorate a cork board. The colors were pretty in the picture, but when I got them, they were very subdued. They're just thumb tacks. I was getting them for the color and decoration, but they aren't colorful at all.

👤I'm changing my rating and leaving my original review. I received an email from a nice lady asking if they could send the right tacs, but I didn't have to change my review. I accepted. They are perfect for the project I am working on. Thank you very much. They are what they are described as. I didn't get the design that I ordered. I got a cheaper design after buying the more expensive one. I needed certain colors and it was also for something specific. You can't return to order the right ones. I wouldn't recommend unless it's the right design.

👤The pins are pretty economical. To take one out requires a good 20 seconds of untwisting and digging nails. They're not long enough to justify being in a partway.

👤These are pretty but don't get them if you will be moving them a lot. They are difficult to pull back out since there isn't anything to hold. If you are going to leave them, they are very cute.

👤These were perfect for a school project. I used the rest at the office.

👤I love these! I use it for my photo board and it adds a little design. It's a good recommendation!

👤These are fun and cute on my cork board.

👤A great set of pins. The pins on my wall are ordinary. We have a lot of bits, but really complement the Polaroids.

👤The pins are bright to liven up my board. Not boring like the old ones. And strong.

👤Button pins work well on pin bourd.

👤There are lots of different pins. I brought them with me for my cork board. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how cute the pins are.

3. Brands Fashion Steel Assorted Colors

Brands Fashion Steel Assorted Colors

It's great for home, school or office. Push pins with steel needle point are 54 standard size. The pin is made of silver and steel. Important papers and messages should be pinned to cork boards, foam boards, maps and more. The ultimate work space experience can be had with any U Brands bulletin board. The container is packed with things to keep your desk drawer organized.

Brand: U Brands

👤These pushpins have cute designs on them, but they're not pushpins. The design doesn't stick all the way. As I pull the pins out of the container, the design is slipping off of it. I would have sent them back if I hadn't destroyed the container they came in. If you don't mind some of the designs not being there or taking the time to glue them on yourself, they work.

👤A few of the little decorative caps havery already slipped off the tacks the same day as opening the package. They were stuck on with a sticker. Half of the reason I bought these was for the look.

👤I wanted to give these pushpins five stars because they are pretty. Sometimes the decorative cover falls off and needs to be re-stuck onto the pushpin. It is relatively easy to re-stick them, but they are not what I would expect from pushpins, and so I have to give them four stars. They are a worthwhile purchase.

👤A different pattern was received. The trouble to return them is not crazy, but south. Push pins are what they are. They do the job, but the design is just glue on, not sure how they will hold up.

👤The pins are the perfect length and the cute design make them a good hold on papers I hang on my bulletin board. I don't have to worry about them poking through the back. They all have different designs, but they coordinate well. I would purchase them again if they added a little pop to my office. I think the packaging could be more long-term. When I pulled the plastic apart to use the pins, I wasn't able to put the package back together, so I'm always getting poked when I try to get more out of them.

👤I feel bad that I had to leave a negative review on push pins. The way this was packaged made me angry. I had to use a knife to get the plastic container out of the cardboard outer package. The tacks are individually pushed into TIGHT holes that take a lot of work to remove. The package won't work for storing them. I decided to push them all into my cork board but had to struggle with each and every one. I wouldn't give these away to anyone I liked.

👤Cute designs, like pushpins. I try to put them in at an angle because they don't let you push them all the way in. Sometimes I don't get them in the right place because of the small space on the cubicle board. I put up the whole package, had several of them fall, took some out and moved them, and the design hasn't come off of a single one after a few weeks. It's a good product.

👤The push pins are cool. Everyone at work loved them. They should order some as well. Do not buy the iWALK2.0 Hands Free Knee Crutch because OnlineSports refused to post my review. We didn't need the item and weren't sure if it would have been beneficial. We never used the item because we were unhappy with the purchase. Vendor will not accept returns because it is in the original package.

4. Decorative Pushpins Thumbtacks Artworks Projects

Decorative Pushpins Thumbtacks Artworks Projects

Simple and sleek design matches all decorating schemes. Each clip has a special design. You can apply the stud to the corkboard with the help of a spring in the middle of the clip. This design doesn't leave anything behind. Strong and hardy. The push pin is made of wood and metal and is safe. It is hard to fall off after a long time. These wooden pin pins are widely used for paper, artwork, ticket stub, home decoration, photo, picture, note, business card, paper and other documents. There is a box-packing. A small transparent box is used to hold the push pin and wooden clips. 50PCS Push pin with wooden clips, welcome guide, and 7* 24 friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Joyberg

👤I had to ding this star as I went to use these today and there were three clips that did not have a pin, and two that fell apart when trying to push it in. It is not like the pins fell out in the tub. There were no pins on the table. The pins have come out or there was no pins to begin with, so I can't use that number. They need better quality control. I got these to make it easy to hang up student work. I thought about making my own with some things. They knew they wouldn't hold up. I had at least three of these fall apart on me, as the pin fell out when they didn't get pushed in straight. I put them back together with some superglue. I will be able to comment on their resilience later in the school year. These will allow me to staple everything to the board without having to pull all the staple. When you pull these out, be careful not to pull from the top of the clip. If you pull the clip apart, it will be easy to reassemble. I could feel it when I was rushing, but it didn't happen to me.

👤I was looking for clips in my home office. It's nice that they function like a clip and thumbtack. The wooden pin has a pin portion embedded in it. It is not like other similar products. I think this will hold up over time. I chose these over the competition because of that.

👤Fantastic idea. The pin comes out when you try to remove them from the board. There is a Great idea, but not able to move.

👤I appreciate the aesthetic of these but even more the fact that I can change a set of papers on a weekly basis without having to worry about my kids getting attention. The screw-on lid of the storage container is large enough and well-sealed to slow down any casual attempts at investigation that my toddler makes.

👤Cute clothespin for my classroom. I had a few thumbtacks detach from pin after putting them on the bulletin board.

👤I have two bulletin boards at work that need to be changed every day, and I am a programming director. This was a great solution. It looks cute and can work with any theme. It looks better than a push pin.

👤I like that it holds bills and notes. I wonder if they come in a bigger size.

👤The push pin keeps falling when I remove it from the bulletin board.

5. Wonsunss Decorative BoardNail Plant 30 Pcs

Wonsunss Decorative BoardNail Plant 30 Pcs

The photo hanging kit is perfect for pictures, photos, posters, framed maps, framed postcards and paintings in home, office and workplace. You will get 30 colorful plant and animal pushpins, various colors and sizes, wonderful gifts suitable for students and friends, enough thumb pins to meet your daily needs. The pushpins are colorful and cute. Hanging paper, photos and memos give you a lovely style, bright and bright colors can enhance your mood and attract children's attention. The pushpin can make your board look like a garden. It's a good decoration for classrooms. It can mark locations, points of interest or travel routes, fix papers, paintings, and hold pictures. There are message notes. It sticks tightly to the wall and is easy to locate. The pins are strong enough to hold them. The poster needs to be firmly in place. Will not warp or bend when pressed into the wall. Your decorations will not fall. The stitching part is firm and won't tilt over time. The colorful pushpins are loved by teachers, employees and students because of their charming pattern design. Birthday, Christmas and New Year gifts are possible. Students, teachers, and seminar participants may find it hard to refuse these beautiful gifts.

Brand: Wonsunss

👤Cute but have had a few breaks.

👤The pins for cork boards were lightened with these.

👤The top part of the pin can break easily if you have some glue on it.

👤Push pins for anyone that is flocking.

6. Walnut Standard Decorative Calendar Projects

Walnut Standard Decorative Calendar Projects

The container is packed with things to keep your desk drawer organized. The wood head and steel needlepoint are of the highest quality. SPECIFICATION: The wood head has a diameter. Top: 7.5mm. The pins length is 10mm/0.4''. Functions: Important papers and messages can be pinned to cork boards, foam boards, and on maps. There is a box-packed. The Geometric Wood Push Pins are easy to carry and packed in a mini box. Their friendly customer service is what you get with 120 wooden push pins.

Brand: Phinus

👤The ones we were using were plastic. These will hold up everything from pictures your kids have drawn to important documents, but not the Constitution.

👤If you try to remove the metal from the wall, it will stay in the wall. When working with these, keep plyers close by.

👤I like push pins. They are really high-end and elegant. I have gotten praise on them. I don't recall ever getting praised on push pins. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The pins look nice. It isn't working for me. The outer cap is shallow and not strong enough to stop the stuff from falling off of the pins. I highly recommend it if you just use it as a pushpin.

👤I want to replace the anchor pegs on several CinDWood knit looms with push pins. The anchor peg on the loom can be a bit awkward to use if you have purchased the product. I haven't made a substitution yet. I have many. I will change the number of stars based on my experience when I return.

👤I bought a corkboard from Home Depot. The colors are a mixture of brown and black. I wanted some tacks that matched it. These are perfect. The size is easy to use and they are nice and sturdy. They come in a small box for storage.

👤The push pins look great. The metal pin can pull away from the wood. This problem could be solved quickly.

👤These are just a plain tan color with no resemblance to wood or court. Very disappointing.

7. Power Pins Classroom Refrigerator Whiteboard

Power Pins Classroom Refrigerator Whiteboard

Hanging pictures, photos, decorative paintings, maps, ornaments, calendars, and other items on a wall is a wide application. They are used in many places. Use magnets to get to the emergency room, but don't use tacks that ruin walls. Magnetic push pins can be used. Push pin magnets are easy to remove. The push pin magnets are small but mighty. You can easily hold up to 11 sheets of paper with strong magnets. Color-coded CONVENIENCE - Use the fun, vivid colors in this attractive collection so you can color-code your projects, or just make your office look bright and cheery. Kids like these colors. Adults do too! There are multiple functions. 50 pieces in a variety of colors can be used on any magnetic surface. The push pin magnets are perfect for dry erase boards, lockers, maps, and more. Fun yet practical magnets are great for home, office or school. A perfect gift is a clear container for easy storage.

Brand: Power Pins

👤When I saw the performance of the first set, I bought another set and immediately turned around and bought a container of these for classroom use. These magnets are very strong. They are perfect for multiple papers, such as the extras, which hold small tagboard vocabulary cards, hold 9x12 canvas sheets with two magnets, and hold oversized posters with 3-4 magnets. I like to use two magnets to hold up a 9x12 sheet of canvas because it is even and balanced. The bright colors are easy to spot. The shape makes it easy to release their hold, but also convenient to hang things like keys or flyswatters.

👤I wanted my students to be able to display their homework on the board. These are small and powerful. What I was looking for. We made a paper chain at the end of the year that went from the ceiling to the ground and was held up by only one of the magnets.

👤These are perfect! They are as strong as they are advertised. They're pretty cute, and I've gotten a lot of praise for it in the office.

👤My first purchase of these was 2 years ago. We use them daily. They are working well. The plastic case and magnets hold the paper. I used them to hold up a 3' x 3' thanksgiving thank you card and put one magnet every six inches. I will order another batches for my grands and frig.

👤These are what I 888-276-5932s would be. I was disappointed when I opened the package because I pulled out a smaller cylinder than I thought, but I felt better when I opened it and everything was explained. It is the same thing you ordered, so don't be shocked when it arrives in a small container. The magnets are very strong. I am very happy with this purchase. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤These are perfect! They are very strong. They have a lot of paper. I am not worried about my kids hurting themselves or anything, but strong enough to hold all their artwork.

👤I lose magnets all the time. I can always find a pack of 50 of them now that I have a pack of 50. The magnets are strong and will hold several sheets of paper.

👤A teacher is looking for magnets to hang up visual aids. The magnets are strong. I usually use a larger size of 12x18 paper. Depending on the size, can sometimes layer multiple stacks of paper. I used to buy the former teacher clips. My students play with the magnets on the board. I have a collection of teacher supplies. I liked it so much that I bought another set.

👤These are small and not powerful. I barely have 2 sheets of paper on my fridge. If you have a metal message board, and just need pins to hold up a photograph, they would work well. I was unable to find out what weight they hold in the product description. It would have helped a lot.

8. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

50PCS Colorful Push pin with wooden clips, friendly customer service, and a colorful Push pin are what you get. A multicolor push pins set is good for highlighting key points on a map. The rubber patch technology makes the pin heads look beautiful and vivid. These tacks pins are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and are easy to insert into cork board. The box is helpful for storing the small colored pushpins. 80 pieces of colorful fashion steel push pins are good for pinning photos, schedules and papers on a bulletin board.

Brand: Tecunite

👤The laundry room bulletin board was improved by these thumbtacks. Love the bright colors. My cat isn't able to pull them out of the board like he could with the pushpins I had previously been using. I had to re-glue some of them because the colorful top was not securely fastened.

👤Cute. Simple and they work well. Pushpins are just normal but more fun.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very strong and heavy, unlike the cheap ones that are easy to break. The rack push pin is heavy.

👤tacs are always needed, but these are great purchased.

👤I love these! There are lots of cute designs. Nice colors. The bulletin board is sturdy.

👤A good variety of patterns. They hold limited weight.

👤A bulletin board for a 7 year old girl.

👤Exactly how they said it was worth the money.

9. Pieces Animal Decorative Pushpins Boards

Pieces Animal Decorative Pushpins Boards

Fun yet practical magnets are great for home, office or school. A perfect gift is a clear container for easy storage. 25 pieces of paw thumbtacks are packed in a box for easy finishing and not easy to scatter. 25 pieces of paw pushpins are in a clear box for easy storage. The thumbtacks have different colors and are fun to use. These paw pins are easy to use and can be used at home or in the office. The tail is pointed, please stay away from children and not scratch your hands.

Brand: Outus

👤These push pins are adorable. The overhead liner came down when my car leaked. The dealer wanted a lot of money to replace it. I use cute pins to tac up the liner in my car. It's a word. The pins are sturdy and large in size. Highly recommended.

👤Cute idea, but poorly made. The metal tack is too small for the paws. They fall off easily. I had to hot glue three back on. I had them less than two weeks ago. Light use is also included.

👤The paw print can be removed first or second use.

👤The paws are small. I am putting together a shadow box memorial for my Mastiff who just passed away, and I am using them to pin pictures.

👤The unique head on the paw-print tacks is what I like the most. The size makes it easier to hold them. My husband likes that they are different. The tack is just a bit longer than the other cork-board tacks we've had before. The organization to my cork-board has been restored.

👤We had built an office that was exactly what we wanted. Since we have a big white dog and a fat black cat, the office is still manly.

👤The pin isn't long enough to hold an entire calendar up, so it's great for putting up pictures or documents.

👤It's perfect for hanging things with a puppy theme. Very cute.

👤Pushpins are larger than expected. The daughter loves them on her noticeboard.

👤The largr pins are easier to handle.

👤Poor quality. Most pins are broken. Not worth the money.

👤J'ai beaucoup ce produit. Bonne grosseur!

10. Butterfly Dragonflies Corkboard Bulletin Decorations

Butterfly Dragonflies Corkboard Bulletin Decorations

The flower pushpins are in a plastic box. The package includes 43 pieces colorful butterfly thumb tacks, and 5 pieces dragonflies thumb tacks which are black, red, yellow, green and blue. The butterflies push pins come in 4 cm/ 1.57 inch and 27 pieces in 7 cm/ 2.76 inch, the patterns are random. The butterfly push pin is good for pinning photos, pictures, schedules, and papers, and is suitable to mark locations, points of interest or travel routes. The thumb tacks butterflies and dragonflies are made of waterproof material, which looks realistic and vivid, and is a great way to lighten up your bulletin board, cork boards, and bring happiness to you. The butterfly push pins can be used to mark locations, point travel routes, hold pictures and messages notes, and decorate walls.

Brand: Zonon

👤The butterflies were a lot more varied in size and shape than I expected. I would buy them again.

👤The pins are pretty, but I didn't get the variety of colors that show in the picture. The color scheme is important to me and some of the best colors didn't make it. It is a good product.

👤Great designs and colors. Sturdy design. The bulletin board is beautiful.

👤I only review things I really like. These are very cute. I use them more for decoration than function. You can make them look like they are living. Very cute.

👤I got what I wanted out of the pins, they're cute, but they bend when butterfly pops off.

👤Half of the beautiful colors are not connected to the tack part.

👤I bought them for my classroom bulletin boards. They look great. Will be buying more finishing touches.

👤I gave them a gift. She sent a text. I love them.

11. CraZy TACKz Tacks Invention Re Usable

CraZy TACKz Tacks Invention Re Usable

The included mounting hardware and instructions make it easy to mount your board. How many ways can you take? Thousands of items are hanging from the store. You can use it at many places. You can easily insert foamcore, corkboard, and even soft wood in Sheetrock, Drywall, and most Craft materials. Not really, but close! When you remove the pin hole, it is easy to paint it over. Push pins and sticky hooks are not allowed in most college dorm rooms. Their "all metal" design is stronger, their gap is wider, and you can bend their hook out with pliers for larger items. Their design keeps the weight closer to the wall and has a wider'stopper' so it displaces the weight better which causes less stress on the wall. The size is slightly larger than a push pin. The measurement is 1-1/4" long; 1/2 wide; and a tack pin. It's just a "tack with a hook", not for breakable items or not for everything, but they bet you'll find a thousand uses! The Inventor had a list of almost 100 items, but now with all their reviews and emails, they've compiled a list of thousands of uses. Keys, Calendars, Glasses, Home Decor, and so much more! The second use is to organize your jewelry. The fruit is called Cubicles. Earbuds, Pictures, Badges, signs and thumb drives. There are many holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and 4th of July.

Brand: Crazy Tackz

👤The Inventor Gordie. I apologize if this hurts your feelings, as you clearly care a lot for your product and want it to grow, but you're making a mistake in responding to comments the way that you are. While you are suggesting solutions to the problems people are talking about, you also refuse to believe there is any room for growth and insist that the customer must be wrong, such as telling them "it's the material you're putting it into". If you want to improve your product, try to come up with ways to make it better instead of telling your customers it's not right. I don't like your response to the complaints about the hook spinning being, "You might want to use some 2-sided sticky foam, which is a nicer way of saying, "combine my product with an unrelated product or my product won't work". Don't say that these won't spin if inserted correctly. It's false advertising to suggest that the customers purchase a product that doesn't come with CraZy TACKz to make it work. I have placed these tacks in a number of different places, and I figured I would try to use them in a way I could. The tacks fall out of the wall after a few weeks because of the weight of the items hung on them that are never more than 1 pound. The biggest complaint I have is that the hooks spin. They spin every time you remove or hang something from the hook, which defeats the purpose of using a hook instead of a push-pin tack. There is a This product is a lot of false advertising, and my experience is that neither the tack or the hook works as promised. You should just buy push pins and hope the object you have hung on it doesn't fall off the end. There is a Disappointed.

👤I didn't see why this product was useful. I thought they would be like thumb tacks with hooks at the ends but they are just as thick as nails. I tried to push one into the wall. I'm curious how other people were able to get them inside their walls. The curved hook end makes it difficult to hammer in. It would be easier to make a hook with a regular nail and pliers. I couldn't see myself using it with a cork board because it was so long. I don't understand how they would be allowed by the property managers who don't allow nailed stuff to the wall.

👤Not as good as I had expected. Maybe in like a cork board? I have tried them multiple times in sheetrock. Same results. Not wanting to stay secure against the wall was Spinning. I tried them on the back of the bed to help with string lights, but they didn't work. They are very difficult to push in. I think they would be good for certain things. Maybe corkboard? I've tried it. Or maybe it's like wood. It would be difficult to push it in. I am not sure if it would spin. The person who used any of these in any sheetrock had a sturdy result with no spinning or trying to come back out of the wall. You are a genius. The idea is great and my expectations were way higher, but they are an epic fail because of all my efforts.


What is the best product for decorative push pins for cork board?

Decorative push pins for cork board products from Jruizhp. In this article about decorative push pins for cork board you can see why people choose the product. Tecunite and U Brands are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative push pins for cork board.

What are the best brands for decorative push pins for cork board?

Jruizhp, Tecunite and U Brands are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative push pins for cork board. Find the detail in this article. Joyberg, Wonsunss and Phinus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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